In-depth analysis of Monchi transfer strategies at Roma and Sevilla

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Just a quick post for you this morning as I showered you in two lots of content goodness yesterday.

A few things I wanted to add to the Monchi story.

A few people have rightly raised concerns about the nepotistic new look being sculpted at Raul’s Arsenal.

Firstly, the reason that’s a worry is the same reason it’s a worry at any organisation. You want to build a culture of excellence focused on performance, not who knows who. You don’t want to create dangerous power structures that make it hard for outside voices to be heard, whilst also muddying the waters of true performance accountability.

Arsene Wenger had a counterbalance when he started at Arsenal. David Dein was the more aggressive partner who pushed him to take chances on players. He could do this because he acted as/was seen as an equal. When Dein was pushed out of the club unceremoniously in his attempt to make Arsenal a super club, Wenger assumed full control and no one dared stop him.

He built out an untouchable backroom team that consisted of people who’d dare not challenge his authority, and he hired incompetent folk who were grateful for the underserved prestige job he’d handed out. He even had a say on who the CEO was. Imagine that, letting an underling yay or nay the person who could fire him? No coincidence the type of character he picked.

This approach works when judgment is sound, but it fails spectacularly when things go wrong. When the wheels came off Wenger’s approach and we started to sink, no one had the guts to tell him, and worse, Wenger didn’t have the quality around him to search out solutions even when he eventually wanted them.

Unai Emery has effectively brought in a partner who will make the decision to give him another 3 years, a pay rise, or sack him. Does that sound like history repeating itself? Maybe.

The big question everyone should be asking is this: how ruthless will Monchi be?

Who knows. Ultimately, this will only become a problem if things go wrong. The big hope is the reunion of the band will lead to better days on and off the pitch.

Following on from this, I totally forgot that Monchi hired in Sampaoli. The Argentine manager put on quite the show at Sevilla. He brought an aggressive brand of South American football to the club, he rejuvenated Samir Nasir, ended Zidane’s 40 game unbeaten run, and tapped out by qualifying Sevilla for the Champions League.

This is mostly interesting because it says Monchi is a man of exceptional taste when it comes to the sort of football he wants to see. Exactly what you want from the man hired to set the tone for the footballing style of Arsenal moving forward.

A Gooner friend of mine mentioned that Monchi will act as a counter to Emery’s impulse to purchase older players. I did some digging, overall, I’m not so sure.

I was going to pull the numbers for net spend, but overall, what’s the point? We know the guy is mustard at player churn.

Sifting through his last 6 seasons, it’s clear he’s a huge fan of the loan system. He likes to borrow players not landing minutes at big clubs, and he also likes young kids to get game time by sending them out on loan. Ben Knapper is going to be very busy.

The average age of a Monchi signing (purchases and important loans) over the last 6 season sits at 25.5. It’s clear the man is no Ralph Rangnick who believes players are untrainable after the age of 23 years old.

The coach says that he never signs a player the manager doesn’t want, so I thought it’d be interesting to see the average age of an Emery signing in the 3 successful years they worked together. It’s a little over 25.5, sitting at 25.8. So not quite Mourinho, but smack bang at the start of ‘prime’ football years. Key point here is if we’re looking to make money, utilising this approach means players will be here a maximum of two seasons before being sold on for profit (my thinking here is 28 is the cut-off point before sharp declines in value).

I think the middling twenties number stems from the strategy at Sevilla tending to be geared around players that had lost their way with bigger clubs. Sevilla acted as a second chance for a lot of players. Clearly, Monchi thinks there’s value in the scrap heap and he likes the idea of the ‘chip on the shoulder’ motivation that comes with being shunned.

Worth noting that Wenger also liked to do this when he was the king. He brought in names like Kanu, Overmars and Suker whilst also breathing new life into the clubs legends like Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp, Lee Dixon and Tony Adams. I mean, it’d be fair to say that Thierry and Vieira were also on a scrap heap of sorts, even if they were very young when they moved to us.

The Roma transfer policy has tended to follow a very similar pattern to Sevilla. His first act was to move on Paredes, Salah, Rudiger and Emerson from 135.8m euros. Quite an aggressive move considering their combined average age was only 23.75. He then added 13 players with an average age of 25.6.

The next summer he shifted Strootman, (28) Nainggolan (30), and Alisson (25) for 142m euros which was good business. However, he went full on Sevilla with the replacement signings bringing in Pastore (29) and Nzonzi (29) for 60m euros, not exactly value based signings if you’re thinking about the long-term resale value.

