Are fans becoming a little too much for the game?

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Late one today, because I gave myself a serious bout of fruit-juice poisoning yesterday. I’ve been leaving it behind radiators to make my own Hooch. Doesn’t taste like the stuff we were drinking as kids in the park let me tell you.


Firstly, would the whole of Scotland just grow the fuck up about Brendy leaving Celtic for a better life? The pathetic whimperings of the Scottish media and the English journalists who found out 23&Me that they are 0.00002% Scottish are absolutely unbelievable.

I get it, it’s really f*cking hip to make out you have a connection to a dog shit league, but come on, can anyone really blame any manager with a bit of ambition wanting to leave a country that just burgled his house because he enacted his right to take a better job? Not me. I am a really big believer in employment law.

Here’s the other thing. The romantic notion of Scottish football is a total myth. The entertainment value, the working class vibes, the lack of money… MONEY?! Are you kidding me Celtic fans? Average yearly wage at Celtic is £865k, at Rangers £466k, and at Aberdeen £138k. Celtic are possibly the most pound for pound (literally) dominant European club in their own league (I didn’t do the sums, total hyperbole). They’ve won the league every season since 2011. Other clubs have absolutely no chance. Celtic are a lightweight boxer beating on children, then romanticising the notion after an 8-year unbeaten run.

As for entertainment? Sure, I’ll give that to the SPL, the league is unpredictable… but the football is extremely poor. Even the Old Firm Derby is Championship Level (taking out the top 6 of the Championship).

Why would Brendan Rodgers want to continue in a one club league? What prestige is there in utterly dominating the most uneven playing field world football (hyperbole)? Leicester has an ambitious board, they have some great players, they have a really good setup and they’ve won the league in the last 5 years. It’s a great move.

Also, how fucking bad is the SPL when they’re crying over losing a guy who is one of the hottest memes in the game?

My second BEEF is with journalists identifying something fans have always done and lambasting it as a social ill. The latest one I’ve been reading about is blame culture in the game. Yep, there’s a select few old romantics who remember the game as it once was, devoid of passion, reasoned and balanced in critique. There was apparently a time when fans didn’t unfairly bully refs.

Are you fucking kidding? This eulogizing of yesteryear from 30 somethings is beyond embarrassing. I am a thirty-something, my first memory of football was asking my dad what a ‘wanker’ was because the whole stadium was viciously singing it at a referee. Remember, I am an Arsenal fan, a member of the Highbury Library, my entire football upbringing was spent listening to hilarious abuse from the stands. If I can remember it always being this way, no doubt every other thirty-something supporting other clubs must have witnessed it louder.

The over-analysis of football was always there, it just happened behind the scenes. The Whatsapp group used to be aggressive football chat over the phone (I’d call 5 or 6 people from work after a big game, back when it was socially acceptable to pick up the phone). Twitter was just shouting at people in bars. Transfer news was 65p a minute sent to TeamTalk. The social media didn’t make anything more intense, it just documented it and made it global.

As for blame culture in the game… it has gone on FOREVER. That is what sport is. Winners, losers and fat scapegoats sitting in the yard taking a whipping by fat fans in tight replica shirts.

Don’t even get me started on journalists getting angry at fans bantering the opposition… or being rash in their analysis.

The game is built on passion, stupid opinion and the constant back and forth dialogue about whether 27 is 28, whether pink boots are acceptable if you’re a shit player, whether Denilson shared DNA with a crab, whether Almunia really did have a thumb injury, or whether Tom Cruise and JET was the mightiest on pitch partnership that never really happened.


Football is about obsession (obvs not supporting assassinations). Slow motion replays. Disgust at BIAS refs. The Fergie referee corruption conspiracy. Wenger’s handbrake. Theirry’s light leg stroke of Jamie Carragher. Always has been, always will be.

If you find it uncouth… turn off your Twitter. No one will miss you.

Right, that’s me done, BIG LOVE x

P.S. What about the mighty Ajax last night? That’s a club with a philosophy and a plan to enact it. So many brilliant young players. Arsenal won’t be able to harvest their own youth like that in the short term, but we should be snapping up elite 17-23-year-olds and growing a team that looks similar. Also, fuck the ‘Madrid are shite’ commentary… that was Ajax being hungrier and more aggressive.

