Is OGS having a more profound impact on the world than Jesus?

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Oh my, I don’t quite know what to do with myself… Thomas, we were, you know, a thing…

What the bloody hell did you do to me last night? In front of the whole bloody world.


Now the Emery Ultras are saying mean things like…

‘Thomas Tuchel has very mild levels of sauce, like, ‘Doritos’ levels of spice’

‘Emery’s Champions League loss was BETTER than Tuchel’s, fucktard’

‘You backed a manager with a weak hairline. That weak hairline is your opinion’

Upsetting words, I’m sure you’ll agree.

PSG really tanked. It’s going to be hard to explain that one away to the bosses in Paris. United didn’t field a good side, they played like shite, and they still managed to turnover an unbelievably expensive PSG side. No excuses. It was shite. Tuchel’s boys went out far too relaxed. No fire. No aggression. No respect for the CV of a man backed by Fergie, Phelan and the class of 92.

You’ve shown me up, Thomas. Sure, Pep the FRAUD exited in the round of 16 in his first season at City with a 6-6 draw, but you sir do not boast the serial sauce of the master! This is a blight. I don’t quite know how to reconcile this?


In reality, it’s fair to say Ole G channelled a big fat dollop of luck last night after his teams nothing burger performance managed to extract an away win in Paris. It was never a penalty, VAR was a total shambles, but that’s beside the point. United weren’t that good, but they won’t care as they sail on through to the next round of the Champions League. They shithoused Paris. If that were an Italian club we’d all be celebrating a masterful execution that ‘only the Italian’s know how to pull off.’

My main worry isn’t the broken rep of Thomas T, no, it’s what we do on Sunday and how last night impacts the race for #Top4 supremacy.

The real prize of the game is a few fold.

Firstly, United will have exerted a lot of energy chasing after PSG all night. It doesn’t matter how smart your High-Performance backroom team is, it’s going to be tough to recover to peak levels by Sunday.

Secondly, United must continue their little adventure in Europe. That’s two tough legs against a no doubt very good team.

All these little advantages could add up for Arsenal. I’d be very surprised if Rennes make us work hard tomorrow night. They have some good players, but we should dominate them. We should beat them early. We should be able to do it with a fairly second string-ish team. I’m hoping their extended time off (last played Feb 27th) works against them (just like it worked against BATE, lolololol). But we’ll see…

Thirdly, it means United HAVE to sign up Ole G. It makes sense, he’s brought back a bit of buzz to Salford, the fans love him, he conducts himself well in the media and he’s brought the old team back together AND Fergie has been working some magic from a mentorship perspective behind the scenes. It’s the perfect storm.

People keep saying it’ll come unpicked at some point, but I think that’s more hope than anything else. The man knows the club, lives its values and he has enough respect from the world of football to work with top players. I’d prefer him in the role than Poch or Jardim… but I wouldn’t jump to conclusions that this is a flash in the pan. There’s far more to setting up a club than simply having a good manager. OGS understood that well and all I can do is applaud the output.

Finally, United rode their luck SO hard last night. That’s going to come crashing down at some point. So fingers crossed Emery is the man to deal that blow to their season. Bit of a shit point, but fuck it, why not?

SO, all in all… it’s been another good week.

Arsenal have to work their way through Rennes tomorrow, avoiding injuries and tight hamstrings… then we’re betting it all on a Sunday afternoon massacre. We have to be careful of the counter-attack, we have to play aggressively and make their tired legs an advantage, and we have to work our way around the CORRUPT FERGIE MAFIA THAT HAS NO DOUBT BEEN IN CONTACT WITH THE OFFICIALS.

Should be fun.

See you in the comments, I’m just going outside for a little walk… no… seriously, I’m ok. x

P.S. I looked up and saw Roma lost in the last 16. Face back down in the puddle.

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  1. Dissenter

    “He opened them up on a couple of occasions and Auba has been god awful”

    Come one man. We pay Ozil to “open them up” a couple of times.
    His wages are enough to pay for half the Rennes squad

  2. vickingz

    We knew auba to be only a tap in master before we bought him, we just didn’t know he’s this useless. Can’t do a simple pass, doesn’t have shot in his legs, can’t dribble, what kinda useless player is that? He keeps letting us down week in week out

  3. Un Battle Angel

    Yeah have to say ozil has chipped in with a couple of lovely passes
    Nobody else in our side plays those balls. Just shows what he can do. If only he applied himself

  4. Un Battle Angel


    Couldn’t agree more
    Been saying it from the start.
    Marko, Bamford, I’m looking at you

  5. Dissenter

    In games like this, you have to do more than just chip a couple of passes.

    Emery has to just try to park the bus and play them on the counter.
    Hopefully we don’t melt down because we have Mustafi in the middle now.

