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Arsenal head out on the road this weekend after not winning in 6 games. Fear not, Emery knows what the double-flip is going down.

“My first critic is myself. We can make the top four, but we know it’s not easy.

“We are strong at home, but I think we need to do better away. We started very well, changing our mentality to get more points away. But now we need to recover our confidence and performance.

“Also we know defensively we need to do better. We tried to play with three and two centre-backs. Be passionate, be calm but above all work.”

Away form is an odd one. It’s all in the head. I find it interesting that something like that can impact elite athletes, you’d kind of think they were a bit above that? I understand the butterflies might be on fire in Istanbul, but at Huddersfield this Saturday, I’d hope less so?

We take on bottom of the table Huddersfield. They recently agreed to part ways with the excellent David Wagner. He was replaced by Dortmund first-team coach, Jan Siewart. Not sure I can speak about him with any sort of knowledge, so I won’t even try and Google research him. Huddersfield take chances on managers in the same way I would, and it’s paid dividends for little investment.

I have my doubts they’ll have enough to take down Arsenal at the weekend. We have Mikhi coming back into the fold, which I would hope could give us a little more width and creativity from wide positions. However, it’s clear that the most important thing is to keep a clean sheet. The team really needs to get back to basics. We were overrun by Cardiff at home a few weeks ago, that’s not a good look.

Emery needs to get his season back on track, he needs to get him best players on the pitch and he needs to find a system that he can roll with for more than 24 minutes.

Finally, Hector B has dropped a fan TV channel. He’s talking about his surgery, sure, I love that, but be real, when is the high-end fashion chat dropping? I wanna see the latest Balenciaga sneakers I can’t by because I’m old. I want to know about OFF-White print shirts. I wanna know when the male sarong is coming back?

Good luck sir, and don’t get downbeat about the muppets in the comments.

JUST KIDDING GUYS, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Pedro

    Marko, give it up mate, CC showing you the way on Arteta.

    Just accept he’d have been a better hire and move on with you life.

  2. gonsterous

    Arsene Wenger is a legend

    Wenger was good but lost the plot later. Can’t belittle his wonder years but when manager comes out and says he doesn’t know what a DOF does, the kind thing is to walk him out the door gently. Not only did he showcase he is an idiot, he also disrespected any DoF that gave a crap what he said. No wonder we were over paying for dross at the end of wengers tenure.
    Boss its arsene on the phone. He says he’s interested in xhaka.
    DoF : oh, Wenger. Tell him Chaka costs 40m and let him bargain down to 35m. He’ll think he made a profit.
    Boss, I don’t think he’s that stupid.
    DoF: check his transfer history
    chamakh, park, kallstrom. Ahh, on it boss.

  3. Tony

    Bob N16, ES & Graham
    Another great game coming tomorrow against France.

    I think Woodward is exactly right in this below article, and I’m glad it’s a home game rather than in Paris.

    I said last week England have a tendency of late to win a huge game then slip up the next game, so now it’s time for Jones to make sure this doesn’t happen.

    I suppose the possible difference here is that the players are playing for their places in the WC. Equally, France is in our WC qualifying group, so the win will have far more importance going forward that just for the 6-Nations.

    Who knows what we’ll get from France – it’s almost like Emery’s team selections.

    Thinking about Graham’s past nostalgic rugby thoughts it’s a shame France don’t have similar props to the ones of the (80s?) who more often than not thought they were boxers instead of rugby players. Comedy games of the past.

    I believe England have to put in a repeat performance of last week, fast tackling, quick ball at the breakdown and most important keep the penalty count in single figures – although France don’t have a clinical kicker thankfully.

    Not sure of the Ashton choice – Nowell had a beast of a game against the Irish. I know Ashton is supposedly back to his best, but I would love to see more of Ratu Joe Cokanasiga and would have him ahead of Ashton.

    Ijote will be missed but as you say ES Launchbury is a good replacement as is Lawes who I think will get the nod.

    France may well be the wounded animal, but I feel England have enough to put them out of their misery and see another win for us albeit with a very nervy opening 25 minutes.


    As for the Huddlesfield game we should win by at least 2:1 but after the performances against Cardiff and City and it being an away game we could equally lose by that margin, too.

    Sad but true!

  4. Emiratesstroller


    I am personally not too concerned about England winning this game against France., although the team will be without Itoje who is probably their best athlete in the pack.

    The French pack are a bunch of “lumps” and that is where I think the game will
    be won.

    I watched Saracens play Worcester yesterday in Premier League Cup with
    a significant number of Academy and Second Team players in their squad. They still won easily with something like 18 or 19 First string players missing.

    During the week they recruited Daly from Wasps for next season which indicates just how successful the club is in forward planning in transfer market.

    Oh that Arsenal could run the club in similar fashion in their development,
    recruitment and planning departments!!!

  5. Emiratesstroller

    Much has been discussed about Arsenal’s inept management and transfer policies.

    Yesterday it was announced that Liverpool had overtaken Arsenal in revenue
    league and had made the largest profit last season in the history of professional football. Whilst these figures may be somewhat distorted by transfer dealings it is clear that they are at the moment a significantly better run club than we are despite being bankrupt seven years ago with the new
    owners investing virtually nothing in the club.

    Liverpool even now has a net worth which is less than a quarter of Arsenal and
    cash reserves, which are a fraction of ours.

    So you have to ask the question how can they manage to outperform our club
    both on and off the field. I think that the answer is very clear for all to see.

  6. China1

    Lol Pedro arteta would’ve been a better hire based off a grand total of zero evidence. Awesome

    After your backing of gazidis you’ll have a way to go to convince the critical people in the room that your spider senses are on point when deciding who to back in management

  7. China1

    The extent of the pro arteta argument is you feel it in your gut because pep said a couple of nice sentences about him and you find the thought of him exciting

    Whether or not emery works out, there has never been any substance in the arteta hype outside of a good reference and a gut feeling

  8. useroz

    Let’s be honest with our players such as Welbeck, Iwobi, Chambers, Kolac, etc.

    At 23 (?) Iwobi has been in the first team for 3 to 4 years and did wot exactly? Some highlights here and there ,yes. Don’t see a van Persie sort of late comer case either. In any case, we don’t have another 5 years (and budget) for Iwobi and the like to muck around. A squad player? May be, at 3/40k max.

