HectorFanTV DROPS — Emery seeks a better record away

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Arsenal head out on the road this weekend after not winning in 6 games. Fear not, Emery knows what the double-flip is going down.

“My first critic is myself. We can make the top four, but we know it’s not easy.

“We are strong at home, but I think we need to do better away. We started very well, changing our mentality to get more points away. But now we need to recover our confidence and performance.

“Also we know defensively we need to do better. We tried to play with three and two centre-backs. Be passionate, be calm but above all work.”

Away form is an odd one. It’s all in the head. I find it interesting that something like that can impact elite athletes, you’d kind of think they were a bit above that? I understand the butterflies might be on fire in Istanbul, but at Huddersfield this Saturday, I’d hope less so?

We take on bottom of the table Huddersfield. They recently agreed to part ways with the excellent David Wagner. He was replaced by Dortmund first-team coach, Jan Siewart. Not sure I can speak about him with any sort of knowledge, so I won’t even try and Google research him. Huddersfield take chances on managers in the same way I would, and it’s paid dividends for little investment.

I have my doubts they’ll have enough to take down Arsenal at the weekend. We have Mikhi coming back into the fold, which I would hope could give us a little more width and creativity from wide positions. However, it’s clear that the most important thing is to keep a clean sheet. The team really needs to get back to basics. We were overrun by Cardiff at home a few weeks ago, that’s not a good look.

Emery needs to get his season back on track, he needs to get him best players on the pitch and he needs to find a system that he can roll with for more than 24 minutes.

Finally, Hector B has dropped a fan TV channel. He’s talking about his surgery, sure, I love that, but be real, when is the high-end fashion chat dropping? I wanna see the latest Balenciaga sneakers I can’t by because I’m old. I want to know about OFF-White print shirts. I wanna know when the male sarong is coming back?

Good luck sir, and don’t get downbeat about the muppets in the comments.

JUST KIDDING GUYS, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Graham62

    Not sure about the Huddersfield game.

    Should win but you never know.

    Chance to see Suarez play. MC game didn’t count.

    Crying out for some creativity.

    I’ll go 3-1 to the Arsenal.

  2. HighburyLegend

    “We are strong at home, but I think we need to do better away.”

    Simple solution : play Ozil!!
    (I’m not Pierre in disguise)

  3. HighburyLegend

    “Also we know defensively we need to do better. ”

    Without buying a proper defender.
    In Wenger Jr. I don’t trust anymore.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    I wonder if Emery will start Mkhitaryan and Suarez?

    He seems to trust Mkhitaryan the most out of his CAM options, but even then it’s clear there’s dissatisfaction.

    Could be one at CAM and one at RM.

    I wouldn’t be starting Lacazette and Aubameyang. I would give Aubameyang a rest at the weekend, he’s looked a little flat lately and people do forget the shift he has put in for us in big games and in operating at LM.

    I would probably have Suarez, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi behind Lacazette. Then Torreira and Guendouzi in midfield. Maitland Niles at RB if fit, if not Jenkinson, then Mavropanos and Kozz and Monreal.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    ‘We take on bottom of the table Huddersfield….Huddersfield take chances on managers in the same way I would, and it’s paid dividends for little investment’.

    The way forward. Bring on the baggage handler.

  6. Victorious

    If we can’t beat Huddersfield away we may as well pack it in.’

    Agree LFS, our attacking play should be markedly better now as Suarez is clearly a level above our other options there

    Huddersfield have lost their past 7 out of 10 games

    Basically no excuse not to take home all 3points

  7. Guns of Hackney

    Huddersfield will give them a game. Normally a new manager brings a buzz for a game or two and there is no better team than Arsenal to get your season moving. We’re that ride you need after your long term love of your life leaves you.

    Emery’s press conferences are sounding more and more like Arsene every time I hear one. Do Arsenal tell them what to say or is Unai trying to be Wenger?

    Batshit mental.

  8. Victorious

    Emery’s press conferences are sounding more and more like Arsene every time I hear one. Do Arsenal tell them what to say or is Unai trying to be Wenger?”

    Yh becoming boring as hell

    dunno which is worse and more boring.. He’s rehashing of the word ‘improvement ‘ and ‘moment ‘ or the fact most of the time nobody gets a clue what he’s talking about.

  9. KAY Boss

    Not a popular opinion but I think injury to Mkhi, affected our forward play a bit.
    Huddersfield must crush, other than that then Emery ain’ t fit for purpose.
    Also wanna see ozil in there. No matter how some may not like his input, these are the sort of games that mostly fit him.
    3-1…. Since we can’t keep clean sheet.

  10. Dissenter

    Of course the manager who speaks a smattering of English will recycle the same words over and over again.
    He’s probably stuck on a vocabulary of 500 English footballing words.

