’TIME and MONEY’ pleas lose steam after BATE nightmare

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Well, well, well.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a line of defence when it comes to the rapid decline of the Unai Emery maiden voyage. Last night’s loss to BATE is a tough result to compute for many reasons, but before we jump into the details, let’s be real here… we will beat them in the return leg. It’ll be a destruction.

I’m just going to bullet out some concerns that the game threw out.

  • Chelsea is in freefall, United were totally outclassed by PSG and have a nasty run of games that will leave them fatigued and sad. We have just clawed our way back into top 4 contention. It’s incredibly important that Arsenal remain fresh until the end of the season. Emery just tanked away from home against a shite team and now he’ll have to rescue the game with a hard return at The Emirates when he should be resting players.
  • BATE is an out of season pub team. Their last game was December 13th vs PAOK. How can there be any excusing a loss like this with a first team that is in PEAK fitness mode? We’d be furious if the kids tanked that game. Alex fucking Hleb played. This is what he had to say on the game prior:

‘Arsenal are at the peak of readiness – for them this is a huge plus,’ Hleb told Pressball, a leading sports newspaper in Belarus.

‘It will be hard for us, and very much so. But we will try to squeeze the maximum out of the physical form that we have gained.

‘We are not yet ready (to play at) 100 per cent, but the coaching staff decided not to force anything – realising that the guys had to rest after a hard season. And now we are working – in general, everything is according to plan.’

  • A lot of fans are blaming the TERRIBLE PLAYERS EMERY INHERITED from dear old Arsene Wenger. That excuse took a sharp slice to the jugular last night because Wenger put 10 goals past them, winning 6-0 and 4-2. In the 2017 6-0 game, do you know who scored? Debuchy, Elneny, Giroud, Theo Walcott, Giroud and Jack Wilshere. Emery added £70m worth of talent and still took an L away from home. To repeat: Wenger, with a squad that had given up on breathing, still managed to turn over a pub team twice.
    • Also worth remembering at the start of the season, the people celebrating the WINNERTIVITY Emery had brought to a limp squad of Wenger babies (me), are now saying nothing can be done with Wenger’s limp lizards (not me). Are we really blaming Wenger for an away loss to Bate Borisov in mid-February?
  • The manager didn’t take Mesut or Ramsey away (the Welshman damaged a knee carpet sliding after that deal), leaving our creative outlets to be our fullbacks again. This isn’t bearing fruit. Why does Emery persist? Why not use the players who can help? Mend those collapsed bridges, because we are literally throwing away any chance of success this season by leaning on failing strategies that the players seem to have given up on. This was BATE away from home. Emery can’t even be bothered to humiliate Ozil in the hope that maybe he’ll drop a performance worthy of a Premier League start (or, dare I say it, a performance that might invite a bid this summer).
    • When the players lose faith, it cannot easily be rectified with additions. You can’t replace an entire squad, gossip memory is a thing. That’s why it’s so important for Emery to turn this around. The cracks need to be filled this season with good coaching, adding a layer of class to proceedings in the summer. You can’t prop up a toxic squad with more bodies. That’s not how it works. If Emery doesn’t have the player believing by the end of the season, he’s done by December.
  • Additionally, does anyone think the effort output of anyone in the side is greatly outshining what Mesut would bring? Is Mikhi really putting in a shift? Iwobi? Is it not time to make Mesut and Ramsey work for their money. I’d prefer lazy and class, versus meh levels of effort and meh levels of ability. We had 3 shots on target today. In the second half, we didn’t hit the target until the 92nd minute. That is shite. We need to create. A lazy creator feeding outrageously clinical strikers sounds a better plan than average creators feeding nobody.
  • We are in February and the same predictable approach of using our fullbacks to create cutbacks is being used. We have no interest in working through the middle. We are so dull to watch. If you are predictable, you are easy to plan against. This used to happen under Wenger.
  • The players can’t motivate themselves for the small games. That tells you a lot about how interested they are in the manager and his ideas. Motivation should not be an issue with top level footballers. It certainly shouldn’t be an issue in a new managers first season.
    • Emery stands on the sidelines like he’s just found out The Daily Mail has accessed his ephemeral SnapChats from 2015. Zero sauce. Total panic. You might think that’s a minor observation, but come on, who isn’t going to be affected by the weak body language?
  • If Emery is such a demon with the video analysis, why didn’t he realise the pitch would look like a WWI trench warfare simulation rehearsal had taken place on it? Playing it along the ground was never going to work. As someone pointed out, Chelsea complained about the pitch. We had no plan to deal with it.
  • Suarez. Can someone hit me up with the ‘why’ here? Light-weight, weak passing, can’t even take a corner. Why did we bother with him if he wasn’t ready to hit the ground running?
  • Finally, a lot of folk gossiping that the lack of Emery funds were down to the board worrying he wouldn’t make it past this season. Does Raul see Emery as an Ivan signing? Does he identify the folly in giving a £100m to a man who needed £300m to rectify PSG taking a spanking from Monaco in his first season? Doubtful. But come on, it’s not unreasonable to be logical about Raul and his thoughts, is it? If you’re a real football man, and you watch the game with clear eyes, do you truly believe Emery is any good? Of course not. Zero vision or style in 9 months is alarm bells for real football people. Telling the world you’d be the protagonists whilst fixing the defence needed tangible results, and they haven’t come. Why waste a summer on someone who can’t craft a style or vision with a squad that costs £220m a season is a joke, especially when you can see what Bielsa did with Leeds (a 7th place team in a lower division that had never played expansive technical football).

Before you go, GFFN has a supportive article on Emery you should read here.

“There is no success without a real relationship with the players”. Right from the start, he has been making pain-staking efforts to create strong bonds with his players. For example, he went to meet Neymar before the Brazilian left for the World Cup. “That’s the great difference between him and Emery”, surmises Canal + pundit Eric Carrière. “The Spaniard saw players as “X”, like tools he could use to win. It is the opposite for Tuchel. For him players are human beings, with a name, a personality, a sensibility and proper characteristics”.

And to whom you must show affection through a little hug, a little text message or some extra holiday time. “His management relies on benevolence, which doesn’t exclude authority and discipline, just like Rabiot and Mbappé experienced after being late at the pre-Classique speech and therefore sent on the bench at the Vélodrome,” says Carrière. “The strength of this manager is his ability to unite. Today, if a player doesn’t feel the kindness or thinks it is fake, he won’t fight for you. And you can tell that it is not fake with Tuchel. It is way easier to win trophies with such a team… Emery was a good tactician but didn’t have this ability”.

My narrative on Emery is fueled by good intel, not gut feel. Watch this space, Le Grove will lead the way on this one, I can assure you. He’s the Spanish David Moyes, or hopefully, the 1996 Bruce Rioch. Either way, he’s not leading us to the promised land. Be sure of that my friends. x

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  1. DM

    Missed the game last night.. turns out I was much better off doing a tour of the maternity ward where my wife will shortly be having our baby (all being well!)

