Emery moves #Top4 agenda forward with another win

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Unai Emery hoisted 3 points up the #Top4 flagpole as he continued to progress his mission of bringing goodness, light and Champions League football back to the true home of London football.

The game was almost too easy. We burst out of the traps much in the same way as we did midweek, this time, the fight was led by the impressive Iwobi who looked inspired. The first goal came from his cross that found Mikhi at the back post, the ensuing scuffed strike found Lacazette 6 yards out for the tapped finish.

Did I just totally forget about the superb save Leno made just prior to the goal? I did. Mustafi made a mistake allowing the Redmond in on goal, the German saving brilliantly.

The second came on 15 minutes. Lacazette’s pressure from the front put Southampton under pressure, Angus Gunn duffed his clearance, the mighty Iwobes found Mikhi at the back post again, this time, the Armenian guided a stroked pass low into the near post corner.

The second half was very much taken in second gear. There’s a fair argument to be had that we should have gone hard at Southampton considering the potential goal difference issue we might butt up against, but ultimately, the three points is what mattered.

I think we saw the impact of overexertion in the ScouserManc game, Liverpool losing Firmino and Robertson, with United breaking 3 players in the first half (Mata, Lingaard, Herrera). The draw was good news for us, it looks like Liverpool are letting the title slip and the draw pegged United back two points in the #Top4 race (Matic is also out).

All in all, the game did the job. I thought it was a bit weird to start Ramsey over Ozil considering the style of game, but both landed some game time. Those two could prove vital for the run-in. Sokratis came through the match unscathed which is also vitally important for the week ahead. Additionally, I thought Bernd Leno was excellent. He made two excellent saves that stopped the game turning into an energy sapper.

I also think Kola is underrated. He made some deft touches, he was unselfish and created two very good chances that deserved more. Some additional stats: He made the most ball recoveries, he made the most passes in the attacking 1/3, he won 2 aerial duels and his pass completion rate was 86%. I know Southampton were shite, but you can only play who is put in front of you.

Xhaka had a very good game. Given time and space, he really can pick apart a team. He ran riot yesterday. Still managed to nearly gift them a goal, but I’d almost feel cheated if he stopped doing that. Lacazette was hardworking and decisive as always. Finally, Mikhi played really well. It’s nice to have some craft out wide, he gives us much needed balance.

So: A clean sheet. Our 4th halftime lead of the season. Back into 4th. That’s the way I like my Sunday afternoons.

The other big game of the day went our way as well. Manchester City won the first trophy of the season with a hard-fought win at Wembley. You had to feel for Sarri, tactically, he proved he could be flexible. No repeat of the disaster of a few weeks ago. Watching Kepa destroy the narrative of the game was quite something. I’ve never witnessed behaviour like that. Chelsea has to do something about insubordination like that. Player power gone mad I tells ya.

Chelsea will hurt from losing out on a trophy, but ultimately, the tired legs heading into a showdown with Spurs this Wednesday is likely their bigger concern. Depressed and leggy isn’t a good combo unless your name is Unai and it’s not your team that is depressed and leggy.

Things are all playing into the hands of Arsenal. We have a better run of fixtures and if we can turn over Bournemouth and Spurs this week, it’s ours to fuck up in my opinion.

Additional good news on the stats front. Unai Emery is clocking ahead of Wenger over the past 4 seasons. This stat, courtesy of powerhouse commenter, Redtruth.

2014-15: 51 points

2015-16: 51 points

2016-17: 50 points

2017-18: 45 points

2018-19: 53 points

That’s an average of 3.75 points more than Wenger. Two of those seasons, we won Champions League football. WON. Top 4 was a trophy and still is.

Right, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Drey

    Think Chelsea will beat Spurs on Wednesday. which makes our game against them this weekend super important, as it would tale us to within a point of them if we can get the 3 points at the Lane. this is assuming that we do the job against Bournemouth in midweek. it’s really ours to lose at this point now as Pedro pointed out

  2. DM

    Iwobi’s becoming quite the conundrum. He does the first 85% so well – genuinely he’s improved so much in this area – but that final 15% is still usually rubbish (his cut-back to Mkhi was the only exception to that, if I remember correctly).

    Unfortunately for him, that final 15% is probably the most important part…

    Do we stick with him in the hope he will improve that part of his game as he has with the other parts, or cut our losses and accept he’s not going to be good enough as a starting winger, and buy someone better? I tend to think the latter – certainly I’ve thought that for a long time, although his last few performances have, if not changed my mind, at least made me see the other argument too.

  3. TheBoyCornelius

    DM – If we were to compare Iwobi with Sarr (someone everyone seems excited about) we see that Sarr has almost identical stats for league games.
    Iwobi – Dames 89 Goals 11 Assists 17
    Sarr – Games 80 Goals 15 Assists 16
    The difference being is Iwobi will turn 23 soon and Sarr has just turned 21
    If we were to apply the RB player development idea – then hes at the age where he has either improved with coaching (after 23 its less likely he will) or he is basically the developed player he going to be from here on out.
    To my mind he has improved under Emery – be hes at the stage now where is it actually enough.

  4. TheBoyCornelius

    For me we stick with Iwobi, at least for 1 more year as this is most likely his make or break. I think hes improved enough to warrant that chance.

  5. Charlie George

    A tidy round up of yesterday’s snoozefest against the saints by PedRo- and I thank him for it

    One thing I did note in his post was this.

    “””All in all, the game did the job. I thought it was a bit weird to start Ramsey over Ozil considering the style of game, but both landed some game time””””

    I genuinely think it’s WEIRD that the likes of Ozil,Ramsey ,PEA ,Laca don’t start every game at home if fit – certainly in games against the likes of Saints.

    I know fans – get immersed in this top 4 nonsense. But unfortunately we are not going to win the league this year( we could and should be contending- if Emery did not spend half the season having personal vendettas with the above two players – and actually played them- we would have been closer to the top)..

    But the reason – the ground has a comatosed feel and was pretty sparse again – is because the coach is overcoaching the players.
    Quite simply there’ is no joy in and around the team.

    Emerys body language is neurotic, he is fidgety as an expectant father- pacing in and around the trainers box.
    … and sometimes out of it…. crikey – we àre playing Southampton at home- not Barcelona

    He should sit down. Relax. And put out a team that entertains us. And aims to score bucket load of goals.

    After all- it’s only football.
    It should be fun!
    I know Emery would recoil in horror- to think FOOTBALL COULD BE FUN!

