Technical Director Profile: Andrea Berta, The Net Spend Master

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I don’t really want to talk about Spurs beating my German team, so let’s get knee deep in the Technical Director role that is open at Arsenal.

As I mentioned yesterday, I truly hope the execs approach this role with an open mind. We were supposed to move into a new era of smarts when Wenger left. Proper search and select, rigorous interview processes and smart decisions based on the needs of the club.

Arsenal did well at this with the vacant manager role, but I think they slipped at the last minute with Emery. Firstly, he was a late entrant, so the club wouldn’t have done due diligence. Secondly, I have my doubts we vetted his backroom team, and now we’re shipping in more of his mates. Great if he’s the next Arsene Wenger, not so great if things don’t evolve.

That’s why the idea of Monchi is a little worrying. Sure, he’s a sexy signing, but is he the best on offer? Who knows. I just hope Arsenal do a deeper dive than a browse of Emery’s WhatsApp contacts list before we invest in a hire that could change the face of the club for the next decade.

I don’t have the job spec for the technical director, but I assume it’s a powerful position that requires a broad understanding of many different disciplines that go into making a football club tick. It’s basically the Chief Operations Officer role of the football side of the business, with Raul as the CEO.

The name doesn’t have to be explayer, it doesn’t have to be a chief scout, but I don’t know the industry well enough to talk about non-footballing folk that could do it, so I’ll mostly be running profiles on people at clubs doing interesting things.

First stop:

Andrea Berta – Atletico Madrid

His start was at Parma, then Genoa where he gained an education in scouting. This area is the background of most of the names that would look to move into a technical role. He moved to Atletico in 2013 to look after international scouting, he then moved into the technical side of things before taking over the Sports Management role in 2017 where he looked after 5 groups: the first team’s coaching staff, assistants of the coaching staff, the first team’s area of coordination, Atlético de Madrid B and the scouting and analysis team (I think this is close to what the Arsenal role will look like).

He’s had quite a ride if you look at his numbers from 2013-14 season. The club has finished in the top 3 every season, finishing 2nd once and winning the league in 2013-14, they’ve averaged 84.2 points a season, conceding 24.2 (avg) goals, as well as dropping 67 goals (avg). They’ve been in 2 Champions League finals which they lost, won a UEFA Super Copa twice, and triumphed in the Europa League last season at our expense. Obviously, a lot of that goes to the managers credit, but the reason I mention this is because Atleti are not a big club and they’ve been brutalised in the transfer market with big names leaving on the regular.

From an outlay perspective, they have achieved all of the above on an average spend of 13m euros a season. Their total net spend since 2013 is 91m euros. They have spent 603m and recouped 512m. Think about that number for just a second…

Berta has spent net £79m since 2012.

Arsenal spent £73m in one summer.

Some highlights in that time are Mr Griezmann for 30m euros, Oblak for 16m euros from Benfica. Even the flops are good, Jackson Martinez for 37m, sold for 42m to China!

Think of the players they’ve had to deal with Losing. Falcao, Alderweirald, Diego Costa, Turan, Mandzukic… it never affects them. I mean, in the sense that they compete at the highest level. Hard to outmuscle Barca and Madrid every year.

Even their wage bill is low. In 2017 they were at £156m. Ours was £199m in the same year and we finished 5th. They finished 3rd and made the UCL semi-final.

Atleti are just a consistent flow of great players in and out. Every time you think it’s over, they pull in another gem. The Atleti story is all the more incredible because it all happened under the backdrop of them moving stadium for the 2017-18 season.

Back to Berta, the man knows how to work with a top manager. Apparently, Simeone was very upset when it was rumoured he was off to United. It’s a small thing, but remember Sven was banned from the training ground by the now PSG manager.

It hasn’t all been gravy, Atleti were dinged with a transfer ban for making illegal approaches for academy kids, but be real, we have Huss Fahmy from Team Sky and Raul wasn’t exactly nowhere near that Neymar deal. Also worth remembering a technical director sets the tone for theb football, and Atleti isn’t exactly joga bonito

Still, he’d suit Raul, he’s very chummy with the super agents, and interestingly for Arsenal, he has a real edge in the South American market. Somewhere we’ve struggled, and a market that will likely open up post-Brexit.

He’s hot property, but the sort of talent that can really change the mindset of the club. PSG, United, Milan and Inter have all tapped him for his services, but he’s resisted so far. At 47, he’s still very young, but there’s surely a move in him at some point. There are rumours that the salary to move him is £12.2m a year (£234k a week)… I know that’s PSG money, but it shows the value the footballing world thinks this man brings.