  2. Mr Serge

    I agree with Pedro I did not want to but I do I have watched s lot of games at home and it’s bland directionless stuff

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    From last thread..

    True but then you fall into the Chelsea camp when players control the club which is wrong….

  4. SHoaib

    all the criticism of wenger apart , I kept watching arsenal games just in the hope of that beautiful magical football that filled your heart with ultimate joy ,,
    I understand its emery’s first season and everything , but the way we are playing football right now ,, i had a marriage ceremony to attend and when i came back i almost forgot arsenal was playing ,, because thats how our performances are turning out to be even when we are winning recently ,, “forgetful”

    Emery needs to stop over complicating things , if he thinks this squad isnt good enough than he should bring out his coaching hat and think whats the best for the team which apparently for everyone (barring emery) is to play expansive creative attacking football with mesut ozil/ ramsey / our clinical strikers etc…

    Hope he turns this seemingly big opportunity of the top 4 into reality ..


  5. Receding Hairline

    True but then you fall into the Chelsea camp when players control the club which is wrong….


    Especially not this players. It’s all well and good pointing the PSG scenario, but he had little problem motivating his other teams. yes he may not be cut out for the elite teams but we are not elite.

    I repeat we must not be dragged into a managerial merry go round that in any way keeps most of this players at this club beyond this summer.

    That’s my take on all this.

  6. Danny

    The saddest thing about watching the match last night was the realization that this is our level. The Europa League is a joke, an awful competition but we are so far from the level of the Champions League quarter final teams that it will take years to get back there. The last time we reached that level was the 2009-10 season.

  7. Valentin

    Well said Pedro.
    I remember when I expressed doubt about Emery quality, some posters did not want to hear about it. It pains me for arsenal to be proven right.

    With noises coming from Arsenal, that management are far from impressed with Suarez attitude. Emery days may be numbered.

  8. Leftsidesanch

    I don’t hold much hope for the Europa League. Look at who we field at the back and look who we have in between the sticks. It has clangers written all over it. If BATE was able to take advantage what do you think happens when we come up against a decent side?

  9. Graham62

    The problem is this goes far deeper than what what we are witnessing on the field of play. We all know that.

    Next week’s return at “fortress Emirates” will not be as straightforward as some may think.

    Atmosphere will be affected by all those munchkins turning up late or not even bothering, whilst half of Belarus will turn up and will be smoking us out.

    No Lacazette. Pressure on Aubameyang to deliver.

    I know, it’s only bloody BATE!!

  10. Paulinho

    Would really love to know what a manager is supposed to something intelligible and purposeful with absolute crap like Maitland-Niles and Iwobi. When Welbeck was fit he could at least rotate and use Iwobi in some sort of rotation system, and it worked, but he’s got no choice to keep playing him. Suarez was obviously a Raul special.

    Been left to Guendouzi to try and make things happen but he is a progressive number six trying to play like an eight, and he is just not capable.

    Of Emery is going to look disconsolate. Guardiola would be drained of all colour coaching this lot.

  11. Guernsey Gun

    Was a real wake up call for me last night, dire performance from our first team against a terrible side. It seems premature to be calling Emery out at this stage but I am starting to think he wont last long. I went back to the Emirates for the first time in years in December (Huddersfield 1-0) that was dire as well, its worrying how far we are off the top teams.

  12. Un na naai

    Spot on Pedro
    The man is on borrowed time

    We all saw it and called it months ago. Well. Those of us who understand the game did. From the moment he lost Holdimg it all went pear shaped. He’s not the man for arsenal. Not now. Not ever

    On a side note
    Has anyone seen Alita Battle Angel???
    Go and watch it. Fucking quality and the perfect antidote to poxy sjw Hollywood and their politics or crass marketing but lack of actual product.

    This film is a euphemism for arsenal and what we need to be. A unique and ambitious vision as opposed to All mouth and no trousers.

  13. Gbat

    That squad last night should be able to beat BATE no matter what tactics are chosen. It’s up to the players to perform on the pitch. The players were awful. It was the kind of performance we’ve seen a lot of over the last few years.

  14. David Smith

    If Emery doesn’t negotiate this round, really cannot see him surviving.
    The board may not be the most ambitious, but will require tangible evidence of a very decent tilt at Champions league football next year.
    Looks like Emery could be losing the dressing room.
    A shame , he does have some qualities to negate wengers failings, but sounds like he may have indulged in a little BS in his job interview

  15. Crusaderrabbit

    I had really hoped that this season would be the start of a repairing of my relationship with Arsenal. Its less about results but more about mending some of the hugely painful flaws we’ve had to witness with Wenger over the years. A few results aside (Chelsea, Spurs) very little progress has been made on this front, and for that Emery is failing to date. There were some very clear objectives for this season but the key one had to be about establishing a more effective (and appealing) way of playing and removing some of the Wengerball nightmare. This has not happened.

    I am in total agreement with Pedro’s analysis of the necessity of establishing a new positive identity for the team, again Emery is failing at this. Clearly we are some way behind the top four clubs but we can still create something that the football public and the fans can buy into – there has been nothing about Emery’s reign so far that indicates this is happening. Personally I hope the club has a plan B up their sleeve, but I expect not

  16. Un na naai


    Time to give up the ghost mate. This is arsenal now under emery. Boring toothless and shit

    At least with Wenger we had some good times. Some flair. Some excitement along with the bitter disappointments. Emery Is just bland. He looks bland, he thinks bland, his team is a reflection on him

  17. Graham62

    Does this go down to the simple fact that Emery is just not the right fit. Charlie boy could be right.

    His communication, despite his lack of English, seems to getting more inaudible. He comes across as being too intense and the more I look at him I’m left wandering how the players must be feeling dealing with him 24/7.

    Fed up and drained comes to mind?

  18. Doom & gloom

    We’re doomed I tell ya,doomed!but we will spamk bate nextvwk.no sweat.but of course it could have been a night off & a chance for 2nd string.Thats the disappointment.by the way what does Suarez actually do? What does he bring to the party’s?mystified? Seems like a nothing player.t.g wasn’t permanent!xhaka ….words fail me.iwobi headless chicken interspersed with moments of skill.son of Gervinho.minus the forehead.

  19. Words on a Blog

    It does increasingly feel like quite a few of the players in the squad have lost faith in the manager, or failing that, are simply getting more and more confused by his tactical instructions…..
    ….in the first half the season it wasn’t always very pretty, but there was a lot more speed and intensity to the play

  20. Charlie George

    Well said PedRo
    Great post.

    “””My narrative on Emery is fueled by good intel, not gut feel”””

    We mine is neither.

    I just see the decisions he makes( Ramsey/Ozil)
    The stats ( only Fulham and Bournemouth have conceded more away goals)
    The football we play.
    The signings he intends to make ( Suarez)

    You call him the Spanish David Moyes
    ( I did initially name him this)
    I am beginning to think- it’s actually being harsh on Moyes.

