Huss, Raul and Vinai get mad + Ozil gets vindictive

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Charles Watts spent some time inspecting the faces of the Arsenal exec team. Pen and pad in his hand this is what he saw.

Fahmy shook his head over and over again, Vekatesham slumped in his chair while an ashen-faced Sanllehi soon headed for the exit. This was not the result anyone had been expecting.

The vision that has been set out from the top brass has been clear. Champions League football is a must and winning the Europa League is arguably Arsenal’s best route back into Europe’s elite competition.

I mean, they’re not exactly going to be doing cartwheels and I’m not sure how much we can read into this, but it’s mildly interesting to know that the Emery frustration goes deeper than just a few fans in the ground and on the internet. Can’t remember Ivan Gazidis giving away this much emotion in 10 years.

It’ll be very interesting to see what the club do in the summer. Emery wasn’t given any money in January, no one really knows why, but it’s clear we can’t be broke. Maybe the club wanted to see what Emery was going to do with the squad, after all, he not only promised improvements to the fans in press conferences, he had a legendary PowerPoint presentation that he’ll no doubt be held to.

I would hazard a guess, but I would imagine coaching featured quite high on the short term objectives. Remember how keen he was to invite the press to watch his sessions? The club made quite a fuss about the job title being Head Coach, not Manager.

This is why the people claiming that a lack of identity doesn’t matter don’t understand what they’re saying. If your team stands for nothing, it means there’s no belief system in place. It means the players have no north star. It means you have nothing to fall back on when things slip. It results in confusing bland football that is no doubt a bore to play. Think about it, what is Emery trying to achieve? Fluid possession-based football like City? Heavy metal? Electric counter-attacking? Or just finding Kola on the overlap?

The biggest worry I have is the fans asking for more time and money seem to forget that he moved to a club that was a title-winning operation with some of the most exquisite players in the world playing for it and he tanked the first season. He had to bring in Neymar and Mbappe whilst counting on the simultaneous destruction of Monaco in the transfer market to win the league in his second season. He tanked twice in the Champions League, he couldn’t foster a collective and then he was let go at the end of the season because the players didn’t respect him.

That brings me onto my next topic of conversation, Mesut Ozil.

Mesut Ozil making a huge power play, whipping his base into a frenzy of ‘OZIL WE LIVE 4 U, EMRY DIE’, with the above pearler.

Now, it’s clear that I’m not a huge fan of the German. It’s also clear that he doesn’t really have any love for Arsenal unless it’s the love a 22-year-old beauty queen has for her 72-year-old billionaire lover. This is straight up manipulation of the media and it’s caused a right old stink on the internet.

It was a cynical move. It is clearly designed to disrupt Emery’s season that is tanking. It is supposed to be seen by the players who are no doubt wondering why they’re being asked to struggle away without support from the start names.

I thought this comment from Sal neatly summed up the debacle.

Emery came in with a supposed dossier on each player having done the research, knowing full well his highest paid player was Mesut Ozil, his attributes, weakness’s and knowledge he’d have to utilize him in some manner.

That plan didn’t consist of freezing Ozil out of every competition hoping to shift him in the next transfer window, value having plummeted to rock bottom.

We all know Ozil’s limitations we’ve beat them dead on here since 2013, there many. But don’t tell me he would not of added something to the shit show on display in Belarus. Don’t tell me Lacazette wouldn’t of welcomed him into the side, arms open. Emery put Arsenal behind his Ozil agenda.

More bizarre with Ramsay not traveling.

Now have open ware fare on the social between Ozil’s team and Emery.
As funny as it is, thats a sad indictment of his handling of Mesut Ozil, total mismanagement.

Emery is the unpopular kid standing his ground by taking the ball home. It’s an inability to be empathetic. It’s a character flaw in the Emery machine. This piece from GFFN on Thomas Tuchel gets under the skin of the problem and spells out that what we are seeing is not a one-off, it’s part of broader pattern of damaging behaviour.

“There is no success without a real relationship with the players”. Right from the start, he has been making pain-staking efforts to create strong bonds with his players. For example, he went to meet Neymar before the Brazilian left for the World Cup. “That’s the great difference between him and Emery”, surmises Canal + pundit Eric Carrière. “The Spaniard saw players as “X”, like tools he could use to win. It is the opposite for Tuchel. For him players are human beings, with a name, a personality, a sensibility and proper characteristics”.

And to whom you must show affection through a little hug, a little text message or some extra holiday time. “His management relies on benevolence, which doesn’t exclude authority and discipline, just like Rabiot and Mbappé experienced after being late at the pre-Classique speech and therefore sent on the bench at the Vélodrome,” says Carrière. “The strength of this manager is his ability to unite. Today, if a player doesn’t feel the kindness or thinks it is fake, he won’t fight for you. And you can tell that it is not fake with Tuchel. It is way easier to win trophies with such a team… Emery was a good tactician but didn’t have this ability”.