    Look at it another way, based on the stats of Iwobi etc these are players we’d have voted down everyday if they were prospects linked to the club.

    Question is, how quickly and affordably could Iwobi and the like could be replaced in the pursuit of trophies.

    Make no mistake, top 4 is NOT a trophy and that fucking joke corrupted not only the fans and supporters but most harmfully (hope not irreversibly) the players and the club.

    Where Arsenal was ‘left with’ at beginning of 2018/19 season, we should have filed Chapter 11 protection in the footballing sense.

  9. China1

    Uzeros agreed

    If iwobi was playing for palace or Everton and we were linked I doubt any of us would be satisfied based on his last 3 years of football

    I wouldn’t be against selling him and replacing him with a cheaper like for like

    As you said he’s a squad player who should be on 40k a week given his footballing ability and numbers

    As for the late bloomer van Persie notion as well, tbf rvp wasn’t a late bloomer he was just plagued by injuries. At 19 years old he was clearly an elite talent who just needed to iron out his dubious attitude, stay fit and wait for Henry and bergkamp to step aside.

  10. China1

    If arteta was brave enough to do what lampard and Gerrard are doing and had similar results and people said he’s an exciting young manager who can take us places then maybe they’d be worth listening to as at least we’d have *something* other than a couple of quotes about how good he is

    Until then arteta talk is just total hot air

  11. qna

    Emery has performed better than some of the most reputable managers in EPL after his first 24 games, including Wenger. And he is not far off, even the very best. Yet, look at the mixed reception he is getting.

    Can you even imagine if the club had signed a rookie manager without even a single game of top level experience as head manager and things had gone the same or even worse? The whole suggestion that Arteta was a viable candidate is insane and only an idiot would not see that.

    Arteta may one day be a great manager and we might join a long queue of clubs wishing he was our manager. But he has to go through that process of proving himself first. He is doing the right thing at City. But the real test will come when he moves on to take his first head coach role. That wont be at City either.

  12. Tony

    You can’t compare international footballer wanna be Arteta to seasoned internationals: Lampard and Gerard as players and managers as it seems Arteta is too afraid to leave Pep’s bosom.

    Click bait subject and nothing more.

  13. qna

    I would be happier if I thought it was purely click bait. Because believing it is so much worse.

    Who is to say Steve Bould wouldn’t look like a genius with Pep above him and one of the most expensive squads in world football to work with. Its just nonsense.

  14. Graham62


    Goodmorning (afternoon with you).

    Based on my shite prediction last week, I should stay well clear of this weekends game. Nevertheless –

    France were excellent in the first half against Wales, but imploded (typical French) in the second.

    I feel that it will be closer than some may think but if England play like they did last Saturday, there is only going to be one winner.

    28-16 England.

    As for the football, 3-1 to the Arsenal.

    Yes, we will concede.

  15. Graham62


    Ray Parlour is a legend in my eyes.

    Loved his book and love him on TalkSport.

    Never had a bad word to say about Wenger but maybe that was because of his Arsenal connections and obvious fringe benefits.

    The fact that we are still in with a chance of top 4 should mean something but, unlike Ray Parlour, I am somewhat on the fence with Emery and his methods.

    The MC v Chelski game should be interesting tomorrow. Higuain will make a difference and I can see them getting something out of the game.

    Another crap prediction then.

  16. Graham62

    Talking of TalkSport does anyone on here ever listen to Simon Jordan?

    The guy is brilliant. Should be head of the FA/PFA and leading our Brexit negotiations.

    I’d vote for him.

  17. Tony

    Love your humour and honesty Graham.

    Don’t think you’re far away with your score prediction for both matches.

    I wasn’t really concerned about us beating the Irish, but just a little nervous about France being our banana skin.

    I agree would should win comfortably against France.

  18. Bob N16

    Tony, expectations high for the French match. Would expect nothing less than a 20pt win, assuming England play anywhere near their best. At home against a transitional France…

    In complete agreement about right wing. Assume Jones will mix it up a bit and give a few ‘squad’ players game time. Ashton considered a French specialist after his successful time over there. Cokasiniga, looks like a real star in the making. WC may come too early but I’m sure Jones will want to give him an opportunity. As he is just returning from injury that maybe explains the choice. I’ll have to admit Ashton’s personality slightly grates! Nowell, as I said last week, is a particular favourite of mine. His performance against the Irish was exceptional. Not surprised if a few sore bodies. Irish certainly forced into a few enforced changes!

  19. Charlie George

    Graham 62

    I do listen to Simon Jordan online,occasionally
    He is a superb listen. Puts other pundits to shame with his forthright and truculent views.
    He has been very critical of the way Arsenal are run

    And has been particularly scathing in his assessment of Emery (And his clear unsuitability for his post )
    He has also repeated what I have said about the structure of the club – including Rauls role and lack of experience in English football and his natural tendencies to choose players and agents he knows.

    How we could do with someone of Jordan’s instinct, experience and expertise involved in Arsenal 2019

  20. Emiratesstroller

    I was also in favour of appointing Arteta as head coach following departure of

    However, in hindsight perhaps it was best to appoint Emery in what is a transition period for the club. Let’s face it the club are likely to make more mistakes before the “TITANIC” is finally turned around.

    Personally I would rather give someone like Arteta at least a fighting chance
    to do a good job with the right tools.

    In 2-3 years time Arteta may have the experience to handle the job.

    When you see how poor several other Ex Arsenal players like Adams and Henry have done in management and for that matter several well known ex
    Man Utd players such as Gary Neville, Keane and Giggs it is perhaps best to be

  21. qna

    Raul’s transfer dealings could go either way. We don’t have the money to be going after big fish, so his ability to sign these types of players would be wasted here.

    On the other hand, the Spanish clubs are the masters of finding the rare gems in South America and bringing them over before their values explode. If he can use his networks to have us competing for these types of players then I think he could benefit us greatly.

  22. Charlie George

    “””On the other hand, the Spanish clubs are the masters of finding the rare gems in South America and bringing them over “”

    Arsenal ain’t a Spanish club.

