Is OGS having a more profound impact on the world than Jesus?

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Oh my, I don’t quite know what to do with myself… Thomas, we were, you know, a thing…

What the bloody hell did you do to me last night? In front of the whole bloody world.


Now the Emery Ultras are saying mean things like…

‘Thomas Tuchel has very mild levels of sauce, like, ‘Doritos’ levels of spice’

‘Emery’s Champions League loss was BETTER than Tuchel’s, fucktard’

‘You backed a manager with a weak hairline. That weak hairline is your opinion’

Upsetting words, I’m sure you’ll agree.

PSG really tanked. It’s going to be hard to explain that one away to the bosses in Paris. United didn’t field a good side, they played like shite, and they still managed to turnover an unbelievably expensive PSG side. No excuses. It was shite. Tuchel’s boys went out far too relaxed. No fire. No aggression. No respect for the CV of a man backed by Fergie, Phelan and the class of 92.

You’ve shown me up, Thomas. Sure, Pep the FRAUD exited in the round of 16 in his first season at City with a 6-6 draw, but you sir do not boast the serial sauce of the master! This is a blight. I don’t quite know how to reconcile this?


In reality, it’s fair to say Ole G channelled a big fat dollop of luck last night after his teams nothing burger performance managed to extract an away win in Paris. It was never a penalty, VAR was a total shambles, but that’s beside the point. United weren’t that good, but they won’t care as they sail on through to the next round of the Champions League. They shithoused Paris. If that were an Italian club we’d all be celebrating a masterful execution that ‘only the Italian’s know how to pull off.’

My main worry isn’t the broken rep of Thomas T, no, it’s what we do on Sunday and how last night impacts the race for #Top4 supremacy.

The real prize of the game is a few fold.

Firstly, United will have exerted a lot of energy chasing after PSG all night. It doesn’t matter how smart your High-Performance backroom team is, it’s going to be tough to recover to peak levels by Sunday.

Secondly, United must continue their little adventure in Europe. That’s two tough legs against a no doubt very good team.

All these little advantages could add up for Arsenal. I’d be very surprised if Rennes make us work hard tomorrow night. They have some good players, but we should dominate them. We should beat them early. We should be able to do it with a fairly second string-ish team. I’m hoping their extended time off (last played Feb 27th) works against them (just like it worked against BATE, lolololol). But we’ll see…

Thirdly, it means United HAVE to sign up Ole G. It makes sense, he’s brought back a bit of buzz to Salford, the fans love him, he conducts himself well in the media and he’s brought the old team back together AND Fergie has been working some magic from a mentorship perspective behind the scenes. It’s the perfect storm.

People keep saying it’ll come unpicked at some point, but I think that’s more hope than anything else. The man knows the club, lives its values and he has enough respect from the world of football to work with top players. I’d prefer him in the role than Poch or Jardim… but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions that this is a flash in the pan. There’s far more to setting up a club than simply having a good manager. OGS understood that well and all I can do is applaud the output.

Finally, United rode their luck SO hard last night. That’s going to come crashing down at some point. So fingers crossed Emery is the man to deal that blow to their season. Bit of a shit point, but fuck it, why not?

SO, all in all… it’s been another good week.

Arsenal have to work their way through Rennes tomorrow, avoiding injuries and tight hamstrings… then we’re betting it all on a Sunday afternoon massacre. We have to be careful of the counter-attack, we have to play aggressively and make their tired legs an advantage, and we have to work our way around the CORRUPT FERGIE MAFIA THAT HAS NO DOUBT BEEN IN CONTACT WITH THE OFFICIALS.

Should be fun.

See you in the comments, I’m just going outside for a little walk… no… seriously, I’m ok. x

P.S. I looked up and saw Roma lost in the last 16. Face back down in the puddle.

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  1. useroz

    What a fucking mess

    Guedouzi nor Ramsey bothered to track Sarr who ran half the pitch to score with a bullet header.

    Fucking self inflicted.

  2. DUIFG

    Can anyone tell me what Guendouzi’s assignment is defensively???

    Dale. Its a fucking mystery what he’s been told to do

  3. Nelson

    Even before the game, I knew Monreal will have a hard time to cover Saar. But why don’t we park the bus. Why do we give up this counter attack??