This is football. You are only as good as the talent you have at your disposal. Currently, Arsenal is trying to chase Champions League through the Europa League back door and top 4. We are desperately struggling for creativity because our two outlets are AMN and Kola. Would any manager in the world not at least try and build bridges with one of the most sublime creative talents in the world, even if he is  lazy? Would you not try and work out a system that could protect against his weaknesses in some way? Could you not put your pride to one side to make some magic happen?

It’s even crazier that he can’t find a way to utilise Aaron Ramsey. The guy has his flaws, but effort and intensity has never been an issue. He can also score goals, run with the ball, open space and create. Yet we’re leaving him to rot on the bench? Make a mistake with one star player and I might be able to forgive, but to do it with two of them, when they’re both fit, as results and performances tank… well, it’s just negligent.

In allowing these problems to fester Emery has lost control of the media narrative. He’s allowed Mesut Ozil to play the victim with the fans, and no doubt his treatment in the face of a creative crisis will have the players asking questions. The worst part of all of this is the argument is affecting our ability to compete. We’ve struggled against Cardiff, Huddersfield and lost to BATE. We haven’t delivered a performance since Spurs in December. Things are in decline.

Emery needs a rethink. He needs to leave his ego at the Colney gates. He needs to show leadership.

See you in the comments.

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  1. qna

    Pierre: Lest we forget that we went 22 games unbeaten with Ozil in the side for the majority of those league games .It was Emery who decided to change the formation and personnel , not Ozil.

    It was also Emery who got us on that unbeaten 22 games, during which we suffered some huge injury blows. You can’t have it both ways. The truth is that both are true and points to being not a great manager, nor a bad manager.

    Ozil had one PL assist after signing his contract under Wenger. His decline was clear before Emery even joined. He was given opportunity before he was ostracized. That doesn’t make Emery’s decision to do that a good one, nor does it make his decision to move away from Ozil a bad one. Both can also be true.

  2. Pierre

    “Effectively Emery has driven himself into a corner where he has alienated his best player and given him the initiative.If Özil suddenly decides to turn it on from now to rest of the season, Emery will extremely foolish for freezing him out and Özil can basically say one way or the other I want him out or I’m gone… he’s liked enough in the dressing room that his opinion will unsettle our best players to back him…Emery has handled this situation very very badly.”

    You summed it up very well.

  3. Pierre

    “Let’s just ignore the fact he demanded a champions league salary from a Europa league club while also wanting to choose the away games he turns out for and the ones to watch from the laps of Miss Turkey.”

    Receding hairline following the same school of thought as Marko

    Some people never learn do they .

  4. Leedsgunner

    Even if by some miracle Emery wins the Europa league I want Emery gone. He’s gone backwards since the beginning of the season.

    Our defence is a shambles, we can’t create goal scoring chances in the middle of the park, he’s alienated our best player, he’s failed to convince Ramsey to stay, the development of our youth players seems to have stopped, what is he actually doing at the club?

  5. qna

    Leeds: At least with Rioch, he left us after a season after signing Bergkamp who went onto become an Arsenal legend.

    The difference being that Emery doesn’t get to sign players. That is now Raul’s job. So even if Guen and/or Torreira go on to be club legends, Emery will not and should not be credited with that. Can’t really compare that aspect any more.

    It is why I believe the most important job at Arsenal in the position we are in now is Raul’s. He needs to sign us another Berkamp among others so at least the next manager of Arsenal has a fighting chance.

  6. Leedsgunner


    I’d rather be a bit more circumspect and say the powers that be at the club really need to stop being weak and indecisive and right this ship which is slowly sinking into mid table mediocrity.

    Our club’s problem are so much bigger than a Bergkamp away in any case. If anything we need a Sol Campbell and a Tony Adams more than a Bergkamp.

    Really, Özil could be a Bergkampesque player if he wanted and the manager could get the best out of him. No one is blameless in this.

  7. gonsterous

    I think the fans can be accused of having short term memory. Every time a player gets injured for a long spell or doesn’t feature in the team, we hype them up into something they are not. Happened with rosicky, happened with cazorla, diaby, wilshere. Hell I still don’t know if diaby is a talent or not. Now it’s happening with ozil. everyone is envisioning a player who will take the game by the neck and dictate play, someone who will be putting balls on a plate for the strikers. In reality though, ozil is a pansy who is so weak on the ball and a complete push over. Don’t believe me, give ozil a run of games and see how fast the fans want him out of the squad again.

