’TIME and MONEY’ pleas lose steam after BATE nightmare

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Well, well, well.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a line of defence when it comes to the rapid decline of the Unai Emery maiden voyage. Last night’s loss to BATE is a tough result to compute for many reasons, but before we jump into the details, let’s be real here… we will beat them in the return leg. It’ll be a destruction.

I’m just going to bullet out some concerns that the game threw out.

  • Chelsea is in freefall, United were totally outclassed by PSG and have a nasty run of games that will leave them fatigued and sad. We have just clawed our way back into top 4 contention. It’s incredibly important that Arsenal remain fresh until the end of the season. Emery just tanked away from home against a shite team and now he’ll have to rescue the game with a hard return at The Emirates when he should be resting players.
  • BATE is an out of season pub team. Their last game was December 13th vs PAOK. How can there be any excusing a loss like this with a first team that is in PEAK fitness mode? We’d be furious if the kids tanked that game. Alex fucking Hleb played. This is what he had to say on the game prior:

‘Arsenal are at the peak of readiness – for them this is a huge plus,’ Hleb told Pressball, a leading sports newspaper in Belarus.

‘It will be hard for us, and very much so. But we will try to squeeze the maximum out of the physical form that we have gained.

‘We are not yet ready (to play at) 100 per cent, but the coaching staff decided not to force anything – realising that the guys had to rest after a hard season. And now we are working – in general, everything is according to plan.’

  • A lot of fans are blaming the TERRIBLE PLAYERS EMERY INHERITED from dear old Arsene Wenger. That excuse took a sharp slice to the jugular last night because Wenger put 10 goals past them, winning 6-0 and 4-2. In the 2017 6-0 game, do you know who scored? Debuchy, Elneny, Giroud, Theo Walcott, Giroud and Jack Wilshere. Emery added £70m worth of talent and still took an L away from home. To repeat: Wenger, with a squad that had given up on breathing, still managed to turn over a pub team twice.
    • Also worth remembering at the start of the season, the people celebrating the WINNERTIVITY Emery had brought to a limp squad of Wenger babies (me), are now saying nothing can be done with Wenger’s limp lizards (not me). Are we really blaming Wenger for an away loss to Bate Borisov in mid-February?
  • The manager didn’t take Mesut or Ramsey away (the Welshman damaged a knee carpet sliding after that deal), leaving our creative outlets to be our fullbacks again. This isn’t bearing fruit. Why does Emery persist? Why not use the players who can help? Mend those collapsed bridges, because we are literally throwing away any chance of success this season by leaning on failing strategies that the players seem to have given up on. This was BATE away from home. Emery can’t even be bothered to humiliate Ozil in the hope that maybe he’ll drop a performance worthy of a Premier League start (or, dare I say it, a performance that might invite a bid this summer).
    • When the players lose faith, it cannot easily be rectified with additions. You can’t replace an entire squad, gossip memory is a thing. That’s why it’s so important for Emery to turn this around. The cracks need to be filled this season with good coaching, adding a layer of class to proceedings in the summer. You can’t prop up a toxic squad with more bodies. That’s not how it works. If Emery doesn’t have the player believing by the end of the season, he’s done by December.
  • Additionally, does anyone think the effort output of anyone in the side is greatly outshining what Mesut would bring? Is Mikhi really putting in a shift? Iwobi? Is it not time to make Mesut and Ramsey work for their money. I’d prefer lazy and class, versus meh levels of effort and meh levels of ability. We had 3 shots on target today. In the second half, we didn’t hit the target until the 92nd minute. That is shite. We need to create. A lazy creator feeding outrageously clinical strikers sounds a better plan than average creators feeding nobody.
  • We are in February and the same predictable approach of using our fullbacks to create cutbacks is being used. We have no interest in working through the middle. We are so dull to watch. If you are predictable, you are easy to plan against. This used to happen under Wenger.
  • The players can’t motivate themselves for the small games. That tells you a lot about how interested they are in the manager and his ideas. Motivation should not be an issue with top level footballers. It certainly shouldn’t be an issue in a new managers first season.
    • Emery stands on the sidelines like he’s just found out The Daily Mail has accessed his ephemeral SnapChats from 2015. Zero sauce. Total panic. You might think that’s a minor observation, but come on, who isn’t going to be affected by the weak body language?
  • If Emery is such a demon with the video analysis, why didn’t he realise the pitch would look like a WWI trench warfare simulation rehearsal had taken place on it? Playing it along the ground was never going to work. As someone pointed out, Chelsea complained about the pitch. We had no plan to deal with it.
  • Suarez. Can someone hit me up with the ‘why’ here? Light-weight, weak passing, can’t even take a corner. Why did we bother with him if he wasn’t ready to hit the ground running?
  • Finally, a lot of folk gossiping that the lack of Emery funds were down to the board worrying he wouldn’t make it past this season. Does Raul see Emery as an Ivan signing? Does he identify the folly in giving a £100m to a man who needed £300m to rectify PSG taking a spanking from Monaco in his first season? Doubtful. But come on, it’s not unreasonable to be logical about Raul and his thoughts, is it? If you’re a real football man, and you watch the game with clear eyes, do you truly believe Emery is any good? Of course not. Zero vision or style in 9 months is alarm bells for real football people. Telling the world you’d be the protagonists whilst fixing the defence needed tangible results, and they haven’t come. Why waste a summer on someone who can’t craft a style or vision with a squad that costs £220m a season is a joke, especially when you can see what Bielsa did with Leeds (a 7th place team in a lower division that had never played expansive technical football).

Before you go, GFFN has a supportive article on Emery you should read here.

“There is no success without a real relationship with the players”. Right from the start, he has been making pain-staking efforts to create strong bonds with his players. For example, he went to meet Neymar before the Brazilian left for the World Cup. “That’s the great difference between him and Emery”, surmises Canal + pundit Eric Carrière. “The Spaniard saw players as “X”, like tools he could use to win. It is the opposite for Tuchel. For him players are human beings, with a name, a personality, a sensibility and proper characteristics”.

And to whom you must show affection through a little hug, a little text message or some extra holiday time. “His management relies on benevolence, which doesn’t exclude authority and discipline, just like Rabiot and Mbappé experienced after being late at the pre-Classique speech and therefore sent on the bench at the Vélodrome,” says Carrière. “The strength of this manager is his ability to unite. Today, if a player doesn’t feel the kindness or thinks it is fake, he won’t fight for you. And you can tell that it is not fake with Tuchel. It is way easier to win trophies with such a team… Emery was a good tactician but didn’t have this ability”.

My narrative on Emery is fueled by good intel, not gut feel. Watch this space, Le Grove will lead the way on this one, I can assure you. He’s the Spanish David Moyes, or hopefully, the 1996 Bruce Rioch. Either way, he’s not leading us to the promised land. Be sure of that my friends. x

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  1. Guns of Hackney


    Trump walked the first one and he’ll walk the second. People love to talk and tweet about the president but let’s be honest…most of the people who are against trump, ain’t getting out of bed to vote.

