Aaron Ramsey wanted to stay

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Good morning people.

Today, I’m experimenting with ‘voice’ combined with the common blog format.

I’m working on the ‘voice-log’ with Dan Ahern from the Le Grove comments.

Would appreciate your ears and comments on whether you think this is a format worth continuing.

In the ‘voice-log’ we talk:

  • Mesut being a piece of you-know-what
  • We opine on Emery and his strategy
  • We talk about how vision should be playing a bigger role in the future of the club
  • We set the record straight on Ramsey

Go long and deep people.

See you on the other side.



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  1. MidwestGun

    Ok.. Pedro.. Looking forward to it.. I don’t have to listen to it do I? lol I guess I’m old skool somewhat in regards to my blogs and music tastes. I like change but only if it makes my life better.

  2. MidwestGun

    I thinks it’s ok if people say they are good at reading the tea leaves and interpreting what they are hearing and that they might hear more then the average person as long as they are clear that is what they are doing. I feel like Pedro has always tried to be credible in that regard and usually says so. I don’t feel like I’m being lied to sell anything..just sayin.

  3. Jack gunnerr

    So Arsenal are a selling club.before the ES it was claimed it would allow the
    gunners to compete . Alas its the same old story.
    Arsenal have become uncompetitive and although they don’t have massive debt like MU .The latter have been the subject of a buy over.
    With Arsenals diminishing value don’t be surprised they will be thrown out of group of top Euro teams.

  4. gonsterous

    wow the whole dissenter, pedro, valentin, freddie debate is the reason, I pay to be on this site (it’s not free for me, ask pedders)
    Le grove and chill should be next New thing.

    I stopped having those debates, because on here everyone is stubborn and will try to talk their way out of something rather than admit they are wrong. But that’s entertainment

  5. Pedro


    Totally missed your comment from much earlier this morning where you were asking why Ramsey didn’t sign the deal.

    His last deal wasn’t sitting on the table for 4 months. He’d been asked to look over a final offer, and Arsenal yanked it (Mesut waited until Jan 31st to pen his deal in case you need precedent).

    Not sure how you landed on this being a fake news moment. That was the story that ran with all the mainstream journos.

    The only fake news seems to be the fans thinking that this was Ramsey’s decision.

    I’ve been told Emery didn’t fancy him, and I’ve been told that because there are stories from good places saying he never intended to sign, which isn’t true.

    Also, the manager wouldn’t have dropped him if he wanted him to sign, and you’ll see the yanking of the contract tracks with him being dropped.

  6. China1

    Seems I’m late to the party lol

    For what it’s worth, I don’t necessarily support emery hiring any non-coaching related back room staff (though this is common practice anyway)

    I also don’t have any loyalty to emery and won’t shed a tear if he loses his job sooner or later if the club have a plan that’s better without him

    But Pedro, I think as much as anything people take issue with the double training sessions type comments because firstly they are unfounded and secondly they are patently just a stick to hit emery with.

    It’s entirely clear that you really don’t rate emery and that’s fine, but you go beyond established, reasonable criticisms to literally bash the guy with any vaguely attributable point, without the need for evidence either

    The lame thing about it is you are not shy of legitimate reasons to bash the guy. The football is dire for example. Just stick to the facts rather than slide in the constant ‘extra’ digs that are unsubstantiated or may not even be relevant

    It reads like someone who doesn’t like Donald trump complaining about the guys hair. The man can give you 1001 reasons to criticize, so stick to the real points man

  7. Valentin


    The double session assertion is not unfounded. In November Arsenal PR machine was spinning the double session info against Wenger. “Now the players are fitter that’s why we are winning second halves.”

    Here are some extracts from the article.

    Arsenal play their 32nd game of the season against West Ham on Saturday and Emery has revealed he is making alterations to his squad’s training schedule.

    Emery admits it is important for his players to not be overworked

    Those are not my allegations, those are Emery words to the Daily mail.

    The article that was quoted by people against that argument states that the training schedule is being amended. If it was just the intensity there is no need to amend the schedule. You amend the schedule if you add or remove sessions. As the entire report is about reducing the workload, it make sense to deduce that the sessions are being reduced either in number or in length. The article is just confirming what I already knew. Double sessions were taking place until at least November.

    The fact is relevant, because that explains the dip in form. The team does not have enough left in the tank to win second half. They over trained. We have now expert in conditioning, they would not have made such egregious mistake. That mistake was done by somebody not familiar with the EPL.

    When I made the comments last year that the team was not fit enough, all the AKB went after me. I make the comment that the team is getting leggy and now all the Emerysta are going after me. Stating facts should not be that controversial.

  8. Freddie Ljungberg


    Still insisting on showing your reading comprehension is level -20?

    Not overworking players and amending training sessions is ,again, not the same as double sessions.

    Did Pedro remove some of his own snarkier comments from last night? Seems that way, maybe a self ban next, lol.

  9. Valentin


    It say training schedule not just training sessions.
    What do you think that means?
    That instead of training in the morning now they train in the afternoon?

    The Gunners boss has admitted he has reduced the workload of some of his players to ensure they are in good shape going into the business end of the season.

