Winning ugly.

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Feels a little bit weird going too hard on the game when the backdrop was the tragedy of Emiliano Sala’s plane crash last week. Arsenal put his name on the program, a lovely touch. The minutes’ silence was also fitting.

The game was pretty grim. So grim, the illegal stream I was watching switched to the City game. Arsenal weren’t at the races. Emery rolled out a 4-3-1-2 formation to begin with, opting to make a player he’s ostracised the captain for the night (OZIL). The formation didn’t work, I’m not sure why Emery thought 3 defensive midfielders was going to be the key to anything interesting, especially against Neil Warnock’s Brexit express.

However, you have to hand it to Cardiff, they had the best chances. We didn’t hit the target once in the first half. Very sad times.

The second half was a little better. We changed the formation to 4-3-2-1. Iwobi coming on for Elneny. JENKS EMERGING A HERO FROM THE ASHES OF MORDOR. Things perked up, we began to create more, delivering a whopping 4 shots on target. Yay Arsenal. Really hate that I wrote yay, but it’s staying.

The breakthrough came from a penalty that Iwobi assisted. Kolasinac was clattered, Mike Dean couldn’t say no. Auba couldn’t miss.

The second was a fucking masterpiece. Lacazette out on the far right found himself tripped over, he managed to get back up, find his balance, power through the whole Cardiff side and drill a low shot under the keeper. What a season that man is having, I think I’m attracted to him, and I don’t think anyone would say that’s anything other than fully justified.

We still took time out to concede at the end, Mendez-Laing embarrassed the team in the box with a devastating cutback and a curling daisy-cutter into the bottom corner.

Whatever… 3 points will do.

Things went nicely for us in the other games, United dropped two points to Burnley, and Manchester City fucked the title with an unbelievable loss to Newcastle United.

I can’t really be arsed to keep on banging the drum about the bad football. That’s ours for the foreseeable. However, one consistent worry is the schizophrenic nature of the tactics. There’s no through thread of how Emery wants the team to play, so the constant chopping and changing has a negative impact on how to operate because the players don’t seem to understand the system, an issue which is exacerbated when we change in rusty players.

It took ten years to change formation once, now we’re rotating through 2-3 different systems per game, and it’s a bit of an abomination to watch.

Bright sparks… Mesut had a pretty good game, Matty G had a really strong second half (WHAT A PLAYER he’s going to be), and no one had a career-ending injury.

All eyes on the Sunday prize of Manchester City. If they lose, it’s season over, if we lose, it’s… well, probably highly irrelevant as everyone around us seems capable of folding this season.

Right, that is me done, see you in the comments!

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  1. Un na naai

    They keep presenting. Özil as some misunderstood Uber genius.

    Who’s they? Did you read my post bruh? Got yourself into a right little tiz over this haven’t you dissenter? What’s up your arse? Your local Starbucks run out of soy?

  2. Un na naai

    Un na
    Do they count attampted saves for goal keepers too?
    Do they count attampted tackles for midfielders?
    Do they count attempted shots for strikers?


    You don’t even realize how poorly you’ve ATTEMPTED to comprehend the point do you? He didn’t ATTEMPT to create chances. He created them. 500 of them. So pipe down you whiny little bitch.

  3. Dissenter

    Un na
    You’re confused mate, utterly mixed up.
    If Pierre is in his 60’s the he’s a baby boomer. He belongs to the generation who took and took and took. .. they haven’t stopped taking.
    What battles did he fight for me to enjoy the comforts I have.
    What was that stupid line about “bow to your superiors” about?

    You can be damn sure I won’t be taking moral lessons from you, you of all people?
    Find out where Pierre lives and go bow to him everyday.

    He’s always stirring up nonsense here and he got served. He’s got sharp elbows too and capable of a more clever witty rebuttal that the stupid line you put up.

  4. Un na naai


    I said men like Pierre

    Not Pierre. Not his generation. I’ll make this easy for you. LEARN……TO…….READ

  5. Un na naai

    He belongs to the generation who took and took and took. .. they haven’t stopped taking.


    He belongs to a generation who quite literally improved the world. No world wars. Mass wealth in the west. Wealthier and healthier 3rd world.

    Take and take and take.

    Like i said, bitter jealous little man, carrying a sizeable chip on that shoulder.

  6. Dissenter

    Un na
    ‘Chances created’ is exactly the soft leftie stats that you love to bash
    What does that even mean. Did they chances lead to a goal or an attempted shot. Who decided it was a ‘chance’?
    What does that mean? You’re throwing around some vague metric to appear balanced in your argument.