That said, they managed to nab Justin Kluivert (19) and Nicolo Zaniolo (19), who exciting bets for the future.

So in short, we’re hiring a Technical Director who likes to find value at the big clubs for experience, whilst taking chances on kids he can offer more playing time to than the big clubs.

Very, very Raul it would seem. Also very Emery if we think the Suarez deal was all his. Do not be shocked to see us raid Barcelona for Malcolm this summer. Just the right amount of broken if Monchi’s past signings are anything to go by.

Now, your past doesn’t always dictate your future. No one has a clue what the brief is at the minute. But one thing is for sure, I think this summer will be a whirlwind. Over 6 seasons, he’s averaged 13.6 new faces a season. That’s a far cry from Wenger’s mantra of ‘more than 3 signings and training ground will flood.’ Last season at Roma, including loans, 41 faces arrived and 44 left. The season before 52 arrived, 59 left. A lot of loans in that, but it gives you an idea about the amount of fucks given when it comes to shaking things up.

So what have we learned today? Well, I can’t write a short post when I’m interested in something. Whatever happens, this summer will be aggressive, fast-paced and exciting. Like it or lump it, we’ll be looking at a very different group of players when next season starts.

The next chapter begins… (hopefully)

Right, that’s me done, enjoy the Southampton game and we’ll talk more on Monday.


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  1. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘The class of Ozil shone through in the 25 minutes he was on the pitch , never wasted a ball .’

    Hard to waste something you barely used

  2. salparadisenyc


    Agree, Ole battled the last 45 with zero sub ability and should of probably won that.

    Klopp now under the cosh, nervy times ahead.

    Love it, can’t have those bastards winning the title.

  3. Champagne charlie


    They’re playing a world golf championship (WGC) event in Mexico this week. All the top guys taking part. I played at Uni, always been keen.

    Never played squash, and I hate running more than 100 yards. Swim like a fish though

  4. Marko

    Suarez loan move looking like a wasted fee as it stands.

    Think it was a few hundred thousand and with the potential for an injury it’s hardly stupid

  5. Dissenter

    Laca could easily haver been sent off again. He put his hands on another player’s face.
    Man needs to watch his emotions.

  6. Dissenter

    You think Iwobi getting injured is one the good things in the game? Did read that wrong?
    He and Leno were our best players.

  7. Dissenter

    Who do you blame
    Raul or Emery
    Thats why it was a loan. Suarez is on extended trial till May, so far he’s failing the trial.
    No biggie there man

  8. James.wood

    Not understanding this Suarez loan move the guy has got a
    mopey look about him ,as if he should not be here type.?
    Surely our scouting team need to look closer at players before
    laying out just a few hundred thousands.? On dross please prove me wrong.?

    Marginally better stats against a very poor Southampton side.
    12 shots -6 on target.
    Rennes 1-0 will give us more problems than Bates.

  9. Kleinfeld

    February 24, 2019 16:07:37

    2 good things in the 2nd half – we didn’t concede and Iwobi got injured, besides that, fuck all.


    Christ, catch a grip will you.

  10. Sanmi

    Salah and luis Suarez have always been hit and miss for me. They never really seem to have the ball under control. Therefore they rely more on form, because their ability is not really precise, they just muddle play and because they are agile they hope to respond faster than the defender wherever the ball bounces to

  11. Marko

    I thought it was 500,000 sal. In all honesty he’s here as cover for 6 months with no obligation to buy. I personally can’t see any problem with that. Question marks over Ozil and Ramsey and Mhiki has been injured it would have been a risk not bringing in anyone.

  12. Dissenter

    That makes no sense
    Are you suggesting that Suarez mason fee per season his 4 million?
    It cannot be more than £1 million, some of it will depend on appearances.
    There’s a reason Barca were trying to arm twist us into making an obligatory transfer.

  13. Countryboy


    “I didn’t.”

    Then what did you mean by the below?“I’ve long been at loggerheads with Pedro for some of his views about Wenger and Arsenal of the last decade.”

    It wasn’t my statement. That was CC’s

  14. Danny

    Iwobi is our worst player, one of the shittiest to ever play for us, if some of you don’t see that then you’re lucky.
    I hope he never plays for us again.

  15. Dissenter

    Our much vaunted strike force aren’t really that great.
    There’s a reason we don’t blow out teams; our two strikers miss way too many chances.

