An angry bear awaits

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Who else is getting very excited about the Spurs game?

Have you been sending all sorts of shit to their fans?

No response?

Send some more.


Airplane mode for 6 days straight.

Look at that meme, a thing of beauty. Crafted from my own fingertips. It’s incredible because it is relatable. It’s relatable to me because I MADE IT.

There’s been a lot of chest thumping from fans saying ‘IT’S ALL ABOUT WHERE WE FINISH’, and yes, this is true, and if we deal with Spurs, United and the slew of tough away games, then yes, Emery is the master of the universe.

Arsenal is everyone’s best pal when things are going to shit. They are the sleeping bear that Timothy Treadwell is goading in the meme. This weekend will mark the total collapse of their season, or it’ll mark a nasty cut to the Achilles heel of our #Top3 dreams. United are plodding along very efficiently, Chelsea has title blood in their veins, so despite sitting pretty… it could all turn Shaqiri gurning levels of ugly if we don’t strike while Spurs are weak.

Again, I’ll reiterate this point: 3 of our best players are coming into form and fresher than James Blake one-liner on Twitter.

That is a huge advantage if Emery can keep them all motivated until the end of the season.

Some great numbers doing the rounds yesterday. Mikhi has better stats than Dele Alli, Zaha, Lingard and Willian despite playing less games than all of them.

Maybe Sven did pull off a madness? You only appreciate them when they’re dead… or resigned.

Bobby P has taken a huge gulp of air and got down to some serious brown nosing with the mighty, infallible, NEW King of Arsenal.

“He fits the mould of the type of player that Arsenal look for with our style of football. He’s excellent at dribbling, has superb vision & his overall technique is top class. He has spent a lot of time working with Iniesta which has improved his game massively”

Trying to cover his tracks, he weighed in on the Ozil debate after the German had been returned to first team duties.

“Its vital that Emery finds a space for Ozil in the team. It would be a big step backwards for the club if they sell him. He recently extended his contract & there’s no arguing that he is one of, if not, the best player in Arsenal’s squad”


FINALLY, Mesut Ozil has scored in the last three games he’s started with Jenko. All this time and the answer to unlocking Mesut was sleeping in an Arsenal-themed tent outside the training ground.


Right, I think that’s about as much Arsenal as I can handle today. But before I go…

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  1. Just Another Customer

    Actually Özil was really working the space but you need to have a high fußball-ing IQ to see it like the genius statistician Pierre.

  2. Bamford10


    Mkhi is physically and mentally stronger as well. That long cross field pass in behind the back four to Auba was brilliant, and I believe it was Mkhi’s pass to Auba that set up the penalty.

  3. Ishola70

    “Mikhitaryian makes better decisions and executes better than Ozil in the final third, especially in these big games”

    Not impressed with him regarding execution and some of his offensive play. We all know he has that in his locker.

    What was impressive about him today was his hunger and overall work-rate to go along with what we already knew he had.

    No need for Ozil if Mikki can show this type of performance more consistently.

    He can be our “playmaker” and not be a total liability with it as Ozil mostly is.

    As someone else said Ozil actually looked ill when he came on. Looked so frail and shaky.

  4. Tobs

    I can’t really fault the selection, tactics, execution and substitutions today. We were let down by Mustafi and our strikers.

  5. Marko

    We are not going to beat United with performances such as today’s.

    We played well today. We’re at home I fancy the win

  6. Guns of sf

    That was definitely a hard game to win and we blew it really disappointed with Pea.

    He better make up for it against a manure
    I think we’ll need both him and laca in that game . Manure defense is stronger than spurs

  7. Leftsidesanch

    Emery is going to play those two jokers Mustafi and Auba, and they have to make up for it next Sunday. Appalling.

  8. Leftsidesanch

    I actually thought we were the better side. Spurs didnt look like scoring until they were gifted.

  9. Marko

    As someone else said Ozil actually looked ill when he came on. Looked so frail and shaky.

    He did. Maybe he’s terminal and that last contract was one of those make a wish deals

  10. Tobs

    The draw is disappointing but it’s refreshing to go into a game with a plan rather than go out and express yourselves.

  11. TR7

    Iwobi, Kola, Mustafi and Elneny – 4 players we must get rid of in the summer. PEA and Xhaka too if we are being ambitious.

