The Everton future Sven died for…

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Four things I’ve been thinking about intensely for a whole day.

The Squad is toilet commentary:

Sven Mislintat gave Emery 5 players last summer at a cost of £70m. He focused on mainly defensive players, with one player hired in for his FIRE mentality.

Bernd Leno: A massive improvement on Cech, can play with his feet, makes good saves. HIT

Lucas Torriera: Ferocious defensive midfielder that has a super instinct for the game. He’s a good tackler, he can pass and he’s comfortable sitting at the base of midfield. MASSIVE HIT

Matteo G: If you don’t love this guy, you’re dead inside. A bit rough around the edges, but he’s been very good considering his age. HIT

Sokratis: Beast at the back. A fighter, solid on the ball, good in the air and a proper leader. Should be our captain. Guy is so aggressive he told his ankle off for being injured. HIT

Lichtsteiner: 34 years old, was never going to be able to do it on the pitch, but he’s not shite, he’s just off the pace.

We have improved the squad. It is difficult to argue anything else. These are good players.

So why haven’t we seen an improvement to our defence?

  • Wolves
  • Leicester
  • Brighton
  • Palace
  • Newcastle

Five teams that either share the same goals conceded, or have conceded less than us. Seriously man, Newcastle United.

Add to that the fact that we have two 25 goal a season strikers (£116m) that even the most miserable Arsenal fan can’t be unhappy with. Do we love Lacazette? Yes. Do we love Auba? Damn right we do, even if you don’t, he’s joint second in the Premier League for goals with Kane and 2 behind Salah He also has a banging haircut and a nice smile. He also has 7 more than Lukaku, who everyone is now pivoting towards being better than Auba. Bitch please.

Lacazette has 1o in all competitions and we love him as well. Chelsea would die for our frontline.

Emery has a world class player in Ozil he can’t motivate and he’s chosen to leave a player like Ramsey on the bench all year. I know Mesut is a being a little bitch, but come on, buy him a Balenciaga snood and make up already. Seriously, this has gone too far.

So in short, this idea that our squad is Stoke levels is more dramatic than the output of a mild Ospina collision.

United Tactics:

I thought the tactics against United were subpar, but as I am somewhat dyslexic when it comes to writing about them, I stole a piece from Valentin in the comments:

The most depressing of Friday’s defeat is that the manner of the defeat was predicted. Everybody knew the tactics that ManUtd were going to employ except our coach. Soak up pressure and let Arsenal have the ball wide but intercept any cut back and counter-attack at pace.

Arsenal left side via long balls over the top from Pogba or Matic. Emery did nothing against that. In fact his tactics and players selection played into their hand.

We needed a quick and decisive left back and instead of Monreal he played Kolasinac who is not the quickest nor the best at defending.

We needed a deep line with a compact midfield in front. Instead we played a high line with regularly our midfield and Kolasinac ahead of the ball which means that when they counter-attack they had one more attacker than defenders. 3v2 as for the second goal or 4v3.

We needed somebody to man mark Pogba and as far as I could see neither Ramsey nor Torreira were tasked to do that. The closest to regularly block Pogba was Lacazette !
Newcastle employed those tactics and it nearly paid off for them. With luck and better players (which we have compared to Newcastle) they could have won it.

The worst thing is that on the sideline everybody could see that clearly Emery had no idea how to turn the tide.

Ole G, Mike P and Carrick just rolled out the same strategy Alex Ferguson used against us for years.

Emery apparently does more video analysis than a 14-year old who’s just discovered incognito mode.

What happened here? Did he miss the Spurs game?


Emery has helped see off Sven by basically blacklisting ‘hot youth talent’ e-mail suggestions, instead, favouring journeymen stars from Champ Man circa 2014, preferably with an agent Raul knows… what does that mean for our F5 Newsnow refresh trigger finger?


Holy mother of Mary. What a boner killer. Like ‘accidentally’ opening a really bad tab in incognito mode.

A 29-year-old who is 30 in a month. A player working in a much slower league, in physical decline, with a goals and assists record this season WORSE than Iwobi’s. 25 games (72mins a game), 3 goals and 5 assists. Did we learn nothing from the Mikhi disaster? Pepe over at Lille has 13 goals and 10 assists in 23 games. Wait for him! Save those loan pennies.

If this is the future, why does it smell so much like Everton?

What makes things even more worrying is we’re hiring in Spaniards at a rate of knots. Emery has been adding to his backroom staff over the course of the season and he’s even picking his mate as the Technical Director this summer, and look, I think Monchi could be a great candidate (5th with Roma, which is fitting), but it’s quite clear Ivory Towers are being built which could be problematic, and even worse, tough to break up should the worst happen.

Also, is there no search and select process for this? You know, even just to pinch ideas from the other candidates.

