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In a twist of Harry Redknapp like fate, it appears that the mechanics of the January transfer window are whirring into action.

Barcelona released the dogs onto Raul earlier in the day by telling the press the deal was finished because our man wasn’t negotiating nicely, cool words from a club that lost exec leadership to prison.

Later in the day, it looked like Barca hadn’t picked up any offers for Suarez and had decided that maybe a loan to deal offering was better for them than a player sat on the bench. We paid 2.5m euros for the deal to happen. The other two teams interested were Real Betis and Sevilla.

It’s quite hard to pull out the positives when it comes to hard numbers. In his career that spans 165 appearances (3 clubs), he’s scored 19 goals and landed 28 assists. If my math fingers do not deceive me, that’s a goal every 471 minutes and an assist every 319. He basically does something every 3.5 games.

He favours the left side of midfield, he’s pretty nimble and he’ll give us more reliability with touches and passing (prays). I’m guessing he’s being brought in because the manager believes there’s a next level he’s not found yet, and a maybe a warm arm and a cuddle that goes on a little too long for comfort might do the trick? Emery is also packing out the club with things he knows. Suarez is his guy and that’s pretty important.

It’s also worth noting he looks a little like Aaron Ramsey. The old goldfish-death-strategy… just lob another one in the tank, no one really notices. Worked a treat on my brother when he was 24.

There are also strong rumours that Perisic is back on the cards whilst at the same time there are strong rumours indicating it’s over. But worse… IT WAS A SVEN RECCO, apparently. In my disappointment, I totally forgot there was a Dortmund link. Sven clearly fond of an ex, the type of guy who sits in and sends out 20 random ‘hey u 😊’ texts to loose female connections on Whatsapp to see where he lands on a Friday night.

Anyway, the player was annoyed he quit. Which is an odd thing to print, because Sven doesn’t leave until Feb 8th, so he should still be involved because he certainly doesn’t have enough holiday built up to roll it into the last 3 weeks of his deal. Reads like a media plant to me, THE FRICKING DEEP STATE WORKING AGAINST YOUR MINDS AGAIN.

Anyhow, LaGazetta Dello Sporto are now saying that some shit has gone down, Carrasco isn’t arriving at Inter, so Spalletti isn’t going to let the Croatian leave because he wants warm bodies to help his #Top4Dreams. Perisic has a more a meaty record, but it’s still not inspiring considering we’re looking for goals and assists. Across all his clubs, he scores every 255minutes and assists every 338. If you break down of contributions per game at Inter, he offers something to the team every 162minutes. Which in Italy is maybe sexier? The dream is when he was at his peak, contributing something every 126mins at Club Brugge.

Anyway, it seems that we’ll only be bringing in one left-sided player this window, and it’ll be the young Suarez who really needs to up his production levels to look like a good deal.

It does look very much like Raul might have used Perisic to pressure Barca into coming to the table… last time we did something that dastardly, we let everyone think we were going after Ben Arfa before BOOOOOM Samir Nasri landed. Good times. The next Zidane they said.

The manager ruled out defensive signings, citing the competition for places that’ll occur when players saunter back from fitness. We’re also forgetting Mavrapanos was flavour of the month before he picked up an injury a few months ago.

Arsenal welcomes Cardiff to The Emirates this evening. We know what we’re going to get. Not a lot of football, a whole lot of Brexit thunder, and likely a comfortable win.

What we don’t want? Any more injuries… City on Sunday is going to be scary.

Right, that’s all I have for you today… see you in comments. Also, behave down there, we’re debating Emery’s haircut, not changing the world. Be nice. x


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  1. azed

    Ozil is captain and he’ll probably dominate Cardiff so we can all assume a certain poster would be orgasmic all week.

  2. Sancho Monzorla

    All that means is Emery thinks Xhaka is more important than Ozil in getting a result against City this weekend.

    Would imagine Ozil won’t get anywhere near that match.