    It’s gone from assist to pre-assist to sublime touches, now it’s just chances created.
    At some point you lot will be throwing around stats about [number of nasal breaths/min]

  7. HighburyLegend

    “Even last night Ozil had some sublime touches that the commentators totally ignore”

    Ah ah ah Lil’ P. and his everlasting love for Mesut.
    In fact the commentators are far from being the only ones to “ignore” Ozil since a while now…

  8. Un na naai

    He’s always stirring up nonsense here and he got served. He’s got sharp elbows too and capable of a more clever witty rebuttal that the stupid line you put up.


    Yes he is. But that’s coming from an idiot who thinks I’m an Ozil fanboy despite clearly stating otherwise.
    Who thinks 500 chances created is 500 attempted passes

    And who thinks saying “men like Pierre” means Pierre himself .

    Precious today aren’t we?

  9. Un na naai

    Un na
    ‘Chances created’ is exactly the soft leftie stats that you love to bash
    What does that even mean. Did they chances lead to a goal or an attempted shot. Who decided it was a ‘chance’?
    What does that mean? You’re throwing around some vague metric to appear balanced in your argument

    What does chances created mean? Are you really asking that question?

  10. Dissenter

    Yes I asked very specific questions in the last post
    You seem to be confusing ‘chances’ created with ‘assists
    Please answer ‘cos it’s obvious you’re stumped and your brain is spinning around a small axis.

  11. Un na naai


    I’m not confusing anything. The irony of that statement is clearly flying over your head with bells on.

    500 chances created is 500 chances created. Ask sky sports dopey. They put up the statistic. If that triggers your precious little self then boo boo. I’m no ozil fan at all. Can’t stand the guy. But he’s created 500 chances in 5 seasons and it’s an impressive statistic.

  12. bennydevito

    The crowds were already dwindling under Wenger you agenda driven trolls. Bore off already.

    What we have now is the direct result of negligent squad building and squandering of finances. Emery can’t fix something without money to do so but he is trying. The club have said there’s no money right now so what do people seriously expect?

    I have every confidence that more players of the calibre and age of Torreira and Guendouzi will be bought this summer and we will see more improvement and more of an Emery squad next season that will be a,stark improvement if the dire squad and dire football of the last 5 years of Wenger.

  13. Charlie George


    Wenger 3 league titles
    7 FA cups
    7 charity shields
    European finals
    Unbeaten seasons
    20 top 4

    Scintillating football albeit frustrating

    Emery isn’t the man to take over Wengers mantle.

    I think- you are deluding yourself- if he thinks he is …

  14. ddkingz

    sometimes I can’t help but wonder…. arsenal fans are the most wayward fans in the world of sports…. TRUE.

    A team without its…..
    first choice RB
    most consistent CB (holding)..
    most aggressive CB ( papa)
    first choice LB (monreal)
    without a natural winger…
    without a single player who can dribble with the ball and create chances for its world class strikers……

    give Emery a chance… before calling for his head..

  15. bennydevito

    Wenger’s non-debatable impressive trophy haul has no baring on the last 3 years of his tenure where the crowds were provenly and visibly dwindling due to the predictable season outcomes and thrashings and perennial capitulations. Had the football stayed at the same level of 97 – 07 we would still have been challenging for the title, still playing exciting football, still filling the stadium and therefore not demanding Wenger’s exit.

    Your point as usual is irrelevant to the case of dwindling attendances that had set in during the last 5 years before Emery’s arrival and is just serving your very tired and very boring Emery out agenda.

  16. Charlie George


    Valid points with regards to the falling attendances…
    That’s why we needed a coach who was going to excite,unite and entertain us all.

    The attendances will continue to decline with Emery and the colorless team he is building.

    A team devoid of any pace, penetration or power- it has to be said.

  17. bennydevito

    Well said ddkings,

    Unfortunately CG and others are still hurt from Wenger’s leaving and supported him over the greater needs of the club staunchly defending his ineptitude for years to the detriment of the club they claim to support. Now that Emery has taken over, they for some unknown bizarre reason can’t afford Emery even a 10th of the time to they afforded Wenger to try and fix a squad that Wenger himself fucked.

    God knows who they think we could have hired who would have taken on this monumental task knowing the restrictions on our finances that would limit even Jesus Pep himself from challenging the oil money of City and Chelsea and the huge commercial juggernaut of Man Utd without having the money to do so.

