Tuchel easily ends Solskjær run. Rocky road ahead for United?

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Good things come to those who wait.

The United gravy train was wiped out by a massive lump of doorstop thick Hovis last night as Thomas Tuchel crushed a bland United (0-2).

I know, it’s sickening for many of you, one of my hipster faves dropped us a favour. The wonderfully eccentric Tuchel organized his Paris team perfectly to nullify the basic strategies of United. No highline for him. He sat two midfielders in front of the PSG defence, he kept things super tight and he stopped Paul Pogba feeding the rapid front line of United.

It’s amusing that fan complaints are similar wherever you are in the food chain. United supporters bitching and whining that they need to invest in their squad is incredibly satisfying. They have more than enough good players to make a go of it against PSG, they were just outsmarted by a more tactically astute manager, who organized players who were out of control last season into a tight unit.

They still have the second leg. Paris are a bit Spursy, so no doubt a surprise could be sprung next week. Remember, this is the team that lost a 4 goal lead against Barcelona in 2017. Anything is possible. I’m just glad United are having to go to Paris to chase a game. I hope it’s really tiring.

It’s a huge season for Tuchel, he’s a man with special sauce, the problem is it’s been a little too spicy. He has the crazy ideas, the sublime footballing vision, he’s been praised widely for his handling of big names/bad boys and he’s dealt with squad conflict well. From what I’ve read, the players also have a lot of respect for his powers at this second.

I don’t know for sure, but I think PSG might have done their homework on their man and tried to surround him with a team that could iron out the creases in his personality. Their assistant coach, 39-year-old Zsolt Lőw, is a darling of the coaching scene, adored by players and sporting directors, and also a target for Premier League clubs a few years back was hired at great expense last summer. He’s known as an innovator and a coach players go to war for.

It’s an interesting project at PSG. I think the mission points to the future. Great clubs will opt for coaches who are innovators, and most importantly, entertainers. Stan Kroenke called sport a content game. If the world of football distribution is being democratized, clubs are going to have to work harder for eyeballs. Look at how the kids are engaging with the game these days, little short clips of the best games on the web. Those clips are marketing fodder. They tell you where to look when you have 5000 games to choose from.

The teams that offer the most value for people’s time will be the most worthy of sponsorship deals. Ugly football that wins won’t cut it, because I can watch beautiful football that wins in Italy, or Spain, or England if I choose. The modern fan is not loyal, they go where the excitement is. I think PSG have identified that and that’s why they opted for a manager who hasn’t won titles (also worth noting that Bayern were also very keen on Tuchel).

Cannot wait for them to now be turned over by Phil Jones shinned effort, followed by two late headers from BIG Mo Fellaini next week.

The test is really on for Ole G now he’s lost his first major test. I always wince a little bit when things are going well for a new manager and the press start asking about how such genius came about. They all fall for it… Emery was talking about banning fruit juice and not allowing his players to be cowards… Ole G was talking about bringing back simple joys like purified water and allowing players to smile. Now we’ll see how much was genius and how much was the adrenaline shot of not having to walk Mourinho metaphorically wax his balls in front of the dressing room every week.

In transfer news, Matt Law rolled with a story about intermediaries trying to sell Ozil this summer. I love it, it’s like some dodgy rabble of estate agents trying to sell a Miami beach house that’s going to fall into the sea in 15 years. No one is going to pick up those wages and there is no way Mesut is going to exchange London for anywhere in China. He doesn’t need to.

The more worrying part of his story was he also mentioned the lower fee of £50m this summer. I’ve been told this info is coming from Arsenal PR, and that would now mean 3 well-connected journos are peddling sub £50m, versus Ornstein who says £100m.

I really can’t fathom why the club is so keen to dampen enthusiasm for summer. It’s like they’re not even trying to convince fans to buy season tickets. It seems way too early to pushing stories like that. But whatever, it’s not great news.

Still, at least we’re being linked with Grimaldo of Benfica… we certainly need a fresh look at left back. Right back. Centre back. Right wing. Left wing. Back up keeper. M… just kidding.

Those pennies are going to have to go an awful long way this summer!

To tackle that, we’ll need a good technical director. I’ll hopefully rustle up some fresh names for you tomorrow, assuming Arsenal will be a bit diligent over search and select and interview more than one candidate for a job that’ll shape Arsenal for years to come.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Marko

    Farve didn’t make a sub until the 73rd min. Couldn’t string together more than 5 passes all second half and he waits until 73.

  2. Upstate Gooner

    FFS. I leave for like 15 minutes and all of a sudden it’s 3-0. That’s why I hate watching the games at work. No privacy, and constant distractions. But what’s worse is that it looks like the fookers are through to the next round.

  3. Marko

    Alex James they are not winning the Champions League. Not won a league since the 60’s have like one league cup in 20 years and they’re going to win the Champions League? Nah mate

  4. LeMassiveCoq


    They could beat anyone other than City I reckon…

    Lets hope to fuck that one of the big boys comes in for Poch, or we are even more fucked than we already are.

  5. Ishola70

    The main aspect of the match only showed itself in the second half.

    Spurs won the match because they owned their left side Dortmund’s right.

    They bottled up Sancho and in turn put pressure on Hakimi. Vertonghen backed up by Alderweireld.

    Veronghen had Hakimi for dinner.

  6. Alex James

    Playing at Wembley was supposed to be the undoing of Spurs this season. Look like the opposite is true. When was the last time they played away? Should be docked points, for stadium delay. Dortmund show the weakness of the German league. Bayern are in transition and the rest are poor teams. Also Barca overly rely on Messi and Real are hit and miss. So who can we rely on? Just Juve and the other PL clubs. I can see myself plumping for Utd or Liverpool. My world is terming on its head.

