An angry bear awaits

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Who else is getting very excited about the Spurs game?

Have you been sending all sorts of shit to their fans?

No response?

Send some more.


Airplane mode for 6 days straight.

Look at that meme, a thing of beauty. Crafted from my own fingertips. It’s incredible because it is relatable. It’s relatable to me because I MADE IT.

There’s been a lot of chest thumping from fans saying ‘IT’S ALL ABOUT WHERE WE FINISH’, and yes, this is true, and if we deal with Spurs, United and the slew of tough away games, then yes, Emery is the master of the universe.

Arsenal is everyone’s best pal when things are going to shit. They are the sleeping bear that Timothy Treadwell is goading in the meme. This weekend will mark the total collapse of their season, or it’ll mark a nasty cut to the Achilles heel of our #Top3 dreams. United are plodding along very efficiently, Chelsea has title blood in their veins, so despite sitting pretty… it could all turn Shaqiri gurning levels of ugly if we don’t strike while Spurs are weak.

Again, I’ll reiterate this point: 3 of our best players are coming into form and fresher than James Blake one-liner on Twitter.

That is a huge advantage if Emery can keep them all motivated until the end of the season.

Some great numbers doing the rounds yesterday. Mikhi has better stats than Dele Alli, Zaha, Lingard and Willian despite playing less games than all of them.

Maybe Sven did pull off a madness? You only appreciate them when they’re dead… or resigned.

Bobby P has taken a huge gulp of air and got down to some serious brown nosing with the mighty, infallible, NEW King of Arsenal.

“He fits the mould of the type of player that Arsenal look for with our style of football. He’s excellent at dribbling, has superb vision & his overall technique is top class. He has spent a lot of time working with Iniesta which has improved his game massively”

Trying to cover his tracks, he weighed in on the Ozil debate after the German had been returned to first team duties.

“Its vital that Emery finds a space for Ozil in the team. It would be a big step backwards for the club if they sell him. He recently extended his contract & there’s no arguing that he is one of, if not, the best player in Arsenal’s squad”


FINALLY, Mesut Ozil has scored in the last three games he’s started with Jenko. All this time and the answer to unlocking Mesut was sleeping in an Arsenal-themed tent outside the training ground.


Right, I think that’s about as much Arsenal as I can handle today. But before I go…

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  1. gambon

    We will always bottle every decent situation we have. Always.

    6th this season and out of the EL as soon as we face Chelsea.

  2. Jeff

    Fucking hell. I can’t believe Auba. Both he and Lacazette have pissed me off big time today. How can you miss a fucking penalty on 90th minute to win the game. How can you do that? How? I give up.

  3. Champagne charlie

    That is NEVER a red. Collapses his leg in anticipation of hitting the man after winning the ball.

    Rose on Leno was twice as bad. Fuck off you useless cunt official

  4. Dissenter

    Ozil caused that bullshit red card with the pathetic cross
    He couldn’t even cross the ball properly
    Torriera had to save a point

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    “It’s PEA who needs to be sold, not Laca. The guy is average.”

    Ofcourse you would, TR7.

    You are the moron who thinks goals and trophies are overrated.

    We know where you stand.

  6. Bamford10


    Silly comment. One, one could just as easily say that Aubameyang would have finished one of the chances Lacazette missed in the first. Two, we never would have had that penalty if Lacazette was in, as he doesn’t have the length and pace to get in behind Sanchez and create that penalty.

    Both strikers have been unsatisfactory today, and both strikers are not quite good enough, in truth.

  7. Leftsidesanch

    Wow, havent watched a more annoying game of footy in years and Arsenal regularly make the blood boil

  8. Danish Gooner

    and guess what Torreira straight red will mis Manure,nice one just to put the icing on the cake.

  9. Paulinho

    If you look at the replay you will see that wanker Aubameyang hit the ball down on the turf before Vertonghen tackled him. Any clean contact and it was in regardless.

  10. bennydevito

    Never a red! Got the fucking ball!!

    Should have been 4 up. 2 missed from Laca, 1 from Auba, offside no penalty then Aubameyang passes it to Lloris for our penalty.

    Fucking robbed!

  11. Leftsidesanch

    The refereeing in this league is pitiful and the media’s favourite team Tottenham are also overrated as well.

