The dangers of the #Top4HighLife

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‘NO Moura, less than two points’

Legend of Le Grove’s 1st comment… DM… had a first of his own yesterday as he welcomed a new baby girl into the world. Everyone raise a FIRST to him in the comments today to celebrate. Congrats, Thierryrina is a beaut of a name!


How many articles did you read yesterday about the erosion of civil society because two dickheads ran onto football pitches? Our press LIVE for a moment in which they can condemn every living/breathing person and wrap it in a football narrative. Idiots are always a byproduct of something they don’t like. Social media, Brexit, porn, cats…

Dickheads have always been a part of modern culture and they always will be. Don’t try and make sense of it. Just let it be and make sure that if the person sitting next to you suggests running on the pitch, you demand they get naked or sit the fuck down. Do the same if the person next to you at work asks if you want a tea, see how that works out.


As the joy subsides post-United, the stinging slap of reality has set in for some.

We’re back in prison, we’ve been locked in a cage with 3 other big boys, we’re now fighting it out in the #TopDog race, with a whole bunch of nasty weirdos looking to shank us along the way.

What I’m trying to say is this… let’s not get carried away thinking this race is done. Things have fallen into place very nicely over the past month. Spurs, Chelsea and United have all slipped in and out of ecstasy. Now we’re on high #Top4Life, but things could get testy very quickly.

I liken this moment to the Champions League semi-final when the club first gave us flags, we started waving them like lunatics, then CR7 stepped up and spoiled the party. Away form is our CR7 brooding over a free kick.

When you look at our easy run, you realise it’s actually not easy. It’s really hard. Our struggles have generally come on the road this season, and against the unsexy teams.

Everton, Watford, Leicester and Wolves are the big worry for us. They are Xherdan-Shaqiri-in-a-Borat-one-piece levels of sexy. They are tough, gritty, tiring games to play. This is where the weakness of our season has generally sat. BATE, Brighton, West Ham, Rennes are the games we should have won but didn’t

Is it a talent thing? No. I think it’s a focus thing.

Unai Emery has to take the same sort of attention to detail he had for Spurs/United and channel it into the games that aren’t as interesting. He has to keep the players interested. He has to make sure they feel the fire of importance. He has to make the end goal feel important to the players.

That could be super basic. Maybe a little reminder there’s serious money in it if we make top 4. It could be flashing the excitement of elite football next season. It could be the threat of getting booted out if the socks are not pulled up hard enough. Or it could just be the hit of adrenaline from United that carries us through.

Each game is now a Cup Final… but, before we turn the league into a cup, we have to deal with Rennes on Thursday.

We are more than capable of taking them down by two goals. The challenge is they are protecting a lead and as a counter-attacking team, what better position to be in than waiting for Arsenal to overextend themselves?

I’ve read some people say we should throw the game. I think that’s silly. Emery could really do with a cup win to bolster his rep going into the summer. It’d also be smart to keep both routes to the Champions League firmly open. I’d also personally like to see Emery give it some back to Ben Arfa for his premature gloating the other day.

The real work starts now. We have momentum with us. We have two routes to the promised land of Champions League football. We look like we’re firing on all cylinders.

Let’s make the run in something special!

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  1. DM

    Y’all didn’t expect that, eh?

    On a serious note, would like to thank everyone for their kind words and good wishes yesterday. I was expecting one or two responses, was quite blown away by all the well wishes! Nice to see this site is still about community. Big love all x

  2. DM

    Wow. Just read the post (been up since 4 so cut me some slack! lol), totally chuffed to get my own paragraph at the top! Pedro mate, thank you!

  3. Dark Hei


    Late to party but congrats on your girl!

    She is going to wake you up for the next few months; so gird yourself ready man.

  4. gunnershabz

    its all about being focused and keeping hope until the last game of the season

    I am sure arsenal would love to win the Europa league, give a statement out to Europe and say we not messing around

    we trying to win the champions league according to KSE but if we cant win the Europa league whats the point. why not have a European pedigree

  5. Emiratesstroller


    As I wrote in the aftermath of our victory against Man Utd the club is now in the driving seat to finish in top 4. The other three vying for Champions League
    Qualification must play at least two games against top six rivals.

