Monchi released by Roma: Fan opinion mixed on his tenure

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Well, well, well… Spurs. What have we here? Looks like another case of the CHOKES. As Dan from the pod put it, what we are witnessing looks very much like a case of ‘Le Spiral de Negativiteé.’

Very amusing. Spurs are reaching a situation where their World Cup battered squad is struggling to make physical ends meet between Champions League and the race for Top 4. Tomorrow, Arsenal will be one point behind them if they win, United will be level points if they win, and if Chelsea ramp up the pressure and win their two games in hand, they will jump them.

Oh my, what a whirlwind this race is. Imagine if Spurs drop into the Europa League after opening the Nike Toilet Bowl? Would be sweet… real sweet. Only worry is the Champions League is looking fairly weak sauce at the minute. So there’s always the horror scenario where they fall up the stairs and win that. Doubtful, but let’s cover the bases so we don’t look silly.

On the Technical Director front, the mighty Monchi has severed ties with Roma in a sweeping week in which the American leadership team also exited their manager. Make no mistake, if they’d wanted to keep the Spaniard, they’d have angled for a fee. The new team looks like it’ll be either Piero Ausilio and Massimiliano Mirabelli as the Sporting Director and Ranieri as the manager. The exLeicester boss is just out here racking up millions in dismissal fees this season, unreal work.

If you want the YES MONCHI IS COMING, take a read of this.

Today’s thoughts are a little more sober because I have done some digging.

His tenure at Roma has been bland. He wheeled and dealed very hard and made zero friends with the local ultras. At an airport, Roma fans shouted, “You have destroyed the team”, to which he responded, “sure you are better… In 6 months I come to take you all one by one ”

What did I say about him looking like a Netflix crime boss? Seems he’s the real deal. Full on John Gotti threats in an airport. Love it.

There are a few questions that have to be asked here… if he’s being panned for moving on talent, you have to work out if that was a command from the American owners. He dropped a 60m euro profit in his first window and an 18m euro profit last summer. If that was to support the new stadium, it simply means the fans aren’t as financially sympathetic as Arsenal’s.

I think the main upset comes from the fact that he hasn’t delivered the hits he was dropping for Sevilla. For me, the big red flag is that last summer, when he had a little more financial freedom to move bodies, his two marquee signings were Nzonzi and Pastore who are both 29 years old and far from elite. If you’re picking them up on free transfers, sure, but dropping 60m euros on them is pretty crazy. For a man that slagged British clubs for being profligate, those two really are perplexing buys.

It’s always good to raid the fan blogs for a bit of blood and thunder opinion. This SB Nation blog gives a very fair overview of his tenure.

On why he failed:

‘The club’s strategic direction comes from the top. I place his failures more on Pallotta’s philosophy of flipping players rather than building a winning team. What I am curious about is whether he was angling his way out prior to the last few weeks. Of course with EDF fired his position was untenable and he had no choice but to resign. I’m disappointed with the decisions he made but surely this Roma side needed at least another year or two before it would reach its peak and represent Monchi’s vision?’

‘Two years is far from sufficient to judge him, which makes his resignation all the tougher to swallow. If, however, we view it as a principled stance in support of EDF and/or his own autonomy as DS, then I can certainly respect that. In the end, I just don’t think his big purchases worked out as quickly as he needed them to, which looked worse in the face of the Salah and Alisson sales. And then there’s the wrinkle we’ll never know: how much independence did he actually have and to what extent was he limited by Roma’s financial health.’

On his failings:

‘The manner in which he short shrifted the defense. His right backs had about two healthy ligaments between them while his left backs were either living on borrowed time (Kolarov) or were too handsome to be good footballers (Santon). The less said about Moreno and Marcano the better. Roma’s defense was a disaster waiting to happen, and as we saw this season, it, uh, happened.’

‘Sometimes it felt as if Monchi would spend big on a name just to have spent big on a name. Pastore and NZonzi spring to mind immediately. Perhaps there were brand concerns at play (I remember there being significant rumors that Qatar Airways funded the Pastore purchase), but he didn’t seem to have a handle on the type of player who could succeed at Roma who was already in their late 20s.’

On his successes:

‘Cengiz Under was a great signing and I’m hopeful we will say the same about Cristante next season. Zaniolo was a remarkable find, kudos.’

‘Zaniolo is the popular answer around here and it truly was a masterpiece from Monchi. But I think Justin Kluivert can truly turn into something special in a year or two. Whether it’s at Roma or another club, that’s the question. Pallotta and co better keep him in Rome as long as possible.’


The jury is out. He brought in some good young players that didn’t have the chance to show their worth. He made some bad senior signings. He couldn’t mend the defence (gulp). He wasn’t afforded enough time for anyone to make a fair assessment (he also tied himself heavily to Eusebio). Additionally, what I do admire: he took full responsibility for his failings. We lack accountability at Arsenal, the club is always looking for excuses. It takes true leadership to own up to your fuck ups. Extra pertinent when you’ve got Wenger reimagining the StatDNA investment like he unearthed the scouting equivalent of Google Search.

We are in a situation with Monchi like we were with Unai Emery. Both last attained greatness at Sevilla, the big question is: can they level-up? Are we hiring in the Europa League A-listers… or is the magic of the two together like the pairing of Peter Taylor and Brian Clough?

Here are some other questions you have to ponder.

Does our leadership have long-term thinking top of mind?