As Matt noted on the podcast, this is all happening because there’s no defacto leader at the club. We need a Bepe Moratta like figure, or a Michael Zorc. Someone who purposefully decentralizes power, sets the vision and makes people work smart to deliver a great footballing experience to the fans. Most CEOs wouldn’t want to create management cliques. That’s why you’d limit the power of the manager, take ownership of the staffing around him, and be very careful about hiring in friends. In football, an industry known for bullshitters, you really need to have your wits about you.

We just shipped out Wenger’s regime and now seem to be allowing a new one to form. This is all the more worrying because the raid is being executed by people who have little affinity for the club, which wouldn’t be a problem if we had a CEO and a strong board with business and footballing acumen (preferably people that have Arsenal DNA (Brian Marwood)). Just look at Ivan Gazidis giving himself a massive payrise in his final year at Arsenal despite achieving nothing on or off the pitch. That’s scandalous corporate greed. But who was there to overrule it? No one. That’s who. I mean, no one isn’t really a who, but you get what I mean.


The season should be judged on expectations.

My expectations, ok?

  • Do we have a defined style of football?
  • Are we better defensively?
  • Are we better going forward?
  • Are we technically a better outfit?
  • Are the fans excited?

A very basic list. If nothing has improved and we’re still 6th, we should think about a different path.

Bruce Rioch picked up the pieces of George Graham era, was told to land European football, and he was sacked two weeks after he achieved his goals. Why? Because David Dein recognised he could do better.

Nigel Adkins took Southampton up from League One, he was doing well in the Premier League, and he was fired because they were able to bring in Pochettino (remember the reaction in the press to that!).

If there is no improvement this season then good leadership should course correct and make a change.

Can anyone disagree with that notion? No they can’t. They absolutely can’t.

Right, that’s me OUT. See you tomorrow when I promise it’ll be sparkles and rainbows.

Luuuuurve u x


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  1. Champagne charlie

    “It’s just laughable that the chichi peacock majority here are basing their Emery-criticisms on the notion that were just one special manager away from being competitive again.“

    Only laughable thing is the continued spouting of this nonsense.

    Nobody expects Emery to be competitive again within a season, they expect improvement.

    Allegri was the golden signing we could’ve made this past summer and not one person would have us competing again in just a season, but we’d be expectant of a noticeable upturn.

    This deriding false narratives is beta-male commentary. Argue what’s said, not what fanstasy you invent someone saying. Not difficult

  2. Bob N16

    Marko, Poch ‘ a bit of a loser for staying at Spurs’. That may be a reasonable statement in a couple of years but it’s easier to argue that he is being loyal to both Spurs and his squad. He’s brought them through, developed them and kept them together. I would imagine he wanted to see them into their new stadium. If he leaves in the summer I think he would have got it about right.

  3. G8

    CC you have great expectations.
    Not realistic though, with all these injuries, and with already average and unbalanced squad
    Unless you blaming Emery for them injuries ,think you should be more realistic and give him some time.

  4. Up 4 grabs now


    Yeah, it’s true club has been in free fall for two years.
    Like someone said its a tanker slowly turning.

    It will take time. We didn’t just miss out on the title by a few points last year and need a couple of players, we need a major over haul.
    But emery has been given a spanner and a screwdriver and told to build a new engine with a box of scraps.
    Tony stark he ain’t.

  5. Ishola70

    As up4grabs hinted at I think it’s just as important if not more in the players that should be binned and got rid of then the ones coming in.

    As it stands Arsenal don’t stand a chance of being really competitive with certain players still lingering around who are pre-Emery.

    Needs a proper clear out.

    All we have had so far is a little spring cleaning. And this does not mean quantity/number of players. 70m covering 5 players is paltry.

  6. Champagne charlie


    You think an improvement on Wengers worst ever season is overreaching?

    I’d say your expectations are on the floor.

  7. Bob N16

    Marc, Merse has had CG whispering sweet nothings in his ear about Torreira.
    I always feel like Merson relies on a couple of mates for opinions, who he chats with down the pub and then spews out their views as his own. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t suffer from regular dislocations with all the knee jerks he comes out with.

    If I was building an idiot I’d have the brain sorted. Loved watching him play mind!

  8. Dissenter

    If this Perisic deal is true then it’s the beginning of lights out at Arsenal. We are on our way to becoming a minor club.

  9. Batistuta

    You think an improvement on Wengers worst ever season is overreaching

    But we’re 3 points off 4th in January and most of your comments here have made it seem like we’re in 10th with a minus 100 goal difference

  10. G8

    CC the season is not over yet.
    I was expecting more, however with half of the squad out injured my expectations have changed surely

  11. Batistuta


    I think the club are basically gambling on ready made players coming in and pushing us through the line either through the league or Europa. I expect even more of this kind of signings, there really isn’t any laid out plan at the club, they just make it up as they go

  12. Dissenter

    Pochettino had a lot of admirers in the media ‘
    They turned against Wenger by 20110 and started reminding him that he hasn’t won trophies, so much that Wenger admitted he would have walked away had we lost the 2013 FA cup final.

