Josh K talks of Champions League glory (also, £40m summer kitty)

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I feel like a child of absent parents this morning. Daddy has tumbled down the stairs, barged into the living room slightly hungover, and handed me an IOU for a Mars bar. This is Josh ‘Daddy’ K.

“To see where Sean has taken us [the Rams] in a short amount of time gives us a lot of confidence.

“The only thing on a par with the Super Bowl is Arsenal making the Champions League final.

“It is something we are very focused on.

“I have been telling my friends all week the Super Bowl is the biggest spectacle that we have here and the Champions League is something in Europe that we strive for and we look forward to being a part of in the future.”

It was all going so well, then he kind of let slip that he was thinking about the other kid who is more handsome than I, and he kind of got his wires crossed.

“I think he [Emery] and Sean are very comparable in the way they approach their craft on a daily basis,”

“There is a lot of data they break down. They are very active on the practice pitch. Their styles are similar even though they are half a world apart.

“Unai’s energy is contagious and his dedication is immense. They love what they do and they are leaders. The players want to run through a wall for them.”

Daddy has not been paying attention, has he? Styles the same? Really, Josh?

The whole interview is mildly amusing. These billionaires are so out of the loop in life that it took a Super Bowl final to acknowledge it’d be cool for Arsenal to make a Champions League final one day.

No message as to how we hit those heights, just a confident nod to Unai Emery that he’s got this, and he should spend that £40m he has in the summer really well.


Denis Suarez has LANDED. Get excited people. This is him giving his new manager mad props.

“The main thing is that he dedicates a great deal of time to his work. He spends many hours and days watching videos of other teams and his own side.

“His training sessions are really demanding and he ensures that the team is completely prepared. But as I say, the biggest thing is the time he dedicates to his work. As we’d say in Spanish, he’s ‘un enfermo del fútbol’ – football mad.”

Emery is bloody football mad, isn’t he? Good times.

Really hope Denis is the real deal. He has a lot to prove. He’s a little lost in his career, he’s had spats of excellent play, but he’s never really found a place he can call home. He’s playing for a career with Emery, let’s hope he can deliver.


Manchester City tomorrow is a huge game. Pep G and his team are recovering from a Newcastle United inflicted bloody nose. They need to find that winning gear against us to keep their title hopes alive this season.

Arsenal had a bit of a shocker against relegation fodder in midweek, but the eventual win turned out to be a dream ticket to TOP FOUR. We need to tighten up, because I have to tell you, City have a lot more to offer than Cardiff.

Emery needs to stop talking the talk about video analysis and show us the output of this meticulous planning we hear so much about.

But I tell you… if I see a high line with the defence we have on offer, I’m gonna bloody lose my mind. I will absolutely slam my fist on the table. Don’t doubt my commitment to aggression.

The downside to the win is that we could hand Liverpool the title. Can you imagine that? The internet memes? The southern Scousers burning their City shirts in the street? The endless coverage in the papers. Oh my, won’t it be awful… At least no one cares about City and their 23,000 fans.

Speaking of which, isn’t it amusing to see how empty the Spurs ground has been lately? I really, really hope they struggle to fill that toilet bowl of theirs. I also hope it’s quiet and too expensive for the average Spurs fan. No way they’re shifting £14 salt beef bagels there. Levels people, levels.

Right, that’s me done! Check out my solo pod. I say nice things about the comments section. Sorry to A&N who I missed but value dearly. xx


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  1. Bamford10


    Complete nonsense. The January window is not the right time to be rebuilding a squad; we have plenty of dross from Wenger’s mistakes already. Sticking to loans is smart.

    People are like: “spend 100m!”. OK, well, one, we spent 70m this summer, and this with a manager who wanted to see what he had available to him already.

    Two, dumb, scaremongering aside, there is no reason to think they won’t spend 100m this summer.

    Three, if we have the money to spend 100m this summer and we don’t, well, then we can begin the calls for people’s heads.

    Until then, again, much of what is being said by some here is empty hot air.

  2. Marko

    I feel like this is the type of game that just sums up perfectly where we are what the squad is what it’s lacking and what the manager was dropped with. A defence in dire need of quality across the whole defence a midfield with little or no control and an attack with no creativity or pace or dribblers. Huge huge work to be done on the squad. Much like with Wenger it’s not going to be enough to just simply get a new manager. This club only improves with better players and that means smart investment

  3. Josip Skoblar

    I really don’t think that Emery is doing a better job than Wenger in his last 5 years. So it’s quite a poor start for a new manager.

  4. Pierre

    “Only two players had any interest in keeping possession, ”

    We are not a possession based team , we are a headless chicken team who run and run and get nowhere and then run out of gas.

    The 2 players who keep possession the best in the Arsenal team are ozil and xhaka, and they were not playing today .

    There is a lot to be said for keeping possession of the football , many on here don’t quite understand that …..passing to a team mate actually works because you are letting the ball do the work.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Dear me this whole sell Laca Ian picking up steam here….by what account should we be selling any hope of scoring??? City has Aguero, Jesus, Sterling, Sane, Mahrez, as forwards….United has Martial, Rashford, Lukaku, Sanchez, Lingard…. how on earth should we sell Laca when Aubameyang fancies the goals when it’s only easier for him? We want to add to that not take away people

  6. Valentin

    We should have played a 3-4-2-1
    Mavrapanos the third central defender instead of Lichsteiner.
    Ramsey instead of Aubameyang with Iwobi in the two to block the passes to DeBruyne and Sterling. We had nobody to stop Fernandinho.
    Lacazette on his own on top.

  7. Nelson

    Rmery’s tactic was correct for the first period. He was let down by Iwobi and Licht. They can’t defend the right side. In the second half, we were chasing the game. But Emery had no plan B. We couldn’t generate any scoring chance. The team was lacking idea. It was very boring football.