    Emery out.
    Raul out
    Monchi out

    No Three Amigos Pact at The Arsenal
    Sign the petition…

  6. Guns of Hackney

    The Chelsea incident proved one thing: Ozil will ultimately win any battle with emery. Ozil gets a million a month for doing FA…he can happily carry on doing that for the next two years until his contract expires.

    Player power.

    Lacazette is a more industrious Giroud. But they are both Evo Stick league level.

  7. Emiratesstroller


    The next 3 games will define Arsenal season. We are playing Bournemouth and Man Utd at home and Spurs away.

    Bournemouth do not have a good away record and Man United are now struggling with some significant injuries. They lost four players against Liverpool and their resources particularly in midfield could be depleted.

    The Spurs game is also significant because surprisingly despite their defeat
    on weekend Spurs are more vulnerable at Wembley where they have lost
    4 games. If Arsenal can pull off a result there i.e. not lose then our prospects
    will improve.

    If Arsenal get through these games without defeat I think that their prospects
    of finishing in top four improve dramatically.

    Spurs may be well ahead of us at the moment, but they are no means certain of
    finishing that way. If they were to lose the next two games against Chelsea and
    ourselves. Then the gap between us and them could narrow to one point.

    The Man United game completes our fixtures against top six placed sides. That does not mean that we will have an easy ride thereafter, but it will take
    out of equation the high intensity matches as well as games against teams at the bottom of EPL who are fighting for survival.

  8. Mozil

    Stick with Iwobi? He had his chance. Sell him and get 25m for atmost.
    Time for Arsenal to give Nelson and Saka a run in the team.

  9. TheBoyCornelius

    On the other hand. Nicolas Pepe is a year older that Iwobi and in the last 2 seasons has far outstripped what Iwobi is doing. Hes already doubled his assists tally from last season, which was in itself improved from season before and is on course to double his goals tally too.

  10. qna

    Iwobi doesnt have any end product. He has some seriously good attributes, but he holds on to the ball too long and when he does go for the pass he doesnt have the skills to execute.

    DM, I dont think there is much of a conundrum. We need to bring in at least 2 first team wide attackers this summer. We can always keep Iwobi for the squad. I dont mind him as a squad player.

    I personally dont see Iwobi ever being good enough to be a starter for a top 4 team. But I do think he will be more valuable than he is right now. He just needs to show a little bit more end product and we could fetch a very nice transfer fee for him. To that end, I think he would benefit from a loan in Germany. If he does well there, and on the back of the good work he has already done with us, he could be worth a really good fee.

  11. bennydevito

    Morning Grovers, good post Pedro.

    It’s all to play for and at this stage of the season that’s all we can ask for. Not a massive improvement on last season by any stretch but for me I’d be happy to play the worst kind of park the bus Mourinho style antifootball ala Alardyce and Pulis, with some Wimbledon style long balls to boot, if it guaranteed top 4 this season which gives us more money and makes us a more attractive proposition for flair players to join us thus enabling us to play a more attractive attacking style of football next season.

    I still don’t think we’ll get it though, I think City, Liverpool and Spurs are nailed on for top 3 and Utd will pip us to 4th.

    Hope I’m wrong though obviously.

  12. qna

    I dont think Iwobi’s stats are too bad in terms of assists/goals. Its what you see with the naked eye that is the problem. He just doesnt have the technical ability or the decision making ability that you need.

    Compare him with Julian Brandt. Same age as Iwobi and not dissimilar stats. But you just need to watch the two and there just looks to be a huge difference between the two players. If we could get within 10m of Brandt’s transfer fee by selling Iwobi I would do that upgrade in a heart beat.

  13. bennydevito

    Fuck me I’ve read it all now.

    CG thinks we’d be challenging for the title is Ozil and Ramsey played every game.

    Sigh. Smh….

    What like they did last season under Wenger where we finished 6th?


    What ever you’re smoking over there Trolie George I’ll have some of it.

  14. Danny

    Iwobes found Mikhi at the back post
    He past it forward to Ramsey but it hit a defender and luckily found Mikhi.
    The first goal he sort of crossed it to Torreira who was pulled down before the ball reached Mikhi who took a crap shot which Laca helped in.
    The mighty Iwobes – seriously Pedro?

  15. Emiratesstroller


    Iwobi may not be a prolific goalscorer, but he is a hard working and versatile
    squad player. I would categorise him as slightly more progressed than Maitland-Niles.

    The reality is that Arsenal are short of home gown players and whilst both these two are maybe not automatic starting X1 standard players they are
    still good enough for squad.

    Arsenal need to improve the quality of our starting eleven, but I do believe that
    we can find solutions particularly in offensive positions within current squad
    plus U23 levels.

    There are probably 5 talented youngsters coming through system in next two
    seasons in Nelson [RW], Smith-Rowe [CMF], Willock [CMF], Nkietah [ST] and
    Saka [LW] who could save us transfer fees.

    Arsenal need to focus on our starting eleven and that means finding a couple
    of top class defenders in CB and LB positions plus a Winger in next transfer

  16. Nelson

    No one mentioned Mustafi. In the first half, most of his outlet passes were right on the money, which has helped speeding up our attack. If he didn’t go brain dead, he is a better defender than Kosc. I prefer Mustafi and PapaSok to play against a strong team and Kosc comes in against a weaker team. As for Redmond’s chance, Mustafi had at least energy to run back while Kosc just gave up and Kosc was the left side CB..

  17. Marc

    If Chelsea were to beat the Spud’s on Wednesday and we beat Bournemouth and then then Spud’s we’d only be a point behind them. Now I appreciate we’d need things to run our way but if that does happened we’d have seen a 10 point gap turned into 1 point in a week.

    Could we really see the Spud’s have a complete meltdown and both us and ManU make top 4?

    With the new stadium debt missing out on CL money would be a disaster for them. Interesting times ahead.

  18. qna

    Danny. Yeah lol. Very revisionist. DM pretty much nailed it. For 85% of the time (or something) he looks extremely good. He looks as good as any young winger in world football. But the his end product. Whether that be not releasing a pass when you just know a good player would release it. Or when he makes the right decision but just cant execute it.

    His end product has been missing his entire career and yesterday was no different. A massively deflected pass that is being called an assist and a decent, but nothing special, cross to a tightly manned 5′ midget against a 6 1/2 foot centre back.

    He had a good game for his standards. I liked it. But reading LG I must have seen a different Iwobi play.