When Monchi and Emery last worked together, the average age of their signings sat at 27 years old. Emery, Monchi and Raul are big fans of sniffing out bargains from the elite clubs around Europe. Raul, I hear, is a huge fan of Malcolm who has had big issues at Barcelona. No doubt we’ll be in for him in the summer.

Does that strategy have legs? Is that how you make it back to the elite?

The mode of operation that worked best for Monchi was to flip players like houses. Identify value in the market, fix up a player, and shift them on in two seasons. That’s not a longterm view. That’s chasing the instant success dragon in a league where the major clubs are thinking in a more long-term manner.

Denis Suarez was our only punt in January, we’ve barely seen him, but he is exactly the sort of player Monchi hunts down.

The other question I have is this: Is Monchi a great chief scout, or is he a great technical director? Say what you will about Marc Overmars, but he and some of the Ajax European Cup winners have turned the club around. The youth team has churned out some wild players, the senior buys have looked smart, the football is back to its most powerful, and the job that he’s been there since 2013. Ajax has been nowhere, now they are back to resembling their best.

What are Arsenal’s objectives? Who knows… but my worry is that we’re not going to be thinking 10 years ahead. Are we bringing in builders, like Jobs, Hastings or Zuckerberg, or are we bringing in 1 term politicians who need to prove themselves now? We could punt for a brighter instant future and win big, sure, that’d be amazing. The real cost though is what happens if that plan fails. What do we fall back on? What happens if our second attempt at expensive greatness flops?

We fade into terminal mediocrity…

There is a lot riding on this hire. A lot riding on a contacts transfer approach. A lot riding on two people moved on by their clubs under dark clouds.

Could be magic though… it could be.

There’s a huge game today. Top 4 is within spitting distance. Emery seems to have less problems motivating and planning strategems when it comes to bigger sides, though he didn’t do very well against United at the last attempt.

It’s clear that United will be happy to give us possession. They’ll look to find pace on the counter with long diagonal balls. They’ll more than likely lean on the huge wave of luck that’s followed them around. Lukaku is in great form, as is most of their frontline.

We gave up the advantage of freshness when Emery fielded a very strong team in the midweek defeat against Rennes. He’s going to have to dust down those deflated souls and inject some of that energy of Spurs away into the affair.

This is our top 4 cup final. Win and we have by far the best run in. Lose, and those away days are going to look like an uphill struggle.

This is mega. It’s going to be a great game of football. Let’s see what side Emery brings to the battle.

See you in the comments. x

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  1. Graham62


    Where do you think we’d be if Monsieur Wenger was still at the helm?

    Just something to think about.

  2. Champagne charlie


    If you’d read what my thoughts I’ve shared here numerous times the finishing position is somewhat academic to me (appreciating the revenue it brings).

    Ive said our squad is good enough for top 4 before because it is as far as I see it, all the more so with the summer additions. There’s never been any expectation of finish from my pov, so you’re wrong actually.

    …Lol covering bases? Like talking up a 10th based Ligue Un team pre-match, or predicting a massacre today despite us having won 8 on the bounce at home in the league… right…

    ‘Go watch some Newcastle matches Carpenter’, you must be 12.

  3. Leftsidesanch

    It wouldnt matter if Wenger was here. Steve’s side only managed a draw against Wolves.

    He outed himself earlier again referring to Arsenal as “they”.

    Not even a charming, humorous troll, just an odd faceless poster who comes on here to pose as an Arsenal fan but trash everything we do.

  4. Receding Hairline

    Still going on about the summer additions i see

    I wonder which player we added this summer that would have interested any team in the top six, heck even Wolves and West Ham will pass on some of those stellar additions we made

    But yes those additions are powering us, nothing to do with the manager

  5. Champagne charlie

    Today’s result is a shot in the arm for the Emery fan club, back at the keyboards chests out. But today’s “not the night for it” apparently..

  6. GoonerDave

    I understand and saw what happened to Grealish too. But surely that fan should be charged with assault? The fact that it was on a pitch seems no worse than doing it outside?
    Gary Neville was calling for new laws – I disagree because I think assault is already against the law.
    At least some blame lies with the security.

  7. Pierre

    Thursday night should be a cracking atmosphere.

    Today’s performance against a very good football team showed that if the team is set up correctly and play with the right attitude , we can compete with the best.

    Big decisions to be made by the manager on Thursday….

    It’s obvious we are a better football team with Ozil in side , imagine where we would be in the league and cup competitions if he hadn’t been marginalised by the manager for 3 months. The result last Thursday I am hoping was just a blip due to the red card and Emery’s mis handling of the situation .

    Ramsey showed today that he can play a disciplined role in centre mid and I would expect him to stay in the team alongside xhaka.
    Kolasinac should start as he is a potent force going forward..

    We managed the game very well in the 2nd half , It was good that Emery didn’t bring on defensive based players as it would have handed the initiative to United.

    Saurez showed his potential in his cameo role.

    Lots of positives to take into Thursdays game.

  8. TheBayingMob

    Well I enjoyed the result today. Definitely thought we would shit the bed against Davros’ mythically wonderful United team. So over In the states we get this fucking utter tool called Arlo White who commentates in PL games. He’s the worst Solskjaer worshipping Ferguson ring sniffing cunt out there beside Tildesley. Was good to hear having to commentate on United being fucking shite.

  9. Wenker-wanger

    Thomas! Haha…not exactly blessed with understanding facts…but blessed with his blind loyalty to the specialist in failure…

  10. Thomas

    Of course Emery has more points than at the same time last season. Last season was a disaster. Doesn’t mean Emery is the right man in the long run.

