Arsenal fans loading up #MindTheGap memes

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Today could mark the biggest week in the career of the mighty Unai Emery.

Spurs fans; fresh off petitioning the UK Government to make Top 4 an actual trophy so Pochettino can be reclassified as a proper coach, are nervously chewing their nails at the prospect of Arsenal fans gearing up their best #MINDTHEGAP memes.

They have to go away to Stamford Bridge to play a bruised and battered Chelsea. Spurs themselves are fresh off the back of a BREXIT beating from the LOCAL heroes of Burnley. They’ll likely be mentally fatigued and feeling symptoms of queasiness, fearing a giant bout of Spursy like behaviour is about the disrupt their GREATEST EVER SEASON.

I live for this. Remember back in the day when Arsenal would land in Februray, exactly this point in the season, bright eyed and bushy tailed because we were in three tournaments… only to get spanked by Monaco in the Champions League, lose to Blackburn in the FA Cup, then get slapped out of the league with three distressing defeats.

Could that be ‘plucky’ Spurs this evening?

Which Chelsea will show up? The team that rode Manchester City hard with a carefully crafted tactical plan that was both pragmatic and disciplined. Or will the players down tool, write their own team sheet and let the gods take care of the Sarri situation?

Who knows… but at the moment, I’m dreaming of a momentous collapse of the homeless ones.

Arsenal welcomes Bournemouth. They haven’t managed to build much consistency of late, but we know they can cause problems for us. They’ve scored 38 goals this season, which isn’t bad for a team that sits in 12th. However, their defence is shocking, especially on the road, so I’m hoping Emery stacks the team to break them early doors just like we’ve done in our last two games.

We really need fresh legs at the weekend. The quicker we can kill off the game and go into the energy conservation mode, the better… even more important because we know Spurs do not have that luxury.

In other news, Rob Holding is back in the training looking very pleased with himself on the Arsenal Twitter. Cannot wait for him to be back in the first team.

Leicester have binned Puel and brought back Brendy Rodgers! Great news for the Premier League. The exLiverpool manager deserves to be in mix over here and hopefully he’ll have a successful return. We need more nutters in the league and I live for his prezzers. Leicester really don’t fuck around, do they?

In blander news, Arsenal apparently fancied Atlanta’s Almiron this January, but the club couldn’t pull together £16m for him. Quite unbelievable. It’s always tough to know if someone will adapt from MLS, but that’s not the point, the point is we wante him, but could only muster a loan ask. Rapha Honigstein noted that the same thing happened with Nkunku, a player I watched score at the weekend, a player who definitely isn’t going to be available this summer. He really could have been handy for the run-in.

Think about this situation. The tightest club in the league, with Mike Ashley at the helm, had more money to spend than Arsenal this window. How can we be pleading poverty with £400m revenue? The only thing I’m thankful is that Emery didn’t lead us on. It would appear that going private with Stan is like giving £100 to the guy in the white van at a petrol garage and hoping he comes back with a flatscreen TV.

Except the flatscreen was Denis Suarez… and there’s water leaking from the remote. Bad times.

Right, BIG game tonight, let’s hope for an easy win, no injuries and a big fat spanking for Spurs.


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  1. Valentin

    At the time I was not sure, but Gone and viewed Bournemouth goal and I still don’t understand how a foul was not given for the kick on Guendouzi.
    Got kicked in full view of both referees, got nowhere near the ball, yet let play continue. Unbelievable.
    This is exactly that kind of lax, lazy refereeing that is killing young English players. Why attempt to play under pressure when you can get kicked without any consequence? There is a reason why U21 flair players consider going to Germany or France a better choice than play for lower league.

  2. Pierre

    If you watch it closely , the attacker plays the ball first before there was any contact.
    Some refs may have given a free kick but I thought the ref got it right on this occasion.
    Fortunately it made no difference but hopefully Guendouzi will learn from it , he had a bit of a xhaka moment really.

  3. Un Battle Angel

    For all of Liverpool’s supposedly world class attacking fervour, they’ve only scored 4 more goals than the “dross” Wenger left behind
    Said dross is also outscoring every other side in the league apart from city.

  4. Un Battle Angel

    The allegedly superior attacking talents of Chelsea united and city have scored less than our disjointed and dull attack

  5. qna

    Pierre: The simple fact is, we are a better football team with Mesut Ozil in the team and that is the only criteria that he should be judged by.

    I dont agree that that is a fact at all. That is conditional on whether Mesut plays well. If he doesn’t play well, we are a much worse team with Mesut in the side than an alternative. If Ozil is denied time and space on the ball he often just isn’t up for the fight.

    Ozil isnt going to get it all his own way. Teams are going to try to close him down quickly and put some body contact on him. Its really up to him whether he is going to just take that and sulk or fight with a bit of determination to make himself the room he needs.

  6. Valentin


    The problem is that a lot of people form their opinion on the highlight show and on perception rather than reality. With uneducated pundits repeating lies and complete idiocies, those become the gospel.

    Sanchez was said to be a world class player long after he has ceased to play like one. Everybody who attended games saw that he kept losing the ball, attempting selfish shot when a teammate was better placed, blaming others for his shortcomings. However whenever somebody dared making those points he/she was ridiculed. Pundits had decided that he was an active world class player and no evidence to the contrary was accepted. Now at ManUtd, the world suddenly realised that that was the truth. Without Özil to make him look good, his style of play could not cover his deficiencies.