    Just like the remainers. Young, dumb and full of “can’t be fucking bothered but I’ll show my ire in a tweet”. Grrrrr!!!!


  2. Black Snake

    I honestly dont think our board has the spine to kick emery out after one year. If hes only on a 2 year deal theyll wait until then. Unless the fanbase actually wants to do something about it, we can munch on shite until then. We all know out fans are pussy whipped, glory hunting snowflakes so enjoy the ride, or don’t. Go do something else until there is real change.

  3. Ishola70

    “This is interesting, wonder if he wasn’t on the emery train and will get his own man in in summer given jan holding of funds”

    He brokers some deals and has no football background.

    The deals he done at Barca has no relevance now to Arsenal. He is now in a completely different environment under constraints in relation to Barca.

    When you see in the article “he” = Sanllehi acquired this player, that player he was obviously prompted because he has no football knowledge, no football background.

    When he was first appointed as director of football at Barca there was some controversy because it was the first time that role had been taken by someone without a footballing background at that club. Barca have now reverted back to putting footballing men in that position.

    In short he is just another suit.

  4. Guns of Hackney


    Trump was a guy who literally up until 12 months before he ran for presidency had zero (still doesn’t) any political dreams…he ran, and became the most powerful man on the planet. He beat career politicians easily. The guy is a weapon wether you like him or not.

  5. Champagne charlie


    Yea, that and the pitch. BATE still managed to look dangerous but, and after no competitive match in 63 days he offered up that they were “well rested”. Lol

    So in reality we merely got unlucky to come across such a well rested side on a cold night with a dodgy pitch. Stacked deck and that

  6. Guns of Hackney


    If it wasn’t for the national rule…Arnold Schwarzenegger would have been pres 15 years ago.

    Can you imagine the copy he would have got?

    I’ll be back.
    Run…get to the voting booth.
    If it votes, we can kill it.
    It’s not a tumour.

    Man alive…Arnold would have been amazing!

  7. Graham62


    That means you’ve definitely never seen Liam Brady play and probably only saw DB10 play on the MOTD highlights.

    Oh well, at least you can Google it all now.

    Cheers! Lemonade only remember.

  8. alexanderhenry


    Not sure regarding the fans. A lot of them are getting very pissed of and those season tickets ain’t cheap.

  9. Charlie George


    “””Let me say this, if Liam Brady or DB10 had been playing last night, they would have carved out chances for Lacazette and Co and Arsenal would have won at a canter.”””

    Emery would have frozen Brady out – like Ozil!
    And He would have sold Dennis!

    How this man – deems that Ramsey is surplus to requirements and yet Suaraz is pivotal to his plans is actually depressing.

    Suarez – has the appearance an underfed whippet- how’ does Emery expect him to be a major force in our physical league?

    It’s only the sheer incompetence of sarri- that is keeping the spotlight off Emery.

    This won’t last for long.
    The roar for change will soon be deafening.

  10. Valentin


    I know that Cech is retiring at the end of the season, but it is because he has been told by Emery that Arsenal was not going to renew his contract.
    At the beginning of the season, he was hoping to impress Emery in order to get a new contract. Because of his family, he does not want to leave London.
    Where have you been, this is well known.

    Like I said, Cech is retiring. He has nothing to lose. If we get eliminated from the Europa League, the best he could hope for is Leno getting injured.

    He can see that this is not working. Emery may not have yet lost the dressing room, but it is clear he has already lost both goalkeepers.
    Leno made the comment that Özil is a world class player who would improve any team he plays in.

    I wonder if other players think the same, but are just afraid to publicly say so.

  11. bennydevito

    Champagne charlieFebruary 15, 2019    17:08:22

    “Charlie. Just to clarify. You would have chosen Arteta, kept Wenger or gone for a British manager from a lower club?“

    I’d have gotten my shit in order and made sure I lured Allegri whilst I had his interest


    Yep, Allegri was my choice too, but he can’t have wanted it working under a DOF structure with very limited finances.

    Incidentally why were Vieira and Arteta ruled out? Did they rule themselves out or were they eliminated?

  12. qna

    Alex. I hope so. But they put up with a lot since the move from the Emirates. There is still a long queue afaik. Not many giving up their season tickets for fear that we might actually come good again in the not too distant future.

    Stan isn’t here to win trophies. Unless his bottom line changes, he won’t.

  13. Bob N16

    QNA, I’m sure I’m not alone in renewing my season ticket because it’s habitual and more importantly I go to the games with my mates and it’s a social, win lose or draw.

  14. Charlie George

    Who on earth is going to watch this garbage?

    I accept season ticket holders might very well renew-as old habits die hard- but there will be swathes of empty seats- fans just won’t attend…

    Only the clinically insane -would pay to watch this tripe!

  15. Graham62

    Charlie George

    Let’s not forget the Ozil/Ramsey debacle was not Emery’s doing.

    This scenario could have been prevented at it’s source had Wenger and Gazidis used basic common sense.

    Emery shouldn’t have been put in this position in the first place.

  16. Charlie George

    “”Emery shouldn’t have been put in this position in the first place.””

    We can agree on this through.
    He should never have been appointed.

  17. alexanderhenry


    It’s a tough one.
    As long as fans pay up, I don’t see arsenal’s business plan changing.
    I understand giving up a season ticket is a wrench butI wouldn’t renew .

  18. Bob N16

    Take your point Alex H. but I always feel that those people who don’t attend games tend to be the ones who shout loudest about the non attendance of games as the best strategy for change. It’s too important a part of my life to give it up. If that makes me a part of the problem, so be it. I sing up for the team which counts for something I reckon. Non attendance has never been an option for me.

  19. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Emery would have frozen Brady out – like Ozil!
    And He would have sold Dennis!How this man – deems that Ramsey is surplus to requirements and yet Suaraz is pivotal to his plans is actually depressing.”

    Nostradumbass strikes again.

  20. Charlie George

    Bob N16

    Interesting- you never rebuffed- that you will be watching garbage though.

    Off course- it was not a criticism of the supporters- just an honest observation…

    Crowds in general are dropping all over
    With the advent of VAR – I forecast crowds plummeting even further.

  21. Graham62

    Charlie George

    So you’re basically saying that it was a sensible decision by W & G to give Ozil such a ludicrous contract, irrespective of the fact that they also chucked away £60m on Sanchez leaving at the same time.

    By giving Ozil £350k a week, why shouldn’t Ramsey want parity? Emery came into a shitfest, caused by two buffouns that should have known better.

    Shite, they even agreed to give Mkhitaryan £200k a week!

    Whatever way you look at it Wenger and his sidekick fudged things up big time.

    Emery is not to blame for problems created before he took over.

    Anyway, it could be worse. Just imagine where we’d be if Wenger had stayed.

  22. Charlie George

    Sensible or not sensible – you deal with your cards your dealt with.
    That is what talented managers do- look forward and find solutions.