… and let’s be real, where better than London to test your mettle (and spend those pound notes)?

Arsenal truly would be remiss not to interview this man. He operates at an elite level on less than half the wage bill of Barca and Madrid. He turns a profit on terrible players. He has an incredible eye for talent. He can work with sauce drenched managers. He looks like he’d steal your girlfriend if you stepped away from the bar. He could take us back to the top.

Right, that’s me done.

Arsenal vs Bate this evening. No Ozil or Ramsey. Let’s talk about that tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s day xxx


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  1. shaun

    dude is on thin ice that’s as poor as I have seen and I have seen some pretty poor performances from Emery already this season he definitely should not have lost 5-1 to Liverpool as that is where the first seeds of doubt creep in …then this result was very very bad and as everybody is saying the football is absolute shite but the biggest problem I see is that Emery appears to think he has time and it seems the general fan opinion is that he does not have the time he or the board are thinking he has and there will be no where near the tolerance previously seen as the fan’s simply can not be arsed with this substandard bullshit ….it is literally hard watching the likes of Iwobi and the rest as they really aren’t that good simple

  2. Graham62

    Good teams don’t make Football look difficult on a substandard surface.

    Artistic impression: 1/10.

    Shite, where’s Liam Brady?

    He could have opened up that defence with his eyes closed.

  3. vickingz

    Wish we could just read without commenting. Some folks’ comments are just so pathetic handpicking whatever suits their narratives. Some are just being so thick and proud that they’ll say anything just to keep fooling themselves. I wonder how you lots live your lives in reality. How old are those Ajax fc players that gave the almighty real Madrid a scare two nights ago? The whole of this Belarus farmers team is just about £6m, how shameless can you people be for still supporting emery even after this shit show? You lot blame the players and you ask for world class players but ain’t you see that even your so called shit players are being directionless? Is that also the players’ fault? What is AMN offering this team that emery has found no other alternative to him? That emery may win the second leg ain’t the issue here, would you be saying this if it were against napoli, sevilla, valencia?

  4. Charlie George

    The Volatile Bd

    “”My gut feeling is that we’ve got a serious problem with Emery haven’t we? “””


  5. Tony

    Meanwhile in Delaware

    Josh: Dad Arsenal played last night.

    Kroenke Snr: Who?

    Josh: Arsenal you know our soccer franchise in London.

    Kroenke Snr: Oh them. Look not now son I’m looking at some new property portfolios.

    Josh: But dad they lost to a butt fcuk nowhere team who never win in the Europa Cup?

    Kroenke Snr: Really? Are the shares holding up ok?

    Josh: Yes dad, no worries there.

    Kroenke Snr: Ok nothing to worry about then.

  6. Bamford10

    ‘According to Calciomercato, Arsenal are preparing to make a bid at the end of the campaign for 19-year-old Bayer Leverkusen playmaker Kai Havertz as a replacement for midfielder Mesut Ozil.’ – BBC

  7. bennydevito


    There’s nothing “shameless” about supporting the head coach of a club who’s only 7 months or so into a 2 year contract.

    “Handpicking whatever suits their narratives ” isn’t that what every one does?

    What’s shameless is not giving a guy a chance with one of the most difficult jobs in world football, taking over from a legend like Wenger.

    Emery’s not the right man long term but whilst he’s trying his best we can at least support him until the end of the season.

  8. bennydevito

    2 of the 3 men responsible for hiring Emery; Gazidas and Sven have left the building.

    Could it be as the January transfer window approached and the club having assessed team performance on the pitch, and fan feeling amongst the forums and online have decided to do a Rioch style reboot this summer and that’s why no money was spent in the window?

    Could Emery already be a dead man walking, a lame duck so to speak?

    If so, Pierre called it quite a while ago.

  9. qna

    ‘According to Calciomercato, Arsenal are preparing to make a bid at the end of the campaign for 19-year-old Bayer Leverkusen playmaker Kai Havertz as a replacement for midfielder Mesut Ozil.’ – BBC

    Bamford. That would be excellent. Wonder if we could give them Ozil and pay his full salary for 2 years as payment. 😀

  10. Bamford10

    ” ‘It’s the first match,’ said Emery. ‘We are going to play another 90 minutes next week and I’m sure it’s going to be different.’

    Regarding Lacazette’s red card, Emery said: ‘I didn’t see the action but we need to control the frustration. It’s bad news, this red card. Next week we won’t play with [Lacazette]. But it gives chances for another player.’