    He is clueless.
    We have been duped.
    He has to go.

    If we want to go pragmatic and Spanish-
    Might as well employ the best Spanish pragmatist around Rafa B!

    Farcical appointment.

  21. Gbat

    We haven’t played consistently exciting football for a few seasons. And we sold the last of our exciting players last season in Sanchez.

  22. Graham62

    As a matter of interest, who were all the other candidates for the post.

    Allegri/Arteta/ PV4, ok, got that.

    Who else?

  23. Charlie George

    I’ll be amazed if they don’t install Benitez sooner rather than later.

    Missed the boat with Arteta/Vieira .

  24. Jamie

    Allegri was never a candidate. He manages a club who recruited Ronaldo.

    Too many Arsenal supporters think the draw of London and our lovely stadium is of interest to top drawer professionals (players and management). It’s not. A dose or reality is needed. We’re a Europa League-standard club (not finalists, obv).

  25. Dream10


    Believe we were interested in the Bundesliga managers such as Nagelsmann and Leipzig duo of Hasenhuttl and Rangnick. Not sure which one was interviewed

  26. Dr Emil schaffhausen

    I can’t believe how many posters on this site seem quite happy to absolve Kroenke of any blame for the state of this football club , quite astounding !
    As I understand it he owns and runs this club , we’ve sacked Wenger and gazidiz has slithered away, so we then appointed Raul and emery , can someone please educate me on who employed Raul and emery , I would have thought Kroenke had the last say on that but if anyone knows better please tell.
    So going forward if we don’t improve in the next couple of seasons , whos to blame ? I would say Kroenke .

  27. Dream10

    Allegri is ready to come to the PL. He’s been linked with Chelsea and Arsenal for the last couple of season. He wants 200m to spend though. He started flirting with Utd when Jose was sacked. He’ll end up at one of the CL contenders.

  28. englandsbest

    Arsenal’s years of trouble can be easily explained: the Club is going nowhere no matter who the manage is while Stan is calling the shots and pulling the strings.

    Those of us who imagined that the departure of Wenger would act like a magic wand and bring back the good days were living in dreamland.

    The utter contempt with which King Kroenke treats us, the ‘natives’, is intolerable. To him, we are just a far-flung outpost of empire.

    I have asked this question before, and I will ask it again: name me a successful Club without a committed owner.

  29. Majesticgooner

    Pedro do you know something we don’t? Maybe emery knows it as well, his energy levels on the touch line seems to have drained away, he just stands looking like the clueless Wenger sitting down, he just needs to find a Mac. Look I don’t believe it’s to late for him to turn it round but first he needs to swallow his pride , make up with Ozil, try and actually coach the players , especially in defending ant taking set pieces and take a chance especially at right back and on the wings with the youth players, we lack pace and energy right through the team, can’t remember the last time we scored from a counter attack, all our goals come from cut backs and we have been found out. Play the boy saka. He can go past players and create space for others. Emery needs to buck his ideas up, I’m sure this is the first time in his career he is going to come under this kind of pressure. How he handles it would determine his fate, he is finding out managing in the EPL is a different kettle of fish, any sign of vulnerability, the players, fans and press will be onto you.

  30. El Gooner

    On a different note – anybody have 2 tickets for the Man Utd. game? Have spent the last 4 days F5ing the ***** out of Ticket Exchange and every time something it appears it has magically gone by the time I click on it, if I was paranoid I would think there was an agency behind it!

  31. China1

    That result would be bearable if it was a one off but we’ve been so bad lately that it was a matter of time until it happened

  32. Victorious

    Not sure we ever had the pull for Allegri,that boat has sailed a long time ago, just like pep,klopp,ancelloti..etc.. we gleefully turned up our nose as they signed for our rivals

    the owner is rather too dickless too bring in an elite manager, he’s the antithesis to being ambitious

    Favre is doing an excellent job at Dortmund, I know he got it badly wrong at spuds in d CL, lost almost half his team to injuries and I would still fancy them to win at home,

    I mean overall he’s been excellent for them, theyre bossing their league and playing some scintillating football

    Would also keep a close eye on Viera, he has Nice in a respectable 7th position with shit attackers, defensively astute and harder to beat

    Couldn’t be any worse than the oily haired blunt Spaniard.

  33. Majesticgooner

    You know you’re in trouble when guys on untold start saying that emery has got it all wrong with Ozil

    How to kill a player

    By Walter Broeckx

    After the world cup in Russia in 2018 Özil was the scapegoat of the German media and the fans. He was blamed for all that went wrong. And we know how the media report things is how the more ignorant football supporter will look at the game and will look at players.

    Now we also know that the influence of Bayern Munich in German football is very big. And that many pundits and football opinion makers are former Bayern Munich players. So when things go wrong they tend to protect Bayern players and put the blame with non-Bayern players.

    Germany had to win their last match against South Korea at the world cup. But they lost 0-2. Two goals in injury time when Germany was throwing everyone forward sealed the fate of Germany and they were sent home. Immediately the German media closed ranks and put all the blame at the feet of Özil, while the cold facts showed another story. When other (non Germans) made a deeper analysis of the match they found out that a certain German player created at least 11 chances for his team. At the time some even called that a world record in a world cup match.

    But alas for this creative player all the chances he created were missed. Özil was that creator. And Muller, Hummels and other Bayern players were to blame for the misses. So the Bayern press quickly turned on Özil who as a result gave up on international football. This has clearly hurt him a lot.

    And when we look at the way Özil is now treated at Arsenal we see that he gets no more chances to play. It is a somewhat similar position to the German situation. Part of the media has always been against Özil in the last years. Every bad performance (and yes every player has bad performances) has been analysed and the media had a field day in showing how bad he was. When he provided assists and scored goals they found it natural and made no big fuss about it.

    Now after half a year we can conclude that Emery loves hard working players. Players that run around (even if it is occasionally like headless chickens) for 90 minutes are mostly in the starting line up. Özil even when fit hardly makes the bench. Now if all this running around were to result in a rise of performances and in a better position compared to last season one could say that Emery has a point. But when we analyse the situation of last season with now we see no real progress. Last season we even went to the league cup final and the Europa league semi final. As things stand we will have a big task next week to beat Bate Borisov as we must make sure we score at least 3 goals.

    But with all the defensive minded players we play (who can run around a lot) we hardly create anything in front of the other goal. Emery wants runners in his team and fighters. Now that is fine and the manager has the right to want such players in his team. But the lack of progress doens’t bode well for the moment. Even the fact that Özil usually is a player who runs a lot on the field doesn’t seem to help him getting in the team. Maybe because the running Özil does is not defensive running around but attacking running around. Özil runs a lot to create room and space for himself and his team mates in order to attack and to create chances.