    Anything to knock the manager

  11. Guns of Hackney

    Id always listen to Arsene over emery. Arsene was crayyyyzeeee and his press conferences were gold. Emery is still trying to actually make sense with what he says…in the end, Wenger didn’t care.

    If Unai mentions FFP or Brexit…game over.

  12. Dissenter

    Did anyone else see our new top-10 trophy?

    Mesut Ozil made the top-10 most highly paid footballers.
    Escalation of financial power, that’s what I’m talking about.

  13. Micheal

    Not having Xhaka in the side is a big plus for me. As we know, he struggles against hard-working teams whose workrate is too much to handle. Sames goes for Ozil.

    Assuming they are fit, I would go:

    AMN – Mustafi – Koscielny – Kolasinac
    Guen – Ramsey – Iwobi
    Laca – Auba

  14. Left testicle


  15. Charlie George

    What a hugely impressive young man ,
    Our Hector is.

    The complete opposite to his fellow countryman Emery;

    Speaks impeccable English- yet half his age. ( I know Zimbabweans- who have learned and spoken perfect English after 6 months). Who is teaching emery- its cringeworthy listening to him?

    Full of color, charcter and verve
    Loves and loyal to The Arsenal

    And what a disservice Arsenal( inc Old Regime) have done to him -Hector- by not supplying adequate back up for him

    His injury should not have happened.
    Overplayed and rushed back.

    Let’s get more full backs
    They are pivotal in modern football

  16. Bamford10


    I like that XI, but I think we should give Ozil a run; I’d replace Suarez with Ozil and bring Suarez in in the second half for Mkhitaryan.


    I think Welbeck’s injury hurt us even more. Losing him gets almost no talk here, but he could have helped us a lot this season, given us width, pace, dribbling, stretched defenses, etc. Not a great player, but a useful player.

  17. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, great comparison, Bellerin has only been at the club since the age of 16, so for nearly 8 years. Fuckwit

  18. Freddie Ljungberg

    Languages also gets more difficult to learn the older you get, so being younger is clearly a benefit. Can’t believe anyone can be this stupid. You’re doing it though , great job champ.

  19. Jim Lahey

    “Speaks impeccable English- yet half his age.”

    One has been in the country 6 months the other 8 years…

    “Full of color”

    Also, if you love the English language so much, learn to fucking spell

  20. Spudnik

    A good win against Huddersfield could be the start of an exciting run in to the end of the season. Here’s hoping we recapture our early season form. I’m optimistic, but that’s purely based on fan hope with no evidence to back it up whatsoever. We’re on 47pts and Spurs finished last season in 3rd on 77pts and Pool in 4th on 75pts. 30 points is a big mountain to climb, but if we start getting close there’ll be some serious squeaky bum time going down.

    However, even if we achieve CL next season, there’s still some major rebuilding to be done to compete at that level. To put it into perspective, Liverpool today published their 2017-2018 accounts. It shows they invested £190m in their squad for that year. The latest accounts include the signings of Virgil van Dijk, Mohamed Salah, Andy Robertson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Dominic Solanke. They do not account for last summer’s club record spend on Alisson, Naby Keïta, Fabinho and Xherdan Shaqiri, signed for a combined total of £174m.

    That’s £364m over 2 seasons in outlay compared to our 70m last summer and our supposed 40m this summer. How can we compete against that?


  21. Charlie George

    Color is spelt 2 ways
    USA version is color
    UK version is colour

    I like color
    U can keep colour
    I live in South Africa . Have to be careful with this word.

  22. Nelson

    I remember last January we signed Auba. Since he was with BVB, he was not allowed to play for us in the UEFA cup. Since then, the rule has changed. Suarez is allowed to play in the UEFA games. Similarly, we could push FA to adopt a rule used in North America sport. A team can get ride of a player by paying 60% of his remaining salary.

  23. Spudnik

    May have read that wrong. Could be just £190m invested for this seasaon invested in Klopp’s “title chasing squad” . Sorry.

  24. Dissenter

    Charlie George
    ‘Speaks impeccable English- yet half his age. ( I know Zimbabweans- who have learned and spoken perfect English after 6 months). Who is teaching emery- its cringeworthy listening to him?’

    You’re the biggest dolt on this blog
    -you know Zimbabweans who have learned and spoken English?

    English it the language of instruction in Zimbabwe. They don’t have learn it in 6 months. You make is seem like teaching monkeys magic tricks.

  25. Bamford10


    To return to our discussion from yesterday, the point is this: your proposals (way back when) for who we should sign always consisted of this £75m player, that £75m player and that other £75m player. You weren’t calling for us to sign one £75m player (and, say, two £35m players); you were calling for us to sign three £75m players.