  4. Danny

    If we’re honest to ourselves, we all knew we’d never win this cup anyway, might as well try to get something out of the final 9 league games and start again next season, maybe with a different manager.

  5. Paulinho

    This was always going to happen with the stupid sending off. A raucous Rugby town with one of the best atmospheres in Europe.

    We are very good until the sending off and playing well. Should’ve been 3-0 up if not for poor finishing.

  6. Receding Hairline

    Don’t see what tonight has to do with Tuchel blowing a two goal lead from old Trafford to Man united reserves.

    We had this game under control and should have been at least two up before our supposedly best defender decided he was done for the night.

    The manager also pulled off the wrong player to compensate

  7. Champagne charlie

    This is us playing it tight under Emery, let that sink in. Down a man and keeping it secure lol

    Only United at the weekend.

  8. Gazzap

    It’s not just tactics that are a mess – the players haven’t played well either. too many bad touches and bad passes – silly fouls etc. emery and the players are all to blame.

  9. Leftsidesanch

    Scenes when people have come out of the woodworks to gloat when we lose. This place is odd these days.

    Emery got the sub wrong, but of course him and Ozil will be blamed as usual. Blame that big idiot Sok for putting his teammates in unnecessary bother.

  10. DUIFG

    10.plauers is difficult for sure but you can keep a semblance of shape to your game. We have folded to rennes, mour took peak barcalona 90 at the camp nou ffs.

  11. DaleDaGooner

    All subs made brought in slow moving players, no pace in Guendouzi, Ramsey or Kola, add to dumb Xhaka already in the game and where the fuck is Torreira??? He shrinks into nothing in most games.

  12. Un Battle Angel

    Don’t see what tonight has to do with Tuchel blowing a two goal lead from old Trafford to Man united reserves.


    With emery’s team no less. Team of chokers

  13. MidwestGun

    Well we might well spank them at home.. But that was pitiful. Can’t really describe it any other way. Our road form in these Europa matches is God awful.

    You can assign blame all around if you ask me.. players aren’t good enough and neither is our manager at the moment.

  14. Champagne charlie

    “This was always going to happen with the stupid sending off. A raucous Rugby town with one of the best atmospheres in Europe.“

    It’s 10th place Rennes mate, not peak Dortmund 😂

    What was it Gambon shared earlier? 10th place and +1 goal difference for the season. No excuses

  15. useroz

    Sarr scored but still ordinary.

    Guedouzi mostly at fault. Didn’t track at all.

    We had more bodies back but crowding middle of the box.

    Mikhi didn’t close down the cross at all.

    All mistakes came to fruition for Rennes.

  16. Paulinho

    Look at their second goal for fucks sake. Guy slices the shot and just stops short of the byline before he crosses and it comes off Monreal.

    Can’t compete with that sort of luck. Throw in absolute planks like Xhaka who plays like he is in the early stages of ASL then these results will happen.

  17. DaleDaGooner

    Sokratis as solid as he can be, his wrestling type of play is wank….very bone headed to get that first yellow.

  18. Receding Hairline

    Midwest he picked a strong team with our supposedly flair players and better striker leading the line. This game should have been over before the sending off …after that both he and the players lost their head.

    Aubameyang is actually a fraud of a footballer.

  19. Leftsidesanch

    Arsenal are a bunch of cretins, theyre fans are as well. So fixated on Emery that you’d want to see your team lose to prove your point.

    He’s not that special to be so fixated on him.

  20. Un Battle Angel

    User oz

    Sarr is pony
    Theo was better at the same age. Much better
    A 20 year old Theo now would be worth a bomb

  21. Thomas

    Emery is finished at this level. Shocking decision to extend his contract. Xhaka will probably still be a starter next season. Let that sink in.

  22. DUIFG

    Paulinho. It was lucky sure but they had other opportunities.

    Mikki at rb?no rambo till after the horse has bolted? Taking off our cf to invite pressure and allow. Them to squeeze up?

    It was not written like that the moment sok was sent off. You can still game. Manage properly.

  23. qna

    Emery poor tonight. Red card central defender. Monreal can play CB and RB. Should have moved him over and brought on Kolasinac and sacrificed an attacker. That’s 101 away from home.

