Josh K talks of Champions League glory (also, £40m summer kitty)

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I feel like a child of absent parents this morning. Daddy has tumbled down the stairs, barged into the living room slightly hungover, and handed me an IOU for a Mars bar. This is Josh ‘Daddy’ K.

“To see where Sean has taken us [the Rams] in a short amount of time gives us a lot of confidence.

“The only thing on a par with the Super Bowl is Arsenal making the Champions League final.

“It is something we are very focused on.

“I have been telling my friends all week the Super Bowl is the biggest spectacle that we have here and the Champions League is something in Europe that we strive for and we look forward to being a part of in the future.”

It was all going so well, then he kind of let slip that he was thinking about the other kid who is more handsome than I, and he kind of got his wires crossed.

“I think he [Emery] and Sean are very comparable in the way they approach their craft on a daily basis,”

“There is a lot of data they break down. They are very active on the practice pitch. Their styles are similar even though they are half a world apart.

“Unai’s energy is contagious and his dedication is immense. They love what they do and they are leaders. The players want to run through a wall for them.”

Daddy has not been paying attention, has he? Styles the same? Really, Josh?

The whole interview is mildly amusing. These billionaires are so out of the loop in life that it took a Super Bowl final to acknowledge it’d be cool for Arsenal to make a Champions League final one day.

No message as to how we hit those heights, just a confident nod to Unai Emery that he’s got this, and he should spend that £40m he has in the summer really well.


Denis Suarez has LANDED. Get excited people. This is him giving his new manager mad props.

“The main thing is that he dedicates a great deal of time to his work. He spends many hours and days watching videos of other teams and his own side.

“His training sessions are really demanding and he ensures that the team is completely prepared. But as I say, the biggest thing is the time he dedicates to his work. As we’d say in Spanish, he’s ‘un enfermo del fútbol’ – football mad.”

Emery is bloody football mad, isn’t he? Good times.

Really hope Denis is the real deal. He has a lot to prove. He’s a little lost in his career, he’s had spats of excellent play, but he’s never really found a place he can call home. He’s playing for a career with Emery, let’s hope he can deliver.


Manchester City tomorrow is a huge game. Pep G and his team are recovering from a Newcastle United inflicted bloody nose. They need to find that winning gear against us to keep their title hopes alive this season.

Arsenal had a bit of a shocker against relegation fodder in midweek, but the eventual win turned out to be a dream ticket to TOP FOUR. We need to tighten up, because I have to tell you, City have a lot more to offer than Cardiff.

Emery needs to stop talking the talk about video analysis and show us the output of this meticulous planning we hear so much about.

But I tell you… if I see a high line with the defence we have on offer, I’m gonna bloody lose my mind. I will absolutely slam my fist on the table. Don’t doubt my commitment to aggression.

The downside to the win is that we could hand Liverpool the title. Can you imagine that? The internet memes? The southern Scousers burning their City shirts in the street? The endless coverage in the papers. Oh my, won’t it be awful… At least no one cares about City and their 23,000 fans.

Speaking of which, isn’t it amusing to see how empty the Spurs ground has been lately? I really, really hope they struggle to fill that toilet bowl of theirs. I also hope it’s quiet and too expensive for the average Spurs fan. No way they’re shifting £14 salt beef bagels there. Levels people, levels.

Right, that’s me done! Check out my solo pod. I say nice things about the comments section. Sorry to A&N who I missed but value dearly. xx


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  1. PhD2020

    Bob N16February 3, 2019 19:51:48
    Pierre and Bamford seem to need some an affirmation that they’re some sort of football gurus, don’t think Legrove is ever going to give their footballing ego the boost that they seem to desperately seek! Too needy by half.

    Yeah,the only difference between them is, one happily trolls away,without being condescending,patronising and being a first class douchebag to the extent/level of the other.

    The other believes ‘He is the student of the game of 30 years’,is always right.And anyone that disagrees with him is ‘dumb’,or a ‘dipshit’ and/ either needs to be banned or quarantined.

    Bearing in mind this poster took twenty years to decide on which club to support.Not even a child at the age of five-seven years old takes that long to make a decision on which club to support.

    Moreover,this is a guy that thought Wales qualified for the WC in 2018.And how Aaron Ramsey would feature in the WC 2018 campaign during the summer build up??!!

    ‘Student of the game of 30 years’-Go figure!!

  2. TheLegendaryDB10

    Really pissed off by our defensive showing today. You would have thought that Emery would have understood that to play City we had to be defensively sound, yet players wete hardly closing down and leaving enough space for the City players to create chances again and again around our box.

  3. Champagne charlie


    “We are 3 points off 4th place, this time last season, we were double figures off 4th.“

    Show where you got this.

    Last season after 25 games we were 6th, had 42 points and were 8 points behind Chelsea and Liverpool in 4th on 50 points.

    This season after 25 games we’re 6th, have 47 points, and are 3 points behind Chelsea who have 50 points.

    So we’re a whole 5 points ‘better’, though interestingly you’re desperate to make a case for Emery bringing in more players as I’m assuming you believe better players will make a significant difference.

    I wonder how you view the 5 point difference with the knowledge that Lacazette started this season fully adjusted, Aubameyang started his first season for the club, and Torreira, Guendouzi, Sokratis and Leno have been added since the summer.

    I can easily make a case that we’re 5 points better off at this point since last season purely thanks to Aubameyang. Absolutely nothing points to Emery being the difference. So yea, I can actually argue it.

    Curious what way you’ll spin that..

  4. PhD2020

    TheLegendaryDB10February 3, 2019 21:07:45Bamford Extremely dissapointed by your comment @ February 3, 2019 17:07:31 (page 4)

    I see this as a complete backstab after my apology. You’re just a piece of shit with a huge ego who twist things to suit your narrative. Nothing new there. I disliked you before and as much as your arrogant attitude that you had, had somewhat toned down, you still act like a prick.Very dissapointed.