    One, this required no insight whatsoever. Everyone here can call for a Pogba, a Griezmann, a this-or-that-fantastic player.

    Two, even when we were flush with cash, this wasn’t a reasonable proposal for a variety of reasons, including the fact that we often needed not three players, but five players, not to mention spending 225m on three players — and this doesn’t even include wages — would not have been an intelligent use of our resources.

    A far more intelligent use of our resources, as many of us pointed out to you, would have been, for example, signing this £75m player, that £35m player, that £15m player, that £25m player. However, for you, the only players who would ever be good enough were £75m players. Anyone who cost less than that wasn’t good enough. Except that one could make a very long list of excellent players who were signed for 45m or less over the past few years, and this list would serve as proof that you don’t need to sign £75m players exclusively in order to build a great XI or squad.

  26. Charlie George

    U might be referring to Rhodesian times
    Recent times- there has been the systematic break down of schooling
    I have been to Harare and Bulaywalo a few times. I Have witnessed this.

    I totally stand by argument

  27. bennydevito

    Charlie George,

    You really are a contemptuous fuckwit of mind boggling epic proportions.

    Bellerin has been here since he was 16. Why would Emery have ever needed to learn English up until now? Plus it’s a lot harder to learn English as a foreign language when your middle aged.

    What’s cringeworthy is you and your continuous attack on Emery based on his language, how he looks, what he eats, the colour of his teeth, it’s fucking unbelievable.

  28. Bamford10


    He may be a dolt, but he’s right about English: British English is not the “correct” version of English; it’s simply one version of English, i.e., a dialect. Neither is American English the “correct” version of English, of course, as it too is simply one version of English, a dialect. Neither “color” nor “colour” is the correct spelling per se; each is simply the version used in a particular place.

  29. Charlie George

    I think having all these basic traits are all imperative to Be holding the elite position of figure head of AFC.
    I am entitled to hold these beliefs.
    You are entitled to see a figure head with:

    Bad team
    Bad appearance
    Bad English
    That’s ok too.

  30. qna

    Bamford. That’s bullshit.

    By the way. Missing Welbeck? His 1 goal and 1 assist in the PL before he got injured in his 8 appearances? It’s funny how Arsenal players become superstars while they are out injured, yet are utterly useless when they actually have to play.

  31. Eduardo

    “Huddersfield take chances on managers in the same way I would, and it’s paid dividends for little investment.”

    Huddersfield have 11 points from 25 games. They’re 13 points from safety. Even if Burnley in 17th played no more games this season, Huddersfield would need a 50 game season to overtake them.

    This pro-Arteta, anti-Emery agenda is truly irrational.

  32. Bamford10


    “That’s bullshit.”

    Care to elaborate?

    As for Welbeck, I didn’t say he is or was “a superstar”. I said we could have used him these past few months. And your reduction of a player to a couple of stats is simplistic reductivism and is a really facile approach to football.

  33. bennydevito

    But CG,

    You criticised Emery’s appearance based on him meeting Suarez in a tracksuit and cited both AW and GG as doing the same but wearing suits thus proving your point.

    I then proved you were talking utter, utter horseshit by posting pictures of AW and GG in fucking shorts and t-shirts having their pictures taken with Ozil and Smith & Winterburn

    Bad team? Wenger inherited a team in 5th place from Rioch whereas Emery inherited a team from Wenger in 6th. Wenger was at Arsenal for 22 years!!!! Emery has had 8 months, this isn’t Emery’s team yet so the 2 are incomparable!

    So I’ve proved all 3 of your points completely wrong and I have proven that your judgement of Emery is Bourne on prejudice, xenophobia and bigotry.

    In fact I go as far as saying that you are a white supremist racist cunt..

  34. Left testicle

    This is priceless from Iwobi…

    “I have an analyst now who is always trying to help me, which I didn’t have in seasons before, so he’s sending me clips and saying what I can do better. That’s helped me and I’d like to say I’ve been involved in a few goals this season, even it’s not the assist or the goal“.

    The Man City game springs to mind.

  35. Left testicle

    “I’ve been getting a few pre-assists which go unnoticed“.

    What about the pre-pre-assists and the pre-pre-pre-assists?

  36. qna

    Left. True. Very true. I take that back. It’s like a new signing when he gets injured.

    Bamford. Not really. Your post was full of shit. Sounds like you just you rationalising being wrong for the last 15 years. Not sure which three 75m players you think I was asking for, but even if I take that to be true (which it isnt), it probably changes our destiny quite significantly to the one we are have now. If we did spend that much, that wouldn’t have left us with room to spend the hundreds of millions we did on mediocre spuds.