  7. Paulinho

    Jamie – You said if Ramsey is a top player then surely he will end up a top club. He’s ended up at top club, ergo, according to yourself, he is a top player.

    No strawman at all.

  8. Ishola70


    “I shouldn’t be looking forward to this as much as I am.

    A great test of English football against the best side in Germany at the minute.”

    Should Arsenal continue to raid the Bundesliga?

    As others have said league looks a bit weak for a while now.

  9. Alex James

    I note the advice to calm down. But people have to remember that at my age the chance to see us win the CL looks further away than ever. And I have seen Chelsea overtake us. Spurs doing it as well would require another trip to the GP. Lol

  10. Ishola70

    I’d think I’d rather see Arsenal sign some players from clubs that make some dent in the Champions League from less fashionable leagues than sign players from midtable German clubs.

    See Arsenal were linked with Ginter.

    Please no more players from Moechengladbach.

  11. Alex James

    Hope people are right. But it should be remembered that Chelsea sneaked their win, despite being pummelled by Barca and Bayern in the semi and final respectively. Off for a scotch.

  12. LeMassiveCoq

    FIFA probably wont let them win anyway…

    Did anyone see that VAR decision against Tadic in tonights other game? WTF?

  13. Dissenter

    So spurs have pretty much qualified for the quarter finals

    I believe they would have given PSG a run for their oil money yesterday.

  14. Ishola70

    “I believe they would have given PSG a run for their oil money yesterday.”

    lol of course you do.

    What’s your view on the strength of the Bundesliga atm?

  15. Nelson

    Mesut Özil @MesutOzil1088

    Today’s winning team 😁😎👌🏼 Training fun 💯🔥

    Ozil has a very professional support team. He is advised to do always the right thing.

  16. Batistuta


    No they wouldn’t…. Same way they were given a lesson by Barca in the group stages….English teams aren’t good enough on the European stage much as anyone wants to belive

  17. Ishola70

    “Rank outsiders Spurs inflict heavy loss on a depleted Dortmund side missing 4 key players…………that’s the reality…”

    Was one of these key players missing a RB? Because Hakimi was Spurs’ bitch in the game.

  18. Bamford10

    Dortmund are reasonably technical and well-organized, but they lack stand-out, game-deciding players and they lack size and athleticism.

    Tottenham have these things, though not as much of these things as the best teams (City, Liverpool, PSG, Barcelona).

    If Dortmund are the best team in the Bundesliga, it must be a fairly weak league right now. I would think Ligue 1 is definitely better. More athleticism for sure.

  19. Batistuta

    The Italian league probably even has more quality this season than the German league especially this season with more goals and better football matches generally…Plus bar Juventus, the other 4/5/6 teams in there are all going at for the remaining 3 slots

  20. Upstate Gooner

    Spurs could easily reach the semis if they get someone like Roma in the next round. Don’t forget that they were without Kane and Alli too.

  21. Ishola70

    Spurs are naturally buzzing because they looked dead and buried halfway through the group stage and never looked like they would qualify for the knock-out rounds.

    They have been given a second life in the competition.

  22. Champagne charlie

    “English teams aren’t good enough on the European stage much as anyone wants to belive“


    Liverpool have done alright for themselves.

    Them and City this season are a fair bet for going all the way in fact. Don’t exactly get that remark.

  23. Bamford10

    Right, but don’t forget that Roma knocked out Barcelona last year and Juventus knocked out Spurs, despite many here thinking Spurs would beat Juventus.

    The best European teams are a lot smarter tactically than some PL fans give them credit for, and PL teams have yet to show they are up to it in Europe.

  24. Batistuta

    Chelsea 2012 the last English team to win it…One would think with all the money coming into the league and with the best managers in the world there that they’d be doing better and no one remembers runners up so no Liverpool in the final doesn’t count

  25. Batistuta

    I mean Man city have spent up to a billion and haven’t even had a sniff at the thing and you can always see a stark difference when they play in Europe and when they play in the league

  26. Redtruth

    Date created : 12/02/2019 – 12:53

    Dortmund face Spurs missing their best player with Reus injured says Matthaeus
    Dortmund face Spurs missing their best player with Reus injured says Matthaeus.

    With top-scorer and chief playmaker Marco Reus out injured Borussia Dortmund will face Tottenham Hotspur without their best player, says Germany legend Lothar Matthaeus, ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League clash.

    Reus has scored 17 goals and created 11 more for the Bundesliga leaders this season, but is absent for the last 16, first leg against Spurs at Wembley with a thigh strain.

    “Now he’s also going to be missing for the important game against Tottenham – that won’t make it any easier,” said former Germany captain Matthaeus, now a Sky pundit.

    “The third-best team in the Premier League against the best in the Bundesliga – I see the chances as 50/50.

    “In Marco Reus, Dortmund are missing their best player.”

    However, it is not just Reus who will be missing against Spurs.

    Right-back Lukasz Piszczek is out with a heel injury, stand-in centre-back Julian Weigl has flu and striker Paco Alcacer is sidelined by a shoulder injury.

    Reus injured his thigh last Tuesday while drilling home a direct free-kick against Werder Bremen, but Dortmund lost on penalties as the German Cup tie finished 3-3 after extra time.

    Spurs are also without big names of their own as England forwards Harry Kane and Delle Alli are injured.

