Never liked Monchi anyway

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So there we have it, Monchi is over and out. Finito.

He was offered a huge wedge of money to revamp Arsenal and he said no, instead returning back to Sevilla.


Should we read too much into this? I wouldn’t. If he’d picked Everton over us, maybe I’d worry. But he took the plunge, moved abroad, and had a very rough time, so he’s gone back to what he knows. He’s loved in Sevilla, there’s very little expectations there, he knows everyone, and it’s his home.

His reputation from Roma wasn’t good. He sold players for a lot of money, but he didn’t replace with ‘now’ quality, and the local fans were never going to give him enough time to see what the young kids were capable of.

Nzonzi and Pastore, both 29, were his big bet last summer. That’d make my eyes pop out of my head if he did that at Arsenal. Inexcusable.

Arsenal are bigger than Roma, we have higher expectations, we shouldn’t be sad that we’re not hiring in someone who was let go from a contract early. Roma are tight as you like, so things must have gotten bad if they were willing to let him go for zero fee.

Missing out also avoids a Spanish monopoly at the club. Monchi was a sexy name, no doubt, but letting a manager bring in his mate over him reeks of peak-Wenger. If Emery was tanking next December, would he pull the trigger? It’d be tough. I don’t want a boys club at the top at Arsenal. You want people that are making rational decisions based on data.

Now we have to look towards a new Sporting Director. Marc Overmars is clearly a very strong contender. He started at Ajax in 2013, I think it’s fair to say his first cycle will come to an end this summer when Ajax are obliterated by Europe’s vultures. He’s highly qualified. Ajax are buying better players, playing better football, making better decisions with managers, and the youth product is back to churning out proper talent.

There’s also Luis Campos. The man tasked with making Monaco an elite club, currently resides at Lille. There’s no doubt in my mind that the best talent in the world consistently comes out of France. Campos has it all as far as I’m concerned. He’s far more than a Europa League specialist, he can work on a budget and he has a consistent track record of bubbling up major talent from the lower reaches, and turning them into hot prizes for mega clubs.

There are a few people suggesting Monchi turned us down because of Kroenke.

Please people, give it up. You’re like the rich kids complaining about the lack of Michelin Star restaurants in the favelas you’re working in on your gap year. Arsenal is an elite offering. We have everything you’d want. Great training facilities, an investment fund (right?), massive brand new stadium, £220m wage bill, £100m in transfer fees… London address.

‘… but Kroenke’ is such lazy analysis.

Monchi didn’t move to Arsenal because he wanted a safe place. Arsenal is an attractive proposition to anyone. Even more so when you consider the salary we can offer. Remember, Atleti has a net spend of £13m a year. We can blitz that. If you are ambitious, you’d see Arsenal as a sleeping giant ready to be awoken. If you don’t see us that way, then why would we bother investing?

My big worry with Raul is that he’s not running an effective search and select process. Who is out there helping him? Or is he just calling up his mates to find out who is in favour with a super agent? The fact there’s only one contender being linked either says we’re very secretive, or this search is super limited.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments. x

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  1. Batistuta


    I didn’t even mention Godin who’s a master dedender and one of the greats. Look at the end of the day, it’s all about opinions really but the arguments for crowning Virgil the best thing since slice bread are flawed

  2. Batistuta

    Here at the Milan Derby….Noise levels off the roof plus the gent beside me has got his cigarette out so I’m all soaked up in smoke at the moment, got a ticket close to the ultras to properly soak this in… Hope Gunner Piatek finds the net again

  3. Barking Arsene


    I really rate VVD and over the next couple of years if he continues to play the way he is he will cement his place as one of the top defenders in world football.

    Koulibaly the same.

    However right now we still have a couple of the old masters knocking about who have seen it all.

    Chiellini is a menace and Godin is possibly the best defender in world football positionally.

    All my own opinions of course.

  4. Barking Arsene


    Enjoy it – I went a few years ago (only a 1-0 league match against Empoli) but was in with the Ultras.