    However, as a word of caution I pointed out two major qualifications that needed to be considered.

    The first is our away form since November not just in EPL but also in the
    Europa Cup. We have lost games or dropped points against relatively weak

    Also our suicidal approach to games culminating in three red cards and also
    goals conceded which should have been avoided by better and more intelligent defending. Realistically our defence is weak.

    The bottom line is can Arsenal focus sufficiently and be brave enough to win
    our remaining 5 away games against teams like Everton, Wolves and Leicester.

    My view is that Arsenal need another 15 points [5 wins] to finish in top 4. If
    we get 75 points that should be enough.

  6. Leftsidesanch

    The sentence that foolish man got for attacking Grealish was as pathetic as him running up from behind and still being able to connect with a proper shot. You get 14 weeks if you’ve been a naughty boy and have previous from drink driving.

    He should be behind bars for at least 3 years. Picture being so riled up over a game of football to do such nonsense.

  7. Leftsidesanch


    I’ve mentioned on here a few times that I think 76 points should be enough. We have three home games that we need to take maximum points from. We then need to win at least two of those other away games and no less than a point in one.

    I calculated on the basis of us dropping points against Spurs and United but we picked up 4 points from those games (which should have been six) which is good.

  8. gambon

    You really do have to ask if going out of the EL would be a good thing.

    We have a 2 week gap before our next game, and if we win our next 2 games (Newcastle home, Everton away) we will almost certainly be 3rd.

    At the very least, if we do get through against Rennes, and we win those 2 PL games, I would like to see us seriously consider playing a weaker team in the next round (especially if we draw an average team)

    Our PL run in is tough. Not on paper tough, but tough considering our weaknesses. Throw in another 5 EL games and its a nightmare.

    If we find ourselves in 3rd after the Everton game, you just have to hope the desire for those CL bonuses kicks in.

    Auba gets £2m if we are in the CL, which has to be enough for him to start playing well again.

  9. Emiratesstroller


    My calculation that 75 points are needed is based on two factors.

    1. The other three clubs in equation have at least two games against opponents
    in top 4. Both Chelsea and Spurs have difficult away games, which I think that
    they will lose.

    2. In last 4 years the fourth placed team has managed 76 points only once.
    2014/5 62 points
    2015/6 66 points
    2016/7 76 points
    2017/8 75 points

  10. grooveydaddy

    Congrats DM!

    Took my little girl to her first game at the age of 4. It was only the Emirates cup, but she got right into it, screaming at the top of her little lungs. Bless her 🙂

  11. Receding Hairline

    It’s very reassuring to note that the ex players we all like to call ours aren’t exactly cheer leading for us

    Martin Keown thinks Spurs and United will finish third and fourth

    Patrick Viera the other day saying he wants Rennes to knock us out as it helps french football or something

    Go figure

  12. HighburyLegend

    “Mohamed Salah says he is ready to sacrifice his own Champions League dream to help Liverpool win their first Premier League title.”

    Very smart from Salah.
    He puts off the pressure on his teammates before the game vs Bayern.

  13. Emiratesstroller


    I think that the Europa Cup is a distraction.

    We might win it, but then again if Spurs or Man Utd were to win Champions League and finish 5th or 6th in EPL we would not qualify for Champions League next season if we finish outside top 4. Only one European Cup Winner would qualify.

    I think that Arsenal’s resources are already stretched to limit with long term injuries and red cards.

    However, I suspect that Emery and the club will want to win on Thursday and
    progress if possible.

  14. Graham62

    Arsenal will win on Thursday and it will be by more than two goals.

    Saw enough in the first 30 mins last week to convince me that Rennes can be dismantled. Their counter attacking game will be a threat but I still feel we’ll breach their defence with regularity.

    We’ll concede but will score more than three.

    Got to be positive.

    I’ll go 4-1 or 5-2 win.

    Why not?

  15. HighburyLegend

    “I’ve read some people say we should throw the game.”

    Let me guess… Guns of Hackney ?? lol

  16. gunnershabz

    I do think we have a squad to compete on EL and PL

    we just need to keep our suspensions in check

    but I remember last season where LACA was off form and Auba gave him a penalty to score to give his confidence a rise even when he was on a hatrick

    I remember this was before the Ateltico semi final

  17. jasongms

    Wasn’t it Gambon that said we had no chance of top four and that we would lose to Spurs and United?

