Arsenal fans loading up #MindTheGap memes

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Today could mark the biggest week in the career of the mighty Unai Emery.

Spurs fans; fresh off petitioning the UK Government to make Top 4 an actual trophy so Pochettino can be reclassified as a proper coach, are nervously chewing their nails at the prospect of Arsenal fans gearing up their best #MINDTHEGAP memes.

They have to go away to Stamford Bridge to play a bruised and battered Chelsea. Spurs themselves are fresh off the back of a BREXIT beating from the LOCAL heroes of Burnley. They’ll likely be mentally fatigued and feeling symptoms of queasiness, fearing a giant bout of Spursy like behaviour is about the disrupt their GREATEST EVER SEASON.

I live for this. Remember back in the day when Arsenal would land in Februray, exactly this point in the season, bright eyed and bushy tailed because we were in three tournaments… only to get spanked by Monaco in the Champions League, lose to Blackburn in the FA Cup, then get slapped out of the league with three distressing defeats.

Could that be ‘plucky’ Spurs this evening?

Which Chelsea will show up? The team that rode Manchester City hard with a carefully crafted tactical plan that was both pragmatic and disciplined. Or will the players down tool, write their own team sheet and let the gods take care of the Sarri situation?

Who knows… but at the moment, I’m dreaming of a momentous collapse of the homeless ones.

Arsenal welcomes Bournemouth. They haven’t managed to build much consistency of late, but we know they can cause problems for us. They’ve scored 38 goals this season, which isn’t bad for a team that sits in 12th. However, their defence is shocking, especially on the road, so I’m hoping Emery stacks the team to break them early doors just like we’ve done in our last two games.

We really need fresh legs at the weekend. The quicker we can kill off the game and go into the energy conservation mode, the better… even more important because we know Spurs do not have that luxury.

In other news, Rob Holding is back in the training looking very pleased with himself on the Arsenal Twitter. Cannot wait for him to be back in the first team.

Leicester have binned Puel and brought back Brendy Rodgers! Great news for the Premier League. The exLiverpool manager deserves to be in mix over here and hopefully he’ll have a successful return. We need more nutters in the league and I live for his prezzers. Leicester really don’t fuck around, do they?

In blander news, Arsenal apparently fancied Atlanta’s Almiron this January, but the club couldn’t pull together £16m for him. Quite unbelievable. It’s always tough to know if someone will adapt from MLS, but that’s not the point, the point is we wante him, but could only muster a loan ask. Rapha Honigstein noted that the same thing happened with Nkunku, a player I watched score at the weekend, a player who definitely isn’t going to be available this summer. He really could have been handy for the run-in.

Think about this situation. The tightest club in the league, with Mike Ashley at the helm, had more money to spend than Arsenal this window. How can we be pleading poverty with £400m revenue? The only thing I’m thankful is that Emery didn’t lead us on. It would appear that going private with Stan is like giving £100 to the guy in the white van at a petrol garage and hoping he comes back with a flatscreen TV.

Except the flatscreen was Denis Suarez… and there’s water leaking from the remote. Bad times.

Right, BIG game tonight, let’s hope for an easy win, no injuries and a big fat spanking for Spurs.


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  1. Marko

    Koscielny should be alright it looked like a kick and a cut on the knee and a bit of a rest he should be good. Hopefully it doesn’t swell up but it looked a small cut

  2. TheLegendaryDB10


    Spuds we are coming for you…….

    I second that. Can’t wait for the game. This will be the usual nailbiter.

  3. Champagne charlie

    “When is it okay to call Pochettino a bottler? He insists he wants the big trophies but isn’t good enough to win them.“

    You insist 70 mil is nothing to spend, Poch wishes he had it. Swings and roundabouts.

    Not good enough to win big trophies? Is Emery?

  4. TheLegendaryDB10

    Fuck Spuds. Game on this week. We need to put them back in their rightful place which is beneath us.

    Hope UE gets it. AW was at least fully aware to not let this ever happen, until his last few years where he was more focused on himself than on the club and these cunts were able to take our 4th spot (Lolz… what a prize it is now. All to keep us relevant).

  5. TheLegendaryDB10

    For those who were able to watch the game in full (my streams were crap all night 🙁 ): did Ozil do anything of significance???

  6. HighburyLegend

    @Sanmi : of course they were on fire. But when it comes to tougher opponents, it’s a complete different story.

  7. TheLegendaryDB10


    It is always the same with the Spuds.

