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In a twist of Harry Redknapp like fate, it appears that the mechanics of the January transfer window are whirring into action.

Barcelona released the dogs onto Raul earlier in the day by telling the press the deal was finished because our man wasn’t negotiating nicely, cool words from a club that lost exec leadership to prison.

Later in the day, it looked like Barca hadn’t picked up any offers for Suarez and had decided that maybe a loan to deal offering was better for them than a player sat on the bench. We paid 2.5m euros for the deal to happen. The other two teams interested were Real Betis and Sevilla.

It’s quite hard to pull out the positives when it comes to hard numbers. In his career that spans 165 appearances (3 clubs), he’s scored 19 goals and landed 28 assists. If my math fingers do not deceive me, that’s a goal every 471 minutes and an assist every 319. He basically does something every 3.5 games.

He favours the left side of midfield, he’s pretty nimble and he’ll give us more reliability with touches and passing (prays). I’m guessing he’s being brought in because the manager believes there’s a next level he’s not found yet, and a maybe a warm arm and a cuddle that goes on a little too long for comfort might do the trick? Emery is also packing out the club with things he knows. Suarez is his guy and that’s pretty important.

It’s also worth noting he looks a little like Aaron Ramsey. The old goldfish-death-strategy… just lob another one in the tank, no one really notices. Worked a treat on my brother when he was 24.

There are also strong rumours that Perisic is back on the cards whilst at the same time there are strong rumours indicating it’s over. But worse… IT WAS A SVEN RECCO, apparently. In my disappointment, I totally forgot there was a Dortmund link. Sven clearly fond of an ex, the type of guy who sits in and sends out 20 random ‘hey u 😊’ texts to loose female connections on Whatsapp to see where he lands on a Friday night.

Anyway, the player was annoyed he quit. Which is an odd thing to print, because Sven doesn’t leave until Feb 8th, so he should still be involved because he certainly doesn’t have enough holiday built up to roll it into the last 3 weeks of his deal. Reads like a media plant to me, THE FRICKING DEEP STATE WORKING AGAINST YOUR MINDS AGAIN.

Anyhow, LaGazetta Dello Sporto are now saying that some shit has gone down, Carrasco isn’t arriving at Inter, so Spalletti isn’t going to let the Croatian leave because he wants warm bodies to help his #Top4Dreams. Perisic has a more a meaty record, but it’s still not inspiring considering we’re looking for goals and assists. Across all his clubs, he scores every 255minutes and assists every 338. If you break down of contributions per game at Inter, he offers something to the team every 162minutes. Which in Italy is maybe sexier? The dream is when he was at his peak, contributing something every 126mins at Club Brugge.

Anyway, it seems that we’ll only be bringing in one left-sided player this window, and it’ll be the young Suarez who really needs to up his production levels to look like a good deal.

It does look very much like Raul might have used Perisic to pressure Barca into coming to the table… last time we did something that dastardly, we let everyone think we were going after Ben Arfa before BOOOOOM Samir Nasri landed. Good times. The next Zidane they said.

The manager ruled out defensive signings, citing the competition for places that’ll occur when players saunter back from fitness. We’re also forgetting Mavrapanos was flavour of the month before he picked up an injury a few months ago.

Arsenal welcomes Cardiff to The Emirates this evening. We know what we’re going to get. Not a lot of football, a whole lot of Brexit thunder, and likely a comfortable win.

What we don’t want? Any more injuries… City on Sunday is going to be scary.

Right, that’s all I have for you today… see you in comments. Also, behave down there, we’re debating Emery’s haircut, not changing the world. Be nice. x


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  1. Takin the Mhik

    Good result, poor first half.

    Adding Suarez and Perisic/Carrasco make the squad look stronger going forward.

    But, Litchsteiner went off supposedly injured. Maitland-niles has a knee injury, Bellerin is out, which only leaves Carl Jenkinson, which is worrying.

    I’d either move Mustafi across to RB, or go into the transfer market. Surely there’s a RB/CB who’s versatile enough to player either or, available?