    Now one could say that Özil has to adapt to the wishes of the manager. So Özil should start running around and defend and tackle. Even if he can’t do these things from his natural game. But from what I have learned from following football is that wanting a player to play in a different way usually doesn’t improve the player. I know Wenger could change the way a player played and this improve him. But taking away the creativity of probably one of the greatest creators in our team doesn’t make Özil a better player or helps the team.

    I could take the example of Pogba. Mourinho didn’t like the attacking and adventarous way Pogba has been playing all his career. (I could have taken Hazard as another example). Pogba is a player who plays in waves, as I call it. You don’t see him for a while and suddenly he pops up with something unexpected and changes the match. Özil has always been such a player. And the more Mourinho was trying to change the way Pogba was playing the poorer he became.

    And when Mourinho was sacked the first thing (I think) that Solsjkaer told Pogba was: go out and play your game. We all have seen the result. A reborn Pogba has been impressive under their new manager. Because this manager played to his character and to his strengths. 6 goals and 5 assists in some 10 matches or so. Solsjkaer let the Pogba beast go. And he delivered.

    I fear that Emery is not playing Özil to his strenghts. I fear that Emerey is trying to change Özil as a player. And as a result (just as with Pogba) you get a player whose performances drop to a scaring low level.

    If you have a creative player you have to let him play in a creative way. If you don’t do that then the player becomes useless. Emery wants to see Özil fight and work. Özil probably can’t do this and stay creative at the same time. Because he has to play against his nature.

    Now looking at the last matches where we can’t really reach our strikers in a decent way the question is how can we solve this lack of creativity in our attack?

    Özil is a player who can create something out of nothing. But you have to give him the freedom to express himself. And without that freedom you get nothing. Özil’s trademark is creating chances (mostly of good quality). If the manager doesn’t to use this creativity we have to be open about it.

    We could send him to China and try to free up wages so that the manager can bring in new players next summer. We then would know that we should not expect a lot of this season anymore. Prepare for next season one could say. Or we could play him and let him do what he knows and does best: be creative.

    Making a raging bull of Özil is useless. We have more than enough raging bulls on the field. Probably too many in fact. And in lower league football they usually use raging bulls on the field and can be succesful with it. But if I want to see that kind of football I would watch lower league football.

    For me the fact that we play a very boring football (despite being the fourth top scoring team in the Premier League – thanks to our good scoring strikers) is because we are not using Özil in our starting line up. Even when we score it is seldom born out of beatiful attacking football. It is more based on luck at times.

    But will a player that has been made clear that he is unwanted still want to perform at the top of his game? I can imagine that he is down and feels unnapreciated.

    I fear we have killed a top player that could have added a lot to our game this season.

    Footnote: This article does in some way challenge the slogan that has been on our masthead for some 10 years – “supporting the manager”. In a further article we’ll look at whether it is time to reconsider Untold’s long held position of supporting the club, the manager and the team.‘

  34. qna

    Situation for Unai is pretty much as it was for Arsene now. CL qualification or bust. I think that is fair given the recent performances.

    I have been backing the 7 months isn’t long enough argument. But on the other hand if Raul was as ruthless as we probably need him to be he would sack Emery today and see if a fresh voice could get us over the line into top 4. Chelsea did it a few years back on the back of winning the CL iirc. Short term gig until the end of the season only and see who is best available at the end of the season.

    But if Arteta’s fucking name is bandied about again… FMD.

  35. bennydevito

    Thing is, with the current squad, injuries and lack of transfer window activity if somebody else was in charge with things being exactly the same do we really think results would be much better?

  36. OleGunner

    Pedro possibly giddy at the loss.
    Fair enough, Emery fucked up last night.

    My only question now is who do we want next as manager; who they believe our board will realistically go for? Not lofty names like Allegri which are nigh on impossible.

  37. qna

    “In a further article we’ll look at whether it is time to reconsider Untold’s long held position of supporting the club, the manager and the team.‘”

    Funny that. Seems to be catching on with a lot of AKBs.

    “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to the dark side”

  38. azed

    We are turning Ozil into Diaby who is suddenly good when he doesn’t play.

    Ozil played against Cardiff, Crystal palace and Wolves and he didn’t create anything. Ozil has played 13 games this season and 1 assist which extrapolated for the season is 3.

    Let us stop this Ozil shit. If you think we need Ozil against Bate, then what’s the point in having Mkhitaryan?

  39. qna

    Benny: Thing is, with the current squad, injuries and lack of transfer window activity if somebody else was in charge with things being exactly the same do we really think results would be much better?

    Long term issue remains. The squad is not nearly good enough. But as to your points, the same argument applies every season to the teams in the relegation battle come Christmas. Standard procedure is to sack the manager. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn’t. But I could see a similar type of move here.

    Can save a bit of face, bring back Ozil and Ramsey and hope that they get a short term kick that gets us into fourth. Might help us get rid of Ozil in the summer too.

    I don’t think 7 months is long enough. But what the fuck has the last two games been about? Has he lost the players or just run out of ideas. The squad is ordinary, but it’s still superior to Huddersfield and BATE.

  40. Dissenter

    Legrove is down the shitter
    Someone posted a full length garbage from Untold, not an excerpt or a link.
    The entire club is down the shitter, we have to observe purgatory for the sins of blindly following Wenger

    Emery doesn’t deserve to go past the summer if we don’t go past this round.
    I really think it’s not beyond the bounds of reason that Bate will qualify ahead of us

  41. englandsbest

    No answers? Okay, try this one then. Name me twenty successful Clubs WITH committed owners.

    I’ll give you a starter: Man C,Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona…

  42. Charlie George

    Wenger is gone!

    His team scored 10 last season against the same rubbish..

    You are a bright chap….
    Focus on the here and now.!

    The past dear boy is The Past!

  43. Nelson

    I am a positive guy. Here is what I’ll do.

    – Amend the relationship with the dressing room. You don’t need to play Ozil. Have him sitting on the bench as substitute. Let the team knows that Ozil is part of the group. It is clear that Ozil is loved by lot of his teammate, more so than a lot of Ozil haters on this blog would want to know.
    – Replace Mustafi with PapaSok. The fans should leave Mustafi alone for awhile. All the criticism and trade rumors have got to him. He was better before.
    – Yesterday, only two players gave 100%,Iwobi and Guen. Iwobi doesn’t have quality. Only one out of four passes is Ozil like. They are either not weighted correctly or inaccurate. He is a hard worker though. Guen looked tired yesterday. I thought Emery would sub him out. Someone reminded me that Xhaka just came back from injury. We need rotation in the midfield. I would play Suazez or Willock in midfield next week, pairing with Torr or Xhaka. We should be able to beat those farmers at home. After next week, we’ll have three games in a week against Southampton, Bournemouth and Spurs.
    – Bring back Ramsey. Pair him with Auba upfront.
    – Yesterday, Iwobi drifted inside two much. He has to stay on the left wing and team up with Kola. We should not keep changing our style of play. Kola is still our best creator. But with the support of Ramsey and Auba, our attack should be stronger.