    When will they extend the same treatment to Pochettino?

  13. Up 4 grabs now

    Ishola this is a comment I made earlier.

    Spring cleaning has been done the major surgery is in the summer!

    Just for the record All these players need to be sold or resigned in the summer as they are down to two years remaining on there contracts.
    And that’s before we carry on with the new players we need to bring in for the summer.We’re also losing cech, jenkinson, litchsteiner, Ramsay, monreal, wellbeck who are out of contract. Who need replacing.
    And koz has one more year left.

  14. Batistuta


    That’s basically another issue, there’s so many players out who weren’t even good enough to begin with that with them out, it’d be a miracle if we snuck into 4th

  15. Ishola70

    Chelsea can easily wobble. They are very unstable atm.

    But Man United will probably snatch 4th place.

    As Bastituta says things are nowhere near as grim as made out by some.

    Certainly marked improvement needed but nowhere as grim as some want to make out.

  16. Dissenter

    ‘I think the club are basically gambling on ready made players coming in and pushing us through the line either through the league or Europa. I expect even more of this kind of signings, there really isn’t any laid out plan at the club, they just make it up as they go:”

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me
    We did the same thing last January and are still paying a price for it.
    ‘There’s no shirt cut around the necessary pain we have to undergo, that’s just my tupence.

  17. Pedro

    Ish, Sokratis is out until the end of Feb. Kos fractured his skull. Bellerin it out for the long term. Holding is out for the long term.

    We’re rolling with Mustafi as our hope for top 4.

    That is grim my friend.

  18. Receding Hairline

    Perisic can’t believe his luck. He has basically gone on strike to force the move through… 135k a week if reports are to be believed. A move coming three years too late and the option to buy fee is ridiculous.. 40m euros.

    Raul has reached for his contacts book

  19. Champagne charlie


    No they haven’t, that’s your idiotic and bias interpretation coming through.

    I’ve not changed anything since the summer when I first raised potential doubts, that have been proven right to date. It’s folk like you that have got your backs up over it that incite the barbed discussion.

    My expectations were to see improvement in the woefully neglected areas Wenger ignored for years (defence, strategy, tactical nous,). I hoped to have a clearer idea of what Emery sees our future being, what Arsenal were going to be all about under him, and what players suit “his” approach. I’ve no clue of any of it.

    Now that’s getting swept under the carpet for this notion top 4 is all that matters. I happen to disagree. Give me Klopp with a vision finishing 5th this year vs what I’ve seen to date and sneaking 4th. There’s levels to improvement as there’s levels to failure.

  20. Up 4 grabs now


    Yeah I agree, would rather see some kids promoted than another 30 year old brought in on a big salary that we can’t shift on.

  21. azed

    Hudon-Odoi for £35m or Perisic for £35m.

    Where is the value going to be?

    You really think Chelsea would sell him to us?

  22. Dissenter

    I think Pedro is alluding to the direction of where out tranfers should point to; youth and uber promising not old and declining.

  23. Marko

    If it’s option and not obligatory like the Suarez deal then I’m fine with it being a 6 month loan. Otherwise no I’d prefer to spend 35 million in the summer on Pepe or Lozano

  24. Ishola70

    “Sokratis is out until the end of Feb. Kos fractured his skull. Bellerin it out for the long term. Holding is out for the long term.We’re rolling with Mustafi as our hope for top 4.”

    Unfortunate isn’t it but this will give Emery his excuses.

    Regardless of all this getting top four in his first season and the signings that came in over the summer it was always going to be a forlorn hope.

    And I don’t think he has the grasp of the club atm to win Europa League. No chance. And this is taking his previous record in that competition into account.

    Club needs a major clear out. Only bit of spring cleaning done so far.

  25. Marko

    I think Pedro is alluding to the direction of where out tranfers should point to; youth and uber promising not old and declining.

    True. 25 year old goalkeeper and 19 and 22 year old CM’s last summer. I wouldn’t be too worried about the direction of our transfers re age wise especially.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    What has Hudson Odoi got to do with anything?

    We’re shopping in the loan department which severely limits us, we also want options to buy not obligations to buy which again is going to put a lot of clubs off. If they’re getting nothing for losing a player they will want guarantees they are getting something later and probably at an extravagant rate.

    What the club is trying to do is bring in players with £0 of transfer budget and hardly any room to move on wages with a squad full of players no one else really wants.