  12. vickingz

    Wish there was a platform where these players can actually feel the heat from fans. How the hell is auba so useless in taking penalty? Did he have to bend like an infected fowl before striking the ball? Just play a simple straight shot down the middle, that’s all. These guys are not arsenal through and through and I somehow question emery’s reasoning for replacing laca and not iwobi when we needed players who can really stand their ground and get stuck in

  13. Bamford10


    Yeah, I guess I was referring to our forwards’ play. You’re right that our performance in general was solid. We won’t beat United, though, if Lacazette and Aubameyang play as they did today; I don’t care where we’re playing.

  14. Upstate Gooner

    “Clear as day that this team needs to lose the services of Mustafi and Xhaka. If Emery can’t see that then no sympathy if things go tits up for him.”

    Precisely. Add Iwobi to that list as well. In fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Emery should have seen it at halftime. Torreira should have replaced Xhaka, and Auba in for Iwobi. Mustafi should have never started. Not a fan of AMN but he definitely would have done better. In the end though it was our forwards who cost us the game. And, of course, not without the help of some terrible officiating.

  15. Up 4 grabs now

    Should have won, piss poor auba penalty, didn’t see the point of bringing off laca for him.
    Mustafi doing a mustafi, can’t wait for Var next season,
    Five spurs players offside how did you not spot one of them!

  16. Bamford10


    I am just curious: after a game like today, why is it obvious that Aubameyang (and not Lacazette) should be the one we sell? I’m not making an argument either way, but I’m curious how you come to that conclusion.

  17. Radio Raheem

    Mkhi has been shit or injured all season but for the last two matches. Let’s not rewrite history. That said it’s good he’s finishing the season well.

  18. Zfree

    Mustafi a fool. Auba shocking pen.

    But they showed it again and Vertonghen was well inside the box. He was the one who blocked Auba’s putback attempt. Pen should’ve been retaken.

  19. Ishola70

    “The draw is disappointing but it’s refreshing to go into a game with a plan rather than go out and express yourselves.”

    yeah and get totally over-run by them as it was with Wenger’s last game against them at Wembley.

  20. Upstate Gooner

    “Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil.

    Fvck em off, fvck em off, fvck em off.”

    You misspelled the last one. It’s spelled I W O B I.

  21. salparadisenyc

    Soooooo many missed chances, nobody to blame but ourselves there. Gave it away when we could of inserted the dagger. Stings.

    Kane peno may of been OS slightly but fucking hell Mustafi made that an easy call. Easily our worst player on pitch today.

    PEA looked all Ozil vs Bayern, knew he’d miss before ball kicked.

    Emery set up well, tactically sound liked his subs and timing of them. Club needs to eradicate Mr. Mustafi asap. Sokratis and Miki both immense as was Torreria whom took mid over when he came on.

  22. Leftsidesanch

    United aren’t unbeatable we can get a result against them at home, and we have no option but to now for dropping two points. A penalty to us in injury time and missing it is two points dropped.

  23. Ishola70

    People need to get over Iwobi.

    He’s not first team material and should be a bench player but he could be seen as an okish squad player.

    The players that are really hurting the team are those that are seen as more established in the first XI. More so-called seasoned players than Iwobi.

  24. Bamford10

    Up for Grabs

    I think Emery was thinking that Lacazette didn’t have his shooting boots on, that maybe Aubameyang would, and that Aubameyang would be good against tired defenders’ legs.

  25. gonsterous


    Guns of HackneyMarch 2, 2019 14:38:34
    Ozil is a game changer…for Spurs.

    lmao.. thanx mate, I needed that, was feeling down after the draw that felt like an undeserved defeat

  26. TheLegendaryDB10


    Soooooo many missed chances, nobody to blame but ourselves there.

    I agree with this. We let ourselves down. As to why we were inviting pressure from the end of the first half when we had the better initiatives boggles me complete. UE played too conservatively in this game.

  27. Freddie Ljungberg

    Upstate gooner

    Iwobi is not a problem player for us, he’s not on high wages, he’s homegrown, his presence doesn’t stop us from replacing him in the starting XI and relegate him to the bench where he would be a decent option.

    Ozil on the other hand. We can’t pay a player 350k a week to only show up at home against weak opposition when we could have 2-3 players on his wages that can be counted on the whole season.

    I seriously don’t get the calls for selling Iwobi, sure he shouldn’t be a starter next season but he’s far down our list of players that needs to fuck off.