    Matthaeus says Dortmund’s 3-3 draw at home to Hoffenheim on Saturday showed how much they miss Reus’ influence and organisation.

  27. Upstate Gooner

    Roma were not at their best yesterday against a pretty poor Porto side. Spurs, especially when they get Kane and Alli back, will be very dangerous. I can see them reaching the semis if they get Roma (or Porto?) next. Do I see them winning it all? No. PSG, City, Barca, Juve, Pool, and maybe even RM are all better than them.

  28. Upstate Gooner

    “…and PL teams have yet to show they are up to it in Europe.”

    Did Pool not reach the final last year?

  29. Bamford10

    Anyone watch Ajax-Madrid? Madrid ended up winning 2-1, but from what I’ve just seen, Ajax completely dominated the first half. They could have been up two or three goals at half.

  30. Ishola70

    Liverpool are a different entity to other EPL clubs when it comes to CL.

    It’s just in their genes to do well in the competition more than enough times.

  31. Receding Hairline

    Seems some are enjoying the prospect of a pretty ordinary spurs team going all the way to win the champions league

    Well forget it…its simply not happening. If Inter weren’t useless Spurs will be playing tomorrow.

  32. Bamford10


    “I can see them reaching the semis if they get Roma (or Porto?) next.”

    Right, and they might. My point is that, one, Roma knocked Barca out of the CL last season, so they might be better / savvier than you think. Two, most people here last year thought Spurs would beat Juventus. They didn’t.

    Liverpool and City aside, there remains a gap between the best European teams and the better PL teams.

  33. Upstate Gooner

    “Roma knocked Barca out of the CL last season, so they might be better / savvier than you think. Two, most people here last year thought Spurs would beat Juventus. They didn’t.”

    One. That was then, and this is now. Roma is absolute shite comparing to the team they were last year. I follow Serie A pretty closely as Inter is my second favorite team after Arsenal so I watch plenty of Italian action. Roma are currently in 6th place. Just as an example, their last 3 games: a win against Chievo, a draw against AC Milan, and a 7-1 (yes, that’s SEVEN) loss to a pretty underwhelming Fiorentina side.

    Two. Who in the right state of mind thought that Spurs are going to beat Juve? I mean, there are a few delusional posters on here but come on, really?!

  34. Ishola70

    Upstate Gooner
    “Roma were not at their best yesterday against a pretty poor Porto side. ”

    Poor? They are far from poor. Did you watch the match last night? They are a mature footballing side that lack a proper goalscorer in the side. If they had a proven goalscorer they would be real dangerous.

    They would take out Arsenal at this moment in time.

    I think they knock Roma out. I would be convinced of it if they had that proven goal scorer in the team.

  35. Upstate Gooner

    As for Pool and City vs the rest of Europe. I think they are up there. I think both, and City in particular, can take on any of the teams left in the competition, and I wouldn’t bet against them.

  36. Ishola70

    Italian teams don’t care about their domestic cup. Never have.

    Don’t know why people are fixating so much on that Fiorentina domestic cup result.

  37. Upstate Gooner

    I didn’t see the whole game but I watched extended highlights. Yes, I agree, Porto with a proven goalscorer probably would have done much better. Which even further proves my point about Roma – they are not a great side at the moment.

    “They would take out Arsenal at this moment in time.” – HA. That’s not really saying much. I wouldn’t be surprised if BATE give us game tomorrow.

  38. Ishola70

    Upstate Gooner

    “and City in particular, can take on any of the teams left in the competition, and I wouldn’t bet against them”

    How many years have we heard this since they have been funded by the Arabs? And they have failed time and time again.

  39. Bamford10


    I think both Liverpool and City have a chance in Europe as well, though I would give Liverpool a better chance than City.

    However, saying, as you have, that City and Liverpool have a chance is frankly a bit of a truism. Yeah, of course they do.

    Are City as good or as smart as Barcelona? As Juventus? As PSG? I’m not sure. And to Ishola’s point, to date they haven’t shown they are.

  40. Upstate Gooner

    Born and raised in good ‘ole USSR (it’s Moldova now). Immigrated to US in 1991. Arsenal fan since 1998. 46 years old. Married, two kids. Any more questions? I’m off to pick up my son from his tennis class. It’s been nice chatting with you. We might pick this up tomorrow if I’m not too busy at work. Have a good evening. You too, Ishola.

  41. Sid


    .Emery was hired as a coach. Given £70m more than Klopp to spend in his first two summers. We should be making a go for top 4.

    The same bs again, I thought I debunked this last time. Klopp spent 140+ million in his 1st 2 summers. It was offset since they sold a lot of players (Coutinho, Allen etc) for a lot of money. So no Klopp was not given 0 to invest as you suggest the club did great business in selling players to offset the 140 that was given to Klopp.

    It’s almost like if you repeat something often enough it will start being the truth.

  42. bennydevito

    Charlie GeorgeFebruary 13, 2019    14:26:46


    Ramsey – 361 apps – 62 goals – 64 assists – 0.17 goals per game – 0.18 assists per game

    Ozil – 214 apps – 41 goals – 73 assists – 0.19 goals per game – 0.34 assists per game

    Are those stats not a damning indictment of Emery- that he thinks both these superb players are surplus to requirements- and yet wants to dump upon the likes of Suarez and Persic, etc.

    Suarez could play to he is 60 and he would not match Ramsey/Ozil stats.

    The man is an utter menace.
    A footballing pygmy of huge proportions.

    How on earth in God’s name – did this limited man get The Arsenal Job???


    Again CG, how thick are you, seriously?