    We were poor. Having said that, the Rennes fans were absolutely magnificent. Their team responded and people are doing them a disservice for their performance tonight.

    For me the tie is not over. 2-0 is well within our capabilities. I’m more worried about the United game though. We will have tired legs from key players. A point might be the best we can hope for and I doubt that is enough for top 4.

    Good news is Tuchel is probably available in the summer 🙂

  24. Leftsidesanch

    Cue Sunday when all the shots are going to be right at DDG where he will save them all night before we get picked off on the counter.

    You can’t create your luck when theres so many idiots in this team.

    We deserve what we get.

  25. Pedro


    What’s the excuse this week?

    The last 3 weeks, it’s been about the points, the manager improving things and everything being hunky dory. We are literally in the top 4 race.

    Are we back to ‘it’s the players’

    Rennes are 10th in Ligue 1.

  26. DaleDaGooner

    For the own goal, Guendouzi and Monreal and Xhaka raising their hands up like dumb fucks let Rennes player get a sliced cross in…Emery and his merry cunts…..wank tactics today too. Stupid yellow for PapaS

  27. DaleDaGooner

    Un Battle AngelMarch 7, 2019 19:52:02
    DaleCome on man
    That was never a sending off though. Watch it
    He never touches sarr

    I agree, but i said the 1st yellow was dumb, the second was ref being stupid…

  28. Leftsidesanch

    If Tuchel comes to Arsenal the same cretins will also turn on him. Why come to Arsenal, look at the state of the place and the fanbase?

  29. Marko

    Premature ejaculation on the ‘who did it worse’ commentary from last night.

    Don’t see the connection really. But the glee is to be expected really. Secretly hoping for that kind of result?

    We have some shocking defenders in all honesty. Nothing 10-25 million can’t address am I right. And thankfully fast

  30. MidwestGun

    That was depressing is all I know… We have a ton of work to do in the next transfer window… And to be honest.. Emery is looking more and more like an interim manager.. That’s how I see it.. I don’t have a fukin agenda other then I want us to not suck..

  31. Champagne charlie

    “Funny that the person gloating on here with a laughing emoji thinks the team should be built around Guendouzi.“

    Gloating? Not sure you know the meaning of the word. I was mocking Paulinho’s assessment of Rennes, they’re mid table in France.

    Ironic that you’re now desperate to deflect onto Guendouzi after chirping at Pedro yesterday….

    Receding hairline and premature. Great combo

  32. Dissenter

    I think the tie is over.
    That’s just my pessimism speaking. I also though Bate would knock us out.
    Rennes just have to seat back and play us on the counter and they have some pacy dribbling players.

    We can remedy it by winning on Sunday but United’s confidence is sky high and Pogba is crisp fresh because he didn’t play in Paris.
    We are going to be a Europa league team for another season.

  33. Leftsidesanch

    Don’t see the connection really. But the glee is to be expected really. Secretly hoping for that kind of result?

    I could care less for Emery, but laughing emojis, Pedro in good timing, Thomas with his usual and Vic who only shows up to wallow in negativety. Joke club and fans not much better.

  34. Leftsidesanch

    Arsenal could get a result against United at home but it doesn’t matter. There will be 8 games left. That is plenty of time for one of these error prone, braindead imbeciles to make a costly mistake.

  35. Upstate Gooner

    So let me see…

    Sokratis’ 2 yellow cards – Ozil’s fault
    Auba’s wastefulness in front of goal – Ozil’s fault
    Xhaka’s incompetence – Ozil’s fault
    Mustafi’s lack of brain – Ozil’s fault
    Emery’s shitty subs – Ozil’s fault
    And, of course Rennes’ 3rd goal – Ozil’s fault

    Yep, sounds about right.

  36. Marko

    Are we back to ‘it’s the players’

    No offence but Sarr was having Monreal for breakfast all second half and he brings on Kolasinac to help and neither were remotely interested in getting back and defending for their 3rd goal. Honest question but who’s to blame in that scenario? The manager who brings on two LB’s to address the Sarr problem? Or the two idiot LB’s who didn’t get back to defend? Ramsey saw what was happening and busted a gut to get back why couldn’t Monreal or Kolasinac? That’s right the manager

  37. Dissenter

    It’s a combination of the players and the manger.
    It’s hard to legislate for stupid 5 minutes from Sokratis. That was utter Mustafi-like buffoonery.