  16. Dissenter

    C’mon you really think Iwobi getting inured is a good thing?
    You’re better than that. What is wrong with you?
    We have 5 games in 18 days and you’re happy that a key squad player is out injured?

  17. qna

    Lol. People crying over Suarez. Lol. Were wasting that much on Jenkinson alone. Who cares. It’s the least of our problems. How about worrying why no actual funds were made available to buy a player for an injury ravaged team with 3 ACLs in the one season, who is supposed to be fighting for a CL spot. Lol. What a hilarious thing to be fixated on. Suarez. Shows that people are really running out of things to support their claims.

  18. vickingz

    These our players need some brain resetting slaps. I couldn’t almost differentiate them from lower table team players. Wa wa

  19. Danny

    I can’t stand him, he brings the level of the whole team down. Why Emery keeps playing him is completely bizarre.

  20. Pierre

    Love watching the golf ..I wouldn’t write Mcilroy off tonight..
    Johnson is capable of blowing his lead, a very dIfficult and dangerous course to hang on to a lead .

  21. Victorious


    I blame both, they both make for a clueless bunch when it comes to players.. Raul accumulated alot of duds at Barça before leaving and Emery doesn’t seem to have anything to do with a player who hasn’t played for him before

    Minslitat’s departure was a big blow that can only be swiftly remedied by a hire like Monchi

    Emery’s refusal to give Suarez any playing time though makes you wonder what the fuss was about for the whole January transfer window

  22. Dream10

    Nice cameo from Mesut

    The team I expect on Wednesday

    Mustafi Koscielny Sokratis
    Jenks Guendouzi Torreira Xhaka Kolasinac
    Mkhitaryan Auba

  23. omar

    The Emery train chugs along. Despite all the flack he is getting, after 27 games we are on 53 points, last season we were on 45 points after 27 games. It took the messiah Wenger 32 games to get Arsenal’s 53rd point last season.

  24. qna

    Danny. Because we don’t have any options. He gives us width, unlike if we were to play Ozil or Ramsey there. He performs that as good as, if not better than Mkhi.

    That said, he has absolutely no end product. He is not alone though. We need to invest heavily in at least 2 starting 11 quality wide attacking players that can actually score goals. Most important position that we need to strengthen. But for the rest of this season Iwobi is as good as anyone we have for that wide right attacker role.

  25. salparadisenyc


    Flip side is its a signals what some, particularly those in charge consider quality and worthy of putting assets into.

    Forgive me if i’m not sold on Emery’s transfer targets thus far.

  26. Emiratesstroller

    We should not forget that Arsenal are playing 4 games in 10 days so I do think that it made sense distributing resources in first three games.

    The game against Spurs on Saturday will be testing. We need to put out our best team in that game.

  27. TR7

    ‘That Liverpool performance was shocking. I mean Salah is playing like guff at the moment’

    City forward players- KDB, Bernardo, David Silva, Aguero and Sane – have much better first touch and ability with the ball. Better at both keeping the ball and passing it. Salah and Mane are dangerous players but they rely more on their persistence and pace than technical ability. Salah is too reliant on his left foot that makes his game a bit predictable. Mane is a more dangerous player than Salah in the sense he is reasonably good with both feet but he lacks composure too. Firmino jas composure but he is not a dangerous forward player. That’s why City for me always have been the favorites to win the title once again.

  28. Pierre

    Sokratis is a rock at the back , for the first time in a while I felt confident that we had the game under control for the 90 minutes .

    Emery must keep to 4-2-3-1 …I know I have been saying it for the last 3 months but I just think we look a much more balanced team with the 2 sitting in midfield allowing us to have 4 offensive players on the pitch.

  29. qna

    Sal. Suarez might not even be Emery’s choice? Raul is ex Barca. Suarez played for 6 months with Unai and now he is not even picking him. Just saying.

    But like I said. Who cares. We waste that much on shit players for fun. The question is why couldn’t we actually spend and why is our available funds for this summer so low if reports are accurate. Emery/Allegri/whoever the manager is the least of our problems right now. We’ve got a terribly balanced, aging and overpaid squad and no money to spend.

  30. Thomas

    omarFebruary 24, 2019 16:27:40
    The Emery train chugs along. Despite all the flack he is getting, after 27 games we are on 53 points, last season we were on 45 points after 27 games. It took the messiah Wenger 32 games to get Arsenal’s 53rd point last season.