  28. Bamford10

    Yeah, Iwobi shouldn’t be in the XI, but there’s no reason to sell him. The players to sell are Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil, Elneny and one of the two CFs.

  29. Ishola70


    “and that Aubameyang would be good against tired defenders’ legs.”

    And it nearly worked. Half the job done because Auba got in front of Sanchez when he really shouldn’t have done to get the pen. Shame that he could not close out with the pen itself.

    That Sanchez for them today was bad, real bad.

  30. Marko

    We won’t beat United, though, if Lacazette and Aubameyang play as they did today; I don’t care where we’re playing.

    Sure and if Koscielny plays like he did against Southampton we’ll lose horribly

  31. bennydevito

    Martin Keown pointed out that Vertonghan encroached and ran forward before Aubameyang struck the penalty giving him a head start and the time to be on the line to clear the rebound.

    The VAR ref also confirmed 5 spuds were offside prior to Mustafi needlessly fouling elephant man.

    Cheating cunts.

  32. ddkingz

    can someone please, tell someone, who knows someone that knows Emery to tell someone who knows auba to stop taking our penalties anymore.
    that guy (auba) is a clown, when it comes to pk.

  33. Freddie Ljungberg

    As for the game, so frustrating but it was a breath of fresh air to go into a game like this with a proper gameplan, executed really well.

    Only let down by a terrible linesman and the same predictable errors from one of the 2 most clownish players in the squad in Mustafi, and a really bad penalty from Auba.

    A big improvement overall in our away performances from the last couple of seasons.

  34. Bamford10

    “We had a lot of chances, we had the penalty at the end but what we always say, we win together and we lose together, so I am very happy with this point and we look for the next three points.” – Sokratis

    Right attitude. Has been a very, very important player for us this season.

  35. salparadisenyc

    In the end neither penalty gets past VAR if league stepped it up and introduced it this season with Sanchez likely sent off before Torreira.

  36. TheLegendaryDB10

    So pissed off. Feels like we lost the game to these spud cunts… 😭😭😭😭😭

    We did our best I suppose ….

  37. gonsterous

    mhiki though impressed me haven’t seen him play like this since his dortmund days.
    He was really up for it.
    Kos the boss is back too. Should rest him mid week cause we need him for utd. Though I think he is a very weak captain. Looks confused when things are going on after a foul or mix up.
    Mustafi has been crap ever since he arrived at the club. How much did Wenger pay for him ?
    Ozil should play mid week and then be left out of the squad for utd. He is good but should not be playing games where we don’t have the lion share of the possession.
    Laca and Auba let me down, how manu chances do you need to score a goal ? even anelka was more clinical than them.
    Leno played well, if he saved that penalty we can just ask him to come in the next day to sign a new contract on double the money he’s on.

  38. Arsnil

    It beggars belief that you have a player like Mavropanos in our senior squad who can’t get near the team and yet a clown like Mustafi is played week after week to make the same stupid neandrethal mistakes every time he plays. There is no excuse and it is just negligent by the manager. You are all lauding Sokratis and rightly so. A beast of a performance and yet just a fortnight ago he was saying how he felt Mavropanos is going to be a hell of a lot better than he ever was. Baffling!

  39. Marko

    Oh absolutely if there’s VAR we win today absolutely. I’m interested in seeing if it’s possible to appeal the Torreira red card especially considering how Rose went in studs up on Leno’s chest and all he got was a yellow.

  40. HillWood

    Officials were shite today
    Aubas pen was shit but should have been retaken for encroachment
    Absolutely gutted

  41. gonsterous

    don’t know why iwobi is the whipping boy ? He had a good game, he held the ball up well. He does it in all the games, holds the ball so the wing back or LB can overlap for a simple pull back. Maybe he could have been a bit stronger but he was one of the better player on the pitch.
    Chaka was non existent though, apart from seeing him foul someone, didn’t see him on the ball at all. Don’t know why emery persists with him.

  42. G8

    Ref was abig cnut! and his assistant too..
    Rose is the biggest cnut of them all..
    Mustafi is an idiot
    Auba has been in Walcott mode for a while..he is average at best.
    Soft penalty, but he should have done better, such a pussy for the rebound as well..
    Laca though has limitation, offers more grit and technique..terrible misses today though..
    Lost opportunity to go 1 point behind the yids .
    We need to redeem ourselves against manure now
    It’s all or nothing !

  43. Pierre

    Too much criticism of our players on here as per usual .