  11. Wenker-wanger

    Ozil?.. Will always be a big fish in a little pool…..however in a big pool he disappears….luxury player ….

  12. Thomas

    Lol like getting more points than last season is somehow a massive achievement.

    If Emery can’t pick up more points than last season he should probably quit managing altogether.

  13. Receding Hairline

    The imagine where we would be in the league with Ozil comment from Pierre has to be framed, its his best ode to Ozil on here yet.

    Ozil was actually the worst player on the pitch closely followed by Auba

  14. Wenker-wanger

    So ian wright, Lee Dixon, martin keown and Rio Ferdinand think emery is doing a good job, but some dumbos on here think different.
    Jeez, it really proves how blind prejudice manifests itself in some football fans.

  15. Pierre

    The narrative from some on here is that our increased points total is proof that we are a better team and better managed this season.

    By the same context , we reached the league cup final and the Europa league semi final last season …is this proof that we were a better football team and better managed last season , or course not.

    I think it’s fair to say that overall the improvement or regression is negligible and it is a pointless exercise comparing this season to last as there are positives and negatives depending how you look at it.

  16. Champagne charlie

    Why is last years points total being used as a barometer? We got 63 points because Wenger utterly nosedived and we reached breaking point as a club/fan base.

    63 points was a massive underachieving total given the players we had. The previous season we got 75 points came 5th, and still wanted to see a new manager – the season before that again we got 71 points and finished 2nd, and before that 75 points finishing 3rd, and again 79 points finishing 4th.

    Bottom line, bettering our embarrassing points total of last season isn’t the measure of quality. It’s a weak and simplistic crutch for pro-Emery fans to raise and claim “progress”.

  17. Uwot?

    Watching sky today I thought it was the f*** ng OGS show! The camera must have pannned to the little hobbit at least 10/12 times during the game lingering on him for roughly 15 secs plus each time with the match still continuing.absolutely shit coverage by sky loving Manure.Thank fuck they didn’t win.would never have heard the end of it.Always,always a pleasure to beat of the rare occasions where Lady Luck deserted them…..

  18. Marko

    It’s a weak and simplistic crutch for pro-Emery fans to raise and claim “progress”.

    If you are better this season than you were the previous season that is the definition of progress. All that matters is the previous season you wouldn’t compare a team in 2019 to one in 05 would you? Of course not

  19. Pierre

    “If you are better this season than you were the previous season that is the definition of progress”

    We reached the league cup final and semi final in Europe …if we are knocked out by Rennes on Thursday I fully expect you to call it a definition of regression.

  20. Marko

    I’m sure you’re not hoping for that though Pierre. And no I wouldn’t Pierre cup semi final or not the fucker had us regressing the fucker had to go mate

  21. Champagne charlie


    He’s certified his status today as a dipstick with his various inputs.

    I just laid out the subject of points totals for him to gain perspective, and back he comes with that line of waffle.

    So when we got 71 points 3 seasons back, then 75 points the following season, I do wonder where Marko was with his progress/improvement stuff. Pretty certain he was Wenger out still despite a better return. Odd that given his statement in defence of Emery…

  22. G8

    Great win today
    Xhaka was my MOM, followed closely by Leno and Laca.

    Ramsey also had very disciplined game.

    AMN was really poor in 1st half, I was really woried that he would be our downfall, but kudos to him, had excellent 2nd half.. couldnt do anything wrong ,hopefully that would be a confidence boost for him.

    Aubama and ozil were really poor for their excepected standards and the importance of the game..
    Auba penalty was still weak and not very convincing, he scored this time so no complaints

    The rest of the players all get a solid 8 performance from me..

    Officials had poor game yet again,
    penalty was very soft, but it makes do to all those stone wall ones Lacas didn’t get and the dodgy ones gifted to manure over the years.
    Excellent weekend all round..

    Top 4 is truly and officially on now!

  23. Marko

    Pretty certain he was Wenger out still despite a better return. Odd that given his statement in defence of Emery…

    It’s called perspective dumbass clearly you wouldn’t know that regards to that man you had such “romanticism” towards him. Guy was here how many years and declining. By comparison his replacement is here less than and is being judged by what happened with us the previous season. Certainly if he’s here 10 or 20 years we’ll be judging over the course of a longer period and not just the previous one season. Trust you to make a case for Wenger when we’re talking about his replacement improving on the previous season. You sure you wanted gone since 2012?

  24. Pierre

    Of course he has to go , that goes without saying…I’m just making the point that progress or regression is subjective and if people are honest they would come to the conclusion that at this present time any progress is negligible.

    The results and performances the last 3 months have been very inconsistent but I do expect The Arsenal to have strong finish to the season.

    Emery,I think will realise that he needs Ozil, Mhkitaryan, Lacazette and Ramsey to be on his side and they will become a regular fixture until.the end of the season.

    I fully expect iwobi and Guendouzi to take a back seat in the important games and we may see a lot more of Saurez in place of iwobi .

    Iwobi and Guendouzi are players for the future, their decision making when the pressure is on is suspect .

  25. Champagne charlie


    Haha making a case for Wenger? I was pointing out your ridiculous simplicity. As you were mate, line them up and fire them in before sunrise.

  26. Barking Arsene

    Great result today.

    I’ll wait until the end of the season to judge it fully but I’d say at the moment we seem to have made some progress this season.

    If we finish with a higher points total and in a better position then that’s all I would have asked for.

    Then the real job is to consolidate and build over the following two seasons.

    For now though I’m cautiously optimistic.

  27. Marko

    if people are honest they would come to the conclusion that at this present time any progress is negligible.