    I don’t get what some think we could be doing. Again aside from these sweeping ‘special sauce’ statements like sell players, you know, just snap your fingers and they’re gone for decent fees, then buy these players. In January as well.

    Mislintat leaving is just the latest thing to bitch about from the special sauce brigade. We wouldn’t be signing Perisic or Nkunku etc if he was here. But what in his year here has Mislintat offered in terms of a winger? Sarr, I think.

    We’re shopping for a winger and a CB with no money and hardly any wages available.

    I don’t get the whining. Do people think we’re shopping for loans for shits and giggles?

  27. Receding Hairline

    Marko Perisic really hasn’t been great for inter since after the world cup

    We raised our noses at Carrasco but I will take him and a few others on loan before Perisic. And I doubt Perisic would hand in a transfer request just to force through a loan move,there must be some kind of assurance he is leaving inter for good.

    I don’t like this transfer one bit

  28. TR7

    Poch in my book is the best manager in the league bar Pep Guardiola. He has done a wonderful job notwithstanding his trophy drought.

    Not leaving Spurs doesn’t make him a loser. He has built this current Spurs team with his own hands. Just as for an entrepreneur seeing his own start-up grow in to a successful venture is far more satisfying than say landing a cushy job in a prestigious company built by someone else, for Poch no success would feel as sweet and emotionally satisfying as winning things with Spurs. He is in pursuit of an elusive dream and should be lauded for not taking an easy route to boost his CV.

  29. azed


    Everyone would like to get young players but we know we can only loan players this January so it’s not like we are paying 35 for Perisic.

  30. Receding Hairline

    Yea Callum Hudson Odoi of Chelsea has nothing to do with this in Anyway. I put of Chelsea there cos it seems some don’t think it’s relevant

    Chelsea won’t sell a promising youngster to a direct top four rival nor are we bidding for any permanent transfers this window

  31. Marko

    Receding I don’t like it either but if it’s a loan with an option it’s no harm no foul. If he impresses inside 6 months then good we can sign if not we sign someone else. I wasn’t even keen on Perisic pre world cup when United were trying to sign him up for something ridiculous but we need bodies and can only do loans. No one great is moving this window

  32. Marko

    Dissenter the rumors are loan with an option to buy and then you have them talking about a 3 year deal at 135,000 a week which leads me to believe that the second part of the rumor is bullshit. Why would you write up a three year contract if you want the option to buy in the summer? Kind of getting the player’s hopes up am I right

  33. Receding Hairline

    Marko then let’s follow the Higuain route.. Structure some kind of 18 month loan deal, throw in Ozil if possible, he is stinking the place out.

    No matter who our manager is he will have no use for Mesut Ozil as much as it pains me to admit it. He has simply clocked out mentally as a top level performer

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Perisic could very well want to push a loan move because he thinks he can land a transfer to Arsenal in the summer if he impresses or he puts himself in the shop window.

    If we have no obligation to buy I don’t mind at all.

    Far better to see him out wide than Iwobi or Aubameyang.

  35. Batistuta

    Champaign Charlie

    Would have been nice to have an actual discuss without my comments been referred to as idiotic but guess i was wrong and anyone who doesn’t see things your way is an idiot. I’d avoid you going foward, have a good evening pal

  36. Marko

    He is in pursuit of an elusive dream and should be lauded for not taking an easy route to boost his CV.

    Yeah I dunno about that. I suppose Wenger too should be lauded for those 9 seasons without a trophy. Look he’s not going to win anything major with Spurs and that’s that. Passing up on jobs that he can is stupid. He’s got no great affiliation with the club. Same goes for Kane should he be lauded too if he stays at Spurs for his whole career without winning anything? Fuck no he’d be dumb as hell. If you’re good and ambitious you win things otherwise you’re not

  37. Dissenter

    If it’s a loan with an option to but …then no problem
    However these loans with an option to buy come with caveats. They sometimes have specific parameters to trigger an outright buy like say the player feature in 10 games or scores a certain number of goals.

    He provides an option of playing away from flaky Mesut Ozil.

    I just don’t see why Perisic would be turning in a transfer request for a loan move. It doesn’t seem plausible that this is a loan move.

  38. Dissenter

    Perisic has played 1314 Serie A minutes this season, and has only three goals and two assists.
    Alex Iwobi, in contrast, has two goals and four assists in approximately 200 fewer minutes.

    …makes you wonder but then Iwobi is widely derided by half of the people here so maybe Iwobi hate will drive them to this deal.

  39. Un na naai

    This deriding false narratives is beta-male commentary. Argue what’s said, not what fanstasy you invent someone saying. Not difficult

    Quality stuff CC.

  40. Champagne charlie


    I’ve got a really low tolerance to being pigeonholed and misrepresented on here, and you’ve done that a number of times to me previously so maybe drop the pretence.