    Emery should have taken Ozil off and not replaced Iwobi
    Aubameyang continues to sink even further.

  38. Leftsidesanch

    They dont want whats best for shit. Pedro i can understand but the rest of them what do you have to gain?

  39. Paulinho

    “Rennes are 10th in Ligue 1.”

    Is 10th in the relegation zone now or something?

    They are seven points behind 4th place Marseille. All those teams from 4-10th are much of a muchness; much of a muchness in terms of all being a extremely proficient technically and extremely dangerous with their tails up against ten men.

    You judge Emery on matches like Spurs, not freakish matches like tonight; their biggest games in years according to the commentators, and listening to their crowd, not an exaggeration.

  40. Dissenter

    “So let me see…Sokratis’ 2 yellow cards – Ozil’s fault
    Auba’s wastefulness in front of goal – Ozil’s fault
    Xhaka’s incompetence – Ozil’s fault
    Mustafi’s lack of brain – Ozil’s fault
    Emery’s shitty subs – Ozil’s fault
    And, of course Rennes’ 3rd goal – Ozil’s faultYep, sounds about right.

    You realize that Ozil is actually employed to play football, RIGHT?
    It amazes me that you think the manager isn’t exempt from blame but Ozil is.
    350k weekly for someone to put a few passes together sounds just right.

    The way you all keep lowering the bar for Ozil is laughable, very soon he will be world class for just bothering to fill his lungs with air.

  41. GoonGoonerGone

    “No champions league again for arsenal next season . Effing depressing”

    Why the obsession with Champions League when Arsenal can’t do the basics against Europa League teams?
    Let’s just admit Arsenal are a shit show. Been like that for a long time under Wenger and Emery seems to have that same DNA as Wengersauraus.
    Seems like another last 16 exit on the horizon. What’s new?
    So long as Kroenke is the owner don’t expect Arsenal to be a top four team any time soon.
    Arsenal beat Utd on Sunday with this defence? You must be having a laugh, mate!

  42. Pedro

    GoonGoonerGone, you’d kind of hope if Wenger can make a final and semi, Emery might offer a little more.

  43. Champagne charlie


    Are you serious? Mid-table in France and we’ve just been dicked. There’s no excuse for that.

    That’s us 2 wins in our last 10 away from home. It’s not a Rennes thing, it’s a fucking Arsenal thing.

  44. Caligooner

    You can rely on Arsenal to kick you in the face the moment you start to feel any positive feelings about outcomes.

  45. Paulinho

    Guendouzi was shocking sub though. Any team built around him in the future would be of the sand castle variety.

  46. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    What a sack of shit that was. Are we going to see the same gif’s being used for tomorrow’s post I wonder ?

  47. Leftsidesanch

    Keown ever the optimist on BT. We have too many unprofessional players who make needless mistakes too frequently to mount a real meaningful assault at the top end of football.

    Two away wins in our last 10 away games is fucking shocking.

  48. John T.

    This has been a BAD team for a long while. Until major changes are made with this team it will continue to be a BAD team. Is Ozil worth the money being spent on him, NO. Has this defense improved any this year, NO. Is it time for Emery to be replaced, who the Hell knows. Can’t be overly critical of the guy as the team he inherited was pure crap. If Kronkey the Donkey doesn’t put a substantial amount of money into the next transfer window, this team will be BAD for many years.

  49. Pedro

    Marko, no glee sir.

    Just mildly amusing you all jumped into Tuchel so quickly when we have Emery at the helm.

    Still think we’ll do them in the return leg. Rennes aren’t that good. Just worried what a first team against Rennes does for Sunday after a loss.

  50. Dissenter

    We still do not have a coherent plan.

    The renewal of Monreal’s contract proved that.
    Everyone can see he’s not he same player but yet we keep on keeping on.
    Just shameful because all the Wenger-era lazy contract renewals are still being done.

  51. JDavey

    Well that was fucking shite, have no idea to see out games when things go wrong. Same old nativity with us, at 2-1 you’d still fancy us but they’re flooding players forward and we get done again.

    We’ll concede at home so don’t fancy us, especially without laca, we’re shite without him play a completely different game.