  8. TR7

    Everybody knows Laca and Auba don’t link up well. The question is how do you still get us to build an attack ? The answer is by playing someone who can pick the two strikers out. I have always been a vocal critic of Ozil but even a blind man can see that he will be more helpful than Iwobi or Ramsey at this moment. Absolutely crazy stuff from Emery to totally sideline him. No wonder we barely created any chance of note.

  9. qna

    WE: Genuinely curious to hear a strong case put forward for those still confident in Emery and how we’ve improved on our worst ever season under a finished AW.

    No case for Emery really. But I honestly don’t see how any manager could have improved against the top 6 sides with this squad. It needed a lot more than £70m to make a dent. The fact that our £7m kid signing is our second most important midfielder behind our other new signing, who was 10 years overdue, is just evidence of how neglected our squad was.

    Player for player you can’t even compare us with the team that City put out tonight. Their bench would have slaughtered us.

    My worry is not Emery, but that we don’t have a sustainable plan to get a high quality squad together. We can’t spend our way back to the top. We don’t have the money. We need to buy smart and follow a Dortmund like approach. Signs are not good that we are going to do that. That is not an Emery problem. Doesn’t matter who the manager is, spending £50m on two or three 29+ year olds every year is just going to take us further down than we already are.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    Lichteiner and Webleck’s contracts end this summer so there is no likelihood of a transfer fee.

    Koscielny is also unlikely to raise any money. He is 33+ and in decline.

    Ozil and Mkhitaryan are on such large wages that to offload them you would
    probably need to offer them on a freebie.

    You would be lucky to get £9 Million for Elneny and I doubt that Arsenal will
    sell Iowbi.

  11. Receding Hairline

    Fernandinho played as a third center back and we had two strikers up front and he wasn’t even bothered and you think Ramsey would have bothered him. They came onto the pitch knowing they were better than us and we proved that.

    I don’t care who the manager is… We need a clear out of players. What’s happening to us is endemic… These bunch of losers are used to this. They were laughing at the end despite the fact they had just been humiliated. They were happy not to lose 5-1. Bunch of losers

  12. Bamford10

    Wait, so what was our shape today?

    I thought he played Mustafi, Koscielny and Monreal as CB’s, Lichtsteiner and Kolasinac as wingbacks. That is 3-4-2-1, i.e., 3-4-3.

    What do I have wrong? Was that somehow some bizarre 4-4-2?

  13. DaleDaGooner

    Like Papas, but why did we spend 30m on him? PEA is getting us goals when he fancies, but buying him for that much was crazy and these were no longer in the hands of Wenger.

  14. Receding Hairline

    Give it a rest with this Ozil talk. He should be shown the door next window. I’m sick of people acting like he is the solution when he is a very big part of the problem.

    You think if Ozil ran games like Silva or De Bruyne he would be on the bench?

  15. Marko

    I have always been a vocal critic of Ozil but even a blind man can see that he will be more helpful than Iwobi or Ramsey at this moment.

    As I’ve said before this notion of Ozil coming in and performing these days is hypothetical really it’s wishful thinking. He’s played plenty this season and has what one or two assists this season? And people are expecting what all of a sudden from him. Sad to say but Iwobi, Ramsey and Suarez are as good as it gets until the summer.

  16. Bamford10


    I don’t think anyone could make a strong case for Emery right now.

    I could see someone making a modest case —some improvement away from home, only one summer window to improve the squad, first year in the PL, managers need time — but I don’t think we’ve seen anything from him that would make anyone think he’s the guy to re-engineer us.

  17. cmansf

    So the basic gist of the issues are:

    * Ramsey deal agreed, fee, salary and he was set to be captain. He was extremely happy with the arrangement. During Stans takeover of the club, he sent his money men over to construct the deal and as he used the value of the club to generate funds required to buy the shares (used arsenals assets to purchase club for himself), they were looking for key sellable assets and then called Ramseys agent to say they needed to take the deal off the table for 2 weeks to improve balance sheet but also that they may not return with the same offer. His agent said if they go ahead he will not be signing with arsenal and they continued anyway. Arsenal PR machine started and said it was Ramsey that took it off the table but only after the deal was pulled. Arsenal then allowed Ramsey time off to look for a new club. As an FYI – Arsenal accepted a 64m bid from Man U for Ramsey last summar but Ramsey declined as didnt want to stay at Arsenal and didnt want to play for Mourinho.

    * Transfer budget restricted as terms of financial deal for Stadium means that Arsenal are required to have £160m in the bank at all times or pay large penalty/forced payments. So when looking at available transfers look at total pot then minus £160m. This has been there since refinancing some years back and also hampered Wenger making some key singings he wanted.

    * Raul is basically a money man and has particular agents he likes to work with as he likes to make a cut from a lot of the deals. My contact thinks his behaviour will mean it will only allow him to last a couple of years tops at our club due to the way we like to operate. The way Raul deals with transfers was one of the main reasons for the tension between him and Sven. Slightly different to version of events i read on here but in this version Sven was unable to work for Raul going forward.

    * Ozil not disruptive (as in demanding) but a lot of people genuinely worried about his state of mind and long term well being (mental health). Quite reclusive and behaving quite strange apparently. The tension between him and Unai is well document. It started as Ozil always claiming back injury (cant prove) just before games and then telling Unai when he wants to play. Unai said he will pick him on his terms and not ozil’s and is basically looking for consistent performance/fitness before he reclaims his place on a regular basis.

  18. Wenker-wanger

    I see therefore fans still thinking about 4th
    Old habits die hard.
    To get fourth, assuming the top 3 are Liverpool city and spurs..meansxwe compete with United and Chelsea.
    Chelsea are now seeing sense after the crazy sari decisions to piss off hazard and Kanye…they’ve surely turned the corner..incidentally kind of helped by arsenal dominating them last month.
    United as much as I hate saying it..are a fairly good prospect now under the likeable OGS..
    Arsenal are struggling..a hopeless defense, inconsistent keepers, unimaginative midfield(good potential though), and strikers only really effective against lower level teams.
    Wolves will run us close for 6th.