  3. Nelson

    Last year, Auba couldn’t play for us in the Europe League competition. They have changed the rule since then. Denis Suarez is allowed to play for us in the UEFA Cup competition.

  4. Samesong

    Neil Warnock will pack the midfield. And try and get bobby Reid running in behind. Set pieces will he good for them.

    What we need to be is direct all this tippy tappy left to right bullshit isn’t required today force them to make errors in defence rather tuan tippy rapt back to Leno every 5 seconds.

  5. DivineSherlock

    By the time City arrives , wouldn’t we have Suarez available ? also what is that lineup ? diamond formation ? 4-3-2-1 , assumimg Laca to drop back .

  6. Paulinho

    Glad Newcastle are getting Almiron. The league is so shit now, we need the lesser sides to get some quality in their ranks and get it back to how it was in the late 90s early 2000’s.

  7. Gazzap

    Three defensive midfielders and three attackers. Interesting tactics. this looks like the diamond again. Actually quite glad to see monreal at the back but Mustafi is the weak one. Cardiff shouldn’t be causing us too many issues at the back anyway but City is totally different prospect. I notice no Maitland Niles on the bench even,

  8. Victorious

    The spuds manager is really afraid to fail

    I feel in just one comment he has talked himself out of contention for the Manchester United job with a defeatist, mis-informed and out-of-touch comment for any manager of a top-level football club. He has completely missed the point of what he is there to do.

  9. TheLegendaryDB10

    Come on The Arsenal! Let’s bounce back from the loss vs Manure.

    Great to see Cardiff supporters showing FC Nantes colours.

    RIP Sala.

  10. TheLegendaryDB10


    I know. And then you got our resident troll who doesn’t get the importance of getting some actual wingers.

    Like Freddie said @ 17:05:24 having wingers should stop all that bombing forward from our defenders.

  11. Victorious

    Christ! This is so painful to watch!

    I mean I already have my feet soaked into waters to avoid dozing off

    Emery is really a clueless coach,you can tell that with how the players look so confused on the ball

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    You have to remember that these players have had a supply teacher for last few years so they ain’t been taught…

    He needs to be ruthless ..

    Dressing room humiliation.

  13. Marko

    Kolasinac is truly clueless. I mean his positioning is the absolute worst. Who’s the fucker who recently said he was an elite wing back who couldn’t be asked to play full back. I want to thump him

  14. Victorious


    Halt being a bitch and cut the players some slack

    A good coach with exact same players will wipe the floor with this Cardiff side,they’re toilet and our lot are making them look decent

    Emery is a dud.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    I would take Elneny off, bring on Ramsey and just play Torreira and Guendouzi a little deeper.

    We have to give Mavropanos a run out as well for at least 20 minutes. Cardiff are only going to get to us aerially and we have a 6ft 4 fresh young CB on the bench.

    Poor first half, I do not like 2 up top, we don’t have the CAMs for it or the full backs.

  16. Nelson

    Auba is useless. He can’t help buildup. He is also too static in the box. He has to move around and get himself available.

  17. Micheal

    Very poor. Play Torriera as attacking midfielder wastes his talent. Like Chelski playing Kante in same position. We have no creativivity. Ozil flits in and out wihtout making impact.
    Take Elneny off, stick Torriera at def mids and bring on Ramsey.

  18. azed

    After one half of football, has the best chance creator in the world done more than Iwobi whom everyone here agrees is just a squad player?

    You’d think someone would be will to prove the coach wrong.

  19. Freddie Ljungberg

    Guendozi has played some fantastic balls in this half, still guilty on lingering too long at times but I think with this seasons experience and a summer in the gym he could become an immense player for us.

    For anyone that doesn’t understand we were after Suarez just watch this game again, pass pass pass nothing. No one drives forwards and we have no one capable of dribbling 1 or 2 opponents to open up space.

    Guessing the weather doesn’t help but it’s not been pretty today.

  20. gnarleygeorge9

    Lacklustre 1st half by The Arsenal, but hey, its LA Sheep Week, so the players will no doubt have their minds on that pending fixture. So much more important are the LA Sheep, that there is no money left for The Arsenal to try & compete.