    Sure it is yes. A better points total or final position is an indication of progress. It’s not up for interpretation. Making a semi final or final by comparison isn’t. We could have gotten to the Europa League final and finished 10th and not one idiot would claim progress. I assume anyway

  28. Marko

    Haha making a case for Wenger? I was pointing out your ridiculous simplicity. As you were mate, line them up and fire them in before sunrise.

    Ah an attempted joke about a profession you think I’m in very good very Charlie like of course the teacher and the fireman aren’t about so you might as well. I don’t know what you’re not getting though if we have more points from last season we have made progress. If we finish 4th and not 6th we have made progress. You bringing up that time we got 75 points a few years back matters fuck all now. You bringing up Wenger getting 71 points then 75 points 10+ years after last competing for a league title is NOT an example of progress being made dummy. Stick to carpentry I say

  29. Words on a Blog


    Higher points total? Yes
    Better results against top 6 rivals? Yes
    Better tactical variety/flexibility? Yes
    Better in-game management? Yes

  30. Marc

    Fucking clowns on here saying no progression on last season. We’re 3 points off last seasons total with 8 matches left and looking a decent bet for top 4.

    The real reason these twats can’t make a serious argument against Emery is because it would mean slagging off Wenger.

  31. Marko

    I know why you’re lashing out why you’re so upset Charles. Our next league game is at home against Newcastle and you’re conflicted about that. I understand and I sympathize with you. Can’t be easy to support two teams and one manager…all while in love with another… and working as a carpenter to boot.

  32. Receding Hairline

    Champagne Charlie nails every argument on here, in his mind he is always right and his POV is always the correct one.

    Hence I christened him Carpenter Charlie cos he nails everything without fail.

  33. Emiratesstroller

    Was at Emirates today and this was an “emotional performance and result”.

    I said before the game against Spurs that we needed 4 points from both games
    to have any chance of finishing in top four and that is exactly the outcome we
    have now achieved albeit that it could have been better if Aubameyang had scored the penalty against Spurs.

    Tonight in contrast to Thursday Emery got the tactics absolutely right. We
    played with much better discipline and organisation in defence and with width. Kolasinac had in my opinion an excellent game.

    Man Utd could of course won this game with better finishing, but that does not
    detract from the fact that Arsenal have won 3 and drawn 3 of our games against top 6 opposition.

    What that tells us is that the team can raise its game when it matters albeit that I do think that we are a long way short of a side capable of challenging for
    a Title or Trophy.

    We have still got a difficult run in for the rest of season even if we have completed games against our main rivals. We know that teams like Everton,
    Wolves and Leicester away from home will not be easy.

    Nevertheless I think that we have a “realistic” chance of finishing in top 4.

  34. Valentin

    Just watched BBC MOtD2, and BBC pundits are just idiots. Phil Neville and Alan Shearer are the the reason why England never went far in tournament. Remember when Sol Campbell scored for England and it was ruled out because of Shearer had assaulted the goalkeeper.
    He still has not learned that shoving somebody in the back is a foul. It is not soft. It is a foul that would be signaled anywhere else on the pitch so why not in the penalty box.

    This said, Aubameyang penalty technique is still shocking. Any goalkeeper who does not commit will stop his penalty kick. We need to have a proper penalty taker. Lacazette was pretty good for Lyon. He should take them.

    I am not sure how the xG is calculated, but in my view we totally deserved the victory.

  35. Receding Hairline

    Would take some doing outing his profession from a different continent

    All we know is he visits a theatre, maybe a surgeon or a performer or a man on benefits with time on his hands… Who knows and frankly who cares

  36. Valentin

    I think that we will finish 4th on goal difference above Chelsea 5th with ManUtd finishing 3rd and Spurs 6th. I can see ManUtd raising their game for away match. I see us losing to Leicester drawing a few other away games.

    Spurs have the most difficult run-in, and half their team is knackered. The thing is if they miss Champion’s league football, will they crash financially? If think that they can survive one year without it, but two years may mean the sell-off of the entire team. If Pochettino leaves for Real Madrid, then they are in real trouble. A combination of both would be a disaster for them. Mind the Gap, indeed!

  37. Words on a Blog

    A Spurs without no CL place, no Poch and no money is a truly delicious scenario.

    The icing on the cake would be if St Harry of England decided to try his luck at Real….

  38. Champagne charlie


    Got it mate, loud and clear.

    Wenger gets 71 points then 75 the next season = no progress

    Emery gets more than 63 points of last season = get that man a statue, progress it is

    I can’t argue that, it’s fool proof stuff. Oh look your mate’s here to play the strength in numbers game. Did you fire up the beacon? You’ll have to wait for another devotee before the jerking begins guys, two isn’t a circle…

  39. Spudnik

    Great win today despite a meek performance. I’ll take these until the end of the season. Come on the Gunners.

  40. Guns of SF

    My worry was the ref would award Manure a pen. He was calling all touch fouls. The game was marred with fouls in the second half.
    Soft pen for Laca, but my worry was that Manure would figure him out and try the same.
    The reffing is utter shit in the last 2 games. EPL needs to really review their standards of these reffing teams and penalize them or keep training them

    We do have a tough run in…. Everton Palace and Foxes will be tough to win… but we must do it.

    My worry is the hangover carrying into Thursday. We need to be firing again ready to go.

    We cannot let them score no matter what
    2-0 and its dusted

  41. Spudnik


    As per your article about Monchi, one of the things that were quite apparent is that he had to flip players at Sevilla and Roma for financial reasons. If he comes to Arsenal, he won’t need to do that. That will be a new test for him.