    It will be even more hilarious once they do drop out of the CL and they will still have that huge debt to pay off. Once they start increasing ticket prices, you gotta wonder who is going to fill up that stadium.

    Up to us to make this nightmare for them happen.

  8. Receding Hairline

    Emery has 10 career trophies to Pochettino’s Zero Charlie…he has a team he consistently gets to a certain level but can never go beyond, when does it become his fault?

    Don’t know why u drag Emery into this by the way…he has 10 trophies, let Pochettino win one first

  9. Marko

    You insist 70 mil is nothing to spend, Poch wishes he had it. Swings and roundabouts.

    He has spent over 390 million euros at Spurs.

    Not good enough to win big trophies? Is Emery?

    A simple Google of both men will help you out mate

  10. Pierre

    It’s no coincidence that Arsenal are a much better football team with Mesut Ozil on the pitch ….oozes class as does Mhkitaryan.

    What you saw tonight is the possibilities this team has offensively if you play the correct personnel.

    Ozil and Mhkitaryan have hardly had any minutes during our poor recent run, Mhkitaryan is a very underrated player ( especially on Le Grove) and with him and Ozil now playing regularly , we are now seeing football played the Arsenal way and long may it continue.

  11. Thomas

    SanmiFebruary 27, 2019 22:09:32
    Ozil and Mkhi in the last 2 games have been on fire!


    At home against the mighty titans Southampton and Bournemouth.

  12. Leftsidesanch

    Thomas, i often wonder what the point is of supporters like you. Constant negativity and downplaying everything Arsenal do. Your not forced to follow the Arsenal, lighten up.

  13. Receding Hairline

    We are 11 points better off at this stage last season with a +10 goal difference. But I guess the points or final position matters little if you can’t see the foundation or something like that

    Trying to mock Emery with trophies when the man u are defending hasn’t won a plastic cup is hilarious

  14. LeMassiveCoq

    Whilst I have never quite had Pierre’s reverie about Ozil, I do think he could be a key player at the butt end of these season. IF…he can stay fit (not ill), and keep his energy levels up, we do need his creativity.

    Saying that, I wouldn’t start him against the spuds on Saturday, Ramsey or if Miki can play like Pedro did tonight…

  15. Champagne charlie

    “He insists he wants the big trophies but isn’t good enough to win them.“

    Can say the same from earlier with Rafa getting a name drop. I mention Emery because the above suggests you’re dismissing Poch as a manager at the highest level all the while you’re wedded to Emery.

    Are you just going to ignore the poverty club he’s at whilst up against flex masters Chelsea, City, United and now even Liverpool?

    I love a good laugh at Spurs, but their management and recruitment for their outlay has been enviable as fuck. Poch is top drawer

  16. Receding Hairline

    Pedro I disagree …Pochettino is a good manager, may be great someday but not even close to that yet. Using the term great for him is premature.

    At this stage United will be wondering what exactly he brings that Ole doesn’t

  17. Receding Hairline

    P.S I am not wedded to Emery. I just don’t share your obvious disdain for his abilities as a manager. He is known in the game as a clever tactician and has achievements to back him up. He doesn’t need your endorsement Charlie so give it a rest.

    His present employers I reckon are also quite pleased with him

  18. TheLegendaryDB10


    Yes. But he does come after the greatest of all frauds (in his last 6-7 years certainly): AW. Coming second behind us like all Spuds should do.

  19. TheLegendaryDB10


    His present employers I reckon are also quite pleased with him

    That remains to be seen. Finishes in the top 4 or wins the EL, and yes that would be the case.

  20. Champagne charlie


    So should Poch laugh off Champions League qualification and go after the Europa?

    I’ve not said anything about Emery you dense twat, I’ve highlighted your POV on Poch by stating he’s not good enough to win the big trophies. I said is Emery? Is he capable of delivering Arsenal a league or Champions League?

  21. Pedro

    RH, he’s one of the best managers in the world. No doubt. United would give a right arm to have him at their club. Bayern. Maybe Madrid.

    We can all still laugh at him though, because that’s the way it goes.

  22. Paulinho

    “We are 11 points better off at this stage last season with a +10 goal difference. But I guess the points or final position matters little if you can’t see the foundation or something like that”

    But where is the philosophy, what exactly is Emery trying to do? Win football matches? Pfft. Football is about the intangibles that no one can measure or quantify, not actual results.

  23. Champagne charlie

    Hillwood, I was.. I was watching it and having a chuckle. That being said I’ll still challenge some nonsense when I read it

  24. Pedro

    Spurs game is going to be fun.