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  1. Leedsgunner


    I’ll give you this. Arteta would have scored that pen. ;). Goodness me even Lauren scored a pen against Tottenham.

  2. Pedro

    Leeds, that penalty was so miserable.

    I don’t understand the benefit of a confused run up.

    Not sure I can buy into the ‘he’s shit’ narrative doing the rounds.

  3. Tony

    Actually before I’m reminded last pie I had to eat was my 5:1 losing prediction for the FA cup with Chelsea – Wenger’s last miracle.

    I’ve gone on record here saying we won’t get CL football for next season, so we’ll see if I have to get the wife baking.

  4. Guns of SF

    Let these manure wankers enjoy their win. We have something waiting for them this weekend.
    Let them celebrate, and bask, we have something for them

    Lets see who laughs last

  5. Leedsgunner

    Aubameyang looked like he was mentally uncomfortable and unprepared. Hate to say it, but I think the team accepted that they were taking a draw and the last minute penalty in our favour seemed to catch him off guard.

    Shame Ramsey was off, because he would have made sure. Heck even Monreal would have done the job.

  6. Tony

    Sadly I can’t see anything more than a loss 3:2 but seriously hope I’m wrong.

    Be very happy with a draw and grabbing for my heart meds if we win.

  7. Leedsgunner

    A win against United is a must if top 4 is still a target, would go a long way in throwing two points away to Spurs.

  8. salparadisenyc

    For me Emery loosing a 4 goal lead is the bigger bottle, they played sooooo good in that first leg putting 4 past a shocked Barca.

    Letting that go was heartbreaking, that kinda of voodoo stays with a club as witnessed tonight.

    NO sauce.

  9. Dream10

    United beat PSG without really having to overextend themselves. Ajax and Spurs worked harder yesterday. So they will be relatively fresh.

    After losing to them in the cup at home, expect us to play a back three this time. They’ll likely go for a Lukaku, Rashford, Martial front three from right to left. Hope we’re smart enough to play a little deeper.

  10. mysticleaves

    Pedro, I don’t think no one here is that rigid as regards ‘no criticism policy’ on Emery. People just frown at the mindless and impossible levels you and your ilk want him to achieve in such a short time. And if you say yiur last post that warranted my reply was a joke then fair enough, cos it looked really bad.

    As for Sunday, my heart says we win, as always, but my head is telling me a draw. If we can hold them of at 3 crucial periods of the game–begining of first half, beginning of 2nd half and end of 2nd half–we will be in with a very good chance of victory.

  11. mysticleaves

    “The truth is that nobody expected what’s happened, which is that Santi has become the best player in the team,” says Mata. “I thought of him as someone who would be able to come on as a substitute and add a touch of quality. I didn’t expect that the team would end up revolving around him.

    “Right now, Santi is an example for the team. He is the player the ball always goes through. In a situation in which everyone else is scared to have the ball, he always asks for it. The rest are afraid, but he is always smiling and, most importantly, he always chooses the right pass. He’s vital. His team-mates are always looking for him.”

    Have to say I have watched Fornals this season more than a couple of times. Distinctly average and don’t understand why he gets the praise he gets. Maybe i watched his bad games though, maybe.

  12. jasongms

    Pedro/Peter, you’ve fallen astonishing short in your appraisal of actually mostly everything football related, outside of your stance on Wenger. Which I might add you seem to be revising by the day and not for the better.

  13. Receding Hairline

    “That kind of voodoo stays with a club as witnessed tonight”

    I wondered how long it will take before this became Emery’s fault, smh. This is also the same poster who found a way to mock Arsenal for being in the Europa after Spurs progressed on Tuesday.

  14. Leftsidesanch

    The state of some of you, you get offended when Arsenal fans defend a manager of their club, but talk up every other manager.

    Really are a weird bunch.

    I also thought saucy was a word teenagers/early 20’s folk used in the States and here on Instagram. Have a word Peds 😉

  15. Guns of Hackney

    OGS has just proved you don’t need 1,000’s of games to manage a football team.

    Tuchel should now be at the top of our list. He’ll be gone end of season.

    Football is a really easy game, made difficult by idiots.

    Arteta please.

  16. Guns of Hackney


    I believe what I just posted is very relevant considering that Arteta’s lack of experience was the reason no one wanted him as manager. OGS has just pissed over that argument.

