HectorFanTV DROPS — Emery seeks a better record away

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Arsenal head out on the road this weekend after not winning in 6 games. Fear not, Emery knows what the double-flip is going down.

“My first critic is myself. We can make the top four, but we know it’s not easy.

“We are strong at home, but I think we need to do better away. We started very well, changing our mentality to get more points away. But now we need to recover our confidence and performance.

“Also we know defensively we need to do better. We tried to play with three and two centre-backs. Be passionate, be calm but above all work.”

Away form is an odd one. It’s all in the head. I find it interesting that something like that can impact elite athletes, you’d kind of think they were a bit above that? I understand the butterflies might be on fire in Istanbul, but at Huddersfield this Saturday, I’d hope less so?

We take on bottom of the table Huddersfield. They recently agreed to part ways with the excellent David Wagner. He was replaced by Dortmund first-team coach, Jan Siewart. Not sure I can speak about him with any sort of knowledge, so I won’t even try and Google research him. Huddersfield take chances on managers in the same way I would, and it’s paid dividends for little investment.

I have my doubts they’ll have enough to take down Arsenal at the weekend. We have Mikhi coming back into the fold, which I would hope could give us a little more width and creativity from wide positions. However, it’s clear that the most important thing is to keep a clean sheet. The team really needs to get back to basics. We were overrun by Cardiff at home a few weeks ago, that’s not a good look.

Emery needs to get his season back on track, he needs to get him best players on the pitch and he needs to find a system that he can roll with for more than 24 minutes.

Finally, Hector B has dropped a fan TV channel. He’s talking about his surgery, sure, I love that, but be real, when is the high-end fashion chat dropping? I wanna see the latest Balenciaga sneakers I can’t by because I’m old. I want to know about OFF-White print shirts. I wanna know when the male sarong is coming back?

Good luck sir, and don’t get downbeat about the muppets in the comments.

JUST KIDDING GUYS, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Pierre

    “You are pointing on Mou ego tripping vs Emery being practical.”

    I see no difference between Jose and Emery and their treatment of what you would call prima donnas…
    Personally I would call them good talented players who have had the misfortune of playing for the wrong type of manager with, as you would call it , massive egos.

    Luckily for United’s “prima donna” , he has escaped from his nightmare and is back to enjoying his football .
    Arsenal’s “prima donna” may have to wait a little longer.

  2. Dissenter

    I think the club should find those fans that decided to harass AMN on social media …and issue them warnings.
    They are really entitled pricks.
    The kid needs to de-stress after a game and then the foolish fans decide that they are auxiliary coaches.

  3. Dissenter

    Good attempt to pivot everything into another defense of Özil
    Is there any evidence that fans are posting messages on his social media pages to review the last game?

  4. Ivan

    Pierre – i know you dont see it. I pointed you at it in hope you might saw that. Ozil was in decline under Wenger who probably invested more sympathy and effort than any other manager in his career.

    Mou had most of his team turned against himself, Emery has this problem only with Ozil, and its obvious that problem is not Emery.

    Ozil played at first during Emery tenure and he only continued poor form from last season and WC. Went to war with German FA, excluded himself from German team publicly over stupid photo he wouldnt make if he wasnt so selfabsorbed in his greatness. He did all this to himself.

    Ffs, there are online debates about him playing Fortinte instead of training! What is he, youth prospect or seasoned professional.

    Id like to have full powered Ozil too in a team. But since he signed his last contract he let loose his carrer and did zero to prove othervise.

  5. Pierre

    “You should give a listen to the recent Arsecast featuring David Ornstein. Among other things, Ornstein says the decision to marginalize (maybe even freeze out) Ozil comes from above Emery — i.e., from Sanllehi, Venkatesham and others — not from Emery himself.”

    if that is the case , do you not find it rather strange that “freezing out” ozil is due to a financial decision more than a footballing decision.

    That is why, with respect, you ( and Ornstein)are talking out of your back side.

  6. Dissenter

    Stop conflating the Emery-Ozil situation with the United-Mourhino situation.
    Emery has been nothing but respectful of Özil. He just won’t play him because he’won’t adapt to what he wants.
    Mourhino on the hand was contemptuous of Podga and sought to ridicule him at every turn. He still played him because he had to.
    Pogba is the diametric opposite of Özil. He’s outspoken, physically strong mentally tough and is a leader.

  7. Ivan

    Pierre – well since we are not Man City with endless money train, finance and football are closely related to us.

    He is payed to play like a Ronaldo, and he plays like Mustafi. Since we dont have 4 mf-s injured, he is on the bench. I seriously dobt that he would be benched if he performs as he should.

  8. Pierre


    Ozil did play at first during Emery’s tenure and after the opening 2 defeats the team has remained unbeaten with Ozil in the side…
    .since he has been frozen out of the side the team has lost 6 games when the performances have gradually become worse game by game.

    The team concedes more goals per game without ozil in the side …in fact there are no stats to suggest we are a better side without Ozil this season …none.

