Arsenal fans loading up #MindTheGap memes

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Today could mark the biggest week in the career of the mighty Unai Emery.

Spurs fans; fresh off petitioning the UK Government to make Top 4 an actual trophy so Pochettino can be reclassified as a proper coach, are nervously chewing their nails at the prospect of Arsenal fans gearing up their best #MINDTHEGAP memes.

They have to go away to Stamford Bridge to play a bruised and battered Chelsea. Spurs themselves are fresh off the back of a BREXIT beating from the LOCAL heroes of Burnley. They’ll likely be mentally fatigued and feeling symptoms of queasiness, fearing a giant bout of Spursy like behaviour is about the disrupt their GREATEST EVER SEASON.

I live for this. Remember back in the day when Arsenal would land in Februray, exactly this point in the season, bright eyed and bushy tailed because we were in three tournaments… only to get spanked by Monaco in the Champions League, lose to Blackburn in the FA Cup, then get slapped out of the league with three distressing defeats.

Could that be ‘plucky’ Spurs this evening?

Which Chelsea will show up? The team that rode Manchester City hard with a carefully crafted tactical plan that was both pragmatic and disciplined. Or will the players down tool, write their own team sheet and let the gods take care of the Sarri situation?

Who knows… but at the moment, I’m dreaming of a momentous collapse of the homeless ones.

Arsenal welcomes Bournemouth. They haven’t managed to build much consistency of late, but we know they can cause problems for us. They’ve scored 38 goals this season, which isn’t bad for a team that sits in 12th. However, their defence is shocking, especially on the road, so I’m hoping Emery stacks the team to break them early doors just like we’ve done in our last two games.

We really need fresh legs at the weekend. The quicker we can kill off the game and go into the energy conservation mode, the better… even more important because we know Spurs do not have that luxury.

In other news, Rob Holding is back in the training looking very pleased with himself on the Arsenal Twitter. Cannot wait for him to be back in the first team.

Leicester have binned Puel and brought back Brendy Rodgers! Great news for the Premier League. The exLiverpool manager deserves to be in mix over here and hopefully he’ll have a successful return. We need more nutters in the league and I live for his prezzers. Leicester really don’t fuck around, do they?

In blander news, Arsenal apparently fancied Atlanta’s Almiron this January, but the club couldn’t pull together £16m for him. Quite unbelievable. It’s always tough to know if someone will adapt from MLS, but that’s not the point, the point is we wante him, but could only muster a loan ask. Rapha Honigstein noted that the same thing happened with Nkunku, a player I watched score at the weekend, a player who definitely isn’t going to be available this summer. He really could have been handy for the run-in.

Think about this situation. The tightest club in the league, with Mike Ashley at the helm, had more money to spend than Arsenal this window. How can we be pleading poverty with £400m revenue? The only thing I’m thankful is that Emery didn’t lead us on. It would appear that going private with Stan is like giving £100 to the guy in the white van at a petrol garage and hoping he comes back with a flatscreen TV.

Except the flatscreen was Denis Suarez… and there’s water leaking from the remote. Bad times.

Right, BIG game tonight, let’s hope for an easy win, no injuries and a big fat spanking for Spurs.


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  1. Luteo Guenreira


    Nothing I said is homophobic, in fact I am celebrating your Man-Boy infatuation with the lad. Take your time responding, you must be busy still wiping the couch down after that goal and assist from Ozil.

  2. Just Another Customer

    Great time to pad his assists stats I bet you’re creaming yourself right now Pierre. How many matches we won now with him in the starting lineup?

  3. Guns of Brixton

    2 1

    Bit of a classical arsenal move there?

    Couldn’t make too easy cud we?

    Naah lets make it hard for ourselves

  4. DaleDaGooner

    Reason why i don’t understand the constant inclusion of Guendouzi….he’s too lightweight and gets mugged off the ball easily.

  5. DM

    Really poor from Guendouzi, that. Still, it might be good for him. Needs to learn to be much more careful with the ball in those situations, and better for it to happen now than against Spurs or another big one

  6. Just Another Customer

    That Guen like I said is so weak that got easily dispossesed just like that. No upper body strength at all.