    Man you are bigger than us.
    Bigger players and egos.
    More expectations.
    In the champions league.

    Every time OGS wins a game…the Arteta naysayers look even more stupid.

  17. Fire

    OGS didn’t get the job on the basis of being an assistant to Pep.
    He was an actual manager with experience in handling dressing rooms and match situations.
    Let Arteta show what his got. He maybe great maybe not.

  18. Redtruth

    It takes some doing to lose to Man Utd when both feet are in the next round.
    Nosferatu (Tuchel) is washed up and finished as a top flight manager.

  19. Guns of Hackney


    I’m going to say that managing Molde and Cardiff are hardly what one would call a baptism of fire before taking on the biggest club in the world.

    Sorry. The experience argument is done and dusted.

  20. London gunner

    I find it embarrassing when people jump on the word bandwagon.

    With this sauce business you guys are not teenage girls so think for yourselves and don’t just use words because everyone else on social media is.

    In short stoppung being a sheep and have some originality.

  21. Guns of Hackney

    London gunner

    So by your rationale, a weekend shop lad stacking shelves on a Saturday who then moves up to managing the corner shop through the week is qualified to take over the CEO position at Google, Microsoft or Apple?


    I’m afraid people looked at Arteta and immediately dismissed him because of either a) didn’t rate him as a footballer or b) no experience.

    B is fine and valid but it’s short sighted. OGS is proving that anyone, regardless of experience can manage the biggest club in the world.

    Arsenal are Wycombe compared to United. I think Arteta would have done okay.

  22. Samesong

    I think Arteta would have done okay.

    Well that’s not a good enough answer. Think he would of done ok. That’s not a confident answer at all! You should be all confident and know that your man bailed on to do a good job no?

    And if he struggled with the current squad would you ask or wanted more time for him to build? Or tank him?

  23. Guns of Hackney


    It was just a passing comment that was tinged with sarcasm. I actually think Arteta would have done well.


    Opinion/s are just that…opinions. They may differ and you may not agree but hey ho.

    Man united are much bigger than Arsenal. Fact. Period. Done.

  24. Guns of Hackney


    I would give Arteta time…how much time? No idea. But he’s a fledgling and Emery is the finished article who has reached his maximum potential, so of course he should come under higher scrutiny than Arteta would.

  25. Redtruth

    Man Utd being more popular is down to the Munich air disaster. Arsenal are traditionally a bigger club going back to the golden era of the 1930’s.

  26. Fire

    He has experience. Arteta may likely take on his first job and Excel but to play down the important of experience in any line of work is ridiculous.
    Carrick was assisting Jose, I wonder why he didn’t get the caretaker job

  27. HighburyLegend

    Worried about tonight.
    This is the week of surprises, with Psg and Madrid out of the CL…

    Rennes is a very good team.

  28. Leftsidesanch


    Ole has management experience, Arteta has none but I see we are going to flog this argument to death.

  29. Receding Hairline

    “This is the week of surprises, with Psg and Madrid out of the CL…”

    I would say that should give us no excuse, We have already seen what happens when matches are approached with arrogance

  30. Leftsidesanch

    Here we are, in March – ahead of expectation if you believe everything you read/listened to. Our chief objective this season is in sight and yet we are still being lambasted. The same culprits were the ones exercising patience the day it was announced Wenger was leaving. What changed between then and now?

    Peds now plays the roll of an antagonist, it drives traffic to the site and keeps the conversation flowing. Some of you are here to be contrarians and some just here to argue…no guesses for who those are.

    I’m sorry I’m not saucy, I’m a grown man I don’t want to be saucy and out there.

  31. DaniAltos

    PedroMarch 6, 2019 23:25:22
    Dani, Tuchel losing won’t make Emery any saucier. I know that’s going to hurt when it dawns on you. x

    Like it dawned on you that Gazidis is not the second coming of Christ that you were singing all day and night?

  32. Graham62


    Maybe a “freak result” in some peoples eyes but what it also shows is that the so called big boys of Europe have it too easy and are not up to high intensity games that the EPL dishes out week in week out.

  33. London gunner

    We have been dreadful cant even control the ball or make simple passes.

    Aubam has bern utterly shocking.

  34. London gunner

    Pedro still using the word saucier because teenage boys and girls use it on Instagram.

    Cringy beyond belief