    If we don’t beat united it’s all looking very bleak again

  52. Leftsidesanch

    Emery’s talking about the Ozil chance at 2-1, typical Ozil in a pressure situation. Ozil wasn’t the reason we bloody lost this game today.

  53. Paulinho

    Pedro – It’s hysterical nonsense, just like it was after Bate. Unfortunately hysterical nonsense is becoming increasingly common by those revelling in the critique shackles being taken off now Uncle Arsene is gone.

  54. Dissenter

    I meant to say one year contract extension for Monreal
    That’s just the path of least resistance, the lazy route

  55. Leftsidesanch

    I think we’ll beat Rennes as well at the Emirates, we’ll take our chances at home but that’s not the point.

    You can’t keep giving away advantages to these sides.

  56. David Smith

    Really hope Emery isn’t taking on Auba now, in his latest anti big star statement, we are fecked if he is .

  57. vickingz

    He knows how to win europa, he knows how to win europa,, if truly he does, he should have known that at 1:2, he only needed to do some sorta damage control. This has been the pattern we get evicted from European cup. Emery out

  58. Un Battle Angel

    Its glee when we point out how shit the new manager is???

    Talk about deflecting!!!
    Emery is dog turd.
    I’ve seen wenger win games against far better teams with 10 men
    Shit we held Barça to 1-0 for longer than this with senderos eboue flamini at left back and almunia in goal


  59. Samesong

    Honesty we play like that we don’t deserve top 4.

    CL that would be an embarrassment of epic proportions.

    I missed the start of the game but my mate cheered me up sending me a video of him getting the fans going singing we hate tottenham.

  60. Nelson

    I have to say that we should have parked the bus with 10 men. We could have prevented the 2nd and 3rd goal. Brought in Guen to defend was a mistake. Physically, he is as weak as Ozil. Elneny should have been there. Auba was so shit the whole game, he should have been subbed out much early. Torr played too high up in the first half. He could have prevented PapaSok’s second yellow.

    Europe Cup referee seems to favor the home team. We still have a chance at home.

    Now that we lost the game, we’ll be playing more defensively against Manure.

  61. JDavey

    Makes it worse that none of the favourites in the earlier game won their first legs, could really open up in the quarters.

  62. Dissenter

    Thunder doesn’t strike twice.
    We won’t beat Rennes.
    They will seat back and soak up pressure and catch us on the break…then we will have to score three unreplied goals to just take it to extra time.

  63. Pedro

    Paulinho, that’s in part true… true Wenger believers are experiencing an opinion for the first time, no doubt.

    … do you believe Emery is going to course correct Arsenal?

  64. GoonGoonerGone

    “GoonGoonerGone, you’d kind of hope if Wenger can make a final and semi, Emery might offer a little more.”
    Ah Pedro, I hardly post nowadays because when it comes to Arsenal I don’t do hope anymore (and I have supported them since 1971).
    I couldn’t stand Wenger’s smug face, his diabolical lies and misinformation and his latter years and I must say Emery was quite an underwhelming signing when he became our coach.
    Wenger was hopeless at defence and Emery is just as bad.
    A coach who can’t do defence, in my humble opinion, is not worthy of being a coach.
    Unfortunately, there is no evidence thus far that Emery has it in him.
    So hope turned to hopelessness and then despair.
    I don’t need to watch professional comedy anymore; I just watch Arsenal and people like Mustaphi, Xhaka, Ozil and company.
    You know, there used to be a real team at Highbury once.
    Wenger and his narcissism destroyed it all.

  65. TR7

    No top 4
    No style
    No mental strength
    No defensive discipline
    Poor team selection and substitutions
    Little tactical nous
    Embarrassing losses

    The game against Spurs was an exception in which Emery got everything right and looked in command but he reverts to type in the very next game. No tightening of defense and no closing down spaces despite going a man down, poor game management once again.

    Also been saying PEA is tremendously overrated and we should get rid of him, the guy misses truckloads of chances and offers really little in general play.

  66. Kronkees wallet

    Absolutely abysmal show from the players. Aubamayang played like an off-form sanogo …he did nothing useful at all. What is this hype surrounding him? He is an average striker blessed with electric pace and that knack to score goals in and around the six yard box.. Mustafa, xhaka are very error prone…..we really have not got the players to carry out the necessary duties to bolster the defense.
    Emery cannot arrange some of these players into the unit he wants. If you’re playing mustafi in any match, you must be scraping the barrel…..