    Tottenham never really looked like scoring 2nd half until a bad decision changed the game.

    Our back 4 played really well , stayed disciplined throughout the game except for the nudge by Mustafi .
    Tottenham had run out of ideas until the officials intervened.

    Emery has learnt from his earlier tactical errors , set the team up well in the 4-2-3-1 which is easily our best system and kept the full backs nice and compact and in touch with the central defenders which in turn closes down the channels.

    It s a fine line between winning and losing and today felt like a loss due to the penalty miss .
    Sokratis and Monreal were immense at the back …well taken goal by Ramsey .
    I like xhakas fight in midfield , he plays like he means it against Tottenham..

    The ref was obviously biased against Arsenal …

  44. Batistuta

    Always said when everyone kept going at the manager that there’s only so much any manager in World football can do with clowns like Mustafi and Xhaka in your team, hopeless fools

  45. TheLegendaryDB10


    I can only agree with you. The ref was a cunt. As usual…nothing changes in the PL with their poor officiating.

  46. Ishola70


    The defence looked good today because they sat deep. Sokratis is very comfortable playing in this way.

    You would moan your arse off if Arsenal defended so deep in all other matches.

  47. Dissenter

    Where did all this talk about red card=three game ban come from?

    It’s rather dim for people to keep repeating it.

    Dissent leading to a red card will generally earn a two-match ban, while violent conduct can be punished with a suspension for three games.

    This was not a violent conduct offense

  48. Dissenter

    “I like xhakas fight in midfield , he plays like he means it against Tottenham..”

    I loved his physicality in the game. They kicked lumps out of him and he returned the favor.

  49. Leftsidesanch

    Is VAR actually coming? I’d like to see how Spurs fare with it next season. All 3 goals that they scored against us in the league this year was contentious to say the least. Tired of it.

  50. Dissenter

    The smaller teams will benefit from VAR
    Referees in the league tend toggle the 50-50s to the bigger teams.There were consecutive games against Burnley that we won at the death with dubious calls that VAR would have overruled.

  51. G

    ”Emery is doing miracles consodering how averag most of our players are.”

    Er no that would mean being in top 2

  52. Dissenter

    I watched the game
    It was a 50-50 lunge…Torriera GOT THE BALL…and his momentum took him into Rose’s shin

    The referee wouldn’t have given a red had Danny rose not put up a performance worthy of an Oscar.

    That’s not violent conduct. Violent conduct is for head butts, spitting, punching, stamping, off-the-ball elbows etc.
    Stop making stuff up.

  53. Marc

    Before the match I would’ve have taken a draw. After the match very frustrated we didn’t take all three points.

    I wonder if the Poch attacked the ref today after poor decisions?

  54. HillWood

    These officials should be investigated for taking bungs
    They can’t be that bad at their job unless they were bribed

  55. Ishola70

    Dissenter continually showing his support for the Swiss traffic cone.

    How sweet. But ultimately regressive for the team overall is Xhaka.

    That an old Wenger lover fails to see the disadvantages of Xhaka is not really surprising although he pretends to care about the defensive side of Arsenal.

    Pierre is a Wengerite. What’s your excuse Dissenter? Wengerite as well deep at heart?

  56. Leftsidesanch

    Marc, Poch actually thought Spurs were better than us today. I know the media seem to love him but I think he’s an arrogant for nothing, underachieving prick.

  57. Dissenter

    Sorry… Xhaka isn’t good enough. You won that argument a long time ago.

    However he had a good game and his physicality was appropriate. Didn’t you see how Sanchez bullied Laca in the first half, kicking the lumps out of him?

  58. MidwestGun

    The ref was obviously biased against Arsenal …

    Yep he was so obviously biased he gave a soft pk to Auba at the end of the match which could have won it.. lol
    ‘I suppose it was the ref’s fault Auba missed it badly?

    My take away from the match is our squad is not good enough, the manager was fine, the tactics were fine, the execution was fine.. the motivation was fine. but we have too many liabilities in big matches…. I’m not talking about matches against mid and low table fodder … for the big matches versus the top 6 we don’t have game changers.. and our quality doesn’t compare.. You could argue Ramsey is our best big match player and he is leaving. For me Sokratis was the motm …. he looks like a proper leader.
    Where is our Aguero, Kane, Salah, Pogba.. we need match winners. And we need less bottlers like Mustafi.