    Negative folk who are inherently bitter look back!

  23. azed

    “Leno made the comment that Özil is a world class player who would improve any team he plays in.”

    I’d like to see a comment were a player said his team mate was shit…

  24. Champagne charlie


    Totally agree, that line about not buying this or that is always shouted loudest by those miles and miles away who wouldn’t go to a game if they were pushed.

  25. Bob N16

    CG…I watch my team regardless of the football on show. Thankfully it’s been for the most part pretty good over the years. I’ve seen more than 10 cup final wins and got a full set of losing finals. I’ve seen dire seasons and GG’s teams at their worst were awful. Wenger’s teams at their best were sublime. Even this season it’s been as high as it gets, beating Spurs and Chelsea but we’ve still had turgid moments. That’s the way of the supporter who goes to games. At the end of the match we troop out and have a couple of beers , chat about the game and then move on to different subjects when we’ve had our fill of Arsenal. I just don’t think if you enjoy the full match day experience you understand.

  26. Bob N16

    Fair enough, my grandson whose 6 months old has already got Arsenal gear up to 3 years old. You pay your money, you make your choice.

  27. Bob N16

    CG…so you should understand. In all those years you saw some rubbish. Did you ever think, I’m not putting up with this rubbish, I’m going to give up my season ticket as a protest? Have things really changed that much?

  28. TheLegendaryDB10


    I hope we manage him well

    Well with UE reluctance to play the kids in the first team, you wonder if they ever will get a shot.

    My gripe with him is that he is so pragmatic that he seems afraid to try something out of the box. Not a good sign from a supposedly good manager.

  29. TheLegendaryDB10


    That’s my main worry. Instead of trying to get us back where we should in a serious manner, they will cling on to him in the hope that his shit sticks. Same old, same old eh?

  30. GunnerDna


    I respect every fan opinions and concerns, but after 7 months its too early to judge the manager. I don’t get the sudden uproar from fans who is demanding total transformation in months when Arsenal have been also-ran for over a decade. If we get a new manager not much will change because the players aren’t good enough and that’s where the problems is. UE is 7 months of Arsenal problems, the other 13+ yrs is before he was hired.

  31. TheLegendaryDB10


    Yes most of the players are shit. But it is a bit damning to see a manager not being capable of coming up with something different by now.

    He probably sees how shit we are, so why not adapt a strategy that can make things simpler for the players to do. Have them re-learn the basics so that we look less shit when on the pitch? That’s what’s getting at me.

  32. GunnerDna

    To be fair to him, yesterday if HM and AL took their chances it would be a different scoreline. UE have to get use to the narrative that whenever he doesn’t win Ozil is the answer but in reality Ozil is rubbish. I have no problem if the club replaces UE but if its to replace him with a manager and still play Ozil, GX, Mustafi and all the other trash players we might as well keep him. For too long we celebrate style over substance.

  33. TheLegendaryDB10


    I wouldn’t mind getting a bit more style but as you have seen lately there is very little substance as well to the way we are playing.

    This summer TW is going to be really crucial.

  34. GunnerDna

    In the summer transfer window our main focus should shifting as many of the deadwood as possible. We need at least 6 good players to compete and I don’t see it happening in the summer. For us to compete its going to take more than 4 transfer windows.

  35. Spudnik

    Ozil does self diagnosis, but he’s no doctor. He’s a fucking cunt. Name his greatest game for Arsenal versus Denis Bergkamp’s greatest game. Cunt versus hero. Conform or be cast out.

  36. TheLegendaryDB10


    It will take time. The problem is that in these 4 transfer windows our rivals will be strengthening as well. Which means we are only going to be playing catch up.

  37. GunnerDna

    Our rivals are years ahead of us and 4 transfer windows will not be enough to catch them. It might even gets worse because there is a new king that is dividing the fan base. Every defeat he is trolling the fans who fall for his bs.

  38. Sid

    Though I don’t agree with UE getting the sack without having a proper go at the summer window but last night’s game was dire.
    We should have smashed BATE playing a U23 team really. No excuse for the performance last night.
    What is concerning is that this very team bosses Chelsea then looks devoid of ideas against BATE?
    UE needs to get the team playing much better, pronto.

  39. Spudnik

    When I first realised we had to replace Wenger, I thought it had to be a super manager. But that was something we couldn’t get given our stature. What I didn’t realise is that we needed a new philosophy and culture. Leadership at every level, Not only a new manager, but a new leader at executive level. Pedro moans about Emry, but reckons the mediocrity could have been sorted by a mediocre former player called Arteta, but not great players like Henry, Bergkamp, Viera,Keown.

  40. Sid

    Arsenal as a team desperately needs more goal outlets. Right now if our strikers have a bad game we are toothless. If I was a opposition manager I would simply park a man each on Auba and laca and that’s arsenal done right there.
    The amount of chances Mikki misses is criminal really.
    We need goals from the midfield and the wings. Otherwise are a far too static in our play.

  41. TheLegendaryDB10


    You feel that Pedro has been trolling. For me he has just been giving his own opinion.

    I was on the onwards and upwards train at the beginning of the season. What I have seen lately has not inspired me. As much as I am expressing my doubts, I will be happy to be proven wrong.

    Time will tell. I just feel that UE is not the answer to us doing well if we move back into the CL. Will the club have the balls to move on from UE once CL qualification has been achieved or will they keep UE to achieve the bare minimum.

    You do know who that will remind you of if we are back in elite mediocrity and being satisfied with just top 4 qualification. Is that what you want? Or would you rather aspire seeing this club doing more, which it is capable of if in the right hands (from a managerial and in the long run from an owner point of view).

  42. PaddyV

    Wow what a pathetic post from Pedro. Le Grove is well and truly dead. Feels like he’s been waiting for a result like this all season. Pathetic. Just cause he didn’t get his way with his beloved Arteta. Emery is not a world beater but can only play the hand your dealt. We will go through against BATE at home. We are 1 point off fourth. He has spent fuck all and been left a trough of shit by the previous regime. Pedro maintains this squad is good enough to get top four. Lol. If Emery gets us in the top four would be an unbelievable achievement. The squad is poor, and the 6th best squad in the league without a doubt. Defence is shocking (always have been). We have no wide players. Two decent CMs in Torreira & MG and that’s it. Good strikers but nothing behind it. If Pedro thinks we should be performing better this season with the current squad he is deluded and a fraud. Thought Pedro was a proper Arsenal fan til this season who only wanted the best for the club but it’s becoming clearer and clearer he’s being influenced by some outside source (who is usually drastically wrong btw). Gazidas was his love child for a while let’s not forget. Moral of the story is…don’t listen to Pedro

  43. Goobergooner

    Good to see the Emery out crowd happy that we lost.

    You hypocritical cunts.

    Yes I agree the bate game was a shit showing from both Emery and the team.

    But there is many points here that should be understood. This loss is not the end of the world in any respect. Too many people are losing their shit.