    What’s your point? Last season was a disaster. Doesn’t mean Emery is the right man.

  31. Carts


    What I found ironic about your post regarding KO scheduling, Simon Jordan actually gave a good critique about the EPL maximising income by adopting a Netflix-like platform.

    £10 p/m for access to all the games. Obviously that will have a massive impact on Sky’s as they’re the biggest payers for the domestic EPL rights, followed by BT , but I’m not an authority on how it’ll impact international buyers, if at all.

  32. Valentin

    I am not sure what is wrong with Iwobi. Last season and this season he keep having cramp after 75 minutes.
    Last season I blamed Wenger and his under training and players not being fit enough.
    This season that still happen with Iwobi. Maybe that his due to his diet or not drinking enough before games.

  33. Marko

    A few people have rightly raised concerns about the nepotistic new look being sculpted at Raul’s Arsenal.

    Firstly, the reason that’s a worry is the same reason it’s a worry at any organisation. You want to build a culture of excellence focused on performance, not who knows who….A Gooner friend of mine mentioned that Monchi will act as a counter to Emery’s impulse to purchase older players.

    And the bullshit continues I see. Focused on performance? That’s Monchi then he’s highly regarded. Worth noting he was at Sevilla for 13 before Emery came along. They’ve only worked together for 3 seasons. And Monchi has never worked with Raul before. This whole best buds hired by Emery power grab stuff has to stop. It’s agenda driven and detached from reality. Emery doesn’t hire the technical director and he isn’t in control of transfers not at Sevilla certainly not at PSG and not at Arsenal. People who say this are just wrong. I honestly can’t believe it the Monchi hire should be seen as a major coup by the club he’s that respected and sought after and yet some people are so fixated on getting rid of the manager that they’ll use any excuse to try to turn it into something it ain’t. Also no point in reading too much him signing up 29 and 30 year olds at Roma they are after all an Italian club and that’s what they do them signing Nzonzi at 30 is like a Spanish club signing up Nzonzi at 25. Also worth noting that 29 year old Auba, Mhiki, 30 year old Sokratis and 34 year old Lichtsteiner were SVEN signings. For me the best thing about Monchi which you alluded to right at the end is the amount of signings that he does which is great because we need a major turnover of the squad and he isn’t afraid to do that.

  34. qna

    Pierre. I agree. Sokratis gives me some comfort. I also prefer Mustafi as RB over Licht and AMN. But it would be nerve wracking whichever way we go there.

  35. qna

    Thomas: What’s your point? Last season was a disaster. Doesn’t mean Emery is the right man.

    So was the season before that, and before that. We have been spiraling for a long time. What exactly is your basis for expecting more than we have achieved so far? How many points should we have right now to meet your expectations of the “right man”?

  36. TR7


    I agree with you on 4-2-3-1 formation but the only problem for me with this formation is that there is no place for Guendouzi in it.

  37. qna

    Marko. You will have to separate that list into two. Good buys and shit buys. The good buys will be from a DOF and the shit ones would be Emery’s. I think that’s how this game is played.

  38. TheLegendaryDB10

    Chuffed with the victory and with the clean sheet. …. we still need to learn how to control a game though. I can’t believe (but not surprised) how we were pegged back in our own half for most of the second half.

  39. Thank you and goodnight


    Amazing isn’t it. Newcastle sign Almiron, and he comes out the box flying, we sign Suarez and he sinks without a trace.

  40. Marko

    It’s weird but people were against signing Suarez are against signing him permanently but want him to play more? I mean there’s just no winning I guess. So that’s Suarez, Ozil, Ramsey, Mhiki and our youngsters who need more minutes oh and all while playing with our two strikers as well because he must find a way to play them together. The only player people aren’t calling for is Iwobi because he’s public enemy number one. Easy peasy

  41. Victorious

    Monchi is the real sauce,dude has an excellent track record on players and hopefully would be tasked with the overturning of the squad

    Wouldn’t touch any player Emery has recommended with a barge pole.

    The man has as much of a eye for talent as Tony pulis

  42. Marko

    Qna I believe you’re right. Torreira and Guendouzi are obviously Sven signings but eh Lichtsteiner and Sokratis are Emery’s.