  7. DaleDaGooner

    Aubameyang was put into this game to grab goals, so far he needs to show better in his hold up play and movement

  8. Just Another Customer

    And most of the time he can’t even beat the offside trap. What’s the use of explosive pace if you don’t have the brain to complement it.

  9. InsideRight

    Yet again we see the weakness of the defence, but yet again all the transfer speculation is about wingers and midfielders.

    What’s it going to take for Emery, Monchi, Kroenke Jr, Raul and the suits to graps that we need to rebuild our defence???

  10. DaleDaGooner

    Yet again we see the weakness of the defence, but yet again all the transfer speculation is about wingers and midfielders.

    In this game? Only weakness so far is with Guendouzi losing the batteles once he is harassed, defense hasn’t been bad, even Jenks has been ok.

  11. InsideRight

    @ Dale

    Every time Bournemouth get in our half the crowd gets tense. The guy next to me in the West Stand literally puts his hands up to his eyes and says we need 3 goals in every game just to be sure of not throwing it away – and even 3 might not be enough.

    Guendouzi isn’t a bad player. I just think with his youth he doesn’t make good decisions. He changes his mind about what he’s going to do and turns back and forth, inviting a close down and getting pressured into a poor pass or coughing the ball up. He’ll improve. He’s less of a concern for me than the defence.

  12. Marko

    yet again all the transfer speculation is about wingers and midfielders.

    Konate, Ben Wissaka and Grimaldo are some defensive links

  13. useroz

    Guendouzi carelessness aside, feefence not cool tonight.

    Leno saved a 1 v 1 and Kos sliding- blocked the follow up shot almost with an open goal.

    Jenk and Kolac not good enough to do a 3 5 2 seriously

    again Auba can do so little…

  14. Micheal


    Thanks. I was on Ronaldo and it kept crashing and eventually crashed altogether. Everyone is complaining.

  15. Nelson

    We have 3 CB’s and we don’t look more secure at the back. Instead, we have less attacker trying to beat a team parking the bus. We should play 4 – 2 – 3 -1 and try to score more goal.

  16. Just Another Customer

    Just can’t rely on refs at all. Either no foul given or he’ll get booked for simulation. Just straight up bullshit really.

  17. Nelson

    Guen’s goal is down to experience. Any DM would pass the ball one time to Monreal or back to Leon. You don’t try to stop the ball and turn.

  18. TheLegendaryDB10

    Just another customer

    Just another day in the EPL…. our refs are so shite and bent it’s beyond belief. No wonder they are dragging their feet to implement VAR.

  19. DaleDaGooner

    Michael I’m watching it on Ronaldo link 1 through internet explorer on an Xbox and it’s glorious looking

    Yup, very HD like.

  20. Nelson

    Torr has to play DM and defend the middle. We are letting them to drive to our box with no DM insight. Finally Auba scores

  21. Marko

    Saw that though. That’s the kind of goal you want to see him score. On the shoulder of the last defender and he made the right decision.

  22. TheLegendaryDB10


    I know. But he is the only “winger” wehave. Looks like Suarez is not impressing UE in training.

    Yeeeeeaaahhhh! Auba scores. And we are now 4-1 up! Come on The Arsenal. Let’s build our goal average. This could prove useful for getting 4th spot.

  23. Marko

    Good sub that. Mhiki is becoming more and more influential and you don’t want him doing a whole 90 minutes with a 1245 kick off on Saturday coming up

  24. Gazzap

    loved that pass from Ozil to Laca there! Ozil DOES give us a different dimension that no one else has. I understand he is not always the player to play but he can also give us something special.

  25. TheLegendaryDB10

    Missed the goal due to some serious crap streaming. Page after page of not one single website showing the game. Streaming can be a real chore.

    Amazing that the FA makes all games available abroad but not in the UK. You’d think that the money grabbing bastards would have figured that they could make a shit ton of money by making all games available. Instead they want to ban pubs from showing all non BT and Sky sports games.

  26. Marko

    To be fair first start in about a 100 years for Jenkinson and I can’t think of any obvious fuck up from him so it can probably go down as a good game for him. Who starts at Spurs? Against Son

  27. Gazzap

    Hope Kozza not out for any time with that one. But please not mustafi saturday. Mustafi is really one of the worlds worst defenders.