    Would be criminal not to sign a defender in my opinion.

  2. Marc


    Don’t waste your time. If someone can’t see how having the investment to bring in the equivalent of 6 £20 million players (with something left over) isn’t a step up from a Championship team then they have no clue.

  3. Marko

    There’s this thing called a mobile or cellular phone and it’s remarkable you can just whip it out and be on the internet or post a comment in mere seconds it’s remarkable really. And no I didn’t deny being a fucking post man and I don’t have to. But I would like to point out that Charles has somehow managed to denigrate respectable professions like being a teacher, a fireman and now a postman on here. For some reason. I can only assume that his profession is the absolute tits

  4. Receding Hairline

    Wasn’t this season supposed to be easier for Arsenal?

    They didn’t invest and the teams around them spend 50/60/70 mil.

    They brought in twelve player over the summer

    Winning the championship and then finishing mid table when relegation is expected, is tearing it up. You were the guy to state there’s levels to failure when spouting your own Pep assessment, so allow me to turn that back at you and say there’s levels to success.

    Avoiding Relegation isn’t success for Newcastle football club

    And you accusing me of petulance is funny..you are man child on here, easily triggered. Filled with so much bile and unfriendliness in your responses almost everyone finds you unpleasant

  5. Champagne charlie


    It is a championship squad. Go ahead and substantiate your 130 mil claim, Benitez has been there 3 seasons and made a 40 mil profit on players. It’s ludicrous to suggest he’s getting ample anything to achieve what he has.

    Championship winners, 10th place in the prem, who knows this season, whilst making a profit in the transfer window? That’s excellent management.

  6. Takin the Mhik

    Since his debut in 2013, Ozil has created a total of 500 chances in the Premier League.

    Only Eriksen, who has played 35 more games than Ozil, has created more, 510.

    We signed him to create chances, and it’s fair to say he’s done just that.

    Top class, and should be playing more.

  7. Marko

    Winning the championship and then finishing mid table when relegation is expected

    Relegation was expected with Newcastle? I’m sorry I know you’re trying to hammer home YOUR point but Newcastle shouldn’t have been relegated in the first place they are a club who should be top 8-10 at least.

  8. Marc

    OK simple question on the Spanish waiter.

    If he’s so fucking good why’s he at Newcastle? It’s one of the worst shitholes in the country and the owner is a fucking nightmare. Why not go back and manage in Spain, the girls are prettier, the foods better and the weather is better.

  9. Bamford10


    If you hadn’t made that dumb little remark about “yeah, that actress said she wasn’t racist either,” that would have been a reasonable comment.

    Criticizing Iwobi doesn’t make one a racist, nor is saying that one isn’t racist evidence that one is racist.

    Your point is nonsense.

    As for your claim that Auba and Laca deserve as much criticism as Iwobi, I’m afraid I disagree; yes, they make mistakes, but they are both way, way better players than Alex Iwobi. Completely different levels.

    Iwobi gets stick because he’s ultimately not that good of a player; if he were a better player, he wouldn’t get as much stick. That’s just the way it goes.

  10. Champagne charlie

    “Avoiding Relegation isn’t success for Newcastle football club“

    You just think it’s 1996. They have Mike Ashley as owner and profit during transfer windows, but you want to play some historic bullshit card? Newcastle are fucking garbage, duly noted by any Geordie you care to speak to. They “should” be better but they’re not because they’re hamstrung by a bigger cunt than Stan.

    “And you accusing me of petulance is funny..you are man child on here, easily triggered. Filled with so much bile and unfriendliness in your responses almost everyone finds you unpleasant”

    So much bile according to you, but oddly enough that doesn’t make it so. And you’ll have to forgive me but I couldn’t care less what fake popularity contest you want to profess outcomes of. Speak for yourself and don’t play to a crowd you petulant bitch.

    “denigrate respectable professions like being a teacher, a fireman and now a postman on here. For some reason. I can only assume that his profession is the absolute tits”

    Have I though? I’ve used them contextually but haven’t said anything about the professions at all, possibly with Joe but that’s certainly nothing more than poking a bear and even he understands that. But by all means try and paint a different picture because you feel like it.