  43. HillWood

    I would recommend Iwobi drinks 5 pints of Guinness before matches
    It won’t help his cramp but it might help him dribble

  44. Sanmi

    For those who say we don’t have clinical strikers, we have more goals than Chelsea and man utd, and on level with spurs. Think about that

  45. Marko

    For me our season starts now. Forget about form and this and that prior to now cause right now we’re 4th with a superior goal difference to United and Chelsea and with 11 games to go we’ll need damn near maximum points. The only game we can afford to lose is away to Spurs. We’ll need to beat United at home and Wolves away

  46. Valentin


    The point people are making is why did we loan a player and then not use him.
    A lot of people disagreed with the loan in the first place and now it looks like the manager does not trust him either.
    The more you look at it, the more it looks like a mistake by whoever made the decision.

  47. omar

    It took us 14 years to go from invincible champions to where we were last season. It seems like some of you Wengerites are expecting Emery to make us champions in his first season. Surely no one expects him to take 14 years to get us back to being champions but given that he is working predominantly with a Wenger team and is 8 points better off so far is a step in the right direction.

  48. mysticleaves

    Breaking news….

    Emery in discussions with Raul about taking the players out for dinner after their victory against Southampton……. at a Spanish restaurant.

    The players and fans around (one of them said to be named Charlie) protested and pointed out a lot of nice English restaurants with quality English food but the Spanish spivs reminded them who is boss. Emery could be heard saying, “who’s your daddy now?” in Spanish of course.

    Worrying signs for English club Arsenal. What to do CG, Pedro?? We must prevent this power grab and save the Arsenal from a group of buddies pretending to be interested in bringing Arsenal back to limelight

  49. Sanmi

    Thank you and goodnight

    Auba, Guendouzi, Torreira, lacazette even ozil all played well from day one when we bought them. So I dint get your point

  50. Redtruth

    Arsrnal points after 27 Premier league games:

    2014-15: 51 points
    2015-16: 51 points
    2016-17: 50 points
    2017-18: 45 points
    2018-19: 53 points

    Thank you Emery for improving us.

  51. qna

    Valentin. We get the point that people are making. Why is it such a big deal? The money? Please. That he is clearly mediocre? Fine, let’s agree on that. But so what we add another mediocre player to our long list of mediocre players for 6 months.

    Again, not the point. The real point of concern is that why didn’t the club make available funds to help the squad cover the loss of Welbeck, Holding and Bellerin who had all done ACLs.

  52. Champagne charlie


    Spot on, Rory is swinging it amazingly well. Those poa annua greens are an absolute bitch and leave the tournament wide open until the last putt which is nice. Can’t be deaing with processions so let’s jope for a good final round.

    Lol good grief, we don’t blow teams away because Aubameyang and Lacazette aren’t clinical enough strikers? 😂

    There’s a fresh new twist on things. Not like they both have pedigree for scoring 25+ goals a season the last half dozen years or anything.

  53. mysticleaves

    Pedro, I would say the same to you lately. Replacing comedy with writing but where will I get my daily fix? So keep em coming bud.

  54. Receding Hairline

    This game was supposed to end 4-0 at least.

    Lacazette was rubbish in my opinion. Auba is too laid back, iwobi had a great game, Mkhi is done at this level.

    Old man Lich did well before coming off. Much needed three points and we have our targets firmly in sight despite having the blandest manager in Europe

  55. Pedro

    Redtruth celebrating Emery for bettering Wenger by an average of 3.75 points over 5 of his banter years seasons.


  56. Marko

    Guru you’ve yet to respond to being wrong with saying that the Europa League isn’t a route to the Champions League and wasn’t when Emery won it though it was. Bullshit met with facts that’s how you get them.

  57. Marko

    Redtruth celebrating Emery for bettering Wenger by an average of 3 points over 5 of his banter years seasons.

    Why would the other seasons be relevant? Given the state of the club all that matters is recently

  58. Dissenter

    Red is simply saying Arsenal ain’t as bad as the story your lot are spinning in Emery’s first season.
    That’s how I saw it anyways

  59. mysticleaves

    5 very long banter years don’t get fixed in 1 season with 70m to spend. Emery by your own admission is having an extraordinary season.

  60. Valentin


    The point is independently of money being available if we can’t get the right player we will not move forward. Skint or not skint, you can still waste money and Time on the wrong target.
    Looking at that deal as indication of the future, this summer we could well just spend a large amount of money for inadequate and average players.

  61. Bamford10


    Except that your implication — that the club penny-pinched for the sake of penny-pinching in January — isn’t warranted. There are any number of reasons why we might have only been interested in loan deals in January, none of which are penny-pinching for the sake of penny-pinching.