  8. qna

    Leeds: Our defence is a shambles

    Injuries to Bellerin and Sokratis of late. Losing Holding when he was our best CB have been huge set backs. Being given Licht as a squad replacement. Having Mustafi as your main CB. Having Kos, at his age, having to come back from a serious injury. Having Monreal out for large periods. Having to use AMN out of position because the only other option is a horrible Lict. All these things make it hard to implement his defensive strategy and drill it into them. All these are mitigating factors.

    However, the last two games were against minnows. There was no cohesion or structure. It looks terrible and we should be much better.

    Leeds: we can’t create goal scoring chances in the middle of the park,

    True. We have no creative players between our strikers and our defenders. It wasn’t Emery who signed Mkhi on 200k, or Ozil on 350k. These are the players who should be providing that and they simply have not. Even when he was playing Ozil, he was awful for all but 1 or 2 games.

    Leeds: he’s alienated our best player,

    In response to shocking form. But the man management in this situation has back fired. He needs to get Ozil back in the team now because we are out of alternatives.

    Leeds: he’s failed to convince Ramsey to stay,

    Joking I hope. Not in the slightest on Emery. Raul pulled the deal on Ramsey. I fully support that too because Ramsey isnt even close to a 250k player. That would further hurt our chances of bringing in the overall quality that is needed to lift this squad.

    Leeds: the development of our youth players seems to have stopped,

    Not true. He played Guen and Holding, who both had break out years. He has played Iwobi as a regular. He is choosing AMN over Lict. How many managers of a club fighting for top 4 will be doing this?

    Leeds: what is he actually doing at the club?

    He got us to a 22 game unbeaten streak after taking over from a manager that had been here for 22 years. He is dealing with a poor squad when he joined that got even worse due to injuries.

    But he appears to have lost the dressing room or run out of ideas. I think there are a lot of mitigating circumstances for Emery, but a good manager can adapt to circumstances. He needs to turn the ship around very quickly. Even if we qualify for the CL, I wouldn’t extend his contract. If he doesn’t make top 4 I would sack him in the summer. I didn’t expect him too by the way, but given he has got us into this position, he really is in the best position out of the 3 clubs due to fixtures and he needs to bring us home.

  9. gonsterous

    don’t see what emery has to lose. Just give ozil a run of games and watch how fast the fans want ozil off the team again. The fans should be accused of over hyping absent players. They did it with diaby and Jack. With cazorla and rosicky, now they are doing it with ozil.

  10. Pierre

    I believe Emery became a little too big for his boots ( similar to Wenger) at the peak of the 22 game unbeaten run ( Tottenham 4-2) .
    He felt that he was holding all the cards and rightly or wrongly decided to get tough on Ozil because he had a strop because he was substituted or dropped from the side.

    Emery also moved away from the successful early season 4-2-3-1 and for some unknown reason has never returned to that formation.

    Of course , the injuries didn’t help at all as we had a very busy period and defenders were dropping like flies but in saying that he probably could and should have set us up better tactically to get us through that period.

    football is a results business, if we had managed to draw or win a couple of our 7 defeats then we would not be talking about Ozil coming back .

    The signing of Saurez in January also adds fuel to the fire as he looks a carbon copy of Ozil . Personally I quite like him and as I have said before , I believe that he and Ozil could create a good partnership if they are giiven the chance , though I doubt if Emery will play them together.

    All is not lost for Emery at this present time , qualifying in the Europa next week is a must as is our next 2 league fixtures .
    Anything other than 3 victories and the knives may well be out for him .

    I believe we will beat Bate with or without Ozil .

  11. qna

    Leeds: I’d rather be a bit more circumspect and say the powers that be at the club really need to stop being weak and indecisive and right this ship which is slowly sinking into mid table mediocrity.

    I agree with you. But that extends to more than just being willing to turn over managers. Getting the manager right is just a small part of the picture for us. They need to clear out a massive number of players. They need to invest. Somebody has to be willing to sack Raul if he can’t bring in the right players or sell our current players for a good price.

    Raul also needs to be willing to sack Emery. But take into account that if we only have 40m, sacking Emery will cost us another 5-10m depending on exactly how much he and his backroom staff will cost to pay off. That could bring us down to 30m to 35m but still with a squad where we can’t even get a better manager than Emery. We already scraped the bottom of the barrel with him. What else is down there?

  12. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Our defence is a shambles, we can’t create goal scoring chances in the middle of the park, he’s alienated our best player, he’s failed to convince Ramsey to stay, the development of our youth players seems to have stopped, what is he actually doing at the club”

    Our defense is a shambles because 3 of our best defenders has been out injured, only Sok will come back this season, the rest of our defenders are shite.

    We can’t create chances because our players are shite, simple as that, and no Ozil is not the answer, nor is he our best player.