    Very few South American players can play here ( because of the tightening up of 3rd party ownership rules)

    Raul to my knowledge- has never ever sold a player for a profit in his career ??
    (Any objectors on this?)

    He has been here 12 months.
    We have not raised a penny ( from player sales)..

    You are in the blindingly optimistic category.
    I am in the realistic one.

  23. useroz

    Tbf to Emery ,legacy and culture are hardest things to change for a new CEO of a company (liken to our first team squad) especially when a new high performance mindset is pursued. New CEOs almost always move people on to pursue new ways of thinking, working and winning.

    With still half a team of relative ‘losers” in their departments, such as defence, why would we expect to see instant turnaround.

    Having said that, Emery could (and should!) have set things up at times to play less gung ho/ for an odd draw, even with the shitty squad. That may produce more consistent results, and we particularly need that when available defence and mid field would seem dysfunctional, at least at top level.

    Unless we have a successful garge sale this summer , we can forget the expected upturn for another couple more seasons. The journey would defo be awlful and le grove becoming toxic much faster than the w-fay!

  24. Tobs

    It’s difficult to sell overpaid rubbish players. Inability to sell players now is a legacy of Wenger’s last years.

  25. Nelson

    Emery’s training method had good effect initially. Our team ran more than our opponents consistently. This advantage is gone after the holiday season. Since then, our result is more like a mid table team. Injures in defense also hurt. On top of that, the board didn’t sign any defensive reinforcement. For me, every manager will have a hard time with our owner and our board.

  26. Charlie George

    You might be right in your assumption.
    (Let’s say you are, In this instance)

    But surely the difference between a good DOF and a bad one- Is the good DOF can sell the rubbish players and a bad one can’t.!

    We might have rubbish players( I don’t subscribe to this ,by the way)
    But We most certainly have a RUBBISH DOF!

  27. China1

    If the arteta conversation isn’t based on his excellent (non-existent) management record to date then it’s based on faith

    Faith is what we invested in for the last 10 years and that didn’t do us many favors in recent years

    We have a club that has been horrendously mismanaged at all levels for a solid decade. Why would we try and undo this huge mess by handing the shit shovel to someone who has never done it before and just saying go? Faith is not what will turn this club around. It’s being smart, clinical and logical. We need to be calculated and not get sucked into a pointless vortex of just picking our next favourite guy to support based on nothing other than a dream.

    Building a club around dreams is a luxury reserved for successful clubs with great infrastructure swimming in cash. We are not that club anymore.

  28. Tobs

    Raul’s job description when he first joined us, was to get deals over the line.
    You may differ about the players we’ve bought in the two windows since he’s been here, but in comparison to the usual, it was relatively painless.
    He stood his ground against Barcelona and got Suárez on terms favourable to us. We didn’t give into bullying or intimidating tactics.

  29. China1

    Nelson yeah I’m not convinced that double Training was the solution to our problems

    I don’t think we’ve ever lacked fitness. The change to a high press need not be a physical revolution, more a tactical one from my perspective. We don’t need to be burning ourselves out physically over a tactical change

    I also think emery underestimated the winter period. These are two mistakes which may have cost us around 6 points or so thus far. Hopefully he can turn things back to the pre winter direction sharpish because he still needs to get a bit more out of this squad, as wank as it is

  30. qna

    CG. Being realistic has nothing to do with it. I just suggested an unlikely but beneficial scenario that could make use of Raul’s supposed Contact’s.

    No idea if Raul will be good or bad and btw I pointed out two options. One good and one bad. That have only noticed one says more about you than me.

    South Americans when they pan out are gold. Sanchez wasn’t bad. Aguero probably finishes up as the all time greatest scorer in English football. If we ever want to be world class these are the types of players we need. And we can’t afford them once they have proven themselves so if we can make use of a network to get them in while they are still relatively unknown then that’s the best way. No idea if Raul has this in his locker.

  31. Champagne charlie

    “Illuminating reading the comments section. Some how buying 20 players ‘pisses on the gimme players philosophy’.“

    Seems you skipped some parts, allow me to fill you in…

    Rangers have overturned their squad since administration some 6 years ago and not reached anything close to the level Gerrard has them at this season in this debut campaign.

    The “gimme players philosophy” isn’t a literal one dismissing the value of recruitment, it’s where no judgement can apparently be made on a managers skill set as a coach/manager based upon an inherited squad. That much as I see it is total nonsense.

    Rangers are brilliant this season under Gerrard compared to previous recent campaigns. Value of a guy who has come in with a vision and applied it clearly.

    Hope you’re further illuminated.

  32. qna

    Raul and Emery have had their roles for 5 minutes. The mess was created by Ivan and Arsene over 10+ years. The first job at hand is to clean up the mess. At that point we can evaluate their performances not before. How is this just not plain commonsense?

    Raul fixing the wage bill and the stupid socialist policy that nut job Wenger had in place is a great start. Losing Sven – not so much.

  33. Charlie George

    Sanchez cost us 40£ mill
    Aguero cost 25£ mill

    From Barca and ATM

    You were , I think , were referring players coming direct from South America.

    Very few players come direct from South America to English football.
    All the players apparently are pimped by agents- 3rd party slaves basically.

    Morally and ethically Arsenal can not touch these players.

    We must adhere always to the highest standards

  34. Charlie George

    “””that nut job Wenger had in place is a great start””

    What an absolute absurd thing to say-

    The mind boggles sometimes.

  35. qna

    CG. You could be right. But we can’t afford to bring players in £50m at a time, which is the very minimum that any promising Ageuro/Sanchez type will cost.

    So if we want to get the next Aguero/Sanchez/etc we probably need to identify and take them before they break out and then be able to develop them. Possibly loaning then out. The idea of that doesn’t sit well with Arsenal fans because of our utter failure with guys like Wellington. I would agree, it’s the same people identifying the talent then we shouldn’t be doing it. But if we can tap into an elite network that Madrid and Barca seem to be tapped into, then hopefully this time would be different.

    I agree this is all highly optimistic.

  36. qna

    CG: What an absolute absurd thing to say-

    So you think the socialist wage policy was smart and rationale? How do you think it worked out?

  37. Tobs

    The “gimme players philosophy” isn’t a literal one dismissing the value of recruitment, it’s where no judgement can apparently be made on a managers skill set as a coach/manager based upon an inherited squad. That much as I see it is total nonsense.