  62. Victorious

    It’s weird but people were against signing Suarez are against signing him permanently but want him to play more

    Nah,what’s weird is the current horrible management of the player

    You don’t negotiate for a player for the best of a transfer window and finally gets a deal over the line but end up benching the player even against canon fodders

    The leadership of this football club doesn’t seem to have much of a vision going forward in what kind of players we need and what certain way we want to play and how we manage to achieve whatever the targets might that we want

    The links to Monchi are a ray of hope but the duo of Raul and Emery remain suspects

  63. TheLegendaryDB10


    You may point out that we are doing better under UE right now than with AW but it doesn’t mean much if we can’t punch above our weight. What i am watching now is not serious top 4 pedigree football.

  64. Up 4 grabs now

    Couple of good points one from red showing the highest points total in 5 years at this stage of the season. Also 8 better than this time last year.
    But emery hasn’t improved things?

    Also 3rd highest scorers in the league. Not to shabby, just need that defence tightened up.

  65. Pedro

    Dissenter, let’s hope the 3.75 additional points fires us to 4th, because that’s about the only metric that looks like an improvement so far this season.

  66. qna

    Red. Would be interesting to see the points tally after 27 games for all of Wenger’s seasons. Apples to oranges but I would guess his first season wouldn’t be much better than Emery’s first either.

  67. Receding Hairline

    Pedro why an average of five Wenger years. Emery took over a team that finished sixth on 63 points. That’s the only stat that matters.

    I know some expect 63m spent should have us competing for the title but I do not agree

  68. Marko

    I heard Emery banned EastEnders and Top of the Pops too and only allows Days of our lives with Spanish dubbing and Shakira at Colney. But in all seriousness he’s a fan of Peaky Blinders so he can’t be that bad

  69. Bamford10


    3.75 points better, but with the equivalent of Wenger’s worst squad.

    It’s not much improvement, but it’s not “no improvement” either.

  70. TR7

    Sum total of points won by top 6 teams this season has been more than ever before in PL history if your compare based on number of games played. I wouldn’t read too much in to Emery having more points in the same number of fixtures against last 5 seasons. It has been that kind of a season.

  71. Pierre

    I can see Guendouzi rotating with Torreira in midfield for the remainder of the season if he sticks with 4-2-3-1…

  72. Dissenter

    You’re over-flogging this Suarez issue to the point that your ulterior motive is becoming more obvious.
    Even if it turns out to be a mistake [seeming like one] it will still be a careful managed circumscribed minor error, as it was intended to be.
    The idea of a 6 months loan/trial is to limit the chances of making a major error. That’s why we fought Barca until they backed off and removed the obligatory transfer clause.
    Suarez is what we call here a “hail Mary pass”; a very long forward pass in made in desperation, with only a small chance of success and time running out on the clock.

  73. Receding Hairline

    Funny how TR7 is going to great lengths to discredit Emery but thinks a manager in 12th place with a negative goal difference should be commended because his team can put two passes together and occasionally compete when playing the top six

  74. Champagne charlie

    “I know some expect 63m spent should have us competing for the title but I do not agree“

    You don’t know that, because nobody has uttered anything close to such.

  75. qna

    Pedro. The state your mate Ivan left this club in top 4 would be a genuine achievement rather than an expectation. To do that while suffering three ACLs would be a fantastic result.

    No matter which way you slice it, any reasonable, knowledgeable person would say that where Emery has this club after 27 games is a good effort.

    If you want to talk about how pretty the football is, etc etc, then you may have a point. But 53 points from 27 games is mission accomplished so far.

  76. Bamford10

    Those point totals tell you Emery has done 8 points better than last season (with arguably a worse squad).

    I say arguably a worse squad, because if your squad is what is actually available to you, Emery doesn’t have Bellerin, Holding or Welbeck, and he was without Koscielny and Monreal the first half of the season.

    He’s also had a mopey, depressed, post-WC Ozil and an unsettled Ramsey.

    8 points better, nonetheless. That’s not terrible.

  77. Pedro

    QNA, Emery has us in the top 4 in mid feb. He started the season with an unbeaten 22 game run with everyone celebrating the winning mentality he’d instilled.

    You gotta stop hammering Big G.

    Also, I’m on your team now.

    3.75 points better off has me calling for a new deal. #ThankyouEmery

  78. jwl

    Pedro – total points, where we finish in table are the metrics that count, if we do better than last season that is all that matters and no one gives a flying f*ck about xG numbers or whatever nonsense stats people use to disparage Emery.