    We’re going into that game confidence sky high off a proper performance.

    Spurs are going to be wounded…

    Beat Spurs and United and top 4 is looking likely.

    However, for all the chest beating, Chelsea kept up the chase and so did United. This can go from 4th to 6th pretty quick.

  25. Sanmi

    Poch is an average coach.
    Won nothing!
    He’s on the level of Eddie Howe, Brenda Rogers etc
    Emery is a serial winner.
    On the level of Simeone,

  26. Pedro

    RH, you have consistently demonstrated a weak understanding of the game.

    Poch is a world-class coach, overachieving on meagre budgets, whilst developing kids into elite players.

    He is everything you want in a manager.

    You sound like all the snarky know it alls writing off Tuchel when he was moved on from Bayern.

    A big club will come knocking, no doubt.

  27. Marko

    That being said I’ll still challenge some nonsense when I read it

    What nonsense? You literally started the nonsense. Is Receding calling a Poch a bottler triggering to you? Seems so

  28. Receding Hairline

    You will challenge nonsense by asking me what trophies Emery has won? Well he has 10, 3 with Sevilla a club poorer than Spurs

    What has pochettino won Charlie? He has spent over 300m at Spurs so I don’t think poverty is the excuse. He was also here in this league when Ranieri and Conte rolled up and won it.

    We will discuss if Emery can win the Champions league and League with Arsenal when he has been here five years…yea Pochettino has had five years to make winners out of Spurs, he says he needs 10.

  29. Receding Hairline

    Pedro thanks for the snark but I am okay with my understanding of football. World class managers win trophies, he isn’t world class just because you say he is sorry. Tuchel was never at Bayern by the way and no Tuchel isn’t world class either nor is Emery

  30. salparadisenyc

    Good win enjoyed that. Ozil, Miki played some good stuff.
    That ball to PEA was bliss.


    Its on baby, we win and its a point. Mind the gap.

  31. Bamford10

    Agree with Receding. Pochettino has done nothing to deserve being described as “great”. He’s clearly a good manager; he’ll need to win things to be regarded as great, though.

  32. Marko

    Poch is a very good manager and doing a good job for sure but he needs to leave Spurs and win trophies otherwise he’s wasting his career. And those comments on winning trophies is some loser shit honestly

  33. MidwestGun

    Off topic but.. The funniest part about Spurs match was Giroud trying to claim an assist off of Trippier’ s OG hahaha classic.

    He’s our secret agent. Probably shouted something at Lloris in French.. . still have no idea why Lloris was coming for the ball. Apparently, Trippier had no idea why either. Aguero like finish..

  34. Marko

    Pedro that snark will get you a ban keep it up. And while I’m at it i’ll put Arteta and Red Bull on the banned words list.

  35. Bamford10

    Like I said this morning, if Chelsea find their form, they could challenge us and United for fourth. They’re three points back, but they have a game in hand.

  36. Champagne charlie

    “Not good enough to win big trophies? Is Emery?“

    You said Poch isn’t good enough to win big trophies. That’s what you said.

    This is what I challenged. I did so by asking if our new manager is capable of winning these big trophies you speak of? And yea, I know he won the Europa at Sevilla and all the silver in France, but he’s at Spurs, a CL team with no budget.

    You don’t think Poch can cry poverty in the league he’s in? Haha ok mate, suppose I should’ve expected that given your ideas Rafa is spending the mega bucks too.

    But remind me again that 70 mil in one window is nothing when Emery spends it..

  37. Paulinho

    Emery has an edge to him that Pochettino doesn’t have. Poch seems perpetually prosaic in the big occasions whereas Emery has a fire and intensity that should serve us well in the big moments. Gee up as up to a crescendo. Poch’s way builds a solid consistent team that trundles on but can’t raise their game to match to the demands of on occasion.

  38. Marko

    Giroud trying to claim credit for an own goal is the most Giroud thing to do these days. Not like he’s going score himself

  39. Bamford10


    Didn’t you tell us at the start of the season that Tottenham’s squad was as good as anyone’s save City? Doesn’t that mean the money argument is irrelevant? Shouldn’t Pochettino have them contending at some point if he has the squad you say he has?

  40. Champagne charlie


    I said their XI is, which isn’t the same thing. Good try at the classic Banford rehash though.

    To turn that on it’s head, pretty good achievement wouldn’t you say for a manager that hasn’t been out spending the millions of a nation, or reaping the benefits of Barcelona with their pants down.