  19. Marko

    What do I have wrong? Was that somehow some bizarre 4-4-2?

    So you didn’t watch the game. It was a 4-4-2 mess with Kolasinac offering nothing either side of the ball and Lichtsteiner so afraid to make a mistake that he kept retreating into a CB position… and kept making mistakes

  20. N'gambo

    Emery doesn’t even look the part.

    Gaziidis appoints him and immediately pisses off.

    Get rid.

    And frack Arsene Wenger.

  21. Bamford10

    Yes, possession matters, especially against a City. This is why he should only have played with one CF (and two CAM’s) and why those two CAM’s should have been Ramsey and Ozil or Ramsey and Suarez. Not perfect, but it would’ve been better than that shit-show.

    And no way should Lichtsteiner or Iwobi ever have been on the field.

  22. Guns of sf

    Love auba but he adds nothing in our attacking third cannot use trickery to beat his man and too often mid passes when resistance arrives

    Laca much better with feet and tricks

    Auba needs to beat his man one on one

  23. Versus

    Money put city, chelsea and liverpool back in position. Good coaching helped spurs. UTD had both for years. As for us, i think it might be over lads. Europa League level. 5th 6th 7th. Everton by another name.

  24. Bamford10


    No, I watched, but I’m having my car worked on, so my attention was divided. Plus, that 4-4-2 is so dumb I would have had trouble believing that that is what he is doing.

    If that is what he did, he is genuinely lost at the moment.

  25. Marko

    Huge fucking summer on the cards though. Anything less than half a dozen signings and pretty much all of them starters or we’ll all be better off supporting a different club and stop wasting our time. Such is the squad

  26. Receding Hairline

    Yep six starters minimum.. No squad players.

    Ramsey,Kos,Elneny,Xhaka(we can get good money for him), Mustafi,Stephan,Monreal, Iwobi should all be shown the door. Iwobi was actually a disgrace to his family, club and country today..looked beyond woeful

  27. bennydevito

    Ozil and Xhaka are 2 of our worst players so it’s fortunate they didn’t play otherwise I dread to think what the score could have been, and with VAR it only would have been 2 – 1 so not as doom and gloom as it’s being made out to be.

  28. Bamford10


    If we have 100m in revenues that can be used just for signings — as gambon’s back-of-the-napkin calculations suggest — why wouldn’t they spend that on good new players?

    Genuinely curious.

  29. Brooklyn

    We weren’t outnumbered tactically for any of the goals …Always a player fault not managers(well player selection of course but it is not like we had any option…..There may have been 3-4 moments throughout the season where we were countered by opponents having more attackers then us having more defender….I very much like Emery’s defensive organisation but it does cost us on offensive phase.

    I remember under Wenger, against City Sanchez and Ozil having to drop too deep in lots of game even though we did get some results against them…Guardiola always used to play us through our left side to get Sanchez deeper into our half….Today Emery was excellent tactically, asking Guendouzi to follow De Bruyne and Kolasinac to stay with Walker….Just imagine an excellent winger in place of Kolasinac and another in place of Iwobi and proper AM/2nd striker(one with good work rate) in place of Auba/Laca…

  30. WengerEagle


    It’s not that I don’t believe that we have 100m to spend, no hope that you find half a dozen first teamers capable of going toe to toe with the league’s best for that price range however.

    You’d be doing extremely well to pull off 3 first team signings of immense quality for that amount. Doable but we can’t afford any to flop.

  31. Receding Hairline

    If indeed Raul wanted Malcolm while Sven opted for Auba then I’m actually not bothered he is leaving, I have never been bothered if I’m being honest. Other teams do quite well without a celebrity scout

  32. Pierre

    I made this comment this morning

    “pierreFebruary 3, 2019 08:30:28
    Our full backs are our weak link , City are masters at sliding the ball inside the full back and I’m not sure our full backs are aware enough..
    If we allow Silva or de bruyne time on the ball they will pick us off with impunity.”

    now ,if I knew this was going to happen then why didn’t Emery it is it was going to happen .
    City must have got behind our full backs 20/30 times in the match and all 3 goals came from 2 yards tap ins because they got behind our full backs.

  33. Bamford10

    For the starting XI, I’d say we need a CB, LB, CM, wide right and wide left.

    Five players minimum.

    No idea why people are so pessimistic about our doing exactly this this summer.

  34. James.wood

    I think Mustafi is getting of lightly
    7/8 years younger than Lich a full German International
    part of the German 2014 squad.
    The guy is Gash game after game his passing is Abysmal.

    Out Lich -Mustafi- IWOOBLY- Xhaka- Mikataryn-Ramsey Ozil Leno
    This is going to take years. Yearssssssssssss and Yearsssssssss.

  35. Pierre

    Look at my above comment and you will find the reason why Emery should not be given one penny of the club’s money.

  36. Freddie Ljungberg


    That would be 100m net. We can raise funds selling Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil,Mikhi, Chambers, we’ll also get Ramsey, Welbeck, Licht, Kos, Cech off the wage bill, maybe even Jenks if we’re lucky. Should give us a lot more money to play with.

  37. Guns of sf

    Torreira was huge . Gunn needs to be more aware of holding the ball too long. Gets dispossessed a lot

    Both of the broke up a lot of play

    We just don’t have a attack in the middle

  38. Bamford10


    I agree he got a lot wrong today, and I too have questions about whether he should continue on beyond May. I don’t know that he’s the right man for the job, and I am generally less convinced by him every week.