    I’m guessing there wasn’t enough substance or defining style of play to warrant congratulatory praise.

  18. HighburyLegend

    “Aaron Ramsey believes Arsenal still have work to do under Unai Emery even after his side beat Manchester United 2-0 to move back into the top four. ”

    Aaron has the same view than Pedro over the top 4 race.
    (Thanks again to Arsene for having constrain us to keep Ozil instead of Rambo.)

  19. Emiratesstroller

    Spurs will be lucky to secure 1 point from their two away games against Man
    City and Liverpool.

    Also they have difficult games against London Opponents. We know that such
    games can be a lottery.

    Chelsea have got also difficult away games against Liverpool and Man Utd, although otherwise their fixtures are fairly easy. However, they have difficult
    schedule of cup games.

  20. gambon

    It makes no sense to throw the game on Thursday, as we have a 2 week break after.

    My point was more what do we do if we’re in the QF

    Not being in Europe would be a huge advantage against UTD and Spurs in what is going to be a very tight run in.

    Would be a shame to throw away the small advantage we do have

    Especially when a lot of our games are tough away games that we have struggled in.

  21. Leftsidesanch


    Interesting, didn’t realise that the 4th point tally was as ‘low” as that. It was why I was saying that the United game was a must win/not lose for confidence, In terms of the result, we could afford a loss or two and still reach 75/76 points and that is still the case.

  22. Receding Hairline

    Gambon why win the game on Thursday if we are then going to “throw” the ties that follow as you are suggesting we do?

    What’s wrong with just playing every game as it comes along and seeing what we end up with??

  23. gunnershabz

    the SPUDs

    have 5 home games, that is a advantage but if its in the new stadium do you think the pressure will get to them

    we all know moving into a new stadium and atmosphere can be different

  24. Dissenter

    ‘We might win it, but then again if Spurs or Man Utd were to win Champions League and finish 5th or 6th in EPL we would not qualify for Champions League next season if we finish outside top 4. Only one European Cup Winner would qualify’

    This is just wrong
    The winners of the Europa league qualify for the group stages regardless of any other permutation from domestic league competition.

  25. gunnershabz

    highbury legend

    according to reports I think auba will have 2 years left in summer and arsenal don’t want contracts running down anymore but he is 29 years old

    I am sure ozil is in the same situation

  26. gambon

    “What’s wrong with just playing every game as it comes along and seeing what we end up with??”

    We’re 1 point off 3rd,, 2 pts ahead of 5th, 3 pts ahead of 6th who have a game in hand.

    I would say theres a big difference between whether we play another 8 games, or another 14 games in the next 8 weeks.

    Its almost twice as many games.

    Its more after the Newcastle & Everton games that you have to think about this.

    The league may well look like this:

    Arsenal 66
    Spurs 64
    UTD 64
    Chelsea 64

  27. Dissenter

    If Liverpool and city win their CL games this week [which is likely], every team competing for the top-6 places will still be in Europe [assuming we beat Rennes]
    Everyone will have European commitments. Playing in Europe didn’t stop us from showing up against United because they were just as tired.

  28. gambon

    If we get through against Rennes. we could have 8 games between 11th April and 9th May, 28 days.

    Imagine the difference between 7 days recovery between games, and 3-4 days recovery.

    Also, imagine going away to Burnley last game, having played an EL Semi Final 3 days before.

    At the very least Emery needs to be very careful about how he uses the squad.

    Freezing out players like Elneny, Jenkinson makes no sense.

  29. gambon


    You clearly havent ever heard of the word ‘advantage’

    If youre running a marathon and the guy next to you cuts his foot off, you dont cut yours off and say “oh well, we both have the same disadvantage”

  30. Receding Hairline

    “I would say theres a big difference between whether we play another 8 games, or another 14 games in the next 8 weeks. Its almost twice as many games.”

    Same applies to everyone around us and no one has thrown Europe yet so why should we?

    Would be a different issue if throwing the Europa league somehow guarantees we will play like professionals against Watford, Wolves and Leicester away from home but it doesn’t.