    If Poch and Emery were both out of a job, who is knocking on their respective doors?

  41. Marko

    You don’t think Poch can cry poverty in the league he’s in? Haha ok mate, suppose I should’ve expected that given your ideas Rafa is spending the mega bucks too.

    I assume this is for me but in all honesty it could be anyone that’s how much you argue. You saying something stupid like 70 million Poch wishes he had that is silly considering he’s spent 392 million. He’s bought that squad outside of Vertonghan Lloris Erikson and Kane.

  42. Receding Hairline

    Elite sports men all have winners medals so also elite managers.

    Using the word elite for Spurs players and great for their manager is wrong on so many different levels.

    Charlie you have no argument but feel free to tie yourself in knots as usual, you failed by dragging Emery into a discussion on Poch, Sevilla have never spent 300m with a Emery yet he won three European trophies, the poverty excuse doesn’t hold up.

    Spurs squad is valued higher than most in the premier league

  43. Receding Hairline

    PSG have already come knocking at Emery’s door followed closely by Arsenal.. Why not put off the gloating until Pochettino actually backs himself to move to a big club and one offers him a job.

  44. Barking Arsene

    Poch has done a good job but I think at this point he should be held accountable for their failures.

    Maybe he hasn’t spent too much but that is mainly due to very good scouting and recruiting by Spurs – the value of those players if he had to go and buy them now would put him in the same sort of ballpark as city and Liverpool.

    That’s why I think he is now underachieving relative to his squad value.

    He has also had a reasonable amount of time (if we are making comparisons to Emery for example) to get his style and ideas across.

    Definitely a very good coach but not sure if he can be considered “great” just yet.

  45. Champagne charlie


    You’re all over the place. Whatever jargon you want to dish out to Poch be my guest, I stated he’s top drawer and that’s my view. There’s not a universal standard for getting coined top drawer because some numpty across the globe professes such.

    Elite sportsmen have winners medals. Ok, so Harry Kane isn’t elite by that ridiculous logic, but John O’Shea on the other hand…

    He’s spent 390 million, how much have they recouped in sales? What does that figure look like compared to the other 5 big sides in the league he’s trying to win?

    Again, should Poch bow out of the CL because Receding Hairline of Le Grove fame thinks he should bag a Europa? It’s tin pot.

  46. Bamford10


    Well, if you said XI, not squad, I guess I misremembered that. All the same: if Tottenham’s XI is as good as anyone’s save City’s, shouldn’t Pochettino be doing better? He had Kane and Alli until the second week in January, after all, yet they were 9 points off of Liverpool. Shouldn’t he be doing better than that? Shouldn’t he win something at some point if his XI is that good? He has the world’s greatest striker, no?

  47. salparadisenyc

    Poch will go on to win big things with a proper club which will make it even more tasty for us. Can’t see him staying on past this season once they get shitcanned from Europe. Could press into semi with a favorable draw and it will then become Poch saying i’ve taken them as far as I can.

    Obviously i’d like to see Dortmund turn it around but that looks unlikely.

  48. Receding Hairline

    Probably the one with ten career trophies and a higher win percentage (minus PSG) but hey what do I know, I have a weak understanding of the game.

    One is in his first season with a new club in a new league, one is a top draw manager 5 years into his project… Difference in points is 4. But again football is more than this.

    Get out those net spend figures and rumored moves to “big clubs”.

  49. Barking Arsene


    At the moment, based on previous trophies won and current league standings relative to the time they have had with their respective squads I’d say Emery.

    Don’t get me wrong – Poch has done a very very good job with Spurs, but I just can’t help but feel he needs to win something with that team.

    They have the players for sure but it is starting to feel like he hasn’t quite got that something extra that winning managers do.

    Obviously I hope he continues to fail miserably for as long as he is managing in England!

  50. Nelson

    I think Emery has already planned ahead how to rotate the squad for the next two games. He left Ozil in for the whole game but sub out Mikki and Auba. He played Iwobi and Laca only part of the game. He played Jen the whole game.

    I think Ozil and Jen will not feature in the next game. Ramsey and Xhaka will start along with the other forwards who have played only part of today’s game.

    The big worry is PapaSok. We have no one good enough to replace him.

  51. Champagne charlie


    Would you like to make a point at some stage?

    No I don’t go along with the ABC logic you’re peddling, they’d like to be closer for sure but I could offer up a few “excuses” for their modest season to date.