  39. Freddie Ljungberg


    So he’s got shit fullbacks and shouldn’t be allowed to buy new ones? That’s a recipe for success right there.

    We have maybe 1 or 2 players that would make City’s bench, that’s how far off we are, changing managers doesn’t fix that, not spending money definitely doesn’t fix that.

  40. Charlie George

    I would like to praise Our wonderful captain scoring that terrific header to equalise the early City goal- especially after we all thought he had broken his jaw last Friday..

    Also , like to praise our non glove wearing Fellow French maverick Genduzi For a another polished performance.

    I , now , would also like to point out that Emery has now Not BEATEN Pep in his 12 (TWELVE ) attempts….(there are Ex Wigan Athletic mangers who have better records against him, than emery)

    That stat in itself is an indictment of emery’s limited coaching abilities.

    Also very disappointing to see that there were not one British player in the team starting line up.

  41. Batistuta


    It’s not just about the salary they’ll earn though is it because that wasn’t my question…. Will whatever gaffer who comes in be given ample resources to turn the club around or are we just looking for a miracle worker.


    It’s depressing really, on one hand is a manger who you can for bits see how he wants his team to play but you can clearly see he doesn’t have the players to do so…. It’s sad the state our football club is in

  42. bennydevito


    What is it with you constantly bigging yourself up or looking for praise or confirmation that you’re somehow superior or anywhere close to being right?

    “Look at my comment from earlier” “I was right about this” (In your own opinion of course).

    Nobody cares what you said before because it was bollocks then and it’s bollocks now, so what makes you think your bollocks will be any more relevant or interesting a second time around?

  43. DaleDaGooner

    Interesting cmansf, especially the Ramsey/Kroenke deal. That would explain a lot. Using Ramsey deal to buy the club at a leveraged package. Fuck Kroenke. Not that Ramsey is a big miss.

  44. Freddie Ljungberg


    You’re aware that almost all of those games were when Emery coached Sevilla and Valencia and Pep had arguably one of the best teams in history with Barca? Still managed 4 draws. Facts and logic doesn’t matter with you anyway so what’s the point, I’ll just leave it there.

  45. Thank you and goodnight

    40 fucking million. Are they serious? FFS it’s about time fans, home and away, stopped going altogether. By going too games your supporting the kroenke regime, not Arsenal FC. Arsenal FC stopped being a football club the moment kroenke signed on the dotted line.

  46. Pierre

    I’m sorry that it annoys you that our manager was unable to see what I could see prior to the game as to where our problems will be defensively in today’s game.

  47. Marko

    You honestly think there’s even a remote possibility that happens?

    I’m an Arsenal fan so I’m a born optimist. Of course not. But in all honesty I do expect major incomings and outgoings but whether it’s enough or not I doubt it because it’s Arsenal and we’re ultimately shite

  48. Upstate Gooner

    Emery is so out of his depth it’s incredible. Starting Iwobi and Lichsteiner again was either naive or plain stupid. I tend to think it’s the latter. Zero creativity up front, and both Auba and Lacazette looked absolutely lost out there. Ramsey, Ozil, and Suarez on the bench and zero shots in the second half says it all really. What a clown and a fraud. This is the guy who people think is going to take us forward? Complete joke.

  49. Brooklyn

    I am fairly sure Silva and De Bruyne didn’t have too much time on the ball( not until they we’re 3-1 up and we started giving up)….Regarding full backs they are all we have available. Full backs were always afforded support tactically….City’s wingers weren’t allowed to cut inside without having another of our player covering for our full backs….It is lack of our defenders quality, so I can’t blame manager.

    But with abit more bite in our attack, you know player with pace power and dribbling ability, ManCity or any other team won’t commit so much player forward….

    And that was our problem today, we did well to contain their wingers and AM combining on either of our wing areas, but it is those 3rd man run, either from Gundogan or some times Fernandinho and very rarely their full backs that helped break our players positioning, If we had quality wingers to counter with I am fairly sure we would have limited those 3rd man runs.

    Like I said, I very much like Emery’s defensive organisation. He is fairly defensive coach overall, but the instance I mentioned above is the limit he is going to set up team defensively…..Like he has said he likes to be protagonist or something…..He’s game play is, either we win ball higher up the pitch and we score or, provide good enough defensive shape tactically. Opponents will have to overcommit or add number to break down our defense(or we have to make individual error, or opponents should score brilliant goal), but then Emery says, go on add more player to your attack, but we will counter you, i.e. you miss we hit strategy. That’s why, I think with addition of Couple of quality wingers and Emery type no.10 Emery ball will be at it’s best.

  50. Bob N16

    Agree with you Freddie, by my reckoning we can get around a £1m a week off the wage bill, promote 4/5 from youngsters and with net around £100m bring in 5/6 players, with maybe two of those negligible or free transfers. Predominantly players of an age where progression is expected and sell on value would be there.

    Two concerns, with Minslat leaving, can we identify top talents? And secondly, what is Emery like at developing players because we can’t afford fully formed top players?

  51. bennydevito

    Charlie GeorgeFebruary 3, 2019    19:29:49

    …….. “Also very disappointing to see that there were not one British player in the team starting line up.”
    Jesus fucking H Christ. That didn’t take long even by your standards did it CG?

    What does a footballer’s nationality have anything to do with their ability?

    And why would a team of British players equate to us being better?

    I’m pretty sure my local Sunday league side are all British and they’re not tearing it up in the premier league are they.

    Fucking wrap up.

  52. Pierre

    The danger was always going to be in one area and Emery made the game too easy for city ..
    If he had played with 3 centre backs then one centre back could have covered that move behind the full backs quite easily .

  53. Batistuta

    Emery: ‘Our players have the mentality that when we are worse than the opposition we feel that.’

    Glad he’s not holding back about how bad they are like Wenger used to

  54. MGooner

    Emery out. Kronke out.