    So i still say throwing any competition is not on the cards, yes lets see where we are after Rennes, Newcastle and Everton, but even if we win all those games i will not advocate throwing the quarterfinals of the Europa league.

  31. TheBoyCornelius

    Definitely do not throw the Rennes game. Nor that competition at all. Its the only thing we have left that we can win – aside from Top 4 Trophy. Whist i can see the benefit in the extra recovery time, i can see a bigger benefit in momentum and a winning streak, with the chance of a pot at the end of it all.

  32. Receding Hairline

    Freezing out players like Elneny, Jenkinson makes no sense.

    Yes the treatment of Elneny is strange, i notice no one is crying for him because he doesn’t do flicks but i think he has had a very raw deal under Emery.

    As for Jenkinson i dare say he has played more than i thought he would so freezing is a strong word to use.

  33. Dissenter

    If the 5th place team on the premier league wins the CL, [like United], then 4th place will not be enough to qualify for the CL….IF Chelsea wins the Europa league.

    The idea that we throw a game is laughable because we have only two European trophies in our cabinet

  34. englandsbest

    All sorts of extraneous uncontrollable events will affect the run-in – such as injuries, bad ref decisions. What we can examine with near certainty are the two main factors: the team personnel and the management.

    On the first issue, personnel, Arsenal are the worst of the 4 contenders for 3rd and 4th spots. Some will dispute that, of course, but on the basis of which have players who can actually win a game, we have perhaps, Ramsay, whereas the others have clear matchwinners in Hazard, Kane, Ericson, Pogba, Lukaku, etc.

    On the other issue, management, IMO Arsenal head the queue. Sarri has experience and success, but his man-management at Chelsea is awful. Poch has undermined his man-management by criticising his players. OGS has had a blip which may become a chasm.

    Emery has experience, success, and is managing to get the best out of his players.

    And finally Arsenal (on paper) have the easiest run-in.

  35. Emiratesstroller


    Actually you are wrong.

    If a team finishing outside the top 4 wins the Champions League then they take precedence over Europa Cup Winner.

    The maximum number of teams from any league who can compete in Champions League is Five.

  36. Dissenter

    Momentum is everything now
    Breaking it is with an embarrassing loss to Rennes will have you lot coming of of the woodwork again, …morale wil sag and we are right back in crises
    This newly found reluctant praise of Emery won’t last for long, it’s tenuous and people are chomping at the bots to return back to their baseline.
    We have to win … and keep winning.

  37. Dissenter

    I checked the UEFA site
    The winner of the Europa league qualifies directly regardless of whatever permutation.
    If united win the CL and come 5th and a 6th place Chelsea wins the EL…4th place won’t qualify.

    Go check it…I just did
    4th place is not a trophy.

  38. Graham62

    Does the punishment fit the crime for these “dickheads”? In my opinion, definitely no.


    Modern western society tolerates “dickheads” to the extent that the majority are often tarnished with the same brush.

    We Brits are dispised abroad because of such people. Imagine if these tossers had run on the field of play in Singapore or Indonesia. What would their punishment have been?……………EXACTLY!

    Anti-social behaviour is around us all 24/7 (just walk down your local high street on a Saturday afternoon). Eradicate it by dishing out punishments that would scare all potential “dickheads” shitless.

    Thanks to the PC brigade and Human Rights Activists we all know this will never happen.

    I’m with Leftsidesanch on this.

    Three years behind bars.

  39. Dissenter

    Honestly 4th place on March 12th means shouldn’t give any consolation
    What matters is being in the mix with a good shout of winning key games to get back to the CL
    Like folks have said, too many uncontrollable circumstances will cause all four teams to ebb and flow till the.ast game.
    We do need to be ahead by that last game – Bunrley wil love nothing better that to batter us.

  40. Redtruth

    We’ve already overcome two hurdles which gambon thought were impossible to climb, now he’s seeing more difficulties which don’t exist……lol have a word with yourself.

  41. HighburyLegend

    @Dissenter : agree with you, like TH14 once said, “celebrate” the 4th place is ridiculous.

    But being back in the CL is vital.

  42. ADKB

    Whaoh! I’m late to the DM party but what have you been up to bruv? 🙂 Well we don’t need all the details!!!