  41. Champagne charlie

    Marko go a day without nibbling at someone’s ankles, you act like this place is a playground. It’s weird

  42. Batistuta


    Pigeonholed and misrepresented…… Sorry don’t take anyone here that seriously and no one should take themselves that seriously too seeing as it’s a faceless forum.

  43. Champagne charlie

    Marko you’re a parody.

    You don’t debate anything, you sit spouting your superficial views and then take every opportunity to mock others because they either hold you accountable for a weak pov, or have a different view altogether.

    An example being your desperate Arteta comments at any given opportunity. But here you are acting up to that precise character, taking the piss out of a handful of posters you don’t like, and then using someone’s commentary to deride them once again. You’re a child.

  44. DaniAltos

    People should stop this “Newcastle have a better defence” nonsense.First off, Arsenal football club and Newcastle fc have different ambitions.If arsenal football club played the way Newcastle are playing in the name of achieving clean sheets,many of you here would be saying its bland football.Second ffs,we are only 3 points out of top 4 and still in the Europa league,what the hell is all this fuss for?Apart from a probable spanking at City,I’d pretty much say we have a favourable remaining list of fixtures.

  45. Marc

    Perisic. Know him from his time at FC Brugge. Talented but temperamental, all or nothing type player. Not really a squad player. Not what Arsenal now need imo.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Didn’t watch the Chelsea game but I read that Higuain looked very tired early in the second half.

    I’m not sure he’s going to take to English football.

  47. Dissenter

    Anderis Jonker revealing some damning stuff about our academy
    “When I was at Arsenal, manager Arsene Wenger sometimes called up a few youth players for a couple of games in the League Cup”
    “But when Arsenal had a league game a couple of days later, those boys were never in the squad. And in the next 50 games, Wenger would not pick them, either”
    “I would advise them not to go, play 100 games in first-team football on the continent first’: “I would advise them to stay AWAY from the club if they want to make it at the top”

    Damning interview in the Mirror even though his criticism was about English football in general.

  48. Pedro

    Dissenter, he’s a bit of an LVG type character from what I’ve been told. Power hungry, and a lot of talk.

    Mind you, we’re hiring in Perisic. Probably some merit to what he’s saying.

  49. Un na naai


    Beat me to it. I’ve also read that he’s got sour grapes that the players he earmarked for success were deemed sub standard by most others at the club. Say what you will about wenger but not giving youngsters game time is not some Thing you can realistically level at him

  50. Nelson

    Pedro won’t bin you. It is good for his blog to have fans with different opinions. On a boring day like today, it’s fun to read up some of the discussions. Keep defending your believe.
    Anyway, this blog helps clearing my minds on Lingard’s moon dance and Sanchez’s I AM LEGEND poster. I start to hate Manu as much as Spuds.

  51. Receding Hairline

    Trust Arsenal to give relevance to nothing footballers like Lingard

    Anything but a trashing when united come here in the league and I might just dedicate a few days running Emery is shit commentary

  52. alexanderhenry


    On our recent signings, I agree.

    Lichtensteiner was a waste of time, torreira has been very good and the rest have been okay.
    Okay signings for okay money for a club that seems satisfied with being just okay.

    Now there is ‘no money’ when we desperately need reinforcements and I’m not holding my breath for a serious summer splurge.

    It’s just not good enough.

  53. Dissenter

    Pochettino- “We are going to create a debate that to win a trophy is going to help the club. I don’t agree. That only builds your ego.
    ‘The important thing is being consistently in the top four and playing in the Champions League.’

    This guy won’t be leaving for United then. He’s found a good safe job for a long time to come.

  54. Danny

    Kos fractured his skull.
    “There was better news for Emery as the club also revealed that Laurent Koscielny did not suffer a fractured jaw after a collision with Romelu Lukaku. The Frenchman suffered “bruising and soft tissue swelling” to his face, with the statement adding that his fitness is being “reviewed on a daily basis”.

  55. azed


    €5m loan fee with a $40m option to buy

    I’d rather we spent this money on Carrasco than Perisic. At Carrasco has resale value.

  56. Pedro

    Dissenter, Fergie looooves Poch and he has a huge rep in the game. There’s a reason Oli Holt is up his backside, they know he’s going somewhere big

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You jesting right…


    He was going to sign for Fulham but he wanted 150:000 a week..

    He will expect that at arsenal……

    Nothing to lose by giving youth a chance
    Louis vg did it an got Rashford n linegard…

    No more 30 plus knobs…

  58. Ishola70


    “Now there is ‘no money’ when we desperately need reinforcements and I’m not holding my breath for a serious summer splurge.It’s just not good enough.”