    As for Mustafi and Auba, both are disgraceful. Ruined the teams hard work today.

    The red card was laughable. Taylor had an awful game.

  12. gonsterous

    ref was utter wank. As per. studs to chest is fine but studs to shin is red. got it.

    mhiki was our best attacking player, laca and auba should go back to shooting practise. We will end up 6th at the end of the weekend. thanx yah wankers.

  13. Bamford10

    That’s a shame. We should’ve gotten the win there; those would have been three massive points. Both Lacazette and Aubameyang let us down today.

  14. Guns of Brixton


    That was shite wasnt it?

    6th place and probs gonna get beat in the semis of the europa league.

  15. Just Another Customer

    After that Auba miss I’ll just take the rest of the season in the absurdity kind of way. Emery deserve his tenure this season already based on his match management. We should have won that already if not for suspect refereeing/calamitious players that will be sold this summer.

  16. Guns of Hackney

    I would sell Laca and Auba and start rebuilding with Icardi and some youth…dembele? Zaha as an attacker.

    We have to do something as this team is stagnant.

  17. Marko

    I mean you’d take it before kick off but what a missed opportunity. If the lineman does his job if Mustafi wasn’t so god awful and if Aubameyang wasn’t such a bottler we’d have a deserved win. Perfect second half performance I thought bar one or two instances

  18. Jeff

    It just beggars belief. I am shaking with rage. Why is it that we seem to bottle things like that? It’s just a piss take. A chance to consolidate our position with a win away to Spurs and what do we do? We miss a penalty that virtually wins the game.

  19. Tony

    Lava missed 2 clear chances and Auba a penalty.

    Always thought not a game for Ozil.

    Kane offside before getting a penalty.

    Seriously bad officiating.

    Take the draw though so not the worst result.

    Biggest loss is LT for United and 2 away games.

    Rose played for that as he’s been playing for decisions all game.

    AFC should appeal the red.

  20. Champagne charlie

    I think we missed Kolasinac in this one, his power and direct running was sorely missed.

    Can’t fault Emery on this one, did the business. Mustafi, Laca, and Auba need a good look in the mirror.

    Worst of the bunch for me was Auba. You can miss chances and make rash decisions, but there’s no redemption for a penalty in the final minute having zero conviction. You’re on 200k because you’re supposed to have the personality to at least give a good account. Awful, awful penalty.

  21. Ishola70

    Shame that Auba missed the pen because he won the pen well getting in front of Sanchez.

    Sanchez had a shocker today btw, At fault for the first Arsenal goal as well.

    Mikki set up that Auba penalty and he was MOM today, Very impressed with his overall play today. No need for Ozil when Mikki shows he is not such a flaky waif after all. Well done to Mikki.

    Clear as day that this team needs to lose the services of Mustafi and Xhaka. If Emery can’t see that then no sympathy if things go tits up for him.

  22. DaleDaGooner

    Can someone really take Bamford serious? One, what’s silly? You. Two, Aubameyang misses quite a bit of the same chances Laca misses, maybe even worse with the amount of chances he is afforded, three, Bullshit! Laca doesn’t have the length and pace? WTf does that mean? Have you missed some of his goals? Are you saying Laca has no pace? Probably would get behind Sanchez or win the ball wohout tripping over the first place and scoring that goal one on one. So spare me the smart remarks Bamford, you’re spouting hypothetical when a “world class striker” misses a penalty at the 90 minute. Did you see Kane score his?

  23. Guns of Hackney

    Actually you commie bastard, I had it down as a high scoring game.

    Corbyn supports Arsenal. That’s a terrible indictment.

  24. Guns of sf

    The television was showing Auba really nervous before the penalty he should never have taken it Mikki or Ozil should’ve taken it

  25. Paulinho

    Top four hopes over.

    Shame for Emery. He deserved that three points and chance to get us back in Europe on the final stretch.

  26. useroz

    How the fuck was that Red for Torr. Rose stamped in and clashed. Yes Rose was hit. It was a 50/50.

    Rose should have been a red with his stidd into Leno ‘s chest. Was it not a Red with his foot fully off the ground.??

    Fucking double standard.