    It’s all about agendas. People will interprete/subvert anything to fit their agenda. The illustration does not fit the point you are trying to make.

  38. Champagne charlie

    “It’s all about agendas. People will interprete/subvert anything to fit their agenda. The illustration does not fit the point you are trying to make.“

    I disagree entirely. It’s aimed at those who are resolute in saying Emery can’t be judged with this set of players and needs several windows to work with. As such they know the POV being challenged unless they choose to otherwise take it literally and act ignorant.

    How else would you categorise that train of thought if not under an epigram like ‘gimme players philosophy’?

  39. Charlie George


    There has to be a wage structure.
    Nothing you can do – if financially doped or other clubs offer more.

    (Wenger can’t win:)

    He sells RVP for big money to Man Utd – he gets it in the neck!

    He sells Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy for big
    money to Man City he gets it in the neck!

    He sells ox to Liverpool for big money- he gets it in the neck!

    He sells Cesc to Barca for big money- he gets In the neck!

    He doesn’t sell Ozil or Sanchez ( tries a different tactic)- he gets in the neck!

    One thing we can all agree on. The whole world wanted Wengers players!

    (He won trophies by the bucket load too.)

    Some nut job!

  40. qna

    Charlie. He doesn’t need several transfer windows. He just needs to be judged within reason. That takes into account the squad that he has specifically inherited and the injuries. If he had inherited City’s squad the expectation could naturally be higher. People just have to be reasonable.

    But this basic logic aside. I personally have no interest in the opinion of anybody who was opposed to Wenger’s sacking all this time. It’s just laughable that after refusing to see the woods from the trees all this time, that these people are all of a sudden about sacking the guy who has to clean up their guys mess.

  41. Dissenter

    Charlie George
    It’s a new day and you’re here spewing crap already
    The man who lives in South Africa and still didn’t know that English is the language of educational instruction in Zimbabwe.

    You think it’s absurd to say Wenger was a pseudo economists?
    What economist thinks it’s okay to play people above their capabilities?

    Wenger was also a megalomaniac who wanted poise for the sake of power.
    ‘”I don’t know what director of football means. Is it somebody who stands in the road and directs players right and left?” he said. “I don’t understand and I never did understand what it means.”
    ‘ “I’m the manager of Arsenal Football Club and as long as I’m manager of Arsenal Football Club, I will decide what happens on the technical front. And that’s it.”

    …and you still call criticism of Wenger absurd?

  42. Champagne charlie


    That’s not the opinion of several on here in absolute defence of Emery, all you read is how he can’t be judged with this set of players etc. Which I find to be utterly illogical.

    I’d be very interested to see the variably progress of all managers who took up new roles this past summer at the end of the season.

    I cite Gerrard because he took over same time as Emery and has delivered noticeable improvement to his predecessors, and I’m not talking league position or the like. I’m talking the competitiveness, approach, style etc.

    Just serves as a clear example that good management is evident within a solitary season and isn’t dependent on anything except competence. Other factors can restrict progress for sure, but there’s a strong argument that says we’re underachieving to date as far as I’m concerned.

  43. Tobs

    Totally agree that he should be judged within reason. He inherited a mish mash of a squad with players being bought just because, with others being kept well beyond their sell by date, poor contract management and no spirit.
    That has to be borne in mind.
    He wants to play a particular way and doesn’t have the tools(players) to. He could be more pragmatic about how he sets up his teams and he has made mistakes.

    Could another coach have done better? Maybe so.
    At the point where we are now, I have certain expectations from him and the team. If they can’t meet them, then yes, there should be an accounting.

    I don’t think there’s any fan who is inextricably wed to Emery. If it isn’t working, he will not last and no tears will be shed.

  44. Dissenter

    Charlie George
    ‘He sells RVP for big money to Man Utd – he gets it in the neck!He sells Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy for big
    money to Man City he gets it in the neck!He sells ox to Liverpool for big money- he gets it in the neck!He sells Cesc to Barca for big money- he gets In the neck!He doesn’t sell Ozil or Sanchez ( tries a different tactic)- he gets in the neck’

    You’re living up to your reputation as the legrove dolt.
    There’s no player there that was sold for the appropriate money.
    One can argue that Oxlade’s fee was decent but we could hav4 had more had he not one year left on his contract.
    All the rest were given away for below market transfer feees. Wenger never understood the concept of selling high. He used to know how to buy low but selling high was not his specialty.
    To think you’re willing to excuse the egregious mistakes with Sanchez and Ozil as ‘he chose a different tactic’?

    Two years ago Wenger was still saying it was ‘ ideal’ for players to run down their contracts to the last year.

  45. Charlie George

    I refute what you say.

    You are just coming out with cliched jargon( you have heard from others fans. , I am guessing)
    (Megalomaniac/pseudo economics , etc)

    What on earth are you talking about?

    Wenger was a brilliant footballing operator in so many ways.

    You not acknowledging that shows you do not really understand the concept of managing a huge operation (e.g. AFC) for nearly a quarter of a century
    .. I know he made lots of mistakes.
    And over stayed his welcome ..
    I also hazard to guess- he would have made less mistakes than Emery – if he were still in charge today.
    I have not the foggiest why – you feel so bitter towards The Great Man…
    The rage in your words are palpable!

  46. qna

    Dissenter. That’s exactly it. The problem has been that Arsene didn’t allow a Raul type person at the club all this time. Ivan wasn’t that guy. His role has been taken by Venkatesham whose role is to look after the business side. Over the past decade the role that Raul will now fill has been badly neglected. Arsene took this role as well as the coaching role. He did this DOF role particularly poorly. In my opinion it was his duties in this area that he messed up by far and away the most. If I judge him purely on his coaching, then he perhaps wasn’t as bad as some are saying. He was definitely overtaken by many, many managers around the world. The 8-2s, 6-0s, 6-3s, 4-4s etc. But the reason I will give him some absolution for is that his squad, his players were vastly inferior to his opponents. Of course he was responsible because he had the dual roles and they were his players. But if I seperate out the two, like they are now for Emery, and judge him purely on the two roles in isolation then I do believe this. I don’t think any manager would have done much better with the players we have had. Better yes, but not win the league or CL better.