  44. Crusaderrabbit

    The club (and fans) need to focus less on who the manager is and who is and isnt playing, more on who we should be as a club, what is our identity, whats is our purpose – Pedro alludes to it all the time and he is right. So whilst I do wish Kroenke would dig into his pockets so we can compete – if thats not going to happen then we need to determine how we’re going to succeed, what that success looks like and what kind of club do we want to be. I don’t see how Emery is contributing to this at the moment

  45. Guns of Hackney


    Emery is making the demented final Wenger years look like prime Ferguson!

    Wrong man. Wrong club. Wrong hire.

    End of the season, Arsenal have to get rid and either go big for Allegri or take on the special sauce/pizazz of a young hungry buck.

    Knowing arsenal they’ll probably hire Arsene back or Moarinho.

  46. Dissenter

    No one leading this group of stragglers ers to the promised land.
    It may not be Emery, no doubt because it seems he’s maxed out already.
    Until we get a clear-out of half the squad, there’s no salvation.
    Half of these lot need to wander off and perish in the wilderness, the gates of the promised land won’t open to them – THEY AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH.

  47. Guns of Hackney

    Imagine being Ozil.

    Stays warm. Watches game. Sends a few texts. Earns £350,000. Goes home and plays the computer.

    Ozil is a hero.

  48. qna

    Crusader. That has to be the job of the DOF. Raul Sanhelhi. He needs to demonstrate that. If not, we desperately need to bring in somebody that can.

    I can give him a pass on Suarez. Shocking player, but who can we expect him to get without spending any money. A warm body and nothing more. But if we make that permanent then FMD. Also, Licht. Again, maybe we ran out of money and it seemed like a good idea at the time. But if he doesn’t learn from this and does it again then that would be disgraceful.

    I’m not sure that Raul is the right man for the job. But at the minute I think he has the most important job at our club. Even Emery. If he’s as bad as many of you are saying (he could well be) it’s Raul’s job to sack him and get somebody else in.

    The DOF role has been neglected. We are 7 months in and he’s only been given 72m and 0m in his two windows. This is peanuts. But if he can’t work with peanuts, we need to bring in somebody that can.

  49. Dissenter

    I know Wenger is gone but his stench still pervades the place.
    I’m not standing in the way of any Emery criticism or even sacking him in the summer so long as it comes with other changes.
    Replacing Emery without clearing out the Wenger trash is like rearranging deck chairs on the titanic because the band is still playing.

    Anyone still heartily defending Emery now is like the WW2 Japanese soldier doing a holdout on a remote pacific island 40 years after the emperor surrendered

  50. Guns of Hackney


    Now it’s a matter of principle and emery can’t lose face.

    Ozil has won the war. Arsenal were the idiots who made this happen.

  51. Dissenter

    When you read that Son is being rewarded with a new wage of 150k weekly, you realize why we are in the gutter.
    That;s what’s firing me up this morning.

    Emery’s record will elevate or sink Emery. As it stands, there’s no way we keep him in the summer if we are serious
    I must be the only one who thinks BATE will get a result next week .He has to play Ozil and stop the stupid nonsense pathetic build-up from the back.
    He’s trying to teach Wengerized players how to fish with spears.

  52. Ishola70

    Bate at their most stubborn are a Championship level team and if you don’t turn up you can get a disappointing result. As someone else said I think the 6-0 was when BATE had absolutely nothing to play for and the other victory against them well Wenger’s babes turned up that night. They did at times you know.

    Said at the start of the season that doubted Emery could win the EL in his first season. Getting to know the club. transition, too many average players in the squad for me means it is a very long shot to win EL.

    I was not overly enthused about the appointment of Emery and there was a poster on here that dragged up a previous post of mine that said the club would not even consider hiring him. Would anyone be surprised if Emery turns out a fail especially since that despicable twat Gazidis was heavily involved in the hiring? Nevertheless I was not going to put Emery’s head on a spike after just 6 months in the job like some of the crew on here.

    The team is achingly average.

    The over-rating of Guendouzi has to stop. He is a transitional midfielder that keeps the ball ticking over. Wow Wee amazing. There are tonnes of players that can just keep the ball ticking over in midfield. He doesn’t show great creativity offensively and has been seen as defensively suspect as well. He’s a bench player at any serious football club. With this average Arsenal team he starts virtually every week.

    I’m sorry but the rating of how good a team really are is not based on how many wins or unbeaten games you can put up in the EPL. We saw Man United easily beaten and outclassed by PSG the other night despite them taking virtually all before them domestically since Ole took over. The real litmus test is how you fare in the CL. That is the acid test of how good you are. And this doesn’t mean one run in the competition where a favourable draw may have been had. It means consistent showings in that competition. And sadly as one poster mentioned earlier Arsenal have not reached the QF stage of CL for going on a decade. That’s how achingly average this club has been and still is.

  53. vickingz

    We shouldn’t change the coach but the players? Which of the two is easier? Getting the best out of people isn’t always as hard/difficult as people think. The greatest need of a man is RESPECT and the highest psychological needs of a man are just three. To be loved, valued and appreciated. Communicate these dimensions to the psychology of a man and watch him do the extra for you but we have proud and arrogant folks so power driven till they get consumed. If your foot soldiers want respect, respect them and watch them bring you victories but no, you are the coach, you can freeze out any players you want, you can’t be flexible in dealing with players. Nonsense

  54. Charlie George

    You do seem have a strange way of looking at things.

    If Son was playing for Arsenal under Emery he would be bang average….

    If Ozil was playing for Spurs under Poch he would be performing consistently well..

    Thats the difference!

    We have oodles and oodles of talent- we just need a proper coach to get consistent performances out of them..

    We have a clown Instead..

  55. Dissenter

    Son is operating at the peak of his prowess and he’s only now just getting rewarded with his second contract in one year….for 150k week;y.

    Contrasted with the idiotic and foolish wage structure your man-Wenger used to ruin Arsenal.

    Ozil used to be a fantastic player, once upon a time. He would have been worthy of a 25k wage but in 2015 [same as the wage bump Spuds the giving Son] but we screwed up by making him one the top-10 wages in world football when he was on the downward slope.

    Got that?

  56. vickingz

    @ Dissenter, you ain’t the only one thinking BATE will get a good result next week. I don’t know what others have seen in this team which makes them think arsenal will blow BATE away next week. Maybe the cutbacks and that’s all. Meanwhile, the greater problem lies in emery’s leadership skills. If he doesn’t appease these players before our next game, arsenal is as good as out of europa. As powerful as wenger thought he was, these players stopped playing for him after they won the last FA cup for him and he went behind to negotiate for another two years. Emery should better learn.

  57. Valentin

    Yesterday I did mentioned that the Monaco Vice president was sacked because of the incompetent changes he had recently introduced.
    Seems that there is more to it than that. The owner has allegedly sacked him because he had put in place a system where he was receiving a bonus paid by the agents of players he signed for the club.
    Talk about inducement. That would explain why he had disbanded the recruitment department. He was working only with agents who were paying him without any regards to the quality of the players and his suitability to the first team.