    And there will continue to be “no money” or at least no serious money because the odds are looking like Arsenal will be out of the premier european competition for the third year running with a bloated wage bill and enough of these players that are hiking this wage bill not good enough.

    When we talk of no money or not enough we of course mean funds available to see the club compete in the top four or at least get in the four again.

    Self-sustainability sounded very noble didn’t it when Wenger was rinsing the team to the max to get that CL money or the competition to Arsenal for CL places were not getting their houses in order. Now no CL football self-sustainability looks a drab notion.

    There are two options here.

    One the club has got to find a way somehow in the not too distant future to cut this squad seriously and cull the players that are not good enough that are eating so heavily into the wage bill and this in turn frees up more money for spending on new recruits.

    Second option is to have a fan revolt at how the club is run and self-sustainability is scrapped to be replaced by heavy financial input from outside as a booster to try to resuscitate the club.

    Who is manager of Arsenal FC is all rather secondary to these two matters listed above.

  59. Receding Hairline

    Asking when Pochettino actually starts winning things with Spurs is in no way downplaying nor ignoring the awesome job he has done at Spurs

    But if this is their golden generation and all they have is champions league participation then I think questions need to be asked. And those who believe he needs to move to United to win things, well how does that benefit Spurs?

    And I repeat he is not the second best manager in the league, take away Pep from this league Klopp turns it to Ligue 1

  60. Emiratesstroller

    What a shambles the club finds itself in.

    All January we have been linked with mediocre and lightweight midfielders and wingers none of whom will make a significant difference to our team.

    What the club needs at the moment is to resolve our defensive crisis which has been the major problem all season.

    We have only one experienced centre back fit at moment and no decent right
    backs. We are facing Manchester City and Man Utd next month and the prospect is that we will be demolished by both of them.

    I find it incredible that the club has made absolutely no serious effort to bring
    in at least one defender in this transfer window.

  61. Carts

    whoever signs off on the Perisic deal need their head examined. Perisic is not the fucking answer.

    I mean, Inter should be kicking themselves that Mourinho didn’t gt his way due to their outrageous valuation last summer. At least that way, he’d be their problem, not ours.

    I’d be very much in favour of looking at Rony Lopes from Monaco, Leon Bailey, Thorgen Hazard or even Neres Campo or Hakim Ziyech, Lozano or Bergwijn.

    Maybe the breakdown in relationship between Sven and the Spanish duo is the case in point….Perisic

  62. Ishola70


    “I find it incredible that the club has made absolutely no serious effort to bring
    in at least one defender in this transfer window.”

    One defender may ease the problem to some extent but it won’t solve the matter to any great degree.

    When we look at the team/squad they will always be conceding too many.

    The midfield is a joke as protection to the back four as well with the Swiss teapot continuing to turn out every week the teapot you seem to overlook continuously.

  63. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I’d be very much in favour of looking at Rony Lopes from Monaco, Leon Bailey, Thorgen Hazard or even Neres Campo or Hakim Ziyech, Lozano or Bergwijn.’

    How many of the clubs would be interested in a loan with an option to buy and not an obligation to buy at some outrageous price? Would they even be interested in a loan?

    The pool of talent we can pick from the January is minimal when the player has to be available on loan, no fee and only an option to buy.

  64. Emiratesstroller


    We have got defenders out with long term injuries if not the entire season.

    The club needs to focus on priorities in January. Midfield may not be brilliant,
    but we don’t have an injury crisis there.

    None of the midfield and wingers linked with club are of the quality we should
    be investing in. Its a complete nonsense.

  65. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be clear Arsenal are not losing games, because we are weak in midfield and

    The problem in last 2 years is our defence and we are now in crisis because of the injuries. That is the department, which needs urgent solutions.

  66. Ishola70


    “Let’s be clear Arsenal are not losing games, because we are weak in midfield”

    Too simplistic.

    The defenders or at least the majority of them are not good enough.

    But a team as a whole has to be geared to be defensively sound.

    You can get average defenders shutting out teams because they are getting adequate protection from other areas of the team.

    We have seen the Arsenal midfield get over-run too many times, This in itself leads to defensive problems/issues.

    Arsenal are weak defensively in midfield and this is a big problem. Torreira has improved and can continue to improve this area from a defensive viewpoint but much more needed in that area to see Arsenal defensively sound.

  67. Ishola70

    I saw Edu mentioned today somewhere on the web.

    He is co-ordinator now of the Brazilian national team.

    He is an example of a player when he was at Arsenal who could play both sides of the ball. Could put his foot in and defend to a decent standard when needed and he was also very handy going forward from an offensive viewpoint.

    I’m afraid with players like our Granit we see decent to middling on the offensive side and poor from a defensive viewpoint.

    All adds up to being very susceptible defensively.

