’TIME and MONEY’ pleas lose steam after BATE nightmare

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Well, well, well.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a line of defence when it comes to the rapid decline of the Unai Emery maiden voyage. Last night’s loss to BATE is a tough result to compute for many reasons, but before we jump into the details, let’s be real here… we will beat them in the return leg. It’ll be a destruction.

I’m just going to bullet out some concerns that the game threw out.

  • Chelsea is in freefall, United were totally outclassed by PSG and have a nasty run of games that will leave them fatigued and sad. We have just clawed our way back into top 4 contention. It’s incredibly important that Arsenal remain fresh until the end of the season. Emery just tanked away from home against a shite team and now he’ll have to rescue the game with a hard return at The Emirates when he should be resting players.
  • BATE is an out of season pub team. Their last game was December 13th vs PAOK. How can there be any excusing a loss like this with a first team that is in PEAK fitness mode? We’d be furious if the kids tanked that game. Alex fucking Hleb played. This is what he had to say on the game prior:

‘Arsenal are at the peak of readiness – for them this is a huge plus,’ Hleb told Pressball, a leading sports newspaper in Belarus.

‘It will be hard for us, and very much so. But we will try to squeeze the maximum out of the physical form that we have gained.

‘We are not yet ready (to play at) 100 per cent, but the coaching staff decided not to force anything – realising that the guys had to rest after a hard season. And now we are working – in general, everything is according to plan.’

  • A lot of fans are blaming the TERRIBLE PLAYERS EMERY INHERITED from dear old Arsene Wenger. That excuse took a sharp slice to the jugular last night because Wenger put 10 goals past them, winning 6-0 and 4-2. In the 2017 6-0 game, do you know who scored? Debuchy, Elneny, Giroud, Theo Walcott, Giroud and Jack Wilshere. Emery added £70m worth of talent and still took an L away from home. To repeat: Wenger, with a squad that had given up on breathing, still managed to turn over a pub team twice.
    • Also worth remembering at the start of the season, the people celebrating the WINNERTIVITY Emery had brought to a limp squad of Wenger babies (me), are now saying nothing can be done with Wenger’s limp lizards (not me). Are we really blaming Wenger for an away loss to Bate Borisov in mid-February?
  • The manager didn’t take Mesut or Ramsey away (the Welshman damaged a knee carpet sliding after that deal), leaving our creative outlets to be our fullbacks again. This isn’t bearing fruit. Why does Emery persist? Why not use the players who can help? Mend those collapsed bridges, because we are literally throwing away any chance of success this season by leaning on failing strategies that the players seem to have given up on. This was BATE away from home. Emery can’t even be bothered to humiliate Ozil in the hope that maybe he’ll drop a performance worthy of a Premier League start (or, dare I say it, a performance that might invite a bid this summer).
    • When the players lose faith, it cannot easily be rectified with additions. You can’t replace an entire squad, gossip memory is a thing. That’s why it’s so important for Emery to turn this around. The cracks need to be filled this season with good coaching, adding a layer of class to proceedings in the summer. You can’t prop up a toxic squad with more bodies. That’s not how it works. If Emery doesn’t have the player believing by the end of the season, he’s done by December.
  • Additionally, does anyone think the effort output of anyone in the side is greatly outshining what Mesut would bring? Is Mikhi really putting in a shift? Iwobi? Is it not time to make Mesut and Ramsey work for their money. I’d prefer lazy and class, versus meh levels of effort and meh levels of ability. We had 3 shots on target today. In the second half, we didn’t hit the target until the 92nd minute. That is shite. We need to create. A lazy creator feeding outrageously clinical strikers sounds a better plan than average creators feeding nobody.
  • We are in February and the same predictable approach of using our fullbacks to create cutbacks is being used. We have no interest in working through the middle. We are so dull to watch. If you are predictable, you are easy to plan against. This used to happen under Wenger.
  • The players can’t motivate themselves for the small games. That tells you a lot about how interested they are in the manager and his ideas. Motivation should not be an issue with top level footballers. It certainly shouldn’t be an issue in a new managers first season.
    • Emery stands on the sidelines like he’s just found out The Daily Mail has accessed his ephemeral SnapChats from 2015. Zero sauce. Total panic. You might think that’s a minor observation, but come on, who isn’t going to be affected by the weak body language?
  • If Emery is such a demon with the video analysis, why didn’t he realise the pitch would look like a WWI trench warfare simulation rehearsal had taken place on it? Playing it along the ground was never going to work. As someone pointed out, Chelsea complained about the pitch. We had no plan to deal with it.
  • Suarez. Can someone hit me up with the ‘why’ here? Light-weight, weak passing, can’t even take a corner. Why did we bother with him if he wasn’t ready to hit the ground running?
  • Finally, a lot of folk gossiping that the lack of Emery funds were down to the board worrying he wouldn’t make it past this season. Does Raul see Emery as an Ivan signing? Does he identify the folly in giving a £100m to a man who needed £300m to rectify PSG taking a spanking from Monaco in his first season? Doubtful. But come on, it’s not unreasonable to be logical about Raul and his thoughts, is it? If you’re a real football man, and you watch the game with clear eyes, do you truly believe Emery is any good? Of course not. Zero vision or style in 9 months is alarm bells for real football people. Telling the world you’d be the protagonists whilst fixing the defence needed tangible results, and they haven’t come. Why waste a summer on someone who can’t craft a style or vision with a squad that costs £220m a season is a joke, especially when you can see what Bielsa did with Leeds (a 7th place team in a lower division that had never played expansive technical football).