    Not sure why you are surprised.He’s so consistent in this type of behaviour and as transparent as a pane of glass.Nothing new there.

    You learn over time,just not to take him seriously when it comes to footballing matters

    Just laugh it off,if anything.

  5. azed


    If you say Lacazette and Aubameyang are the difference because they are settled, then I can argue that we are five points better with a manager in his first season in English football and a squad not his….

    Which ever point you bring up, I can counter it.
    The top 3 managers in the league did not win the league in their first season.

    Emery has more points after 30 games than Klopp and Pochettino.

  6. Upstate Gooner

    My logic is simple. Emery has a better squad than Rafa does. Yet it’s Rafa who can beat Pep and Emery didn’t even come close. Throw in Puel in there too.

    “We created nothing against Cardiff at the Emirates with Ozil as captain.”

    Bull crap. We created plenty and won the game. Today we had no shots in the second half. Zero. In the game against Cardiff Ozil was the second best player after Auba. And that’s according to stats as well as pundits. But don’t let the facts get in your way.

  7. Champagne charlie

    Cazorla has 5 goals and 5 assists this season so far in La Liga, also ranks 3rd in the league for key passes.

    I haven’t fact checked this, but how Arsenal if true.

  8. Wenker-wanger

    Emery has bought Leno, lich sokratis torreira and guendouzi.
    For me they are good signings aside from lich….and maybe Leno is arguable.
    So 3 decent players added to Wenger’s 22 man squad. Hardly fair to slaughter him is it.
    Wengers acquisitions were mainly disastrous….a list we have trotted out many times including squillacci, Stephanovs Jeffers, kallstrom…etc
    Like some of us have said…give him a chance to build his own team of quality integrated players. This frankenstein Wenger construct will take years to replace.
    Klopp took 3 years building his own team to get where Liverpool are at now.
    Don’t despair…we have a train wreck left by the hopeless and overstayed Wenger….fans really should be realistic about the first season after that horrible cnuts departure.The signing of guendouzi should just give an inkling into where Emery is taking this club long term.

  9. Takin the Mhik


    “I’m sure there were certain posters on here that said Saurez will improve us defensively ….which I questioned at the time.After watching him for ten minutes I can quite categorically state that he will not improve us defensively.”

    I can guarantee you that some of the clown on here won’t rip into him like they do with Ozil, mostly because of the difference in wages.

  10. Upstate Gooner

    “You would have thought that Emery would have understood that to play City we had to be defensively sound, yet players wete hardly closing down and leaving enough space for the City players to create chances again and again around our box.”

    Spot on, DB10.

  11. Champagne charlie

    “What do you mean by this?“

    Santi needed to prove fitness at the top level and we managed to judge that incorrectly and fail to offer a one year extension for him to go on and perform. Pretty obvious I thought?

  12. Marko

    What’s the other instances of it happening may I ask? I would say the opposite us offering a player who just came off a serious injury and barely playing for about 2 years a new contract would have been so Arsenal. I personally don’t see Cazorla improving us to any noticable degree but that’s just me.

  13. Marko

    Things are certainly bad at Arsenal if we’re pining for 34 year old 5ft6 midfielders to rejoin. Interesting enough we’re both born on the same day

  14. Champagne charlie

    “ I personally don’t see Cazorla improving us to any noticable degree but that’s just me.“

    You not watched us this season I take it? Rambo hasn’t played, Ozil hasn’t played, Mkhi is pony, Iwobi has no end product.

    A fit Cazorla shits on all of the above as a result, he’d also be more worthy of a spot in the squad than Elneny. But that’s just me.

  15. Champagne charlie

    There’s no pining, that’s you running away down a rabbit hole as per.

    I’m simply pointing out our propensity for making stellar decisions.

  16. Takin the Mhik


    “Wengers acquisitions were mainly disastrous….a list we have trotted out many times including squillacci, Stephanovs Jeffers, kallstrom…etc”

    As shit as them players where, you don’t win 3 league titles and 7 FA Cups by signing “mainly disastrous” players for 22 years.

  17. Charlie George

    The narrative that the incredibly successful A. Wenger left a duff hand to the incoming manager is a total fabrication- and an excuse for the woeful Emery ‘s inadequacies.

    Wenger did indeed leave a lopsided and lacca- daisical squad. Albeit top heavy with attacking intent ( see the continuation of our high goals account)
    …and yes there were chronic defiencies in the defence and defensive midfield.

    Yet, It is the new regime that have failed to address this weakness.

    The Arsenal Defensive Disease ( ADD) has still not been cured.

    No sign of an antidote to the problem either:

    No right back
    No athleticism in the middle of the park.
    No proper defensive coach hired ( still mired with Bouldy)

    The ridiculous indulgent signing of Suarez – shows that the new Spanish Regime ( emery /raul) would rather persue their short time survival policies rather than address solutions to the ADD.

    Until fans wake up and smell the coffee, and acknowledge:
    It’ ain’t A Wenger problem- we have
    It ain’t a Kroenke problem- we think we have ,
    It’s just we that we have an Emery problem.!

  18. TheLegendaryDB10


    Totally agree. Cazorla was a great player for us. A shame that injuries saw him sidelined for so long and then he had to be sold when he was one of our most creative players. I still can’t believe that we did nothing to keep him considering how important he was to us as a player.

  19. Marko

    A fit Cazorla shits on all of the above as a result, he’d also be more worthy of a spot in the squad than Elneny. But that’s just me.

    Hardly a case for keeping him more a case for getting rid of the rest.

    I’m simply pointing out our propensity for making stellar decisions.