  11. salpardisenyc

    Imagine if this was Arsenal…

    In terms of Newcastle spending that Almiron fee breaks previous held record of the outlay they spent signing Owen from Real Madrid back on 05.

    Mental, this place would melt.

  12. Marko

    Yeah the argument isn’t that he’s not being backed enough or whatever the fuck up in Newcastle who gives a shit but this notion of the job he’s doing being miraculous because it’s a championship level squad is ridiculous. It’s not it’s a messy shit squad with premier league players who happened to play in the championship for one season and it’s got 130 million invested in it and valued at 170+ million. Leeds United and Norwich are running away with the championship at the moment and their squad’s are valued at 58 and 38 million.

    who knows this season, whilst making a profit in the transfer window? That’s excellent management.

    That’s good management is it? That down to him you think

  13. Victorious

    We could effectively end city’s challenge next week and literally hand the title to dippers,how lovely right

    But for some reasons I’m utterly anticipating a complete dressing down.

  14. vickingz

    I see nothing auba offers than just missing sitters, heavy first touch, running headlessly and misplacing passes. Most of his successful passes are back pass. Can’t shoot, can’t dribble, can’t play with his left foot, just outrun the opponent and tap ins. He’s just an overrated guy who’s gonna become a liability if not next season but definitely the 2020 season

  15. Champagne charlie


    You play the fake ‘above you’ line all the time, you’re one of the pettiest posters on here and you’re always making sly comments about what others have put forth.

    I’ve not once said sack Emery, I’ve always said judge him come the summer. It’s you that’s so desperate in your defence that you meet any questioning with this pathetic outpouring of emotion. I would’ve had Benitez over Emery for the sort of period we’re entering as a club. Don’t much care if that tickles your balls or makes your skin crawl. Your man Emery got the nod so I’m sure we’ll all be treated to the fruits of that appointment in the foreseeable.

    Or not and you’ll have to hold your hands up.

  16. Receding Hairline

    Or not and you’ll have to hold your hands up.

    Just like you hold your hands up when wrong i guess which is never so we will never know

    I would’ve had Benitez over Emery for the sort of period we’re entering as a club.

    Says a lot about you really but whatever, i won’t judge you for your choice, Funny you have gone from wanting Allegri and a 200m pound spend or a new and exciting bold hire in Arteta to wanting Newcastle United manager Rafa Benitez. Weird sequence again whatever

  17. Pierre

    Taking the mhik
    You do realise that you are leaving yourself open to copious amounts of abuse by quoting anything positive about Mesut Ozil.

    Some lovely sublime touches from him tonight…..just wish he would be more positive around the box when he has a chance instead of taking the easy option.

  18. Marko

    Benitez shouldn’t even be talked about on here really it’s literally just Charlie putting him forward as a candidate. I personally think it’s ridiculous. Is it because of the job he’s down at Newcastle? Surely not. How about the 3 short lived stints at Madrid, Chelsea and Inter? Doesn’t make sense. Napoli perhaps? Conceded 52 and 82 in the two seasons he was in Naples. So it must be from his time at Liverpool

  19. Takin the Mhik

    “I see nothing auba offers than just missing sitters, heavy first touch, running headlessly and misplacing passes”

    The most ridiculous statement I have ever seen on this website.

    Maybe try 18 goals in all competitions this season and 25 league goals since we signed him a year ago.

    I reckon you’re a Giroud lover.

  20. Champagne charlie

    “Says a lot about you really but whatever, i won’t judge you for your choice, Funny you have gone from wanting Allegri and a 200m pound spend or a new and exciting bold hire in Arteta to wanting Newcastle United manager Rafa Benitez. Weird sequence again whatever“

    Nothing weird about it. I wante d a first rate manager and to see him backed in the transfer market, that wasn’t an option.

    I then wanted a young prospect to be given a go because like any elite young talent there’s a chance you witness growth to unreal levels. That was palatable given we had no desire to truly compete up front.