    How many times do I have to tell you the decision to marginalise Ozil is coming from above Emery?? Are you being deliberately ignorant?

    As for Ramsey, his original contract offer was on the table for months and long before Emery arrived. Ramsey wouldn’t sign it because he wanted parity with Ozil and his agent knew he’d get it abroad. Once Gazidas and Wenger were gone and Josh K had the chance with Raul and Sven to go over the books they saw how bad things were with regards to our wages and FFP so Ramsey’s contract was pulled altogether because it was apparent he wasn’t signing the offer on the table and was after more money. They decided he wasn’t worth it when also taking into account his injury record and the fact he never lived up to his full potential.

    You’re just making up out and out lies to beef up your Emery hating, it’s fucking embarrassing.


    Chris February 13, 2019    15:52:22

    Anything Charlie George posts is a thousand times more irritating than the trop4y stuff.



    Comment of the day, well said Chris.

  43. bennydevito

    Upstate GoonerFebruary 13, 2019    15:53:15

    It seems that I’ve struck the cord with the greatest top 4 poster on Le-Grove in DM. In reality, I have nothing against the Trop4y game as long as it’s followed by something meaningful/relevant. I think most of us on here can agree that’s rarely the case with those guys, and I’m surprised that Pedro have allowed this to go on thus far. If your only objective is to post 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th and you don’t contribute to the discussions then you might as well don’t post anything at all. I wonder if DM and Co. even read what Pedro writes. My guess not.


    You’re surprised Pedro has allowed this to go on thus far?

    Are you serious?

    You’re joking right?

    This goes to show you’re not a regular. The top 4 trophy game is part the LeGrove furniture and has actually evolved from the original 1st comment of the post trophy that is as old as this blog itself.

    It started off as first and only changed to 4th when Wenger immortalised the legendary phrase of “top 4 is like a trophy”.

    It’s a legendary part of LeGrove folklore of which the King is actually Sabeel.

    He would ALWAYS get first without rival to the point so many of us would go for it we couldn’t work out how he was doing it. This was when LG went up daily without fail at 9am giving everyone an equal chance of winning it but Sabeel would always get it. We wondered whether he had some sort of script working for him or was even Pedro himself masquerading as Sabeel as one time Sabeel’s 1st comment was timestamped about 30 seconds or a minute before the timestamps of the post!

    If you don’t like it just scroll past it.

    DM is definitely the most prolific now though. I would like to try but I never get my new post email notification in time to have a go. By the time it comes through to my email DM, Bankz or Boomslang have already ripped up the top 10. My email notification must be shit or something.

    There’s far worse in the comments than the tro4hy game, lighten up, or have a go – it’s harmless fun.

  44. Pierre

    “How many times do I have to tell you the decision to marginalise Ozil is coming from above Emery?? ”

    Let’s say that what you are saying is true ..

    Wouldn’t you think it is a shameful way to run a football club ( any football club) and to treat one of their own players who has helped the club to great success of the last few years.

    Arsenal offered Ozil the contract and he accepted the offer, he then went on to become the 2nd most creative player in the league last season despite having the temerity to be injured .

    If Emery is being ordered to marginalize Ozil then the manager is very weak by agreeing to these demands from above.
    Has the manager got no spine , can you imagine any other manager agreeing to leave the 2nd most creative player in the league out of his team

    How is Emery supposed to build a winning team if he can’t play his most talented player . Emery is being asked to leave a player out of his team and then he has to lie in front of the media and make up stories as to why he isn’t playing.

    Emery should be ashamed of himself to giving in to these people above him and the club should be ashamed of themselves for ordering Emery to marginalize a player .

  45. Pierre

    The fans should not accept the club be run in such an unprofessional way and to have a manager who is so obviously weak that he won’t stand up for his players .

    The manager should always look to protect his players .

    How do the rest of the squad feel knowing that Ozil is being marginalised by the people above and their manager is allowing it to happen .

    I would imagine they are losing all respect for the manager

  46. Bamford10


    Ozil has nothing to deserve a starting place. If the club has decided he is too expensive and delivers too little, so be it. If they have told him he should think about where else he might want to play, this is their prerogative. There is nothing “unprofessional” about this. You don’t like it because you like Ozil. That’s all your complaint really amounts to.

  47. Ishola70

    I think I read a poster say that Chelsea are the only problem for Arsenal to win Europa League and that they are in some trouble.

    Emery would be doing very well to win Europa League in his very first season at the club.

    There are a host of Spanish clubs in and Italian teams.

    Benfica is a nasty one. Just the sort of team Arsenal can go out to. Defensively tuned in and been CL level for a long time.

    Emery should not be castigated if he fails to win the Europa League in his first season at the club. The team is not good enough to expect any cake walk at all.

  48. Ishola70

    Napoli, Sevilla.

    Tough ties for this present Arsenal team.

    Benfica granted have fallen judging by their results in the group stage of CL this season but under-rate the top end Portuguese clubs at your peril.

  49. Pierre

    But Bamford
    What if the manager wants to play him , you and Bennydevito have said enough times that it’s the people above Emery who want ozil marginalised.

    So the decision is out of the manager’s hands ,according to you his hands are tied.

    what You are basically saying is that the manager is weak and spineless and he is in danger of losing the respect of the team .

    It should be down to the manager on who he can pick to play in his team , the so called people above ( the financial people) should have no say on team matters.

    If it is not , as you say , Emery’s decision to marginalize ozil then shouldn’t he be standing up for one of his players .

    To be honest , I smell bullshit.and I think you Bamford and Bennydevito are starting to realise how absurd it would be for the people above to tell Emery not to play one of his players because they , yes they made a cock up with the contract .

