Are fans becoming a little too much for the game?

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Late one today, because I gave myself a serious bout of fruit-juice poisoning yesterday. I’ve been leaving it behind radiators to make my own Hooch. Doesn’t taste like the stuff we were drinking as kids in the park let me tell you.


Firstly, would the whole of Scotland just grow the fuck up about Brendy leaving Celtic for a better life? The pathetic whimperings of the Scottish media and the English journalists who found out 23&Me that they are 0.00002% Scottish are absolutely unbelievable.

I get it, it’s really f*cking hip to make out you have a connection to a dog shit league, but come on, can anyone really blame any manager with a bit of ambition wanting to leave a country that just burgled his house because he enacted his right to take a better job? Not me. I am a really big believer in employment law.

Here’s the other thing. The romantic notion of Scottish football is a total myth. The entertainment value, the working class vibes, the lack of money… MONEY?! Are you kidding me Celtic fans? Average yearly wage at Celtic is £865k, at Rangers £466k, and at Aberdeen £138k. Celtic are possibly the most pound for pound (literally) dominant European club in their own league (I didn’t do the sums, total hyperbole). They’ve won the league every season since 2011. Other clubs have absolutely no chance. Celtic are a lightweight boxer beating on children, then romanticising the notion after an 8-year unbeaten run.

As for entertainment? Sure, I’ll give that to the SPL, the league is unpredictable… but the football is extremely poor. Even the Old Firm Derby is Championship Level (taking out the top 6 of the Championship).

Why would Brendan Rodgers want to continue in a one club league? What prestige is there in utterly dominating the most uneven playing field world football (hyperbole)? Leicester has an ambitious board, they have some great players, they have a really good setup and they’ve won the league in the last 5 years. It’s a great move.

Also, how fucking bad is the SPL when they’re crying over losing a guy who is one of the hottest memes in the game?

My second BEEF is with journalists identifying something fans have always done and lambasting it as a social ill. The latest one I’ve been reading about is blame culture in the game. Yep, there’s a select few old romantics who remember the game as it once was, devoid of passion, reasoned and balanced in critique. There was apparently a time when fans didn’t unfairly bully refs.

Are you fucking kidding? This eulogizing of yesteryear from 30 somethings is beyond embarrassing. I am a thirty-something, my first memory of football was asking my dad what a ‘wanker’ was because the whole stadium was viciously singing it at a referee. Remember, I am an Arsenal fan, a member of the Highbury Library, my entire football upbringing was spent listening to hilarious abuse from the stands. If I can remember it always being this way, no doubt every other thirty-something supporting other clubs must have witnessed it louder.

The over-analysis of football was always there, it just happened behind the scenes. The Whatsapp group used to be aggressive football chat over the phone (I’d call 5 or 6 people from work after a big game, back when it was socially acceptable to pick up the phone). Twitter was just shouting at people in bars. Transfer news was 65p a minute sent to TeamTalk. The social media didn’t make anything more intense, it just documented it and made it global.

As for blame culture in the game… it has gone on FOREVER. That is what sport is. Winners, losers and fat scapegoats sitting in the yard taking a whipping by fat fans in tight replica shirts.

Don’t even get me started on journalists getting angry at fans bantering the opposition… or being rash in their analysis.

The game is built on passion, stupid opinion and the constant back and forth dialogue about whether 27 is 28, whether pink boots are acceptable if you’re a shit player, whether Denilson shared DNA with a crab, whether Almunia really did have a thumb injury, or whether Tom Cruise and JET was the mightiest on pitch partnership that never really happened.


Football is about obsession (obvs not supporting assassinations). Slow motion replays. Disgust at BIAS refs. The Fergie referee corruption conspiracy. Wenger’s handbrake. Theirry’s light leg stroke of Jamie Carragher. Always has been, always will be.

If you find it uncouth… turn off your Twitter. No one will miss you.

Right, that’s me done, BIG LOVE x

P.S. What about the mighty Ajax last night? That’s a club with a philosophy and a plan to enact it. So many brilliant young players. Arsenal won’t be able to harvest their own youth like that in the short term, but we should be snapping up elite 17-23-year-olds and growing a team that looks similar. Also, fuck the ‘Madrid are shite’ commentary… that was Ajax being hungrier and more aggressive.