    Sorry Charlie but what we did was get rid of a player approaching his mid 30’s who hadn’t played for nearly two seasons how is that a bad decision? You want to talk about stellar decision making how about converting him from a CAM to a holding midfielder rather than sign a holding midfielder. That was pretty stupid if you ask me playing him out of position.

  20. Bamford10


    I fail to see why you are offended by my remark at 17:07:31. You did in fact state that some of your dislike for Kroenke was down to your dislike for things American invading British culture.

    I didn’t say that you were anti-American; I said that your comment supported my claim that some portion of anti-Kroenke sentiment is grounded in anti-American sentiment, and I stand by that.

    I think you’re both misreading what I was saying at 17:07:31 and massively overreacting to it. If you take a look at what I wrote to you at 13:59:37, I think you will see that you have simply misunderstood my meaning and tone here.


  21. Marko

    I would also point out we made similar dumb decisions regarding keeping players on longer than we should have like with Arteta and Mertesacker who in their final seasons contributed fuck all. Understandable why we didn’t offer Cazorla a new deal at the time. Good to see him back playing. Stellar decision making…he nearly lost his ankle you know

  22. Champagne charlie

    “Sorry Charlie but what we did was get rid of a player approaching his mid 30’s who hadn’t played for nearly two seasons how is that a bad decision?“

    His performance level in La Liga is why it was bad decision. Just further highlighting the clubs inability to make shrewd decisions.

  23. Takin the Mhik

    If Cazorla was offered a 1 year extension, you just know he would have been mis-managed and pick up numerous injuries.

    It was probably for the best for his career that he left Arsenal.

  24. azed

    “My logic is simple. Emery has a better squad than Rafa does. Yet it’s Rafa who can beat Pep and Emery didn’t even come close.”

    So why didn’t Benitez beat Emery?
    Why is Newcastle not top of the league?

    There’s no price to beating Pep. Klopp lost to Pep and is top of the league.

  25. Receding Hairline

    Things aren’t looking too good for PSG heading into the champions league.. Not that man united are all that but still PSG look soft

    As for Arsenal, you can have all the tactical plans and video analysis in the world but when players go into hiding in big away games it will never work, Guendouzi looked up many times and no one showed for the ball, we had two 50m pound strikers on the pitch and their defenders are on holiday, this football club really needs a clear out in in the player department. I don’t know what kinda players Raul and Emery will bring in but I’m kinda sure they won’t be on salaries way above their abilities and hence difficult to move on.

  26. Marko

    His performance level in La Liga is why it was bad decision

    His performance level in the premier league in the previous 2-3 seasons is why it was a good decision. I’m sorry but you’re totally wrong if you think that the club made a bad decision in not offering him a new deal

    His last two seasons he made 10 appearences total and the season before that he made 20 with 15 in the league. So he was very much on the decline both physically and otherwise.

  27. TheLegendaryDB10

    No Bamford. I clearly pointed out to you my point of view yet you came back to state that because of my disliking of certain Americanisms that this is why Kroenke is disliked. I told you once and I’ll say it again: I dislike Kroenke’s approach because he is not pushing the club to be the best, which is most certainly possible the case as his some interest is fir

  28. TheLegendaryDB10

    …. as his interest is solely being in the top 4 and nothing else.

    All other owners of elite club’s have their club’s success at heart.

  29. Champagne charlie

    “His performance level in the premier league in the previous 2-3 seasons is why it was a good decision. I’m sorry but you’re totally wrong if you think that the club made a bad decision in not offering him a new deal“

    His performances this season quite literally vindicate me saying it was a poor decision.

    You’ve no clue about human anatomy quite obviously, only thing “totally wrong” is your insistence letting him go was a good decision.
    The dearth of quality is obvious at present and you’re dismissing Cazorla despite evidence he’s capable still.

  30. Carts


    Chelsea’s behaviour has been odd for a while now. If not for their relatively recent EPL success, their supporters would be going mental

  31. bennydevito

    “Unai Emery’s priority must be to improve Arsenal’s defence and he cannot be judged until he has been given time to bring in the players he wants, according to Jamie Carragher, Alex Scott and Graeme Souness.”

    After spending the last few days in here it’s so refreshing listening to experts who know what they’re actually talking about for a change lay it down realistically.

    Finally some sanity restored.

  32. Receding Hairline

    Yea being in a manager and force him to work with clowns who repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Players with an inferior mentality. This clowns are not fighters.

    Cazorla is doing OK where he is and it was 100% the right decision to let him move back home after a horrendous two years. Don’t even know why its a debate. Must every player we let go never have a good game for his new team?

    If anything we should have let more go but Emery talked himself into the shit he is facing now if the interview stories are to be believed.

  33. vickingz

    I just pity those fooling themselves to think we are this poor because we have got few quality players and think spending heavily is the way out. I’m not against spending heavily but emery hasn’t proven to me that he can do better even with a star studded squad. How many millions would it take not to play lichsteiner? Just ask yourself what was emery thinking playing lichsteiner against city. How many millions would it cost to have played ramsey instead of playing auba and laca together? U don’t see city players laughing after losing a match but with our players, you’d think they have won a match when in real sense, they actually lost. How many millions would it cost to instill discipline in these players? Emery’s first few months showed us these players were playing for him but not anymore it seems. At least, wenger was the alpha and omega who believed he’s always right and whatever he saw was just it but emery has assistants expected to be seeing things emery ain’t seeing but it seems they are all blind now

  34. bennydevito

    Now going to settle down and watch some American style Rugby light at the Super bowl final to see what all the fuss is about and see how the Rams get on.

    Amazing looking stadium.