    The few occasions a couple of pretenders (including my humble self) nicked your Tr4phy, now we can probably, maybe, perhaps hazard a guess why we were so lucky!

    Welcome to our world you beautiful baby Gunner!!!

  43. Dissenter

    You don’t think 14 weeks in the slammer is enough to help that idiot get reformed back into the society?
    He’s publicly shamed himself and won’t ever get a serious job for a long time. That video is on the internet and every prospective employer will review it. He’s even banned from football for life.

    14 weeks is a good deterrent. Let’s not get overboard. It’s an assault charge that didn’t result in injury and he plead guilty saving your CPS an expensive trial.
    Why is 3 years a magical number?

  44. gambon


    You literally did a predictions post 2 weeks ago, saying we would beat both Spurs and Rennes.

    You have absolutely zero credibility here.

    Go back to wanking over your Jeremy Corbyn posters.

  45. Mark S

    Congrats DM! Fatherhood and Arsenal…two things that will make you want to pull your hair out one minute, and provide you with great joy the next!

  46. Leedsgunner

    The two big beasts of Arsenal pessimism on Le Grove, gambon and Redtruth telling each other off… on who was in reality, more pessimistic about Arsenal.

    Something deeply satirical about it all 😉

  47. Versus

    Some people will never be positive about Arsenal (EVEN WHEN WE WIN???) because they only value status.

    We are europa league top 4 challengers. This isn’t elite status. We are not Madrid, Barca, City or Juve so until we become elite again, some people will always moan and groan about Arsenal because we are not of an Elite status.

    These people don’t really support Arsenal, they support high status, however, you can’t change your team.. so they’re fucked.

  48. Bergkamp63

    I would definately not be throwing the EL game, I looked at that fixture list a couple of weeks ago and thought it almost inevitable that we will drop points in some of those away games.

    We might not have to face any of the other top 5 teams unlike Chelsea, Spurs or MU but they have more home games than us and we haven’t exactly excelled away from home.

  49. gunnershabz

    guys don’t you think its ironic when everyone ripped wenger for the “top 4 trophy” and now spurs, man u and Chelsea are fighting it all out to be in top 4



  50. Arse&Nose©

    Gambon makes an excellent point about recovery time between games.
    Momentum is key in the run in, those legs will hurt a little more after a bad result if you have another game within 3 days.

  51. HighburyLegend

    “Former Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has called time on his football career.”

    Too bad… I’m sure many of us would have loved to see him at Arsenal.

  52. Graham62


    Just saying that most of these morons are a scourge on society and are serial offenders.

    Guaranteed he won’t do 3 months.

    3 years is not enough as far as I’m concerned.

    By the way, your perceptions of the “slammer” may be slightly different than mine. Here in the UK its not quite the same as in the US.

  53. Thomas

    jasongmsMarch 12, 2019 08:32:55
    Anyway, who still thinks Emery isn’t special sauce? haha fuck the akbs!


    Based on what?

  54. Guns of Hackney

    Still loads of deluded crazies on here I see.

    Are people genuinely questioning why Elneny and Jenkinson are being left out in the cold?

    Simple. They are beyond useless. Every time they play, a unicorn dies. That’s how bad they are.

    Arsenal may as well hire those two pitch invaders and play them.

  55. Guns of Hackney

    If a professional football player can’t play a couple of games with a three day gap…they shouldn’t be classed as professional or an athlete.

    Better pitches.
    Better nutrition.
    Better understanding of conditioning.

    Fucking footballers. They need some time on a rugby field in the middle of the pack.


  56. mysticleaves

    Dunno, if it has been posted but In a list, Auba has missed the most big chances this season. 19 of them. But he’s also the 3rd deadliest striker in the prem with 22.5% conversion rate.

    lacazettte on his own part is joint 6 on the list with 11 big chances missed. Arsenal are the only club that have 2 players in the top10

    That’s a total of 30 big chances missed this season. #Unreal Emery out. He doesnt have sauce

  57. Nelson

    SPUDS and Manure have CL games on April 9 and 16. They will have two weeks in hell.
    I really can’t see Manure nor SPUDS winning the CL. Chelsea would be more likely winning the EL. As dissenter said, it won’t affect the 4th place spot. Now if Chelsea occupies also one of the top4 spot, would the 5th place team allow to play the CL.
    If we advance to the next round of the EL, I would play some youngsters in the first game and go full force in the second leg. My major worry is injury to our key players.