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  1. JDavey

    Sure half the players united haven’t taken or won’t play are fine now and aren’t even injured. OGS throwing in the towel and resting them for Sunday.

  2. jwl

    “I’ve been leaving it behind radiators to make my own Hooch.”

    My teeange nephew says one of his classmates got some special yeast from Germany that turns regular grape juice into wine in forty eight hours. My nephew says it tasted not awful and they making another batch soon.

    Sports seem to attract a lot of blowhard journos but I can understand Celtic fans being aggrieved because there manager suddenly left half way through season. I wouldn’t be delighted either.

  3. Words on a Blog

    The journalists are right, although not specific enough.

    Blame culture was born when LeGrove was launched and the comments section got going!

  4. Akilan

    Hello everyone. Its been a while since I posted here. Hope everyone’s doing fine.

    Sunday is going to be real nailbaiter, I reckon.

    I think Lingard, Mata and Herrera won’t be back by Sunday. So their midfield most likely comprise of Pogba, Matic, Pereira, Mctominay and Fred. Martial could be back though along with Lukaku and Rashford.

    IMO, we basically should play the same team that started at spuds with AMN in the place of Mustafi. Instead of sitting back, we should go for high octane pressing from the get go. If Martial & Matic start, they are likely to be rusty and we should exploit that. Since they don’t have Lingard & Herrera, who work hard for Pogba to play his game, they cannot their previous performances at the Emirates.

    Even if we don’t score early, we will still have Auba & Ozil from the bench. I see a Chelsea esque performance if luck goes our way. Should take the chances that we will create though.

  5. Bamford10

    Fair to say that Sunday is the most important match of the season. We need to win to even have a chance of finishing fourth, IMO. So it is imperative that Emery gets his selection right. Should he start Ozil? Should he start Ramsey? It’s hard to say, but as critical as I am of Ozil, I think I would start him on Sunday. I would also start Mkitaryan. What do people think about starting Ramsey, Mkhitaryan and Ozil? Like so:


  6. Bamford10


    “Bamford – I isn’t a must win , more like a must not lose and that is why Emery may set the team up similar to last weekend’s game.”


    “We must get a result on Sunday and I quite like Bamfords team selection.”

    What do people think? Is Sunday a must win? What’s the right XI?

  7. Marko

    I mean the only thing that works in Overmars’s favour is him saying that he went to another club that he may target De Ligt and that alone is probably enough for him to get the job. As for the great talent coming through (almost continually) Ajax I’m not sure that’s totally down to him. It’s been that way for years. Credit for Tadic Blind and Neres signings though

  8. Biggles


    Embarrassing blog today Pedro.

    To tar all Scots with the same brush as hacked off Celtic fans is a bit much. You’re from London, yeah? *looks at table* Oh, so you must be a Spurs fan then?

    Also, it’s a pity that the man’s house was broken into. But break-ins happen, especially when burglars know you aren’t home. You think the Mane’s recent break-in was actually football related? Or do you think it was just because millions of people knew where he was at the time and an opportunistic thief figured they would make the most of the chance?

  9. Marko

    It’s totally must win. They’re dropping feck all points and it’s an opportunity for us to make up 3 points and it’s at home. Definition of must win considering how tight it all is with 9 games left

  10. azed


    Playing Lich against UTD? That’s a recipe for disaster with his lack of pace.

    Lich should not even be 10km close to the stadium.

  11. Bamford10


    You’re free to do your own projections/calculations, obviously, but when I look at the remaining matches for both us and United, I see them finishing three points ahead of us if we only get a draw this weekend.

    So for me, this weekend is a must win.

  12. salpardisenyc

    Must win. Third potentially up for grabs, making 4 sides doing battle,
    Chelsea win the game in hand were in 6th. All sides barring Spurs on form.

    PEA up front, definitely needs Rambos engine in this game.