    Then when all was understood that we wanted steady and safe I would’ve preferred Benitez for the reasons I’ve previously outlined. See it’s dead simple and clear to follow, you just chose not to because you’d rather make out something else entirely. As I say, you’re one of the pettiest going. But you’re not one of the brightest so it matters little.

  21. Receding Hairline

    Again with little jabs about intelligence.. Whoever deceived you into believing you are bright Charlie did you a disservice

    I see you always ignore Marko when he gives u the lowdown on defensive superstar Benitez records at Napoli, doesn’t quite fit with the narrative I guess.

    Anyway you wanted a particular thing and it wasn’t done..get over it. I can assure you Benitez will probably never manage this club, he is yesterday’s man.

  22. Champagne charlie


    His Napoli side conceded 39 and 54 in the league, winning a domestic cup both seasons and getting to the semi finals of the Italian cup and Europa League in the second season despite friction with the owners.

    He also brought in Higuaín, Mertens, Jorginho, Callejon, and Koulibaly in his two season there.

    There’s dozens upon dozens of managers that will never manage Arsenal, that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable or wouldn’t produce if given the opportunity. What a daft comment.

  23. Marko

    and Europa League in the second season despite friction with the owners.

    Why was he in the Europa League? Got knocked out by Bilbao in a Champions League qualifier. The goals conceded stat I put up was all comps but my gawd you make an argument that he’d offer us better defensive stability and then you realize that his team’s concede a tonne of goals as well.

  24. bennydevito

    So, not really expecting much from Watford at Spurs but what do we think the chances are of Chelsea slipping up at Bournemouth?

    Not an easy game at all. I fancy a draw.

    Liverpool are go8ng to tear Leicester a new one.

  25. salpardisenyc


    I could see Watford do Spurs, they are wounded and Watford can be dangerous.
    Would complete a banterfull week regarding the scum.

  26. Champagne charlie


    Why does Benitez get all competitions included when others have their league tally used as representation? Benitez isn’t an unknown quantity, he’s a pragmatic coach who is tactically excellent. That’s his standard despite whatever rewrite you care to offer.

    Look into Emery’s goals conceded for his previous sides and you’ll see who’s the more merited of the two. Benitez also lost to Dnipro in the Europa League semi final, so nobody is arguing him as infallible – I just find him better suited.

    As always it boils down to a simple pattern on here, someone has a POV and others want to jump on it and dismiss its validity. I rate Benitez more than Emery for Arsenal. Not too interested how that sits with you, nor anyone else.

  27. Marko

    Why does Benitez get all competitions included when others have their league tally used as representation?

    Huh let’s just stick to Benitez. You say something along the lines of he’d improve us defensively and I bring up his goals conceded stats. No rewrites no nothing you still haven’t explained how he’d improve us defensively just that’s how I feel don’t care how it sits with people. It’s just words really. I’m also aware that Emery’s sides have conceded alot of goals but the argument is that Benitez would improve us defensively and there’s nothing in the last 8/9 years to suggest that’s true

  28. Champagne charlie


    Well that’s bollocks, his Newcastle side have conceded less than us this season so why not start there?

    His first season at Napoli saw 39 league goals conceded, so why should the focus be on his second season only?

    39 goals for a season in the prem would be other worldly for this Arsenal side. His entire career speaks to the idea he’s an excellent defence-first coach, I’m not sure what else needs to be provided.

    You’re reaching to select one season and suggest that’s definitive enough to override his entire career outside that. 54 goals is an Emery norm btw, so you’re pointing at a high return for Benitez that sits comfortably among the median return for the current manager. Stellar tactic.

  29. Carts

    Pal has a knack of inviting me to games where Arsenal simply look terrible.

    Home to Fulham, now tonight’s game – home to cardiff

    Besides the penalty, we never looked like scoring, it was that shit

    We probably should’ve had a pen for the foul on Lacazette in the first half, though; so I guess the eventual penalty, for the foul on Kolasinac, made up for it.