    A little “edgy” even on a cold weekday evening. Can’t imagine the atmosphere tonight.

    Forza Milan 😉

  5. Valentin

    I like Overmars, however his role as DoF at Ajax is quite different than what we are offering.

    Arsenal academy is run quite separately from the first team. Listening to Per words, I am not sure that will change a lot. At Ajax, the academy and the philosophy is at the heart of the club.

    Ajax recruitment is mostly based in integrating a few older, wiser head to supplement their academy players. None of those are supposed to be world beater or on their way to be world beater. So the type of players that Ajax look may be completely different than the one Arsenal is looking at.

    Also at Ajax, somebody else was in charge of recruitment, Overmars concentrates on the commercial aspect and that is Raul’s reserved domain.

    Because of all that, I am not sure whether Overmars will be the real good fit.

    I also think that we should do our search in a less public way. We have now been declined by two person (Edu , Monchi) and that would be embarrassing if a third one were to say no.

  6. Marko

    Also at Ajax, somebody else was in charge of recruitment

    Eh no that was Marc. Also not sure if Edu technically speaking turned us down. There’s been speculation that we were interested in him there’s no confirmation that we actually offered him the position and that he turned us down. Like so much you just say it and expect it to be believed

  7. Valentin

    I really thought that 78 PTS would be necessary to clinch the 4th place because of 4 teams into 2 places. However with Chelsea looking like they are imploding at the wrong time for them and ManUtd OGS bandwagon hitting a wall, 75pts might be just about enough for 4th. 78 PTS may get 3rd place.
    Looking at our remaining fixtures, 5 victories is definitely achievable. All our home fixtures plus two away wins.

    Teams have found a way to nullify Chelsea and now everybody is replicating the master plan. As Sarri is steadfastly refusing to adjust, he is going to have to win the Europa League to reach Champion’s league football, as I can see them losing or drawing more league games before the end of the season.
    Jorginho is a liability in the middle of the park. N’golo Kante is wasted in the further up position. Arguably the best defensive midfielder is asked to play a role alien to him. Higuain is showing flash of brilliance, but he is clearly not premiership match fit. With every substitution and his impact on games, Hudson-Odoi is showing that he should be starting. If he leaves this summer, Chelsea would only have only themselves to blame.

  8. Upstate Gooner

    Inter are doing alright so far without Icardi. Btw, I’m thinking RM are gonna go after him in the summer. They’d be fools not to. If they get Hazard and Icardi, they will be once again a force to be reckoned with.

  9. Nelson

    Watching the Milan derby. It appears that the players in Series A are very technical with the ball. They play mainly low balls.

  10. Valentin


    According to Football.London, somebody else was in charge of recruitment.
    Here is a quote from their website.

    But at Ajax, Overmars predominantly looks after the business side of things, while recruitment is left to chief scout Henk Veltmate.

    Here is the link to the article.

    In an interview, Edu has since confirmed that he had received a great offer, but chose to stay with the Brazilian FA. He did not name Arsenal, but it is clear that he was referring to us.
    Maybe we never made an official offer, but it was clear that we were interested.

    My point is that for whatever reason we don’t seems to be able to make a search less public. Even if we have never formally offer the job, the fact that we have been turned down publicly twice made us look amateurish.

  11. Marko

    My point is that for whatever reason we don’t seems to be able to make a search less public

    No you’re point was that Edu turned us down which you can’t prove and that Overmars doesn’t make the signings at Ajax. That football London article doesn’t really prove anything. There’s plenty of articles that give Overmars credit and criticism for Ajax’s transfers in the past. It’s a ridiculous thing honestly to say given that we’re interested in him taking the role that would buy and sell players at Arsenal and you’re saying that he doesn’t actually do that at Ajax. You must think the club is beyond stupid if they’re offering someone the job of head recruitment that has never recruited anyone

  12. TheBoyCornelius

    Watching Milan Derby. Really like how comfortable Brozovic looks as deep lying playmaker and how he marshals players around him. Also Skriniar ambles about like big Tone did. 2 players I’d have at Arsenal

  13. Valentin


    Funny how when people identify their source you always reject them as irrelevant.