    As for using fortnight as an excuse for him not being in the side…only an idiot would believe rubbish like that

  9. Pierre

    “He is payed to play like a Ronaldo, and he plays like Mustafi”

    Ivan that’s terrible

    He’s paid to play like Ozil .

  10. TR7

    ‘I think the club should find those fans that decided to harass AMN on social media …and issue them warnings.
    They are really entitled pricks.
    The kid needs to de-stress after a game and then the foolish fans decide that they are auxiliary coaches.’

    Why are you so touchy about constructive criticism of AMN by fans ? None of them was abusing him. Even AMN took the comments in his stride and responded with maturity.

  11. Nelson

    I was told that Arsenal is charging the highest ticket price. There are Spurs, Chelsea and West Ham nearby. I start to wonder what the Emirate paid customers would think. Is it worthwhile to pay to watch this team?

  12. bennydevito


    Re Ozil, yes totally. Even though I wanted Wenger out I used to cringe at the bile aimed his way and some of the open abuse directed at our players was just awful and embarrassing and I used to ask on here do we really think it’s productive to helping our players perform better or making them afraid and anxious?

    Speaking of which I’ve tweeted Emery and Arsenal and asked them what’s going on with Ozil:

    @UnaiEmery_ @Arsenal Can you please tell us why @MesutOzil1088 isn’t getting any games? At £350K pw don’t you think not playing him is a criminal waste of what little money we have considering we could only afford loans in the winter tw? Are you planning on selling him? @LeGrove

    Doubt I’ll get a reply but I’ll keep trying but I certainly won’t be abusing anyone that’s for sure.

  13. qna

    Pierre. The truth is Mesut was once a fantastic player. He possibly still has that in him. But he is not suited to where our team currently is. He is suited to a well organised team that can handle his deficiencies.

    I feel some sympathy for the guy because when he came here he would have rightly expected us to get stronger, not weaker. But he did sign the 350k contract all by himself so he doesn’t really have an excuse now. In my opinion, when he signed his last contract he didn’t have any better options. We are the biggest club that had any interest in him.

    He has now become a victim of signing a contract that we shouldn’t have given him in the first place. His manager did well to squeeze that out of the club taking advantage of the circumstances. But now that same contract makes him expendable. A club with no money and no room in their wage cap has to make changes. He is clearly one of the players that needs to be moved on. But agree completely that he shouldn’t be getting abused by our fans. The mistake was Wenger and Ivans. Who wouldn’t have signed that.

  14. bennydevito


    I’m sure Ornstein knows what he’s talking about regarding Ozil and if he’s saying the decision to freeze Ozil out is above Emery’s head then I’m sure he knows more about than you or I.

    As for fortnite it’s a fact based on public knowledge of Ozil’s username, score and game time playing Fortnite that he must spend 5 or 6 hours a day playing it to amass the score he’s got, and if he does have back problems, being hunched over playing Fortnite like a child for hours each day really can’t be helping.

    You’ve got a weird thing for Ozil it has to be said, he was bad under Wenger and rarely dominated games or won motm’ s and at £350K pw is a massive waste of money.

    He needs to be sold this summer.

  15. Dissenter

    Do you take the stress of your work home with you?
    AMN has lots of coaching staff who will dissect his game, analyze it with data and give him proper teaching on how to improve.
    It’s one thing to comment on a blog and another to go to his social media page and start offering unsolicited advice. Hope you get the difference.

    Th4 fans who posted ‘constructive’ criticisms need to stop taking themselves too seriously

  16. bennydevito


    Yes that Chris Wood looks pretty good it has to be said but he’s already 28 so not what we need unfortunately.

  17. Pierre

    I’m bothered about the team not Ozil.

    Until the team performs better without Ozil then I believe he should play .
    It’s that simple , as yet we have had occasional good games without him but in general the team has been lacking in creativity, composure and intelligence without him.

    I will say again, passing to a team mate and letting the ball do the work is underrated on Le Grove.

    Ozil’s problem is he makes the game look too easy whereas someone like iwobi makes the game look too dIfficult .

  18. Graham62


    Sort of hit the nail on the head.

    Our team is not strong enough, mentally, to accommodate Ozil.

    In our current set up he will always be a liability, as he was most of the time under Wenger.

    Agree, he shouldn’t get abuse from the fans but at the same time he has to realise that fans will take out their frustrations if they feel he is not pulling his weight and showing that he really cares.

    The mistake was not Ozil’s, it was Wenger’s, Ivan’s and, of course, Stan’s.

  19. Graham62


    Jesus, even 28 is too old now.

    What I was highlighting was that a mixture of players, with different physical attributes and mentalities would have solved many of our problems over the years.

    Unfortunately, we cloned too many players.

  20. Ivan

    No, that is not the case Pierre. I never wanted Ozil to phisicaly dominate other players, he is not built like that.

    What i dislike is his attitude on pitch. When he is brought down he will put his hands in the air at sit on the ground for 30 seconds.

    When Pogba went for counter he was strolling behind him without putting any effort at least to be on his back while being closest player to him.