  19. Mozil


    “Iwobi may not be a prolific goalscorer, but he is a hard working and versatile
    squad player. I would categorise him as slightly more progressed than Maitland-Niles.”

    Ainsley is progressing OUT of position hence his progress is a bit slower than Iwobi’s. Big Wengz played him in his preferred position (CM) alongside Granit Xhaka against Man Utd at Old Trafford last season and that was hands down his best ever performance for Arsenal. He was MOTM that day if I recall correctly.

    The arrival of Matteo G means that he might never get a chance to have another go in that position.

  20. Emiratesstroller


    The Centre Back situation is still a problem because both Mustafi and Koscielny are accident prone and frankly have never played well together in the last three seasons.

    Koscielny most definitely needs to be offloaded and if we can find an upgrade on Mustafi this would be most definitely one major investment I would make.
    If you sell both Mustafi and Chambers that would free up between £30 and 35

  21. Nelson

    I want to keep Iwobi. He is only 23. He has good upper body strength and can protect the ball well. He can run with the ball and he is two footer. He still has time to improve his final ball. I rather keep him than Mikki.

  22. Dissenter

    Why would anyone send off Iwobi on loan at this stage of his career. It’s always baffling why this lad gets so much abuse and disrespect. When it’s not a stupid B-grade Bollywood ‘star’ racially abusing him, it’s Arsenal fans making rather asinine comments about him.
    He doesn’t cost us much to run and contributes more to the team that established stars who earn 300-500% of his wages.
    He’s a squad player who has earned his place in the team because the senior players above him are gash. He starts because we don’t have anyone else better than him, Even if we did bring in a good winger , he would still get minutes because he’s good enough to compete with anyone we get.
    Is he good enough to consistently start? Nope
    Is he as bad as all the groanings suggest? Certainly not. Iwobi and Leno were our best players yesterday.

    Iwobi is the least of our problems. He’s not even in the top-10 of problemsmthat need fixing. He’s just a young lad trying his level best. He declared for the wrong country me thinks. He would get more sympathy if he had one England cap rather than 25 Nigerian caps.

  23. qna

    Emirates: Iwobi may not be a prolific goalscorer, but he is a hard working and versatile squad player. I would categorise him as slightly more progressed than Maitland-Niles.

    As far as I am concerned its pretty much job done with both Iwobi and AMN. I would be inclined to give them both another season, but I am not seeing much chance that they would appreciate in value too much. This could be the year to cash in.

    We’ve brought them into the system. Had enough time to assess them. Are they good enough? No! Is it better to sell them now, or loan them out and hopefully we can sell them for more later?

    We need to turn these types of players over a bit quicker. Next up are ESR and Nelson. That is two into the 8 man home grown contingent. Can we buy a couple of additional 18 year old talents with part of the money we get for selling Iwobi/AMN/Eddie N?

    We picked up a beauty in Holding. Hopefully, we can pick up a couple more this summer. If not, hopefully we can buy them low and sell them high. Make some money out of all of the cash in the English game. Lets stop letting all the other teams in Europe get all the benefits.

  24. Emiratesstroller


    Frankly I don’t think that both Iwobi or Maitland-Niles are genuine starting eleven players in whatever position they play.

    However, I do think that they are good enough to be members of our squad and will get plenty of playing time because of our fixture commitments and

    The focus on bringing through Academy players is important particularly when you need home grown talent in squad. It is much more difficult finding
    players elsewhere, because of the inflated transfer fees for UK players.

  25. Dissenter

    You have a situation where Arsenal fans can openly rejoice about Iwobi’s injury without drawing an instinctive global rebuke.

  26. Receding Hairline

    “You have a situation where Arsenal fans can openly rejoice about Iwobi’s injury without drawing an instinctive global rebuke.”

    I was asking myself who exactly they were expecting to take his place and do better..Suarez??

  27. Dissenter

    AMN is far behind Iwobi, they aren’t even in the same developmental category.

    Same as Reiss Nelson, you wonder if there will as much buzz had Nelson declared for Zimbabwe. He’s not yet anywhere near Iwobi. Don’t let the early Bundesliga form bamboozle you.

    Emile Smith Rowemis even fort her behind all the aforementioned

  28. Nelson


    Mustafi was much better when he first joined us. Then he started to made all these errors and these got to his brain. All those trade rumors doesn’t help his mental state. Yesterday’s game gave me hope that he can overcome his mental weakness. He didn’t over react and didn’t make those slidings. It seemes that something just corrected itself inside his brain. Maybe it is the effect of that headed goal. Physically Mustafi is a decent player. At least, he can be a decent backup.

  29. Emiratesstroller


    The current situation is that Arsenal are short of home grown talent in our
    first team squad. Iwobi and Maitland-Niles are needed.

    When the Academy start producing the level of quality needed to fulfil our
    home grown requirements on a regular basis then you can adopt the policy
    of Chelsea and sell such players.

    The major concern for me is that the club is not producing decent home
    grown defenders. That needs to be addressed.

  30. Dissenter

    Iwobi;s end product is something that will get better with time. In some ways it s the hardest thing to teach but the fact that he’s embraced all the teachable tangibles raises optimism.
    It’s not his fault that we decided to spunk big money on dross that’s supposed to be starting ahead of him.

  31. Charlie George

    Any serious football club ( we used to be one) would not persist in starting with a player like Iwobi.

    He would be a good player for Everton/Saints/Bournemouth.

    What is noticeable- is our mediocre Europa cup loving coach absolutely idolises him.

    Why would that be? ( does mediocrity find comfort in fellow mediocrity?)

    If we are stuck with the player- he could be of use – coming on from the subs bench,
    His athleticism , unpredictability and power- being a useful tool against tired opposition legs …

    (iwobi, like emery smack of averageness!)

  32. Leftsidesanch

    Iwobi is also what they call ‘one of our own’. Get behind the lad he;s trying to improve and merits a place in the squad. This summer we need to aggressively target the defence primarily.

  33. qna

    Emirates: The current situation is that Arsenal are short of home grown talent in our first team squad. Iwobi and Maitland-Niles are needed.

    Sure. I understand that. I dont mind if we keep them for that reason. They probably do need another season. But I am ready to call it now. AMN will never be good enough to be a CM. He will only ever be a squad player. We should be able to identify and bring through another player at least as good as AMN, hopefully better. So we should make the call on AMN sooner rather than later and bring through another English kid in his place as soon as we can.