    As for him buying Nzonzi or the like at that age, I’ve no problem with that as long as it serves a purpose. Sokratis was bought to add steel, but also to mentor Mavprovnos, that I think is investment in youth by mentoring.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have on paper the easiest run in for the rest of season, because we have completed our fixtures against the other top 6 teams.

    Spurs have games away from home against Liverpool and Man City.
    Man Utd have home games against Man City and Chelsea.
    Chelsea have away games against Liverpool and Chelsea.

    Other games which may also be a factor are those against Everton who have
    to play Arsenal, Spurs, Man U and Chelsea.

    West Ham may also be a factor, because they play Spurs, Man U and Chelsea.
    They are a team who can on a good day cause an upset.

  43. Marko

    Wenger gets 71 points then 75 the next season = no progress

    20 years in the job with no league challenge in 14 seasons you got it.

    Emery gets more than 63 points of last season = get that man a statue, progress it is

    No one’s saying statue but yes progress is being made. You continue to either not get it or refuse to accept it either way couldn’t care less about it mate.

    You’ll have to wait for another devotee before the jerking begins guys, two isn’t a circle…

    Good one mate very good you’re just upset that the xenophobe hasn’t been allowed back on and the racist is off to sleep so you have no one to lap up your insightful commentary. Don’t worry there’s a brexit vote Tuesday maybe they’ll be around then to talk about the Spanish or whatever

  44. NW 9 gooner

    CC why are you so dogmatic. If as you say a 3 point improvement was good then what about a 12 point swing.

  45. Pierre

    Words on a blog
    Better tactical variety/flexibility? Yes
    Better in-game management? Yes”

    Did you say that after we lost to Bate and Rennes ?…

  46. NW 9 gooner

    Xhaka has a very good game but such games are far in between. He is a good player but we need a player who will break lines going forward. He does it yes with his penchant for those long passes but it does not take opposing players out of the game. We need someone who runs through the defence –

  47. Words on a Blog


    Did I say it after Rennes and BATE?

    No, obvs, coz Emery got his tactics badly wrong on those two (and other) occasions.

    But over the course of season, there are definite signs of progress on tactical flexibility/variety and in-game management

  48. NW 9 gooner

    Pierre- yes he made mistakes-so what. We win against Rennes and make it up. Win the next three games in EL and we would have matched last season and we would still be plenty of points ahead of last season. I am a big fan of AW , can anyone match his invincible season? I don’t think so- but we have to go forward now. UE may not be the man to take us to our goal but he is an important cog in the project now

  49. Moe

    Everton, Watford, Leicester, Burnley: 2 wins and 2 draws and we home dry……….In Emery we trust. That’s absolutely doable.

  50. Nelson

    Josh Kroenke attended a fan forum in London today. He said that they want silverware – but success had to be achieved by respecting the traditional values of the club.
    I don’t know why no one asks him about the finance of the club and how much money is available for transfer this Summer. Josh is expected to stay and watch the Thursday’s game.

  51. rollen

    ”Bottom line, bettering our embarrassing points total of last season isn’t the measure of quality. It’s a weak and simplistic crutch for pro-Emery fans to raise and claim “progress”.

    Just stopping the rot of Wenger massive 10year fuckup is great achievement.
    Arsene would not make 55 point this season.
    Most here have no clue how hard is to change club culture. On top of that there is many 1st team players on the wrong side of 30 declining very rapidly. But sure 70M should fix that.

  52. Champagne charlie


    That’s not what I say mate, that’s what I’m showing Marko he’s saying. Except he’s happy to augment the parameters of progress when his same logic is applied to Wenger. Nothing dogmatic about it, I’m mocking the unrelenting defence on Emery.

    Have a good night anyway, I’m off, up early to carve wood and that.

  53. Marko

    but success had to be achieved by respecting the traditional values of the club

    Basically saying don’t blame us blame the tight fisted brits before us

  54. Marko

    I’m mocking the unrelenting defence on Emery.

    Good one. Tell me again why we signed Gervinho and not Hazard. Been a few weeks since you last made an excuse for that blunder

  55. bennydevito

    They said at the start of the match it was 12 points at that point, so the victory equals 15 pts better off.

    That’s huge progress especially against our rivals.
    4 pts Utd
    4pts Spurs
    3pts Chelsea
    1pt Liverpool
    0pt City

    Not amazing, but top 2 aside we’re actually good enough to finish 3rd. I’m not saying we will, but with only 8 games to go surely we can see this through 1 game at a time and get at least 4th, and I trust Emery to get us there.

    This is exciting, I called 3 nil and it could have been had Lacazette finished that chance. We were extremely lucky though not to lose by 3 or 4 but I knew their luck was due to run out and had a good feeling we could do it.

    We need to get through against Rennes but we’ve now got 3 weeks to get ready for Newcastle at home. That rest coupled with utd playing twice in a week in the league, Watford home Wolves away plus FA Cup, has got to give us the edge over them now. As far as I’m concerned we’ll finish above Utd now and I fancy us to finish above Spurs.

    It will be us or Chelsea in 3rd. I’m saying us.

  56. bennydevito

    Champagne Charlie,

    I find it incredible how instead of posting positive posts about the match and being 4th etc, you spend all night arguing and attacking posters positivity about Emery like some hateful stalker. You’re absolutely seething that we’ve won and so bitter about Emery, it’s unbelievable.

    “Are you not entertained?!”