    Wenger was an average coach for the last decade. But he has also been possibly the worst DOF in world football during this period.

    For me the pressure is on Raul to get us out of this. Let’s see if he can get the Arsenal manager a squad that contend. I don’t really care if that is Emery or not. But I am demanding Raul to perform first and then we can really put the screws to whoever the manager is to get us back to the top.

  47. Dissenter

    You’re being disingenuous here with your egregious misrepresentations of other people viewpoints.
    “That’s not the opinion of several on here in absolute defence of Emery, all you read is how he can’t be judged with this set of players etc. Which I find to be utterly illogical.”

    I’ve never read ANYONE. tender an ABSOLUTE defence of Emery here in any issue.
    People express their skepticisms or misgivings about certain aspects of the club but want to wait for a reasonable time [end of the season] before assessing him.

    Do tell
    Where did you pull our this ‘absolute defence of Emery’ from?
    You’re here everyday lashing out because you;re offended that your positions are being misapprehendee yet you’re doing the same with such brazenness.

  48. englandsbest

    Emery says it like it is – something we never got from Wenger. He just told us bluntly something that most of us know already: Arsenal squad rates at best 6th in PL. And like it or not, personnel counts first when it comes to winning things.

    At the start of the season I had Arsenal at 6th/7th – I thought Everton or WHU would do better than they have. Nevertheless, even at 6th spot, Emery has done pretty well in PL, because of strait-jacket spending on signings and a spate of injuries. And there is still the Europa – he may have a magic wand when it comes to that.

    What we have seen from him is a serious attempt to raise the competitive spirit of the squad. Some have responded, others haven’t. No doubt if he has his way, he will excise many and replace with better. Sadly the owner’s bottom-line won’t allow net expense.

    Despite that, next season Emery will improve the squad in spirit, in tactics, in know-how, in ability. Will it be enough to make top 4? Unlikely, unless the sides above us stand-still (which they won’t).

    Can Arsenal fans accustom themselves to years and years of obscurity (like the Spurs fans.) I sincerely hope not.

  49. Charlie George


    Definitely one of the more passionate and Intelligent posters on here.

    He is good.
    Just a shame he has so much vitriol amd anger towwrds Arsene W- let that poison go ,man!
    Get it out of your system Dissenter

    (Not good for you.)

  50. Pierre

    This season , in the league, we have conceded 36 goals so far . Out of those 36 goals, not one has been conceded from a corner which I have to say is a positive and whoever is working on that area of our should be commended for his efforts.

    However , the improvement shown from corners highlights how bad we are from open play.
    I would imagine that Arsenal are top of the table or thereabouts for conceding the most goals from open play in the prem.

    Some will say it’s because we have Poor defenders that we concede so many from open play but if we have poor defenders then surely we would be poor at conceding at set pieces …I believe we are poor because of the style of football we play and the set up of the team is naive.

    Here are my reasons

    Changing tactics and personnel every game.
    Full backs too advanced.
    Torreira taken away from his defensive duties to attack more.
    Playing the game with no composure or intelligence( headless chicken football) .
    Not letting the ball do the work.
    Using up too much energy early on leading to goals conceded through tiredness.
    Tactical naivety from the manager .

    All these factors plus the fact that our style of football leaves us open at the back and not compact enough will always highlight the weaknesses in some of our defending .

    We have bought a good goalkeeper, a good solid central defender and 2 excellent defensive midfielders so there should be no excuse for conceding so many from open play.
    As I said , if we have good defenders from set plays then the defenders are surely good enough defenders from open play if the team is set up properly.

  51. qna

    Pierre. Good post. I feel it is aimed at supporting the view that Emery is no good. He might not be good enough. But a lot of those decisions are quite natural as the new manager learns about his players, the league and adapts to injuries.

    I don’t watch AFTV but caught something the other day where they said that Xhaka is #1 in the PL over the last 2 years for giving the ball away leading to a goal. I think a lot of our goals are self inflicted. Yes, some of that comes from the manager (Wenger and now Emery). But a lot of it is to do with the substandard technical abilities of our players. Emery wants to play out from the back. Even when Cech is his keeper and he has guys like Xhaka and Ramsey who have been giving the ball away in dangerous areas for years. And Ozil who gets blown off the ball with a sneeze catching every one out of position and instead of chasing flops around doing a man-child tantrum.

    I think it’s a valid question whether Emery should be playing his way with these players. But I think that his way is the way that the best teams are playing now. So I don’t think the answer is to get the guy who in who doesn’t need to play out from the back and therefore can make better use of this squad. Rather I think it’s better to get the guy in who gets the team to play most like Pep (for example) and really are which players can play at that level and then clear out the ones that can’t.

    No doubt that Emery has contributed to those 36 goals. But he is trying to play a philosophy that we need to adopt but with players that aren’t good enough.

  52. China1

    Pierre I can’t work our defense out

    I don’t think the players are consistently poor, it’s more that they most have a couple of brain farts per game. Most of the players make 1-2 inexplicable mistakes that are often unforced or really thoughtless in each game and we get punished for 1 or 2 of them most games

    But that corner stat is surprising. Why are we able to concentrate and not fuck up corners? How are our stats from other set pieces? My feeling is that the n1 problem is the players can’t concentrate for 90 minutes but it seems that they are focused only on corners. Go figure.

    I won’t pretend I know why this is happening because I dont

  53. China1

    Charlie George if you want to play wenger off as the timeless victim then you’re preaching to the wrong crowd, sorry

  54. G8

    AW is responsible of 90% of the mess that is happening now , and ofcourse Gazidis who was interviewed and appointed by Wenger shares the blame..
    Utter incompetence both in financial and football terms.
    To think he was earning 8 millions plus is just mind boggling!
    This current regime deserves to be given time to undo all that..
    I don’t care about Emery that much, at least he is not running the show all by himself.
    Hope we make some progress this year, and comes Xmas we will know if we really turning that elusive corner or not!

  55. Dissenter

    Charlie George
    We can all agree on somethings
    Wenger was a breath of fresh air on the English footballing scene, once upon a time.
    Wenger was a world class manager once, once upon a time
    Wenger was a connosuer of finding rare gems, either untapped like Kolo Toure or misused like Thierry and Vierra.
    Those times were when he had David Dein at his side.
    He lost his way and I do think his footballing capacity. He became ravaged by power and seemed to confuse trees with forests.
    It’s the Wenger of the last decade that I can’t forgive. He destroyed the very thing that he built.
    You get it now?