    Same with Iwobi. Dissenter is wrong. He will never have that final product. He doesnt have the technical ability. He will be good value for the squad though and he is a good option as squad depth. However, the same applies. A club as big as Arsenal should be able to bring through another English kid who is as good as, but hopefully better than Iwobi.

    I think we can squeeze more value out of both AMN and Iwobi in terms of selling them. Which is why I think loaning Iwobi to Germany is the way to go. I completely agree with Dissenter that people are getting Bamboozled by the Bundesliga. So let that work in our favour and let Iwobi bamboozle somebody and we sell him for a pretty penny. In the meantime, lets bring back Nelson/ESR to play that role in the squad.

    We need to turn over these British lads faster and try to get more Holdings that are actually best 11 or very close to it. Buy when they are 18, sell for a profit at 22. Rinse and repeat. In addition to that, lets invest in our youth setup so that we get more Iwobi’s but this time with the technical capabilities that we can keep them, rather than have to sell perfectly good players that are missing basic technical abilities that a top 10 club in the world should have instilled into him in the first place.

  34. Dissenter

    The spurs stadium delay is not as calamitious as you may think so long as they have CL and keep making the quarter finals.
    It’s expensive but is being built in the age of mega league revenues and they have that NFL connection to provide other sources of income.
    Wembley has paid off for them financially despite empty seats.

  35. Danny

    He would be a good player for Everton/Saints/Bournemouth.
    True but he’s not good enough for Everton.

  36. Dissenter

    Charlie George
    I see you’ve decided to use Iwobi as the whip to flog Emery with today.

    The manager is only dealing with the hand the club gave him. The more highly rated and compensated players won’t contest for aerial balls, won’t close up space, withdraw from 50-50 challenges and won’t directly at players.

    Emery is using a less skilled but more driven player to stir up the pot.

    You have a situation where people pour

  37. DM

    I don’t think the nationality has anything to do with it (re Iwobi). If he was an England player, he’d be getting berated just the same – people would use the “overhyped English players” argument. As for Reiss Nelson, in the little I’ve seen of him for us (and granted it was a while ago), he already looked a far better prospect that Iwobi. I’ve always tried not to get too excited about the youngsters because SO often we are just disappointed down the line, but I remember a distinct feeling that Reiss could be the exception. Will be very interesting to see how he’s progressed in Germany; I really hope he comes back a proper player!

    With Iwobi, I don’t think anyone’s arguing that he’s currently the best at the club in that left wing position, and one thing I love about him is how hard he always tries (if you put his effort level into Özil’s skillset you’d have a hell of a player). The problem is, him being the best at the club in that position really says more about the club than it does him. For now, he’s our best option out there, even though he’s frustrating as hell… his pace is good, he takes on players, and overall he more often than not can successfully get the ball to the opposition’s box. But from there he just doesn’t know what to do with it, and the rare times he makes the right decision, he doesn’t have the skill to pull it off.

    So just because he’s the best we’ve currently got, he’s still not good enough. Will his final ball be able to improve that significantly? I’m not so sure.

    I also think he’s probably past the point of the loan move.

  38. Charlie George


    “”””””””Iwobi;s end product is something that will get better with time””””””””””

    ( He is been around for 4 seasons!!!)

    how long – do you want to give him?

    he aint cutting the mustard. And never will,

    PedRO’s ‘Iwobes’ label- was an illustration of the caricature the player has become. ( in my opinion)

    Absolute tosh- you either got it or you aint!
    Age is irrelevant

    Rooney Everton goal against Arsenal – he was 16/17
    Alan Ball was winning World Cups- younger than this lad
    other examples:


  39. Emiratesstroller


    I agree with your assessment about AMN. I don’t think that he will make grade
    at Arsenal in long term. However, we need to fill holes in our defence and as
    understudy for Bellerin he is a better option than Lichsteiner and Jenkinson for next season. Both these two are simply not good enough to play at any level for Arsenal and are costing the club £135K pw in wages.

    I do see some talent in Iwobi and I certainly think that he is good enough to
    keep a place in top 18-20 players at Arsenal. What he needs to show is better
    decision making than is apparent at moment.

    Let’s be realistic not every player on your books is going to be world class. Iwobi falls into same category as Welbeck.

  40. Dissenter

    ‘Wembley has paid off for them financially despite empty seats.
    You know this because……?’

    ..because of simple arithmetic
    The average attendance at WHL in 2016-2017 was about 31,700 and about 53,000 the following year at Wembley [when cup and European games are considered].
    They’ve made more money playing at Wembley, even when the recent empty seats are favored in.

  41. Crimson

    We also have Bielk on loan at Charlton, where he has been pretty good despite a few injuries.
    Also Ben Sheaf and Medley who I have been impressed with with the limited game time. Not sure if they will be top top quality?? But there all homegrown and worth giving a chance in next preseason.

  42. Marc


    You’d need to show me some official figures to convince me that the stadium isn’t an issue for the Spud’s. As it stands I’ll use the following evidence:

    1) They haven’t bought a single player for 2 transfer windows now – are you telling me that their squad is so good that there isn’t a player out there that would strengthen the squad?

    2) The Emirates cost us £390 million and we then had the Highbury flats to sell off and generate cash, now the recession meant we didn’t generate as much as we’d planned but it was still something. The current cost of Shite Hart Lane is over a billion – the argument that there’s just so much more money in the PL is mistaken. For every £ that comes in from TV money wages and transfer fees go up either in line or outpace these increases. They already have a click of players who are running contracts down – they know they can earn more elsewhere. The PL is too competitive now to be able to drop down a level or 2 and still make top 4.

    All in all they are going to have to be both very clever and very lucky for this not to hurt them.

  43. qna

    Emirates: I agree with your assessment about AMN. I don’t think that he will make grade at Arsenal in long term. However, we need to fill holes in our defence and as understudy for Bellerin he is a better option than Lichsteiner and Jenkinson for next season.

    Agreed. Which is why I say he probably needs to get another season. Money talks though. So if we got a good offer for him, we wouldnt find it hard to cover him in that role. AMN shouldnt be an understudy for Bellerin by the way. We need to buy an understudy regardless of whether AMN stays or not. But AMN can cover CM (in Europa/cups), RB (league) and probably could cover CB if needed too (Europa/cups). He is a pretty versatile player. I really, truly hope he proves me wrong next year. I had high hopes for him as little as a year ago.

  44. DM


    “They’ve made more money playing at Wembley, even when the recent empty seats are favored in.”