    In 2019, it probably does take 75m for a single player of significance. But I gave up asking for that a long while ago when prices where a lot lower, so I know you are full of shit. Right now we are a long way from three world class players away from being a top level club again, so the last thing I would call for now is to buy three expensive players.

  37. Jim Lahey

    “I’ll accept JL apology in due course.”

    Not a chance, you come on here, banging on about British this and English that and it turns out you are an American

  38. Pierre

    It appears to me that you are twisting QNA’S words .

    What he was saying is , and I agree with him, is that the club should have pushed the boat out and signed top quality . If we had followed that process we wouldn’t be where we are now .

    If we had supplemented our already excellent side 10/12 years ago with 2 or 3 top quality additions , for instance a goalkeeper, a central defenders and a defensive midfielder and paid the players at the club what they were worth , then we wouldn’t have seen a mass exodus of players leaving the club to find success and higher wages.

    Of course ,there is no guarantee of success but Chelsea and city have achieved enormous success and they had to build their sides from scratch , they have probably spent close on a billion or more.
    Arsenal would not have needed to spend anywhere near that amount as wenger has already built a fantastic young team that just needed a couple of additions to achieve their goals.

    What Qna was saying is that if we had showed more ambition in the transfer market then we would have achieved a lot more on the field of play and this in turn would have encouraged our best players to stay and not have to leave Arsenal to fulfil their ambitions.

    It should have been about buying top quality as city and Chelsea have done.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t know, I think the creators of the language get to have ownership of what is correct.

    British English is English.

    Everything else is ‘Insert Country’ English.

  40. Doublethink

    Making a couple of tackles a game wouldn’t go amiss for Iwobi too, if you’re an attacking player that doesn’t score or assist a lot I would’ve thought he’d work harder defensively but I guess not.

  41. Bamford10


    What, exactly, have I been wrong about? That we needed to find quality at a range of price points, not just at the top price point?

    Please explain how that POV is/was wrong.


    No, I am not twisting his words at all. And I too of course argued that we needed to sign quality. The question was whether quality can be found at lower price points. I (and nearly everyone else here) said yes, QNA said no.

    That was the debate.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    My brother always says Iwobi is the most frustrating player to watch, because he looks as if he should be good. He has the frame. He has the pace. He has the skill on show sometimes. But then he just loses it the second he gets into the final third, or just drops clangers occasionally.

    Nothing wrong with him as a squad player, and maybe in that role he could emerge later on. But I’m not expecting it.

    He shouldn’t be in the starting line up next season.

  43. Champagne charlie


    Someone should tell Ole not to worry about a vision, he just needs loads of new players..

  44. qna

    Bamford you are wrong because what you were suggesting is exactly what the club tried to do. They weren’t scouring the earth looking to unearth gems like Dortmund. Instead they looked at mature players who represented good value because they were of no interest to the other big clubs. I have been arguing for years that this is the wrong approach. That it assumes that at least a dozen other clubs in world football are stupid and don’t know how to evaluate a players potential.

    You were wrong because the club has proven to be wrong.

  45. Left testicle

    Yeah, but Aubameyang took the kick off which, 10 minutes later, resulted in the corner that lead to the goal. Does Aubameyang get an assist?

  46. WengerEagle

    Haha CC, thought the same thing when I read that.

    United are United so we all know that more heavy investment is on its way. One of the only clubs where they can keep throwing shit at the wall until some of it sticks, they’ll keep on spending large until they get it right.

  47. Eduardo

    You can see Iwobi’s body get visibly wracked with fear whenever he has the ball near the opponent penalty area, it sometimes looks like he’s about to have a seizure. No amount of support or advice can help him with that.

  48. qna

    The thing about Iwobi is that he can put the ball in the back of the net. That is one thing that he really has going for him. He wants too much time on the ball. Wants to hold on to it a bit too long. You don’t get that time on the EPL.

    I am convinced that if he spent a year in Germany that he would get some end product for his good work. I’d like us loan him out with a view to increasing his value and then sell him at the end of next season.

  49. Victorious


    Yh,just read somewhere united are ready to back OGS with a war chest of £250M to get them back competing at the top level

    I figure His vision and philosophy might have weighed in heavily for the purse to be loosen for such ridiculous amount

    You then read of us with the touted 40M without champions league footy and it’s becomes no surprise we’re no longer taken serious and seen as a mediocre club by many

  50. Eduardo

    ‘The thing about Iwobi is that he can put the ball in the back of the net. ‘

    I don’t think we’ve been watching the same player. The Iwobi I’ve seen can’t shoot for toffee. He has good close control, but his decision-making is terrible and he lacks courage.