    First point:
    Chelsea have lost to bate in the Europa league.

    2nd: not every game is a given. Especially a game in Belarus, on a shit pitch, with a shit ref and with a home team quite up for it. And especially when you have our attacking players being so shit Infront of goals. We should have been 1-0 up in the 2nd minute ffs.

    3rd: this is not a new fucking low. This is arsenal standard of the last few seasons. I can’t even remember the name of the Norwegian team Arsenes arsenal lost to last season.
    Let alone the shit shows in the league and fa cups losing to absolute minnows.

    4th: double think spoke very well about how our squad without all the players we lost or let go over the last 2 seasons, with only 4 (I’m not including Licht as he’s shit) new players coming and adjusting to a new league, is not better than previous seasons. I definitely agree with that to a certain extent.

    5th: you self entitled arsenal fans can keep thinking the squad is better than it is. But even with a different manager we would need signings to improve on the pitch.
    How has Emery been helped? He has essentially only had one transfer window.
    This team needs a total overhaul. Everyone and their fucking dog knows it.

    6th: none of this is absolving Emery of his poor performances. But I don’t think he should be sacked just yet. The season isn’t over. I know I’m not a glory hack that just wants to chop and change everything like chelsea just because I’m not getting my own way (arsenal winning).
    This is season 1 of a new arsenal era. I’m going to give the club time to rebuild. And if the club thinks that is without Emery at the end of the season well then sweet. I’ll get behind the next man too.

    7th: it’s totally ironic and very much hypocritical that the judge him in may crowd are now putting Emery’s head on the chopping block before even a full season is over.
    Some of these people even go as far to say they would have preferred Arteta or someone like Benitez. Whoever says that is a cunt. You would whinge if Benitez was the coach because he would play too defensive. Can’t win with you lot ever

  44. TheLegendaryDB10

    Can’t believe that Robbie of AFTV now has his own show on C4 called The real football fan show.

    Pedro when are you getting your own TV program? 😁

  45. Ishola70


    “It might even gets worse because there is a new king that is dividing the fan base”

    Do you mean Mesut Ozil?

    I’ll tell you what it would be absolutely fucking embarrassing if this manager has to go after being at the club for 5 minutes because of Mesut Ozil.

    Mesut Ozil. A player that has been a disgrace to the name of a professional footballer since he has been at Arsenal and at his best just a flat track bully. Regularly gone missing in the big matches against the big opponents and crying off with “injuries” for large periods at his time at the club.

    If fans clamour for Ozil over Emery at this point they are a fucking embarrassment to the club. At least back a truly world class player who is also a top professional which is not Mesut Ozil.

    Will be the laughing stock for other clubs to giggle at yet again if fans side with the player over the manager.

  46. Ishola70

    And he’s got the cheek to tweet a quote from Dennis Bergkamp on his twitter line.

    Man is not fit to tie Bergkamp’s boot laces.

  47. PaddyV


    What’s not to believe Robbies a legend, knew he could make money off the end of the the Wenger days fair play to him…he’s also genuine Arsenal fan with no personal vendetta unlike Pedro

  48. TheLegendaryDB10

    What makes it worse is that he thinks this justifies his coasting at the club. Fuck him.

    I wonder what Pierre will make of this.

  49. PaddyV

    Ozil is a cunt bleeding the club dry and calling in sick every few weeks needs to be booed out of the club. Just get rid of him on a free he is s cancer

  50. TheLegendaryDB10


    Just watched his show and it’s really good. Good for him. I’ve always respected him.

    Never watched him consistently but really loved his interview with John Lydon.

  51. BacaryisGod

    My god, Pedro is highly schizophrenic. He just bounces back and forth. He was full of praise for Emery during our strong run earlier this season. Now he’s back on the anti-Unai bandwagon after some bad results. I’m no big Emery fan but please Pedro, just pick a lane.

  52. Tony


    ‘His absence in Belarus means Ozil has now missed more games than he has played this season due to illness, persistent back problems, a niggling knee injury or being left out culminating in concerns over why the club’s top-earner is missing so many games.’

    And………. obviously AFC were dumb enough not only to give Ozil a stupidly unwarranted, excessive financial contract, they didn’t cover the club with any legal ways to exit the contract for the various non playing reasoning, which I pointed out in a much earlier post last week.

    Emery may well not be the guy to be our long term manager, but he has tried to accommodate Ozil including making Him captain, which was seriously misguided as Ozil has zero leadership qualities to the point Ozil can’t motivate himself to permanently play his way into the team.

    Ozil is basically a talented footballer of the past, a relic, who can’t do it any more on any consistent basis and just doesn’t care about anyone or anything but his own needs and wants.

    Essentially Ozil is a younger Wenger clone; once great now past sell by date and only in it for the money.

    How many goals this season?

    How many assists?

    Forget pre-assists and goal scoring chances made. That’s pure BS stats nonsense.

    How many MOMs has Ozil had in his AFC career?

    Other than the Leicester game, which other game this season has Ozil been a stand out player? Rhetorical question!

    If I was AFC, I’d find a way take Ozil to court and drag the case out for years while suspending Ozil without pay. Swamp Ozil’s legal team with paperwork to keep them busy with a vast legal teal of paralegals etc.

    Sure we’ll probably lose, but we’re losing £18 million a year paying Ozil for zero return.

    Why let Ozil hold the club to ransom as the above DM article suggests.

    Alternatively AFC could make Ozil play every away game for the reserves and U23s. Make him train on his own pulling double shifts to get his lacking fitness up. Put Ozil into the gym to bulk him up and any other unpleasant task AFC can think of.

    Basically make Ozil work for his money and work harder or at least as hard as anyone else in the squads by training and playing.

    I’m still very much of the opinion that the real problem at the club overwhelmingly begins at the owner & Raul.

    What Emery does or doesn’t do is under the microscope every second of the day whereas Kroenke and Raul are safely tucked away in their ivory towers comfortably deflecting prying eyes’ attentions away from their inadequacies and non performances to a point where scape goats are the order of the day for them.

    As for our talented first team squad(at least 50% need shipping out), if they are such quality Pedro, CC and others suggest, why are we witnessing such rubbish on the pitch?

    Including Guen, Tor, Papa Sok and Leno, we probably had 11 players who would have needed to be played in every game to win the Euro Cup and achieve Top 4 where even then they would have been punching above their weight.

    To put that into perspective Wenger had 3 FA cups only in 14 years with players younger and fitter and injury free than many are now.

    Deduct Holding, Bellerin, Papa sok, Kos, Ozil & Monreal from the 11 and you have the reason we are experiencing such a malfunctioning team.

    If I were Emery waiting for Raul’s sword to stab Him in his preverbal back as probably happened with Sven (we’ll never know the real story even with Pedro’s back door ins), I’d flip AFC the bird and leave at the end of the season.