    Lacazette’s goal was class, I’ll give him that. Cardiff’s consolation was the least they deserved because frankly, the game itself was poor

  30. Carts

    One thing’s for sure is that Elneny is fucking toilet and a waste of resource. If we don’t sell him by the summer then Raul needs his head checked over.

    A players that received a forward pass, with the hope of that player driving and breaking lines, turns back and absolutely kills the entire attack

    Ozil was ok, but again, lacked urgency and sat far too deep to be effectual. Same goes for Auba: why he’s receiving the ball so deep when we have players capable of carrying the ball makes little to no sense.

    Emery hasn’t stamped his mark on this team and it’s showing.

  31. bennydevito

    Emery after the Cardiff game:

    “If a player come, he come,” said the Spaniard after his side’s 2-1 win over Cardiff on Tuesday night. “I’m not speaking about names. 

    “I’ve been concentrating on the game, the club are working.

    “We need wingers – Suarez, I know him. The physical nature of the Premier League? It’s a challenge for him.”

    So, once again we can confirm that is the club, and not Emery, who are identifying and working on the transfers.

    The deal being touted is a loan with an option to buy, not an obligation, and to remind certain idiots on here – it is the selling club that dictates any transfer fee, not the buying club and it certainly has nothing to do with Emery.

    Also, to another idiot, any winger we sign may indeed potentially make it harder for Smith Rowe to break through – the fact he’s an “overseas” player is completely irrelevant. Should we bring in an English older player on LOAN that will not be any less of a block to Smith Rowe than an overseas player.

    Veiled xenophobia is still xenophobia, no matter how you try to dress it up.

    Regarding the other idiot who asked the trying to be clever but failed miserably question of “why are we buying midfielders to improve our defence” , sigh…. we’re not. We’re LOANING players to improve our attacking play, as you know, we need better attacking wide players.

    Emery has stated we need defenders but we haven’t the money to spend NOW but will have in the summer. He also said if we bring in more now we will have a surplus when they’re all fit. This is where I disagree personally and would rather we sell the shit ones once they’re fit, or they retire or move on. But that aside, we don’t have the money to be buying young WC defenders now but will have money in the summer.

    People need to learn to read and listen to what Emery and the club are actually saying rather than ignore it all to then spout bollocks trying to be clever when actually they’re just making themselves look like dicks, which in most of the cases isn’t very hard.

    Limp dicks.

  32. Carts

    Suarez with the OPTION to buy is fine.

    At least we’ll be able to assess Suarez, over the next several months, then that way we can make an informed decision or whether to buy

    Personally, I have my doubt about what he can actually bring to the table as what we need is where our priorities lie.

  33. Mick Kartun

    It must be a tough job being a Gooner scout, sit around Barca all day looking for scraps. So insightful. Are we becoming scavenger now? What a fucking clown wiggy Stan.

  34. Nelson

    There is one thing about Emery that confuses me. :'(
    Against Chelsea we used a 4-4-2 formation with a midfield diamond. It was very successful and we shutdown a strong Chelsea team. 😀
    Today against a weak team at home, he still used a 4-4-2 formation in the first period. It didn’t work at all because the middle is too clouded. 🙁
    In the second period, he introduced Iwobi and switched the formation to 4-2-3-1. It worked much better. 🙂
    Against MC, I hope Emery will go back to the 4-4-2 formation. We only target a draw. If he uses the 4-2-3-1 formation, it would be like the game at Liverpool. 🙁
    We’ll get our arse kicked.

  35. Mick Kartun

    Nelson, if Emery always watch the opponents video then, Newcastle last night used 3-5-2 to shut down Citeh.

    Then why not back to back three of Mustafa Mavro and Monreal.

    Something like this:


    Mavro Mustapha Monreal

    AMN Thor Xhaka Guen Kola

    Laca Auba

    Then Suarez to come on as late sub on Sunday to knock in the winner against City, his old club, well we can dream eh ? Or we’re gonna be stripped pants down.

  36. Dark Hei


    If we have someone more defensively minded than Emery; I will just pass time watching something more exciting.