    Failed to convince Ramsey to stay? Is that supposed to be a negative? I’m more than happy management pulled his contract after he didn’t sign it in 3 months, he was never worth that much to us. Maybe keep on the same or lower salary as a squad player but not more than that.

    Our 2 best youth players are at very good clubs in Germany, some of the others got their chances in the cups, doubt any of them are ready to start in the PL.

  13. qna

    Pierre. You could be right about Emery reacting emotionally to Ozil’s tantrums. Managers need to deal with that. But I dont know of many that accept that kind of behavior. Pep, Mancini, Mourinho, Conte. In fact, Ozil wouldn’t get away with acting like that with many top managers.

    But your point is well taken. Emery wasn’t in a luxury position of having options at his disposal. He clearly didn’t man manage the situation. But I dont really see Ozil as being a huge factor in all of this. As I said, Ozil stopped playing in February 2018 and has had 1 PL assist since and maybe 2 good games. Absolutely, if Emery could have put his arm around Ozil and kept him in the fold better then no doubt the entire situation wouldnt be this bad. But that is more an overall team harmony thing. Not a situation where we have missed out on 13 assists.

  14. Ishola70

    I heard on the podcast that Ozil is an “elite” player.

    It’s a cheap way to bandy round the word “elite”

    Mesut Ozil isn’t an “elite” player. Elite players can be relied upon far more than Mesut Ozil can.

    Also the narrative has changed greatly from quite a lot of posters from the summer when Emery first joined. Then it was all understanding of the situation. Yes we would like top four, yes we could have a chance through Europa but let’s give the new coach some time because of the situation he came into.

    Arsenal had failed to make CL for two seasons running before Emery joined. Wenger’s last season Arsenal were well off the fourth place spot. Well off. Make no mistake by the end of the Wenger reign the wheels had come completely off.

    But now we get narrative from posters as if they are demanding CL football from Emery in his first season.

    This is all rather head in the clouds stuff. A bit like with Wenger and fans pretending that the club were relevant at the real top end of football.

    It’s very poor that so many posters on here have turned on Emery so quickly and for the so short period he has been at the club so much so that they would back a flaky number 10 over him that shows poor professionalism.

    It stinks of self-delusion again.

    Emery may turn out not the man for Arsenal but how very unfortunate and distasteful that he has been given such a short time period before he is thrown to the dogs by these fans.

  15. Freddie Ljungberg

    If only taking the recent links into account and the lower end of the reported budget we could still have a very exciting team for next season if we’re being ruthless, that’s far more important than booting out the manager. If he fails after a successful window then fair enough but 1 window of plugging holes was never enough, we need massive upgrades in so many positions.

    In: Havertz AM, Troussard RW, Rabiot/Herrera CM, Konate CB, Grimaldo LB

    Out: Xhaka, Mustafi, Elneny, Mikhi, Ozil, one of Kos/Monreal, evaluate Chambers and see if he’s good enough for backup otherwise sell him too.
    We also get Cech, Ramsey, Welbeck, Licht off the wage bill.

    Get those 5 starters in and maybe we can start talking about exciting football again, if we’re serious we’ll add another top wide forward like Lozano/Fekir to that too.

    50m budget, and if we can’t get 70-80m for all those players we should just pack it in as a club. If the budget is 100m then add the extra top wide man. See if we play boring football then regardless of who is managing.

  16. Leedsgunner

    You and I will have to disagree about Özil and whether he’s our best player but hopefully we can agree he’s being mismanaged. However by that I’m not saying Özil is blameless btw.

    Nketiah is a talent that should have been loaned. Why did Emery prevent him going out to Augsburg?

    Denis Suarez is pointless if he can’t even make the starting line up for the Europa league and against Huddersfield. If he’s not match fit why sign him even for six months on loan? That still took £2m you know.

    Emery seems out of ideas after 9 months!

  17. David Smith

    Well said Ishola.
    He deserves time at least, he is up against a lot we know about and probably even more we dont.
    A shame the Ozil situation has rattled the cages of the Wengerites rousing them again

  18. prvhc

    Agree with everything Ishola said.
    Seems to be two types of fans who are after Emery
    1) Wenger loyalists who want to prove no manager could do a better job than Wenger
    2) Fans who were critical of Wenger but fail to understand the changed circumstances Emery is operating in.

  19. Ishola70

    Sensible post Freddie.

    It makes you feel quite nauseous that posters on here would rather see the back of Emery after not even giving him one season and as you say a band aid one transfer summer window then see the back of the likes of flaky Ozil and traffic cone Granit Xhaka.

  20. qna

    Ishola: But now we get narrative from posters as if they are demanding CL football from Emery in his first season.

    That is probably directed to me. And I am guilty as charged because I did and still do believe that whoever took this job needed time. I didn’t even expect him to get us to this position and he has overachieved to get us here. He has had so many injuries that would limit any manager from drilling what needs to be drilled.