    Leave CC and his vision?, Pedro I’m throwing my toys out the pram because we didn’t get Arteta and other to their preferred choices of Benitez et al and or young special sauce wannabe.

    Whatever way you want to look at it and whatever your agenda & narrative is it’s a total shit show starting with Kroenke.

    For the record I have no agenda or am Emery in or out where the merry go round of regurgitating POVs here for the past few weeks is getting boring.

    I did, however, go on record here prior to Wenger being fired that it would take 3 to 5 years to the club to be challenging again for top honours.

    Nothing has changed my view and watching the lack of management leadership continue to act so farcically inept (Suarez loan – power grabbing) it could well be longer.

    Thankfully for me there is much more to life than AFC.

  53. Tony

    I think you’ve been on some special sauce for the last couple weeks Pedro.

    Been amusing, though especially with a dash of salt.

  54. qna

    Tony LOL. That would be funny. I cant see that playing out well with the fans.

    Personally, I would have straight swapped him for Ozil in January in a heart beat. I’d rather overpay Sanchez than Ozil. But in terms of us spending any more money than we already have on EXTRA overpaid 28+ year olds.

    No thanks.

    As it stands the wages we are paying to Ozil and Mkhi is really hurting our ability to bring in the players we need. Personally, I would sell one of Auba as well and use the money to buy a younger star. Luka Jovic is back on the radar. I did like the look of him when we were linked a couple of years ago.

  55. Dissenter

    Tony going on a full throttle rant straight from Thailand.

    Pedro can’t get any love here. Now it’s 24-7 body slaps from round the world

  56. qna

    Apparently Kai Havertz would cost 50m. Damn. I was excited for a second. Rule him out then. That is too rich for our blood.

    If we could offer Leverkusen player(s) as part payment that would be ideal. Only Guen and Torreira would be off the table as far as I’m concerned. They could make a lot of money if they can make a decent player out of Iwobi imo. Worst case they can sell him back to the EPL. Throw in Mkhi.

    Havertz for Iwobi, Mkhi + 10-20m. Or Havertz for Iwobi, Mkhi and Ozil and we’ll pay 200k/year of Ozil’s salary (which works out to 20m).

    Leverkusen would never be interested in that I know, but I do feel that our best chance of a decent squad overhaul is to do some heavy player exchanging. With all the players that need to come in and go out, if we could make part payment in terms of players and paying part of those players wages, we could make that 40m go a lot further.

  57. Dream10


    linked to Havertz? Don’t know how good he is as I don’t watch Leverkusen, but he’s considered a can’t miss prospect.

    This is Arsenal PR being nasty and preying on our feelings after the OzIl-Emery standoff.

    If PSG,Juve or Real offer 70m for Torreira (we reinvest in another CM/DM who covers ground easily like Guendouzi. I’m thinking Partey for 50m.) would you consider it? I would.

  58. qna

    Dream. Depends who we could get in to immediately replace him and how much he would cost. I dont think it would be worth it. So no I wouldnt sell Toreirra for 70m. He is only 22. If he is worth 70m now, I will back him in to be worth that in 4-5 years time. Same with Guen.

    I dont think we can afford to spend all of our transfer funds on Havertz. He is 19, one for the future. If we had a good team already, he would be perfect to spend on. But we need so many players in so many positions. The fact that 19 year old speculative players now cost 50m shows just how much investment this team needs to get back to competing again.

  59. qna

    Dream. If Stan did want to invest in the team, e.g. let us use our cash reserves. A player like Havertz might not be a bad investment. If he is the real deal then he could be worth 100m in a few years time.

    I really don’t understand why owners invest in football clubs if they don’t understand this aspect of football. Its not just about sponsorship and selling tickets. You must make money by buying and selling players. Even Real Madrid and Barcelona do this. But you have to buy players that are likely to appreciate. I am not even talking about Havertz here. But just generally over the last 10 years, how the club has failed to buy players with that potential to be 100m players.

  60. Graham62


    Great post. Nothing like a good old rant to get the adrenaline pumping.

    How’s life out in the Far East?

    Over here we’re getting ready for/not getting ready for, March 29th. Trump has done his bit by announcing “a very substantial trade deal”. Watch out Europe!

    Donald “The total p**k”Tusk also did us a favour the other day by confirming what we all knew.

    Emery, still on the fence but after watching Thursday nights game, I must admit I am starting to have serious doubts about his philosophies and methods.

    Your take on Ozil was spot on.


  61. Pierre

    It appears that many on here would rather see Arsenal continue with this , I think it’s fair to say , poor run of form and lacklustre, insipid , bland performances.

    7 defeats in 2 months , knocked out of 2 cup competitions , and an embarrassing defeat to Bate is confirmation of how things have slipped lately.

    Thousands of fans are clamouring for the return of Mesut Ozil and understandably so but the strange thing is that many posters on Le Grove would rather we continue without an obviously talented player who plays with intelligence, technique, composure and patience which is something we are patently lacking during this run of poor results.

    Yet again on Thursday night our manager failed to get the team to show any reaction when going behind . This is a worrying trend that is being repeated time and time again .
    Southampton, Bate, West Ham , Brighton, Spurs, United, city and Liverpool were all games that we created next to nothing in the last 20 minutes .

    We have one line of attack , slip the ball inside the full back and then either pull the ball back or across the face of goal ….if that doesn’t work then there is nothing.

    I won’t bother mentioning our defensive tactics as it is just depressing how clueless Emery is when it comes to organising the defensive side of our game.

    Offensively we are gradually getting worse as the season progresses , the link up play between our strikers that we saw earlier in the season is nearly non existent.

    So what we have now is a team that is crying out for some creativity and a player to bring calmness and intelligence to our football.
    The headless chicken style of football is not working so it is time for our manager to realise his mistake before it is too late.

    But what we have on Le Grove is many posters who want us to carry on as we are .
    Are they worried that they will look stupid if Emery plays Ozil and the team starts winning and performing.
    Surely the team should come first , if Ozil improves the team , results and performances then Le Grovellers will be happy won’t they?

  62. Graham62


    Agreed, we are crying out for some creativity and, Ozil, it seems, is the only “go to” player we have.

    If only he could be trusted.

  63. Pierre

    Let’s be honest Graham , we can’t do any worse with him than we have been doing without him.

    Though Suarez is lightweight ( but that was obvious anyway) I actually think he can bring something to the team .
    His movement was very good off the ball and he looked like a player who wanted to get on the ball , keep the ball and pass to his team mate , a skill which is underrated on Le grove.
    However, his team mates were too slow in giving him the ball or just ignored him.
    I’m of the opinion that Suarez and Ozil could create a really good partnership as they have a similar thinking on the game . I doubt that this will happen though as they are not regarded as physical enough though personally I believe technically they are superior to their team mates .
    Technique is another skill that is underrated on Le Grove.

  64. qna

    Play Ozil. It’s the only chance of finding a suitor for him in the summer. Emery is being too cute and most likely costs himself by having to have Ozil for another season, rather than a few more months.