  21. Receding Hairline

    I guess the two up top wasn’t a guaranteed success as many will have us believe. Two very limited center forwards whose only real attributes is finishing. No physicality or aerial presence, no quick feet.

    Why are Elneny,Guendouzi and Torriera on the pitch at the same time, there are playing yet Cardiff are still getting half chances

  22. DaleDaGooner

    Global, as long as you don’t resort to calling one of the players “Gorilla”….. the way some of you go with your overly criticized views of players..

  23. Marko

    Poor first half, I do not like 2 up top, we don’t have the CAMs for it or the full backs.

    Exactly. Dire need of offensive signings

  24. Ishola70

    The reality is atm that fans can’t turn their noses up at players that are not deemed good enough for the real major clubs.

    Not with this present side.

  25. Leftsidesanch

    Victorious Wenger is a dud and you’re a clueless idiot who wishes his team loses. Fuck off dummy

    Its not even his team, the cretin comes around during times of negativity to put the team down. Could never call him a fan.

  26. Freddie Ljungberg


    Well he’s played pretty much every minute lately, we only have 2 goal threats and since everyone is baying for blood anytime Laca gets rested it’s not easy taking your top scorer off.

    It’s just not sustainable playing two up top when we have no backup strikers.

  27. Pierre

    my post from yesterday

    Looking back through our games this season and formations and personnel , the changes from earlier in the season until now are small but may be a telling factor as to why our form has dropped and results are poor.

    At the start of our unbeaten run ( in the league) up until the Bournemouth game we always played with 4 offensive players …it was always 4 from Lacazette,Aubamayang, ozil, Ramsey,iwobi & Mhkitaryan and occasionally welbeck .

    We played with a back 4 and 2 holding midfield players , Torriera and xhaka and the 4 offensive players

    .Since the Bournemouth game Emery has only played 3 offensive players.It has either been wing backs of 4-3-3 and never the successful formation of 4-2-3-1 from earlier in the season.

    My theory is that the very good result and performance v Tottenham in the league convinced Emery that was the best way to go so he ditched the successful 4-2-3-1.

    We played wing backs that day ,with Aubamayang,iwobi and Mhkitaryan starting and Lacazette and Ramsey coming on at half time to replace iwobi and Mhkitaryan which still meant we only had 3 offensive players and we won 4-2

    .Since that excellent win v Tottenham we have played 12 domestic games and we have a record of
    won 5 lost 5 drawn 2 using the wing back and 4-3-3 system and playing with only 3 offensive players.

    Maybe he should revert back to the 4-2-3-1 as it obviously suited the players..

  28. Victorious

    The lack of a discernible pattern in our build up play is even more perturbing

    We used to run the likes of Cardiff ragged playing swashbuckling football

    Honestly Emery is turning us into something else playing horrible football ,unbelievable .

  29. Marko

    You don’t like Denis Suarez or Perisic? Can’t be any worse than Iwobi and watching Ozil do whatever it is that he does these days. What is it? It’s definitely not creating. It’s more like watching a player incapable of influencing a game coming deep to look like he’s relevant in a game.

  30. bennydevito

    “The lack of a discernible pattern in our build up play is even more perturbing”

    Well, we do have Ozil playing so what do we expect?

  31. Victorious


    Its not even his team, the cretin comes around during times of negativity to put the team down. Could never call him a fan.”

    Why are so full of bile though, the rate at which you reach for the insults really makes me feel sad for you

    Not anyone’s fault you had a horrible upbringing,

    you always sound so bitter and uncouth like a jungle dweller, it’s amusing

    And I can assure you, I’m a far better fan than you’re, you probably was still toddler when I started following the club, show some respect.

  32. Doyindav

    Emery is a bum.
    Where’s the creativity in this team? Why is Ramsey on the bench and Elneny starting a game for us?

    This team/formation would have been better suited for the United game and that for this but he got outsmarted tactically and went back to his shell ; The 3DMs masterclass .