    But my change in opinion is just that the last couple of weeks, against lowly opposition, he should be doing better than that. Despite all of the other things, we should be controlling the ball against these teams. I don’t know what has happened. Has he lost the dressing room? He needs to rectify what this, especially what I saw against Huddersfield (which we won) and BATE. So if he can’t get the team controlling games against the bottom teams, and winning games, then I don’t think we should go on another season like that. I can’t see him turning things around that much, but if we can keep winning (like Huddersfield) and we make the CL then I think that is enough to give him another season. Otherwise, if he turns things around and we play good football and just miss out, he should also keep his job. Frankly, I think the former is much more likely which is why I said he needs to qualify for CL or we should sack him. If the latter happens, then no worries.

  21. Freddie Ljungberg

    Eddie’s loan was blocked because we only have 2 strikers and because we couldn’t get a wide forward in Carrasco or Perisic in the window we have to play both at the same time almost all the time, what happens when one of them inevitably breaks down?

    Suarez has been at the club for 2 weeks, a bit early to judge but he’s probably gone in the summer anyway. I’m not judging Emery on that one since we had to go hat in hand begging for players.

    Ozil has been bad for quite a while, not only this season, it’s not only that he doesn’t help out defensively he’s stopped assisting too, which was pretty much the only thing he was good at. I just want him out of the club so we can move forward, I don’t care how that’s managed.

  22. Pierre

    In the last 12/18 months Arsenal have had a massive turnaround of players and it shows in the way the team plays .

    Le Grove’s favourite past time is calling for all our players to be off loaded and you are still doing it .

    sokratis, kolasinac, lichsteiner, mavropanos

    Torriera guendouzi.

    Mhkitarayan , lacazette , Aubamayang , Saurez.

    That’s a whole team that have arrived in the last 18 months with only mhkitarayan having any experience of the premier league, so it’s no surprise that the team is not functioning well .

    Half the problem has been our 22 match unbeaten run as it raised expectations to a unrealistic level.

    If we had started the season with 7 defeats in 2 months and then gone on a 22 match unbeaten run then Emery would have been hailed as some sort of genius .

    Sadly for him , he is being labelled incompetent and it could be said that out unbeaten run was partly due to the Arsenal players still having out previous managers DNA on the team though it’s fair to say that Emery’s initial impact on the team had a lot to do with out success but the impact has dissapated as the season has progressed.

  23. prvhc

    ‘it could be said that out unbeaten run was partly due to the Arsenal players still having our previous managers DNA on the team’
    That is some hilarious BS. I hope Wenger gets a job at some mid table club soon so Arsenal can get rid of ‘fans’ like Pierre and Charlie.

  24. Up 4 grabs now

    Morning people.

    So we didn’t control the game so much against huddersfield.
    We won and got the three points we needed though.

    They never looked like scoring. And we had to do it for them in the end.
    Maybe emery thought 2-0 up against the bottom of the league team lets keep it tight not waste energy the games practically won. I don’t know?

    Bate defeat wasn’t great but we should win the second leg and go through. Even Pedro said this.
    Conditions wasn’t great we rested players it wasn’t a surprise as we’ve seen plenty of games like this in the past under Wenger.

  25. Ishola70


    “But my change in opinion is just that the last couple of weeks”

    Do you think it is wise or even near fair to judge a coach because you are not happy with the football over a couple of weeks time period especially given that he has virtually just arrived at the club?

    I’m hoping like everybody else that we see much more from this Emery team over time just like you but come on give the man a bit of slack.

    Let’s judge the man after he has another window this summer and see the football next season.

    To kill him now is just so wrong. It really is. Just wrong and totally irrational.

    As prvhc says we all know the posters that have the axes to grind. It’s just unfortunate that others seem to be joining this clan. A few too many really.

  26. Alexanderhenry

    Excellent post Ishola.

    To get back into the top four let alone actually win the PL, arsenal needs better players.
    The ‘no money’ approach won’t work under any manager.

  27. Receding Hairline

    It is indeed shameful ishola how fast they turned on the new manager.
    It has actually put me off all things Arsenal for a while.

    All the talk of supporting a new manager through a difficult transition was just hot air.
    A set of supporters supporting a Europa league team are now pretending they are anything more than that. Bayern Munich organised parties when they draw us in the last sixteen of Champions league football. We have been a bit of a joke for a decade and now we demand excellence… Even the ones who believe things would have been all good if Wenger was just removed from transfer duties.

  28. Graham62

    I was shot down yesterday by Charlie George for stating that if Ozil plays next Thursday against Bate at the Emirates and shows negative body language in any form, ” he should be crucified by the crowd”.

    He told me I was being vindictive and bitter, or something along those lines.