    Instead of insulting my understanding of the article, ask yourself why was that article published?
    Why write a generic article about training at Arsenal?
    It was a piece of PR fluff by Arsenal. It has been leaked that half the team was in the red zone. Reporters were asking questions on the subject. So suddenly an article about how Emery is adapting his training regime, reducing the workload.

    Pre-emptive strike before any controversy about the fact that the “infamously intense training session” caused physical problems.

  10. Freddie Ljungberg

    Insulting? I thought that was pretty generous considering your actual ability to understand the written word.

    So, still no proof of double sessions then? Just conjecture and make belief, ok.

  11. Graham62


    So true.

    As I’ve highlighted on here on numerous occasions, the “paralysis by analysis” coaching methods can be a killer.

    It is obvious that Emery is a very intense and passionate guy, which must have a massive affect in his communication to the players. From practically nothing over the past years, to this, can have a stagnating influence. Mental fatigue can cause physical fatigue, we all know this through our own work commitments.

    My own perceptions of this are simple. If you’re going to have double training sessions, make them less intense and more enjoyable.

  12. gonsterous

    all these links to 19 and 20 year old, when we have a lot of youth talent just goes to show no one at arsenal know what’s going on. The fans seem to have more knowledge about how to run a football club than them.

  13. Freddie Ljungberg


    Please don’t perpetuate the lie (or feed the trolls anymore than I’m already doing:), the double sessions where in summer, no proof of anything else.

    Wengers babies probably do need some extra double sessions to get into shape though so maybe they should start again.

  14. Freddie Ljungberg


    The 19 and 20 year olds we’re linked with are on a different level though, this exactly the type of players we need to buy, no more 29 year olds.

    De Ligt and Konate has massive potential as CB ,both very experienced already, obviously De Ligt more so but he costs more than twice as much too.

    Havertz even though he’s only 19 would already be a clear upgrade on any CAM we have, and has the potential of becoming truly world class.

    If we don’t buy these kind of players early we’re never getting them, prices are just going to keep going up and they’re already expensive as it is.

  15. Dark Hei

    Well, I think fitness is not the issue why we aren’t winning games.

    We aren’t winning games because we are not controlling the mid.

    And we are not controlling the mid because the players don’t seem to know how to play his style.

    That is the most basic explanation.

  16. gonsterous


    It’s good to buy those players, but it would be better if we can produce those players. I think we tend to over look our academy. They are some players that are very good, just need guidance and a chance in the first team.
    I will be so angry if EMR doesn’t turn into a good player. He has all the ingredients to do sooo much.

  17. bennydevito

    Sorry Valentin, you are wrong. Where does it say double sessions anywhere other than pre season? It doesn’t.

    You are making 2 + 2 = 5.

    Show us a link that says double. Until then:


  18. Emiratesstroller


    I have not posted for several days because frankly there is very little to write positively about.

    The club is in a mess and there is very little progression since Wenger left Arsenal. On the contrary there seems to be a gradual decline under the current management including Emery.

    It is bad enough that Arsenal have struggled since November in any of the away games in EPL. This has been an ongoing problem since December 2017. We struggled even against Huddersefield a team who are rock bottom in League and have scored virtually no goals in recent games.

    The BAT result is even more shocking when you consider how we performed against them last season. Last season we played a weakened team against this
    club and yet managed to score 9 goals against them.

    Our defence is rubbish as we have known over two to three seasons, but the midfield is now in serial decline as well. It beggars belief how the club has handled matters with both Ramsey and Ozil. Does anyone believe seriously that the players that Emery is now selecting are an upgrade on these two

    Personally I find it incomprehensible that we have allowed Ramsey to leave
    the club without a transfer fee and now there are attempts to force Ozil out
    of the club which is likely to be only achieved in similar fashion with no
    transfer fee. More likely than not we will be forced to pay substantial compensation if this player is forced to leave under current circumstances.

    The owner of the club has just invested a huge amount in buying the shares, but there is a suggestion that he is not willing to invest money in the team or sanction sufficient transfer budget to recruit top quality and proven players in
    the summer transfer window. You don’t need to recognise that the players likely to be sold are going to generate minimal transfer fees to supplement a
    reputed net spend of £40 million.

    Replacing Ozil and Ramsey with comparable or even better upgrades will cost
    alone nearer £100 million. The idea that the lightweight and insignificant player such as Suarez is an adequate replacement is plain daft. Frankly I would
    not spend a dime on this player based on what I have seen of his recent career
    at Barcelona and Arsenal. There are players in our U23 squad or out on loan who are at least as good if not better.

    If Mr Kroenke is not willing to invest in the club then he should sell it to someone who is prepared to do so.

    Rumour has it that Man Utd could be sold to Saudi Royal Family and there are
    clearly other investors either already at clubs or in the pipeline who are willing to outspend us.

    Moreover if Arsenal continue to drop down the pecking order my suspicion is
    that we will drop down the pecking order on commercial sponsorship. How long will sponsors such as Adidas and Emirates be willing to spend £100 million + a year on a club with no ambition?