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Everyone is talking about it…

Spurs fans…

Arsenal fans…

Kim Jong Un on his sweet train…

Yep, if Arsenal beat Bournemouth and Spurs… and Spurs lose to Chelsea tomorrow… the gap between Arsenal and Spurs will close to 1 point.


I know it hasn’t happened, but the madness that only a few weeks ago we were all looking at Spurs as some sort of rampant elite entity, now we’re wondering if Emery’s team of plodders might actually steal 3rd place from them.

It probably won’t happen, but right now, just knowing Spurs fans aren’t sleeping easy is enough for me.

‘Mate, you cannot laugh at Spurs when they are above us’

The above comment is exactly what is wrong with some elements of the global fanbase.

You can ALWAYS laugh at Spurs. Don’t ever forget that.

I simply adore the press and their childish freak outs every time Poch messes with the ‘RAMPANT SPURS’ narrative.

The shrieks of disdain when the wheels come of his season are so predictable. He’s been there since 2014, presided over some incredible players, and he’s still not won a trophy or sustained a title challenge.

‘HE DOESN’T EVEN NEED A TROPHY YOU FU*KING TWITTER PEASANTS’ saved, to every elite journo’s drafts.

I empathise with the unhealthy obsession, he’s a great coach, but there does come a point, when a man who is 47 in week ‘perhaps’ has to go out there and prove his mettle with a trophy. Even a little shit one.

As Monchi said, you can’t rock a ‘I HAVE BEEN FISCALLY PRUDENT AND THE YOUNG LADS WERE LOVEABLE’ as your career byline.

Or maybe you can?

Firstly we need to beat Bournemouth at home. They’ve lost 3 of their last 6, taking a 3-0 spanking from Liverpool the other week. They don’t travel well. They’re Wayne Rooney mooching around the Basilica because the wife wants a bit of culture. All he wants is a deck chair, a box of 20 Marlboro Reds, and a can of warm Carling. Yep, they’ve lost 6 in 6 on their away travels, conceding 18 in the process, chalking up just one goal. This ‘should’ be a walk in the park.

I ‘like’ using this style to denote tip-toe caution with my words.

Again, this match is going to be a lesson in rotation. I’d imagine Emery will rest Sokratis as he’s fresh off an injury, I’m not sure what he’ll do with Rambo and Ozil, but Ramsey is always a sure bet for Spurs, so maybe Ozil will start. Rave-wobi is nursing a bit of an injury, and I suspect he’ll feature at the weekend as well.

The most important thing is fresh legs for Spurs. They are either going to have a walk in the park against Kepa’s Chelsea, or they’re going butt up against a team determined not to let the season go to shit. Worth remembering, the tactics for City were spot on, if they had a striker for the Carling Cup, they’d have taken down City. A little more pragmatism against Spurs could go a very long way, especially after they shit the bed against BURNLEY LOL BOTTLE JOBS PAMPERED BRATS HATE THE NORTH WEAK MINDS.

Abou Diaby officially retired from football at the age of 32 years old. What a name. What an enigma. He put his ankle on the line for the cause and destroyed his career in the process. Still, he made a fucking fortune, set up a foundation, and led a good life. He’s also not dying. Retiring from football healthy, with the rest of your life in front of you is not a cause for sadness.

I remember sitting next to him back in the day. Such pleasant chap. Told me his favoured position was as a #10. He really was a silky player on his day. What could have been…

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments! x

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  1. Dissenter

    Mourhino used to be a translator for Bobby Robson at Sporting Lisbon in 1992.
    Maybe we should add translators of big time coaches to the pot as well.

  2. azed

    Steve McClaren sat next to the greatest British Manager. What a fucking endorsement.

    McClaren should definitely be a great manager..

    Oh wait he wasn’t…

  3. Champagne charlie

    Shouldn’t bother you to be called postman Pat then, it’s only a more specific reference to you. Could call anyone a twat, but postman Pat resonates with you more so there we go.

    Baffles me that Arteta is used as some stick to beat posters with, nobody has a clue how it would’ve went under him. Really weird quip.

    Also a tad confusing to dismiss his capabilities with such confidence given he was headhunted by the best in the business and is often praised to the hills. I’ve no idea how it’ll go for Arteta in his managerial career, but imo you’ve got to be a special sort of dense to not recognise the buzz.

  4. Dissenter

    China1 made some big time analogies to K.O the Arteta protagonist.
    I love that analogy of the trainee teacher fining his/her voice.
    It’s the same for every profession; you have to become your own man/woman even if you still fall back to the muscle memory of training.
    We will never know how Arteta may pan out …until Arteta decides to throw his hat into the ring and get his hands dirty.
    He may become a wonderful head coach that is more Mourhino than Pep or be doing the lucrative Saudi Arabia/Qatar/China circuits pretty soon. No one knows.

  5. Dissenter

    Paul Clement too was heavily head hunted
    As was OGS by Cardiff in 2014 and Steve McClaren by three premier league clubs in 2000.
    There’s no buzz until he’s actually proven himself as head coach somewhere.

  6. jwl

    “Guy is sitting next to the best coach on the planet …”

    Its an acknowledgement of his capabilities as a coach is why he sits beside one of best manager in world. Sir Fergie, best manager of his generation, regularly changed his coaches at manure but none of them achieved much as managers when they left club for bigger jobs.

    Management is quite difficult and it’s not for everyone, some people are good coaches but don’t have intangibles to make it as manager. If Arteta is serious about being manager in future he going to have to take lesser job and prove his brilliance before big club will allow him to take over.