    All to his own I suppose.

  29. Up 4 grabs now

    We all keep coming back to the same points,
    The spend last summer was disgraceful, we get a new manager for he first time in 22 years then tie his hands behind his back and wonder why he isn’t playing football like pep or klopp and being entertained.

    When your being outspent by some of the promoted and midtable team’s.
    Something is wrong. Especially as we are supposed to be one of the ten biggest clubs in the world.

    Emery didn’t inherit a squad that had won the league the season before, like Chelsea or city.
    He didn’t get a squad that had been playing champions league football like the spuds, or bindippers.

    This is a major refurb that’s needed to the squad.
    Wenger left a mess. The only thing that will fix it, is time and money.

  30. Graham62


    Great post.

    I have my concerns about Emery but based on all the shit going on around him, I’ll still give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Thanks for putting things into perspective.


    You’re also right. “We have been a bit of a joke for a decade”

  31. Up 4 grabs now


    I saw the pictures of ozil training so we know he’s nearly fit.
    Maybe emery didn’t want to risk him but have him ready to start for the second leg.

    But if he starts and doesn’t show up for the game then he deserves everything he gets.
    If emery doesn’t start him then he is risking more abuse as creative wise we are struggling at the moment.

  32. Charlie George

    Listening to the emollient tones of PedRo on his Podcast. ( thanks Bd for flagging )- my first ever listening of one.

    Two things shone out.

    1) once again- and I am in total agreement with this : Raul signed off the Ozil contract as much as Gazidas. Thats is a virtual given, now

    2.) Ramsey contact was pulled by Emery .
    Emery doesn’t rate Ramsey.

    (Let’s think about that.)
    Rambo who is a hard working, respected, versatile ,goal scoring, assist making popular player of the highest calibre is not valued by our coach.

    And yet- the brilliant Allegri does rate these footballing ingredients, Ramsey consistently provide.

    Let’s not forget. Emery hooked Ramsey after 59 mins in game one, and dropped him for game 2 this season.

    He clearly LIED at his interview- saying he was going to build the team around Ramsey and Ozil. Because both players were dropped very early in the season

    To think Emery does not rate Ozil, Ramsey, Neymar, Laca amd perhaps even ERS but loves Suarez types is an astonishing reality

    But he has still has his backers- on here.

  33. qna

    Ishola: Do you think it is wise or even near fair to judge a coach because you are not happy with the football over a couple of weeks time period especially given that he has virtually just arrived at the club?

    No. its not fair. I acknowledge that. But my number 1 priority is for us to be able to bring in good players through the door. Its much more important than who is the manager in the short term. I look at the football we put out the last 2 games and think, who is going to want to join that.

    Pierre: Leno,
    sokratis, kolasinac, lichsteiner, mavropanosTorriera guendouzi.Mhkitarayan , lacazette , Aubamayang , Saurez.

    Not asking for new players, just for the sake of it. We need quality players that arent past it. I was not happy with most of those signings at the time. Not even in hindsight.

    Mkhi, Kolasinac, Sokratis, Auba, Laca I was not happy with any of these before they came through the door. Auba and Sokratis because they were too old. Who was going to pay that for Auba – so why did we? Laca because he wasnt worth what we were paying. I said at the time, he will be nothing more than a squad level player and give us about as many goals as Giroud. To you that may sound like a compliment, but to me being Giroud level was never a compliment. Just a solid option from the bench.

    Kolasinac, just didn’t look quality for me although he was free. Mkhi – 100% dead against. Absolutely fuming on that one. Up there with how I felt when we signed Gervinho.

    Lict – was free and the club wasnt spending money. Thought he would be good cover and might just have 1 year left. Was wrong.

    Suarez – said I didnt know anything about him. Dont like what I see. The club wasnt spending so he was a warm body. As long as we dont make him permanent, just keep him on the bench and bring him on for fresh legs.

    Leno – ok signing. We cant afford to spend more than that, which is what it would take.

    I was happy with Mav, Torreira, Guen and several other young players which in the end bombed. Have to throw a few darts here and I support that. But what we need is a guy who can find the really good players so our darts hit more than we have been.

    I’ll add Xhaka – who I didn’t want, but after we signed him I didn’t think he would be bad. Just that we overpaid. He is much worse than I thought. Didnt want Mustafi either. Thought we massively overpaid and targeted him because no other big club wanted him. Its our standard protocol, so its my standard reaction to when we spend money. When good defenders are going for 35m, we are paying 15m. When good defenders are going for 50m, we pay 35m. Wenger Logic.

    The argument is that our squad needs an overhaul with QUALITY players. Not just players that other big clubs dont want. Mav, Torreira and Guen were really the only bits of business that the club should be proud of. Of the rest some were acceptable at the time. But for most, we should have known better. People at Arsenal are paid big money to know better.