    Half their squad reached the World Cup finals and came back dead, they didn’t buy anyone so their squad remained thin at best, they’ve lost big players at bad times with no cover (Kane, Alli, Son) etc. Probably better offerings than a -2 evening in Belarus.

    Also, City and Liverpool have been tremendously ruthless the first half of the season.

  52. Pedro

    Midwest, reckon most of that Spurs squad stays for him… and the new stadium.

    Once they’ve made history opening that, I reckon there will be an exodus.

    Well, I hope anyway!

  53. Marko

    Charlie we won tonight and everything was nice around here and you literally couldn’t stand that and had to start up unnecessary arguments because I assume that you’re bored as shit. How about you leave the Emery shit kicking and Poch rimming for Saturday afternoon yeah. Or for when Poch wins something yeah

  54. Champagne charlie


    Yea get out the net spend figures because they’re sort of relevant. Spurs haven’t spent 390 mil on player additions have they? It’s been funded by sales, turnover of talent, and impressive recruitment that’s allowed such.

    Again, rattle off the rest of the top 6 and we’ll see how they fare. Until then I’ll continue to call them a poverty club, because it’s exactly the level they sit.

  55. Words on a Blog

    Poch is a potentially great manager, held back by the well known kryptonite of Spursiness.

    He’ll never be great unless and until he leaves his current state of homelessness.

  56. Barking Arsene


    Reckon you are right that they will probably all stay to see our their first season in the toilet bowl, but if they don’t see a return straight away I think that squad will get picked apart quite quickly.

  57. Pedro

    Barking, I’m more worried about the reaction at the weekend.

    Arsenal are everyone’s best friend when they’re in a crisis.

  58. MidwestGun

    To that end Pedro.. I know the match was wide open.. not much defending by Bournemouth. But it was good to see the boys having fun again.. Nobody wanted to be subbed off.. Lacazette practically hurt himself running from the warmup area to the half line so he could get in and get his goal. Hopefully there is some momentum.. to be gained from it.. As compared to Spurs who looked like plodders… and Kane one of the worst..he may have rushed back a little too soon.
    But as you say,.. probably means nothing when it comes to NLD.

  59. Barking Arsene


    Never a truer word spoken.

    We were made to fuck up this situation…

    Any news on the Kane “headbutt”? Could do with him getting a ban!

  60. Words on a Blog

    When opponents give us time and space.
    When Arsenal click and do their rapid interchanges
    And the Emirates is buzzing, like tonight
    And Ozil does his thing.
    I discover my inner Pierre
    Just for one night.

  61. salparadisenyc

    Suarez loves playing Madrid, always finds net in the Classico’s.
    Brace tonight, Barca dishing out a spanking eliminating Madrid from the Copa.

  62. Valentin

    For those who did not attend the game, there was a lot of cheers for Özil and a few boos to Emery tonight in the stadium.

    A few days ago I mention that we were ignoring a few avenues to score in our obsession to use our fullback to cutback.
    Tonight our midfielders Mhikitarian and Özil ran through the middleband score from there.
    We scored a goal via a quick counter-attack. Mhikitarianh ran from the fullback position and released Aubameyang via long through ball for a quick counter-attack.
    Lacazette should have scored via the the third avenue that I mentioned. Guendouzi attempted a looped ball over the top to Lacazette reminding me of the Song to Van Persie ball.

    However Bournemouth were shockingly bad. Bad tactic, stupid defending, I understand why they lost so many games away from home. They started with a flat back 4, but there was always at least 20 yards between the central defenders. Both central defenders were rarely in line meaning that quite often one of our players was onside with nobody to defend against. The first goal is a case in point Özil is onside and there is no central defender near him. I still don’t understand what Eddie Howe was trying to do with that wide central defenders organistion. If the central midfielder was supposed to step back in, he never did.

  63. Valentin

    The argument about Pochettino is a little bias, because we do know that his objectives and financial constraints are different from Arsenal.

    Spurs management has clearly prioritise Top 4 and run in the Champion’s league above a trophy. Especially if the trophy is a domestic cup.
    They have a small squad and there is a massive drop in quality between their top 14 players and after. They consider that getting eliminated of domestic Cup at the first round is perfectly acceptable and in fact consider it a blessing as it allows them to rest their players on domestic Cup days.