Before you go, GFFN has a supportive article on Emery you should read here.

“There is no success without a real relationship with the players”. Right from the start, he has been making pain-staking efforts to create strong bonds with his players. For example, he went to meet Neymar before the Brazilian left for the World Cup. “That’s the great difference between him and Emery”, surmises Canal + pundit Eric Carrière. “The Spaniard saw players as “X”, like tools he could use to win. It is the opposite for Tuchel. For him players are human beings, with a name, a personality, a sensibility and proper characteristics”.

And to whom you must show affection through a little hug, a little text message or some extra holiday time. “His management relies on benevolence, which doesn’t exclude authority and discipline, just like Rabiot and Mbappé experienced after being late at the pre-Classique speech and therefore sent on the bench at the Vélodrome,” says Carrière. “The strength of this manager is his ability to unite. Today, if a player doesn’t feel the kindness or thinks it is fake, he won’t fight for you. And you can tell that it is not fake with Tuchel. It is way easier to win trophies with such a team… Emery was a good tactician but didn’t have this ability”.

My narrative on Emery is fueled by good intel, not gut feel. Watch this space, Le Grove will lead the way on this one, I can assure you. He’s the Spanish David Moyes, or hopefully, the 1996 Bruce Rioch. Either way, he’s not leading us to the promised land. Be sure of that my friends. x

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  1. Bamford10

    Guy on Twitter who calls himself ClubInsight (@TheSuccessorAFC) is saying that the club are furious with Ozil and “want him out” because of negative things Ozil said about the club in an alleged phone call with Kai Havertz. See below.

    “As you’ve might of seen we’re are highly interested in Havertz. Kai called Mesut and asked him if it would be good if he moved to Arsenal. Mesut suggested to him that it wouldn’t be the move that he would choose if it was him. Manager and club absolutely furious. #AFC #Ozil“
    – @TheSuccessorAFC

    No idea if this is true, obviously, but this guy does seem to have been right about a number of previous things.

  2. Dissenter

    All the dossier research in the world cannot replace the actual knowledge gleaned from working with players as a manager..
    It’s very likely that every candidate interviewed for the Arsenal chief coaching job professed to have a detailed understanding of the players.
    How do you show up for a 6.5 million yearly wage job without output hime work.’
    We need to stop knocking Emery for saying the basic stuff anyone would do at a job interview.

  3. Marc


    If that is true and of course it’s a big if but I wonder if the club might decide to use that to go down a legal route of gross misconduct and terminate his contract.

    In any other job slagging off your employer can lead to the sack!

  4. Dissenter

    Emery does have to play Ozil.
    The argument that he doesn’t defend well doesn’t hold water currently because we re just as bad defensively when he’s not playing.
    He needs to let Ozil prove him right or wrong.

  5. Dream10


    Think that account is fake.

    But it’s something we should we be worried about. Football is a small fraternity and they do talk. Post Emery, we want to be a destination for quality players.

  6. Dissenter

    I suspect that Ozil’s bonus pay and other appearance related benefits are being curtailed by not paying him.
    He’s probably just earning his basics salary which is still massively huge tbh.

  7. salparadisenyc


    Im knocking Emery for his iron stance with agenda at the teams expense.
    Letting this agenda take on run away train status.

    Whats Emery’s managed to do, is put himself in a situation with no good outcomes. Thats not a good look for the manager of Arsenal FC.

  8. Dissenter

    If that story abut Ozil’s sabotaging of the club’s recruitment is true, then all bets are off. The club needs to drag him in the mud until he leaves.
    No matter what the circumstances are, you still have to show some loyalty when you’re the highest wage earner
    That story better not be true.

  9. bunga party

    ” suspect that Ozil’s bonus pay and other appearance related benefits are being curtailed by not paying him.
    He’s probably just earning his basics salary which is still massively huge tbh.”

    And his jerseys aren’t selling much. Nothing at all in Germany.

    So the whole 350K is probably 200K at most…..which is still mucho mucho…especially who doesn’t even feature on the bench.

  10. Words on a Blog

    Sad that we’re now at the Mourinho/Pogba media/social media war.

    Not that Emery is Mourinho or Ozil is Pogba.