  27. Guns of Hackney

    Laca, Auba, Xhaka, Mustafi.

    There’s a £100m. Take it and go down the casino and pop it on red.

    See what happens.

  28. bennydevito

    Rose studded Leno and only gets a yellow yet Torreira gets the ball first and is given a red.

    Ruined my weekend that has and my throat is sore as fuck and I’ve traumatised my 2 year old.

  29. Danish Gooner

    If you cant win an away game against a top four club in a game like this you never ever will,such an incredible opportunity wasted.

  30. Ishola70

    Guns of sf
    “The television was showing Auba really nervous before the penalty he should never have taken it Mikki or Ozil should’ve taken it”

    I don’t think anyone has been that impressed with Auba overall since he joined.

    He can pad his goals stats against the lesser teams in the league like other strikers do tbf as well but we all know he is not top notch. Good to decent on his day but not top notch.

  31. Guns of Hackney

    Yawn. “it was the refs fault, innit”

    No. Our powderpuff forwards and lack of discipline cost us this match.

  32. Guns of sf

    How xhaka stayed on the field is amazing. Poor Lucas though was trying to get us in with his effort and lunge

    Ozil lazy cross someone called that. Takes too much time on then ball

  33. Leftsidesanch


    Cazorla could strike penalties.

    Now, I’m nervous whenever we get one. That was a pathetic penalty.

  34. Tony

    On recent performances Auba should be shipped out and keep Laca in the summer.

    That penalty miss was pub team level. East for the keeper.

  35. Bamford10


    You’re such a clown. I’ve never said Aubameyang is “world class,” and I’ve clearly stated that he let the team down today. As for pace, saying that Lacazette doesn’t have Aubameyang’s length and pace — he doesn’t — is not the same thing as saying he doesn’t have pace. It’s a relative judgment. Saying x has more pace than y is not the same thing as saying y has no pace.

    I’ll just leave it there, as you have shown a thousand times that you’re a bit clueless.

  36. Marko

    I think we missed Kolasinac in this one, his power and direct running was sorely missed.

    My ass not only is he shit but first half the defensive work of both Iwobi and Mhiki was outstanding. They had good games Kolasinac wasn’t missed at all

  37. Dissenter

    “3 match ban for Torreira innit”

    Simple one game ban

    Its not like he spit at someone or stamped on a shin

  38. qna

    Would have been very happy with just the point but losing Torreira is a huge blow. Auba is shit at pens. Never beats the keeper for pace. Only when the keeper goes the wrong way.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    Disappointing result in circumstances.

    Weak penalty from Aubameyang.

    Arsenal should appeal decision to red card Torreira. Not remotely a red card decision. I thought that Torreira made contact with ball.

  40. Paulinho

    Look at Kane’s penalty technique and look at Aubameyang’s.

    Auba need to send the keep the wrong way. Kane doesn’t, because he strikes the ball so much cleaner.

  41. Samesong

    Paulinho get a grip,if we beat Manure we are right back in it

    That’s a big IF though. United bring a different pressure and our probably more jammier than spurs.

  42. DaleDaGooner

    We haven’t had a confident penalty taker since Arteta

    You read my mind. I think Mhki scores that. I just felt Auba would bottle it and he did.

  43. Danish Gooner

    Auba and laca is not the problem our incredible weak defense is,we have now let in 40 goals and the season is still missing 9 games,it is all to much to much to challenge for the title and could be to much to secure the fourth spot.

  44. Guns of Hackney


    I might have a laugh but believe it or not, I am not insane. Emery isn’t the guy but his players just aren’t good enough.

    Of course I can’t blame Emery for the pathetic Auba but perhaps someone else should have the penalties. Also the lack of discipline is terrible.

    Mustafi is so so bad. Torrier let himself down but he’s been a bit crap the last few games. Tired.

  45. Leftsidesanch

    Kane is a piece of shit. “It evens itself out” – fuck off.

    Thats not logical reasoning for piss poor officiating. Taylor and his team had a poor game today. It shouldn’t have had to come to Auba even flaking a poor penalty.