  59. Thomas

    DissenterMarch 2, 2019 14:34:51
    “3 match ban for Torreira innit”Simple one game banIts not like he spit at someone or stamped on a shin


    Straight red card. That’s a 3 game ban.

  60. Dissenter

    Same as Iwobi
    He didn’t have a good game and shouldn’t have finished that game because he was barely running from the 60-min mark.
    Not a good game but he wasn’t bad either, just meh…when we need quality.

    Then you see the senior player that should be benching him come and also turn out to be just … meh.

  61. Marc


    The Poch has been displaying a degree of arrogance for too long now. As irritating as it is those who are really fucking good can get away with it, the Poch has yet to demonstrate he’s at that level. His treatment of Cup competitions sums it all up, he seems to think he’s too good to win one of those only the PL and CL are at his level.

    He’s yet to realise that as of yet neither he nor the Spud’s are worthy of anywhere near that level of consideration.

  62. Ishola70

    I don’t think he had a good game.

    He made an absolutely brain dead foul in the first period of the match. He got away with it.

    He made a few other silly Xhaka like tackles in the game as well.

    Mustafi and Xhaka are brain dead with Xhaka fancying himself as a top footballer.

    Xhaka has better games when he can avoid traffic. Unfortunately for him there aren’t enough of these type of matches.


  63. Un Battle Angel


    What?? Aubameyang was fucking useless
    Iwobi ran the ball at the channels
    Send that gapped toothed fool back to his Gambon flea hole. Stupid hair cuts and fuck all else
    Waste of money
    Just like ozil. Only uglier

  64. Elmo

    One thing we can say: we’ve taken 4 from 6 points against Spuds in the PL this season, and were the better team in both games. That’s an improvement on the last few years.

  65. Un Battle Angel


    Blame emery and his awful subs
    Blame aubameyang and his awful performance blame Mustafi
    Midbrain blame xakha for a loss that had fuck all to do with him

    What a bitter point

  66. Kamp

    You have to ask yourself how we might have faired had we kept the same side from the Bournemouth game.
    Sure we had to fight today, and sure Rambo scores, but we could have won it if we had greater possession. Today we couldn’t keep the ball.
    Guendouzi should feel aggrieved to not have finished the game, he is some player at 19.

  67. Dissenter

    Un na
    Laca missed two gilt edged chances that could have almost killed the game.

    He deserves all the stuff being hurled at Auba, every bit of it.

  68. Marc

    Un Battle Angel

    “Aubameyang is our new ozil”

    Stupid fucking statement by someone that will never get near a match.

    Aguero – 18 goals
    Salah – 17 goals
    Auba – 16 goals
    Kane – 16 goals

    His penalty was shit but the guy is one of the top scorers in the PL this season. Anyone who changes there tag for a cartoon character should learn to shut the fuck up.

  69. salparadisenyc

    Well done Marc this anti Auba shit is silly.
    Both our CF missed immense chances and looked nervy. That’ll change.

  70. Marc


    I’m so pissed off, Laca had a couple of great chances, taking Ramsey off was a mistake, Danny Rose is a shite of epic proportions and stays on for a worse foul than Torreira’s, the Spud’s penalty is clearly offside and we should have scored the penalty the ref gave us to “even” things up.

    But to claim that Auba is our new Ozil? What the fuck does that even mean?

  71. Ishola70

    Un Battle

    Xhaka was Xhaka in this match. No surprises from him.

    But a poster says he had a good match and was impressed with him putting it about. The point is Xhaka is a cumbersome oaf more often than not when he tries to mix it.

    He may not have cost the team today but he still showed all the signs of why so many want him out of the team.

    We are down the road again of praising him just because he doesn’t obviously affect the scoreline in a negative way are we?.

    All the warning signs about him were on show again today even if they did not end up as game changers.

    Mustafi showed all these signs as well but of course he makes the one real racket and it costs the team.

    They are both not good enough if Arsenal want to get back on the road to the top.

    At least Dissenter acknowledges this.

  72. Up 4 grabs now

    Defensively we looked fine.
    Mustafi was playing well till he gifted the pen. ( well for him)
    If guendouzi was injured or struggling fine, but if not Xhaka should have come off.
    Laca should have stayed on. Auba doesn’t add much as a striker and would have been nice to see laca, miki and fauna up top.
    Two points dropped but to be fair ten days ago it looked like a loss or draw at best.
    Still think fourth is on and outside chance of third.