  35. Bamford10


    Sorry, but I think you’re now trying to re-write the meaning of your original comment. I understand that you have other (perhaps more important) reasons for disliking Kroenke. But in your original comment, you made it quite clear that some of your dislike for Kroenke is connected to your dislike for things American invading British culture. If you’d like to copy and paste your original comment in below, you’re welcome to do so. I don’t think I’m misreading it. I also don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but I stand by my original claim — i.e., that some portion of the anti-Kroenke sentiment is driven by anti-American sentiment — and I stand by my assertion that your comment (regardless of how benign it is) supports this claim.

    Cheers, all the same.

  36. Bamford10


    The Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta is incredible. I saw Atlanta United play there last year and was blown away. It is really something else.

  37. Champagne charlie


    Grow a pair, indirectly addressing my comments on here is cringeworthy.

    You found where anyone stated Wenger should’ve stayed, or can we chalk that up to more of your rubbish?

  38. Bamford10


    re: 22:23:25

    Sure, but we shouldn’t have been playing 4-4-2, and Lichtsteiner should have been nowhere near the field. Some of today is on Emery. IMO, at least.

  39. Champagne charlie

    “Multiple title winners Graeme Souness and Alex Scott, and Jamie Carragher.“

    Oh you’re actually being serious? :/

    They’re ex-footballers mate, not experts.

  40. Bamford10


    I believe Receding is referring to when you said this on the previous page:

    “Replacing Wenger only makes sense if the guy coming in is better. Otherwise it was a waste of money getting rid, and we should’ve simply diminished his role (as was happening since the Jan we signed Auba).”

    To be fair, it does sound like you’re saying that we would have been better off keeping Wenger, albeit in a reduced role.

    I’ll let you explain what you meant, though.

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are so fragile defensively that I fear that we could lose games even at
    the bottom of the league including even against Huddersfield.

    The reality is that the team have not won an away game in EPL since the end of
    November and that is the same pattern as how we played last season.

    From my perspective the only way we can progress is by playing a more expansive game with the creativity of Ozil behind the two strikers.

    The best chance of winning games both home and away is to play a diamond
    formation in midfield with Torreira, Guendouzi and Xhaka playing behind Ozil
    and covering our defenders.

    From my point of view Lichsteiner must not play in the team. He is an absolute liability. For this reason I would play three centre backs.

  42. Champagne charlie


    I know fine wel what he’s referring to, he’s being a snake though because it’s a point that’s been raised probably a dozen times now and the context of which is clear as day.

    My comment is in objection of the idea Emery can’t be judged on account of the players being poor. If it were merely a case of us having shit players then why didn’t we keep Wenger and merely change the scouting approach?

    It’s part-rhetorical, we didn’t do that because Emery should be coming in as a “better” coach which requires no new players to demonstrate. The better coach part is something I maintain I’ve yet to see.

  43. Champagne charlie

    “Bamford you actually have a lot of time for that fellow..he will simply try to spin his way out of it but he isn’t fooling no one.“

    Says the guy that’s made 3 indirect comments about me or my posts today alone.

    Yea loads of spin, ask Gambon for his piece as I made the original remark about a month ago with the context crystal clear.

    I’d forgive someone randomly mistaking what I’m saying, but YOU were front and centre at the time then in defence of Emery so you’re just being a slimey prick. That’s the bit fooling nobody

  44. bennydevito

    The encouraging positives I got out of today’s game though is that our best players now; Leno, Guendouzi and Torreira, were purchased under Raul and Emery’s watch so that does bode well for future transfers and that finally we are headed in the right direction in terms of young talent who’s value will rise.

    People judging Suarez after 25 mins however are even more ridiculous than those calling for Emery out already and really aren’t worth engaging with.

    Ozil needs to be addressed asap, although I do feel for him if what the guy above said is true regarding the club’s concerns about his mental health, would certainly explain his anxiety and resulting psychosomatic back problems.


    I do see your point regarding British players, but not being British as a priority over talent. If you’re good enough your passport is irrelevant. However after watching a lot of football this season, more than I have done in 4 years, there does seem to be a lot of good young British talent we should be tapping into.

    Maguire, Madison, Chillwell and Barnes of Leicester will all move on to Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, Spurs or City within the next 2 – 3 years and we should definitely be competing for these players.

    Fraser, Wilson, Brooks of Bournemouth amongst others, Coady, Doherty and some of the Wolves youngsters look brilliant, Lascelles of Newcastle – we really should be looking at signing some of these as you know the 5 clubs above us will be, and finding them from within our ranks or from the lower tiered clubs and lower leagues.

    Do we have any scouts working the UK for up and coming home grown players? We can’t keep on relying on buying from abroad as there are home grown quotas to think of.

  45. PhD2020

    Bamford10February 3, 2019 22:05:09
    Oh, boy: PhD is back and he’s off his meds. This guy is insane. Seriously.
    Not sure why you do this to yourself..But I’m the insaine one and off my meds??

    Let’s make this short and sweet,and have a brief recap(to jog that selective twisted brains of yours) shall we??


    Bamford10January 18, 2019 22:18:31
    ‘Two, calling someone out for his bad takes isn’t making things “personal”. Talking about his nationality, or his job, or his education, or his intelligence — that’s making things personal. Criticizing him for his views is just criticizing his views.’

    Bamford10January 19, 2019 00:00:34
    ‘Actually, my insult of choice was “dipshit,” not “dumbshit,” and I only use the former to describe Wenger now as I decided some time ago that I had been a bit of a jerk in the past and that I needed to be a little nicer.’


    Bamford10February 1, 2019 15:45:15
    Un Na
    You are so dumb it’s painful. When did I ever say we couldn’t finish 4th?I’ll help you: I never did.Of course we can, but we aren’t favorites to do so — given the weakness of our squad — and we will have overachieved if we do so.I will repeat: Le Grove would be a much better place if Un Na posted elsewhere. This guy is just not intelligent.