  50. Pierre

    “Emery should not be castigated if he fails to win the Europa League in his first season at the club. The team is not good enough to expect any cake walk at all.”

    Of course he shouldn’t, especially if he is not allowed to pick the players he wants in the team.

  51. Marko

    Pierre no one wants him at the club. The manager doesn’t want to play him because he’s been playing poorly and offers little and the management want him gone because he’s a sponge who contributes nothing while sucking up a wage that hinders the club from having players that actually contribute. And alot of the fans want rid because he fakes injuries and plays shit.

  52. bennydevito


    How is the manager, Emery weak? He’s the fucking employee! His boss is giving him the order!!! If he doesn’t obey then he’s out the door!

    Fuck me.

    Also, Emery is not the manager – he’s the head coach. He doesn’t have the same overruling power as Wenger had, people need to remember this as it’s very important.

    But putting all of that to one side I do think it odd that freezing him out is the best way forward. I’ve already said a while ago that I’d play him to either show the market his worth and to benefit our attacking game, or to give him the rope to hang himself (awful suicidal analogy aside.)

  53. bennydevito

    And it’s not what I’m saying, again, it’s what Ornstein is saying.

    Does anyone read anything in here or continuously ignore it to carry on their agenda lies?

  54. Marko

    I know you have some dumbass attempt at witty response Pierre but honestly don’t bother. He’s gonna be ditched in the summer and the only one who’s going to be upset by this will be you. Everyone else will be ecstatic

  55. bennydevito

    But Pierre, A fucking gain – it was Wenger and Gazidas who signed off Ozil’s contract, not Raul, not Sven, not Emery.

    How many fucking times do you need to be told??????????????????

    The new people now running the show and realising the shit left behind are now trying to clear it up.

    Are you really that fucking thick that time and time and fucking time again you continuously choose to ignore the facts?

  56. bennydevito

    Ishola70February 13, 2019    17:30:05

    Ozil is a remnant of the past regime. The Wenger regime.

    For those that so desperately wanted Wenger out of the club then really they should be shedding no tears now if he is frozen out of the club.

    Of course it is perfectly understandable that those with a penchant for Wenger will want to cling onto Ozil.


    Well said Ishola.

  57. Ishola70

    Thanks man.

    I was only teasing you of course with the post re Pedro the other day.

    This club can rebuild.

    There are teams that can be raided in the summer that can provide players that can improve matters.

    We have to remember though the home grown rule when looking for these changes. As another poster said got to look at more deals like the Rob Holding one to fill the squad.

  58. bennydevito

    DissenterFebruary 13, 2019    17:46:50

    The days of England bashing are over.
    I really think England is over-flowing with good footballers now.
    Which is why I support Charlie [chuckle] George’s posy of yesterday that stated that the new technical director must have an intricate knowledge of the English game at the lower levels.
    There have to be more Holdings in the league one. Enough of depending on crocked defenders with names that take some reflection to type up 


    Agreed. We need to be tapping into this market for the next 5 years to balance the books and rebuild the squad.


    PedroFebruary 13, 2019    17:43:16

    Azed, we made the semi-finals of the world cup, Liverpool were in the final of the Champions League, we have the best league in the world, we won the U17 world cup, the U20 national championship, we have the best young player in the Bundesliga.

    England is where it’s at my friend.


    Well said Pedro.

    Do you think you could use you social media reach and contacts to find out the thinking on this from the club’s perspective and/or apply some Wenger out style pressure to get them on board with this? I think we’re really missing a trick here.

  59. Bamford10

    No, Pierre, you just like to twist things so as to suit one or another bogus narrative of yours. It is Ornstein who said that the decision to marginalize Ozil came from above Emery. However, if Ozil was performing and producing, he would be playing. No question about it. Emery wants to win, Emery needs to win. Ozil hasn’t performed, though. That is the bottom line.

  60. bennydevito


    Seriously no worries man, I’d completely forgotten about it but thanks nonetheless, appreciated.

    It does indeed seem that Ozil is the last bastion of Wenger that is being desperately clung on to and used as a stick to beat Emery with by a few in here who didn’t want Wenger to go, but are now rewriting their own stances and spinning it a certain way to align themselves with Pedro who doesn’t approve of Emery, but for very different reasons.

  61. bennydevito


    Absolutely great post that Ozil video piece, absolutely blows Pierre’s and CG’s shit completely out the window once and for all. Absolutely fantastic. Who’s the guy talking? Sounds like a really well rounded, down to earth and realistic bloke. Brilliant.

  62. Marko


    Wenger said of Tottenham: “I am an Arsenal fan so it is a bit of a sensitive subject for me but what I want to say is that they have the generations of young players.

    What a deplorable fuck. It’s because of him that Spurs were allowed to get good. HE could have signed Son, Alderweirald, Vertongan, Lloris, Alli, Trippier, Ben Davies, Wanyama, Erikson instead of Ozil and oh yeah big hilarity we used to have Kane on our books. But no the miserable tight fisted shitebag spent 10 million on only Cech the summer Spurs bought Son and Alderweirald, wasn’t interested in Trippier or Davies, let Spurs and Liverpool have a go at Alli and tried to convince Vertongan to join us by telling him of his plan to use him in midfield. What utter incompetence. He honestly shouldn’t be allowed to talk

  63. Marko

    42 million on Ozil they got Erikson for about 12 million. 10 million for Elneny they got Alli for 5 million. 35 million for Mustafi they got Sanchez for 40 million. Pissed away money on the likes of Debuchy while they got Trippier. Got Son for less than what we paid for Xhaka and Alderweirald for less than what we paid for on Lucas Perez. Shambles really

  64. Dark Hei


    No, Ornstein clearly stated that the direction to marginalize Ozil was likely from the upper management in order to force him out of the club.