  73. TR7


    Laca has got a better technique. Even on his off day, he brings others in to play which makes our team more potent. When he is at top of his game, he scores brilliant goals too. Auba is pretty much a kick and run player with little to no subtlety in his game. When he gets acres of space to run ,he can stretch opposition defenses but in the PL, there are few teams which will accord him that luxury. And as we have seen his chance conversion percentage is not any better than that of Laca.

    Laca is younger too and unlike Auba he is not overly reliant on his pace. Auba will only get worse from here on as he has lost some pace and explosiveness.

    Again not to say Laca is a real elite striker himself, he is not. He is not explosive and his finishing is not top class but he puts in 7/10 or better performances more often than Auba . Plus he has age on his side.

  74. MidwestGun

    I’m not 100% sure I will have to rewatch it.. but I think Ramsey lifted his arm to be subbed off .. then Ozil started to put on his shin pads. . he looked gassed. though.. was breathing heavy just walking off .. Understandable.. given the effort he put in..

    I thought it was a strange sub as well until I saw the way he looked walking off.

  75. Up 4 grabs now


    I think your right ozil wasn’t ready to come on.
    Didn’t do much when he did unfortunately.

    Give Ramsay his dues he did run his arse off closing down and chasing.

  76. Rambo Ramsey

    Lol @ Laca’s ‘technique’ . Guy couldn’t hold up a single ball today, easily bullied by the Spud defense.

    Where the fvck this bs about Laca being a smooth player has come from, I’ll never know. Every time I see him try to control a ball, its like watching a guy who has legs made of lead.

  77. Ishola70

    Laca put Ramsey through for the first goal and those that want to compare as the same the two chances he misses to the Auba penalty miss well they must have a big feel for Auba in that case.

    Laca’s first scuff was worse than the second. That second chance the ball came across him and he had to take the shot on first time. Nowhere near as bad as missing a pen.

    Ultimately both of them were not good enough today.

  78. Bamford10


    Not a bad argument for there Lacazette there. I remain unconvinced by him, but I can see the argument for him over Aubameyang. I can also see an argument for Aubameyang over Lacazette. What we really need is a CF who combines the best attributes of both of them.

  79. MidwestGun

    Well.. must win .. now against the Mancs at home. or it’s game over for getting top4 the traditional way..

    We have a chance ..but it’s slim because you don’t know how Spuds and Chelscum will continue to perform.. and we can’t drop points.

    Leftside.. but I agree I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad after that one… rollercoaster of emotions in about 10 mins.

  80. HillWood

    Spurs penalty should never have happened as there were FOUR players offside from the free kick leading up to it
    Aubas penalty should have been retaken as there was a player (Vertonghen I think) about FOUR yards inside the area who then was able to block Auba on the goal line
    Fucking disgrace

  81. Pierre

    “That’s not violent conduct. Violent conduct is for head butts, spitting, punching, stamping, off-the-ball elbows etc.
    Stop making stuff up.”

    It will be a 3 match ban …my advice to you is to accept this and move on before you make a complete fool of yourself.

  82. MidwestGun

    I agree Spurs penalty should never have been given.. Linesman missed it … The Auba penalty however you could argue should never have been given.. but your right they missed Vertonghen…

    I don’t think there is some big referee conspiracy against Arsenal though, they just s.uck at consistency.. and seeing everything in real time with many moving parts.. which is supposed to be part of their job.

  83. Jim Lahey

    “It will be a 3 match ban …my advice to you is to accept this and move on before you make a complete fool of yourself.”

    You’re the one who called Torreira’s tackle “violent conduct” when it clearly wasn’t..

  84. Champagne charlie

    Fuck me is ishola still going on about Xhaka? A player that had a decent game no less, odd obsession.

    Need saints to hold on here. I’m sure if United score it’ll be down to Xhaka somehow

  85. mysticleaves

    Nothing violent about Torr’s challenge. I will be amazed if it’s not 1 game ban. If he got a red I wonder why Rose didn’t. Both went for the ball and the straying boot caught the opponent. Torr actually won the ball. I was surprised it was a red card.

    Wish Southampton to hold on now. Would make the disappointment of earlier easier to take.

    Well, Southampton are shit really. How did they beat us?

  86. Leftsidesanch

    Very annoying! United in this form are almost a cert for a champions league spot. They’re hardly dropping any points in the league.

  87. Ishola70

    Said before I will go on and on about the weak link players in this side and the ones that need to be shipped out.