    And that our season has not been catastrophic means Emery is doing something right because normally when long term influential boss quits there are a few dodgy years before equilibrium is reached again.

  79. Dissenter

    I like how Pedro interpreted the 5 year stats as a mean difference in points rather than say that we are 8 points better off compared to last season.
    Some of our best players are returning back to fitness so things ought to get better.
    Hopefully Ozil too finds a good run of form to help the team. He showed his feeble side today and wouldn’t even contest some balls.

  80. Bamford10


    Weird comment. I want us to be great again, so what we are seeing at the moment isn’t even close to good enough for me. However, if the question is whether Emery is improving our results and making a go at top four — his task this season — the answer is yes, he is doing that.

  81. Dissenter

    Anyone knows if Napoli have agreed to make permanent the Ospina transfer
    We need a very good number two keeper to push or replace Leno.

  82. Marko

    Wenger added how much and it got worse? Also it can’t have gotten worse if we’re ever so slightly better off. If we end up nicking 4th would that 70 million be all of a sudden well spent? The question then becomes do we secretly hope we don’t finish 4th that way we can appear correct all along.

  83. Champagne charlie


    Amazing, that might be the most contrived post I’ve seen on here which says a lot.

    How about having Aubameyang for an entire season and not since January? Torreira? Guendouzi? Sokratis? Leno? Not having the ridiculous cloud of negativity at every game?

    Or are we just trying to desperately reach (and change the tune on more than a couple) of references? Koscielny has been absolutely gutted by you and others since returning and now poor Emery has missed him most of the season? Take a bow.

  84. Bamford10


    Well, if we’re weaker defensively, it’s certainly not because we signed Leno or Sokratis. While neither is world class, both have improved us a little (relative to Cech and Mustafi).

    The problem has been injuries to Bellerin, Holding, Koscielny and Monreal, something Emery can’t be held responsible for.

    So I guess I’m not sure what your point is. Emery is working with an equal or weaker squad and is 8 points better.

    That’s something, yes?

  85. Up 4 grabs now

    Our first choice defence hasn’t played together all season.
    When the winning run stopped we had hit a patch of losing holding, bellerin, had koz coming back from a six month injury, papa was suspended and injured.
    Throw in ozil with the sniffles and min I out injured, we hit a bad patch.

    We’re still in the Europa and back in the Chase for top four/maybe 3rd if spurs go all spursey!

  86. TR7


    How about making a case against the fact I pointed out instead of attributing motive. All of us here are biased in some way or the other, nothing wrong in I being negatively biased against Emery. Is it not true that cumulative point total of top teams this season has been more than ever before ?

  87. Up 4 grabs now


    I think ancellotti wants ospina and confirmed he’s there next season?
    The buy out price is 3.5 million even broke Italian clubs can afford that!

  88. Pedro

    > added a keeper, CB, DM, CM for £70m
    >>> this made us worse for sure
    > didn’t lose anyone major
    >>> can be very disruptive for a new manager
    > added a coach who was going to make us tactically smarter, mentally strong, and better in defence
    >>> stupid players a logical explanation for this not working out (second half of the season only, because obviously ideas settle and then unsettle after 6 months)

    … and it all worked because we are 3.75 points off than Wenger was in his last 4 seasons.

    I’m with you guys, I totally understand the optimism.

    I’ll be even more Team Emery when we win the next two. Spurs are rattled. Would be incredible to end their season.

  89. TR7

    Two solid midfielders, one young bright keeper and a reasonably handy center back added to last year squad, PEA available right from beginning of the season, Laca more settled now ….weaker squad ? Disingenuous stuff. As for injuries, not the first time we have had players out due to long term injuries.

  90. Bamford10


    Not disingenuous at all. If you look at last season’s squad and this season’s squad adjusted for injury, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to think this season’s is no better than last. Defensively, it might be worse.

  91. Champagne charlie

    Has a comparison been made to last seasons injuries? Or is Banford peddling this seasons as if it’s the only time we’ve ever seen a player miss games.

    Could of sworn Lacazette had surgery last term..

  92. Victorious


    The Suarez deal is looking another clusterfuck of a decision by the current know it’s alright to appropriately lay blames at the feet of those who makes these decisions

    Emery wants the player,the negotiating team
    goes to bat to bring him in and now he can barely get a look in

    At least it doesn’t look worse than the ozil’s deal

  93. RodneyKing

    Say what you like about Iwobi, but so far, he has proven to be one of Arsenal’s best performers. He had a good game today and was involved in the two goals.