  58. Guns of Hackney


    Mathematics are not my strong point but does that mean Auba is only converting 1/4 chances…roughly?

    That’s terrible. We used to mock players like Andrew Cole for being a 1/3 man.

    I think the point is, the best forwards in the league more than make up the percentages for the poorer ones.

  59. mysticleaves


    i think over a season, a striker will miss way more than he will convert. Auba has not really been very clinical since he came to us but he has also scored loads. if he didn’t miss many, he would be a 1 in 3 striker at least which is par the better strikers in any division.

    The number of big chances we miss is alarming though. i watch these days expecting Lacayang to miss atleast 1 big chance each

  60. Marc

    “That’s terrible. We used to mock players like Andrew Cole for being a 1/3 man. ”

    The circus is back in town or at least it’s in Hackney.

  61. JDavey

    Don’t get why people are so hell bent on the fact that arteta should have got the job and should be our manager. Fair enough if you think give him a shot, but on what basis can you be at all confident he’d be doing any better than Unai?
    You have nothing to go on

  62. Marko

    Real classy to give DM a shout out I must say. In saying that how long before he’s criticized for taking the team to Dubai for training camp I wonder.

    I’m kinda with gambon in the sense that I can see a major benefit to not being in the Europa League. We simply have to make our league games the priority. We’ve a great chance of getting champions league through the league not the Europa League

  63. Marko

    That’s terrible. We used to mock players like Andrew Cole for being a 1/3 man.

    You’re so dumb it’s unreal. Mock someone who’s one in 3? You think someone like Aguero or Kane is one in two or better? Please stop saying silly things

  64. salpardisenyc

    Out of the Arsenal cup this weekend, go as strong as possible vs Rennes on Thursday. Going to be a sketchy defense with injuries/suspension to Sokratis.

    Keep both avenues open and assess as results come.

    Its all within reach with what on paper is the easier run in league simply based on fact its a given United or Chelsea will drop having to play one another. Spurs aren’t getting thru Liverpool and City with the maximum.

    Now hinges on finding away form against a couple very tricky sides, notably Wolves whenever that tie falls. Would be a real shame to throw it after getting passed United and Spurs with 4 points, but with this sides consistency not hard to envision.

  65. Valentin


    That seems to indicate a upward trend rather than a stable one. In short getting 4th place is getting more difficult. I think that 4th place will require 75~77 PTS.
    In past years that total would have been enough to win the league! ManUtd won the league in 96-97 with 75pts.
    75 PTS means 5 victories. As we have 3 home game left, getting two victories out of our 5 remaining away game that seems possible.

    The main danger would if we needed a victory on the last day of the league and Burnley also to avoid the drop. That would be tense and I could see Sean Duchess unleashing the dogs of war on us with the tacit approval of Mike Dean under special order of Mike Riley.

  66. Valentin

    In my previous post, I meant Sean Dyche not Duchess (damn auto-correct).
    Still as failed automatic correction goes this one was funny.

  67. Dissenter

    Arsenal fans are a special breed of miserables

    People are still whining about Auba’s missed penalty!

    It’ s a penalty FFS. Players miss penalties all the time; better players on bigger stages.

  68. Marko

    I agree Dissenter. But in saying that how do you feel about people getting carried away with Mavropanos? Your thoughts on the approach for Monchi? Exactly

  69. Guns of Hackney


    Actually no one should miss a penalty kick. The odds in favour of the ball player is monstrous.

    I think LeTissier took 49 career penalties and missed one…I believe that hit the post. I think Nistllerooy got 18/19 in his career at United.

    Missing penalties really shouldn’t happen when you think about the advantage the kicker has. But pressure etc and maybe GKs are getting much bigger and the referees do not enforce the GK encroachment rule anymore.

    Still, no one should really miss.

  70. Words on a Blog

    I keep looking at that list of remaining games for Arsenal, Chelski, the Spuds and Manure and coming up with tens of different scenarios, each one more believable than the other.

    Banana skins and tough matches for each of the 4 teams.