    Its lack of responsibility towards rest of team he has. Total lack of desire and his missing in action antics.

    He plays like its casual footy with friends while playing in most competitive ligue in the world.

    All of that spiraled out of control when he got his contract. I belive that wqs the turning point.

    Now about Fortnite. Tbh, that story is rather humorus to me. Its miles better to be playing video games than going to local pubs or smh.

    Problem is that he got involved in many stupid stories lately, ranged from child level to outright political scandal. My point is he has to put his football first or fuck off. No passangers any more.

    Money or no money im fed up with pampering players that dont deserve it on football pitch and live on their past glory.

    I put Sanchez before as clear proof of my stance.
    Most paid player in PL i warming bench playing for caretaker manager.

    Sanchez shit dont slide at Man U beacuse Fergie instilled that stance clubwide. That is one trait we sorely missed for years, and probbably costed us title or two.

  21. bennydevito


    Only because we haven’t got a lot of money and moving forward we need to be getting the hot prospects and playing them for a few years before selling them at huge profits

  22. bennydevito


    No, Ozil’s problem isn’t making the game look too easy, Ozil’s problem is taking the game too easy.

    Not enough effort, not enough tracking back, not enough concentration, goes missing more often than not, very rarely influences games and totally absent in the big games even when he did play.

  23. bennydevito

    Harvey Barnes whoever he is just missed a glorious chance! Why the fuck is Vardy not playing?? Would have buried that!

  24. Bamford10


    Dortmund may have some defensive vulnerabilities, but Tottenham aren’t as dangerous without Kane and Alli. Hard to say which way that one will go. Should be interesting.

  25. bennydevito

    Son was blatantly chopped down by Maguire right on the box line and the ref has booked him for diving!

    Can’t bring VAR in quick enough, decisions like that are scandalous.

    That Tieilamans (sp) looks a great player – why the hell didn’t we go for him on loan?

  26. TR7


    ‘Do you take the stress of your work home with you?’

    I do but my situation is not comparable to that of AMN. I am a private individual whereas he is a public figure. Adulation and criticism comes with the territory.

  27. Graham62


    This planning for the future has done my head in over the years.

    28-32 is not too old.

    I get it, we have to have a core of good youngsters. The thing is, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that experience and leadership is key if we are to move forward.

  28. Marko

    I must say the AMN responses to criticism from fans on Instagram was classy as fuck if you ask me and makes me like the guy even more. From what I can tell nothing too bad or abusive and he responded in a way that acknowledged that he can do better and that’s admirable. Take the googly eyed fucker Ozil and any sort of criticism has him hiding in his bed and his agent doing all the bullshitting for him. Basically a coward

  29. Nelson


    “Arsenal have been charging the highest ticket prices in world Football for 12 years.

    Where have you been!”

    If you find yesterday’s game good entertainment, it is good for you.

  30. bennydevito


    Good point but we’ve already got Laca 28 and Auba 30 so we got the experience covered there.

    With our very limited finances we need to be going after players of the 20 – 23 age bracket imo.

  31. bennydevito


    I thought before that phase of play when the ball was crossed in from the right a couple of Spurs players we’re off but replays showed it was very tight.

  32. Chris

    Leicester now have a couple of creative players I’d be more than happy to have in our squad, Tielemans and Maddison.

    They’re still in this game, let’s hope they can take their chances in the 2nd half because they have been the better side in this game so far.

  33. Chris


    QPR/Birmingham the best one yesterday, Bruno go 4-0 up. QPR bring it back to 3-4 and then go on to miss a late penalty!

  34. Chris


    QPR/Birmingham the best one yesterday, Brum go 4-0 up. QPR bring it back to 3-4 and then go on to miss a late penalty!

  35. Bamford10

    Leicester don’t have enough quality in attack (or in midfield). If he brings on Vardy in the second, maybe they get a goal. Otherwise, it’s hard not to see Spurs winning 2-0 or 3-0.

  36. Graham62


    For so many years now we have sat back watching teams like Leicester and wondered to ourselves why the fudge can’t we show the same desire, commitment and work ethic.

    I haven’t seen it with Arsenal for well over a decade. That’s right, when all our leaders and winners left the club, so did our desire to work hard and succeed.

    I would take Maddison and Tielemans all day long.

    Instead we get Suarez.

  37. Bamford10


    I don’t get your argument for why Ornstein, according to you, must have been talking “shit” on that Arsecast.

    Please explain why Ozil’s wages (and our bloated wage bill) wouldn’t be part of why he is being marginalized or told to find a new club.

  38. Rich robbins

    I don’t know anymore. It just seems like there never is a strategic plan executed; an obvious clean sheet opportunity; strength from the midfield. Ramsey does make things occur. Miki and Iwobi mostly seem to freak at key opportunities. What is the point to have Ozil? Play his butt orsell him and eat some of the cost. The whole management thing seems chaotic as does the money. Going backwards……..and pissing off the gooner community seems to be their plan. Break my heart.