    Bamford10September 26, 2018
    What the fuck do you think you’re up to, guy? I didn’t say that, and I would never say anything like that.And yet you’ve presented it as though I did say that, as though you were quoting me. Are you trying to trick people into believing that I said something I never said?If so — and I don’t see any other explanation for what you’ve done there — you’re a straight up cunt, guy
    As you have heard,I’m off my meds according to Bamford.Correct as usual,as he’s- well- the sane and all knowing nice guy that we all love and respect enormously…


  46. Receding Hairline


    Wenger built a squad without any style or structure in mind, he simply wanted them to express themselves.

    Allegri won’t touch this squad with a long long stick

    Pep won’t

    Pochettino may get them playing better but his players also put in the hard work and have built their consistency over time

    Klopp wouldn’t know what to do with some of this jokers

    I wonder what part of Wenger assembled a crap squad isn’t clear enough

    And no it would make no sense to keep a man who ran every single aspect of this club for 22 years and tell him to just coach the players, he wouldn’t accept that nor do I think his presence around this club is needed anymore.

  47. bennydevito

    Champagne charlieFebruary 3, 2019    22:34:03

    “Multiple title winners Graeme Souness and Alex Scott, and Jamie Carragher.“

    Oh you’re actually being serious? :/

    They’re ex-footballers mate, not experts


    Maybe. But they know a damn sight more about it than you and everyone else in here though so I think I’ll take more notice of them all the same.

  48. TheLegendaryDB10


    Look Bamford, as much as I did conflate those in my original drunken post, I clearly clarified my stance later on.

    I still feel that Kroenke is the wrong owner as he won’t push the club to a level which it can clearly reach.

    The fact that I really hate the fact that some Americanisms have pervaded our spoken culture does not translate as to why I don’t want Kroenke as owner the club.

    I am not that petty as a person to base my decision on such a totally irrelevant reason.

    I have to say that my ranting about this in the same post has given you the wrong idea about my stance on the subject.

  49. bennydevito

    Apart from CG, Spanish issues aside, I do like his beliefs in Arsenal being and only accepting the best.

    I think we can all agree with that.

  50. Champagne charlie

    “Maybe. But they know a damn sight more about it than you and everyone else in here though so I think I’ll take more notice of them all the same.“

    This is utterly baseless. Sure that’s my view, but feel free and open that up to the rest of the posters on here and see if they too consider and ex-footballer an expert on football as a byproduct.

    Paul Merson. Case rested.

  51. Bamford10


    Not a big deal. You seem like a good sort. Let’s just let it go. I won’t mention the post again. Cheers.

  52. bennydevito

    Speaking of which; George Graham, what a manager he was, I was shocked and really, really upset when he was sacked. Being born in 76 and supporting Arsenal from 85 onwards, GG brought me my earliest memories of Arsenal success.

    So if it’s true about Raul making a cut on transfers – can he do that? Isn’t that a bung? He’s an employee of the club, not an agent, surely brown enveloping it up is against the regulations??

  53. bennydevito


    I’m not talking about Her son though, I’m talking about Souness, Scott and Carragher, 3 ex footballers who as pundits seriously know their stuff and always seem fair, measured and knowledgeable in what they’re saying.

    Merson’s judgement is obviously impaired from too much alcohol, cocaine and gambling, all of which is well documented.

  54. Champagne charlie


    We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one, being a professional footballer doesn’t make you an expert of the game is the point I’m getting at.

    I don’t think Carragher can be seriously held up as an expert of anything either personally.

  55. bennydevito

    Receding HairlineFebruary 3, 2019    22:54:34

    Ozil has no mental health issue …please spare us that crap.



    And you know this how exactly?? Why is it crap? Mental health is actually very serious and shouldn’t be dismissed as a load of crap.

    Seriously disrespectful RH, and I thought you were one of the moresensible posters on here.

  56. Chris

    To be honest the ex pros in punditry who offer actual insight are few and far between. A lot of the time it is them recycling tired old observations that most fans could offer.

  57. Receding Hairline

    Benny the dude has been on the decline for years.. I’m not referring to your opinion as crap..just pointing out that it came from a guy who heard from another guy that the current head of football relations is taking a cut on transfers.

    Ozil has no history of mental health issues and nothing about him points to that. He is just a guy without balls. That’s a character defect, one he has had since his Schalke days, not a mental health issue

  58. TheLegendaryDB10


    To give you a bit more insight in me, I have travelled to the U.S. with my parents where for one month we covered LA, Las Vegas and SF and ended up in Monterey Bay for a few days. Overall I really enjoyed my time there. Bar the first day where we really had a crap hot dog and root beer, the rest of our time was a blast. We discovered great places to eat. Discovered subway before it was introduced to the UK.

    I have watched NHL, NBA games (my favourite team was the Chicago Bulls in the heyday of Jordan) and like watching the NFL. Just right now I am watching the Super Bowl.

    And for the music lovers, that’s for you GoH, discovered Amoeba in SF. I spent a whole hour scouring and buying CD’s. This place is a real haven. So much so I ended up buying the same CD twice without realising it! 😜

  59. Charlie George

    Ozil /Neymar ,indeed even Ramsey, maybe even Cech … emery seems to have a severe inferior complex with regards to dealing with “big name ” players…he prefers the lesser lights ( Suarez, Iwobi types)

    His pre match comments praising Pep and saying how wonderful how he is ,etc reconfirmed his inferiority…

    We have a 3rd rate man and coach in charge of AFC and until we get the right man – all ARSENAL fans can reunite around we will be witnessing capitulaitions like this today on a regular basis.

    His management of Ozil and Rambo has been truly shambolic.