    Like the English Patient.

    We just played with 3 DMs against Cardiff!

  37. Nelson

    @Dark We just played with 3 DMs against Cardiff!

    That’s the base of the midfield diamond which is good vs strong team

    @ Mick
    3-5-2 is also a strong defensive formation. We’ll have to trust Mavropanos, who hasn’t play a minute of EPL yet. The change I would make for your line up.
    Replace Kola with Ramsey or replace Auba with Ramsey.

  38. Dark Hei


    You mean a “physical” team because Cardiff is by no means “strong”.

    Against Cardiff we shouldn’t be aiming for the grind em out victory.

    We are technically competent enough to play football on our own terms.

    We can’t be treating every single team as having oodles more talent than us and doing this scary shit football.

    That prerogative belongs to Newcastle not a team aiming for top 4.

  39. Guns of SF

    The best we can hope for against city is a draw. There is no way we win at their place. How do we stop Sane, Sterling, Aguero etc?
    Will be interesting what the lineup will be. I would expect the middle three to be guen torr and xhaka
    The attackers- Rambo PEA Laca

    No way Ozil play in this .

    It was another tough win today. However im happy with the result of course!

  40. Guns of SF

    We need to hit City on the counter… We attack so much and leave too much space…. SANE absolutely killed us last season twice in one week with his attacks.

    We will need to be extremely compact in the middle and defense.

  41. Guns of SF

    is it enough time to throw Suarez into the game? I doubt it, but may be a sub?
    Id like to see Mavro… we will need all sorts of help in defense-

    We just cannot leave acres of space when we lose possession in attack…. they will kill us worse than Manure did.

    We need a very coherent plan to slow them….

  42. Takin the Mhik

    I know City lost, and I would love to be positive about Sunday, but I can’t see us getting anything especially with how fragile our defence is.

    If AMN is out, then Sane against Litchsteiner/Jenkinson, no chance.

    Sterling against Kolasinac, no chance.

    Aguero against Mustafi, no thank you.

    Might have to be a game to go into with no hope. At least we won’t be let down.

  43. Emiratesstroller

    There is from time to time criticism on Le Grove about our two strikers and in
    particular Lacazette.

    The importance of Lacazette to the team must not be discounted, because he has failed to score a goal or provide an assist in only 4 games this season in which he has started.

    By contrast Aubameyang who has started in most games that he has played has failed to score or provide an assist in 12 games in which he started.

  44. Un na naai


    With you there. Been saying it all along. He made that goal on his own.
    Iwobi’s pass for the penalty was a beautifully executed one also. He’s really coming to life under emery and I think the stick is unfair
    He was our best player agaisnt United.

    But back to lacazette
    He was everywhere last night. He made a goal from nothing. Right back from the half way line. He is the only player in the arsenal ranks who can do that. He is our only match winner. Aubameyang whisky boasting an impressive record rarely scores unless it’s out on a plate and is given the knife and fork, even then he regularly fucks it up.

  45. Tony

    It will be interesting to see which of the 2 perform better when we have at least one winger above Iwobi’s level and a decent creative grafting CAM who can drive forward beating players bringing more direct tempo to our attacks.

    No idea if Perisic & Suarez can be billed as aforementioned, especially needing to hit the PL ground running, but they should be a step up on what we have assuming we get both.

    Nkunku will be the real bonus if we can get him. He has been my first choice since appearing on the TW radar.

    As of now I prefer Laca to Auba but that could change when a decent winger is feeding Auba ala his Dortmund days.

    Although both are strikers, with the right supporting cast they can offer different striking options and allow Eddie & Nelson to be individually paired with.

    Just my imo.

  46. Un na naai


    What were you doing up so late last night? Don’t you have letters to post this morning?

    Charlie has your number last night. You’re a little half balding coward who seeks to assault people in groups and then bitch when you get stick back. Grow a pair you excuse for a bloke. Champagne had you right. Petty.