  68. G8

    New decent full backs would sort out lots of problems in both defence and attack
    that wouldnt happen until the summer I suppose!

  69. Emiratesstroller

    Sorry but the crisis is in defence and not in midfield. We have 3 CBs out plus Bellerin with long term injuries.

    You can debate ad infinitum about midfield’s mediocrity, but we are not currently in crisis there.

  70. Ishola70


    You are talking about a possible short term fix in one area.

    I’m talking about how to improve this team when there is no injury crisis.

    Arsenal can bring in one even two defenders now for this injury crisis and they will still not resolve the defensive issues to the required degree.

    The team as a whole is not geared to be defensively sound.

  71. Marko

    ‘I’d be very much in favour of looking at Rony Lopes from Monaco, Leon Bailey, Thorgen Hazard or even Neres Campo or Hakim Ziyech, Lozano or Bergwijn.’

    Not one of those players are moving midseason. Ajax and PSV are fighting it out for the league Thorgan Hazard is being linked with Dortmund and Atletico in the summer though. To be fair I’m surprised nothing has happened to Leon Bailey who’s been in and out of a above average Leverkusen team all season. It’s firmly becoming Havertz team. But these players tend not to move midseason and not on loan. I think Malcom and someone like Fornals would be the best we could do

  72. Carts


    Tbf, as I don’t envisage a top 4 accomplishment, thus, I’m not even sure I’d bother with this embarrassing poverty approach to acquiring a player this month.

    I don’t blame Arsenal for trying to pull a sly one by getting a loan in, while pretending there’s even a remote chance of signing said player on a permanent in the summer.

    That list of potentials, is who I’d be focusing on this summer. Something I should’ve made clear in the original post.

  73. Carts

    Looking at immediate mitigations to our, NOW, defensive crisis, I’d have to probably go with the notion that is Gary Cahill. I think he’s still a solid CB, who’d certainly help us till may.

    Chelsea, though, have zero reason to help us, as they’re the 4th placed team who’ll likely experience immediate pressure from Utd, followed by us if we can get some kind of momentum going.

  74. Charlie George

    Do you all remember a time when we had players like :

    A. Cole, S. Campbell.,K.Toure, J. Lehman, P. Vieira, E. Petit.,N. Anelka, R. Lauren and T. Henry,R. Pires

    Arsenals , Pace, Power ,Penetration and aggression was the envy of European football. We would blitz teams

    That little lot listed above ,cost less than the scheduled signing of Persic..

    We must buy players of this prototype.

    Pace !
    Power !

    I simply do not have one iota of faith that Raul / Emery know what they are doing.

    They are so far out of their depth – the mind boggles.

  75. Carts


    Malcom wouldn’t be a bad attacking signing, now that Barcelona have signed Boateng.

    I don’t know what the current dynamics is like between Arsenal and Barcelona, after the Suarez saga, but i’d probably rather the compulsory option to buy with Malcom instead of Suarez.

    Fornals, on the other hand, strikes me as a deal we should be looking to force through this month as he’ll have more suitors in the summer – when everyone has a better understanding of their financial position.

  76. Charlie George

    Arsenal s targets should be Zaha, H.Maguire and the Palace right back.
    If they need to sell Torreira or Leno to fund they should unfortunately do that.

    If they can’t get or afford this type of quality- they should keep their powder dry and buy NO one*

    *except an emergency right back..

  77. bennydevito

    Well, well, well; P.och been on the Wenger juice now declaring 4th place is a trophy.

    Incredible. Looks like he’s cracking under the pressure and realisation that he’s not winning shit at Tottenham.

    Just goes to show that no matter how good you are if you lose a core of key players through injury or unavailability and haven’t got hundreds of millions to throw about the top flight of the English game is very hard to succeed in.

  78. bennydevito

    Yes, I’d go for Zaha and Maguire. Chilwell, Coady, Lascelles and that Leeds right winger too.

    There’s a lot of young talent in the lower tiered clubs we should be going after, players looking to take the next step up in their careers who we can sell on for big profits in 3, 4 or 5 yrs time should we ourselves not be league contenders.

  79. Charlie George

    Bd is – the Spanish Regime- don’t scout at Leicester or Molineux

    They only have eyes for Levante or Madrid.

    They don’t rate our boys:


    They think they know our league best.
    Even though between them that have barely 1 years experience of it.

    They should be back in La Liga – where they can excel.

  80. Nelson

    @Carts “I don’t know what the current dynamics is like between Arsenal and Barcelona,”

    I read that some EXE in Barc don’t like Raul.

  81. Carts


    Ahh, wasn’t Raul responsbile for some shambolic spending during his tenure?

    I mean, the Arda Turan deal still makes me laugh. Smells like some shite attempt of money laundering; and there are a few more similar transfer that he over saw.