    If you cannot accept newspaper article then you only accept your opinion.

    Do you really believe that we never approach Edu? Even if we never formally offer him the job, it was clear that we were interested.
    Do you really believe that every articles written on Monchi coming to London Colney were lying?

    Irrespective of whatever everybody is saying, you know better.

    I make the point that public search is making us look amateurish, but according to you it is not true. We never offer the job to anybody, so how can we have been declined?

    How do you know? You, Marko know better than the best of the world.

    Do you realise that by systematically opposing everything and everybody else, you look like you are a proper flatearther: I don’t care about the fact and opinion of the rest of the world, I know that I am right and that earth is flat.

  14. Nelson

    The TV camera showed Ivan in the stand when Inter scored the second goal.
    Milan just scored the first goal.

  15. Marko

    If you cannot accept newspaper article then you only accept your opinion

    Same site giving him credit for transfers and not one mention of someone else who is responsible for the signings at Ajax. I assume that you are a little bit susceptible to believing everything that you read from the second that you read it but common sense would tell you that if we’re looking at HIM for the role that it means he’s qualified and can do the role not he can do something else and it’s some other guy doing the signings. No just no. And how can we look amateurish for being turned down publicly by Edu when we haven’t been publicly turned down by Edu. Interest does not mean turned down.

    Do you realise that by systematically opposing everything and everybody else, you look like you are a proper flatearther

    I believe you are the flat earther mate you continue to lie and bullshit. Steve Rowley is back at Arsenal, Overmars doesn’t do the transfers at Ajax it’s someone else and now we should feel embarrassed because we were publicly turned down by Edu and now Monchi. I’m not systematically opposing everyone’s views I’m literally calling you out on the bullshit and lies that you say. If you are in fact more truthful I wouldn’t have to respond to you

  16. Redtruth

    Messi and Ronaldo the Laurel and Hardy of football have got it easy.
    I’d like to see them play for someone other than the best teams in each respective leagues.

  17. Chitom

    “VVD the gold standard of defending… Comical”

    Since joining Liverpool VVD has lead all PL defenders in minutes played, most touches, blocks, interceptions,passes,duels won, clearances,and shots blocked.
    Pretty much every measurable aspect of a CB play , which some might argue, in fact , makes him a gold standard of defending.

  18. gonsterous


    Monchi was a sexy name, no doubt, but letting a manager bring in his mate over him reeks of peak-Wenger.

    I don’t think emery has any say in who the DoF or the TD. He doesn’t have the same power or role as wenger.

  19. Dream10

    If we offered Monchi a paltry salary, I don’t see us going for Overmars, Luis Campos or Berta. We will probably opt for an internal solution. Step forward Steve Morrow.

  20. China1

    VVD has been absolutely next level this season. Easily the best player in England this season

    It’s been like school days when one of the 15 year olds joins a match on the field being played by 12 year olds

    He is absolutely dominating the space around him. He is a rolls Royce of a defender and that’s no exaggeration. Even most of the goals he’s scored have involved lovely technique, you could play him anywhere outfield and he’d do a quality job I tell you

    Wonderful player right now

    It’s also a nice change for a defender to get talked of among the top few players in the country/world. Goal scorers and midfielders are always given credit moreso than defenders but he has really earned it this year

    Now he needs to maintain this form for the coming years if he wants to cement his place as one of the top players of his generation

  21. Sanmi

    Is any of CR7 faithfuls still thinking he’s anywhere close to Messi?
    That 3rd goal against betis will never be scored by CR7. That is not just hit and hope. That’s precision.

  22. gonsterous


    stop wanking over Messi. Bet you jizzed your pants when he spanked us in the CL.
    The CR7, Messi debate is quite boring.Kind of redundant like the pele, maradonna debate.