    How do you know what they’re paying to Wembley to use the Stadium, though? I’m sure they don’t just have free reign…

    (I’m not arguing one way or another on whether the move has worked out for them – I don’t know – just picked up this point.)

  45. Charlie George


    the dynamic between Iwobi and emery is fundamental about the club we are becoming under emery,

    the ousting of winners like Ozil ( World cup and x2 Fa Cup )
    and rambo (X3 Fa Cup) in favour of mediocrity in the shape of Iwobi/Sureaz types – tell me- he is a man bereft of any self confidence in dealing with the bigger names of the game.

    you are a bright ( albeit , innately negative man) dont’ you think Arsenal CAN NOT do better than the likes of emery and Iwobi?

    This Is The Arsenal not Watford fc…
    Have some ambition, about you.

  46. Freddie Ljungberg


    Iwobi has been at the club since the age of 9 and is English. I agree he shouldn’t start if we had better players in his position but we don’t, still worth keeping as backup even after we upgrade because we have nothing else, even with Nelson coming back we’d have to buy 3 wingers if we sold Iwobi, it’s just stupid.

    Let me guess it’s because he’s black and declared for Nigeria that you don’t like him. Seeing as you fawn over every other over rated english player that is the only explanation. Fits your MO like a glove. Your daily ignorant rants are so fucking boring.

  47. Danny

    ..because of simple arithmetic
    but how much are Spurs actually getting? Everybody gets their cut, the WNSL, the FA, etc.
    Who knows what the conditions of the contract are that Spurs signed.

  48. JDavey

    If we can get through Wednesday and Saturday with 4+ points, I actually (whisper it) fancy us to make top four this season.

    If we can somehow get back into the CL with a summer coming up where we can get players off the wage bill, and someone like Monchi coming in, we might just start to compete again.

    Although we’ve been indifferent at times this season, the stats clearly show we’ve slightly improved under unai. A ruthless approach in terms of a squad overhaul must be taken in the coming windows.

    Come on you gunners.

  49. Marc

    “They’ve made more money playing at Wembley, even when the recent empty seats are favored in.”

    So they’ve had an extra 20,000 tickets sold in say what 25 matches that’s £22.5 million a season so OK I’m wrong they’ve only got an issue with £950,000,000 not the billion I thought!

  50. Pedro

    Guys, it’s not xenophobic to question the talent of Iwobi.

    He might where a Nigerian shirt, but he grew up a local here. He even played for the England youth teams.

    He’s a Londoner as the ads say.

    Questioning talent is part of the flow of this blog and it is not unusual for Arsenal fans to question Iwobi (even though I’m a fan).

  51. Dissenter

    The reason why I cited nationality is just to conjure up the humanity aspect. I reckoned that people won’t celebrate the injury of of something that’s sounds closer to them
    Danny was rejoicing that the lad was injured yesterday. That’s what got me ranting
    Iwobi is good enough to be a 30k weekly wages squad player for Arsenal. That’s an incontrovertible fact.
    The onus is on Arsenal to find a very good winger to confine him to the bench. We are stocked up on massively paid number 10s who don’t directly run at players

  52. Marc

    They also only had 31,000 turn up for a mid week game a couple of weeks ago. There have been rumours of the fans pissed off with Wembley – it’s a real pain in the arse to get to – so I wouldn’t put too much in the extra income from Wembley argument.

  53. Freddie Ljungberg


    I wouldn’t question anyone else having doubts about Iwobi, hell, I rate him somewhat but don’t even think he should be a starter next season.

    It’s different with CG though, he spends all his time here slagging the spanish (think a matador banged his wife) and praising everything english under the sun, just waiting for him to tell us that english cuisine is the best in the world to confirm his descent into madness. Iwobi is english, he grew up at the club, he’s good enough for the squad which not many english players are (that we could get) so what exactly is his problem with him then? Would love to know.

  54. Danny

    Danny was rejoicing that the lad was injured yesterday. That’s what got me ranting
    Anything to keep him out of the starting 11.
    But of course I don’t want any of our lads to be seriously injured like Holding but I can’t stand Iwobi as a player.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    Spurs under Pochettino are a resilient side with perhaps 4 quality players in Kane,Alli, Son and Ericsson.

    The rest of squad punches above its weight and is well organised, but is nothing to write home about.

    The club is not financially in great shape because of its huge investment on the new stadium and that will impact on what they can afford to invest in team.

    I think that it is only a matter of time before Pochettino leaves them and when
    that happens players like Kane, Alli and Ericsson will leave as well.

    Spurs are a second tier club who are not trophy winners.

  56. Danny

    That right?
    If we lose on Wednesday and they beat Chelsea, then if they beat us, so yes 13 points.

  57. Pedro

    Freddie, someone wrote a few weeks ago that his hesitation makes it hard to play with him. When you watch him, it’s quite the observation. Very rare he’s fluid on the ball.

    He’s a stats phantom though, so there’s a magic the plebs do not see

  58. Dissenter

    We built our stadium in a different era
    -The premier league revenues weren’t at this crazy high
    -We built ours in a property boom period which earned us more money from selling off property]iesbuilt on highbury but it also meant the morgage rates were crazy high.
    Spurs are building in the era of cheaper money
    -They have an extra source of funding from the NFL. I don’t know how this pans out eventually

    ****Provided they keep making the CL and getting past the first round they will be okay. It falls apart catastrophically when they drop out of fourth place.

    -They didn’t buy any players bcause the clubs attention is preoccupied with the boondoggle project. It seems Mr Levi, who is hands on was close to exhaustion last summer and couldn’t actively supervise any new recuitment.

  59. Pedro


    You go outside. Take a big gulp of fresh air. Bear that chest and shout, ‘IWOBI MASTERCLASS INCOMING’, then come back here with a better attitude.

    … and get an eagles top on Amazon.

    We need you.

  60. Nelson

    “overall he more often than not can successfully get the ball to the opposition’s box. But from there he just doesn’t know what to do with it”

    Iwobi started to build up chemistry with his teammates. His pass for Kola to run into has become one of our best attacking play. If Emery lets Ozil to play more often, Iwobi can also develop good chemistry with Ozil. Our two WC strikers can make themselves more readily available. They can make Iwobi’s job easier in the final third. Football is a team game after all.

  61. Danny

    February 25, 2019 11:55:08
    Thanks for that, made me smile especially on this depressing Monday “back to work” morning.

  62. Charlie George


    I don’t think – he will ever be a top player- because – he does not want IT enough,
    he is immature.