    I want mu club back.

    It’s a shame that takeover rules in the UK are so soft. Kronke would never be allowed to do what he is doing to our club under US rules.

    Emery is a nice bloke but not someone who can land us the PL. He won in France because he had bucket loads of cash withe the best players in the world doing the job.

  55. James.wood

    Can’t get my head around the new signing and know way am I
    blaming him for today .
    But why is Emery not looking at defensive players all good sides get that aspect
    correct first.
    On that score alone Emery is looking a bit dumb.

  56. Bob N16

    Not sure Unai, the relevance of your last question, player inflation has been rampant as well as revenue streams. Not like for like.

  57. Brooklyn

    Oh yeah that Brooks dude would have been good to have in place of Iwobi, Ramsey as RW or CAM….is tall, gets in goal scoring position, good work rate, good first touch, good passing, quicker then Ozil/Mikhi, left footed, decent dribbler…

  58. Freddie Ljungberg


    Great insight Pierre, why not give the manager some money then so he can buy some defenders because our 3 best defenders this season are out injured and apart from 2-3 good games by Kos the replacements are absolute shite ( not counting Mavro since he’s played 3 games at this level and been out injured all season)

    But your answer is don’t give the manager funds, brilliant really.

  59. bennydevito

    Can someone post a link to this imaginary £40m summer transfer budget? It’s been broken down numerous times that we’ll be able to spend at least £100m without selling anyone, and even if we have to leave £160m in the bank as alluded to in the scoop above we’ll still be able to spend £100m mininum easily.

  60. Receding Hairline

    Emery says our players recognized they were inferior to City and pretty much gave up. He is basically questioning their mentality.

    I would have said he risks losing the dressing room but that’s his problem not mine.

    Investment… Squad turnover in the summer.. Regardless of who the manager is if we continue as a supposed top club with Mustafi,kolasinac, Kos,Stephan as our defensive options we deserve all the abuse we get.

  61. Pierre

    You Are making excuses for the manager when you should be asking questions of him…
    We had a decent 20 minutes period before half time and 2nd half ….nothing .

    We ran out of gas again..We don’t know how to keep possession of the football and that is so important in these type of games .

  62. Bob N16

    Pierre and Bamford seem to need some an affirmation that they’re some sort of football gurus, don’t think Legrove is ever going to give their footballing ego the boost that they seem to desperately seek! Too needy by half.

  63. Receding Hairline

    Bamford insisting his formation would have won the game is hilarious actually …one of those people who believe they know everything and are never wrong.

    Whatever formation you pick here you are still going up against David Silva, Bernardo Silva, De Bruyne and Aguero …

  64. Charlie George

    Freddie L

    I am not expecting emery to have had a better head to head record than pep….. bearing in mind he has managed only minnows in seville/Valencia..but it would have been reassuring that he had sneaked a couple of victories against him.

    Is it not reality -we just have a very limited coach at the the helm of Arsenal FC?

    All fans wanted Wenger out.( including me)- fact is we have just made a dogs dinner of his replacement ..
    Let’s press reset – and look again.

  65. MGooner

    @ Unai

    You can blame Wenger for many things but he kept us in the top 4 with next to no budget.

    Only when money started coming in and Gazidis started interfering in player purchases that our play deteriorated. He bought a liability like Xhaka and imposed him when we were building around Ramsey and Wilshere.

    Today it seems like top 4 is the holy grail! In the past we were so bored with it that we were calling for the gaffer to spend some money! Now it appears that fans have realised there is no money.

    I do not understand the thing about always finding an excuse for our flaws. the thing is that we were duped by the previous shareholders, KSE, Wenger, Gazidis and now Emery to belive the stadium move would allow us to compete, or the new shareholder wanted to win the CL and that now Emery needs time.

    Time works for them because they can continue to squeeze money out of fans without injecting a single pound to buy players. Fans attendence, merchandise, tv money pays for everything and they shamelessly lie to benefit.

    Kronke knows we will never win anything. He just has to sell dreams of a better tomorrow to the fans. In a few years time you will not recognise AFC.

  66. Freddie Ljungberg


    We can’t keep possession because we have inferior players, that’s why we have to run more. And no, Ozil would not have helped with that. Receive, turn, pass backwards or lose possession that’s all he does theses days.

    Positives today was Guen who was immense first half and the only player looking like he wanted to do something with the ball and Torreira.

  67. azed


    On point with his comment.

    A lot of you really have no clue about football (maybe be you never played to a decent level).

    Emery was spot on today with his tactics, we lost to a better team.

    For those asking why Lichsteiner was tucked in,

    The answer is because that’s what you do as a fullback when the ball is on the other side of the pitch.
    When the ball is on the other side of the field, the full back tucks in to make the defence compact.

    Lichsteiner wasn’t beaten for pace today. Neither the first or the third goal was his fault.

    The second he can be partly blamed because he took the lazy way out by trying to keep Sterling offside.

  68. David Smith

    cmansf, if you are indeed correct, we may as well give up.
    If Raul is prone to taking a cut, well, we sacked a far greater man than he will ever be for that same thing.
    If you are correct, why on Earth are the Kroenkes letting this internal empire building continue after seeing the damage it did in the Wenger era?

  69. Fred Harman

    We keep reverting to slow slow, but never quick quick a la Wenger. Unless we move the ball out from defence really quickly, and the midfield look to move it to strikers, we are soooo predictable. Top defenders these days must love our style, and coaches can prepare by looking at years of Arsenal matches – most much the same. I’m pleased Wenger gone at last, but Emery has a mountain to climb with this squad.

  70. Brooklyn

    I missed first goal.

    2nd goal, Leic and Kos mistake, both were not out numbered nor were made to be one on one against their dribblers, for me Emery did fine tactically.