    I feel it’s a terrible tactical error (i.e. stupid) by Ozil and his PR team to have piped up with a Bergkamp reference at this stage. Silence would have been far more effective.

  11. qna

    Lol. I’m not happy that we didn’t sell Ozil with 12 months left. But it was the club’s mistake. Now trying to blame Ozil for us not landing a player that we would not have landed anyway us just laughable.

    Does that poster have a shred of history to even warrant posting that. Silly to even consider that could be true.

  12. Nelson

    We are used to Wenger’s interviews. He is an expert in communication and treated us fans like fools. On the contrary, Emery is more a straight arrow. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand what he wants to say. That fucking board and owner aren’t saying anything. There is no communication. A lot of things we are just guesting. A lot of fans are making their own judgements.

    The owner and the board need to come out and clear up everything. I have a feeling that they are happy to see the fan base is again divided. They won’t be forced to do anything.

  13. Champagne charlie

    Lol Ozil is being marginalised by the club and forced out for being on a contract they offered him, but the club wants him to offer a glowing view to a player asking whether to join?

    Who the fuck is remotely surprised by that apparent response?

  14. Words on a Blog

    Keeping quiet whilst not being selected against a background of poor performances and results would have increased the pressure on Emery to have selected him. This way, the club and Emery are being backed into a corner and may well decide not to select him to asser their authority.

  15. Zimmie2652

    TR7 & Bamford
    ‘Bamford- I’m pretty sure you are wrong about this. The stadium debt has been paid off since 2014 if I recall correctly.’

    “Stadium debt will be paid off by 2033.”

    I stand corrected then, the articles I found were incorrect.


  16. Charlie George

    The most exciting performance of the season -was a Mesut OZIL inspired performance against Leicester City.

    This proves the player- far from being washed up – has plenty to offer.

    Any competent coach would be extracting more of these performances

    Emery has systemically gone out of his way – to sabotage Ozil s reputation.
    It’s an absolute disgrace.

    He just can’t handle him
    Clearly an inferiority complex has developed

    Ozil ( 23.5 twitter followers )
    Emery ( 350 000)
    That really portrays their positions in the world game.

    One is a global icon
    The other is a non- descript nobody.

    Indeed -Ozil should stay.
    Emery has to go.

    Anyone who favours -‘ The Roundhead ‘- Emery as opposed to the Cavalier Ozil – really need to get a grip!

  17. Batistuta

    Twitter followers? Seriously, that’s what we’re using to judge now….What kinda loons have started posting here recently

  18. Batistuta

    Have to say though, the club and manager have handled this whole Ozil situation quite poorly…It’s been embarrassing

  19. Dissenter

    “Lol Ozil is being marginalised by the club and forced out for being on a contract they offered him, but the club wants him to offer a glowing view to a player asking whether to join? Who the fuck is remotely surprised by that apparent response?”

    Because the club still considered him worthy of the largest pay package in out history. That’s why.
    Grow up and stop your victory parade.

  20. Champagne charlie


    Your comment makes absolutely no sense, victory parade? I’m laughing at the idea anyone could be surprised a player being frozen out wouldn’t recommend joining us.

    So jog on you ignorant twat.


  21. englandsbest

    Why make such a song and dance about losing away to Bate? It will be righted at the Emirates.

    Buying Ozil was an ego-trip for Wenger. Liverpool had made him look foolish over Suarez, and he wanted to show he was still a big fish. And ever since, he was desperate to prove he got it right, even though he knew perfectly well that he got it wrong. Ozil does not suit Arsenal.

    Emery has inherited Wenger’s mess. If he could make Ozil vanish I’m sure he’d be delighted. Meanwhile Ozil’s £17m wage is reducing his options on signings.

    Similarly the departure of Ramsay on a free is the result of Wenger on another ego trip.

    To say that winning the Europa Cup is Arsenal’s best chance of reaching CL is simply another chance to blame Emery if we don’t. The truth is that there are still many sides left in the competition, some of them better than Arsenal.

    So far Emery has done as well as most of us expected, and probably better in view of the lack of signings and numerous injured players. Jumping on him is pointless and unjustified.

  22. Siddharth14

    Player power has taken a new dimension in the last 5-6 years. It has now reached a stage where they collectively can make or break any manager.

    Guardiola and Zidane have recognized this devil and taken their steps accordingly. Others like Mourinho and Conte have found it out the hard way but still refuse to learn.

    Tuchel it seems has learnt his lesson at Dortmund and altered his approach at PSG. Emery meanwhile having his hands burnt by star players at PSG is desperately trying to avoid similar fate at Arsenal. But it is never going to help and Emery is rapidly pushing himself in the corner.

    The club needs to sit with Ozil and Emery and settle this issue immediately. But there is no hope of that happening with our spineless board. Everyone is playing a safe game.

    Hence, It all comes down to Emery. He has to keep his ego aside and get Ozil back in the team. There is no other way Emery is coming out of this hole.