    The big Acid test for Pochettino will be if ManUtd or Real Madrid come knocking. Will he stay with Spurs or will he ditch them. Regarding the long term project, he should know that despite what Spurs management is telling him, the stadium will restrict their ability to buy and expand for the next 5 years. Same thing with the wage bill whose increase is limited by the increase in commercial contract by FFP Hence Champion’s league is vital as they want to be able to sell to Chinese or Middle East investors at inflated price once in their stadium with Champion’s league football.

  64. China1

    We’ve only faced dross but we’ve put in 3 of our cleanest performances of the season back to back

    That’s refreshing after we put some of our worst performances of the season back to back right before that lol

    At the start of the season even when we won the goal margins were relatively tight and the matches were far from free flowing. We’ve now laid down a market that with the right 11 and formation we CAN play nice attacking football, win the first half (lol) and put at least weak teams comfortably to the sword

    Now that emery has done it 3 times in a row he needs to make this a new normal. There will be games when it doesn’t work so well, but we should see far more of these performances than of the Cardiff performances where we won but looked like a pub team

  65. China1

    It doesn’t matter if spurs don’t need to win a cup to appease their owners, poch is a bottler akin to 2012 arsenal.

    His team are good enough to win something and I don’t agree that they can’t win a single trophy under him just because the league (which is the hardest to win) is the major priority.

    Poch is a very talented coach but he doesn’t know how to get his team over the finish line. A major lack of mental strength at the business end of each season

  66. China1

    Poch’s squad is at least as good, probably better than several of the wenger squads that got absolutely slaughtered for winning nothing and their mental weakness

    He’s done great to establish spurs at this higher level than before he came, but he doesn’t have the answer to take them to the next level. His ceiling with this spurs squad appears to be only as good as wenger’s season with comparable squads during our banter years. Let that sink in

    Poch can suck it

  67. kristoman

    February 28, 2019 00:33:52
    The argument about Pochettino is a little bias, because we do know that his objectives and financial constraints are different from Arsenal.
    Spurs management has clearly prioritise Top 4 and run in the Champion’s league above a trophy. Especially if the trophy is a domestic cup.
    They have a small squad and there is a massive drop in quality between their top 14 players and after. They consider that getting eliminated of domestic Cup at the first round is perfectly acceptable and in fact consider it a blessing as it allows them to rest their players on domestic Cup days.
    The big Acid test for Pochettino will be if ManUtd or Real Madrid come knocking. Will he stay with Spurs or will he ditch them. Regarding the long term project, he should know that despite what Spurs management is telling him, the stadium will restrict their ability to buy and expand for the next 5 years. Same thing with the wage bill whose increase is limited by the increase in commercial contract by FFP Hence Champion’s league is vital as they want to be able to sell to Chinese or Middle East investors at inflated price once in their stadium with Champion’s league football.

    i don’t agree with what you say here a lot but this
    you are spot on.

  68. Pierre

    Since Our opening 2 matches in August , Mhkitaryan and Ozil have only started 4 matches together.

    Leicester. 3-1 victory
    Liverpool 1-1 draw
    Bate. 3-0 victory
    Bournemouth. 5-1 victory.

    I would say Ozil’s ( and possibly Mhkitaryan)best performances this season have been in these 4 games which is an inclination that they like playing together , they both have an understanding of how his team mate wants to receive the ball so consequently our forward play is much more convincing.

    Iwobi, Guendouzi and Ramsey tend to hold on to the ball that fraction too long leaving Ozil and Mhkitaryan( and our strikers ) frustrated.

    Emery only plays them together in home games.
    Obviously Emery does not trust them to start together in away games.

    Maybe Emery should have a rethink due to our very poor away form since November.
    I don’t think many can argue the fact that our away form has been pretty uninspiring in the last few months , offensively we have lacked creativity and we have been unable to have any real control in matches due to being so poor in possession of the football, this must change and the only one who can change it is the manager.

    What is there to lose by playing them together away from home as we can’t play much worse than we are now.

  69. China1

    Poch has certainly done enough to earn a call up to a bigger gig, but he has far from answered every question remaining about his ability

    He has demonstrated that he can work on a very tight budget, develop young players, instill player loyalty and play excellent football which are great qualities

    But he hasn’t demonstrated he can instill any form of mental strength in his very talented babies. Something which is key in any competitive league

    Secondly we don’t yet know how well he will be able to manage big personalities. Like wenger, he has a squad full of softies who don’t rock the boat. Could he handle Neymar, Ronaldo and co? Emery gets criticized (probably fairly) for failing to manage the big ego players but poch hasn’t yet demonstrated he could do it. His 5 most talented players combined have about as much personality as a plank of wood. ‘Arry has such a deficit of personality it’s like talking to a bag of fucking rocks

  70. Moray

    Spuds game will be as exciting as it gets. The opportunity to push them closer to the fourth place back door, maybe overtake them. Keep them on the downwards trajectory. Football is all about beating Our local rivals for me.