  13. Dissenter

    I’m not sure that Barca squad is that much better.
    They have repeatedly made transfer blunders for the past 5-8 season but get away with it because they have Messi.
    Messi is that proverbial lipstick that turns a frog into a swan. Barca’s core is also ageing and their younger players are just meh.
    You see Dennis Suarez and you wonder how did that type of player make it into their squad. Barca’s transfer business have been shambolic for a long time, they were about to buy Jean Michael-Seri before Sanllehi was fired. That’s the type of mediocre players they have been buying.
    The few good players they’ve bought were purchased with controversy [like Neymar] or too much money [ Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele].

  14. Marko

    True Marc. Not to tarnish a whole City or nothing but Liverpool’s is full of thieves everytime they play away from home in Europe a players house gets robbed. Like clockwork

  15. Chris

    Agree that that abuse and ‘bantz’ was a thing before social media, obviously, but Twitter is a home to some serious embarrassments who call themselves fans, it has got worse.

    Still I remember being in the West Lower in 98 as an impressionable 14 year old when Tomas Brolin was abused relentlessly for the entire game against Palace. “Fat C*nt, “Fat Bastard” “leave it fat boy” felt well sorry for him especially as his fall from grace was so fast.

  16. HighburyLegend

    “That’s a club with a philosophy and a plan to enact it. So many brilliant young players”
    … who will be sold next summer.

  17. Up 4 grabs now

    Would say, all the rest of the games left are must win, starting Sunday.
    Maybe could get away with drawing away at wolves and Leicester and winning the other seven.
    That would give us 80 points. Should just be enough.
    But we have to beat utd to take points from them.

  18. bennydevito

    Good post Pedro,

    Nothing new about blame culture though, as long as there’s been football there’s been fans blaming this that and the other.

  19. Dissenter

    “Overmars stock went up”

    Ajax are Ajax, they have always been a talent producing or talent- finding factory. That has happened regardless of Overmars
    Their academy has always and will always be world class, nothing to do with Overmars, I’m afraid.

    They’ll sell off this group of players and restart again…five years from now another group will have a great run under another manager or technical director.

  20. bennydevito

    Man Utd game is a must win imo, especially as if Chelsea win their game in hand they go above us.

    The Spurs robbery is really going to cost us I fear.

  21. salpardisenyc


    Give the man some credit, Ajax haven’t looked this good in well over a decade.
    Two team race for league, Champs league campaign legendary.

    As Ajax always do, they’ll sell youth core of this side already massively cashing in on De Jong and they will rebuild.

  22. Words on a Blog

    Highbury, if we had proper scientific data analysis back in the day, we’d have found out early about Denilson’s crab-like DNA and passed on him or farmed him out.

  23. Dissenter

    My point is to avoid overly-generalizing Overmars success at Ajax because it would be difficult to replicate the same in North London.
    Ajax reputation in Holland and worldwide means they draw the best young talent. The agents and parents know these players will get a chance to play and then be moved on- it’s an escalator and the club is proud of that mission goal.
    The same cannot be said of Arsenal.

  24. Marc

    “It’s not blame culture here, I prefer to call it elite analysis with actionable next steps.”

    I tripped over someone on LinkedIn the other day with the title “Talent Acquisition Consultant” They used to be called recruitment agencies!

  25. Dissenter

    “Dissenter – still, it would be nice to have access to the Ajax escalator….”

    We can move Arsenal to Amsterdam, start conducting out business in Dutch…maybe win a couple of European championships etc

    Charlie George won’t like that for sure

  26. Words on a Blog

    Dissenter, wouldn’t mind a move to Amsterdam too much – it’s my second favourite place after (North) London.

    I was thinking more of a few well timed phone calls from Arsenal Technical Director Overmars to the guys over at Ajax….I know, I know Coffee Shop dreams.

  27. salpardisenyc


    Agree w/ that, but this crop is Overmars he’s been there since 2013 overseeing its budding and now its blossoming.

    Poached De Jong from Willem III at 17, loaned back but he’s a product of there youth system. Coupled with signing of veteran elements in Huntelaar, Blind, Tadic. Neres a great young acquistion from Corinthians, bought Ziyech from Twente.