    3rd goal again 2 players were against Stirling, Emery did fine tactically to support our weak wing backs, Aguero scored with his hand.
    He made them take pot shots through out game with us having lots of player in box to potentially block the shot….all saves Leno made were fairly easy ones….

    Now I agree in some of points you and Charlie have raised in last couple of days(maybe weeks?)…You can point out their potential transfer targets may not best suit PL….I am more worried about Raul then Emery in that aspect in a sense that type of players Emery want are naturally more suited to EPL.

  71. bennydevito

    BatistutaFebruary 3, 2019    19:40:28

    Emery: ‘Our players have the mentality that when we are worse than the opposition we feel that.’

    Glad he’s not holding back about how bad they are like Wenger used to


    Great comment and well done Emery for being frank and not making up Wenger style excuses. It seems to me that Emery is under no illusions as to the monumental task at hand and isn’t afraid to speak openly about them.

    Better than the hilariously deluded mental strength rhetoric.

  72. Freddie Ljungberg


    Not sure he’s limited or not yet, what’s sure is that he has a very limited squad. Unless Gandalf is available in the summer I see no point in changing managers when it’s the squad that’s shite.

  73. MGooner

    @ Pierre

    Keep possession against Pep’s City? Even Real Madrid could not achieve this against Pep’s Barca.

    The only times they were beaten was through counterattack. remember Bayern putting 5 past them.

    Emery set up the team well but he has to do with our limited resources. Liverpool had a defensive issue and they bought VVD. We have a similar issue and who did we buy?

  74. SpainishDave

    We are going nowhere.
    There has to be a seismic change to shake us out of the Wenger era.
    Stan won’t do it we are stuck in the past.

  75. David Smith

    Also, if they signed a deal for the stadium meaning they had to keep 160m in the bank, they are stupid beyond belief. Surely they can refinance such terms?
    If Emery is working under such terms, he should walk before his rep is damaged forever

  76. Bamford10


    I don’t need any affirmation at all. And please don’t associate me with Pierre.


    I do think 3-4-2-1 would’ve been better than 4-4-2, and I think playing Lichtsteiner and Iwobi was a mistake.

    As for thinking I’m always right, this is just silly; I get things wrong just like anyone else and I gladly admit it when it happens.

  77. Champagne charlie

    Yea, our squad is ill balanced and sub par, but that’s been the case for how many seasons now? It was a primary criticism against Wenger, but it didn’t stop people going further and assessing tactics, approach, style etc.

    Seems Emery continues to get a free pass because of a poor squad, which again throws up the ‘what did we get rid of Wenger for, if not for improvements in coaching?’.

    We lost 3-1 there last season, this season same thing again (playing that superficial comparison card that’s been whipped out for Emery a number of times). Also second half we had no shot on target, so our ‘attacking’ manager who’d rather win 5-4 than 1-0 said what at half time exactly? Still not seeing what Emery is bringing to the table that’s different.

    Same reason I mention Benitez, because his tactics are evident. Let me illustrate with a shallow comparison of their game against City and ours:

    7 shots, 2 on target – City had 12 shots, 4 on target
    23% possession
    239 passes to City’s 767

    4 shots, 2 on target – City had 19 shots, 12 on target
    41% possession
    433 passes to City’s 613

    Newcastle had more shots and conceded less chances than we did against City with essentially half the ball we had. Talk about which City showed up etc, but it’s pretty clear one side had a plan and executed it whilst the other had no plan, and certainly no defensive competence. I’ll await the cries that Newcastle have better players as defence of such a thing.

    *But to be clear, City had 20% LESS ball against us than Newcastle, and had 3X the shots on target.* beyond a concern

  78. InsideRight

    “His training sessions are really demanding and he ensures that the team is completely prepared.”

    Yet we still turned up at the Etihad with our arses hanging out and for all but 15 mins or so, were subjected to BDSM with no working safe word.

    I’m not generally given to snap judgements, but in this case I’ll put my neck out… For me Emery has already been smoked out. He should stick to PowerPoint presentations because I don’t see one player he inherited who has been improved through coaching.

    The Kroenkes took him on to do a job on the cheap. He talked the talk but I’ve not seen any walking. A little bit of pressing and a bit of extra aggression won’t make up for players getting out thought and out played like they were today. Mentally we were beaten before we went on the pitch. I don’t see Emery turning that around.

  79. Catalyst

    We over estimate everything about ARSENAL. From our worth in the financial aspect to our marketability and onfield performance. Losing to City by 3 goals should be an expectation at the moment. The players we have can’t compete at the top level irrespective of the manager. Moaning like we expect to be on top of the pile currently is stupid and foolish.

  80. Bob N16

    Bamford, both of you and Pierre appear to seek affirmation on a daily basis. Nothing wrong with that, just think your never going to get the acknowledgement that it appears you’re seeking.

  81. Versus

    Oh ok out of moderation finally. Ok so I’d just like to add to the various views. Ahem.. this season was always a write-off. Until ALL of wengers babies are all gone, they will continue to sabotage any progress emery is trying to make.

    In the long term. We’ll probably hit that 20 year anniversary of no league title before we’ve rebuilt the squad. So its either a major cash injection or a slow painful rebuilding process. Take your pick.

  82. Brooklyn

    Because those players were bought by Wenger….Criticism of Emery as well as Wenger was both defensively plus transfer deals for Wenger…..

    Now I have given my reason as to why Emery’s defensive record is not problem for me because for me the system in place is just fine even though personnel may not be.How many times have you seen Hazard/Salah/Mane/ Stirling etc go one on one against our defenders in final third this season?

    I never got feeling that defensive system nor personnal were right defensively under Wenger(at least after 2008). But my primary problem with Wenger always was transfer deals rather than defensive system, because he always bought weak defensive players for our rather open defensive setup.