    We know this has already happen in the premiership with Harry Redknapp opening an account in Monaco for his dog. Really that was his defense and he was found not guilty despite admitting the charge!

    I wonder if the same story could develop in the premiership at another club…

  58. Leedsgunner

    Even if we went to Belarus with our U23s we should have managed a win, especially against a team that hasn’t played since December.

    Last night’s tepid display was inexcusable.

    We are treading water, no different than under Wenger.

  59. Bamford10

    Emery may not be the right man for the job, but people are making too much of last night. It was -2°C and the field was complete crap. This played a part. We will beat BATE easily at the Emirates and things will be looking up again in terms of our Europa campaign.

    As for winning the Europa, though, Emery really does need to get us playing better football. He needs to get his best eleven players into his starting XI, he needs to find the best formation for that XI to play in, and he needs to get that XI singing together in that formation. Whether he can do this is an open question, but I suspect he won’t be able to.

    There will be a big decision to make regarding this manager come May — unless Sanllehi and Kroenke Jr. are of the view he deserves two seasons regardless of results this season.

    We will see.

  60. HighburyLegend

    “Allegri is ready to come to the PL.
    He wants 200m to spend though.”

    So we are stuck with the same problem. Stan will never agree to give this amount of money for transfers, so forget it people, Emery will still be there next summer.

  61. Receding Hairline

    Average players who are supposed to be playing for their futures and here we are discussing if they have downed tools or not.

    Yea lets keep scouring Europe for special sauce to get the best out of Mustafi and company.

  62. Dissenter

    Charlie George
    ‘We have oodles and oodles of talent- we just need a proper coach to get consistent performances out of them’

    That brought out the chuckle..Charlie Chuckle George 😂😂😂
    We have oodles of talent?
    It has to be microscopic talent because a tea-spoon can continently hold all the “talent’ in this squad.

  63. HighburyLegend

    “It was -2°C and the field was complete crap. ”

    Some good old “wenger excuses”… lol
    It’s hard to be so disappointed when you were a true Emery believer not so long ago…

  64. Dissenter

    I think we are stretching ourselves thin when we start saying it was -2 degeees ad the pitch was bad.
    That’s precisely what the Wenger people used to do.

    Emery deserves all,the flak,he gets for last night and it was very bad.

  65. Josip Skoblar

    Pedro: “Emery stands on the sidelines like he’s just found out…”
    That’s exactly how he looked when he was managing PSG.

  66. Receding Hairline

    Dissenter Emery didn’t even use that excuse

    He said BATE deserved their win because they played well. He said before hand he was aware of the conditions and he does not believe it will be a problem. One thing he is not in the business of is making excuses.

  67. Dissenter

    ..and while we are at it. The Suarez loan is a bust.
    You don’t get too many chances to impress at a new club. He’s not on the level of an unmotivated Ozil.
    You can tell If a new player has that x-factor real quick.

  68. bennydevito

    We can replace Emery with Pep,,Klopp, Allegri or any other host of names that are actually realistic but as long as we continue with the same players that are majoritarily Wenger’s then what really changes?

    We need a quality back up RB
    We need a WC level or potential CB
    We need a WC level or potential LB to push Kolasinac into the back up
    We need a WC AM to replace Ozil & Ramsey
    We need 2 WC attacking wide players

    Without any of this, what manager comes in and does a better job than Emery?

    It’s all well and good saying Emery isn’t good enough and calling him silly names and trying to rewrite history and erase his better record than David Moves and that of Arsene Wenger when he took over Arsenal, but without putting forward credible and gettable names to take his place your opinion is meaningless.

    I personally think we should go all out for Vieira and we should be sounding him out about it now. Wouldn’t cost too much in compensation and will unite every Arsenal fan and blog behind him without doubt 100%.

  69. Gbat

    The squad needs a huge turnover regardless of whoever the manager is. The squad is so unbalanced.
    We lack pace and power, especially in the wide areas. We have no skilful, pacey wingers who can commit defenders.
    It shows how weak we are that Iwobi is the best option we have out wide. He is the only player who can carry the ball. But his end product is still very poor and he should be a squad player at best.
    We have about 5 players who’s best position is AM. They all drift inside which leaves us with very little threat from out wide. Hence the need for the fullbacks to constantly get so far forward. With proper wingers, the fullbacks could pick and choose their moments to attack.

  70. Dissenter

    Emery is supposed to be the manager who review hours of bideo7
    Surely we should,have known their pitch would be bad and planned a game around it.
    If the club wishes to persist with Emery then they have to do a major revamp, not just a wall painting project in the summer.

  71. Thomas

    There’s a ton of players that needs to fuck off in the summer:

    Maitland Niles
    Asano (hahahahaha he’s still an Arsenal player)

  72. Bamford10


    Nah, I disagree. We created chances and lost 1-0 to a decent team on a freezing night and terrible field in Belarus in February.

    We didn’t lose 3-0, we weren’t a defensive shambles, we weren’t disorganized, players weren’t dogging it.

    In no way is my saying it was freezing and the field crap comparable to the bullshit Wenger spewed. I’m not really even defending Emery, as I’ve made it clear I have serious doubts about him. I’m simply saying that people are making too much of last night.

  73. HighburyLegend

    I’m with benny about Vieira.

    Oooopppssss…. just forgot that the Kroenke never heard of him lol

  74. Dissenter

    Every team has moments of slump
    The problem is that this shitty phase is becoming perennial and the manager does not seem to know how to correct it. He’s still doing things the same like he has only on gear.

    If theEuropa league is our best best, then drop Cech, he’s semi-retired already.
    Emery needs to start acting like a manager trying to keep his job, not like he has a Wenger-type entitlement to the job.
    He needs to bring in some U-23 players into the mix to freshen up,things.
    Poch played mJian Foyth against Dortmund FFS.
    He needs to find another gear.

  75. Bamford10

    By the way, the factors I’ve cited aren’t “excuses”. Emery should have found a way to win. However, they are explanations for why BATE could have managed a 1-0 victory over Arsenal last night.

  76. Leedsgunner

    Both teams played in the same conditions and on the same field, I’m sorry we are supposed to be one of the best teams in the world in the best league and we’re blaming the weather and field?

    That’s really pathetic.

    No, we’re not making more of it than it needs to be, yesterday was embarrassing.v It should have never happened, especially with the players we took out there.

  77. Bamford10


    The owner cannot simply add his own money to the transfer kitty. That would be a clear violation of European FFP rules. Best he can do is pay off the club’s stadium debt, which would yield us an additional 20m per year to spend.

  78. Champagne charlie


    With respect, we absolutely did have Allegri’s ear in the summer. We’re an unbelievable draw to managers on the continent, and, whether you choose to believe me or not, it was the structure ABOVE the manager that left Allegri chewing it over and ultimately getting seduced once again by the Old Lady.