  56. Charlie George


    Don’t say you have fallen for this Emery philosophy guff !

    What’ is it at Arsenal?
    What was it at PSG and Seville?

    What style of football does he like?
    What type of footballers does he want?

    I think he is a footballing charlatan.
    I think you are being duped.

  57. Charlie George

    I do not.

    The fundamental reason why Wenger last 10 years went off kilter ( and he made so many more mistakes )was because The Chelsea oligarchy money came to prominence.
    (And then City. )

    As a consequence players who might have come to Arsenal before ( hazard, drogna etc) went to Chelsea.
    We were stuck with lesser lights.
    Thats the reality.

  58. qna

    CG. You seem to be from from the old school of British football. I get the feeling you think that the answer lies within the empire. 🙂 I am very skeptical of people who think like that. Can you name me some managers who do have a philosophy that you like?

    I am not an Emery man. But given the options he was one of the better ones available. He certainly has a philosophy. Whether you like it or not.

  59. Dissenter

    You’re still running a Wenger interference mate
    Certainly the influx of stateless billionaires [Abramovich] and oil state billionaires certainly made it harder.
    Wenger seemed to handle it properly by rightly using a youth model with the 2007 team that was in the cusp of winning the league until Gail Clichy suffered an absence seizure at St. Andrews. We would have win despite the new money.
    That’s when Wenger’s brain got scrambled .
    He decided to over-austere and kept some very bad players like Almunia in the guise of no money.
    He also started spending way too much on wages after we we lost Nasri, Cliche and Fabregas.
    When the financial restrictions were lifted, Wenger had no clue what to do and would dither until opportunities slipped away. He was the protagonist of the stash away money-wait for FFP to attain parity approach.
    Alexander Henry put it best yesterday when he said that “wenger lost it when he actually started spending.”

  60. Dissenter

    There are no Emery men here.
    There’s no emotional attachment to the man. He’s not earned it yet.

    If he got fired today, I wouldn’t shed a tear.
    I would grab my popcorn though, ready to enjoy the shit fest that will ensue.

  61. Doom n gloom

    The ditherer ,snake oil salesman & syrup have wasted the 10yr advantage we had over many of our rivals.For that there can be NO excuses.Arsenals new regime are now having to pay the price of clearing up the mess & starting afresh.This WILL lead to short(hopefully) term teething problems/pain.we are where we are.unless syrup changes his investment strategy we are having to look below the radar for future stars.Not kids(wenger error) But 19-23 yr olds.with high sell on potential.Emery needs time & another 2/3 windows.Then & only then can we effectively judge progress or lack of it.

  62. useroz

    “…Faith is not what will turn this club around. It’s being smart, clinical and logical. We need to be calculated and not get sucked into a pointless vortex of just picking our next favourite guy to support based on nothing other than a dream.”

    On that basis, is the current execs and senior management, football side or not, good enough to design, and implement? Say, not.

    Raul is like a 2nd/3rd gen rich kid who never earned a living but has expertise in purchasing fine wine via his extensive contacts in SA, Europe, etc. We can’t afford his taste and luxury to be honest.

    Personally, I think the “Arteta for Afc” idea is absurd in the new era of football excellence when analytics, science, etc are exploited to push to the next levels. Other than the title of ‘Pep’s assistant coach’. (one of several), what has Arteta got in his magic ‘sauce’ that could remotely be evidenced?

    If/ when the club is turned around in 2 to 3 years, why would we want an ‘Arteta’, unless he has managed and won many things. But then, elite /tier 1 coaches/managers would truly be interested, wouldn’t they?

  63. Champagne charlie


    So there’s no been numerous calls for Emery to overhaul the squad before judging him?

    Might I suggest you sharpen your gaze instead of sitting perched and offering platitudes. There’d be no need to offer a rebuttal if the original point was non-existent.

  64. Graham62

    Charlie George

    Ah, if it was that simple.

    Blaming the “oligarchy money” on Wenger’s fall from grace is a cop out.

    He was found out.

  65. Pierre

    “No doubt that Emery has contributed to those 36 goals. But he is trying to play a philosophy that we need to adopt but with players that aren’t good enough.”

    At that leads us back to the point I made after the first 2 games

    We have a manager who has a certain football philosophy but doesn’t have the players to implement that philosophy and the owner will not provide the funds to buy the players to implement his philosophy.

    And they is why his appointment didn’t make sense , he has players like ozil, Mhkitaryan and Aubamayang whose are not suited to Emery’s style.
    The club should have known that that and it should have been easy to foresee the problems that are occurring now in that they won’t be able to sell our huge wage earners.
    And we shouldn’t forget that ozil, Mhkitaryan and Aubamayang only signed those contracts one year ago so it should have been an important part of the interview process that our new manager would want to work with these talented players.

  66. Dissenter

    “absolute defense of Emery”?

    Arguing that harsh and impetuous criticism be paused until he’s 2-3 transfer windows is not an “ABSOLUTE DEFENSE OF EMERY”

    I’m absolutely sure that you fully well know what “absolute” means.
    Are you being intentionally clueless or just happen to have your tongue permanently stuck on your cheeks?

  67. Graham62


    “The club should have known”

    You mean Gazidis, the BoD and our knowledgeable Football owner Mr SK?

    No fudging chance.

  68. Dissenter

    Two weeks ago, Pedro was referring to OGS as a “young manager” in a failed attempt to attach an Arteta-type meme to the United resurgence.

  69. Pierre

    Surely during the interview process there must have been some discussion amongst the Arsenal hierarchy as to what we needed at the club.

    We had just given huge contracts to 3 offensive players so it should have been imperative that the new manager was willing and able to work with these type of players.

    Watching United just go 2-0 up with pogba and Martial scoring excellent goals , 2 players who were going nowhere( like Ozil) under the previous manager but now look world class as they have a manager who appreciates their talents.

  70. gonsterous

    nothing less than a win tonight. need to put those points up on the board and pressurise chelski and utd. hope city do us a favour tomorrow.