  83. Paul Mc Daid

    What exactly does Steve Bould do again?
    A complete waste of a position.
    Could not coach a pub team.Pathetic.

  84. Charlie George

    We conceded a goal after 45 seconds, today….We are more leakier than the 1960″s- with regards to goals conceded.

    We expected that under Wenger ( latter years)- how can that happen?

    Emery got this Arsenal gig because he was a cutting edge video tech coach.
    That like Torreira being the defensive midfield protector is proving to be a myth.
    Out of interest:
    Why was our alleged tough little Uruguayian wearing gloves again today…
    Gendusi was not.!)

    (If we play ozil instead of torriera- there is no evidence we would not concede more goals.)

  85. Brooklyn

    Also Charlie,
    we had to play Kolasinac/ Iwobi because we have no one else with pace, dribbling ability and work rate.

  86. azed

    Seems Emery continues to get a free pass because of a poor squad, which again throws up the ‘what did we get rid of Wenger for, if not for improvements in coaching?’.


    Can you tell us who put the squad together when Wenger was in charge?

  87. MGooner

    @ Versus

    I think you are optimistic.

    We will never win a PL title as long as KSE is our sole shareholder.

    If our previous shareholders had sold to Usmanov, DD would have been Director of football and players like Neymar, M’Bappe, VVD, De Gea would have been flying the AFC flag. We would have been fighting for the PL and CL every year.

    They did not sell to Usmanov as the news fan sentiment favoured Kronke. (maybe because he is a North American chap closer to the Brit culture than Usmanov).

    You reap what you sow! Enjoy it and keep making excuses after excuses so that fans continue paying.

  88. TheLegendaryDB10


    Great input. Much appreciated.

    I real am disliking Raul more and more. The problem lies with the fact that Kroenke is not setting any standards at all bar this top 4 minimum. No elite football club operates this way. You aim for the top spot, nothing more.

    The real problem is that he saw that gravy train that AW and Gazidis were milking and he wants some of it.

  89. Carts


    Yeah Im aware several players will leave for free, including Cech. Those players will free up valuable salary resource.

    If we’re looking to sell Elneny, Mhk and Ozil, then the least we should expect is 40m.

    10 – Elneny
    15m – Ozil
    15m – Mhk

    In other words, cut that cake any way you like and a minimum of 40m should be achieved

  90. David Smith

    Cmansf, if you know stuff like that, should get it in the mainstream media, if such things got out to the whole of the fan base, last years protests would be nothing on what would come of the club are operating on such restrictions

  91. Champagne charlie

    I just said that with Wenger the criticism extended beyond the players bought, and his approach/tactics were always judged in detail.

    Meanwhile Emery is getting much of his input swept away because of a ‘bad squad’……which Wenger also had.

    “Can you tell us who put the squad together when Wenger was in charge?“

    Wenger put it together.

    So was the answer to replace Wenger, or restructure his transfer influence to what we see under Emery?

    Replacing Wenger only makes sense if the guy coming in is better. Otherwise it was a waste of money getting rid, and we should’ve simply diminished his role (as was happening since the Jan we signed Auba).

  92. MGooner

    Being rich is not a sin. If City, Chelsea etc can benefit, why should we not.

    Ask the City fans if they would flip for their previous owners?

    Usmanov, may I remind is ten times richer than Abramovich and he wanted to be our owner.

  93. Freddie Ljungberg


    You’re an idiot but I’ll answer anyway.

    We conceded a goal early because Iwobi had a brain fart at the end of our box, nothing to do with the manager. Who the fuck cares that Torreira had gloves on? He’s from south america and has been playing in Italy, maybe he just thinks it’s cold? Shocker! Sack everyone and get a polar bear as defensive midfielder.

  94. Upstate Gooner

    “Emery was spot on today with his tactics, we lost to a better team.”

    To azed and the rest who think the same – Fuck That! If Newcastle can do it then so should we. Problem is that they have an actual manager in charge and we have a fraud. Intimate knowledge of all the players my arse. The guy who starts Iwobi and Lichsteiner against one of the best teams in Europe is clueless, enf of. Was it 4 in the back or 3? Were we trying to counterattack or to press? I see no clear vision, and I really don’t see any progress from the last couple of years.

  95. WengerEagle

    This Lyon-PSG match is a cracker. Top notch football on display, Lyon really do look the part.

    Nearly as great a collection of talent as Monaco 2016/17, just unfortunate to share a league with a superteam with the best front 3 in Europe.

  96. Upstate Gooner

    Iwobi had a brain fart at the end of our box, nothing to do with the manager.

    Umm, and who put him out there? Who trained and coached him? It’s as much Iwobi’s fault as it is Emery’s.

  97. Batistuta

    Have to say though, the quality of the Serie A has gone up a notch this season, lots of quality matches to boot too

  98. Pierre

    Is it not worrying that we have not created a worthwhile chance in the last 20 minutes during our recent defeats to city, united, West ham , Liverpool, spurs and Southampton..

    We have surrendered each game without a fight . I am sure I am not the only one who has lost interest watching those games because we don’t look like we have the energy to mount an attack.

    This is the same group of players that went 22 games unbeaten so what has happened to them .

    Is it Emery’s tactics that are now starting to kick in , are the players shattered , why can’t we play the full 90 minutes anymore, are we not capable of pacing our game .

  99. Champagne charlie

    “So someone still believes Wenger should be our manager while we get someone else to assemble a squad for him“

    Who thinks that? Sounds a lot like you talking complete nonsense, either because you’ve an agenda to push or you can’t read.

  100. Carts

    Find it fascinating Milan were giving a clear run at Piatek.

    They’ve got a tried and tested CF for many years to come

  101. Freddie Ljungberg


    Who trained and coached him? Wenger for the most part, Emery for the last 6 months. It’s coaching it’s not a reconditioning program, the coach is not controlling the players with a ps4 controller either.