  65. Majesticgooner

    Why not give some of the U23s a chance, Willock looks ready to me,he has added goals to his game and I see him as a direct replacement for Ramsey, the right back , Osei tutu, mavrapanos also need chances, George graham took advantage and a chance on the rocky, mickey Thomas, tony Adams and Merson’s and fergie did the same with the class of 1999. Look at Liverpool and the spuds , taking a chance on some of their youth players and it’s paid off. Surely the boys can’t be any worse, their youthful energy is maybe just what the team needs at the moment. The question is , is the manager brave enough ? Especially with his undoing fused with Özil, something he could have done without, noticed Xhaka and Iwobi liking a tweet by Özil, not looking good for mr Emery.

  66. Graham62


    You keep harping on about technique and skill being underrated on here, when nothing could be further from the truth.

    The Ozil saga has become a joke, as we all knew it would. Wrongly or rightly, Emery has dealt with things in a tough manner. Your love of Ozil is admirable but even you must realise that this situation goes far deeper than just Ozil turning up and playing.

    It is consuming the club and is having a negative affect on everything. Where’s Mesut today? Why isn’t he playing? I personally feel that Ozil will play in next week’s return. What other option do we have?

    Bate are there for the taking, so let’s give Ozil the opportunity to shine. We all know he can’t deliver against the top sides. The Bate game is made for him.

    Let’s see what Emery does.

  67. Siddharth14

    Hello. A newbie here….
    I think this is actually my second post. The First one, Pedro didn’t sanction, i guess.

    All the issues concerning Arsenal are already being discussed so i won’t go there. But I’m really struggling to understand the present contrast in our performances when compared to our 22 game unbeaten run. I find it hard to accept that losing Holding and subsequent players to injuries have lead to the sudden collapse of the team structure. There is a strange feeling of Deja Vu to our miserable performances. We have seen this pattern regularly under Wenger. The Emery of present and the early season seems to be completely unrecognizable.

    Regardless of this being an Emery problem or our players(Wenger Inheritance), i’m afraid i don’t see this situation getting settled in favor of Emery. This brings me to Mesut Ozil, the love child of God and Satan. I say this because he can be madly loved and hated depending on the situation.

    But Emery’s handling of Ozil is completely out of order. The club is also accountable here. They should have addressed this situation earlier by either forcing Emery to reconcile or whip Ozil out of the club in January. I also have a sneaky feeling that our recent turmoil on the pitch is somewhat related to the Ozil treatment.

    The club and Emery need to come out in the open and make their stance public regarding Ozil. They cannot allow this thing to continue.

    Emery is at a crucial juncture now, one misstep here and i don’t see him surviving the summer or December 2019 at the latest. He needs to get Ozil pronto on his side.

  68. Nelson

    Tony:”If I was AFC, I’d find a way take Ozil to court and drag the case out for years ”

    Just read Tony’s rant. Regarding Ozil, none of us outsider knows exactly what happens. What Emery said may just be excuses of not playing him. Tony also not mentioned that Emery likes to use the term “Tactical Reasons”. For me, only a mad man would come up with an idea of bringing Ozil to court and dragging the case out for years. It would hurt the club much more. What the club should do is move Ozil this Summer with minimum financial loss.

    Tony:”I’m still very much of the opinion that the real problem at the club overwhelmingly begins at the owner & Raul”

    I fully agree with this view. We lost three first team players and the club only signed Suarez on loan. The board says that the goal is to play Champions League next year but they don’t support the manager to fight for it.

  69. Pierre

    “For me, only a mad man would come up with an idea of bringing Ozil to court and dragging the case out for years.”

    I can understand you inferring that Tony is a mad man , but I believe you are being a little bit harsh on him .

  70. Pierre


    Put it this way ,If Emery wants to act in the best interest of Arsenal football club as we need to qualify for the next round , then he should select Ozil for the 2nd leg .
    If his interests are purely personal and he is also scared of losing face then he will not play Ozil.

    Let’s see what sort of a man our manager is and if he has the good of Arsenal football club at heart.

    Let’s remember , the 2nd leg is made for Ozil, the situation we find ourselves in means we need composure and intelligence on the pitch (also under rated on Le grove) and patience.

    Headless chicken football will leave the team vulnerable to the counter , we will have high possession and we need to make the ball do the work(underrated) and the chances and goals I’ll come.
    It is also a game that is perfect for Ramsey to make his runs into the box .

  71. Dr Emil schaffhausen

    Got to say I’m with the club on the club on the Ozil saga but they desperately need to move him on somehow.
    I think fans are forgetting the inept, weak performances he has put in for the team , because we haven’t seen him for a while he’s suddenly for some become some world class performer again , if he was played in the team for rest of the season would he make a difference? For me he might put in a couple of good performances but he certainly wouldn’t improve us much , he’s weak and lacks motivation, for club and country.

  72. Jamie

    Anyone who has ever watched Mesut Ozil play football knows he’s one of the last players you burden with a must-win performance. He’s never been Cesc.

    A fairer assessment would be to let Ozil play in any return leg we’re leading 3 nil in aggregate, ie a dead rubber.

    Ozil is a mentally weak as they come. Super talent, utterly useless under any sort of pressure, and the first to down tools when the going gets tough on the pitch.

  73. Pierre

    who says that the club are in agreement with Emery regarding Ozil.

    Anyone with an ounce of sense within the club should realise that what is happening is damaging the club and needs to be rectified sooner than later.

    The club offered him a contract because they didn’t want him to leave , he signed the contract , last season it was reported that he was the 2nd most creative player in the league so he must have done fairly well wouldn’t you say .

    After giving Ozil this ridiculous contract we then compound the error by bringing in a manger who is clearly not a fan of the way Ozil plays football which is even more stupid than giving Ozil the contract.

    Now we are in this absurd situation where the team are playing boring ,dull, insipid football whilst a 350 grand a week player is being marginalised by the manager.

    And you doctor , are in agreement with this absurd situation.

  74. Pierre

    ” Emery is being too cute and most likely costs himself by having to have Ozil for another season”

    Cute is not the word I would use for the situation he has put the club in .

  75. Dr Emil schauffhausen

    I don’t agree with the situation at all , I want Ozil gone , unfortunately because of his wage it won’t be easy to do that .
    If your right and it’s solely emery’s decision on Ozil and the club have no input then I’m sure emery will be sacked .
    Lastly if you think Ozil is the answer to arsenal fc clubs problems on the pitch you are deluded , good day sir .

  76. Pierre

    I’m just supporting and highlighting the positives of one of our players unlike many on here.

    You should try it sometimes.

  77. TheLegendaryDB10


    I personally liked Ozil back in his early days. And I really enjoyed his performance vs Leicester. But the following game he just his bsck into his shell. At that point UE was still playing him.

    I really didn’t like his reference to Bergkamp as this was a player who put a blinding performance in some games on a consistent basis. With Ozil, it’s once every blue moon.