    I dont like the fact he constantly wears gloves.
    i dont like the fact – he was out partying days before the game against forest ( 2 seasons ago). we lost!
    i dont like his ridiculous hair cut-
    i dont think he is composed in front of goal.

    i know – he has been at AFC for such a long time – probably we have spoiled him rotten. ( he is too mollycoddled)
    he has talent ( hence my idea of being a super sub)

    HE AINT HUNGRY for success! There is no drive in him!

  63. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, like I said I’m not advocating for him although he is our best option on the left right now, he’s also our only players that drives forwards and takes players on consistently (Mikhi does it sometimes) I’ll be more than happy to see him relegated to the bench next season but I can’t see us buying more than 1 winger with all the work the squad needs, fingers crossed though.

    There’s no doubt he’s improving and he is already an asset so I don’t get the hate he gets from some (except from CG, that’s his thing) we need 4 wingers/AM/wide forward ideally so we can rotate properly, we have 1 now, 2 if Nelson is ready to come back next season.

  64. InsideRight

    For me there must be no more talk or consideration of selling Lacazette to fund other signings. I don’t think we would be able to replace him.

    There’s enough middling players in and around the squad we should be moving on to free up budget and add some cash to the transfer kitty. We shouldn’t be willing to part with a player who really makes a difference in most games he plays.

  65. Dissenter

    If we are going to build a reasonable squad the we need about 4-6 Iwobi caliber players in the squad.
    We are not in a puddle of our ow asking because we gave an academy product a 30k weekly contract. That’s exactly what every club will do because it’s good economics
    It’s paying players who call in sick too often for 11 times Iwobi’s wages that’s the problem. It’s paying United cast-offs 6x his wages for doing very little.
    The lad isn’t a problem. Just sign someone better and let him be.

    End of rant.

  66. Emiratesstroller


    I agree with you Iwobi is good enough to play for Arsenal. You need players who work hard for the team and he falls into that category.

    He falls into the same category as Welbeck. Sadly this player has ongoing injury issues and that is why he will be offloaded at the end of this season.

    There are too many people who like to turnover players and for that matter
    management every 5 minutes. That is not how you build a successful club or team.

    Fergie was a brilliant manager and produced successful title winning teams.
    That was because of his man management. Not every player who played in
    Fergie’s era was brilliant. Quite the contrary there was plenty of pretty average
    players at club, but they were able to raise their game when it mattered.

  67. Freddie Ljungberg

    No drive? Bullshit, he works harder than almost all our so called senior players

    You don’t like his haircut or that he wears gloves? Not proper english enough for ya, innit?

    Wilshere was much more a party animal and did much dumber things than Iwobi but you’re still on here pining after a player that was and is a permacrock.

    Doesn’t matter if he ever becomes a top player, not many english players do and we still need 8 homegrown in the squad.

  68. Freddie Ljungberg


    Unless you think we can have 25 world class players in the squad, then yes, we do actually. Not in his position obviously but at his level of talent and application.

  69. Charlie George

    Fred L

    we should be buddies.
    i want your name sake- as temporary manger
    I want our freddle L to be our our OGS.

    how exciting would that be- than the crap we have now!!

  70. Champagne charlie


    Those players you named all had brilliant careers and are heralded as top class. If that’s your only remit for an Arsenal player you’re going to struggle to maintain any happiness.

    It’s a squad game too you know, Iwobi as a home grown player on (relative) pauper money is an absolute home run to fill the squad. The stardust can be applied from elsewhere, but there’s absolutely no need to rag on Iwobi for not being elite. Iwobes is here to stay, when he’s an issue we’re doing well.

  71. Freddie Ljungberg


    No thanks, you’re a nutter.

    I wouldn’t mind my compatriot and one of my favorite players growing up becoming manager, but he has no experience yet, half a season for the u23s isn’t enough. Would still take him over lego hair though.

  72. DivineSherlock

    Is Kane available again for them ?? that bastar* .

    Also Pedro no comments on the rotation ? I think it was smart he played Ramsey over Ozil. Plus looking at Bournemouth wretched away form , Guendouzi and Auba got rest.

  73. Dissenter

    ‘Arsenal do not need 4-6 Iwobi’sFucking hell. What a thought’

    Oh yes we do….for the SQUAD , not as starting players.
    Same as when Poch starts games with Harry Wicks and Foyth

    We need young upcoming players that came from the academy who are eager to improve and will run themselves. Tomth ground for the cause.
    Players that free up the purse to buy starters.

    Yes we do need 4-6 more players like Iwobi, The lad is on 30k weekly, 6 more like him is a collective 180k weekly, less that Mykhi’s salary.

  74. Bamford10

    Iwobi lacks quality, but he works hard and he is producing, so he doesn’t deserve stick. I wouldn’t want him in the starting XI next season, but he will be a valuable squad player.

    Emery was right to rotate. We need to keep getting wins to have a chance at fourth. Whether we finish fourth will depend on United’s form through this injury spell they’re going through. I don’t favor us to beat them at home — I see us drawing or even them winning — but it’s going to be close between us and them, especially with their injuries. Every point will count.

  75. Words on a Blog

    One new development in Iwobi’s play I noticed yesterday and in the game against BATE: he’s attempting quite a few more left footed crosses rather than always cutting back onto his right foot. The crosses aren’t always the most elegant or accurate but they do add more variety, options and unpredictability to his/the team’s attacking play.

    All he needs to do now is improve the effectiveness of his shots on goal.

  76. Countryboy

    It’s strange that on a day Iwobi had one of his better days, people are going on and on about his lack of quality.

    Like someone said if after this game, you still can’t see ANY good in him, he’s not the problem.

    You are.

  77. Pedro


    I said it was good they both landed game time.

    Who to play against Bournemouth and Spurs?

    Both very aggressive teams.

    Though you feel we’ll need a match winner against Spurs.

    Can Mesut get up for a big game?

  78. Pedro

    Freddie, give me 4-6 Matteo Gs.

    Low wages
    Works hard
    Higher ceiling

    That should be the standard we look for across all youth.

  79. qna

    We will go 60-30 Ozil-Ramsey against Bournemouth and Ramsey-Ozil against Spurs.

    Guen may get a run instead of Torreira against Bournemouth but he will start against Spurs.

  80. Elmo


    Spuds’ match-day revenue increased from £45m (16/17) to £75m (17/18) by moving to Wembley. Obviously there will be significant costs / fees, but it’s likely they’re making more profit on match-day than at WHL.