  60. Marko

    His performances this season quite literally vindicate me saying it was a poor decision

    Right… but if we gave him a new deal at the time there’s obviously no guarantee that he would have had the same performances yes? And at that time the only thing that was certain was that he was 33 (now 34) and coming off an injury that disrupted his previous two whole seasons. If you think it was a stupid decision I’m afraid you’re wrong. But considering your opinions on certain people and on the squad I’m not surprised really. Also I didn’t get your opinion on the genius that was changing his position. No surprise there either.

  61. Charlie George

    Smith. D

    Emery will never leave on his own terms.

    He still in a daze ( like myself and a few others on here) that he got The Arsenal Job,in the first place.

    Never has a man who has achieved so little got a prestigious job like Emery has with Arsenal ( maybe with the exception of Avran Grant at Chelsea)

  62. Valentin

    ManCity main strength is on the outside.
    So you setup a plan to counter that threat.
    We did not. We played a 4-4-2 thinking that we could bring danger irrespective of ManCity’a strength.
    Our strikers were so deep that they were in effect central midfielders.
    Guendouzi was going so deep trying to block KDB that he was often at the same level than our back 4.
    It was obvious that we should have switched to a back 3.
    That would have allow our wingers to actually press instead of reacting and plug holes but also not to be overrun when in possession. For the first goal, Lichsteiner lose his player behind, the ball goes out to Iwobi who has nobody upfield to pass.

    Regarding personnel, Aubameyang does not bring anything in games that our midfield does not dominate. When we don’t have the ball and no players with the nous to deliver killer passes or tap-in to him, he is a passenger. The only decent pass behind ManCity defense was played by Lacazette when he should have been the one at the receiving end.

    Yes goals were the result of individual mistakes, but those mistakes were also due to the manager putting players in situation they should not have been.

    Mid way through, it was clear that the team was running out of steam. Guendouzi and Torreira were overrun, overstretched. 2 central midfielders facing 3 sometimes 4 when Fernandinho was stepping up. They needed help in the middle of the park. Instead of removing Aubameyang/Lacazette and changing formation, we changed the personnel and that has absolutely no effect.

    You could see that the players did not believe anymore they could get something out of the game.

  63. Pierre

    Charlie George

    Do you think Saurez looked of sufficient quality to make a difference this season.

    Some on here think he is a winger and will improve us defensively., What do you think.

  64. Charlie George

    Good tactical assessment, as always.

    Quite simply though.

    Get as any many of your best players( i.e Ozil/Rambo) on the pitch and try and keep your worst ones ( lich, Iwobi, etc ) off it.

    To think we played Southampton this season with Lich on the pitch ( and ramsey/Ozil and laca off) and still shipped In 3 goals and got beat..

    Joe Kinnear would make a better fist of Arsenal than Emery currently is.

  65. Charlie George

    Re: Suarez

    If the lad can’t cut it with Barca
    He ain’t gonna pull up any trees here.
    (A political signing .)

    He is a handsome young man, though

    He will be more use to us , modelling the away kits and flogging them to the Asian market, than being on the pitch.

  66. TheLegendaryDB10


    He still in a daze ( like myself and a few others on here) that he got The Arsenal Job,in the first place.

    Not to mention the fact that be earns £6 m p.a.. for such a job.

  67. Valentin

    Suarez is not a winger, he is a central attacking midfielder. He said so himself in his interview for Arsenal.
    That does not mean that he can’t play there, but we already have two players who think themselves as central attacking midfielder who can play on the right side: Özil and Mhikitarian.

    We needed somebody who is a proper winger. Quick, dribbler who can cross and shoot. We got a player who could not cut it at ManCity nor at Barcelona. Nothing wrong with that, but I doubt that he can cut it at Arsenal either. The fact that Arsenal did not want an obligation to buy means that the management was not convinced either.

  68. Charlie George

    “”Not to mention the fact that be earns £6 m p.a.. for such a job.””

    Probaly pays his mate Raul £3 mill of that !

  69. Charlie George

    In football you do 3 things.:

    A) you either score goals
    B) you either make goals
    C) you stops goals.
    If you are not proficient in 1/3 – you don’t buy them

    By my reckoning you don’t buy Suarez!

  70. Dissenter

    So Champagne Charlie is taking cheap shots at Arsenal for not extending his contract after 19 months of repeated injury?
    One of the silliest comments ever made here to be honest. I hope it was tongue in cheek or some of that English humor that I struggle with.
    The guy last played for us against Ludogorets in 10/2016 and we kept fate with him as he went through some harrowing times when even the prospect of walking was uncertain.
    It’s open season here but even then that comment just makes you wonder.

  71. Pierre

    Charlie George
    Do you think it would have been wiser to blood a couple of our youngsters coming through than to have Saurez on loan , he looked a little lost on the pitch , one would think he was a teenager making his debut.

  72. Freddie Ljungberg


    Why do you ask leading questions to CG when you know what the answers are going to be? He’s clueless about anything football related and only focuses on irrelevant details like nationality or wearing gloves.

    Oh, you’re just trolling again, carry on then.

    Regarding Suarez, he’s been at the club for 3 days, played 25 minutes away to one of the outstanding teams in the league when we were already losing, what did you expect exactly?
    I’m not saying he’s going to turn out great for us but ffs give it some time before you start sniping.

  73. Charlie George


    In my opinion
    Raul and Emery have no intention of nuturing our British youngsters.
    They have even outsourced An INJURED ESR to Leipzig.
    How cutting edge is that?
    We loan our best injured young talent,now

    They don’t rate British coaches or British players.
    They want to stay here as long as they can before THEY GET RUMBLED!

    As DB10 points out.

    Emery is on £6mill per annum

    When he is sacked He won’t ever earn as much as he is now..

  74. Charlie George

    Fred l
    If Suarez has only been here 3 days.
    Why play him?
    Why not play Ozil and Rambo( they have been here 14 seasons)

  75. Pierre

    Ok ,I will ask you , do you think Saurez looks an Emery type player

    I expected Emery to bring in someone who was fast, aggressive, skilful and physically strong , I’m not sure that Saurez is that type of player .