  57. Guns of sf

    Benny I like your optimism but this loss might spark United
    They have more tough games

    We need results against these dangerous mid table teams

    They can be such spoilers

    It’s all about mentality and preparation with all games henceforth

  58. Guns of sf

    With mikki today we might have got that third goal. He adds more energy and pressing than ozil
    Ozil did not fuck up which is good but we praise him like he did a good job. To me he didn’t do anything remarkable or create much

    Suarez came on late and tried. I see him being an energy sub late on in games versus around 60 mins

    If we make top 4 I can see us buying him no if not

  59. bennydevito

    I found Ozil incredibly frustrating again. Too slow to move the ball on, one or two too many touches and always opts to pass when a,quick shot is on.

    Frustrating because his last two appearances he kept passing the ball on too quickly, like he was scared of the ball like it was a grenade with the pin out about to explode.

    Thing is, it isn’t just Ozil who’s been back in the side coinciding with out upturn in form, Sokratis, Monreal, Kos, MK and Ramsey have come back in at the same time too and I think they, more than Ozil, are the reason for our improvement.

    Long may it continue.

    Tomorrow is going to be a good Monday and a great start to the week.

  60. gonsterous

    don’t get why people are saying we shouldn’t compare this season’s points to last season’s, how else are we going to see if emery has improved the squad ? It’s his first season, every manager in their first season gets compared to the last of the last manager. Should we compare OGS points tally against Ferguson or Mou ? Should we compare this season to our invincibles? or should we just compare our points tally to city’s ? Funny how the at the end of the season its the position and points that matter and not how it was achieved.

  61. Tony

    Great win yesterday although United didn’t play well and we got lucky with the penalty count evening itself out.

    Some very good performances from AMN, Ramsey and Leno and most of the team were a 7 or above performance wise.

    I was was part of the we-won’t-beat-United collective here so found the win even more enjoyable.

    Thought Suarez showed some good skills and acceleration driving the ball forward to further his profile with us. There were glimpses in his last showing and probably much more to come.

    Thought Ozil was average on the ball – no slide rule passes, assists or goals/shots but he didn’t lose the ball too often and put our midfield under pressure.

    What to say about Emery?

    He got it right for yesterday’s game with his selection, tactics and subs.

    Emery’s problem is his consistency, but he gets yet another reprieve from me for now and we’ll see if he can turn our away form round.

    With the events unfolding the way they are for the 3rd/4th spots’ race where the Spuds and Chelsea dropped points, Emery has a relatively easy job to attain CL football for next season.

    All the remaining matches are very much winnable being against mid or lower table sides but it will depends more on Emery changing the players’ away game mindset to mirroring our home game mindset.

    Personally I think our away form will undo our CL football aspirations.

    I would very much like to be wrong, but we would need to to do some serious rebuilding over the summer if we did manage to claim 3rd or 4th spot or we’ll just endure more CL humiliation the same as Wenger gave us.

    I still want Overmars over Monchi and will stay neutral about Emery until the end of the season & TW window.

    Neville and Carragher are very much echoing my thinking for all of this season with their DM comments this morning that only agenda driven posters here will disagree with:

    “‘I actually think Arsenal’s set of players in the worst in the top six. If you see where teams should finish judged on their squad I’d say they should finish sixth and at this moment they’re fourth,’ said the former Liverpool man on Sky Sports. ‘I think that shows the job he’s doing and that’s the change here in the stadium.’

    Carragher went on to draw comparisons between the current set-up and the reign of former boss Arsene Wenger, who he believes could not conjure the same atmosphere from the fans at the Emirates.

    ‘The team he wants is a more intensive team than the one we saw under Arsene Wenger. Even under Wenger you never really got the stadium like that. There’s an intensity about it. Coming here in the last four years I haven’t really seen that.’

    Fellow pundit Neville was also in agreement, sharing a similar opinion that Emery is operating above what is to be expected, given the tools he has been equipped with.

    He said of Emery: ‘He’s working with a squad that’s limited, in the sense that you’re thinking it should be finishing sixth in the league, but he’s doing brilliantly with it.'”

    Now we’ll have to wait to see if Emery can get past Rennes this week.

    Which Emery are we going to see?

    The tactician making the right selections and subs or the over thinking lost-the-plot Emery we saw against Rennes and too often this season with his bizarre team selections and game management.

    Still if we don’t know, the opposing teams and their managers won’t have a clue either.

    The Arsenal & Emery inconsistent roller coaster thunders on.

  62. China1

    Good result after the shite that was Rennes

    Knock them out on Thursday night and this will have been a very solid couple of weeks (4 points against spurs and Utd, with spurs and Chelsea both dropping more points in that time), Utd dropping points, us into 4th and through in the EL

    After the spurs draw and the Rennes debacle it looked like we might completely implode but let’s get a big result this Thursday and the overall outcome of the two weeks will be very good indeed

  63. Guns of sf


    It’s those mid table teams that can wreck momentum and our season

    No losses and a minimum of draws is the way – manure or Chelsea are capable of putting together a strong run too

    I think we will catch 4th just barely
    Goal difference will come into play

  64. China1

    As has been said, we have probably the 6th best squad and we’re coming off the back of a shocking season

    If we get 4th and nothing else, the season will be progress if not spectacular

    If we get 15+ points more than last season it will be progress in terms of consistency

    If we win the EL, it will be progress and a job well done

    If we get 3rd + 15+ points over last season it would be a pretty major improvement

    If we got 3rd and won the EL it would be a fantastic achievement

    I don’t know where we’ll be come the end but it’s on the table. It up to emery and the players to make it happen now

  65. Guns of sf


    We need to bury Rennes fast
    Palace Everton and foxes can make it hard for us
    Don’t we play Watford?