  67. Dissenter

    Our squad is what it is, Emery can do anything to change anything.
    I’m not even sure Sanllehi has the skill set with this stupid extension of Monreal’s contract.
    We have a 55 million striker who can’t do anything else tap-ins and a 350k weekly salaried employee who can’t hit the ball from 6 yards with pace.
    We deserve to spend time in the Europa league wilderness until all the bad actors fu*k off to wherever.

    I hope Europa league is beneath Aubameyang and Ozil. Hope they seek transfers away from the club to play CL elsewhere. Can’t wait to be rid of expensive baggage

  68. Upstate Gooner

    I knew you were gonna bite, Dissenter. So let me re-phrase it for you: Do you actually think Ozil is to blame for today’s loss? Forget his wages for a second, and answer this question as honestly and objectively as you can.

  69. Tonga

    we have consistently been utter shit every time we go a man down. other decent teams go a man down and still manage to maintain some semblance of rhythm. its like the only training we do with a man down is all out panic defending.
    not just rennes today, any struggling team immediately starts dominating us as soon as we get a red card.

  70. JDavey

    We’re such a strange side, feel like we’re getting somewhere then something goes badly wrong.

    What is wrong with us, haven’t got a bad group of players and whether you think Emery is right for us or not, he is an accomplished coach. So dissapointing time and time again.

  71. Upstate Gooner

    Paul Mc Daid March 7, 2019 20:11:44
    What does Steve Bould do again ?

    I’ve been asking the same question for years now.

  72. Receding Hairline

    Every player on the pitch today is to blame end of

    And if Arsenal are so obsessed with top four and champions league how about spending some money to build a squad that can actually get there and be relevant there rather than hoping some special sauce is sprinkled on crap players

  73. Pierre

    We had the game under control until the red card.

    I believe that the Arsenal defenders thought we still had Anthony Taylor as the ref.

    Sokratis and Mustafi thought they could steam into the opposition with no consequence as per the Tottenham game, but this referee played by a different set of rules ……The right rules I hasten to add.

    There was no need for any of our defenders to dive in, the game was in our control,we just had to play intelligently at the back .

    However , when Sokratis was sent off our manager had a nightmare.

    There is no defending his decisions and his tactics after the sending off.
    It must always be 2 banks of 4 with one up top …The team drops off and defends from the edge of the area to save energy and try and hit on the break but not to over commit.

    But what did Emery do , put one of our offensive players at full back and at the start of the 2nd half Torreira looked like he was asked to play further forward …this left massive holes and gaps all over the field which meant conceding chances was inevitable.
    If Mavropanos was in the Europa squad ,he could have come on for Sokratis allowing mustafi to stay at full back or we could have reverted to wing backs .

    And as for having 5 players up by the corner flag for the 3rd goal …unbelievable.

  74. JDavey

    No one played well by any means, but monreal, aubameyang, ozil and guendouzi when he came on were all fucking terrible.

    Monreal never shuts the cross always gives the winger too much time on the ball and freedom to whip it in. Geeza isn’t good enough, we need players in so many positions.

  75. Paulinho

    Pedro – He’s got as good a shot as any. I like him a lot, his intense style of management will shake off the inertia that has enveloped the club in the last decade, so give a him a couple of years to do his thing and if he doesn’t reach the levels we need, the next man will come in and reap the benefits of a lot Emery’s sweep-clean.

    I can’t think of any coach that is a cert to do better than him. Someone else might make us more palatable to the connoisseur but that only goes so far, as Sarri has found out.

  76. Pierre

    After the initial error from Sokratis in getting g sent off , do you not believe that Emery is culpable for his poor decision making or do you believe that Emery set the team up correctly with ten men on the pitch.

  77. Dissenter

    You must know that I’m chomping at the bits waiting to come roaring out.

    Ozil is not to blame for the loss

    However Ozil does nothing to help reverse situations when shit is hitting the fan.
    He’s an icing-on-the-cake player…and unfortunately there is no cake left at Arsenal. He doesn’t have any game winning ability —-and his wages do count. The entire wage bill for Rennes is 50 million Euros, Ozil’s salary pays for 42% of the Rennes squad wages.
    I hope a third season of Europa league is beneath the majesty of Ozil and he seeks a transfer to go play top level CL footie next season.