  23. Pierre

    Van Dyke ticks all the boxes for me ..would probably be top of my shopping list when looking to buy a defender.
    Liverpool’s 2 excellent full backs have a!so improved Liverpool defensively and offensively as they allow Liverpool to play with basically 3 fairly defensive ( at least not attacking) midfielders to cover for the full backs when they attack so they rarely leave themselves short at the back.
    their 4-3-3 system works so well due to their excellent full backs who have the speed , aggression and energy to get up and down the line.

    Arsenal have tried the 4-3-3 this season a few times with only limited success, I would say it probably doesn’t suit our personnel.

    Though Van Dyke was a little casual for the Fulham goal yesterday , I would say that if the keeper had been braver then he should have gone with his hands not his feet and he would have scooped the ball up in his arms .
    I would say the keeper bottled it and went with his feet as he thought the Fulham player was going to lunge in, which he didnt.

    Keeper should take the majority of the blame in my opinion.

  24. Graham62

    If VVD looked like a central defender should, he would probably be given more credit by those who don’t quite see him in the same light as the vast majority of knowledgeable followers of the game.

    The fact that he looks like a catwalk model and not a Jack Palance lookalike, I feel, goes against him.

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Does anyone think chambers still has a chance to play regularly for us.

    Looks like he has his mojo back at Fulham

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Lazy scouting….

    Instead of signing at this level we should be scouting him when he was in France
    Pay 2 milll or 35 m when you have no money….

  27. HighburyLegend

    “Antonio Valencia could join Arsenal following his Manchester United exit, according to his father and agent.”
    “Not for the money, but for peace and hopefully, he told me, be hired by a team that fights for important things.”

    Yeah, right…

  28. jasongms

    “Ospina sent to hospital with a serious head injury which has obviously rattled the cage of the resident basement dweller.”

    Apart from the serious nature of the accident, that was fcuking hilarious . Cc well played

  29. Dark Hei


    I say yes to Chambers, because if the entire club is going through a cost cutting exercise, we need to squeeze whatever value we can find.

    Good CBs cost as much as strikers nowadays.

    Will be great if he can gell alongside Holding.

  30. Graham62

    So NZ will be reforming their gun laws. A correct and logical decision.

    Will the US take heed.

    Of course not.

    Why should we be surprised that Trump refuses to accept their is a dangerous upturn in far right white nationalism when he is the picture boy for their warped beliefs.

    His rather blase response shows exactly where he stands.

    Worrying times.

  31. Brooklyn

    Yes to Chambers 4/5 CB(Along side new CB, Mustafi Kos Out), 2nd/3rd RB(In place of Lei), 4/5 th CM(In place of Elneny)if he accepts the role

  32. Un battle angel


    Why should they? It’s ingrianed in their culture and written into their constitution. Why would they change their laws oover a shooting on the other side of the world?

    Seeing as knife crime is so out of control here maybe we should ban knives?
    How about targeting the demographic responsible with more stop and search?
    How about just ending the immigration policy which as lead to such a sharp rise in knife crime?
    Don’t get me started on jihadi attacks
    Guns don’t kill people. People do
    On top of that, firearms are a detterent. If I’m armed in my house and I live in a shitty area I’d feel much safer knowing if someone targets me or my house or my family that I have the power to end it immediately. Which would be no less than is deserved.

  33. Un battle angel


    Kos our? He’s been great since his return. You clowns and your shiny new toys honestly.

  34. Jamie

    Don –

    Roughly 50 toddlers shoot and injure or kill other Americans every year.

    103 people have been killed by Jihadists since Sept 11 2001.

    Guns do kill people, especially in the hands of toddlers. You’re a moron. Learn some statistical analysis instead of relying on your ‘gut instinct’.

  35. Graham62

    Un battle angel

    Er, let’s think about that for a second………………Maybe because it’s right?

    Bloody hell, covered a fair few issues in your response. Thank god we have gun laws because we have too many nutters on our streets here in the UK.

    Knife crime can be dealt with in one fell swoop.Won’t go into that as not the right platform to discuss that.