    What we have to hope for is them falling out of the CL, and then them having problems re-financing their huge borrowing if they go down the route of issuing long maturity corporate bonds like we did once the stadium was complete.

  81. JDavey

    How is it even a debate over whether Iwobi is good enough for Arsenal football club. He runs towards a player quickly then either slows it down and plays a short pass or plays a neat ball to the overlapping full back.

    That’s all he has in his game, has no end product and a role as a squad player would be the very most his level of talent deserves at a club like ours. This sums up a major problem of the club in general that we settle for mediocrity.

  82. Jay

    Of all the fixtures left my only fear is the ManUtd game. Because to be honest in the last 7 years even a dead ManUtd team has always found a way to get a result against us. Can’t forget the game that brought Rashford to limelight.

  83. Danny

    I’ve always find it odd how there are some players over the years who’ve played for us who I’ve thought were utter shit while others thought were great e.g. Rosický and Hleb, and nowadays Iwobi and Bellerin.
    I guess it’s like anything in life that people don’t agree about – food, music, movies, religion…….

  84. qna

    Rosicky was a champ. Hleb was ok, good enough to get a move to Barca. But not enough end product. Still a shit load more end product than Iwobi.

    Iwobi is ordinary. Never going to make it. Welbeck was absolutely gobsmackingly bang average. Can’t believe some people didn’t see that and still only use his injuries to avoid admitting their mistakes.

    Bellerin isn’t top level but he has just enough going both ways to be a decent right back. I would have sold him to Barca and reinvested, but now that ship has sailed, pencil him in at RB and fix up all the other areas that need fixing first.

  85. Danny

    Rosicky was a champ.
    See thats exactly my point – he was with us 10 years and except for a couple of goals (Liverpool and Spurs I think) he never did it for me and yes I know he was injured all the bloody time.

  86. Freddie Ljungberg

    Limpar was the main reason I started supporting Arsenal when I was young, doesn’t make him qualified for the job.

    None of them are.

    I don’t care where people are from or how they look, only if they will do a good job for my club. Jury is still out on that because of the weak squad left by Wenger.

    You don’t happen to be a flat earther or one of those fuckwits that doesn’t believe Australia is real? Never ending conspiracy theories.

  87. Freddie Ljungberg


    If we can have 4-6 talents of Guendozis class as squad players we’re probably one of the best teams in the world already. We’re so far from that now that all 6 would probably start and we still would need 4-6 Iwobi level players as squad players.

  88. Chris

    Charlie George

    Are you on the sauce all day every day?

    Are you seriously suggesting Limpar and Schwarz for roles at Arsenal? Based on what exactly?

    Don’t get me wrong, I have fond memories of both players (even though Schwarz left at first opportunity) but it seems you are letting nostalgia cloud your judgement about how we move forwards.

  89. Pedro

    Freddie, exactly.

    You don’t set your targets low because they are hard. You set them high and strive to reach them.

    We are Arsenal. We have everything a young player could ever need. We should have 5-6 Matteo Gs.

  90. Pedro


    Some time in the sinbin regardless.

    This is a football blog, not a celebrity gossip mag.

    No one cares if our exec team is sexy and I think you are trolling.

  91. Freddie Ljungberg


    That’s my point, even if we get 4-6 youngsters in of Guens level of potential we still need more squad players because most of those would start for us. Considering we have to replace about 6 players in the starting XI right now it’s wildly unrealistic to think, in a 25 man squad mind you, that we don’t need players of Iwobis level, preferably also homegrown.

    If you’re talking 5 years down the line then fine, it’s a possibility for sure, but not now, not even close.

  92. bennydevito

    Iwobi is a good squad player and helps with our HG quota but Guendouzi is defo the standard we should be aiming for going forward.

  93. Upstate Gooner

    “The mighty Iwobes – seriously Pedro?”

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought that Iwobi played like his usual self yesterday AKA shite. Emiratesstroller described him as a “slightly progressed version of AMN” – Precisely. AMN is a major shite. Which makes Iwobi an average shite. Can’t wait for Nelson and ESR to come back.

  94. Freddie Ljungberg


    Nooooo, now I will never know if he’s an Australia denier (or whatever the fuck those imbeciles call themselves) nooooo

    But seriously, I think we all need a break from the incessant idiocy. So thank you.

  95. Thomas


    Out of these players only Ramsey and Cech are confirmed to leave after the season. Still lot of work to do.

  96. bennydevito


    Yes I know but don’t we all have a duty in all walks of life to stand up to his type of thinking?

    Anyway, with him out of the way for a bit we should all get on much better. His comments are painful to read though, ignoring his continued references to racial stereotypes aside the rest of what he says is toe curlingly, teeth grindingly, forehead slappingly infuriating!!

  97. Upstate Gooner


    Ospina ”

    Geezus… I was wondering about that Polish kid, Bielik. He’s still on our books? And Asano too? That’s just messed up. Oh, and add Kosci to the list. Cech, Ramsey, and Welbz are gone for sure. But yes, that’s still a lot of work to be done.

  98. Upstate Gooner

    “Mustafi was much better when he first joined us. Then he started to made all these errors and these got to his brain.”

    That’s on the manager(s). There’s definitely a decent player somewhere inside him. He could and should be properly coached. I blame Wenger/Bould for not addressing it in the last couple of seasons. And I certainly blame Emery/Bould for doing (or NOT doing) the same now.

  99. HighburyLegend

    “Mustafi was much better when he first joined us. Then he started to made all these errors and these got to his brain.”

    Like so many others, he has been wengerized.

  100. Valentin

    What I don’t understand with AMN development is how he was transformed from a swashbuckling winger at U18 into a Jack of all defensive position.
    His pace used to frighten defenders. Now he only use it to recover in defensive position.
    Also I don’t know why we entertained the idea that his natural position is central midfield. It is not. He is too laid back to be a defensive midfielder in the Kanye, Torreira mould. And he lack the vision and positional awareness than Gilberto Silva used to bring.
    Long term I can only see him staying a few years too long with us (benefitting from the home grown quota rules). But long term, Not making the grade and being released without having a chance to nail a position his own.

  101. Marc


    “Spuds’ match-day revenue increased from £45m (16/17) to £75m (17/18) by moving to Wembley. Obviously there will be significant costs / fees, but it’s likely they’re making more profit on match-day than at WHL.”