  47. Un na naai

    Also. Emery is primed to pull into the coveted top 4. All those neigh sayers who villa that it’s too hard like some soppy 14 year old girl who’s been asked to tidy her room are starting look pretty silly with both Manchester clubs dropping silly points and us beating Chelsea. The squad we have is more than capable of a champions league spot. Despite the mistakes from emery and the horrendous injury pile up the squad continues to creak towards the top 4. I’d say that’s proof enough.

  48. Emiratesstroller


    I have stated my opinion on potential transfer business in January.

    I would prefer that the club focuses on our defence rather than tinkering with
    midfield and wing. None of the wingers and midfielders linked with club are
    in my view long term solutions.

  49. Takin the Mhik

    Gunners of SF

    Exactly mate. Let’s at least show some fight and make the fans proud. Too many times over the years we’ve given up.

  50. Graham62

    Un na naai

    I’ve been saying it for some time, Lacazette offers us far more and not just going forward.

    Defenders hate playing against him.

    Love his attitude and work ethic.

    Would be on my team sheet every single game.

  51. Tony

    I know your views but I’m just reacting to what the club is doing because we can’t change anything so why waste energy repeating what’s not going to happen.

    You should never confuse AFC with common sense the two do not go together.

    Power agendas and avarice seem to be the pairing for our club

  52. Receding Hairline

    Charlie has your number last night. You’re a little half balding coward who seeks to assault people in groups and then bitch when you get stick back. Grow a pair you excuse for a bloke. Champagne had you right. Petty.

    What is wrong with you and why is this allowed on this blog?? I have had less offensive comments deleted Pedro, why are you playing favorites on your blog??

  53. Receding Hairline

    As for the nonsense on Champagne whatever winning an argument, i had to go to bed, it was 12:00am in the morning and i happen to work for a living.

    The question is what has Benitez achieved now to qualify him for the Arsenal job not his antecedents. Rafael Benitez is a well decorated manager so that was not the argument in any shape or form.

    The argument was and still is how many of you on here giving Charlie high fives would have jumped for joy if Rafa was announced as our manager from Newcastle after the sacking of Wenger?? How many of you would have been happy to see us sit back and play counter attacking football in a bid to be “defensively tight”?

    Nobody is discrediting Rafael Benitez as a manager because that will be absurd. But the fact remains that

    A. He has not worked anything miraculous at Newcastle ( Leicester and Palace have beaten City this season so nothing unusual happened yesterday)

    B. He has brought in an awful lot of players at Newcastle, has been there a few seasons now and they are not necessarily getting better, you cannot see what the process is as you all like to say about Emery

    C. He is yesterdays man

  54. Pierre

    Lacazette is quality but to be honest , he was poor in the first half , off his game completely but made up for it 2nd half with a stirring performance. It’s good that the manager gave him the full 90 minutes.

    Having 4 offensive players on the pitch definitely helps our strikers , that extra player in the final third creates space so hopefully Emery will return to our early season 4-2-3-1 which was so successful.

    Having 3 sitting in midfield doesn’t seem to give us any better defensive stability as yesterday proved …We were very open in the first half but tightened up a bit 2nd half.

    I’m with you on the team being good enough for the top 4 …with the addition of Saurez and maybe Perisic it may give us that extra we need if they can hit the ground running.

  55. Pierre

    Looks like we are playing a risky game by not strengthening at the back ..Maybe Emery rates Mavropanos and will trust him in the coming weeks plus kosielny injury is not as bad as first feared .Also Monreal looked decent last night , if he can stay fit until the end of the season that will be a bonus as he is a starter every week for me.

  56. Un na naai

    What is wrong with you and why is this allowed on this blog?? I have had less offensive comments deleted Pedro, why are you playing favorites on your blog??


    This is exactly what I’m saying. What are you crying for? You and your little team have been at me for a few weeks and do I call for you to be regulated?? No.

    And it’s ok to insult anyone based on anything except their masculinity or hairline? Touch a nerve did it?
    You throw insults around on here fairly regularly so you should have expected a rebound or two. Suck it up hairline. Live by the sword and all that.