    Fully understand the logic of the benefits of extra recovery times if we go out or “throw” Europa, but equally it wouldn’t exactly be a surprise if we drop out of the top 4 both having, say, lost a couple of our away matches at one of Wolves Watford or Everton and a dropped points to Crystal Palace at home.

    You can construct equally plausible scenarios for our 3 rivals…..

  71. Leftsidesanch

    Arsenal fans are a special breed of miserables

    This comment section alone sometimes can make you want to drink Guinesses early am, like Guns

  72. Arse&Nose©


    Arsenal fans are a special breed of miserables

    People are still whining about Auba’s missed penalty!

    I’m sorry that you can not comprehend the magnitude of importance associated with that penalty. It really could be the most important penalty Arsenal have had for the last 12 months.

  73. gonsterous

    congrats DM, time to put on those big boy pants, you are going to be busy for a while now.
    Onto Arsenal and Emery, fk yes, we may just be playing CL footie next season after a 2 season break out of it (or is it longer?)
    Emery doing a good job, objective wise. Hopefully the budget for the summer will be bigger than last season’s.

  74. Chris

    1. We shouldn’t be throwing any game, ever.

    2. We currently have 2 routes to CL qualification. 2 chances is better than 1. It makes little sense to deliberately halve your chances.

  75. gambon


    I’ll say again.

    No-one said about “throwing” the EL.

    However, if we beat Newcastle and Everton, we will likely be 3rd, with 6 games to go, 4 of which are away, and will have 8 games in a 28 day period.

    Going out of the EL this week would definitely have its plus points.

  76. Receding Hairline

    “I’m sorry that you can not comprehend the magnitude of importance associated with that penalty. It really could be the most important penalty Arsenal have had for the last 12 months.”

    It wasn’t even a legitimate penalty for crying out loud, the player in question just scored another to take us clear of Man United, missed penalty move on.

  77. Guns of Hackney


    I actually really like Guinness but rarely drink it. For me it’s the most horrific hangover ever and i get awful hangovers.

    I didn’t get a hangover until I was 26 and every day/year they are getting worse.

    Ever tried a Black Velvet? Poo and Guinness! It ruins both drinks but when it’s poured we’ll, it looks beautiful.

  78. gambon

    “I think LeTissier took 49 career penalties and missed one…I believe that hit the post”

    Didnt Mark Bosnich save it?

  79. Chris

    Sorry Gambon that wasn’t aimed at you personally but more that the following discussion insinuated we should.

    Get a tricky game against Rennes out of the way, which I think we will qualify from, and I think we have a great chance of winning the tournament. That also is a trophy and automatic qualification to the group stage rather than the qualifying rounds. If one was to pick a route back to the CL I feel most people would choose that way, and it’s still very much achievable.

    I do so the merit in taking the positives if we do exit on Thursday, of course.

  80. Guns of Hackney


    Stop trying to logic these dumbos.

    You’ve been on here long enough to realise that some people, you just can’t reach.

  81. Marko

    Zidane back at Real and liking Marcelo would suggest that we have an easier path to signing Tagliafico this summer. He’d be reasonably priced too so that’s good

  82. Guns of Hackney


    No idea, guy. Bosnich had a chemical advantage didn’t he. Bugle boy.

    Mind you, he did hang about with that Sophie Anderton for a bit and I’ll tell you what, I saw her back in the day and she was criminally fuckable.

  83. Valentin


    Since when shoving somebody in the back is legal according to the Football laws?
    Wwould have a foul called outside the penalty box? If yes then it’s a foul as well in the penalty box.

  84. Dissenter

    On Mavros- I hope he goes on to exceed Paolo Maldini. I’m not going to join the circus of adulation on the basis of one full competitive game.
    On Monchi – I’m not a fan of sensationalizing the jobs descriptions of boring technocrats. I’ve maintained that the technical director’s job is one for a nerdy hungry chief scout somewhere, not a celebrated name from the past. I do have some egg on my face because I never imagined he will leave Roma for us, problems is that he’s leaving because he was fired.

  85. Guns of Hackney

    Monchi was fired? Oh.

    Emery was fired, too. Oh.

    Not only are we the retirement home for shite footballers, we are also where the sacked come to make money.