    The game itself will be 50/50. They will be nervous for sure. Ramsey starts 100%. A strong game for him in the derby would be a great way to bow out.

  71. gonsterous

    don’t see what the fuss is about poch. He’s a good manager, I’ll give him that but Great? don’t think so, if he took over RM, do you see him winning multiple CLs ? him at utd, do you see them winning the PL? I don’t.
    But just like arteta, unless he moves from his current position, we will never know.
    I’m not a massive emery fan but what he has done so far is better than expected. Unless of course you expected him to win the league.
    Funny how arsenal fans hate every thing about arsenal but love everything about other clubs.

  72. China1

    An arsenal win would be massive. Absolutely massive.

    It’s only one game but this could ignite our season as we arrive at the business end. All the early season plaudits in the world for spurs will count for nothing if we can stop them getting any momentum and cut their season down

    If we win this we have an actual possibility of coming third – this could be the better late than never corner turning that emery needs to give the fans confidence in him.

    Come third, finish above spurs, win the EL. These are the three things we could do this season and IF we do all 3 it will have been a massive first season for emery.

    Lose this game, return to the eye bleedingly bad to watch football a la Cardiff and our recent up turn in momentum is killed and we’re back to being a shitty incoherent hodgepodge of a team

    This is the biggest game of our season so far. Don’t screw this up arsenal!

    We should coming bursting out the blocks like we have recently and like we did the first time we played them. Catch them whilst they’re still nervous and hit them hard.

    I don’t care for Ramsey or ozil but if either or one of them fancies putting in a world class performance that would be MUCH APPRECIATED

  73. gonsterous


    They have a small squad and there is a massive drop in quality between their top 14 players and after.

    what about our squad ? How many of our players can get into the spuds team at this moment ? maybe 4 or 5. yet you defend them for winning nothing and batter emery for anything you can find. We have a weaker squad with a worse manager yet we are just 4 points behind them. let that sink in.
    Of course the 4th place spot is so tight, we could be sitting at 6th at the end of the weekend.

  74. China1

    I have a family celebration to attend on Saturday when the game is on so I think I have to try and get a stream on my phone and watch it secretly

  75. China1

    This PL campaign is probably the best ever to date considering the quality of city and Liverpool contesting at the top and the huge scrap between Utd arsenal Chelsea and hopefully spurs for 3rd and 4th

  76. Dark Hei


    Emery kind of mirror Potts in a way.

    He and Potts make their name in mid-table clubs (Sevila and Spurs)

    But Emery made his big move, tanked and is now back at a upper-middle class club.

    Perhaps Potts look at Emery and wonder if the same is going to happen to him if he is to make that big move himself.

    Also kind of poetic that Emery and Arsenal are such a good fit; both parties are looking to rebound after a breakup.

  77. Tony

    A great win against a very poor, depleted Bournemouth side at home who afforded Ozil all the space and time to show the skills none of us have ever doubted Ozil has.

    It’s always been Ozil’s attitude & mentality that’s been in question.

    That said, Ozil put in a reasonable defensive shift as well as his creativity.

    Also, has to be one of Mikhi’s better games.

    Will Mikhi and Ozil get the nod for the Spuds game?

    Can Emery trust them to turn up and not go missing once turned up?

    It’s a NLD ffs and the result has a large bearing with the top 4 attainment, but it will be our away from that will have the biggest affect as to whether we get CL football next season.

    Equally, it’s the away games are what we need Ozil to show up for with similar or better performances from him as last night.

    On that note I side with Ozil’s history for the last 2 seasons and will not hold my breath.

    One game against a vastly weakened team 5 places from the relegation zone is nowhere near enough to persuade me both Mikhi and Ozil have turned the corner and should be kept for the next season.

    Let’s see what happens in the next 4 games. I’ll keep an open mind against better historical judgement.

    In Suarez’s few cameo appearances we didn’t see any pace from him or direct football; last night we witnessed perhaps a glimpse of what he can produce.

    The few runs Suarez had certainly confirms that he does have pace and can run at defenses. The question is can Suarez deliver from the wing and central positions at pace?