    Not solely relied on youth system, build a nicely balanced side from various regions.

  28. Up 4 grabs now

    I prefer to call it elite analysis with actionable next steps.
    Lol nice one Pedro. It’s like all those jobs that used to be easy to understand.
    From the telegraph.
    1. Wet leisure assistant – Lifeguard
    2. Modality manager – Nurse
    3. Waste management and disposal technician – Bin man
    4. Information adviser – Librarian
    5. Direct debit and membership and professional development stock and credit administrator – Customer services administrator.
    6. Family protection consultant – Insurance telesales worker
    7. Investment development and research analyst – Technical helpdesk worker
    8. Worldwide marine asset financial analyst – Accountant
    9. Debt management officer / Field force agent – Tax collector
    10. Coordinator of interpretive teaching – Museum tour guide

  29. Leedsgunner

    Brendan Rogers is the definition of an overrated manager.

    He couldn’t win the title with a peak Suarez, an up and coming Sterling and a decent Sturridge (before he checked in at the Jack Wilshere academy of football career management).

    Then to add insult to injury he utterly wasted the money that Liverpool received for Suarez on dross. Very surprised someone decided to give him another job.

  30. Up 4 grabs now

    Must admit I’m more keen on overmars, has a connection to the club. Been in the job awhile now so does have experience.

    Can probably convince Dennis to come back to the club in a coaching role, can you imagine our youngsters learning from him!

  31. Pedro

    Leeds, he still managed a very exciting side and led them to the brink of success. He also dropped an invincible season and had a good run at Swansea.

    He’s a muppet, but he’s not a bad manager for Leicester

  32. Leedsgunner

    This Ajax side didn’t come from nothing.

    A certain Dennis Bergkamp mentored and developed many of these youngsters when he was the Assistant Manager there.

    Bring Dennis back to the Arsenal. I would love to see him as our AM… he has gone about his post playing career most sensibly learning and developing his skills at Ajax.

  33. bennydevito

    I want Overmars.

    Knows the club, doesn’t have history with the Spanish Armada takeover, would try to sign that defender everybody wants, and who’s to say that once in place Overmars couldn’t set up a partnership with Ajax where we get first dibs on their players at a reduced price but with bigger Sell on clauses?

    That De Lit? Maybe worth £75m but how about we stump up £40m spread over 3 seasons with the other £35m paid by way of a Sell on clause so that if he goes from us for £75m we get £40m Ajax get the other £35m essentially meaning we’ve had him for free and Ajax made £75m. Maybe we could arrange it with room for a bit of profit for us especially if he goes for more then £75m we get to keep any excess.

    That would work wouldn’t it?

  34. Marc


    No it wouldn’t. You’re clutching at straws to fit something you’d like to happen.

    1) How do you know he’d sign the defender everybody wants?

    2) Why would Ajax set up something that restricted them selling on their best players unless we were helping to finance their youth system?

    3) The De Lit scenario you describe is beyond fanciful. Why would Ajax accept a bid like that when someone could offer them a straight up better deal?

  35. Dissenter

    Champagne Charlie has been harping on the fact that we need to define what we are about before we start throwing money around … and I agree with him.
    You lot are asking for us to recreate Ajax’s model when the milieu is very different.

    What exactly did this Ajay win at the Bernabeu prove?
    That the Dutch have a tradition of producing one generation of excellent players [who typically flow out of Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV]
    We have this bandwagon mentality now, following the whiff of every new smell around.

    A technical director at Ajax doesn’t need to do much; the pipelines lead the talent there—their time honored philosophy and large troop of retired players will coach them. It’s a tested and successful system that predates Overmars as technical director.

  36. Marc


    It’s not jumping on the bandwagon that’s the issue – some on here are jumping onto things before they’ve even had the wheels screwed on.

  37. qna

    Benny. I reckon Overmars looks better than Monchi too. I want him as well. We won’t get away with paying unders for De Ligt. It should be considered an investment and we should dip into our cash reserves which were built up on selling similar high value assets. Spending 75m on De Ligt is not the same as 60m on a near 30 year old Auba. I agree that the club shouldn’t be using its cash reserves for those types of players. But De Ligt will be a player that we build our future on.