  86. Dissenter

    I’m included in that band of miserables too.
    I wasn’t directing the comment at you specifically.
    I was just tired or reading people say,”if only Auba scored”

    Auba could have scored that penalty and we could still finish 6th in May.

  87. Guns of Hackney

    People are reading too much into the Auba miss.

    Unless it directly affected the game that then had a profound effect on the final table result, it’s irrelevant.

    In a 38 game season, a miss in game 1 doesn’t affect the result in game 38.

    It’s all quantum physics, string, black swan and chaos theory.


  88. Sanmi

    Our tricky ties are watford and burnley (physical games). Wolves and everton (quality side).
    The rest contenders have atleast 2 games they are sure to drop atleast 3 points in some cases 6 points. They also have tricky games: Man utd will play wolves as well. Spurs play westham, man utd play watford. Chelsea everton and Leicester. I really don’t see how we won’t make top 4

  89. Marko

    I’ve maintained that the technical director’s job is one for a nerdy hungry chief scout somewhere, not a celebrated name from the past

    Can you name one? I look at the guys who are at Atletico, Barca, Juve, Dortmund etc etc and they’re not inexperienced nerds. Also mutual consent not fired technically.

  90. Dissenter

    I agree in a sense that losing out to Rennes wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.
    It’s just that our miserable fan base won’t have anything else to hold unto all through the international break and that Newcastle game takes another life of it’s own.

    However beating them keeps the players grounded and the fanbase abuzz.
    It’s like a roller coaster, scary but you don’t want to get off till the end.

  91. Guns of Hackney

    Just watching the original superman. Another actor played Clarke when he was young. I didn’t know that!

    Also, supes has time to save a cat out of a tree???

    …in the meantime, 3,000 people were wiped out in a flood in Cambodia. Cat 1, Cambodians 0.

    Supes hates Asians. Loves cats.

  92. Receding Hairline

    “Since when shoving somebody in the back is legal according to the Football laws?”

    The shove was against United not Spurs Valentin, i saw nothing in the incident at Spurs that called for a penalty

  93. Marko

    Emery was fired, too. Oh.

    Again not technically fired his contract wasn’t renewed. There is a difference. It’s like calling an assistant manager an accomplished manager. There’s a subtle but very real difference

  94. Guns of Hackney


    Well played. You are obviously savvy. A black swan reference passes most people by.

    Ever read the book the black swan? Fascinating.

  95. Leftsidesanch

    I actually really like Guinness but rarely drink it. For me it’s the most horrific hangover ever and i get awful hangovers.

    Lol, I’m still on the right side of 30 (just) and I can occur. I enjoy a cold Nigerian Guinness (obviously bias there) but I can’t get out of bed the morning after.

  96. Leedsgunner

    Football is a funny game… better to have two routes into CL qualification rather than just one as Chris said above.

    If given the choice between the straight forward route or an arduous one, the Arsenal seem to take the hard one every time… so even though it seems like, we have an easy run in on paper, never take it for granted.

    Plus, look at the way we have been handling these European ties… why keep losing on the away leg? For the thrill of it?!?!

    Whether it’s an European tie or an EPL game, it’s a matter of professionalism. We need to start winning the games away from home or we’re liable to throw it all away in both competitions.

  97. Dissenter

    “Can you name one? I look at the guys who are at Atletico, Barca, Juve, Dortmund etc etc and they’re not inexperienced nerds. Also mutual consent not fired technically.
    That’s precisely my point.
    Do you know the name of the Westham technical director?
    I don’t know his name but the guy beasted last summer’s window- Issa Diop for 21.5 million, Balbuena for 4.5 million and Felipe Anderson for 36 million. That’s not to say he didn’t make some mistakes too – Jack Wilshere was a bad mistake.

    My point being that there are good people doing good jobs everywhere.
    Is Monchi yesterday’s man? … because every one has a lifespan? Only time will tell.

    …Monchi was FIRED …the moment they fired the manger without seeking his opinion.

  98. Guns of Hackney

    Oh, Marko

    He was sacked. His clock was punched.

    That assistant you are referring to may or may not be the greatest manager ever.

    …that could be true and we will never know until he proves it. I can’t wait until he’s bossing the cones at Arsenal!