  51. Receding Hairline

    I am a bit confused

    The rumor is United are backing Ole , whose squad is already superior to ours, with 250m and somehow it is meant to be a lesson to Emery to stop asking for new players??

  52. Receding Hairline

    “United are United so we all know that more heavy investment is on its way. One of the only clubs where they can keep throwing shit at the wall until some of it sticks, they’ll keep on spending large until they get it right.”

    How is this a lesson for Emery??

    Do we have a proper squad??

    What exactly was he meant to do as the injuries mounted besides chopping and changing??

    Will Ole play with the same eleven and style he did if 3-4 of his starters are injured ?

  53. qna

    Eduardo. Not often granted. But when he does score a goal it’s usually deliberate, well taken. It’s not like Welbeck scoring off his knee or something ridiculous.

    So that’s what I mean by that. He knows how to score a nice, quality goal. But I don’t think the EPL is the league for him. I think he’d do well in Germany with a bit more time. I think he’d score more of those goals and get more assists.

  54. Champagne charlie


    Undoubtedly so, the benefits of being mega sadly. It’s why we have to get all the details spot on along the way, including the dismissed ones such as vision and strategy.

  55. Victorious

    Nothing confusing there when you drop the Emery blinkered specs

    It’s easier to back a manager more when he’s doing something unbelievable with a squad he hasn’t spent a penny on

    United were a joke under boringho and looked relegation plodders,OGS has come in and instantly has them as top4 favorites

    Complete contrast to Emery who is not only making us play shit football with the squad he inherited, but has spunked 70M on his own players and we don’t looked any better from last seasons debacle.

    Quite a feat

  56. WengerEagle


    Yeah even if we spend decentish money on a player, we can’t really afford anyone to flop. Certainly can’t spend 60 million on the likes of Mustafi and Xhaka again if we’re to go anywhere.

    Fine line though isn’t it between cheaping and finding a gem beneath the rubble? That’s where Sven was supposed to come in but we’ve cut those ties now haven’t we.

  57. Receding Hairline

    Wasn’t talking about Emery at all there.

    Eagle well the link you were replying to was apparently dropped to highlight Emery’s lack of vision in comparison to Ole


    Abeg shift make i see better people

  58. Graham62

    Charlie George

    You come across as a bit of a dick with your continued personal attacks on Emery.

    Klopp/Pep/Sarri are not perfect, although my wife thinks Mr Guardiola is a bit of alright.

    Maybe you prefer your managers to go galavanting off on a photo shoot for a French fashion magazine instead of working on fundamental flaws in our team or, better still, embarrassingly trying to zip up a sleeping bag on the touchline.

    Criticise by all means, but try and act with a bit of respect and keep your bigoted opinions to yourself.

  59. qna

    Victorious. Emery didn’t spunk a dime. He said as much the other day when talking about Sven leaving. Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.

    Emery has come to the team and not one are his signings.

  60. Nelson

    There is one thing I don’t understand regarding football players. There are players like Torr and Laca, who tackle and try to win the ball. There are also players like Ox, Ramsey and Iwobi, who just follow the opponent but never try to tackle the ball. It can’t be a physical thing. Could be they don’t have the heart to get dirty. There are also players like Mustafi and Xhaka who like sliding tackle.

  61. Mozil

    I personally think that Iwobi’s time is up. He has had his chances and the board should look to sell to a mid-table club for a cool 20m. (Everton or West Ham as they always buy our dross.)

    Its time for Reiss Nelson and ESR to try and succeed with Arsenal.

  62. Receding Hairline

    Yes its Unbelievable that a squad that contains Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Lukaku. Pogba, Lindelof (30m ish defender) Baily (30m ish defender) Shaw( one of the most expnsive full backs around) Herrera, and co can go a few games without defeat.

    Very unbelievable …what a rubbish squad Man United have

    Everyone mocked Mourinho for complaining about his squad because he had already spent a lot on them and they had talent

    I don’t think anyone will bat an eyelid if Emery say’s a squad that finished 6th isn’t good enough.

  63. Graham62


    Maybe we should have gone for PV4 after all.

    Someone with the blood of the club in his veins.

    A true Gooner.

  64. Receding Hairline

    He is remarkably average

    Yet he has managed some of the most well known clubs in world football

    Your special sauce Ole relegated Cardiff and ended up at Molde. Ole’s true test as a manager will still come, I hope you are around for them. It wouldn’t always be this good

  65. Marko

    Someone should tell Ole not to worry about a vision, he just needs loads of new players..