    What are the alternatives to playing Iwobi?

    Ramsey who’s leaving, Ozil who doesn’t seem to care about football anymore? Iwobi has been our best creative player this season which says a lot about our squad, I don’t even want him in the first team but until we buy better players it is what it is. He’s a squad player at best but that’s the level we’re at right now.

  102. Radio Raheem

    Looking at the comments good thing I missed the match. There are things to play for so I still maintain Emery be judged in May. That said today’s result grist to his detractors’ mill. Onwards.

  103. azed

    Replacing Wenger only makes sense if the guy coming in is better.

    We are 3 points off 4th place, this time last season, we were double figures off 4th.

    That’s improvement and you can’t argue it.

    Emery has done better with Wenger’s team than Wenger did with his team, so why don’t you wait until Emery gets his own team?

  104. Freddie Ljungberg


    What has happened to them? Trolling much?

    Our best 3 defenders are out long term, Welbeck went down early and out for the season, he was the only player we had capable of playing on the wings and spell Auba and Laca. Our replacements are piss poor because we’re not only lacking in quality in the first XI but the depth of the squad is terrible.

    We also scored with nearly every shot on goal for a while, that was never our level.

  105. Upstate Gooner

    Absolutely either Ramsey or Ozil should be ahead of Iwobi. Honestly, I’m not sure there’s currently a worse player in our squad than him. Him, and Lichsteiner should be nowhere near the pitch yet both got a nod to start the game by our master tactician of a manager.

  106. azed

    “If Newcastle can do it then so should we. Problem is that they have an actual manager in charge and we have a fraud.”

    So why aren’t Newcastle top of the league with their proper manager?

    Oh by the way, the fraud Emery beat the Benitez the proper manager at St James park…. Can you tell us how that happened?

    Also Benitez lost at the Etihad..

  107. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger isn’t half as competent as Emery. If Wenger had the players available would’ve been 6-1…the main difference is Emery provides some tactics even with a poor squad of players. There is some idea.! Wengers tactics were to tell the players to just go and express yourself…a bit like standing in front of a speeding train and saying “stop”
    Emery may not be the best manager around, but to actually put him in the Wenger class of failure is ridiculous.
    Man city have world class players in every position and we have Mustafa and lich playing!!!! Player-wise it’s a no contest.
    Emery not out of his depth…some of the players certainly are.

  108. azed


    Absolutely either Ramsey or Ozil should be ahead of Iwobi.

    We created nothing against Cardiff at the Emirates with Ozil as captain.
    But then again, why let facts get in the way of an agenda?

  109. Thank you and goodnight

    Tell you what, no matter what we thought of the old Eton tie brigade etc etc, those twats ran the club better than todays bunch of pricks. It’s a farce. In fact I’d rather have Basil Fawlty in charge than these morons. It’s a soap opera, BBC should cancel EastEnders and put the running of Arsenal in its time slot

  110. Freddie Ljungberg

    Licht shouldn’t be starting, agreed. What are the alternatives?

    AMN was injured so our only other option was Carl “deer in headlights” Jenkinson, a guy that’s only at the club because Wenger gave him wages way over his abilities so we can’t move him on. I’m sure that would have worked out just great.

    Iwobi has been better than both Ramsey and Ozil this season and I don’t even like Iwobi that much, like I said, he’s a squad player for me. If you want to be irrational then go ahead.

  111. Brooklyn

    I don’t have problem with any player bought under Emery except for Lichteiner who was supposed to be our 3rd choice experienced RB and Suarez who is on loan because we don’t seem to have any money for this window according to plan made by higher ups.

    Yeah maybe they could have done better but, I think team has got good value for money spent in last couple of windows . Emery hasn’t got to build his own team unlike Wenger.

    Charlie George and Pedro has made me paranoid about Raul bringing players not suited to PL.

    I think Emery’s defensive system is good enough even though personnel may not be(maybe because I watched Wenger’s system all those years so my standards are low).

    Also we were linked to couple of wingers this transfer window, so I think, I will wait before Emery gets his team to criticize him. Especially since problem seems to be personnel’s rather than systematic.

  112. TheLegendaryDB10


    Extremely dissapointed by your comment @ February 3, 2019    17:07:31 (page 4)

    I see this as a complete backstab after my apology. You’re just a piece of shit with a huge ego who twist things to suit your narrative. Nothing new there. I disliked you before and as much as your arrogant attitude that you had, had somewhat toned down, you still act like a prick.

    Very dissapointed.

  113. Upstate Gooner

    Care to name at least one game that Emery won against Pep? Rafa manages Newcastle, Emery’s got Arsenal. Emery had 70mil to spend on 5 different players in the summer, Rafa had fuck all. He has Rondon and Ayoze Perez. We have Auba and Lacazette. Come on, man, it’s clear who’s overachieving and who’s not.

  114. Brooklyn

    In: 1 LB, 1 CB, 1 CAM/CM, 2 Wingers,1 CAM/Winger hybrid, GK, RB (depending on assessment of Bellerin, AMN and Chambers next season by Emery)
    Out: Cech, Kos, Elneny, Jenks, one or two of Miki/Ozil/Iwobi, Nelson on loan; Saka and ESR as backup

  115. Wenker-wanger

    Remember also that aguero beat us with the hat-trick and without doubt this man was the best striker in the world 5 years ago… And showed today that on his day he is still lethal and world class.
    So we weren’t beaten by a mug finisher.

  116. azed


    You are digging yourself into a hole.
    Saying Emery has better than Benitez doesn’t work in your favor because Pep has better players than Emery

    Emery spent 70M, Pep spent 60M on a player on the bench.

    Klopp lost at the Etihad while Roy Hodgson won. Going by your logic, Roy must be better than Klopp.