    We go to a wounded Spuds team with Poch telling his players he needs 10 years to win a trophy with them. Not the best man management skill to let loose in the press.

    The NLD is more than winnable for us in the current climate affecting us and Spuds having lost to Chelsea, and I can’t wait to watch it with my son.

    NLD and United games are the first 2 big hurdles, but to reiterate my above point our away form is the biggest hurdle of all for the top 4 spot.

    As for Mikhi and Ozil? Time will tell.

  78. qna

    Great performance by Mesut. I suspect that Emery will stick to his plans and play Ramsey in his place against Spurs. But I think that would be a mistake. Emery did the right thing in demanding more from Mesut and he finally delivered last night. He did what was asked of him and as long as he continues to do it, he should be given the opportunity to continue.

    Haven’t seen Mesut play that well for over a year. He is a quality player and by far the most outstanding creative player in our squad. Light years ahead of the rest. Yes, I understand that this was against a poor team and he still needs to prove he can still do it in big games. But he needs to be backed in to prove himself. We should see if Mesut can lead us home to 4th place.

    He hasn’t played many minutes this season so he should have the legs to play through this little period of 4 season defining games.

  79. Tony

    I agree with your thinking and Ozil should be given the chance to further prove himself and should start over Ramsey.

    For me that was the type of Ozil performance from when Ozil was playing for his new contract/deal.

    I’ve been saying that Emery should start Ozil in most games or as many as Ozil’s fitness can sustain for some time now.

    Emery has told Mesut what is required and Ozil has to deliver as any employee would when given tasks by a manager.

    A consistent delivery of quality performances from Ozil in the NLD, United game and away games will greatly contribute to us securing top 4 position.

    I have been suggesting this is not possible purely because Ozil and in many ways Mikhi have not been delivering when required.

    Interesting few weeks ahead.

  80. qna

    Tony. I haven’t really wanted Ozil to play in away games so far. As you say the player that was playing for a contract was virtually a completely different player than the guy who showed up after he signed that contract. But he has put in good performances the last few games, culminating to what was a superb man of the match performance last night. We have to say, it was a home game against an injury depleted side that we often put away at the Emirates. I accept that.

    But I would like us to take a leap of faith. Ozil has performed in big games before. He has also gone missing. Its a gamble. But I just think he is in the right frame of mind. When he plays like that, he is our best player, by a mile. We dont have anyone close to him. Problem has been, we havent seen that player for a long time and even before that, we would only see it every now and again. Like you said, when he was playing for his contract all of a sudden there he was again. Still massive questions over Ozil, but lets ask the question and get the answers. We shouldn’t kid ourselves that we are the favourites to finish top 4. I believe that a confident in form Ozil is our best chance. Its worth the risk.

  81. China1

    Hei emery has achieved much more than Poch, whether he’s doing well/is popular now or not

    He has won trophies at average clubs and he has won a move to a big club and won more trophies (those ones were far easier to come by mind)

    Poch hasn’t even got a big move yet and his trophy cabinet is dustier than Theresa may

  82. Emiratesstroller

    The next two games against Spurs and Man Utd will define our season. Get at
    least 4 points from these two games and we have then a realistic chance of finishing in top 4.

    Spurs as suggested by me last week are now ‘vulnerable’ to finishing outside
    top 4. Were Arsenal to win on Saturday their lead over us would be just 1 point.
    Significantly Spurs have lost quite a few games at Wembley this season. Until
    now there away form was better.

    My two concerns remain our defence and away form. It should not be forgotten that apart from Huddersfield we have not managed to win away
    since November!!!

  83. Pierre

    The simple fact is, we are a better football team with Mesut Ozil in the team and that is the only criteria that he should be judged by.

    Whenever/if ever we are a better football team without Mesut Ozil then he should be left out of the side….it’s that simple really .

    We are also much more incisive offensively with both Ozil and Mhkitaryan in the side …they are not of the headless chicken brigade , they are intelligent footballers who have a football brain and they play football the Arsenal way and I would rather watch that ALL DAY LONG instead of the insipid ,uninspiring football we have been the last few months without Mhkitaryan and Ozil.

    The team have sorely missed Mhkitaryan and Ozil over the last few months.

    Sadly , I have a feeling that it may be the headless chicken brigade ( iwobi and Ramsey ) who may start v Tottenham…
    Guendouzi in the first half played like a headless chicken (2nd half better) , he must remember that he all he has to do is get his head up and find the creative players instead of losing possession by holding on to the ball too long ..let the ball do the work .