  46. Guns of sf

    I would have put in kola vs ozil again tiring legs

    His direct pace and power is what we could have used latter stages today

    I think that we might win the red card on appeal. Conversly can the FA give a red to rose? Lol

  47. Just Another Customer

    Yeah Guns or Hackney because it’s all binary innit not the combination of those? Agree with you we need proper fox in the box striker to finish those low crosses. Also a penalty specialist with great MENTAL STRENGTH that won’t fluff it when it matters.

  48. Elmo


    Surely Laca is a confident penalty taker. At Lyon he was criticised for his huge goal tallies being padded out by scoring so many pens.

    PEA looks like a guy who feels the pressure in those situations, and a good shot stopper will call his bluff when he tries to lure them into committing early.

    What’s annoying is that Spurs were there for the taking. To get 3 points against United, we’re going to have to put in a higher level of performance.

  49. DaleDaGooner

    Bamford, most people here know you’re the clown and you’re a douchebag have a nice day twat.

  50. Guns of Hackney

    Ozil is a game changer…for Spurs.

    Another £350,000 earned. Sweet. Off to Turkey now and he’ll call in sick tomorrow.

  51. James.wood

    Linesman should be docked his wages.?
    Ramsey put a really good shift in considering he is going.

    Game should have been tied up against a miserable looking Spurs
    and that’s our problem.

    Ozil actually looks ill.?????

  52. Bamford10

    If we want CL football, we’ll probably need to win the Europa League. Whether we can do that might depend on what we get from Lacazette and Aubameyang in the Europa. If they play like they did today, we have no chance. If either finds his form and shooting boots, we’d at least have a chance.

    My money at the moment is on us not having CL football next season. But hopefully we make the right moves in the summer such that we have a much, much better XI and squad next season.

  53. useroz

    Really sad for our 100 mil strikers

    Poor poor penalty. You and I could have scored it.

    Both pens were NOT pens tbh. We’d have won.


    Laca missed badly.

    Auba wasted TWO 1 v 1 chances with his typical poor touch/ ball control

  54. Tobs

    For all those perpetually having a go at Iwobi, this match once again highlights why Mustafi should be the first player out the door. Iwobi is no where near the top of our problems.

  55. Danish Gooner

    Auba,Laca and Pepe could be a monster team up but we need to secure that fourth spot or win the EL,who is not to say that Spurs will crumble they have been incredible dodgy lately and aprt from Manure we could win the remainder if asked too thats 24 point on the top.

  56. Paulinho

    Mikhitaryian makes better decisions and executes better than Ozil in the final third, especially in these big games. Underrated composure in the heat of the battle.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    As I said I don’t think that it is a red card offence. Arsenal should appeal it.

    Spurs are in my view a lucky team. They should not have had a penalty, because Kane was offside before Mustafi fouled him.

    Aubameyang should have scored that penalty.

    Overall Arsenal were the better team. We need now to win against Man Utd.

  58. Just Another Customer

    We fucking need to really DRAIN THE SWAMP with all these Wenger’s dross only then I will judge Emery on his style without restraint.

  59. TheLegendaryDB10


    Anyone notice Ozil’s contribution?

    I am with ya. He was anonymous…. as usual. Pierre your take on his calming influence….. he never shows up in big games.

  60. Leftsidesanch

    We’re not winning the Europa and I’m not positive on top 4.

    Our “world class” strikeforce miss too many chances.

    This is the business end of the season, if our “world class” striker can’ t be trusted to send the keeper the wrong way in stoppage time against our most hated rivals then what is the point?

  61. Marko

    The only way Spurs looked like scoring that second half was with a pen. Sok had Kane in his pocket. I mean truly it’s another prime example that you can have a game plan and tactics but as long as you have error prone shit players like Mustafi about it goes out the window thanks to their dumb decisions

  62. DaleDaGooner

    Bamford you’re welcome! Wasn’t even an argument in the first place, you’re just a silly cunt who scrounges around looking for an argument. Bad penalty miss, most agreed, even your doppy comments assume same. Have a nice day twat.

  63. qna

    So Ozil…. I don’t blame him for the loss. But just considering him as our 350k/wk player. He just isn’t good enough. We should be paying that to a guy who can influence those games. Who we don’t have to leave on the bench because he weakens us against a side that will have a lot of possession. I was really barracking for the guy to go on with it after last game. But it’s just plain to see that we have to find a way to move him on if we are going to get better.