    Your perceptions on guns is frightening, but not surprising. Knife crime is on the up because of immigration. Really?!?

    The only reason Gun Control has not been enforced in the US has nothing to do with the constitution, it’s all down to money.

    Watch Jim Jefferies on YouTube. Very funny but oh so true.

    You may find it educational.

  36. Graham62

    Any parent who teaches their child(toddler) to use a fire arm is not a parent and needs psychiatric help.

  37. Graham62

    Shite, have just read Un battle angel’s response once again.

    Ignorant to the extreme.

    Back to football I think.

  38. Jamie

    Graham –

    Don is Aubergine is Un naa naai is Un Battle Angel. Fool has to change his name every time he receives a ban from le-grove.

  39. Nelson

    I start to think that it won’t be easy to work under Raul. He pushed out Mislintat. He negotiates with Monchi for a few months. Monchi must have some reservations to work under him. That’s why he was dragging his feet. Let’s see how Raul performs this Summer. Now that Josh seems to keeping an eye on the club’s operation, Raul is also under some pressure to perform. Ramsey and Suarez are two examples of his decisions. Whether they are good decisions are still debatable.

  40. Leedsgunner

    “I don’t want a boys club at the top at Arsenal. You want people that are making rational decisions based on data.“

    If only the powers that be at the club thought this… because if we did, we would have never thrown Sven Mislintat out unceremoniously like we did. In fact, that decision looks more foolish as long as our sporting director/ technical director remains unfulfilled.

    He should have never been let go until we had a replacement in the pipeline.


    I thought Raul Sanhelli was supposed to be this world class operator who had an amazing contacts book.

    At the moment, he seems to be alienating people more than anything..

  41. Un battle angel

    Don –Roughly 50 toddlers shoot and injure or kill other Americans every year.103 people have been killed by Jihadists since Sept 11 2001. Guns do kill people, especially in the hands of toddlers. You’re a moron. Learn some statistical analysis instead of relying on your ‘gut instin

    Ok dumb fuck
    A responsible gun owner or parent doesn’t allow their children access to loaded fire arms.

    103 people killed by jihadists? 126 in the uk.
    Hundreds more In Europe and thousands more in Asia and Africa so that’s dog shit

    What about knife crime Jamie? Do you know how many people are dying every year due to knives?
    What about acid attacks Jamie
    Do you know how many people a year are attacked with acid?
    What about stones Jamie. Do you know how many die per year due to dangerous stones lying around in the Middle East.

    See how dumb your argument is?
    Now shut up

  42. Un battle angel

    UK.Knife crime can be dealt with in one fell swoop.Won’t go into that as not the right platform to discuss that.


    Please do. Otherwise I’ll have to assume you have no answer to the point.

  43. Words on a Blog

    It’s difficult for a football vision or philosophy to emerge at Arsenal when there has been such turnover of staff on the technical/scouting/ executive side.

    Here at Le Grove we can talk all we lie about the age profile, experience, type of player and price we would like.

    Meanwhile the club has let its Head of Scouting go after denying him the chance to take the opportunity of heading up the Technical side, failed at the last minute to recruit a well-known and experienced technical guy in Monchi despite his rapport with Emery and the attractiveness of being a “leading club” in arguably the leading football league globally, in the bright lights of one of the world’s leading cities.

    Never mind the “right” players, we’re gonna struggle to get any decent players in the summer if the situation is not resolved pronto.

  44. Un battle angel

    Your perceptions on guns is frightening, but not surprising. Knife crime is on the up because of immigration. Really?!?

    Check out the demographics. It’s not poverty because poverty stricken shit holes outside of ethnic areas aren’t seeing a hike in knife crime. So that’s out the window. Knife crime is highly prevalent in low income, high minority areas
    Not low income, highly british areas.

    It’s a fact.