  79. Ishola70

    “Both teams played in the same conditions and on the same field, I’m sorry we are supposed to be one of the best teams in the world in the best league and we’re blaming the weather and field?”

    How can Arsenal be seen as one of the best teams in the world if they do not even play in the premier competition in the world going on for three years now? And last reaching QF stage of the premier competition a decade ago?

    How does that equate to being one of the best teams in the world?

    As for the best league how come Man City keep failing in CL? Surely this Man City team should be doing much better in CL considering they come from the best league in the world?

    It’s not about domestic leagues per se when we talk about the “best” clubs. It’s about a select group of clubs around europe itself that show up consistently well in the european premier competition = CL.

  80. HighburyLegend

    Ffs… we are still in debt for this fucking tourist mausoleum ??
    It was finished in 2006 and we’re in 2019, that’s fucking insane!!

  81. Claver


    “A lazy creator feeding outrageously clinical strikers sounds a better plan than average creators feeding nobody.”

    At this point, i’d bite your hand off for that..

  82. Bamford10


    I’ll leave the exact details to the finance guys, but the loan was for around £260m and will likely be paid off over 20-30 years. It’s been 14 years or so, I believe. We pay £20m a year on it.

  83. bennydevito

    Allegri was the favourite and was also very interested until the DOF structure got put in place and Allegri would only be head coach.

    That’s why Emery was chosen because he’s used to working under that structure.

    But what’s the difference between a DOF and a technical director and what do they actually do?

    They select the players? Choose the formations? Oversee the academy etc? What exactly?

    As far as I’m concerned there should be scouts who spot the players, the manager chooses which ones to buy and picks the team, tactics etc and the CE offers the wages and sorts the contracts.

    The rest is just over egging the pudding surely?

  84. Thank you and goodnight

    We’re not one of the best teams in the world. Hell we’re not even in the top 15. We’re barely a top 10 Premier league team ffs

  85. Jamie

    CC –

    You could be right. I would find it remarkable if he seriously considered leaving Juve for us though. They’re in a position to throw the best part of £1m a week at their two highest paid players. We could never offer him that kind of budget.

    On the one hand, rebuilding jobs (they call them ‘projects’ these days ever since Mansour took over City) have a certain allure for a manager looking to build a legacy no doubt.

    On the other hand, taking a rebuilding job, spending loads of cash, and failing to meet KPIs can be a career killer at the top level. It’s a huge gamble for a manager of Allegri’s calibre. Anything short of challenging for the title within 3 years would be seen as failure, in my view. Why risk his reputation at a club like Arsenal?

    Are managers about legacy-building the way football is going? Seems like after 5 years max in one place, they move on (especially the ones at the top clubs because their only KPI is doing the league and CL double).

    If we fail to finish in the top 4 this season (by more than a point or two), and crash out of the EL in the semis (or earlier), Emery is toast. Honestly, I’ve reached the stage where I’d join Team Arteta if things haven’t improved by the end of the season (which they’d need to in order to qualify for the CL next season).

    Do you agree that regardless of who’s in charge, we need to get rid of players before we can recruit new ones in the summer, and if so, which players do you think we should be shifting first to make room?

  86. Claver

    Thank you and goodnight

    We’re not one of the best teams in the world. Hell we’re not even in the top 15. We’re barely a top 10 Premier league team ffs

    Calm down Mate.

  87. Un na naai

    Be carful what you wish for……

    This was always the road kroenke was going to take us down once wenger went. He was the only man who stood between us and what we are now experiencing.
    Yes he was past his best but his worst is still better than it’s going to get for us for a long while.

    I will say again. We will win nothing important under kroenke if anything at all.

  88. Receding Hairline

    ” He was the only man who stood between us and what we are now experiencing.”

    Arsenal 1- Ostersunds 2

    Nottingham Forest 4-Arsenal 2

    Stoke City 1 -Arsenal 0 (stoke now play Championship football)

    Swansea 2- Arsenal 1 ( swans now play championship football)

    These are just embarrassing results from last season…we are not experiencing anything new

  89. Graham62

    Last year we lost at home to Ostersunds at the same stage, all be it after a comfortable first leg victory.

    The thing is that was under Wenger, so it was half expected. Last night’s result was far worse because we had a so called savvy and streetwise coach at the helm who wouldn’t allow such things to happen.

    My doubts about Emery are intensifying with each passing game.

    Can anyone provide any positives?

  90. Champagne charlie


    As I say, you’re underestimating the pull we have being a premier league team in London with the resources at a managers disposal. It’s such a fallacy for some to downplay us like we’re Stoke, we’re the hottest ticket in the premier league given our potential – certainly a toss up with Chelsea, though Abramovich brings volatility to that role. The trouble is boardroom and the change not settling there yet, it’s put off Allegri who had no assurance of anything (pretty shit pitch when trying to sell us).

    I’m sure at some point the penny will drop that you’re casually comparing last seasons tripe to this season like it absolves Emery. You’re illustrating how he’s not changed us any from shit-Wenger.

    “We are not experiencing anything new” – kind of the point many are making given we’ve got a new manager and 7 new players since last Jan.

  91. Receding Hairline

    ” He was the only man who stood between us and what we are now experiencing.”

    I guess Charlie you also believe Wenger was the only man who stood between us and embarrassing results ..wonder what all the fuss was all about, oh i forgot why did we sack Wenger??

  92. MuddyGooner

    One thing that definitely hasn’t changed since the Wenger era is that we don’t do late equalisers or winners.

  93. Champagne charlie

    “These are just embarrassing results from last season…we are not experiencing anything new“


    “wonder what all the fuss was all about, oh i forgot why did we sack Wenger??“

    Says we’re not experiencing anything new, then mocks someone for asking why we changed Wenger. 😀

  94. Batistuta

    I’m actually game for replacing Emery I’m the summer as he seems quite clueless with what he’s doing but as long as we’ve got the same utterly useless set of players, we’d be here again having this same conversation. Almost like we over rate our players and expect them to be something they’re not at this football club.

    Do some of you ever just sit and wonder how the likes of Kolasinac and Maitland-Niles actually play for this football club

  95. Receding Hairline

    I would have said the overreaction to the result is surprising but it’s not..it was like a party on here last night with many “hating to be proved right”

    What i find confusing is same people professing we will smash them next week, if that is the case why the excessive celebration last night?? What exactly were you proved right on..that we will lose a football match??

    We have already lost quite a few this season so it’s not exactly a rare occurrence

  96. Graham62


    You are 100% correct.

    The thing is, even after all the negatives of the past years( and there have been so many) it is only now that you and many others are questioning.

    I get it, I really do.

    Rather hypocritical don’t you think?

    Maybe it was all down to how pretty we were.

    What’s your take on it all?