  6. Nelson

    Torr was playing too high up. It allowed their striker ran directly at our CB.

    As for Xhaka, he had the ball in the midfield. He turned and passed the ball backwards directly to an opponent. He can make those brain dead pass.

  7. vickingz

    RH, you are completely correct. How these players became professional players sometimes seriously disturbs me. You were on a yellow, had no pace in your legs, went for an high line, u were caught out and all you could think of was to pull the player or allow the player sell you a foul? Haba, useless sokratis

  8. Champagne charlie


    His wages aren’t relevant ffs, he’s in the side to pick the lock and he’s opened them up more than once. What is he supposed to do for you? Slalom their back 5 and rabona top bins?

  9. Upstate Gooner

    Our best defender isn’t that good after all, is he? Been saying it for months that he’s better at wrestling than he is at playing football. Both him and Mustafi are extremely error prone and would love to see both of them gone in the summer. Kosci is done too. Ideally it’s Holding/Mavrapanos going forward but one is gonna be coming back from a bad injury and the other is largely inexperienced. So in reality we probably need 2 decent CB’s in addition to other positions where we are short. And Cech – you gotta trust your wall, buddy. If he hadn’t moved, he’d be saving that one.

  10. useroz

    Ozil and Auba have been shit.

    10 men still have more quality individually but not as a team.

    Guendouzi coming on…

  11. Uwot?

    Actually.where the f** k is mavroponos these days? Thought he was back from injury? AFC the masters of giving underdogs hope!

  12. Dissenter

    Unreal decision from Emery with that Iwobi substitution
    In a week where our local rivals are creating positive news …

  13. DaleDaGooner

    So many players just tooooo slow closing their players down. Like deer caught in lights with a lot of the players.

  14. Paulinho

    Ramsey should’ve come on for Guendouzi. Guendouzi can’t maraud foward without ending up on his arse every time.

  15. DaleDaGooner

    When you put slow players in the squad against fast players, why Papas and now Xhaka are resorting to cynical fouls…

  16. roaaary

    What the hell is this?!?!? It’s like football with a lag! So slow and clumsy. Its like they cant string 2 passes together.
    Is the pitch that bad????

  17. Elmo

    We can’t afford more red cards. Already Laca and Sokratis suspended for second leg. Xhaka looking like he fancies a second yellow, too.

  18. Dissenter

    Monreal is another faithful servant that’s past his due date.
    There’s a shelve life for every player, he’s past it.

  19. Champagne charlie


    Ben Arfa is different gear at ghosting past folk mate, not sure it matters who you are.

    Ffs 2-1 down… bit too early to be blowing loads about Tuchel clearly.

  20. DUIFG

    Guendouzi has been garbage. Rambo can play 2 mens roles. Shocking sub.

    Xacka has always been a shit house, can’t even barrack him for it

  21. vickingz

    Can’t be more shitty than this. Emery is a fool for bringing in guendouzi to do what exactly? Does he have pace? No. Energy? No. Can he shoot? No. Can he hold and dribble? No, so why did emery bring him in and left ramsey? What is zhaka still doing in this game? Ozil??

  22. qna

    Ramsey for Ozil now. Or even Ramsey for Auba since we don’t like being able to give him any service in this half.

  23. gambon

    Ha ha

    We really are a joke.

    EMery once again plays a full strength team when its better to play a weakended team.

    Once again we absolutely fuck it, and will also pay when we get smashed by UTD

  24. Leftsidesanch

    I dont feel no sympathy. This is what I said earlier, this is a stupid error prone team, if its true that you make your luck then this is no less than we deserve.

  25. Un Battle Angel


    Walcott at the same age was a more potent attacking threat than sarr
    Another overrated flash in the pan

  26. useroz

    Well we’d say Guendouzi turned his back and didn’t block the cross and Monreal was a victim really.

    Rubbish shot by Ozil.

  27. Dissenter

    We were doing well until Sokratis went amok.
    This has nothing to with weakened team vs stong team.
    This is one-player madness

  28. Leftsidesanch

    There was no danger at 11 man each. None whatsoever, but these unintelligent fucks conspire to do this every time.

  29. Un Battle Angel

    Torriera has fallen off a cliff too
    Same shit happened to xakha
    Great for half a season then never recovered

  30. Pierre

    I’ve come to the conclusion that our manager hasn’t got a clue ..

    Down to the men after losing a defender and he doesn’t replace him with a defender and puts Mhkitaryan at right back.

    We should have been closing the game down ….

    He is totally clueless.

  31. Jamie

    Who seriously thinks Pep could turn these fucking clowns into players? How much sauce would he have to bring with him? All the sauce ever produced.

  32. Elmo

    The only positive we can take from the night now is keeping the deficit to one and having a chance next week.