    Do not know where you got your info from; I got mine from Arsecast and yes it was Ornstein himself speaking, not an impersonator.

    You guys are just feeding BS to one another.

  65. Dream10

    I think Pulisic has it in him to be a very good player. He’s struggled over the last yr.
    Also been overshadowed by two young superstars in Ousmane and Sancho. He’d get games for any of the top 6 in England.

    We need to sign a player or two that can create separation to get shots on goal. Don’t necessarily have to be a winger, but players that can beat their man. Sancho, Douglas Costa can create for others. Son, Pepe, Robben can generate three or four shots per game for themselves regardless of supply from creators. Then you have players like Henry and Neymar (Ousmane will join this group) that can create four chances and four shots per game on the regular.

    I think Reiss Nelson will be able to be able to create his own shots and be dangerous on the counter like Son. As long as he plays up front. Not sure he will develop the Sancho, Ribery type high level creativity down the sides.

  66. Dark Hei


    I am clearly not Emery’s biggest fan.

    But he is a nice bloke, always polite and it is absolutely suicidal for him to take on Raul. Raul just shot the other guy that got Emery hired. I am not want to speak but sometimes, you need to humble yourself to stay in it.

    And also, I think, perhaps he feels bad about Ozil, but it is not like Ozil is his most important player either.

  67. Tony

    Look like you can Sancho the the “I nearly signed” list of Wenger as he told BEIN while doing his punditry last night.

    The delusional idiot never stops spouting his BS.

    However, if there is a grain of truth to it, then just shows Wenger couldn’t even lure young talent to play for him even when they weren’t getting game time at their clubs.

    Certainly looks like Wenger ‘s supposed family problems doesn’t stop him going on TV.

  68. Tony

    Black Hei
    Sorry if the above offends your Wenger views, but after what Wenger (and Gazidis) did to our club it would be best if Wenger retired away from TV and media because he is continually going to offend those that feel he systematically ruined our club for his own greed and narcissistic needs.

    I have no problem if Wenger wants to fail at management again, but it would seem other than the Qatar national team, no one wants His services.

    I wonder why that is?

    I’m sure Wenger deemed Qatar beneath him.

  69. Marko

    Whenever you hear that man say he tried to sign up whoever just assume that he didn’t. He is a liar when it comes to that sort of thing. Sancho went for 8 million wanted to play football and is from London. We could have paid the 8 million and given him football and the idea that a German club could have convinced him an 18 year old to join over a London club with his best mate also here is ridiculous. The fucker is lying.

  70. bennydevito

    Dark Hei,

    No worries. You had me confused for a second because upper management is what I’ve been saying; not Emery’s decision to marginalise Ozil, and that’s what both Bamford and myself have been saying. Are we wrong?

  71. bennydevito


    It’s gross negligence what Wenger was allowed to get away with from the RVP debacle onwards and it’s this lasting legacy that has completely fucked us and has nothing to do with Raul, and certainly nothing to do with Emery.

    Yet absolute clowns somehow think it’s all down to Emery, it’s absolutely mindbendingly absurd to lay any of the blame for the financial mismanagement and shocking squad we’re now left with at Emery’s feet.

    It’s deluded denial.

    Yes, Emery might not be the super star magnet that will take us to the promised land of world dominance, white teeth, smart suits, British passports and Queen’s English with a slathering of special sauce, but to blame him for the problems that Wenger/Gazidas have left us with is simply beyond all realms of Charlie Chuckle lunacy.

  72. Dark Hei


    No you are right. Ornstein stated that it was “likely” the upper management.

    If Emery had a choice, I think Ozil for a Europa Cup game against lower quality opposition is just his cup of tea.

    He can save his regulars for the EPL.

  73. Pierre

    “No, Pierre, you just like to twist things so as to suit one or another bogus narrative of yours. It is Ornstein who said that the decision to marginalize Ozil came from above Emery. However, if Ozil was performing and producing, he would be playing. No question about it. Emery wants to win, Emery needs to win. Ozil hasn’t performed, though. That is the bottom line.”

    It’s Ornstein that supposedly to have said it but what you have just written is A total contradiction.

    He’s either being marginalised or not being marginalised….

    What you are saying that he has been marginalised by this fictitious person or persons from above but if he plays well then we are not going to marginalize him but if he doesn’t play well then we will marginalize him.

    Sounds like what any manager does with any player in the country ….if you play well you’re in ,if you play shit you’re out..

    I thought you were supposed to be intelligent.

  74. Dark Hei


    My take is that the newspapers report things that make you get angry and click on links.

    Wenger is a pundit now and it is his job to talk and hype up players in matches where he is doing punditry.

    Maybe he is talking shite, nobody knows. But going by the clicks going round, he is getting the job done.

  75. Pierre

    “No worries. You had me confused for a second because upper management is what I’ve been saying; not Emery’s decision to marginalise Ozil, and that’s what both Bamford and myself have been saying. Are we wrong?”

    Apparently,according to Bamford , Ozil is only being marginalised if he is playing bad but if he is performing well then he is not being marginalised.

    In other words he is not being marginalised at all by anyone from above , the manager is just omitting ozil from the team because he doesn’t rate him.

    That’s cleared that up

  76. bennydevito

    Well done Pierre you’ve finally got it.