  97. Receding Hairline

    Says we’re not experiencing anything new, then mocks someone for asking why we changed Wenger. 😀

    Yes anyone who asks that question deserves scorn and mockery

    Same with the person who said Wenger stood between us and embarrassing results. Wenger invented embarrassing results

  98. Champagne charlie


    You’ve not understood the purpose of the question because your crusade doesn’t allow it.

    When someone says why did we replace Wenger? it’s said hypothetically to insinuate the new guy is offering nothing more. Considering the new guy is offering nothing more, it would’ve been better to let Wenger have this season with the “new structure” in place. We’d have saved money on paying him and his staff off and we could’ve invested that in the team this season.

    So again, what was the point of replacing Wenger when this shit is what we’ve gotten for it?

  99. bunga party

    “Wenger invented embarrassing results”

    Time to move on. He’s not a lover who cheated on you. He’s not a thief who stole your savings. He survived so long cause Kronke trusted him. The moment Kronke thought differently, he’s gone. Time to move on and focus on now. If you want to big up Unai by belittling Wenger, I think you have already lost your point.

  100. Ishola70

    Danish Gooner
    “Bate Borisov-Bayern munchen 3-1 ,2 october 2012.”

    They also beat Roma at home in the CL a few seasons ago and have taken out Spanish Primera team as well so they are not immune to getting one over “superior” opponents.

    They do get heavily beaten as well though.

    So they are not quite the farmers team some may want to portray.

    Certainly on their day got more about them than an Ostersunds.

  101. Pedro

    Really not enjoying this trend of people quoting other people without using quite marks. Makes it very hard to follow a conversation.

  102. Jamie

    CC –

    I hear you, and please forgive me for being riddled with pessimism. I’m trying to be more positive, but I see us as a EL club rather than a sleeping giant because I feel there’s so much housekeeping to be done before we can progress as a club.

    Our wage bill is astronomical for the returns we get on the pitch, we’ve let tens of millions of pounds’ worth of talent walk out the door on free transfers, and we lack genuine quality in several key positions (notably CB, AM, and on the wings), and that’s assuming the rest of our starting 11 are fit.

    I’m happy to get on board with the allure of Arsenal and with anyone who can help move our luxury and toilet players out the door this summer. Then we can address the squad deficiencies and climb the table. At least, that’s how I see the order of things.

  103. Receding Hairline

    He was the only man who stood between us and what we are now experiencing.

    Bunga party

    Maybe you should tell the person who wrote the above to move on. Wenger did not stand between us and anything, he spent years lying to fans and wasting the resources we had on players who will remain loyal to him.

    If you somehow believe the seven month old manager is the reason why we are a Europa league team with a champions league team wage bill i suggest you have some catching up to do

  104. Receding Hairline

    How much exactly was the total pay off for Wenger and his backroom staff??? How many player would that have brought in??

    Charlie from your posts one would assume Wenger was sacked early when the opposite is the case.

  105. Pedro

    I’m not sure I bought the £200m line.

    Allegri wanted to finish the job with Juve. Win the Champions League.

    He landed Ronaldo.

    Arsenal don’t need £200m. If Atleti can make two finals and a semi in 6 season on a net spend of 13m a year, we should be able to reach the heights with more money.

    You don’t need £200m to change Arsenal. Obviously, it would be nice, but it’s not a requisite for success.

  106. Champagne charlie


    You’re comparing apples to oranges.

    My “take” on it is that Emery (or whoever new) has everything to prove whereas Wenger had already done so and what many were guilty of was extending a romantic amount of leeway in the hope he’d reinvent himself. He didn’t, shame because he was brilliant, but we move on.

    What I didn’t do, which irks some, is blame Wenger for all our ills along the way. We were in neutral for 5/6 years and that was leadership at the club, and a manager too entrenched to know what’s up.

    Of course what it doesn’t mean is someone can rock up and offer what Wenger did in his worst years and get a free pass for doing so on the phony merit of “time and money”.

  107. bunga party

    “£200m is the minimum requirement to flush out Wenger’s rejects.”

    We will see about that. 70m is already used up last summer. If you add Auba and Mkhi (since it happened at the tail end of wenger’s regime)…we are already close to 200M. Even if we agree auba and mkhi don’t count, we only have 130m left….how many Denis Suarez can we buy with that money? And if we buy 3 good Denises, don’t think Emery can coach them…I’m convinced of that.

  108. Ishola70

    First move in the market this coming summer is to get in Herrera from Porto on a free to replace the Swiss traffic cone surely?

    Apparently Arsenal looking at the Genk winger Trossard. Mislintat’s last recommendation before he left.

  109. Receding Hairline

    Pedro how many from our current squad of players do you want to see retained at this club by next season??

    From your recent posts it’s almost like you believe we have one of the best squads in Europe, do we??

  110. TR7

    I have said it before and I will repeat it : Arsenal football club should start looking for a new manager, Emery is an ordinary manager, ordinary in every aspect of football management.

  111. zimmie2652

    Sorry to get off topic but are these Kai Havertz links real and does anyone believe we actually have a chance of snatching him up?

  112. Skinnywill

    Un na naai February 15, 2019 10:08:57
    “We all saw it and called it months ago. Well. Those of us who understand the game did”

    While there are obvious issues with the team, we still have a chance to achieve our objectives this season and qualify for the Champions League. If we fail to deliver that then those of us wo are prepared to give the manager some time might join your point of view.

    The chances are based on current performances that Emery will not turn out to be the right man for the job, however I find your post incredibly arrogant and it smacks of being more interested in being proved right than genuinely caring about what is best for the club.

  113. Ishola70

    Is it wise to keep quoting Atletico Madrid and their net spend?

    Everyone knows their particular brand of football is paramount to their success on the pitch.

    More so than the player dealings.

    Their player dealings would be totally irrelevant if it wasn’t for Simeone and his management and their “style” of play.

    A “style” many fans would not put up with.

  114. bunga party

    “If you somehow believe the seven month old manager is the reason why we are a Europa league team with a champions league team wage bill i suggest you have some catching up to do”

    You are moving the goal post. Although I am convinced now that Emery can’t coach…I still want him to do well.. Do great and succeed and I would like nothing more than that as far as Arsenal are concerned. What frustrates me more than anything is Unai hasn’t improved this team even a bit compared to last 2 years. We are basically the same predictable shit we have been. I seriously though we would be more composed, slightly better on defence, play somewhat ‘attractive’…. Even at these basic stuff, unai has failed miserably so far. I think that’s probably the sentiment most posters are coming around to.

  115. Champagne charlie

    “Please who else sides with Charlie that Wenger should still be Arsenal manager with the “new structure” now in place??“

    Still not grasping what was said despite it being explained.

    I’d have Wenger (and more money for transfers) this season than Emery. Club could’ve announced it was his final season and the cloud would then be lifted with us gearing towards a proper transition.

    All decisions for the year could’ve been taken with a with to next season, instead of shit bandaid nonsense like Denis Suarez in Jan. It’s really a dead obvious one for those paying attention this season.