    Özil style of play is languid, then he is said to be lazy. Even if the statistics show that he ran more than so called action man players.

    Most pundits still think that Arsenal can’t defend set pieces and corners. They should bditch that zonal marking that is obviously not working. The reality Arsenal had the best record on set pieces defending in the league.

  7. Valentin


    I watched it again and there is absolutely no contact with the ball. He kicked through Guendouzi who then miskick the ball. Free-kick every day.
    Even if he had touched the ball first, his follow through was a kick from behind which are banned as considered as dangerous.

  8. Un Battle Angel


    I no longer worry about set prices and corners as much as I used to. It’s the high line with slow defenders and route one counter attacks that have been our Achilles heel for some 4-5 years now or more.

  9. Valentin

    @Un Battle

    Yet if you listen to most pundits we are bad at set pieces. That is a lie that keep getting repeated despite evidence that this is a wrong.

    Yes I agree our high defense line played without putting pressure is highly susceptible to ball over the top to onrushing attackers. That the case under Wenger and is still the case under Emery. Against Southampton with the score still at 0-0, Nathan Redmond should have scored.

  10. qna

    Valentin: Özil style of play is languid, then he is said to be lazy. Even if the statistics show that he ran more than so called action man players.

    My opinion isnt based on that. I know that he covers distance. But the problem is he rarely puts in the effort needed either to make a challenge that will hold up the play or affect the play in anyway. It often makes no difference if Ozil was there or not to how the player plays. Also, he will often run into a good defensive position. Our team will also run into positions accordingly. The player will waltz past Ozil and he will just stand still, not bothering to chase back. This leaves us out of position because our players have set up thinking one of our players has a certain area of the field covered. This pulls our defenders out of position to go to where Ozil no longer is and space is opened up. Its a regular thing for Mesut. He is a liability in defence.

    Then you have the case where he has the ball. If he gets cornered, or if the ball gets to him and his opponent can get touch tight, he almost certainly gets stripped of the ball. Again, catching us out of position.

    The fact that Ozil covers a lot of ground doesnt mean that he puts pressure on the ball.

    He is a quality player, but he really isn’t suited to a team that uses a forward press. This includes Emery, but also other top managers in Europe. Its the way the game has moved. So if your not a player that is suited for the modern game you either have to adapt or your no longer useful. Aguero has adapted. David Silva has adapted. Mesut has not.

    He actually showed a little bit recently that he can change. He has put in some challenges in recent times and I dont recall a recent time when someone has run right through him like he was a ghost with his hands thrown in the air. This shows me that he actually is listening to the manager and trying his best within his limitations. Thats a great thing. The guy has come back from being left out of the team and put in some good performances. Its now up to him to keep doing that. If he does, then there is hope for his career at the top level yet. But he has to do what the manager asks of him whether he likes it or not.

    PS. Valentin. I agree it was a foul, but the attacker may have got a toe on it. I cant see the touch, but on one angle I can see the ball change speed. Initially after Guen shifts the ball, it just speeds up a little bit a split second after that. But still a foul in my opinion. Just because you get an inadvertent toe on I didnt think that meant you got the ball properly. But not sure what the rule is.

  11. Valentin


    I think that the world has moved on from the gegen pressing. This year Liverpool does not play that system any more. There are multiple reasons why:

    1) it is a very physically demanding system which means that you have to athletes playing football rather than athletic footballer. You cannot play it in England as we do not have a winter break. The result is that you need to a huge squad or accept that by February half your team is knackered.

    2) Tactically, you just need one player to overcommit, and you may in trouble. Same thing if one player undercommit. You don’t need bad attitude just bad judgement.

    3) teams have come up with a simple plan to counteract it. Play very conservatively, stay compact, attack with long ball and speedsters directly to the central defenders who are then exposed. Remember when everybody was blaming Moreno for Liverpool woes when quite often he was just trying to overcompensate the fact that their midfield was too high.

    A good coach picks a system for the players he currently has not the ones he wishes he had. He can only change players during transfer window.
    Playing Özil in a system that maximize is effectiveness was and is still the only solution at least until the end of the season.
    Also complaining about Özil not tackling when playing Xhaka seems contradictory.

  12. Dissenter

    The NLD will,be a very physical nasty game because our smal neighbors age lost two consecutive games.
    It’s not a game where anyone is carried defensively.

    I wouldn’t start with Ozil. It doesn’t mean he woudn’t get minutes second half.
    Ramsey’s style suits this game more.

  13. Valentin


    I am assuming that you also think that we would have dismantled Southampton without Özil as well. Oh did we not lost at Southampton?

  14. Dissenter

    ‘I am assuming that you also think that we would have dismantled Southampton without Özil as well’

    I’m not averse to Ozil playing every game if it helps the team..

    Yes, we would have beaten Southampton at home, with or without Ozil

  15. Valentin


    We did beat Southampton at home with Özil.
    We got beaten by Southampton away without Özil.
    What is the point you are trying to make?

    Against Spurs, I would have Ramsey follow Christiansen like a over enthusiastic puppy and block all forward passes.
    Start Lacazette Instead of Aubameyang.
    Have Mhikitarian run directly at Tripper and Sanchez whenever possible. They will concede free kicks. I can even see one Spurs defenders getting sent off.