  34. Ishola70

    “I have my concerns about Emery”

    I don’t think there is one poster that is totally convinced about Emery.

    But at the same time there surely has to be considerations regarding his short time at the club and the situation he came into at the club. This seems to be lost on some.

    Of course if the unimaginable happens and he somehow botches up against BATE Borisov then the dogs will rightly have their feast upon him. I for one though will look away while the savaging takes place.

    It would be totally ironic if he has a disastrous Europa League result but gets CL by getting in top four after hearing he is a Europa League “expert”.

  35. Up 4 grabs now

    Charlie, how do you know emery pulled Ramsays contract?
    Were you at the meeting?

    Ramsay was hooked in game one because he was poor.
    Maybe that’s why he didn’t start in game two?

    “He clearly LIED at his interview- saying he was going to build the team around Ramsey and Ozil. Because both players were dropped very early in the seasonTo think Emery does not rate Ozil, Ramsey, Neymar, Laca amd perhaps even ERS but loves Suarez types is an astonishing reality”

    Ramsay and ozil have both been out injured for chunks of the season it’s difficult to build a team around players if there not fit, or in poor form.
    Pretty sure emery rates neymar, laca plays nearly every game.
    Ers has gone out on loan for games since he isn’t ready for the premier league.
    And suarez has made two sub appearances, hardly screams emery favourite.

  36. prvhc

    Sadly, aside from the fans who flip like a switch and a few sensible ones, Emery was always on borrowed time.
    At Arsenal,more than most other clubs,fans are very much part of the problem.’Fans’ like Pierre and Charlie who backed Wenger to the very end,and are now pretending it was all Stan’s fault for not sacking him,are all to common at our club.Everyone has some agenda when it comes to Emery,yet they accuse Emery of placing his agenda above the club.Pedro has been throwing stones at Emery since day one without ever suggesting a realistic and better alternative,because the horse he had been backing did not win the race.

  37. Charlie George

    Up for grabs.

    Ramsey was poor in the first game – playing out of position.
    Ramsey is proven- he always comes good.
    You keep faith with him

    Iwobi has been poor all season

    He doesn’t suffer the same ruthlessness from Emery.

    I feel after his PSG experience- Emery is so scarred with the big names – he favours the ‘Yes Men ‘ players

    Anyone with a big reputaion- he is genuinely petrified- because of his PSG experience

    And we suffering from his chronic lack of confidence.

    He appears to be a nervous wreck on the touchline.

  38. SUGA3

    Somehow botches BATE? All they need to do is score one goal. Are we good for a clean sheet or three goals scored against them?

    Not on the current evidence, we’re not 😉

  39. Up 4 grabs now

    Charlie if Ramsay is proven, why pull the contract.
    If he’s proven why is he not he first or second name on the teamsheet.
    Why can he not hold down a position or play any length of time without being injured or a drop in form.

    Iwobi has had a couple of good games but nowhere near good enough, but since Wenger left the squad to deteriorate so much and the board wouldn’t spend on wingers in the summer he is the only player that can play there which is why he plays so much.

    As for emery scared of players with a big reputation, we have no players with a big reputation apart from ozil and he isn’t justifying a place in the side at the moment or is constantly out injured.

  40. Charlie George

    Up 4 grabs

    He pulled Ramsey s contract not for footballing ability ( Juventus signing him- proves thats)

    And its The same reason he is ostracizing Ozil.

    He wants them both out. Sharpish!

    Even if costs AFC lots of goodwill and money.

    He wants to build upon his power base- GET his players- so he can attempt to stay longer at the club. ( earn more salary- Than his limited talents deserve)

    He wants a team of journeyman – devoid of color and a robotic style of play.

    He has not Arsenal at his heart.
    It’s all about what’s best for him And his 5 Spanish mates ( coaches)

    I say this, with the utmost respect- please don’t be so naive.

    (For what Emery is doing is not unique- most bog standard coaches apply this mode of operation all the time.)

  41. Up 4 grabs now

    He wants to build upon his power base- GET his players- so he can attempt to stay longer at the club. ( earn more salary- Than his limited talents deserve)

    Are you talking about Wenger!

  42. Up 4 grabs now

    If emery doesn’t do the job he is supposed to do I have no problem giving him the sack. But not to give him the time or money to compete with the rest of the top six is a disgrace.

    What are we becoming Everton?

  43. bennydevito


    I don’t think you’re being entirely fair regarding the Ramsey contract for 2 reasons, 1 there was a contract on the table since around the time Ozil signed his contract and Ramsey has refused to sign it for months, and 2, Emery isn’t in charge of the contracts; he’s not the manager like Wenger was, he’s the head coach and head coaches dont do the contracts.