    The Spaniard chose to look ahead to next week’s meeting in London, adding: ‘Our big opportunity is next week at home. Today is not the result we wanted. We deserved more, but they worked for this. Next week is going to be different with our supporters.’ ”


  11. Bamford10

    “Letting the team down like that is the worst feeling. I should have stayed calm, but it’s not always easy. Sorry. There are still 90 minutes to play and I believe that my teammates will make it to the next round.”
    – Alexandre Lacazette (on Twitter)

  12. Receding Hairline

    “Emery looks lost. Dare I say, out of his depth?”

    Out of his depth against BATE??

    He has beaten teams better than BATE with his eyes closed.

    There is something brewing at underneath in this team. I sense the players are no longer trying for him, they don’t believe in his methods as they probably believe it asks too much of them energy wise.

    I am worried, not for the manager, but our structure. Sven has left so we no longer have a head of recruitment. Nor a technical director, yes we have a Head of football relations but i do not think he has ever built a team before.

    These players we have, six or seven of them need replacing, whoever the manager is. We must not allow them to force us into a managerial merry go round looking for a manager to get the best out of them, there is no best from Mustafi, Monreal, Iwobi,Mhki, Ozil, Kolasinac, AMN, Xhaka that sees us back among the elites.

    Whatever we do, we must do it with a player turnover in mind, regardless of the manager. We are not 2 to 3 players away from being an elite team, that’s nonsense.

    The only part of Pedro’s daily rants i agree with is the lack of a vision, the vision is clearly missing.

  13. James.wood

    Bamford 10.
    Re: the fact that Bate where well rested.
    Yes I agree.
    But getting up to speed is another thing in football.
    This just shows how methodical and slow Arsenal
    are ,that Bate could compete and beat us after not playing
    competively for so long.
    (Anyway your still here by the number of posts since your threatened ban 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪).

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Well said.

    Does look like certain players have gone on work to rule, no extra effort.

    Club should nip in bud. Club should not be frightened to get rid of players if they create tensions.

  15. Charlie George

    “”Club should nip in bud. Club should not be frightened to get rid of players if they create tensions.””

    One way of looking at it RSPCA – or another is: get rid of the coach who CREATES these needless tensions?

    Management positions in any field or operation- is to get maximum out of your resources. ( see Poch at Spurs)……..

  16. vickingz

    @bennydevito, how is coaching arsenal one of the toughest job in football world? Are they asking emery for epl trophy? Toughest or not, is that enough reason for him to lose to BATE? Every true arsenal fan can see a stark contrast between our games during emery’s early days and these shit shows we have been exhibiting recently and to me, I once voiced that the players are no longer playing for him which makes me to wanna tend to what has been said about emery’s handling of big players. Players are more powerful than coaches these days and they can humble any coach. Emery is still at fault with how he’s handled ozil’s fiasco. He’s tried playing severally with no real CAM and the constant is that our strikers ain’t getting supplied. Who was to play CAM last night? Iwobi? Mikki? Well, neither of them did. So, how did emery plan for d striker last night to be supplied? I doubt if you lot watch our games. If ozil couldn’t play against BATE, against what team is emery gonna play him? I’m sure emery’s suarez is already working wonders as we can see. Players side themselves and we are seeing it already that players are somehow siding ozil or at least not playing well for emery again and he’s just being wengeric stubborn to nip this in the bud. Emery and his coaching crew are useless

  17. vickingz

    Seven to eight players need to be replaced and we know that’s not gonna happen till when transfer window opens, what’s a sensible coach expected to do? Manage the situation, get the best of whatever you can get from these players for now so every party can be happy and once the transfer window opens, you can show them who the boss is, but emery being wenger in nature is stubborn and can’t even face these players to give them a piece of his mind.

  18. Receding Hairline

    Management positions in any field or operation- is to get maximum out of your resources. ( see Poch at Spurs)……..

    Yes let’s look at Poch at Spurs against Dortmund

    A 3-4-3 with a center back Vertonghen at right full back, Sissoko and Winks in mid, Son Moura and forgot who in front…they pulled it off because they are pro’s with pride.

    Contrast that to Arsenal against BATE…Kola and AMN who are supposed to be filled with attacking vig, Laca our so called best Center forward flanked by Iwobi and Mkhi, Xhaka and Guen in mid..and we limped to a 1-0 defeat against a team with Agriculture in their name, literally farmers

    Yes the manager takes 70% blame, but where was the pride in the shirt??

  19. bennydevito


    It’s one of the hardest jobs because you’re taking over from Wenger after 22 years with huge and very impatient fan expectation.

    That’s how it’s one of the hardest jobs in world football.