  78. Graham62


    No Pierre, the stupidity was giving Ozil the contract in the first place.

    Ozil has talent, but he is a petulant, lazy and arrogant individual, who thinks the world owes him. He wants our sympathy all the time and basically, I’m pissed off with the guy.

    Emery has given Ozil numerous chances, but he fails to deliver on a consistent basis or show even the slightest inclination to play for the team. If Ozil was this wonderful player you promote him to be, he would pull his finger out and show commitment to the cause.

    Yes we need creativity, but only if Ozil shows he is willing and able will we benefit.

  79. Jamie

    Pierre –

    You should try highlighting the glaring deficiencies in our players for a more complete assessment of their return on the pitch.

    11 Kantes would decimate 11 Ozils. You don’t need any creativity to walk through a squad of no defenders. Good luck getting through 11 Kantes and the work rate and tenacity they bring. That says nothing of the fact that Ozils don’t score goals, they always look for an extra pass.

    You can’t even build a team around a player who only has one specialist skill. Mark him out of the game and he offers literally nothing. Nullified with the simplest of tactics.

    Footballers need a complete set of skills in the modern game. Defenders need to be able to dribble and pass, attacking player need to know how to defend and protect the ball (see Ramos and L Suarez as elite examples, respectively). No room for passengers and ‘specialist’ chance-creators for teams chasing the big trophies. Ozil is finished.

  80. G8

    Emery made ozil a captain and gave him every chance, he failed spectacularly.
    Back injuries, man flu, PMS, you name it.. He did fuck all when he was played, apart from one home game..
    He Shouldn’t be anywhere near the 1st team..
    Only problem is he is costing the club a fortune..but it’s the past hierarchys fault.

  81. HighburyLegend

    “I’m just supporting and highlighting the positives of one of our players unlike many on here.”
    Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!
    To resume : LOLz

  82. HighburyLegend

    “Mesut Ozil is ready to complicate Arsenal’s plan to offload him by refusing to leave on loan this summer.”
    Pierre’s boyfriend is not only a top world class player, he’s also a very clever boy.

  83. gonsterous

    what bugs me is that the club has a lot of youngsters with very good potential but are refusing to use any of them. Why is that ? why are we not looking for internal solutions instead of looking at the transfer window? We should be looking internally if we are skint. Not going around Europe for bargains. I don’t know if it’s emerys decision or someone above him, but we are a very poorly run club.

    Regarding ozil, he’s not great but we have no one else at the moment so it wouldn’t hurt to put him in the team. Just don’t make him captain one week and then leave him out of the team for a month again. That just confuses everyone.

  84. Dissenter

    Pierre and his man crush for Ozil continues

    That said, Emery has no excuse right now. He should release the kraken, he has Ozil where he needs him now;mOzil has to play to prove a point.

    We don’t defend well,with or without Ozil. Give him a chance to play himself back in.

  85. Pierre

    ok , let’s keep playing football the way the headless chicken brigade want their football played and see where it gets us .

    7 defeats (and counting)in 2 months without Ozil starting tells its own story.
    Undefeated since August with Ozil in the starting line up tells its own story.

    But no, the headless chicken brigade are happy to see our players play without intelligence , composure , patience and let the ball do the work .

    Instead , what do we have , the best running stats in the league with the players running around like headless chickens .

  86. gonsterous

    the club has issues but firing emery isn’t going to solve anything. Which manager can come in ? Honestly think that arteta is a coward and wouldn’t want to get out of peps shadow just yet. Henry is another arrogant manager, I still cringe when I remember his “pull the chair” debacle.
    We need an elite manager who will work with no transfer budget. So I guess we can get the British david moyes as opposed to the Spanish one.
    I would still want to give emery time though. I still laugh at his “good evening everybody” lines, something a lot of people were praising when he was new. lol

  87. HighburyLegend

    And what about Ozil leading us to victories vs. Manure, City, Liverpool, and even in the Europa League’s final ??

    Wrong player ??

  88. Bob N16

    G8, ‘he shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team…’ I think there is an argument that there are a fair few players who fall into that category.

    Personally, against less ambitious, weaker teams who aren’t going to commit men forward, Özil should play as he has the ability to play a cute pass. Sure against better teams he may be too much of a luxury. Sadly at the moment Emery isn’t showing tactical pragmatism and seems lost in a 3 cbs, 2 wing backs system that is constipating our attacking cohesion.

  89. GunnerDna


    Everyday I read this blog you keep acting like you’re only Arsenal fan that ever watched Ozil play. Go and sit down somewhere, Ozil is bang average, and nothing you say will have anyone thinking differently. What is noticeable, is that all the AW fans calling for a change of manager to build a squad around a 30 yr old who plays when its convenient. And whenever he does its like Arsenal is playing with a player short. Everyone talks about lack of creativity when our attackers miss chances after chances. HM and AL scores both their chances and Arsenal won that game, instead the team loss and the manager cop the abuse, while AL went on twitter and apologize and y’all as always lap it up. Ozil Arsenal future seems to be already decided, so you can stop the campaigning.

  90. gonsterous

    more than chances created, we need more players who can keep the ball, every time I watch arsenal play, they can’t keep the ball for more than 5 seconds.

  91. Bamford10

    “Özil played 90 minutes against Cardiff recently. That would have been a much better place for a crowd pleasing statement than his social media accounts.”
    – Tim Stillman (on Twitter)

  92. Nelson

    Ian Rush reveals his talk with Ramsey:
    “I spoke to him a couple weeks ago,” Rush told Calciomercato . “He’s always been convinced of this choice because he wants to win trophies and Juve has always been the first choice for this. He believes that they have more chances to win than other teams. ”

    Looks like star players will not join Arsenal. We should focus on youth then.

  93. Wengaball

    It is amazing how people expect a player put in a dazzling performance after being thoroughly mistreated, then put back in the team for one game.

    And then when he doesn’t deliver, they’d say see, I told you so. He’s a wank.

    You guys have no idea of human psychology. And no, 350k a week does not alter millions s ofbyears of evolution.

    Emery I think knows that he has damaged Özil. The repair will take playing him consistently fir a string of games. And he can’t afford that, neither does he have the patience.

    Not only Emery is a mediocre tactician, he’s a horrible man manager.

    He’ll gone by the summer because he would have lost the team by then, and not have won anything as a counter to that.

  94. China1

    Lol @ Ramsey caring so much about trophies.

    If winning trophies was his first priority he’d have taken a lower salary in exchange for juve to pay a transfer fee to arsenal and join this winter. Then he’d win the league and god knows how many other trophies this season before the ink on his signature even dries

    Instead he put the bosman salary boost as his top priority and was willing to miss out on at least one major trophy in 2019

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he was wrong to do that, but if he talks about winning and ambition being his priorities then he’s talking about his secondary priority because he has clearly put cash as a higher priority this winter

    It’s his choice, fair enough – but he can save the bs lol

  95. Pierre

    “more than chances created, we need more players who can keep the ball, every time I watch arsenal play, they can’t keep the ball for more than 5 seconds.”