    It will not be easy on the road

  66. China1

    If we do a number on Rennes this week it will hopefully light a rocket under us towards the business end of the season

    Confidence and momentum is 50% of the game. Get this result and we’re flying going into the next match

  67. Guns of SF

    Rennes will look to score fast and first. We need to be the ones putting them on the back heel.
    I like our set up today and against spurs
    Ideally it would be no Ozil and add Mikki
    Not sure what is wrong with Miikki

  68. China1

    Yeah I think what matters is our early intensity

    We’ve demonstrated in recent weeks that when we start fast we over run teams early. This is just the ticket to exploit early match nerves, get on the front foot and build early momentum

    Those away games are all banana skins but we won them in the early season whilst playing relatively poorly and with less clarity about what we’re doing than now

    I don’t expect any easy remaining games, but one thing is true is that in the last month the club finally seems to understand what it’s trying to do a bit better.

    There will be dropped points between now and the end of the season but I do think we will end the season as a better team than we started it – and we won a bunch of games at the start, so we can do it

  69. gonsterous


    I remember the ade single goal game and the Henry and RVP come back wins, other than that I struggle to remember winning utd in the past decade.

  70. China1

    Also I pray that we will not see much more of mustafi

    Kos is proving me wrong because when he first came back into the team he was playing like a 40 year old, but he’s now having a positive impact alongside sok. With monreal there you feel like we have 3 fit defenders who can play.

    I really dislike AMN tho.

    He’s so careless and casual. I would forgive his DGAF body language if he was playing consistently well or was a super star with nothing to prove, but he’s neither of those.

    He gives the ball away really carelessly regularly when he had easy options available. It seems like in his mind he is ozil thinking about his World Cup winners medal and being besties with CR7 when in reality he’s closer to being an Eboue

    Kid needs to start concentrating and add some urgency sharpish

  71. Mics_

    The decision to let Ramsey go for free
    keeps looking worse and worse as the season goes on. He’s been at his best recently, with mature, disciplined performances. He leaves it all out on the pitch, as well, plays his heart out. What will it cost us on the open market to bring in a replacement of similar quality? Surely it’ll cost more than his contract would have been. Leaving the ‘legend’ debate aside, he’s unquestionably a true Gunner, committed to the team and playing his heart out till the very end.

    So is Monchi for sure who we’re bringing in? No chance of us swiping Overmars from Ajax? He’s clearly got an eye for your talent and has really helped Ajax to rebuild, especially with their academy. And it would be nice to poach some Dutch youngsters.

  72. Guns of SF


    I remember the Ade sliding goal…. but was not sure if that was really it or not.
    Sounds like it was…. its been ages since we beat them. I hate them and today I told my son, this is the first time we beat them since he was born. ( he is 8)
    Anyway…. I found this website and it looks we beat them a few times since Ades goal
    Not sure if these are pre season or some cup game

  73. Guns of SF


    Im not been impressed with AMN either. his lackadasical style and emotionaless face reminds me a little of Ozil.
    Today, I thought he played well. In fact, if we go 3 in the back. I like the idea of him or Mikki on that side as part of the 5 man midfield.
    Today he stopped the cocky asshole Martial everytime… he attacked that side.
    He took a hard knock and shook it off. Needs to strenghten up and he can be an asset back there in the future…..

  74. Guns of SF

    How on earth Kos still walks after every game is beyond me. The dude takes a beating literally every game, and I cringe everytime, as those kicks knocks are for real. If Kos is on the ground hurt, that means he really is hurt and someone like you or I would be getting stretchered off most likely

    I always liked Kos…. the younger Kos was awesome… fast and rash, but mostly a great defender.

    If he leaves, Ill always remember him fondly…
    He does need to go though…. not sure his body can keep taking this type of abuse

  75. Guns of SF

    I think Kos must have looked at AMN when he went down, and simply showed the 3 inch gash with a look that said ” son if I can play with this, get your ass up!!!!”

  76. Nelson

    China1 “I really dislike AMN tho”

    Me, I like AMN. He is fast and has a way of stopping the ball from the opponent without faulting him. He is also young. He hasn’t got much playing time up to now. But he should specialize in one position. He was very good in the second half today and stopped Manure’s attack on that side. He has the physical attribute to become a good player.

  77. Guns of SF


    AMN played much more physical today than in the past. He literally would stand in front of the attacker-taking the hit so they lose the ball.
    He was quick enough to keep up with Martial and pushed forward when he could BUT not TOO forward unlike Licht or Bell….
    We needed him to stay back more and he did that for the most part

  78. Tony

    I agree those clubs can derail us but ………….They shouldn’t for many reasons.

    Of our remaining fixtures only Burnley really have something to play for; PL survival.

  79. Guns of SF

    Tony just like Rennes shouldn’t have bothered us much either… but they did.
    Its all about how one goes into the game. The mindset that Emery should give the team is that we are fighting to not be regulated! That is the type of take no prisoners attitude we need with each game from now on
    We underestimated Rennes- I feel the players had one eye on the Manure game and lost focus in that match… then the red card and it was over
    No more…. this is crunch time

  80. Tony

    Agreed each game is a cup final for us.

    Keep Mustafi on the bench and play Mikhi instead of Ozil if Mikhi recovers from his injury.

    After the last 2 showings Suarez should have more game time and maybe a start against Newcastle.