  71. Little Mozart

    That goal by Martial!! No way we score that kind of goal. Our players will cross it back, than fend off two defenders n shoot let alone score.

  72. Dissenter

    Maybe the club shouldn’t have bought another weak arsed puny attacking midfielder days after giving a certain weak arsed puny attacking midfielder.

    We lost the plot in January 2018. W made so many blunders that would retract the options whatever new manager would have had.
    We have two 55 million center forwards and neither of them can give us the opportunity to hold up the ball or be a target for crosses.
    We brought in Mykhi [because we screwed up the Sanchez exit earlier on] when we had no need for him.

  73. Pierre

    You’re missing the point , whether the decisions in January were poor or not is irrelevant when it came to hiring our new manager.

    They were here on huge long term contracts and would be difficult to move on so it was imperative that our new manager( whoever he is) could work with these ,in my opinion, very talented players.

    Instead we have the situation now where our new manager has brought a new player in on loan who looks a carbon copy of what we already have in the squad …

    Baffling to say the least.

  74. Alone + Easy Target

    So are we shoo in for Monchi? That will lessen the dread of the loss of Sven.

    Chambers playing decent right now tbh.

  75. Pierre

    If Jose was still at United those same players would be playing bland ,boring football ( similar to Arsenal) .
    Pogba and Martial would still be sitting on the bench or in and out of the team or maybe have even been sold in the January window due to their disruptive influence( similar to Ozil).

    That’s why it is important to have a manager who focuses on the positives in players instead of the negatives.

  76. Brooklyn

    Chambers has been decent at CM last few weeks…..backup RB, backup for CM in place of Elneny as 4th choice and 5th choice CB, he should do good job, probably isn’t over 50k a week….home grown, still young..

  77. Brooklyn

    Probably should sell Xhaka and bring in 1st choice CM, Sell Mustafi, release Kos, buy new 1st choice CB, will also need 1st choice LB….

    2wingers, 1CB, 1CM, 1LB for about 120-150 million should be possible?

  78. Marc


    Can you please enlighten me on to who this amazing coach is who would have come in and got so much more out of the current group of players?

  79. Dissenter

    Why Monch?
    Is he the only footballing mind that can do the work of a DoF?
    What;’s the craze for celebrities all about?

    The last celebrity chief scout stocked the club with 29 year olds from Dortmund and elsewhere. He;’s the one who recommended Perisic.
    We need good people, some of whom we have never read about.

  80. Marc


    Whilst I agree that someone doesn’t have to be a household name to be good at what they do when you are talking about an entertainment business that attracts so much fanatical attention stand out people will often be in the spotlight.

  81. Chris


    I doubt Man Utd can keep up this run they are on for the remainder of the season. They needed it just to get back in touch with the top four. All isn’t lost yet.

    If we do start to slip too far behind in the league we should absolutely put all our eggs in the EL basket.

  82. Victorious

    Chambers is pony, he’s been shafted from his normal position to midfield because of how porous he is

    no way we ever become serious if we continue to indulge his like

    I hope we inserted an option /obligation to buy in his loan deal with Fulham..

    Or better still he can be a sweetener for a deal to bring in their left sided player sesessgnon..now that’s a talent

  83. Graham62


    “That’s why it’s important to have a manager who focuses on the positives in players instead of the negatives”

    I am with you on that philosophy.

    Too many manager’s and coaches over complicate matters, which leads to stagnation. This was Mourinho’s downfall.

    This is my one main gripe with Emery. We have gone from no tactical analysis to total overkill.

    Just an observation.

  84. Pierre

    Another one missing the point…

    It’s nothing to do with hiring an ” amazing coach ”
    I don’t think anyone would call Solksjaer an amazing coach , he is someone who has the intelligence to realise that he has a talented squad who certain players need to be let off the leash and to get them to play in areas where they do the most damage.

  85. Chris

    As I say I wouldn’t have Chambers as a starter, but he is versatile and can step in and do a job when needed at centre or right back. Don’t forget he is playing for Fulham this season who are porous themselves.

    If we could get £20 million for him then great, but if he ends up back as part of our ‘squad’ I wouldn’t be unhappy.

  86. Marc


    There’s still plenty of matches that will see Utd or Chelsea potentially drop points. We have Spud’s away and Utd at home, the following fixture is Wolves away which won’t be an easy one after that we have 7 fixtures that are winnable with Leicester away being the toughest.

    Utd have: Liverpool, Arsenal away, City home, Chelsea home as well as CL fixtures to juggle.

    Chelsea have: City away, Spud’s home, Liverpool away and Utd away.

    It won’t be easy but it there’s plenty to play for. We must get 9 points from our next 3 matches.

  87. Victorious

    I doubt Man Utd can keep up this run they are on for the remainder of the season. ”

    Why not

    You probably made a comment like this also after their first 2 or 3 wins.. 9 straight games and they’re still on a roll

    We’re more likely in a fight with Chavs for 5th

    Spuds are jammy cunts.

    They’ll probably continue to fluke their way to a top 4 spot,

    I mean we all thought Kane’s injury will derail them, apparently not

    Think Europa league is our best bet but fear we wouldn’t win it either.. Too many strong teams in it this year

  88. Alexanderhenry


    Agreed on the hypothetical managerial genius.
    Also, if such a manager exists, why would he manage arsenal?

    Overall, I actually think Emery has done well. He tinkers a little too much perhaps, but given the squad he’s got to work with and bad luck with consecutive injuries in defence, he’s done as well as should be expected.

    We’re 6th and that’s a fair reflection of where our squad is at the moment.

    What will propell us back into the top is better players.

  89. Marc

    “Too many manager’s and coaches over complicate matters, which leads to stagnation. This was Mourinho’s downfall.”

    Er no Mourinho’s downfall was completely down to him being a complete cunt and the players switching off. Exactly the same thing happened to him at Chelsea previously.

  90. Pierre

    And Marc , believe it or not , by allowing the United players to play with more freedom in attack they have become more disciplined in defence with Hierra and matic protecting….but he allows the offensive players to play with freedom.

  91. Dissenter

    The United situation is different from ours
    They finished with 81 points last season and only conceded 28 goals in the league.
    OGS was picking up an under-motivated squad not the scrapyard [bar Laca and Auba] Emery was given.