  78. azed

    Do you actually think Ozil is to blame for today’s loss?


    Sokratis and Emery get 90% of the blame.

  79. JDavey

    Agree with Pierre, emery’s decisions were absurd. Playing miki at right back for the whole second half, pushing torreira into no mans land, taking auba off and leaving Ramsey high with no one running the channels, WTF.

  80. Upstate Gooner

    “No one played well by any means, but monreal, aubameyang, ozil and guendouzi when he came on were all fucking terrible. ”

    For realz?! And Sokratis, Mustafi, and Xhaka were all fucking fantastic?!

  81. JDavey

    Having no striker on just invites pressure from Rennes, at 2-1 we’re still big favourites. Naive and pathetic.

  82. Pedro

    Paulinho, obviously no one could guarantee better. I do think we missed a trick with Jardim. I’m also not sure Emery is one for building a stronger mentality. His core flaw seems to be that he’s unable to structure a defence to perform. Was hoping for a lot more there.

  83. Upstate Gooner

    Dissenter March 7, 2019 20:29:48
    You must know that I’m chomping at the bits waiting to come roaring out.
    Ozil is not to blame for the loss.

    Thank you. That’s all I was getting at really.

  84. JDavey

    “And sokratis, mustafi and xhaka were all fucking fantastic”

    I literally said no one played at all well, LOL, specsavers.

  85. TR7


    Emery has an.intense look about him but his management is anything but intense. Or at least that’s not reflecting in any aspect of our game. We don’t turn up in so many games as was the case under Wenger. You touched upon his ability to instill a tough mentality but again most of our players still look mentally fragile.

  86. Guns of SF

    Bad loss today. The third goal was a killer.
    Need to re group for Sunday….
    Auba really struggling. I can see him get one against Manure though. Hopefully that will come early in the game and he feeds of that energy

    Other than that, another bad performance. Over confidence is a bitch

  87. Champagne charlie

    Why do Ozils wages count? You’ve offered nothing but scorn towards him for being a high earner.

    If your salary was doubled your bedside manner wouldn’t suddenly increase. It’s a ridiculous argument. All the more so when he was easily one of our better players – even if that was still average.

    There it is, the ringing Emery endorsement that’s been so clear from you. Now laying the foundations for prosperous life after Emery by suggesting it’ll be thanks to his time here come the next guy?

    Sounds like a win-win for your man. Great when he succeeds here, but also great when someone else does because of what he did. Funny that

  88. Kronkees wallet

    No manager could have done anything with the auba-loafer on the pitch….for me so many promising attacks broke down when auba gave the ball away, it put our players on the back foot. It was like playing with 10 men, then 9: when sokratis went.
    £55 million for that turbo-walcott?…. And people on here dig out iwobi?????

  89. Upstate Gooner

    Am I missing something here but what’s the reason of having AMN on the bench and starting Mustafi again at right back? And is Jenks injured? Did Emery not learn anything from the Spurs game? As for his subs – they were mind boggling to say the least. Pierre, and a few others were spot on – it’s 4-4-1 and closing the shop. Maybe he can learn a thing or two from Simeoni who actually prepared against us last season in EL by playing with 10 men in practice. Guendo, Mikhi, Torreira were like lost kids out there in the second half. No guidance, no purpose, nothing… And the 3rd goal summed up everything perfectly – zero attention to defense.

  90. Marko

    I don’t think it matters who’s the manager the defence needs sorting out and players like Xhaka Mustafi and Kolasinac need shot of. Until these brain dead cunts are canned these sort of things happen. And on Sokratis that’s what 15 million towards addressing our CB issue gets you. But not to worry just a couple more 10-25 million signings and we’ll be totally fine.

  91. Tippitappi

    the cartoon picture of the child face down in the water was in bad taste ,you obviously don’t have kids. while I’m on here I suppose, another double helping of tripe from the boys this evening against moderate at best opposition

  92. Dissenter

    If my salary was doubled, it would be because I had been doubling my output for my employers before the new contract offer. . My wages would be to keep my at that level because opportunities would abound for me.
    If shite ever hits the fan then I would be the first lamb to be sacrificed.