    You’re a fool if you think his vision for United doesn’t include spending millions and replacing players. But sure why not hire him Charles he’ll turn players like Xhaka Mustafi and co into smart intelligent players who don’t make countless mistakes. Cause you see that’s what we need not to replace these players but to persist with them until they’re good enough. Very smart

  66. Champagne charlie

    “Eagle well the link you were replying to was apparently dropped to highlight Emery’s lack of vision in comparison to Ole“

    No it was dropped in defiance against those who dismiss the importance of a manager having a vision for his team, an idea and strategy of where to go. The application of that I could extend to Emery, but I didn’t, it was for anyone interested in mocking the calls for a style and strategy to be visible along the rebuild.

  67. Receding Hairline

    Maybe we should have gone for PV4 after all.

    I respectfully disagree although he is a more sensible choice than Arteta.

    But he has not really achieved much in management. He left the City football group to go to Nice because they saw he was average in my opinion. OGC Nice are also having a pretty average season under him as well. A negative goal difference as we speak

  68. WengerEagle


    Think the sarcasm was missed by you in that link CC dropped, the joke was that OGS’s ‘vision’ will equate to little more than spunking as much as is possible in the summer on the best available players that they can find in their respective positions.

    It was mocking OGS not Emery.

  69. Marko

    United were a joke under boringho and looked relegation plodders

    At worse they were 8 points behind us when we were at our best. Relegation fodder apparently

  70. Champagne charlie


    You always steamroll into topics arguing points that nobody has raised. I didn’t say anything that you’ve argued against there, all trademark ramblings from the resident teenager.

    “You’re a fool” were your first three words today, so I’ll take this opportunity to tell you to wind your fucking neck in when talking about who is or isn’t argumentative on this site you pleb.

  71. Graham62


    Compare it to boxing.

    I bet Torreira and Lacazette know how to fight. They love a good scrap. Infact I would go as far as to say they are probably seriously good boxers.

    The others are more posey type players, pretending to be tough. Mustafi and Xhaka, on the other hand, are basically headless chickens, going in swinging not knowing what they’re fudging doing.

  72. Champagne charlie


    It’s the nature of where we are, or always have been in modern times at least. We should be Dortmund on steroids in terms of approach, but our strategy is indescribable at best.

    You’re right though, no good being ‘smart’ and going after mediocre talent at 15 mil vs dogs bollocks at 25 mil. The cheap option needs to still have the scope or we’re setting ourselves up for an extended spell as also-rans.

  73. Receding Hairline

    I can see the poster in question went very quiet yesterday when it was posted that Rafa took over a team that won the treble and by winter was screaming for money to be spent.

    That’s the Benitez we were told distinguished himself through out his career by working miracles with nothing.

    He spent 220m at Liverpool when 220m was a heck of a lot of money

    He is taking the crap he is at Newcastle because everyone knows he is past his sell by date.

    Fancy spending your time shitting on Emery when your bright idea is Benitez and thbnk you are worthy of anything else but contempt

  74. Marko

    it was for anyone interested in mocking the calls for a style and strategy to be visible along the rebuild.

    It’s clear he has that though. He likes to play with wingers two holding midfielders etc etc only he inherited a team with none of these things and needs more time and one window to address that. I’ve got no doubt had he been given serious investment or inherited at least one cunt who could beat a man in the final third you’d see the kind of thing he trying to do.

  75. WengerEagle

    Tbf to Vieira, Nice are absolutely crying out for a goalscorer. They sold Plea in the summer to Gladbach and Balotelli hasn’t turned up at all this season and has promptly fucked off to Marseille after 4 months of sulking.

    Also lost an important midfield piece in Seri.

    Wasn’t given anything of note to reinvest into the team.

    Given this context, he’s actually done quite well to have Nice sitting in 9th considering they’ve scored just 18 goals in the league which is beyond hopeless.

    M’Bappe has scored as many goals as their entire squad in just 16 apps.

  76. Receding Hairline

    Marko save your breath

    Emery’s playing philosophy has been explained on here extensively by Paulinho and in very clear terms.
    The problem is we do not have the players for it and as a clever tactician he has been making do with what he has to keep us competitive on the promise we will address the squad come summer.

  77. Marko

    I’ll take this opportunity to tell you to wind your fucking neck in when talking about who is or isn’t argumentative on this site you pleb.

    Yeah you dickhead you knew exactly what you were doing and sure enough you started out another day “not” looking for an argument. Good for you man

  78. Receding Hairline

    Eagle fair enough. I think he will just be one of those managers who around mid table teams doing an okay job.

    Henry on the other hand may never get a management job ever again.

    I do not buy the idea we need an ex Arsenal player as manager before we can move ahead because he knows the club. What exactly is there to know about Arsenal, how many of those they know have survived the revolving doors

  79. Graham62


    You don’t get where I’m coming from.