    Give 75m for De Ligt over 3 years and they throw in a free release of Overmars.

    Sell Mustafi and add it to our operational transfer kitty which would be either 40m or 90m depending on CL qualification. We really should be spending money to make this summer. It’s 10 years overdue.

  38. salpardisenyc


    Far from a bandwagon mentality, i’d say more a quality mentality.

    AFC is in market for a Sporting Director, a few fit that bill one of which is Overmars.

    Was simply stating earlier that last night performance and their Champions league run didn’t hurt his cause.

    Don’t really understand why you’d argue that.

    Personally I find idea of former players coming back enticing. Why not pull from that rich history if its a great fit and were upping the quality.

    What is it you’re looking for, you’ve dismissed Sven from having much of anything to do with Dortmund successes, stating it was all Zorc. Now Overmars has simply walked into a great setup at Ajax, I think you’re underselling the job he’s done.

  39. bennydevito


    It was just a hypothetical scenario, calm down. Obviously we would have to pay an annual premium into their training facilities, I don’t know the finer details either but I’m not clutching at anything to fit anything, it was just an idea.

  40. Dan Ahern

    Sal — To add to your point on Overmars bringing in talent, he attracted the manager as well. When he was a director at Go Ahead Eagles, Overmars brought in ten Hag. Five years later he brought him in again, this time to manage Ajax.

    No idea if he’d be great at an Arsenal-level club, but you can see the guy has an eye for talent outside the mainstream.

  41. Dissenter

    I’m just an old grump 🙂
    Really I think we need to define what we want as a club first
    Ajax are set up to be an escalator to sell players, a better version of Southampton. I don’t even know what they use all that money they derive from transfers for.

    The Ajax way may work if we intend to depend on our academy and that will mean we are ready to wait 5-10 years.

  42. bennydevito

    Overmars gives us an in on Ajax’s players, he can sell them.a vision of treading the path and emulating Overmars himself and that of the legend that is Dennis Bergkamp. Why couldn’t he negotiate some sort of first dibs deal? It’s a possibility. Forgetting that though I still think Overmars gives us a better chance of signing De Ligt.

  43. Valentin

    Ajax looked good, but this is the culmination of 10 years of behind the scene academy work. I am not so sure that Overmars has really a lot to do with yesterday’s success.
    You don’t suddenly have 6~8 players very good and some great players. Overmars may have helped nurture them, but most of the work has been done by the youth coaching staff who may well have preceded him.

    Where Ajax have been smart is in getting value for money in old wise head. Dusan Tadic, Danny Blind had always been very professional and intelligent players rather than stellar ones. But in that environment they shine and help others to perform at a level few were expected.

    So the question is whether Overmars could replicate that kind of mix at Arsenal. The academy is starting to produce some good players: ESR, Nkethia, Nelson, Willock, Suka.

  44. Pedro

    Technical directors don’t do anything, scouts are lazy, assistant coaches aren’t of value.

    Dissenter, militant in his views about topics he has no idea about.

  45. Ivan The Terrible

    Ajax’s set up isn’t something that’s happened overnight and it isn’t down to Overmars alone.

    Stam is involved in the youth set up
    Van De Saar is CEO
    Bergkamp was assistant manager
    These guys know the Ajax philosophy through and through. They employ so many of these ex players and it gives them a link to clubs history.

    We don’t have one single ex player bar Freddie involved in our set up. We need to follow this philosophy and give it time.

    I’m all for what Emery is doing for now. If we get Monchi for 3 or so years I’d be okay with that just so we can get our house I’m order. In that time Vieira and Grimadi will hopefully earn their stripes together at Nice. Get people like Pires and Bergkamp involved in the set up and surround them with a competent team. Why not Keown as defensive coach? He did wonders with bloody Senderos and Eboue!

    We can’t have an identity without remembering our past.

  46. Dissenter

    “Dissenter, militant in his views about topics he has no idea about.”