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Why not play matavonoups n medley at the back…

    He may in Europa… oh wait Europa now a must win tournament

  58. Receding Hairline

    You are a disturbed fellow ..seriously

    I simply called Pedro because he has deleted a lot of my comments in the past which were not even offensive, you on the other hand have been on a bit of a rampage lately and he has not batted an eyelid

    I know i am being unfair on him though as he is not always here to moderate, if he was the nonsense you just wrote above would have been deleted. It has no place on any public forum and i would have said you should be ashamed of yourself but i know better.

  59. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal’s weaknesses are not in attack. We have scored this season 50 goals
    in 24 games. Our average is more than two goals a game.

    Moreover I do not believe that Arsenal’s current midfield players are not good
    enough if playing the correct role and being properly motivated and supported by the head coach.

    For example Torreira looks a good player in defensive role. He is hard working
    and fearless with good passing skills. What he is not is a creative midfielder.
    Playing him alongside Xhaka also reduces the periodic silly mistakes of the

    The club has on their books Ramsey and Ozil. What has been going on all season for both players is demotivating, because they know that the manager
    does not want or trust them. A good manager would not have put the club in
    that position. If he wants to shift them out of club or team the time to do it
    would have been either last or next summer.

    Our defence has been threadbare and porous all season. We played the entire
    first half of season without Koscielny and Mavropanos who even now has not
    played a single minute in first team. Holding got an injury which keeps him
    out for rest of season as is case with Bellerin.

    More importantly we know that Koscielny can no longer play at first team level and Lichsteiner and Cech are in a similar situation. Monreal and Mustafi
    have also been injured.

    When you see so many players injured and the way that our defence has been
    playing in recent years the time has been to clear the decks and start investing
    in this department and not continue a sticking plaster solution to the problem.

    We know that the so-called defence coaches cannot solve the problem.

  60. Receding Hairline

    You’ve been insulting me and CG and Pierre and champagne Charlie on here for weeks

    Where are the insults?? Surely you can back up your shameless attempts at face saving with some evidence

    I’m beginning to think that Bamford and receding are one and the same person.

    Are u still on this same person thing you always do?

  61. Freddie Ljungberg

    Sure we can get top 4, but it won’t be “despite of” Emery, it will be because he overachieves with the 6th best squad if that happens.

    How anyone can watch our turgid attacking play yesterday and conclude our offensive players are good enough is beyond me, we had 0 creativity except for Guendouzi and Iwobi when he came on. Ozil was mediocre as always. Ramsey leaving and is good in 1 out of 5 matches.

    Those complaining that Emery plays boring football are also the ones most against us getting in attacking additions, makes sense.

    Just because our defence is poor doesn’t mean we can’t strengthen other parts of the team if we have the opportunity.

    We have no money this month so it’s not exactly like we can pick and choose. All parts of the squad needs reinforcing so we do what we can under the circumstances we’re in. Simples.

  62. Tony

    I agree with most of what you say except Ozil but enough has been said about him.

    Ramsey is not a CAM so our strikers are starved of quality high tempo service.

    That said, the club do things their way and no amount of blogging is going to change that.

    To be honest I think we’re lucky to be getting any new additions considering our reported/alleged finances and management upheaval.

    Emery is the attack-is-the-best-form-of-defense type where in some ways I agree with that in our current circumstances.

    We don’t need aged injury prone stop gaps in defense. We don’t have money for younger quality CBs even if they are available.

    We fans just have to live with it where if it doesn’t work, then a new manager is required.

    Right now those are the facts rightly or wrongly.

    I posted before I’ll wait until the start of next season and end of summer TW to have any real thoughts when hopefully by then Ozil and others needing to be moved on or leaving on own accord has materialised.

    Also hopefully where there is a fully accountable working-together management structure with a firm and united vision to be implemented.

    Probably knowing AFC the stuff only dreams are made of if the last 14 years is anything to go by.


  63. Pedro

    Un, when I meet people IRL, they ask more questions about the opinions of posters than mine.

    Gave a little shout out to everyone at the end of the pod today.