    I’m not saying that they’re not pulling in more revenue at Wembley compared to WHL my argument is the cost of the new stadium is going to cripple them. The difference between the original projected cost (£500 million ish) and the current cost (£1 billion plus) would be enough to give anyone nightmares.

    The other thing people seem to forget is whilst there is a lot more money from the current TV deal a) you can only spend it once and b) wages / transfer fees are increasing at best in line with the TV money, in some cases out stripping it.

    People seem to have forgotten just how short of money we were for 6 or so seasons but put the Spud’s in a position of it not being a problem.

  102. Upstate Gooner

    “Spurs under Pochettino are a resilient side with perhaps 4 quality players in Kane, Alli, Son and Ericsson.

    The rest of squad punches above its weight and is well organised, but is nothing to write home about. ”

    Lloris, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Trippier, Walker-Peters, Moura, Lamela – give me this “shit” squad any day of the week. They have better players than we do in EVERY single position.

  103. qna

    Thomas. Lots of work to do indeed. Not sure why Monreal is there and not also Kos. Both have been good enough over recent years, but breaking down. As I don’t think either have any resale value we should be transitioned to depth players.

    I haven’t really rated Kola up until now. He is on a lot of money. Has impressed me recently but he is not worth the 140k/wk he is on. So agree. He must go.

    As discussed by others, I don’t mind if we keep AMN or Iwobi as home grown squad members but if a good offer comes in, then sell and use that to reinvest in British talent with big potential.

    In all, over 15 players that need to be replaced as soon as possible.

  104. qna

    GOB: Minus monreal and Kola of that list and we cool.

    Is Kola on 140k/wk cool though? He has finally looked like a decent player this season, so he might fetch a reasonable transfer fee. Take it while it’s on offer, if it’s on offer.

  105. JDavey

    “Lloris, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Trippier, Walker-Peters, Moura, Lamela – give me this “shit” squad any day of the week. They have better players than we do in EVERY single position.”

    Surely you wouldn’t take Trippier or Walker-peters over Bellerin when fit, and Leno is just as good as Lloris. Lamela is not as good as players we have in similar positions.

    Their squad isn’t that much better than ours, they have just been coached a lot better over a long period of time and have progressed whilst we have done he opposite.

  106. Valentin


    As I mentioned in previous post, There is a very good player in Iwobi, but we need a coach to unlock that potential and smooth his rough edge.
    For example:
    1) Shooting: training shooting session where he shoot at 60% force but try to place the ball instead of shooting at full force and miss the target
    2) Final ball: putting him in situation where he works with strikers so he know where and when he should release the ball.
    3) conditioning: he may have to either change his diet or have a specific condition regime, but clearly having cramps after 75 minutes is not acceptable for a professional players.

    Guardiola had coaches to work with Rahim Sterling on his weaknesses which were pretty much the same first two than Iwobi.
    Without that he will not make the step up that his potential deserved.
    Also Rahim Sterling took responsibility by adding a gym and small training pitch in his garden to improve. Iwobi needs to do the same, because even with specific training, he still need to do the work himself.

  107. Upstate Gooner

    “Of all the fixtures left my only fear is the ManUtd game. Because to be honest in the last 7 years even a dead ManUtd team has always found a way to get a result against us. Can’t forget the game that brought Rashford to limelight.”

    Wholeheartedly agree. Those fuckers always show up against us. And yes, who can forget that Rashford game. However… they lost Matic, Herrera, Mata, and Lingard. Rashford too ended yesterday’s game on one leg. So I actually fancy us to get at least a point, if not all 3 against the Mancs.

  108. salparadisenyc

    Loving Marc’s proposed path that sees us a point behind Spurs in less than a weeks time.

    What a turn that would be, banter baby.

  109. Marko

    Iwobi is the least of our problems. Awful decision making and a lack of quality at creativity means he’s never be anything more than decent though but in saying that there’s at least 3 players in that area who need shifting before him.

  110. Upstate Gooner

    “Surely you wouldn’t take Trippier or Walker-peters over Bellerin when fit, and Leno is just as good as Lloris. Lamela is not as good as players we have in similar positions.

    Their squad isn’t that much better than ours, they have just been coached a lot better over a long period of time and have progressed whilst we have done he opposite.”

    Yes, I would absolutely take Trippier (one of the best full backs in the country, IMHO) and even Walker-Peters (amazing young talent) over Bellerin (pace and nothing else, and that’s before the injury). Leno is NOT as good as Lloris. I’m not sure why that’s even a debate.

    There’s some truth though in your last statement. But if you do compare their squad to ours, I still think they have better players in every single position.

  111. qna

    Valentin. He is an Arsenal youth product and has spent most of his professional career under Wenger. This is not on Emery.

    Like I have said. I think he will benefit from a loan in Germany. They play intelligent football and teams are well drilled. But they also have more time on the ball. Iwobi holds on to it too long. He wants that bit of extra time that you don’t get in the PL. maybe he will get that extra time in the Bundesliga. He just might get it together then and look like the next Jordon Sancho.

  112. Marc

    The Spud’s have some good players and some pretty average ones as well. What they have is a better balanced squad than ours. That’s something that cannot just be coached out of the team it’s going to take a couple of summers to correct.

  113. Marc


    It’s a long shot but not beyond the realms of reality.

    It would also put the Spud’s under pressure from 3 teams not just us and we all know how well they respond to pressure.

  114. Upstate Gooner

    “To be a fly on the wall at Chelsea’s training this morning.”

    Kepa: “Mauri, get me some coffee”.
    Sarri: “How do you take it, black or cream and sugar?”

  115. Upstate Gooner

    “You also need to factor in the match against PSG ManU have mid week before our match. Not one they can rotate for!”

    Good point, completely forgot about their game against PSG.

  116. Valentin


    I was not blaming Iwobi deficiencies on Emery. Clearly they are the results of the academy trainers and previous coaches.

    However irrespective of who is responsible, there is a path to correct them. If the current coaching staff is not prepared to work on them, he has to take personal responsibility to work on them.

    I was merely comparing the pro-active attitude than Rahim Sterling took with the wait for the coach to give me the solution of Iwobi.

    If he does not change that attitude, he will never reach the high he could and should.

    It is the same thing Nathan Redmond. In view of his age, He has only 2 years to iron those deficiencies out of his game. Without drastic improvement, his career will be a case of what-if.

  117. Dissenter

    Iwobi will tear up the Bundesliga and score lots of goals with lots of made-for- TV moments.


    The Bundesliga is a weaker league
    Kolasinac bossed it before he came to us.