    OGS is/was considered a poor to average manager. He has gone in and shown that you don’t need to be this master tactician on £10m a year, with an incredible cv, to make things work.

    He is a MU fit and the fans can relate to that. He is also a perfect gent.

    He deserves so much credit and yet there are a still a few out there ( Paul Ince for example) who feel they could do the same.


  80. WengerEagle

    In fact 3 matches aside out of 23, of which included PSG and Lyon, Nice haven’t conceded more than 1 goal.

    9 clean sheets in there.

    We’ve kept just 4 clean sheets in 25 matches.

  81. Marko

    I will leave it at this I would suggest rather than take up the customery stance that Emery should be doing more with the squad why not look at the squad he inherited and go from there. I know it might lead you down a dark path where you might have to criticize the previous manager (terrible I know) but he inherited a squad that had literally problems in every single position bar CF. No wingers, no ball winners in CM/DM’s, problems at full back and CB position and in need of a keeper. All with a summer budget of 70 million. But yeah all that’s lacking is vision and style.

  82. Champagne charlie


    I was in theatre yesterday you sanctimonious weasel, but I can’t only assume you dredged up whatever dirt you felt suited your POV because you’re in such defence Emery at all hours of the day?

    I’ve only ever maintained Benitez is a better option than Emery, I don’t much care if that’s not for you. It only seems like it’s you that has such an issue to mention it daily. Move on you fucking melon, your unreal coach in Emery managed to derail PSG winning a 5th consecutive league title when he rocked up in France so maybe save me the bollocks about Benitez at Inter. He never got the players and left, did Emery invest while at PSG? Remind me on that one….

  83. Upstate Gooner

    Iwobi this … Iwobi that… Iwobi is shit, end of the debate. He’s worse than Gervinho ever was for us. I wholeheartedly agree with Mozil, he’s had his chances. A loan isn’t gonna help. He needs to be sold, and ESR/Nelson to take his place.

  84. Champagne charlie


    Didn’t realise posting something as basic as Ole talking about a vision was inciting an argument, seems a few on here have tracing paper for skin. I’ll remember that the next time someone posts a link that vindicates a point they make, that’s “looking for an argument”.

    Or I could just blanket that under Marko being a moron and call it a day. I fancy the latter.

  85. Receding Hairline

    Graham i think many of you are really underestimating the talent United have in their ranks ……really you are.

    Mourinho stifled and destroyed this players with his play not to loose mentality.

    I am not in anyway saying Ole has not done a great job, but i believe they will be tougher tests for United.

    At the start of the season everyone had United in the top four because they had the squad for it..remind me how many were certain we will finish top four??

  86. WengerEagle


    Yep and it’s why ultimately we’ve traditionally been a selling club whereas United have held on to all of their star talent besides the single case of Ronaldo who’s a pantheon all-time great and a freak exception.

    The early noughties-Invincibles year we pulled off a great job at keeping our most crucial talent mind.

    We cut them all loose far too soon after that with the exception of Henry who we ought to have sold in 2006 really. Head didn’t look in it that last season and it saw his value diminish greatly.

  87. qna

    Upstate I agree. Iwobi needs to be sold. All I am saying is we should give him a year on loan in Germany to see if that increases his transfer value first.

  88. Receding Hairline

    Receding I was in theatre yesterday you sanctimonious weasel,

    I really couldn’t care less where you were yesterday, and yesterday was quite pleasant on here. No one felt a need to lash out or call names when challenged. they simply debated their points.

    And yes i will keep calling you out on Benitez, you can go hug a transformer if it irks you.

  89. Champagne charlie


    One of our biggest errors in judgement for me in Wengers time, dismantling that squad with such ferocity. Should’ve had a few of those lads remain another 3/4 years o blood the youngsters but instead we seemed to hit a harsh reset and it simply didn’t work as hoped.

  90. Redtruth

    Champagne charlie
    “Move on you fucking melon, your unreal coach in Emery managed to derail PSG winning a 5th consecutive league title when he rocked up in France.”

    Monaco won the league with 95 points scoring 107 goals they also made it to the Semi Finals of the Champions league….you fucking cretin….

  91. Champagne charlie


    You couldn’t care less where I was but make a point to attempt to mock my absence as some dodge of something. Solid continuity, you mean you only care when you can use it as some vague dig because you’re a man child.

    Marko, you know nothing about me, my temperament, my anything outside of football chat. Don’t pretend to either, you’ll only embarrass yourself further.

  92. Redtruth

    Champagne charlie
    “Move on you fucking melon, your unreal coach in Emery managed to derail PSG winning a 5th consecutive league title when he rocked up in France.”

    Monaco won the league with 95 points scoring 107 goals they also made it to the Semi Finals of the Champions league….you fucking cretin…..