    Mustafi is one, Xhaka is the other.

    I pick on Xhaka far more than Mustafi on here because Xhaka still unbelievably has his supporters who think he is just fine in the side. Not a problem at all.

  88. HillWood

    In real time ?
    It was a penalty kick !
    How can a referee two linesmen and a fourth official not notice a player so far inside the penalty area ?
    If he wasn’t there he wouldn’t have been able to block Auba’s shot on the line

  89. mysticleaves

    Marko, am not sure there’s unusual love. A lot of the players given shit on le grove actually perform way better than the commentary they get here both in game and before/after. Chief amongst them is Xhaka

  90. Bamford10

    United get the win late. That hurts. They’re a better team than we are, though, and Solksjaer has them playing well. They were always favorites, in my mind, for fourth.

  91. Paulinho

    “Said before I will go on and on about the weak link players in this side and the ones that need to be shipped out.”

    I got the Xhaka stuff all out of my system between August – November 2016. Ranted on him daily during that period. Obviously I revisit him every now and then, like today, but I’m Xhaka’d out on the whole.

  92. mysticleaves

    We will beat Man utd next week and then it will be in our favor again. Spuds have been dragged into this top4 race and they still have Liverpool and City away. Thats 6 sure points to lose

  93. Pierre

    “You’re the one who called Torreira’s tackle “violent conduct” when it clearly wasn’t..”

    Refer to my earlier comment
    “Torreira’s tack!e will be regarded as violent conduct I’m afraid , not that I agree”

  94. MidwestGun

    Hillwood you got me there.. But I’m, saying the penalty in the first place.. was pretty soft.. What your describing though happens on just about every pk.. I remember in the world cup, I think it was.. they retook about 3 in a row in one match I watched because of it.. All Im saying is there is no referee conspiracy against Arsenal… they referees in the EPL just aren’t good enough for the most part.

  95. Marko

    I was being serious half decent games 😂 you’re rock hard while any sort of criticism vast majority of which is warranted and you perk up ready to go to war. You know you can ignore it. You do know that right

  96. Champagne charlie

    Marko everyone knows how you see the game, through a tv screen and hooked up to an Xbox. If you think I flinch at anything you say then you’re grossly overestimating yourself. Back to manage mode you boring cunt

  97. Marko

    That emoji was a mis-emoji.

    Game next week is big. Lose it and it’s finished but win and we’re back in the driving seat

  98. Pierre

    Jim lahey
    “You’re the one who called Torreira’s tackle “violent conduct” when it clearly wasn’t..”

    Refer to my earlier comment
    “Torreira’s tack!e will be regarded as violent conduct I’m afraid , not that I agree”

    Apologies dissenter

  99. Marko

    Marko everyone knows how you see the game, through a tv screen and hooked up to an Xbox

    Yeah I don’t have BT… that’s a strange attempt at mockery. I sometimes watch the games on my phone if I’m on the train too is that all right? Don’t answer that. Very strange lad. Anyway what is it his eyes? His firm arse?

  100. Elmo

    Ominously United are back to the Fergie-style of almost always scoring late to turn around run-of-the-mill games they were struggling in. When that’s happening, you just can’t see them missing top 4.

    Our best bet is Spuds falling away, which is now a possibility.

  101. MidwestGun

    Today Arsenal were robbed and you’re making excuses for it
    Hahahaha seriously? your making excuses dude.. the refs didn’t lose that match. for us..

  102. salparadisenyc

    United mojo back, we need to find ours.

    Spurs still have Anfield, the Etihad and finish with Everton at home if things still in balance. They aren’t clear yet.

    That penalty not the only chance we missed, few others if were castigating those missing things. Which is daft really based on week we’ve had.

  103. Victorious

    Santi cazorla,..remember him?..yh the guy that use to play for us and never seems to miss from 12 yrds just stuck in a pen for Villarreal

    How we could do with day tday

    I don’t care for the incompetency of the ref but we were given a chance to win it right at the death today and managed to bottle it real hard

    There’s a reason we’re regarded as the serial bottlers of the league

    Funny thing is Auba would probably score that if we were still 1 up and just need to seal the win

    He is shit when the pressure is on and no surprise really he shat his pants today when faced with a prospect to give us all 3points ,

    He never looked convincing at all, Laca is a better penalty taker and could have scored if he was on the pitch.

    Sadly that’s probably that for our top4 hopes.. United looks better for it