    We’re actaully so dire to watch these days.

  33. azed

    “Where’s the creativity in this team?”

    I am getting confused…. I thought Ozil was the best chance creator in the galaxy.

  34. TheLegendaryDB10


    No probs mate. As you can read, we have been pretty dire in the first half.

    It’s sad to see that we are yet to score vs a team like Cardiff. Very laborious and little to show for it.

  35. bennydevito

    Tbf I did say the Sala situation makes this game a potential banana skin.

    Not 1 shot on target by all accounts, makes sense we’re looking at attacking wide players on LOAN.

    So we’re even worse with Ozil starting for the 1st time in a while against one of the worst teams in the league.

    350 grand a week.

    350 grand.

    A week.

  36. Victorious


    Sounds like you’re blaming ozil for the team’s failure to batter a relegation threatened side

    If that is the case

    You couldn’t be more farther from the point.

  37. Leftsidesanch

    From a blog you’ve ascertained that my upbringing was poor, and that I’m bitter.

    I come on here and talk about Arsenal with other Arsenal fans. You come on here when your internet connection is stable wishing us to lose and on a smear campaign against the manager. – Who’s bitter then?

    You also do this because your saviour was relieved from his duties last season. Yet you feel sorry for me. You go that hard for a man that isn’t aware you exist, not a loved one etc.

    Your a real pussy, the kind who speaks with his chest knowing hes protected by the internet so crack on. Weasal.

  38. bennydevito


    Not entirely, however some on here have been advocating Ozil’s absence as the reason we’ve had a dip in form, whereas as my argument was on paper he’s the best flair player we have and at £350k per week we should play him and let him prove his worth, or more to the point prove Emery was right to leave him out and we should get rid asap.

    Looking like I was right so far.

  39. Arsnil

    Why not Mavropanos. Emery just has no clue. Looked a superg centre half last year before he got injured. Now jenkinson and Lichsteiner being picked ahead of him. Just hasn’t got a clue. Lifebelt please!!!! she’s going down.

  40. DaleDaGooner

    They came with a plan…it’s been executed so far, no change in what we used to look like. We’re devoid of ideas upfront

  41. DaleDaGooner

    Next time you clowns chat shit about a fair player in Iwobi and call him names, take a look at yourselves. He may have limitations, but he has been the most bright spark in what ever this offense is. Unai recognizes it…it’s all we have.

  42. Receding Hairline


    Suarez is actually a better dribbler than anyone presently on the pitch for us. Not world class but let’s not kid ourselves we have any world class footballer on that pitch right now

  43. Victorious


    I get your point,Ozil is a luxurious player which seems to be a complete antithesis of what Emery would prefer, he like players with energy to burst, hence his pursuit of Suarez, a more rounded player,

    But IF ozil is not going to be sold anytime soon then there’s no point freezing him out to make a point, he’s more useful to us on the pitch than on the bench, we absolutely lack creative midfielders ATM and even if the chance is so slim most times,you know when he’s up for it he can be a difference maker.

  44. Bergkamp63

    Don’t worry,

    The Ozil apologists will be out in force tomorrow regardless.

    His silky skills and never say die attitude does the club credit !

  45. DaleDaGooner

    City drawing with he powerhouse that is Newcastle, Manchester United down a goal to the powerhouse that is Burnley….get my drift

  46. LeMassiveCoq

    Don’t mean to sound sexist, but this bird commentating on Wolves v West Ham makes Merse sound like a genius….

  47. Marko

    He honestly could have been taken off but it’s a classic Lacazette performance in a way. Not necessarily great but capable of getting you a goal from nothing. You can see though long term wise playing with no wingers and two strikers will kill us. Auba dropping out to the left and right and Lacazette dropping to the right is utterly pointless they’re both central strikers that’s their position

  48. Marc


    Mate I goggled who she is – Chelsea Ladies Manager. The other girl they have on live matches is actually pretty good but this is just going down the “girls can talk about football as well route”.