  93. Champagne charlie


    Yea I’m quite aware thanks and have defended Emery’s first season against over the top criticism before. In this case i’m pointing out, in response to Benitez taking over a treble winning Inter side, that it doesn’t always equate to continued success. Peps Bayern too…

  94. bennydevito

    I’ll take PV4. Let’s start an Emery out PV4 in campaign right now because it really doesn’t matter what Emery does from hereon in, the guy is unfancied and unpopular so it’s better he just goes, and I think we can all agree every last one of us that we will all unite behind PV4 and finally have a united fan base for the first time since 2005.

  95. WengerEagle

    2005 is a bit harsh, I think that most were still happy with the club up until 2008 because you have to factor in that we were a cunt hair away from winning the CL in 2006.

    Early on in 2008 things were fairly rosy too where we were playing arguably the best football in Europe and certainly the PL and were top of the PL,

    Rest is history obviously.

  96. Graham62


    You’re probably right.

    The days of BS/OTTmanagers are over.

    That’s right, managers who feel they are superior specimens are dead and buried.

    Maybe all clubs should consider this when hiring in future.

    Lampard and Gerrard are doing well and we all know that, one day, they’ll be back home.

    PV4 is made for us because he is one of us.

  97. Receding Hairline

    PV4 is made for us because he is one of us

    Yet he was the face of Man City for many years behind the scene

    As they football development executive he supervised the systematic purchase of most of our players one of the reasons we are were we are today. Effectively reducing us to a feeder team for the elite

    One of our own

  98. Jim Lahey

    @WE –

    “Hard to believe that CL SF beatdown by United at the Emirates was nearly 10 years ago.”

    Remember it like it was yesterday, it was around this time I had enough of Wenger.

    Also regarding Vieira, not a chance for me, if the club does decide to pick a new manager in the next year or two (Which they won’t) It needs to be an established big name.

  99. Bamford10

    Not surprised Champagne is a doctor. This was my guess some time ago based on something he said, I think, about his hours. If he is a surgeon, this makes even more sense, as there is no group of professionals who more overrate their intelligence than surgeons. People talk about the “God complex” some surgeons develop; more to the point, I’d say, is that many surgeons think they’re the smartest person in the room simply because they’re a surgeon. This is very Charlie.

  100. gambon

    “Hard to believe that CL SF beatdown by United at the Emirates was nearly 10 years ago.”

    I remember going to watch the first leg (Old Trafford) at the Emirates on the big screens.

    We lost one nil but did fairly well. Then they just blew us away at home, and Wenger just didnt know what to say.

    That was the season when Wenger took a notable step back in ability.

    We nearly won the PL the year before, and Wenger just lost it, sold all our central midfielders and clearly just didnt know how to put a good team together.

    To this day, I stil think we shouldve sacked him in summer 2009.

  101. Bamford10


    What a ridiculous argument. The POV — that we should pursue quality at a number of price points (10m, 25m, 35m, 70m), not just the top price point — was “wrong” because WENGER failed to do this properly? Sorry, but no. Others, including Liverpool, have done this and done this successfully.

  102. englandsbest

    No other Club has talked about and focused upon money as much as Arsenal. Result: Man C, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs have overtaken us in both revenue and profit.

    It’s hard to decide which removal ought to come first, Wenger’s statue or Silent Stan.

  103. Leedsgunner

    PV4 in. I would be happy with him. After Adams, my choice for all time Arsenal Captain.

    It would be nice to have a fan base United once.

  104. Champagne charlie


    Nobody cares what I do, and what I do isn’t relevant. Neither is your mystic meg approach to detailing my character based on a profession.

    Thanks for the input though, could you detail Capricorn’s next? Ta

  105. qna

    Bamford. Yes mate. Because different price points naturally come in anyway. You seriously suggesting I had a fixed identical price for every player I mentioned. You really are a numpty. The big players of the last 10 years came at all of those different price points. The problem is that we set our limit below the market rate that the top clubs were. Even clubs with less money than us were paying more. Zenit, Athletico, Monaco, Juve, Napoli, AC Milan, …

    Let me repeat. Any transfer policy that implicitly assumes that all the other big clubs in the world are stupid… is WRONG. You were wrong.

    Either you compete with the big clubs for the names that they are after, or you find a player from a much smaller league/division like your Dortmunds and Monacos.

  106. Champagne charlie

    While I appreciate the romance of having a former player in charge, you can swivel if that’s the primary characteristic behind their appointment.

    Want to unite the fans? Develop a strategy, hire the right people to fulfill that strategy, and blossom together as a group on the way to fulfilling that clear ambition.

    Who the people are is of little relevance, what they do on the other hand can’t be overstated.