    It’s already a disaster: first XI knackered for Sunday after playing 50 mins with 10 men; first choice CB suspended to add to first choice CF.

  33. Dissenter

    Laca would have been better for this type of batten-down-the-hatches type of match…unfortunately he went amok.

  34. DUIFG

    Ozil actually had a good game, kept possession and fed attacks.

    Rambo should have been on half time.

    Havent got the start but would like to see our win percentage when guen plays a substantial part. He isn’t ready right now, emey bums him as its his signing when you have a proven top class player in rambo sitting on the bench

  35. qna

    If we can nick a goal then 2-2 away from home with 10 men would be a great result.

    Need to show something now. They haven’t put us away yet.

  36. Pierre

    We have a manager who doesn’t understand the game , we have spaces all over the pitch.

    We should be sitting back with 2 banks of 4 and try and see the game out .

    To not have mavropanos in the Europa squad has now come back to haunt arsenal .

  37. DaleDaGooner

    Just like the last round, we’ll dispatch this side at home but its not good enough.

    You will find that Ben Arfa and Rennes team are nothing like the last oppo….we need to draw this or keep it as is to have a chance. But with Auba doing fuck all in this game, we’re in trouble

  38. Jamie

    Dissenter –

    Pierre will tell you how this isn’t the kind of game Ozil should be playing in. He’s much better at home against relegation fodder.

  39. Leftsidesanch

    Dale, we weren’t under any threat in this match until Papas silly act of laziness to take an early shower.

    Fairly confident we would have saw it out and maybe added to the scoreline. Rennes only started playing once we were at a deficit.

  40. DaleDaGooner

    Ozil wasn’t a problem in this game actually, Xhaka and Aubamayang, and Torreira has disappeared.

  41. Champagne charlie


    What did Ozil do wrong in your book? Try and offer something without mentioning his wages

  42. Leftsidesanch

    Xhaka isn’t going anywhere. He’ll be 1st choice next year too when we’re putting in brainless displays in the Europa league.

  43. Samesong

    The body language of the players is disgusting hands on hips. This team isn’t going past the next round.

  44. roaaary

    Effing xhaka. He’s being made to look worse than we all knew he is. Shockingly bad reading of the game for a slow player.

    Ramsey is the only one playing with passion……and he’s off soon

  45. Gazzap

    I couldn’t believe Emery sent Monreal to the slaughter like that by taking all his protection off (iwobi). Guen came central and they suddenly had Monreal on toast time and time again. Very poor tactically from emery.

  46. Leftsidesanch

    And to think people had us up there as favs for this cup, it’s like we’re trying to ensure we don’t win it. Whats the point of even watching on Sunday?

  47. Receding Hairline

    All this wonderful players need is a manager with sauce. Monreal will go to complain to Raul about the iwobi sub and he will be assured the manager is off or something like that.

  48. DUIFG

    This must be the most bizarre set up I’ve seen for a while.

    Mikki rb
    Guem unspecified role vaguely left, hiding
    Kol wide left
    Rambo deep lying 9

    10 men but surely set the team up with the basics.

  49. Upstate Gooner

    DUIFG March 7, 2019 19:25:48
    Ozil actually had a good game, kept possession and fed attacks.

    At least someone is watching the game with their eyes opened.

  50. DaleDaGooner

    Looks like we’re ok with 2-1….we could still win the return, but my goodness, a lot of stupid red cards …Laca would have been good in this game and our better defender will be out in the return fixture.

  51. Victorious

    Emery has clearly lost us this and arguably our most important game in the season against UTD by exhausting our first team players

    He can’t do without his lovechild Guen who had no business coming on the pitch today

    Mavro should be in the Europa league squad

    AMN would do a better job than Mustafa at RB

    He doesn’t trust or give the younger players a sniff of a chance..a trace of a coach who doesn’t have a clue on how to develop players

    Nketiah couldn’t have done any worse than Auba tonight who by the way is really a shirty player

    Emery should be sent packing by the summer if he can’t secure for us a champions league berth

  52. Upstate Gooner

    DUIFG March 7, 2019 19:29:36
    Got no problem bashing ozil but he was good tonight.
    We are in this mess due to sok xhacka and emery.

    Once again, spot on.

  53. Paulinho

    Guendouzi is not doing jack shit here with his lack of pace.

    Absolutely embarrassing tracking back there.

  54. vickingz

    And some idiots will still see nothing wrong with this stupid emery of a coach. Guendouzi really did a good job coming on

  55. Marko

    Two left backs on the pitch on not one of them back to defend. Unbelievable really. That’s what we’re dealing with

  56. Chris

    I’m sure we will have another chance in this comp next year. A bit gutted cos I would genuinely love to win the EL.