    Dissenter raising refusing to fall in line with drummed up conventional thinking.
    The points I’ve raised are valid.

    What you’re doing is sensationalizing the work of boring technocrats, much like you did for Shad Forsyth.

    -The Ajax philosophy is very distinctive. Overmars didn’t create it.
    -The Ajax scouting pipeline is well known -Overmars didn’t create it. It’s been there forever. They found Finidi Goerge from Sharks FC in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in 1993 and Kanu Nwaknwo from Iwuanyanwu National in 1993. Two years later they were playing in a CL final. Ajax scouting has stretched into every nook and cranny. I’m sure you’ve never heard of these clubs, Ajax did 20 years ago.
    -The Ajax academy is well known- Overmars was just another cog in the wheel.

    You’re talking about a club that has it’s original flavor and has kept to it.

  47. London gunner


    There is a key flaw in your argument.

    Ajax are a very well ran club as you say then perhaps that’s why they hired overmars because they astutely realised the quality he would bring.

    You are acting as if they gave him a freebie job and he spends all day twiddling his fingers, thats not likely.

    You don’t get that gig and maintain that gig from being average.

  48. Dissenter

    Dan Ahern
    The Ajax system runs itself; academy has it’s philosophy and steady pipeline of best dutch youth
    The scouting has been top notch forever- I just cited Kanu Nwankwo transfer from Nigeria 25 years ago from Africa before it was trendy for big Europena clubs to sign African players.
    You want Arsenal to be the London Ajax? … then imbibe everything about the club not just Overmars because he didn’t create any of the stuff you saw on display yesterday.
    Those things predated him. He’s the civil servant running it currently.

  49. Pedro

    Conventional thinking: A Director of Football impacts the clubs success

    Dissenter thinking: He’s just playing Game Cube with EVDS

  50. Marc

    Apparently rumours are picking up that Madrid are going to go back in for Mourinho. Why on earth would they do that? The guy is finished as a top level manager and they are far better candidates out there.

    Of course if he gets the job and Madrid put in a £40 million bid for Ozil in the summer I might change my mind.

  51. Dissenter

    I think we should be seeking a different type of approach at Arsenal.
    Call it the Arsenal way, which I admit I don’t really know what that is.
    First we have to define what we about, like Champagne Charlie likes to say.

    All the name dropping doesn’t help.

    The Ajax coaches and technical directors don’t typically do well elsewhere whether it Frank De Boer, Danny Blind or Martin Jol. At Ajax they are great, elsehwere, not so.

  52. bennydevito


    Not saying it doesn’t but they’re going to get a 50% pay rise wherever they go so already having Bergkamp and Overmars be huge icons for us will definitely give us an an advantage over a lot of clubs equal to our stature.

    Not sure why you’re being so aggressively defensive or going into smart arse mode so quickly though, Jesus.

  53. Jamie

    Losing 4-1 at the Bernabeu to Ajax, though. Shocking result. Even more shocking would be if Madrid makes a move for Mourinho. He’s radioactive.

    They need sauce. … I won’t say it.

  54. Pedro

    Really hope Tuchel brings a bit of destruction today… the OGS hype will be unbearable if he turns it around.

  55. Marc


    I’ve no problem with Overmars coming back if he’s viewed as the right man for the job – but it is a different job to Ajax.

    Your original idea was daft – So Ajax you want £75 million for a player but we’ll give you £40 million over 3 years and then maybe, possibly if someone comes in and offers us a big wad of cash we’ll give you some more. What’s in it for Ajax?

  56. Dan Ahern

    Dissenter I think you ought to write Ajax a letter and let them know their club runs itself. They’ll feel silly but it’ll save them a fuckload of money once they cut loose everyone who works there.

  57. jwl

    Dissenter – Overmars has institutional knowledge of how Ajax works, as does Bergkamp, and bring him over to Arsenal so he can teach rest of club how it is done. What Ajax have managed to do over past fifty years ain’t easy, there are plenty of clubs who would like to be similar to Ajax but arent.

    According to you, Ajax have created a system where players just land in their lap and managers, coaches and other support staff are unnecessary. Overmars might have answer on how to create such a system for Arsenal.