    Also Ramsey has not been frozen out he’s played a lot and the reason both he and Ozil didn’t travel to bate were to do with injuries and illness.

    CG, we know you don’t like Emery but you’ve got to stop passing off opinion, conjecture and speculation as fact.

    For what it’s worth I happen to really respect your old school Arsenal values and I think Emery’s days are numbered and you’ll get your wish very soon, but you’re in the minority as most fans think Emery should be given his contract at the very least.

  44. Up 4 grabs now

    On ozil and ramsays form over the last year I would want them out as well if we purchased decent replacements.
    Don’t get me wrong if they showed consistency then I would keep both.

    Ozil wages are now a hindrance.

    Ramsays contract demands was not acceptable for a player who isn’t consistent, missing a lot of games and apart from one purple patch a few years back hasnt done it enough, no matter how many cup final winners you score!

  45. bennydevito

    Charlie GeorgeFebruary 17, 2019    10:05:34

    Up 4 grabs

    He pulled Ramsey s contract not for footballing ability ( Juventus signing him- proves thats)

    And its The same reason he is ostracizing Ozil.

    He wants them both out. Sharpish!

    Even if costs AFC lots of goodwill and money.

    He wants to build upon his power base- GET his players- so he can attempt to stay longer at the club. ( earn more salary- Than his limited talents deserve)

    He wants a team of journeyman – devoid of color and a robotic style of play.

    He has not Arsenal at his heart.
    It’s all about what’s best for him And his 5 Spanish mates ( coaches)

    I say this, with the utmost respect- please don’t be so naive.

    (For what Emery is doing is not unique- most bog standard coaches apply this mode of operation all the time


    Biggest pile of steaming horseshit I’ve ever read.

    Unprovable unsubstantiated bollocks the lot of it.

    Yet more Charlie Chuckle vision bollocks.

    All signings this season were Sven’s signings.

    Apart from Suarez who at 25 26? Is hardly a journey man

    Wants to build on his power base and get his players in to earn more money for himself? Total fucking shit. Every manager wants to bring in players to make the team better to keep their jobs – that’s their job ffs!

    Your ridiculous narrative is ludicrous and embarrassing in equal measures.

    I think that South African sun is sending you doo lally.

  46. Valentin

    If ManUtd can put clause in their manager’s contract, the argument that Arsenal could not because nobody wanted the role is a fallacy.
    Emery was desperate for the Arsenal job and would have signed with the clause.
    Moreover the clause do not state that failure to meet them will lead to immediate sacking, just that they are cause for early termination with reduced compensation.
    Same thing applied to Wenger. Either sign the contract with the clause or leave now. What was the point of renewing for two years and sack him at high cost after a year.
    Bad management from Gazidis.

  47. Charlie George


    I think – deep down in those Arsenal guts of yours. You know – I am right.

    (27 degrees today,) Come over– I’ll talk some sense into yet!

  48. Charlie George

    “”Apart from Suarez who at 25 26? Is hardly a journey man””

    ok Bd – he is not a journeyman- he is a proven player – that will improve our lot.

    For a bright lad- you are full of contradictions.

    If Suarez does not fit the definition of a journeyman- I am Spanish!

  49. bennydevito


    Lol! I’d love to living there tbh, sick of our cold dull weather for sure.

    I’m actually full of conflict tbh. I can see that long term Emery isn’t the heavyweight we need, just doesn’t have the charisma or winning personality like Wenger Pep Klopp or Ferguson for sure.

    Fans are divided on him already, not good, especially as after Wenger divided us bitterly towards the end I wanted someone coming in to heal the fans, not exasperate things further.

    I didn’t want Emery and was extremely disappointed in his appointment. I wanted Allegri, Ancelloti but really wasn’t excited for Arteta so accepted Emery as the best option of a very limited selection and envisaged him being here for 2 years tops.

    My beef now is that I genuinely feel we should wait until the end of the season before evaluating because like it or not in terms of real measurable evidence in terms of league position and points etc, we have improved, it’s undeniable.

    You throw around insults at Emery and opinions as fact, you’re not objective at all, you’re entirely based on the subjective and I don’t know why but I find it incredibly frustrating.

  50. G8

    You can’t reason with this dude CG and his buddies. twisting facts and inventing stories to suit their narrative….they are all out for a misson
    Nobody’s taking them seriously
    Only fools and horses

  51. 5am

    In balance – Tuchel only wento over to see Neymar to give him tips on diving 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Emery has definitely made mistakes and it’s a point about how warm his character actually is…

    He needs to turn this around though to allow Ozil to play himself back into some kind of form. I’d take him producing 5 or so chances a game so that what he offers offensively is compensated for any lack of defensiveness. Just maybe o the rare occasion don’t use him tactically if you have no intention other than to defend in certain matches….