    I agree, passing the ball to a team ate and controlling the ball is a skill that is underrated on Le grove .

    They used to call it having a good first touch and technique …I’m not those words are in our managers vocabulary. …..I think run, run and keep running are though

  96. China1

    Likewise the very fact that at his age he was still primarily wanting to negotiate to stay on at arsenal until only a handful of months ago says more about his real priorities than his words

    He’d have reportedly been happy to sign on for much higher wages at arsenal despite the fact we are an ongoing project and not close to competing for the biggest trophies any time soon. Where was his ambition for trophies when he was haggling towards 200+k at the end of the summer?

    Like I say, it’s his choice and I don’t blame him. He’s gone for a best of both with a ludicrous salary and nailed on trophies for the next few years, so he’s winning. But he can spare the nonsense about trophies and winning being so important to him. If we’d offered more money and had kt withdrawn our offer he’d have probably signed up for another 3 years of arsenal misery

  97. Pierre

    “Özil played 90 minutes against Cardiff recently. That would have been a much better place for a crowd pleasing statement than his social media accounts.”
    – Tim Stillman (on Twitter)”

    Didn’t we beat Cardiff …..it wasn’t one of our recent 7(seven) defeats .

  98. China1

    Emery does appear to have mismanaged the ozil situation, tho ozil is still a wanker who I can’t wait to see the back of, so I can’t say it saddens me

  99. Bamford10


    Complete and utter tosh. One, Ozil has been a mentally-soft, volatile, mopey, whiney player from the moment he arrived. Think of him being castigated by Mertesacker for not acknowledging the away supporters at City. If he is not responding well to adversity, this is down to his own mental fragility, his own psychological and emotional weaknesses.

    Two, Emery gave Ozil every chance to work hard, apply himself and produce at the start of the season — made him captain as well; Ozil clearly did not work or play up to the level needed. This is on Ozil, not Emery.

    Three, Ozil has had one good match this season, Leicester. He has otherwise been lackluster, ineffectual, not at the races. Maybe the manager has asked him to prove himself, to prove his commitment or desire, but the fact that his response has been weak is entirely on Ozil, not Emery.

  100. Pierre

    I could prove you wrong on every on every count but I can’t be arsed.

    You’re not stupid , you know he should be starting and you know the team will immediately improve offensively and defensively because we will keep possession of the football , which is a skill that is often underrated on Le grove.

  101. Bamford10

    There is a correlation, btw, between having been an AKB and thinking Ozil is being wronged. Not one to one, but a definite correlation, I think.

  102. Bob N16

    Bamford, ‘mopey and whiney’ …’down to his own mental fragility, his own psychological and mental weaknesses’….

    Isn’t that a bit close to home Bamford?

  103. Bamford10


    No, I don’t “know” those things. Yes, he’ll slow play down in the attacking third, so we’ll probably have a bit more possession. And yes, maybe he’ll find a good pass or two. Maybe. But he no longer guarantees you great, creative #10 play — if he ever did. And while adding him back to the XI might improve our attacking play, it might not. I’d add that adding Ramsey to the XI would add more than adding Ozil, because unlike Ozil, Ramsey brings more than one thing.

    So, sorry, but no.

  104. Bamford10


    Have you ever contributed anything of value here? You like to talk to me or about me a lot, but I don’t know you, we have no relationship here, and you have never said anything here which makes me think I should even bother to reply to you.

    I have an idea: contribute more; snipe at me in petty fashion less. Thanks.

  105. Paulinho

    Bamford – The Cardiff Captain Sol Bamba said the week after our game against them that the Cardiff players were happy when Ozil lined up against them instead of Ramsey. Ozil was easier to track, and sulked when things didn’t go well for him and retreated deeper into his shell.

    Says a lot when Journeyman captains of clubs like Cardiff see Ozil’s threat as negligible and easily containable.

  106. Bamford10

    As for possession, Pierre, I agree we don’t keep enough of it, but this isn’t down to the absence of Ozil. I think this has more to do with the patterns of play that Emery has trained the players to play in. Under Wenger, we used to play the ball back and forth across the width of the field endlessly; the back four would swing the ball back and forth, the midfield would do the same, and we’d do the same in the attacking third. We don’t do this anymore, in large part, I think, because Emery wants them to attack more quickly. Whether this is proving effective is a separate question.

  107. salparadisenyc

    I’m w/ China there.

    Emery came in with a supposed dossier on each player having done the research, knowing full well his highest paid player was Mesut Ozil, his attributes, weakness’s and knowledge he’d have to utilize him in some manner.

    That plan didn’t consist of freezing Ozil out of every competition hoping to shift him in the next transfer window, value having plummeted to rock bottom.

    We all know Ozil’s limitations we’ve beat them dead on here since 2013, there many. But don’t tell me he would not of added something to the shit show on display in Belarus. Don’t tell me Lacazette wouldn’t of welcomed him into the side, arms open. Emery put Arsenal behind his Ozil agenda.

    More bizarre with Ramsay not traveling.

    Now have open ware fare on the social between Ozil’s team and Emery.
    As funny as it is, thats a sad indictment of his handling of Mesut Ozil, total mismanagement.

  108. qna

    Bamford. I believe the reason there is a correlation between AKBs and people that still think Ozil is a top player are because their version of loyalty clouds their judgement. It’s not a bad thing to have in a person. The difference being loyalty to an institution vs loyalty to important individual. I’m loyal to Arsenal first and when a person like Wenger or Ozil becomes a detriment to Arsenal I withdraw my support for the person. I think some people have a different way of being loyal.

    Ozil used to be a very good player for us. Even then, he was lightweight and a sook. But he used to create goals. Since he signed that new contract he doesn’t create goals anymore. He is no better than an attacking mid of a relegation battler, but without the graft. Pierre still sees the old Ozil in his mind. Refuses to accept that he hasnt played like that since he got his last big pay day. He’s just phoning it in now.

  109. Bamford10


    I don’t mean to be difficult, but a genuine professional wouldn’t be tweeting out things that might publicly create division within the club, squad and camp. Ozil has done just this. The guy has always been a pissy little bitch, and this social media thing is of a piece with that.

  110. G8

    The reason why we can’t keep possession long enough is not because of ozil absence, it’s because we have really poor full backs and no wingers to run with the ball a bit.
    Ozil get knocked off the ball like a little girl
    We have seen it time and times again..
    So please spare me the myth that he is the king of possession!

  111. salparadisenyc


    I’m not backing what Ozi’s done there, in fact I don’t agree with it.
    Fact it’s gotten to that stage is the key point.

  112. Bob N16

    It’s your self importance that I object to Bamford, that’s all. I have has much right as you have to comment on this blog. If you choose to ignore my posts fair enough, I often ignore yours. Sometimes your sanctimonious tone winds me up and I find myself typing a response. Suck it up….