    To be honest , he looks similar to what we already have in the squad in ozil,Mhkitaryan and smith-rowe.

    Am I wrong?

  76. Valentin

    The loan without obligation to buy means that either they don’t believe that Arsenal will qualify for the Champion’s league or that even if we do Suarez does not have the necessary quality to impress in that competition.
    Also as Suarez does not play in the position where we have a pressing need, the Suarez deal is a deal that does not make sense to me.
    Suarez is not a crack who on his own can help us reach top 4. If they believed that, why not buy him outright or at least guarantee to do so at the end of the season.

    Why not play ESR, Nelson instead of sending them on loan. We have decided to keep Nkethia who will not be played in any significant games until the end of the season. We are stunting his development.
    Suarez is a nice to have when We needed a right back, a CB and a right winger. We got nobody for those positions.

  77. Marko

    Dissenter I know I’ll come in for abuse for it but I think it’s obvious because it was made from the new team. If Wenger done it he wouldn’t be saying a thing. Wenger would have given him a new deal though and it would have been as ill advised as the last Arteta/Mertesacker contract… the jack Wilshere contract…all those Diaby contracts.

  78. Dissenter

    Suarez doesn’t looks like a player with coincidence
    He looks like a player who’s returning fro a 5 year injury.

  79. Valentin

    We could have taken Paul George Ntep who is now trying to rebuild his career after going off the boil with some personal issue. A couple of years ago, he was viewed favourably over Dembele. He is a proper dribbler who can cause issues to defense. An Oxlade Chamberlain without the running into blind alley.

  80. Dissenter

    If you recall there was talk about the possibility of Cazorla going the coaching team in the summer, a fleeting ru or that was cut short by the revelation he was headed to Villareal to “train with them”.
    Villareal didn’t just give him a contract immediately because of his history.

  81. Dissenter

    I really like the fresh impetus you give the blog on many areas, especially your good knowledge of the Ligue un and French players.

  82. bennydevito

    Charlie GeorgeFebruary 3, 2019    23:44:01

    ……”Never has a man who has achieved so little got a prestigious job like Emery has with Arsenal ( maybe with the exception of Avran Grant at Chelsea”



    Oh Charlie George that has to be your funniest comment of the lot and now I know you’re definitely on the wind up!

    Arsene Wenger had won less than Emery when he got the Arsenal job! 😂😂

    Priceless! Wenger who, after winning the league with Monaco thought he could then do it his way forshadowing his senile years at Arsenal by selling off the established stars and bringing in a load of unknown kids in the mould of postman pat Sonogo!! 😂😂😂

    They plummeted down the league and Wenget got fired! Not only that but he had to go to Japan of all places because nobody would touch him!!


    He then got the Arsenal job only because he was already mates with David Dein!!! 😂😂😂

    Oh the irony Charlie George – OH THE IRONY!!

    I’m dying, I’m dying – please Charlie George; tell us all another one, you should do stand up comedy you’d be a sensation!


    I can’t breath!! I’m crying! 🤣🤣🤣

    Oh you are funny Charlie George, I’ll give you that.

  83. Valentin

    Yacine Adli , a proper winger was available at 5.5 million Euro from PSG. We offered that as a loan fee for Perisic!
    Emery knew him, because he tried to get him during the summer. Why not get him now instead of Suarez? Younger, hungrier and physically stronger!

  84. Marko

    Yacine Adli , a proper winger was available at 5.5 million Euro from PSG

    Not a winger at all.

    Younger, hungrier and physically stronger!

    I am convinced you don’t know anything about PSG

  85. bennydevito

    Bamford10February 3, 2019    22:31:16


    The Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta is incredible. I saw Atlanta United play there last year and was blown away. It is really something else


    Yes, it looks phenomenal it really does, makes me wish Kronke had been around before we built the Emirates.

    Speaking of which – does anyone know if when the Emirates was built we made sure it was future proofed by way of being able to be expanded at a future date? I remember at the time Islington borough council would only grant permission for a 60,000 seater as we wanted to build 80, but I don’t know if there was scope to revisit that in the future by putting another tier on like they did old toilet?

    I say this because Man Utd are making plans to modernise and expand OT to 100,000!! We’re going to be seriously left behind if that happens. Liverpool too are looking at redeveloping Anfield with a huge awe inspiring kop end.

    We can’t afford to be left behind considering the whole point of the Emirates was to get ahead and that never happened did it.

  86. China1

    The game was too late for me but the bbc is saying arsenal were crap again

    It’s disappointing that emery hasn’t been able to squeeze at least a little more out of this squad so far

    It IS a shite squad and it’s no shame losing to city. But bad performances are such a common occurrence that it’s concerning me

  87. China1

    Benny as right as you are, I don’t expect arsenal to invest any further in stadium infrastructure in the next 20 years

    The fact of the matter is there’s just no hunger for this kind of thing for competing in the top end of the club. Ever since the Emirates move we’ve just been such a damp squib of a club 🙁

  88. bennydevito

    So I’m watching the American Rugby light and I’ve got no idea what’s going on. Why’s it so stop start, stop start, with loads of substitutions, adverts and trips back to the commentary box?

    I don’t even know what the score is?

    Why do they call it football? It’s rugby with safety padding on.

  89. Chris

    Rams shut out in the first half for the first time under McVay. Big stage nerves? Big 2nd coming up and still too close to call.

  90. Dissenter

    Its all about the money
    The superbowl has double the commercial breaks as a regular season game.
    I’ve watched so many commercials that my head is spinning, some are really good though.