    Aleggri didn’t want it and no other top manager would so it made sense to hire a manager proven to be a success with limited money working under a director of football structure where the manager doesn’t choose the players to sign.

    Emery has a 2 year contract which failing an end of season Wenger style capitulation that leaves us below last season’s place of 6th, we should let him have those 2 years at least, especially as the likes of Trollie George tolerated 10 years of underperformance from Wenger.

  18. Charlie George

    I wanted Wenger out for seasons.
    I just don’t think Emery is up to the job.

    Why would you give him 2 seasons.?

    Crystal Palace sacked DeBoer after 5 games?

    They have done very well since- his quick dismissal.

    If you applied your logic De Boer would still be in charge there .

    And Probably in the championship, too!

  19. bennydevito


    Your observations regarding a lack of pace,power and penetration are spot on so don’t you think we should see who comes in over the next 2 years before making judgements? Don’t you also think that the financial restrictions in place are greatly limiting Emery’s scope for bringing in the types of flair players we need?

    What I would do for a Pires, an Overmars and an Anelka right now but we simply don’t have the money to buy in players such as Neymar, Mbappe or Draxler who Emery signed at PSG when he did have money available.

    That is my point – Emery isn’t in the position to buy these players so we need to be clever and spot the next generation of youngsters who will grow into those sorts of players.

    I hope Saka, Smith Rowe and Reiss Nelson could prove to be these players and I very much expect them to feature next season.

    Shall we wait and see?

    If next season proves our football is still drab, our defence is still conceding the same Wenger style goals and we’re still not breaking into the top 4 then I will be calling for Emery’s departure too, but until then I’d rather enjoy the ride, get back behind the club, buy myself and my 4 kids the shirts again after a 4 year boycott and even hope to get to the Emirates from time to time with help from Pedro and Twitter getting me the odd ticket.

    Is that really too much to ask?

  20. bennydevito

    How many Grovers go on the regular? Could anyone get me 3 tickets together for me, my 14 yr old daughter and 12 yr old son? Maybe after Easter?

  21. Valentin

    So according to some, we are going to spend during the summer 50 millions on a direct running pacy right winger.
    We should not have to as we already own one. His name is Reiss Nelson, unfortunately he plays in Germany. The more intelligent move would have been to keep him at Arsenal instead of shipping him on loan to a Champion’s league club. If the club had properly planned, he would have been used sparingly during the first half of the season and we will know by now if we needed an upgrade on him.
    Now unless those loans talks are just PR fluff, we need to pay to loan a players who may not adapt to our league our clubs before the end of the season.
    And in the summer we will still not know whether Reiss Nelson is ready to be a first team regular.

    Also if we want to reduce our wage bill, the last move we should take is to sign players on 150~200k week. That is what Carrasco and Perisic are said to want to join us.

  22. Charlie George


    impeccable as always.

    hugely risky to allow these players leave their Arsenal home.

    they might not want to come back!

  23. MGooner

    @ Bennedevito

    The club have said there’s no money right now so what do people seriously expect?

    The club is struggling but the fans keep paying for tickets, merchandise, TV revenues are coming in etc etc etc.

    Everyone is being supportive of the club , except the owner who did not put a penny in to help.

    What is actually preventing him from helping? If he put some money on the table at this moment in time, surely it would not harm our prospects, would it?

    Kronke/Gazidis always told us there is money in the past, shamelessly hiding behind the gaffer.

    Why does he not inject fresh capital to help the club ride through a rough patch? If he is confident in his stewardship of the club, he should be sure to recoup his money with increased revenue after some years?

    The fact is that the guy is an LBO expert who is $1 billion in debt. He has assets but no cash. His best bet is that somehow the club manages to get into the top 4 on SS model and generates enough to grow the assets. He would charge enough management fees to pay off the rollover of the debt he has for the Usmanov shares.

  24. Takin the Mhik

    Reading the comments on here about us not wanting to spend any money.

    Some good theories, but has anyone thought that because of Financial Fair Play, we simply are just no allowed?

    Last year was a bad one. Finishing 6th and no champions league. Lacazette came in for 50 odd mil. We signed Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan, both on nearly 200 grand a week. New Ozil contract would have hit us.

    Taking all that into consideration, we flogged Szczeney, Gabriel, Coquelin, Walcott and Giroud for peanuts. Ox we got good money for.

    This season we spent £70m, without really getting any significant money back on players sold, and no champions league.

    Taking all this into consideration, my theory is that we have to play by the rules until the summer.