  7. China1

    Lol pat rice sat next to peak wenger. Must be a world class manager as well

    What utter nonsense lol. An assistant is just that. He can be the world’s best assistant. It doesn’t mean he’s going to be even a good manager. It’s barely even an indication

    Henry just got to the semis of the World Cup with Belgium and still ranked as a manager straight away. Why? Because it’s a totally different job and Henry wasn’t actually good enough or ready for that Monaco role yet.

    The arteta stuff is nothing but a dream for people who weirdly jumped on a high risk ‘exciting’ bandwagon

    As for arteta having more ambition than Henry because years back Henry didn’t want to coach the kids LOL.

    Henry just put his neck on the line for a real job. Give me a shout when arteta does the same and I’ll congratulate him. As for arteta being groomed to take the city job, says who? Pedro LOL. City can hire virtually anyone in the world who is available at the time pep goes. Arteta probably won’t get anything more than a caretaker role if he’s lucky. Far more likely city go for a winner with a sick record than an entirely unproven guy with a career record of zero matches managed don’t you think?

    Isn’t that why Vieira went out to America? Because city needed him to actually get real experience rather than just put the cones out?

  8. HighburyLegend

    “the best coach on the planet. ”

    The same who lost against le mighty Lyon.
    The same who almost lost at Shalke.

  9. azed

    “The best scrub nurse does not make a good surgeon, not even if he has better hands that the surgeon.”

    What if the nurse has ‘sauce’?

    Also don’t you know its a big fucking endorsement to be standing beside the surgeon?

  10. Dissenter

    Arteta ought to be taking the Celtic job.
    That’s the perfect job that I’m sure Henry wish he had rather than Monaco.

  11. China1

    Cc what is the buzz around arteta?

    Guardiola likes him as his assistant, sure.
    I think wenger likes him, but wenger also signed a player with a broken back on purpose

    Arsenal looked at him and thought no (and arsenal were trying to improve on ‘dismal’ which is quite telling)

    Apart from Le Grove I don’t think you’ll find fans calling him the shit anywhere else. It’s a bandwagon on this blog lol. If there was a buzz around him he’d be getting linked to clubs regularly, he’s been linked to a solitary job in world football and lost that to a manager who isn’t even considered top class.

    There was a buzz around Henry. He ranked but there was a buzz. A few clubs were in for him and he got a great gig for his first job because he was seen as a potential winner.

    So 1) there’s fuck all buzz about arteta outside of this blog
    2) there was buzz around Henry and he still ranked so who cares about buzz?

    You guys are hung up on the idea that the process of hiring a manager should be exciting rather than getting hung up on a process that should be smart.

    If you wanted to make some money in the stock market would you invest big time in the latest barely known crypto currency based entirely off a positive comment about it from one top trader? Or would you invest your money in a Fortune 500 internet company?

    Neither of them guarantees anything. Either could be amazing. But one is demonstrably more likely to work out than the other in the next 1-2 years and it’s the ‘boring safe known quantity’. Whether people are happy about that or not

  12. Marko

    Truth is this idea of assistants being groomed to take over at big clubs is honestly silly I can’t think of a situation where that has taken place outside of Tito Villanova. And really that’s it. Everywhere else ex players or highly regarded assistants have at least tried their hand at actually managing somewhere first

  13. Marko

    Technically speaking Brian Kidd has the potential to be the greatest manager of all time he’s been an assistant to Sir Alex, Pellegrini, Mancini and now Pep. What more does he have to do before he’s linked with the Arsenal job

  14. Dissenter

    There’s one name that explains why Barca’s model of replacing managers with assistant managers worked;


    I think Messi’s once-in-a-lifetime brilliance makes managers better than they really are. It certainly makes the transition from assistant to head coach easier when there’s a living legend that defies formation or tactics. It’s the same for managers like Tito [bless his memory]
    Barca has been making transfer errors over and over again and don’t pay a price because Messi can single-handedly win 10 -15 games in a season.

  15. Champagne charlie

    “You guys are hung up on the idea that the process of hiring a manager should be exciting rather than getting hung up on a process that should be smart.“

    This is complete rubbish, I’m simply not averse to risk and can see value in being ahead of the curve. Especially given the circumstances of last summer.

    There’s no buzz around Henry, absolutely none. There’s excitement because he’d be a top player being in charge but that’s about it. There’s lots of buzz about Arteta stemming from the idea he’s a bloody good managerial prospect. You’re being ignorant if you’re dismissing that, he’s highly regarded – so much so he was considered for the Arsenal job as successor to Wenger. Let that sink in.

    @dissenter, apples to oranges in that comparison. Football managements isn’t surgery, behave.

  16. jwl

    Arteta is popular with some people because he is unknown, has no track record as a manager, so people fill in blanks. Even Pep G has his flaws, but not Arteta, because he hasn’t tried to take on challenging role of manager yet.

    Vieira, Gerrard, Lampard …. are following correct path and proving their abilities at lesser clubs in order to gain experience to take over elite clubs.

    Right now, Arteta is in comfortable job and is content to go through life with his thumb up his bum and his mind in neutral.

  17. Marko

    There’s no buzz around Henry, absolutely none…There’s lots of buzz about Arteta stemming from the idea he’s a bloody good managerial prospect.

    All I’m hearing is buzz is enough to be considered Arsenal manager and that actual experience isn’t necessary. Which is remarkable to me. Quick question though can any of the people making a case for an assistant to become Arsenal manager outside of Tito Villanova cite any other example of an assistant going straight into a top job let alone being successful?

    Please and thank you