  58. Marc


    Well whatever brand of sauce Mourinho brings to the party I can guarantee it’s rancid, bitter and leaves you with a nasty case of the shits afterwards.

  59. Nelson

    Did they move the clock back an hour in England? The time difference to ET is 4 hours instead of 5 hours now. The Champions League games are starting at 4 pm ET.

  60. Marc


    Not when Allegri looks like he’ll be available and you’ve also got the Poch who is now in a position of either stepping it up or going down as the “almost” manager.

  61. Marc

    I’ve only just realised that the Poch’s two match ban will fall on Southampton and Liverpool both away. We could genuinely see the Spud’s miss out of top 4 this season.

  62. Dissenter

    “According to you, Ajax have created a system where players just land in their lap and managers, coaches and other support staff are unnecessary. Overmars might have answer on how to create such a system for Arsenal.”

    …Essentially yes. Ajax is a well established philosophy in world football.

    Overmars cannot just bring the Arsenal mould – he would have to rethink a lot and adapt to different circumstances. .

  63. Dissenter

    *Overmars cannot just bring the Ajax mould – he would have to rethink a lot and adapt to different circumstances. .

  64. Marc

    I would hope who ever we bring in as technical director does not bring any sort of mould what so ever – I’d include fungus in that as well.

  65. Nelson

    41 years Buffom should retire. The first goal, he moved way too slow. The second goal, he spilled the ball .

  66. Pierre

    Le grove begging for injuries to give us a chance of beating United.

    I have an idea, how about playing our most talented creative players( Mhkitaryan and ozil)as that seems to have worked for the majority of the season when our manager decides he needs digging out of another hole that he has dug for himself.

  67. Danny

    If Man U win 3-1, will that mean extra time or because they scored 3 away goals to PSG’s 2, they’ll go through?

  68. Marc


    Mikki will start – Ozil no chance he won’t offer anything other than getting caught on the ball and having lumps kicked out of him.

    I get you like the player but you really need to stop this “he’s the solution to all our problems” bollocks.

  69. Dissenter

    These days your contributions tend to be … a noun, a verb and Mesut Ozil
    Do you have Ozil posters plastered everywhere in your home?

  70. Dissenter

    “If Man U win 3-1, will that mean extra time or because they scored 3 away goals to PSG’s 2, they’ll go through?”

    I think United go through because they would have scored more away goals than PSG.

  71. Marc


    “I think United go through because they would have scored more away goals than PSG.”

    Yes but I think it only counts after extra time.

  72. Danny

    Yes but I think it only counts after extra time.
    Never heard that one before but thanks.

  73. Luteo Guenreira

    At this point if the aggregate score is equal United will move on. No possibility of going to penalties with the current scoreline.

  74. Dissenter

    Emery is such a breath of ocean breeze fresh air. He’s not one to make excuses and just gets on with his work.
    When asked about the busy schedules;
    “This is a very important match for us. My opinion is to respect the Premier League, they decided the schedules for our matches and we prepare for the days we can have”. “‘Above all the habit is to play a lot of matches. If you ask if I prefer more time to prepare? Then maybe yes.”
    “‘But for this match we don’t have an excuse because we have had time to prepare well”

  75. Dissenter

    If the 3-3 draw came from a 3-0 win from both teams, then yes.. extra time.
    In this case there are away goals that will make a difference.

  76. Samesong

    How do we play against united. They sit back and are a counter attacking team these days?

    We sat back against spurs and counter attacked. If we play the high press players like Rashford will burn our wingbacks. Luckaku is on a little run of form at the moment.

    The pressure is on the forwards to take their bloody opportunities. How confident are you guys on that?

    I’m sure if Auba scores once he will score again. It’s a must 3 points. Hate United.

  77. Marc


    They are / have been competitions where the away goals rule only kicks in after extra time hence the debate. Under the current CL rules the only way it could’ve gone to extra time is a ManU 2 nil win.

  78. Thank you and goodnight

    But I thought Tuchel was the second coming of the Lord himself. Christ… Could he be as shit as Emery