    I’d like to see Eddie get more game time, too and keep AMN at RB.

  81. Tony

    Suarez has something about him, he works hard defensively being more aggressive than Ozil as we witnessed yesterday when he came on.

    Would be good to see exactly what Suarez has to offer and if he is a good addition to our creative hub of players.

  82. Guns of SF


    I did like how Emery put on these young guys as our subs..
    Suarez Eddie and Iwobi
    All fast and with energy to push the ball back into the attacking third
    Nice to see the first 2 get a chance….
    Suarez kept hold of the ball and Eddie did some hard pressing… not enough time on the field but still…

  83. Guns of SF

    We will need Guen in the run in… but today the team seemed much more disciplined in the middle of the park. Might be a coincidence but Xhaka played well with Rambo keeping his positional discipline … might be something to consider as some pointed out earlier today

  84. Moray

    “Josh is expected to stay and watch the Thursday’s game.”

    That’s good of him! Who said he wasn’t interested?

  85. Leftsidesanch

    We last beat United 3-0 in the league at home, 2015.

    The Ade goal at OT was our last away victory. I’m sure that was in 2006.

  86. JDavey

    People on here criticising emery, think about this, none of us really expected to make top four this season! Yet we are in a great position to do it, if he does it I’d say it’s a successful first season (as successful as you can be without winning anything), from where le prof left us.

    We wasn’t competing in big games before, take the United and spurs games. We’ve come away from them games with 8 points, and we were unlucky not to get 10 or even 12. THIS SHOWS IMPROVEMENT.

  87. Graham62

    I’d play the same team against Rennes, minus Sokratis and Lacazette of course.

    Mustafi is a liability but play him in the centre. AMN out wide.

    Auba will be on fire on Thursday.

    He has to be.

  88. Graham62


    AMN just needs game time. His 0-60 speed is exceptional, as was proven when getting back to tackle yesterday.

    Yes, needs to be mentally tougher but I like him.

  89. Graham62

    I’m still very much on the fence regarding Emery.

    However, based on what he inherited and the internal pressure of dealing with so many incompetents, if we manage to secure top 4 it would be a fudging miracle.

  90. Leedsgunner

    As morale boosting the win was yesterday it is worthless if we’re going to drop points to the likes of Leicester. We need to approach each game now with the same type of mentality and intensity.

  91. qna

    AMN doesnt have enough technical ability. He showed that he can tackle well and has the speed to close down very well. But he also turned over the ball a number of times. He might be ok as squad depth for situations like now, but he will never be a guy who we could go into a season as a first choice player.

    We have 8 home grown squad positions to fill and right now he is comfortably one of them. But as we improve our squad, including our home grown players, he wont be good enough.

  92. Sanmi

    Guns of sf,
    I’m pretty sure we defeated man utd about 3 seasons ago under mou. 2-0. Xhaka scored a worldie and welbeck sealed it

  93. Sanmi

    In the last 3 or 4 seasons, we seem to get the better of man utd and chelsea. Liverpool has morphed to take their place and become torn in our flesh.
    Man utd, Chelsea and spurs all have 2 games where they are going to drop points. Can we not drop points for more than 2 games? If we can, then we are shoe in for top 4.
    So I say, against wolves and one more team, we are permitted to drop points.

  94. Sanmi

    Spurs play man city and pool.
    Man utd play city and chelsea
    Chelsea play pool and man utd.
    Arsenal play wolves and Leicester

    Note: man utd still yet to play wolves as well. Chelsea Leicester also.

  95. Emiratesstroller


    I was at the game yesterday.

    1. Ozil played okay. He is no longer at his best but what he does offer is “ball control” and “accurate passing”. Yesterday I thought that he worked quite hard for the team around the pitch.

    2.Maitland-Niles struggled for about 50-60 minutes, but in the last half hour
    following a goal saving tackle he did improve. Interestingly Sokratis gave him
    a pat on the back after that tackle, which I thought was a nice gesture.

    3. Whatever the pundits opinion of our so-called luck in this game the fact is
    that Man Utd were lucky to come out of the game at Old Trafford with a draw
    as was the case in the game against Spurs. So “luck evens out during the season”.

    4. Arsenal do have some potentially problem games particularly since we have
    five away games. We know that our away form is not great. Nevertheless we
    are now in the driving seat with Spurs, Chelsea and Man Utd all having tough
    games against each other and/or Man City and Liverpool.

    Providing that we play our remaining EPL fixtures in similar fashion to our games against Spain and Man Utd I do think that the odds now favour us to
    finish in top 4 and hopefully in third place. Ideally we do not want to have a
    pre season qualifier.

  96. Sanmi

    The reason most are negative on here is because that’s how they can cope with pressure. They go in half expecting the negative result so it doesn’t shock them into coma when it happens, and if the positive happens then all well and good.
    It’s a win-win for them. That’s how pessimists are made

  97. Sanmi

    We have lost 5 away games:
    Man city, chelsea, pool, Southampton, westham.

    We were dire @ westham, Southampton too, but we deserved a draw there, Leno dropped a clanger. The other 3 were a given. You can say our away form is bad considering the other top 6 haven’t played atleast 2.of those.

  98. Leedsgunner

    I was brought up not to revel in the misfortune of others but I cannot tell a lie, it was brilliant this morning at the gym to have all the Manchester United fans avoid me.

    😂 😂 😂

  99. Pedro

    To Sal’s point, the mob mentality needs to calm down on Valentin. He argues in a measured and smart way. Treat him with the same respect.