  92. Chris

    Agree Marc. All still to play for. Was looking at our fixtures this morning and thinking the same. 9 points from 9 is a must and very achievable. Bournemouth perhaps the trickiest of those but they have a poor record away to the top six.

    One of Man Utd or Chelsea will likely have a deep run in the FA Cup too.

    Victorious needs to keep his chin up!

  93. Marc


    I’m not missing the point I’m asking that you give me some suggestions of the coaches that would be both available and able to do what you say.

    You spend too much time talking Emery down without offering any alternatives.

  94. Marc


    Utd have also had a pretty nice run of fixtures under Solskjaer with the Spud’s the only difficult match – one that De Gea pulled off a couple of very good saves and the Spud’s strikers spent the rest of the match shooting straight at him.

  95. Batistuta

    People who compare our squad with United’s and say a manager who focuses on the positives can come in and get us playing to their level need serious help

  96. Alone + Easy Target

    Yeah I don’t know other meme backroom staff that we can get but with his supposed good relationship with Emery and his track record with Roma et al thought he can unearth those badly needed gems for us.

  97. Thomas

    Chambers is fucking shit. There’s a reason he’s loaned out to one of the worst teams in the league. It’s his level.

  98. Thomas

    Arsenal fans are so thick and fickle sometimes.

    Chambers has a couple of half decent games and all the sudden everyone’s happy to keep dross like him in the squad.

  99. Dissenter

    Jean Michaël Seri is very poor too
    That for a player that was on the verge of being signed by by Barca in 2017.
    Raul Sanllehi was sacked in dramatically fashion whilst negotiating with Nice.

    Barca dodged a bullet and it’s no wonder he’s at Fulham today.

  100. Nelson

    @Pierre “it should have been an important part of the interview process that our new manager would want to work with these talented players.”

    The ship has sailed. Talking about that won’t help the CURRENT team. After watching the team for the past few months, we can see that Emery prefers hard working player who can run a lot and can perform various tasks in the pitch. That’s why he said that Suarez can play many different positions on the pitch. His football philosophy is high defensive line to reduce the pitch and high press to suffocate the opponent. But we don’t have the players to do this. Especially the defenders where we were given up many scoring chances. At this point, I would like to see Emery to show some flexibility. It is more important to get top4 than to test our defenders and see who can adapt to his philosophy. I agree with what he did for the attack. He should find a better way to set up the defense.

  101. Micheal

    Today’s team:
    No Auba, Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil

    Leno, Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Guendouzi, Torreira, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Kolasinac, Lacazette.

    Subs: Cech, Lichtsteiner, Suarez, Mavpropanos, Elneny, Willock, Nketieh.

  102. Nelson

    Arsenal: Leno, Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Guendouzi, Torreira, Iwobi, Kolasinac, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette

    Subs: Cech, Elneny, Lichsteiner, Suarez, Mavropanos, Willock, Nketiah

  103. Charlie George

    Graham 62

    Agree totally with your paralysis by analysis theory with regards to Emery

    We will never see a fluent team him with in charge- he is always chopping and changing.

    And if we are playing well and in a rich vein of form like the Chelsea game ( 2 nil up) he will take the best players off ( laca and Rambo) to try and be clever.

    His touchline demeanour does not inspire confidence- scuttling up and down like a stressed city trader in the pit!

    Emery does not believe football can be fun
    He thinks it’s chess. He wants football to be painstaking.
    Even nailing down a single captain has been beyond him.
    The man is totally devoid of any panache and polish.

    We are The Mighty Arsenal- he ain’t good enough for us.
    Never will be!(Unless you want Arsenal to be playing Luton Town in 2 seasons time!)

  104. Pierre

    “People who compare our squad with United’s and say a manager who focuses on the positives can come in and get us playing to their level need serious help”

    Let’s have a look shall we and then we will see who needs “serious help”



    Pretty similar quality wise if used correctly.

    Hierra, matic, Fred.

    Torreira, Guendouzi/Xhaka


    Bellerin ,Sokratis, monreal,kosielny

    Jones ,shaw, lindoff, Darmein


    Goalkeepers are probably the main difference.

  105. Samesong


    Maybe Pierre wants the job himself. 🤔

    I’ve also never heard Pierre mention an alternative either. Typical grumpy old man that thinks he’s physic.

  106. Victorious


    Agree, he looked rusty and unfit when he came on against city but Mikki is starting despite been out for a long while also

    He is better than Mikki and Iwobi even from the wing

    In all honesty I’ll still prefer him to Mikki for this match

  107. Marc


    Pierre just wants to be able to say Wenger would have done better. I wonder how many managers we’ll need to have before Pierre can look at the team and the players with any sort of objectivity.

  108. Bamford10


    I don’t think we have any chance of finishing top four. With 12 matches still remaining, it’s about the quality of the team, not the quality of the opponents. United are much better than we are, and Spurs are too far ahead.

    If we want CL football, we must win the Europa.

  109. Marc


    The quality of the opponents has everything to do with how a team will do. Now if we drop points all over the place of course we won’t finish top 4 but with the fixtures Chelsea and ManU have there’s the chance that they could drop some serious points as well which if we can get a run of form going who knows.

  110. Bamford10


    You say you don’t think Solksjaer is a good coach as if you have any evidence that he isn’t. You don’t.

    Just because he hadn’t managed a big club prior to this doesn’t mean he’s not a good coach; it just means he has a limited CV.

    Every good coach once had a limited CV, and there are many good coaches out there right now with limited CVs.

    Bottom line: limited CV ≠ not good.

  111. Cesc Appeal

    The only team of any note United have played in the league with the new manager is Spurs and fortuitous does not begin to describe that win.

    Let’s see how they do with the run they’ve got coming up.

    A team that has had £700 Million dropped on it in the last few years should be able to beat 90% of the teams they have since Ole took over relatively simply with a competent manager.

  112. bennydevito

    Has Ozil got a bug too? Not even on the bench.

    Both my daughters have got terrible sickness bugs, my 2 year old is chundering as I type.

    Suarez not starting which I knew would be the case, unlike others who seem to think his purchase (loan) is some sort of conspiracy.

    Back in a bit.