  45. Words on a Blog

    Graham, fingers crossed, hopefully we manage to maintain our recent good form.Man U losing a bit of that Solskjær bounce they had a few games ago, Spurs look tired and Spurs, and Chelsea look like late era Wenger’s Arsenal, no spine, which is amazing really given that they the leagues best DM – hopefully Sarri keeps playing Kante far upfield!

  46. Marko

    That’s not true Don you changed your name plenty of times. Trust you to lie through your teeth. As for all the gun stuff America will never get rid of guns never you see there’s too much money in it and at the core of the “American dream” and American society as a whole is greed. That’s why they even fight common sense gun laws. You see they make so much money selling AR-15’s and the like that even though it has no place in the hands of a citizen in a first world country they still sell it. They don’t give two fucks about background checks and loopholes as long as you paid for it they don’t care. It’s never going to change. If all those kids dying at Sandyhook didn’t get that country to change even just a little bit then nothing will

  47. Words on a Blog

    Un Battle,

    I’m sure there are plenty of other internet forums where you can discuss and debate the statistics on knife crime and ethnicity, and how much better life would be without the ethnics.

    This is a football forum. The odd political comment is fine, but no need to labour the point.

  48. Words on a Blog

    Un Battle,

    Also please relax.

    Not everyone who disagrees with you on politics or football is necessarily a “dumb fuck”

  49. Marko

    I would say that for example there’s an upturn in knife crime in England because it’s not a gun type country. Look people are people and you’re always going to have people kill other people and be stupid until the end of time that’s just the way it is. But knives are knives and guns are guns and you may have hundreds of violent knife crimes in a year in Britain and that’s terrible but compared to the tens of thousands of violent gun crimes and deaths in America it’s easy to see which one is better.

  50. Marko

    One of the things I’ve noticed that to me seems especially linked with Britain the last number of years are those acid attacks. Just came from out of the blue. You would think something like that would be difficult to get

  51. Graham62

    Un battle angel or whoever you are

    There are many reasons why knife crime is on up, not just demographics.

    A lack of law and order/ social media/ game manufacturers/ schools and the education system in general/ parental guidance etc etc. so many reasons.

    Ask yourself this. If you had severe punishments implemented, do you think things would be as bad as they are?

    The crux of all of this is that punishments should fit the crime. The PC brigade and Human Rights activists don’t agree though.

    Get the picture?

  52. Un battle angel

    Go to newscastle, Sunderland, Bristol, Middlesbrough, Worthing, Blackpool

    Hardly stabbing each other in record numbers are they?

  53. Marko

    The crux of all of this is that punishments should fit the crime. The PC brigade and Human Rights activists don’t agree though.

    Not sure about this. How about addressing social inequality and giving opportunities to people to work and give them a reason to want to live and not do stupid shit. It’s so easy to say it’s a liberal thing and the crime should be more extreme blah blah blah give people more of a reason to stay out of jail and to prosper rather than just dump them in prison at the expense of the taxpayer

  54. Un battle angel


    It is true
    I’ve changed it once

    But you’re right on acid attacks. It’s a new thing that was highly prevalent in other cultures which have now been imported

  55. Un battle angel


    Game manufacturers??? Haha
    Do me a favour. Any sane individual can play a video game without the urge to plunge a knife into someone else

    It’s gang culture. Pure and simple. But let me ask you this Graham.

    If it’s all these silly reasons then why aren’t leafy suburbs in Surrey and Sussex or Dorset plagues with it

  56. Marko

    But you’re right on acid attacks. It’s a new thing that was highly prevalent in other cultures which have now been imported

    Ah of course imported. I daresay you’re one of those people who blame everything on immigrants. We were fine until those pesky immigrants came with their knives and their acid.
    There has been a fairly relentless rise in the number of alt-right sites and blogs linking acid attacks to Muslim, Asians and migrants, and this has clearly gained some traction,“ said Shah.

    Type “Asian acid attacks” into Twitter and there are hundreds of people conflating acid attacks with London’s Asian population.

    In reality, just 6% of all suspects in London over the last 15 years were Asian.