  91. Chris


    Edelman getting targeted a lot by Brady and I’m not surprised as I don’t think Hogan he that much threat going deep. As Romo has been saying Edelman is often impossible to cover, he is that good.

  92. Dissenter

    Actually the Rams have done well to hold Tom Brady to 3 points.
    Its a defensive game and the winner will be determined on a mistake or referring error.

  93. Chris

    True Dissenter but they simply have to get something happening on their offence. Pats have had the ball for so long, Rams defends will be spent by the latter stages.

  94. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yacine Adli, the lanky 18 yo cm/cam that we were after in the summer, that guy? Would have been ok as a project for the future maybe but hardly someone that would have helped us this season.

    ESR and Nelson are not ready to play for us now either.

    There was a reason we didn’t sign more players in positions that needed filling, it’s called mismanagement of squad resources from the previous regime.

    See so many posters complaining we didn’t get this and that player or cb or rb but no one is giving any names that were available for no money and their clubs were willing to let them go in the middle the season.

  95. Freddie Ljungberg


    Who was that, fast, skillful, physically strong player available on a loan? We did try for other players but it’s hard when you’ve got one hand tied behind your back.

    I don’t know if Suarez is going to adapt to the PL, luckily it’s only a loan with an OPTION to buy so I have no problems with it.

  96. bunga party

    Enough with the previous regime this or that.
    Wenger was shit he got fired.

    Emery has to show what’s he made up of. Arsenal hasn’t improved not even slightest under his watch. This should be concerning to everyone.

  97. Valentin


    Where do you think he plays?
    Yacine Adli see himself as an attacking midfielder, the problem is that both in Club under Emery and at International level for France U17 he plays as a winger. That is where he is the most effective. Running at people and creating opening for others.

    At PSG, nobody thought that he had a chance to replace Verratti, Rabiot, Thiago Motta in the center. With the confirmed internationals in front of him, he had no chance of making the grade. On the wings it was a maybe.
    Moving to Bordeaux with a club who will nurture him is the best move for him now.
    At Arsenal Emery wanted him this summer so obviously he has faith in him. So moving at Arsenal could have been a good move as well.

  98. Dissenter

    I’ve always detested the fake staging with screaming teenage girls, really annoying considering they probably don’t know any of the hits.

  99. Valentin


    I am ready to bet that Adli will play for Bordeaux in their next game. He just got transferred last week.

    It is just a name that was available and was never in the mix instead of the never possible Perisic and Carrasco.

  100. Champagne charlie

    “So Champagne Charlie is taking cheap shots at Arsenal for not extending his contract after 19 months of repeated injury? One of the silliest comments ever made here to be honest“

    Yea so silly to think a club with Arsenal’s medical resources should be capable of making a better decision about the future health of a player they have extensive knowledge of.

    You’re obviously another totally numb to how the human body works. I made the comment about Cazorla partly tongue in cheek, but it quite obviously serves as another example of our ability to always fall on the wrong side of good decision making.

    English humour isn’t the only thing you struggle with based on your recent inputs.

  101. bunga party

    If you just go by commercials, you will get the impression that Blacks are probably the most powerful group in USA.

    Just fucking fraud….just like NFL. Very fitting.

  102. bennydevito


    I really wish Usmanov had got full control. He wanted to dilute the shares so they could be sold on the stock market freeing up more money for the club to spend on transfers to compete with Chelsea but the rest of the share holders wouldn’t agree to it because of selfish reasons of not devaluing their share prices.

    In terms of a proactive owner who wanted to invest in Arsenal and see us compete at the very top of the game we got left with the wrong owner.

    Don’t get carried away mind and see this as me conceding on Kronke’s gross negligence with my penguin business book. 😅 😉

  103. bennydevito

    ChrisFebruary 4, 2019    01:19:25


    I do feel like I am back in 2004 watching this!


    Tell me about it! So dated!

  104. Dissenter

    I wish you had advocated that we keep Cazorla in the summer.
    This is just another one of your many sophistry -filled arguments where you assert that you’re an all knowing no-nothing.
    Hindsight is perfect in this regard but Arsenal released a player who hadn’t played competitive football for 19 months and was recovering from a ghastly situation. We kept faith with Cazorla when most clubs would have cut him loose.
    Keep pretending you’re a genius.

  105. goonerboy

    This club- is not at the pinnacle of English football- it c does not compete financially with the top 5 for the best talent out of choice.
    The players we have are as a result, not great- but they are capable of playing with far more aggression, determination and defensive organisation than we did. against City or Liverpool . These were very late Wenger like sub standard performances.
    Emery has talked about the pressing game-but where is it?
    Our defending is probably the weakest in the top half of the table.
    The defence and midfield needs a rebuild from the ground up both in personnel and in coaching.- We need a coach who will drill the defence- and if that means a return to Graham era football- so be it .
    Emery is not that coach.

  106. azed

    At PSG, nobody thought that he had a chance to replace Verratti, Rabiot, Thiago Motta in the center. With the confirmed internationals in front of him, he had no chance of making the grade.

    Playing on the wings because those in the centre are better than you doesn’t make you a winger.

    That’s also a reason why we went for loans without the obligation to buy this winter.

  107. bennydevito


    So true. Cazorla was out for so long at a time where we were infamous for stockpiling injured players on never ending contracts and got widely ostracized for doing so – probably by the likes of CG especially as Cazorla is Spanish!

    I’ve asked CG to put his Mystic Meg wig on and whip out his crystal ball to give me the lottery numbers, but alas CG’s psychic powers only seem to work with hindsight.

  108. Champagne charlie


    Get your facts straight, I argued for keeping Cazorla if he was fit.

    I said he was more talented than any midfielder we had and if he could male the grade physically he should be extended. A conversation I had with Marko at the time.

    So again, typical Arsenal to get another thing wrong when times are so lean.