    If you play shit, you’re out.

    That’s why Ozil’s out.

    You got there in the end, phew!

    As well as Emery being advised to leave him out by the NON FICTITIOUS Raul, Josh Kronke and whoever Emery reports to and is running the business.

    But we got there in the end didn’t we Chicharito.

  77. Dark Hei


    I think the only reason Ozil is out is because Emery is instructed to leave him out.

    The tactic to force Ozil out is not the correct one, in my opinion.

    Ozil no longer plays international football; he can afford NOT to play.

    But we CAN’T afford for him to be even more of a hard sell.

    At least get him playing at a 200k/week level and sell him as a 200k/week player

  78. Pierre

    “As well as Emery being advised to leave him out by the NON FICTITIOUS Raul, Josh Kronke and whoever Emery reports to and is running the business.”

    Ornstein did say it was “likely ” to be upper management so in other words , he doesn’t really know does he , he’s just taking a guess really isn’t he .

    All sounds like a load of bullshit to me….but if it makes you and Bamford feel happy to believe that Josh kronke is ordering Emery to marginalize a player but if he plays well then forget about marginalizing him and keep him in the team then you must be quite gullible .

  79. Pierre

    Hang on a minute , Dark Hei is at it now .

    “I think the only reason Ozil is out is because Emery is instructed to leave him out.”

  80. Pierre

    This is how I see it.

    Emery likes his team to play football a certain way.

    Ozil likes to play football a certain way .

    Ozil’s style of football doesn’t suit how Emery wants his team to play so consequently Emery is leaving him out of the team .

    This is no different to any manager/player situation in the country …
    It’s Emery’s job to do what he feels is right and he will live or die by the decisions he makes , just like any manager does.

    Right rules ….team selection is down to one man and one man only otherwise next seeing we might have Josh kronke saying ” i like elneny ,put him in the team next week” ….

  81. Dark Hei


    That is the only reasonable explanation, plus those words from Ornstein.

    I don’t see what is the point of leaving what is essentially a fringe player out of a gimme Europa Cup tie.

    Unless Jose M facehugged Emery and planted a baby monster inside which is just waiting to burst out but we don’t see it since it is hiding inside Emery’s nice guy exterior.

    Maybe that is why Emery is picking a fight with that one guy and one guy only.

  82. Pierre

    Dark Hei
    Don’t get taken in by the nice guy exterior …he has a job to do and he is ruthless about the way he goes about it .
    Nothing wrong with that , he’s not going to please everyone is he.

    As I said ,he will live or die by his decisions and they are his decisions regarding Ozil not kronke’s or anyone else’s.

  83. AngeAusArsenal

    This would all make complete sense from a tactical point of you if

    1) The players that replaced Ozil in the team have performed better, in that they have provide goals or assists and they have added to the defensive stability of the team.
    2)We are plying well as a team and can see some semblence of Emery style coming in to view.

    1) iwobi, Kolasinac, maitland Niles, Suarez…have not contributed any of the above


    2) EMery ball looking more and more shambolic with no defined pattern of play
    and our performances are getting worse and worse.

  84. qna

    Pierre. If Suarez is our Ozil replacement we are screwed. He doesnt look the goods. But I am not reading too much into that. We fought hard to make sure it was only an option and not an obligation to purchase.

    Try finding a player to replace Ozil when the condition is you can only do it by taking him on loan and in January. I highly doubt we are planning our future around Suarez.

  85. Receding Hairline

    It’s irritating because there’s absolutely nothing like emeryball He doesn’t have a style of play.

    No it’s irritating because it’s not a thing and has never been a thing. It has never been used until he came to England, he is not wedded to any particular style of play.

  86. qna

    Now Wenger is talking about how he tried to sign Sancho. I have no idea why he thinks that telling the world about all the players he FAILED to sign paints him in a good light. It simply highlights his incompetence at a job that he refused to allow a professional to come in and do for the club.

    This is what I am really banking our future on from this point. The DOF being able to actually sign all the quality players that Wenger and Ivan were incapable of over the last decade. I hope that is Raul, if not, we need to get in somebody that can.

  87. Batistuta


    I actually like that


    I think that’s part of the problem a number of fans have with the new manager, not withstanding the players at his disposal, we should not be getting outplayed at Huddersfield…. We’ve not seen enough of what his style of play actually is

  88. Receding Hairline

    .”We’ve not seen enough of what his style of play actually is”

    You should probably go and watch the Spurs game Batistuta

    His Sevilla teams tend to overrun teams like that high up the pitch, but with our players dropping like flies with injuries and stuff he has to make do with what he has, we were overrun by Hudderfeild because we were poor in possession, the number of misplaced passes under very little pressure kind of makes it difficult to control a game.

  89. Victorious

    That would also explain why he isn’t elite

    Elite managers have defined way of playing football which they stick to regardless of the tools at their disposal or short term pain

    There might be teething issues at the start,the odd embarrassing results here but overtime it pays off

    Peak Wenger
    Sir Alex..etc are all believers of a particular way of play and have reaped hefty rewards for sticking to their visions

  90. qna

    Victorious. Just because people on LG can’t define Emery’s team style doesnt mean he doesnt have one. He had a style that got him the job at PSG and for all his failings, they looked a bloody good team at times under him, including smashing Barca. One of the very best performances in Europe.

    Now the fact that his style has major flaws that saw him give up that tie and fail to win the league is definitely a cause for concern. He isn’t one of the best managers in the world for mine. Its as simple as that. But that doesn’t mean he isnt good enough for where Arsenal are in 2018/2019. We have a shit squad and an owner who isn’t going to invest the hundreds of millions of dollars it takes to bring it up to speed. So which manager, better than Emery, is going to come here ?