    For the same period (2002-16), ‘White Europeans’ comprised 32% of suspects, and African Caribbeans 38% of suspects.

  57. Marko

    Don also I don’t know if you are just that stupid or genuinely believe that you changed your name once but going from Unai naaa or whatever it was to grown man battle angel obsessed is a name change and you respond to Don so that is at least two not one. There’s been others too and there’ll be more in the future cause you cannot help yourself

  58. Marko

    Anyone who blames movies or video games on violent incidents or really any kind of crime can’t be taken seriously. There’s no correlation between them at all. I’ve seen Heat a hundred times it’s one of my favorite movies and I’ve got no desire to rob a bank in broad daylight

  59. Pedro

    Guys, this is a football blog. I don’t want people talking about acid attacks or terrorism on here.

    Keep it on subject… Batman forever.

  60. Micheal

    “Guys, this is a football blog. I don’t want people talking about acid attacks or terrorism on here.”

    Well said.

  61. Words on a Blog

    Pedro, the only politics that should be discussed in here is the politics of the Kingdom of Wakanda

  62. Graham62

    Ok now I know you’re ignorant

    Your immature and naive responses are unbelievable.

    Look at the US gun atrocities over the years. All were gamers/ social media junkies. Mix in a few psychological deficiencies and you’ve got a potent mix.

    You know that games are addictive for some individuals? You do understand that?

    Reality means nothing to these individuals.

  63. Marko

    I’ve said my piece and that’s that. Onto Arsenal related things I’ve a feeling that the DOF hire will be left field possibly someone from Germany. I hope to fuck it’s not someone in house. Even though since Sven left the apparent summer plans and links to players have been by and large to my liking. Grimaldo, Tagliafico, Konate, Under and others are exciting. Are we working off a Sven list or is someone trying to impress and get the job who’s at the club?

  64. Marko

    I’m ignorant for thinking games and movies bare no responsibility for an individuals actions? That makes sense. Again it’s not something that you can in fact prove. Whereas I can prove that people can go watch movies and then go home and play a video game and then not have the urge to kill a person. Anyway it’s ridiculous Ozil’s put in about 10,000 hours on Fortnite and he wouldn’t hurt a fly

  65. Marko

    Look at the US gun atrocities over the years. All were gamers/ social media junkies

    Sure. Video games and social media aren’t the same thing you know that right. I would actually agree that platforms like Facebook and Twitter have to do more to combat hate and violence but that’s not the same as a person playing a video game or watching a movie

  66. Champagne Charlie

    Video games aren’t a source of blame for violence, that’s unfounded and lazy rhetoric often from those of a different generation. Funny that.

    Anyway, football….

    Who the fuck is this lad Emery apparently scouted from getafe?

  67. Words on a Blog

    CC – ahh, football again, thank fuck for that.

    But why kick off talk about Emery and the Getafe defender lad?

    Now I can accuse you of having an agenda in bringing back the discussion to Emery’s poor defensive record!

  68. Marko

    Video games aren’t a source of blame for violence, that’s unfounded and lazy rhetoric often from those of a different generation. Funny that.

    I agree. Bloody old fuddy duddies

  69. Champagne Charlie


    I’ve no clue who the lad is, that’s why. From Togo, 27 year old, 30 mil euros touted, former links to Barca.

    Someone shine a light?

  70. Marc

    “You know that games are addictive for some individuals? You do understand that? ”

    Alcohol, exercise, gambling and food are addictive for some individuals. Should we ban all of them as well?

  71. Guns of Brixton

    “Batman forever”

    Pedro. U doing my nut in!!!
    Unless u referring to the 1990s movie



  72. Words on a Blog

    Never seen him play.

    All I know is that Getafe, with a squad costing diddly squat, have the second best defensive record in La Liga, after Atletico Madrid, and with 3 fewer goals against than Barca

  73. Marko

    I’m hoping the Djene links are just rehashed from previous links and Emery was there just for the game or to have a look at Kondogbia or Soler or Gaya/Lato giving our needs at LB. Just checked only Gaya and Djene played. Flamini is at getafe…who knew

  74. Champagne Charlie

    Our defence is lacking a mean African, need a Kolo new breed to come in and floor Auba in training.