    That’s how it works in the real world.

  93. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I’ve said before

    Fucking give youth a chance

    Not the whole team but in places


    Deserve a go

    They the yout( got us this far.

  94. David Smith

    Correct RSPC. This club was increasingly neglected from top to bottom during the last ten years, Kroenke did nothing while Rome burned. Wenger was allowed, unchallenged, to take us back to the Stone Age
    It will take a lot more than Emery and a few signings to sort this mess out.
    A decent DOF who hangs around would be a good start, hopefully one not too close to Emery who looks dispensable to me.

  95. Dissenter

    I agree with Marko
    Monreal, Koschielny, Kolasinac, Xhaka and Mustafi all need to be gotten rid off.

    There’s no progress until that happens.

    To think we extended Monreal’s contract when it’s clear he’s 50% of the player he once was?

  96. Paulinho

    Pedro – I like Emery’s insistence in attacking and always trying to provoke. People look at his attention to detail and intensity and assume this should or will translate to a more defensive, cynical style, but it doesn’t. I think we should appreciate it for the headache it must be for the opposition to deal with rather than look at always in a negative sense.

    Ultimately, whether defensive or attacking, it comes to down to team chemistry and players believing in the manager. No one in football would peg Solsjkaer as a better defensive coach than Mourinho but United look a lot better defensively now than they did with Mourinho. If we bring in a few more players suited to Emery’s style,I think we will kick on and make the significant incremental improvements to the goals for and against column.

    Spurs away, United away, Chelsea away, Liverpool home. Emery has managed all these games a lot better than Wenger ever did in the last few years. Where Wenger excelled was games like tonight, we always seemed to beat these teams under him. Think that’s where a lot of the frustration comes from. Across the board though we are a lot better.

  97. vickingz

    Emery ain’t any different from wenger. When tor first started, he was a bull in that dm but since he scored, either he became undisciplined and started venturing forward far from his position or emery asked him to play higher up instead of playing him as a dm. Either way, it’s emery just not stamping down his foot to tell tor where to play. Emery is just full of himself who couldn’t even do a correct sub after going one man down

  98. Un Battle Angel


    Funny how you don’t think it naysayers who’s in charge now
    You did a year ago
    You walk into it every time

  99. Upstate Gooner

    “I literally said no one played at all well, LOL, specsavers.”

    It’ just that you singled out Monreal, Ozil, Auba, and Guendo whereas I think the “special praise” has to go to Sokratis, Xhaka, Mustafi, and of course not to forget our “brilliant tactician” Emery. But yes, no one exactly covered themselves in glory tonight. I get that mistakes happen, and some players can have an off day. What bugs me the most though about the game though is the third goal. I’d take 2-1 loss given the circumstances. But FFS, there were some terrible decisions made both by the manager, and the players after we went down to 10 men.

  100. JDavey

    How many of our players are actually top players, not world class but the category below? Lacazette? Auba isn’t, mesut isn’t, Koscielny isn’t the same anymore..

  101. Dissenter

    I thought Soskratis was 18 million GBP

    We could have had Fabián Balbuena for 5 million Euros and Issa Diop for 23 million Euros.

    Who was the chief scout for Westham?.. , maybe we need to bring that person in as technical director.
    The great Sven Mislintat could only go back to Dortmund and pay top dollar for their 30 year old.

  102. Champagne charlie

    “Why did we sack Wenger again Charlie?“

    For delivering the same as Emery so far… next stupid question?


    Right, and in sport it works slightly differently because of marketing and commercial aspects that tie in with the talent. That being said, what’s Ozils salary got to with his display tonight given you’ve referenced it maybe 4 times?

  103. JDavey

    I thought even though sokratis was poor and I suppose stupid, he was also a bit unfortunate, he slipped for the first booking. However the second was stupid.

  104. Paulinho

    “Now laying the foundations for prosperous life after Emery by suggesting it’ll be thanks to his time here come the next guy?”

    Yep, Charlie, the man you gave so much romantic leeway to fucked us up so much it will probably be the next guy that brings us on to ‘next level is the next is the next level’. Emery will have just just put the fire extinguisher down by that point as well, and the new guy will just have to leave the windows open for a bit to let the smoke out.