    The best alternatives that people have come up with was Arteta, a guy with ZERO managerial experience. Not even at any level, or in any lower league. I mean seriously. Anybody who believes that has no credibility.

    The person whose brainchild this idea was is Ivan Gazidis. The same guy who within 5 minutes of taking over the big decisions from Wenger, has nearly crippled the clubs ability moving forward. 350k Ozil, 200k Mkhi, 200k Auba, 200k Laca, 250k offered to Ramsey. Zero fees for Ozil, Sanchez, Welbeck, Ramsey, etc. This guy has set us back 5 years in the blink of an eye and people are still thinking his idea of Arteta might have worked out. Seriously people are stupid.

  91. Charlie George


    “”” So which manager, better than Emery, is going to come here ?”””

    Ancelloti, Arteta,Benitez,Conte, Dyche, Howe, Southgate, Hughton, Pelleigrini, Mancini, Ranieri,Vieira , Henry

    Would have all been better….. miles and miles better than Emery.

    Total delusion on your behalf- if you think Arsenal could have not got someone better to replace Wenger

    Gawd knows why – people just can’t accept Emery was an apalling choice. And move on….

    They are determined to make themselves look rather silly and foolish…

  92. qna

    CG: Ancelloti, Arteta,Benitez,Conte, Dyche, Howe, Southgate, Hughton, Pelleigrini, Mancini, Ranieri,Vieira , Henry

    Some of those names are absolutely garbage. Its astounding that you even suggest some. Anchelloti, Mancini, Conte, and probably Pellegrini wouldnt come here with no funds available. Henry just got sacked after 3 months mate.

    I know we havent got the greatest manager in the world, but I’d leave suggestions for who we could get next to others.

  93. Valentin

    Emery was not hired by PSG for his style of play but to improve the results in the Champion’s league, which he failed to do so despite the amount of money spent on players.
    Moreover nobody seems to understand his overall game plan. Even seasoned professionals can’t see what he is trying to do.
    In fact his tactics are so jumbled that half the team does not understand what he wants. Seeing Iwobi asking Xhaka what formation they are playing says it all. Too much video alone with his staff and not enough proper communication with the players.

  94. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I support the club.

    May not agree with all its appointments, decisions etc..

    But It’s the club I have supported since 1969.

    There will be good days again…

    Maybe tonight is the start, birth a few youths…

    We are where we are we have what we have ,,, get on with it all da moaning may help your personal digestion … but not the club

  95. RodneyKing

    Peak Wenger
    Sir Alex..etc are all believers of a particular way of play and have reaped hefty rewards for sticking to their visions”.

    Peak Wenger? When did he change his first name?
    It’s more often the case than not, that elite players make average/good mangers “Elite”…. as if you didn’t know.

  96. Charlie George

    “””Some of those names are absolutely garbage. Its astounding that you even suggest some. Anchelloti, Mancini, Conte, and probably Pellegrini wouldnt come here with no funds available.””

    Qna- so why did Emery come then?????

  97. Charlie George

    Well said Valentin

    Not 1 clean sheet away from home – this season, in the Prem…. what does that say about his coaching,communication skills….?
    (It’s mid Feb)

  98. Charlie George

    “”Maybe tonight is the start, birth a few youths…””

    He has loaned the best 2 of Them out to German clubs
    (I think he tried to oust Eddie N out the door too!)

    Nelson, ESR

    An ideal fixture to have played them tonight- one would have thought…

  99. Jamie

    Ok Paulinho, Ramsey is elite. You’ve earned your victory lap on le-grove.

    I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how he plays in Turin over the next 4 years, and if his eliteness leads them to the only trophy they haven’t won since 1996.

  100. London gunner


    Emery is hardly garbage.
    You don’t have the managerial career he has snd the trophies he has won amd the teams he has managed.

    Ancelloti I like him as a manager and a person. A good man manager but not much of a tactican has never managed clubs with small budgets and has flopped in recent years.

    Arteta… you must be joking a nothijg player the fact he is peps assistant means he is good at following someone elses orders mot much else. Paul lambert was a good assitant to ancelotti should we hire him?

    Benitez people moaning about our style of play? Benitez is very boring conservative 1 nio foootball.

    Conte is a superstar tbh he only flopped at chelsea because their players have been given too much power from abromvich, however conte would never join a club with our budget.

    All the English managers you mentioned just haven’t shown enough. Southgate is the best out of that lot but he is doing the England gig.

    Pellegrini way past it, like the guy but just no at this point.

    Mancini career has taken a huge nose dive ever since city never to recover. Loved him as a manager but he seems to have lost his magic.

    Ranieri is another past it manager whose had his day in the sun.

    Henry gawd know has been disaster and is too self centered and narcissistic.

    Would have liked to see Viera but maybe its best he manages in eutope first.

  101. Leedsgunner

    Calm down everyone, Spurs will collapse in the Uefa CL. They might even make it to the semi finals. So what?

    They’ll come out of it as losers. The media will hail them as heroes but they’ll be losers.

  102. bennydevito

    I see Charlie Chuckle George has got his Chuckle vision on again and is out building his customary piles of horseshit all over the LG comments section.

    Seriously; are you steaming drunk when you post your comments? The fact you actually believe what you write is amazing.

    You make Paul Merson’s punditry seem intellectual by comparison.

    I’m not even going to get into what you’ve written as it’s just too stupid to even try and make sense of.