  75. gonsterous

    so much for sarriball, just realised they lost yesterday. Teams around us losing form, which is a good sign. We need to take advantage of this. Would be great if we ended the season in 3rd. But it’s funny how at the start of the season top 4 was going to be a miracle but now we could still be disappointed for not coming 3rd.
    Don’t see spurs winning against utd or chelsea.

  76. Words on a Blog

    Marko – read an article a few weeks back that most of Getafe’s players were assorted “has-been” and “never-quite-made-its” who were out to make a point that they could compete against the best…not sure about how accurate the article was (certainly true in the case of The Flam), but their manager has certainly got them over-performing…..

  77. Valentin


    Do you mean against Liverpool? I don’t think that Spurs still have to play Chelsea.

    In view of Chelsea current form, Liverpool, ManUtd, victory is more likely. However a draw would do us nicely in those games. On current form and tactics deployed, I can even see defeat or draw at the hand of Cardiff, West Ham and Leicester.

  78. Marko

    Just checked it was definitely a defensive scouting mission only Atletico have a better defence than Valencia and Getafe in La Liga. Getafe sitting in 4th seem to be having a great season

  79. gunnershabz

    the best thing about this, the pundits still writing off Arsenal for top 4

    they still think the spuds will do it

    I just love it if we prove everyone wrong and finish 3rd

    this should be motivation for our players, everyone still writing us off

  80. Valentin

    Anybody has seen Getafe play, because looking at the Goal For and Goal Against, they look like a really defensive outfit.
    After 28 games GF 36 GA 24.

    However we have to relativise as Except from Barcelona and Real Madrid most of la Liga teams don’t really score a lot of goals compared to the other main European leagues.
    Maybe they just have better defenders.

    Goals per game:
    Germany Bundesliga : 3.95
    France Ligue 1: 3.17
    England Premiership: 2.85
    Italy – Series A: 2.71
    Spain Primera Division: 2.54

  81. Valentin

    According to Marko, you can’t prove that he rejected Arsenal so everything is OK. lol.

    Sven left.
    Edu, Monchi, Overmars have all rejected Arsenal overture. Before going after the next candidate maybe Arsenal’s management team need to ask themselves why we keep encountering those negative answers.
    Is it the money (too low, I doubt it but you never know), the responsibilities (not enough responsibility for the caliber of candidate we go after), the personality (does the candidate meet the personnel and decide that they could not work with them), wrong candidates (do we approach the right type of people)?

    Again that does make us very amateurish. That could deter good candidates by letting them think that there is something seriously wrong with the job offer.

  82. Pedro

    Valentin, that’s why you have proper search and select process, so you only negotiate with people that are interested.

  83. Dissenter

    “Again that does make us very amateurish. That could deter good candidates by letting them think that there is something seriously wrong with the job offer”

    There may be something wrong with job offer, especially the job description.

    The technical director has to work under Raul Sanllehi who has a very vague title of “Director of footballing operations”. Someone would have to reassure me that this is not synonymous with a Director of football.

  84. Valentin

    I don’t think that those candidates used Arsenal to extract more money or more responsibility.
    I think that they were genuinely interested, however during the negotiation process something made them do a U-turn.
    What they need to figure out is what scared the candidates. They should even contact them to get the answer.

    I remember a while ago a company that I had rejected contacted me to determine why so many of the preferred choices refused their offer or as in my case refused to go further. For me and I suspect for many others it was seeing my jerk interviewer verbally abusing an employee. Until I told them, They were completely unaware as none of the existing employees had dare reported that senior person to HR and they didn’t do any exit interview.

  85. Valentin


    I agree that to me the job description read more like deputy to Raul rather than really Director of Football.

  86. HillWood

    Let’s be honest
    No one on here has got a fucking clue about DOF s or which one would be any good at Arsenal