  94. Bamford10


    It should be “could have,” and you’re welcome to do a side-by-side analysis of injuries or of injury-adjusted-squads, 17-18 versus 18-19. If I have time later, maybe I’ll do it, but there’s no question we’ve been badly hurt defensively by injuries this season.

  95. Marko

    > added a keeper, CB, DM, CM for £70m
    >>> this made us worse for sure

    Not so sure about this. If anything it highlights the state of the squad he inherited where 70 million doesn’t even come close to addressing the squad. But the midfield this season compared to the last two seasons is an upgrade though still a long way from being good enough. The keeper situation imo has been improved and really that’s it. A 15 million CB doesn’t address our defence problems and a 34 year old back up RB doesn’t improve us in any way. But it’s a start though. Hey you’ve got a problem with the signings speak to Sven

  96. Redtruth

    Points tally is not the only measurement guide to see whether a side has improved.

    Performances matter too:

    In 2013-14 season Arsenal after 27 games: 59 points.
    2013-14 season 6-3, 5-1, 6-0

  97. Nelson

    People should lay off Suarez. It will take time to adjust to a new team and a new league. Chelsea is not playing Higuain also.

  98. Up 4 grabs now

    I can understand if emery was at the end of season two or in season 3 but the guy has had 7 months.

    Surely give him till the end of the season before you grab the pitchfork and flames!

  99. Alexanderhenry


    Fascinating reading the cut and thrust on here I have to say.

    I’m intrigued by your theory that Raul and Emery are plotting to take over the running of arsenal. You might be right but they’re still employees of the club after all.

    The article is interesting and well researched, but you fail to name the owner even once.
    Doesn’t he have a say in all of this?
    If the type of management set up arsenal is putting in place is as bad as you say, wouldn’t stan or even josh red flag it?

    They own a lot of different teams and have owned them over a long period of time- not particularly successfully, but still.

    Wouldn’t they have some kind of idea about what works at sports clubs?

  100. Marko

    We’re home to Bournemouth Wednesday while United are away to Palace and Chelsea play Spurs. Ooooo here’s hoping for a good Wednesday

  101. qna

    Lol. Pedro. Nice of you to use 3.75 point average rather than the 8 points we are actually better off. How very fake news of you.

    For the record, you would not be on my side if you did want to give Emery a new contract.

    My side has Emery for now if the other choices were Arteta and Viera. But mostly my side wants us to upgrade 15 players on our squad over the next 3-4 years in favour of young but talented replacements. My side would only have 3 or 4 of the players that played today. At least in the first team.

  102. Victorious

    I can understand if emery was at the end of season two or in season 3 but the guy has had 7 months.

    He is either the manager to take us back to the top or not,no middle ground or anything

    He looks a middling coach with no particular pattern of play which is worrying

  103. Marko

    I’m intrigued by your theory that Raul and Emery are plotting to take over the running of arsenal. You might be right

    He’s not. Respectfully in no way shape or form is Emery in particular taking over anything. No consolidation of power or nothing. It’s the Raul and soon to be Monchi show and that’s it really

  104. Pierre

    “Hopefully Ozil too finds a good run of form to help the team. He showed his feeble side today and wouldn’t even contest some balls.”

    His touches were way too sublime for you to understand .

  105. Dissenter

    Iwobi’s energy and often flailing industriousness will be crucial to where we finish this season.
    He’s far from the.finished article and may never be good enough but he brings something that is lacking; taking in players and direct running at the opposition

  106. Champagne charlie


    No the onus is on you to prove if you’re offering injuries this season, compared to last, as a point of reference.

    But thanks for confirming your premise is based on something you’ve not put any reasonable thought into. Just churning out as many desperate “reasons” you can to validate your queer POV.

    I noticed you didn’t care to respond to any of the counter points I made concerning all the additions, and the improved atmosphere we’re operating under. Just shallow nonsense to prop up your point instead. Stellar

  107. Marko

    Pretty much how I feel qna. I’m all for time so he can address the squad and the culture of Arsenal the stagnation and then I’m all for someone like Vieira or Nagelsmann (assuming both continue to improve) or Jardim to take over and take us to the next level. Emery’s not long term he’s never been at a club for more than 4 seasons and I don’t expect that to change here. In fact I hope that we’re done with the days of long term managers