  82. Dark Hei

    If we are really that big about saving $$, wouldn’t getting Ozil to work be a bigger cost saving than signing Persic (strikes me as the Ozil type but with less profile).

    Unless of course the objective is only to pretend to improve the squad.

    Perhaps Ozil is the impediment for the next big transfer for THIS administration.

    You know, no transfer means no fees means no……..

    Bargain buys with good potential ain’t going to excite anyone.

    Don’t sue me!

  83. Mick Kartun

    Date PL Match
    29/01/2019 Arsenal v Cardiff City
    02/02/2019 Manchester City v Arsenal
    09/02/2019 Huddersfield Town v Arsenal
    23/02/2019 Arsenal v Southampton
    26/02/2019 Arsenal v A.F.C. Bournemouth
    02/03/2019 Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal
    09/03/2019 Arsenal v Manchester United
    16/03/2019 Wolverhampton v Arsenal
    30/03/2019 Arsenal v Newcastle United
    06/04/2019 Everton v Arsenal
    13/04/2019 Watford v Arsenal
    20/04/2019 Arsenal v Crystal Palace
    27/04/2019 Leicester City v Arsenal
    04/05/2019 Arsenal v Brighton
    12/05/2019 Burnley v Arsenal

    5 games of City, Spuds, manutd, wolves, and leicester are tough.

    So 9 out 10 remaining fixtures are must wins.

    Will 70 points be enough for 4th place ?

  84. China1

    Lol Charlie your trolling is such basement

    Sell torreira, our best midfielder and sell Leno, or best goalkeeper.

    Genius. Nothing less than genius

  85. Dream10

    Rafa Honigstein reporting that it is likely that Mislintat ends up at another PL club.

    Honigstein: “My understanding is that he [Mislintat] sees his future at the Premier League at a different club.”

    Honigstein: “He’s had a lot of offers before moving to #AFC so this should not seen as a result of Bayern trying to lure him away or doing something that turned his head. This is really completely independent & only is to do with his relationship with the other people at Arsenal”

    My money is on Mislintat ending up at Liverpool or Leicester. Liverpool because of the connections with Klopp. Leicester are ambitious and want to be a top 6 club with smart scouting. They’ve been linked with Brendan Rodgers for one year now. Mislintat to identify young talents, bring them in & Mr Character himself to coach them.

  86. Graham62

    Based on injuries, a lack of quality and the way Emery sets us up, I feel we could struggle in all our remaining matches.

    Desperately need an injection of pace from somewhere.

    Is Usain Bolt still available?

  87. China1

    Mick based on this season so far we’ll probably win a couple of those big remaining games so that takes an ounce of the pressure away, but I don’t really foresee us breezing many of the games.

    We’re finding life hard right now

  88. Un na naai


    We desperately need him to abandon his high line tactic and employ two holding midfielders in front of a makeshift defence. He’s been very unfortunate injury wise but he’s got to try make the most of it.
    Signing wingers and midfielders isn’t what we need right now. The defence was a shambles from the moment holding went and he needs to dip into the british market and find a centre half who can play to the pace of our league immediately. I’d rather Monreal and Mavrapanos at the moment over Mustafi being involved in any variation. He just goes walkies too much, switches off and doesn’t track properly.
    We are going to get annihilated by city whatever happens.
    This season really is just running down the clock until the summer isn’t it? What a drag.

  89. Un na naai

    We will really see just how tactically astute he is now.

    If he continues with a high line with a makeshift defence then he’s every bit as inept in that department as wenger was. Maybe even more so as wenger managed to take a makeshift defence to the champions league final setting a record on our way.
    Let’s see how emery copes

  90. China1

    I think top 4 is pretty unlikely now if we’re being honest with ourselves

    Not only are we finding every match a slog (including the ones we win) but we need an implosion from two of the teams around us which I’m not convinced will happen

    I hope Chelsea and utd collapse but I don’t think either will. Utd now have momentum and are playing better with a better squad.

    Chelsea have a better squad and will pick it back up somewhat.

    Spurs could collapse and still finish above us, so that ship has sailed in all likelihood

    The problem is I’m not convinced that we are going to power through the lighter fixtures as we did at the start of the season because we no longer have that winning momentum. I’d love to be wrong tho

  91. Valentin

    Andries Joncker was a disaster as head of Arsenal academy. Bright guy full of ideas but unable to communicate with the kids and no real organisational skills.
    Here is an anecdote that I personally can attest to. He attended a presentation to inner city kids about football, tactics and what is required to succeed. He talked about triangle, isosceles, equilateral, equidistant points. When he finished, he was very proud of himself. The problem is that most of kids had no ideas what he was talking about. Once it was finished most kids went to Google what those term means and I had to spell those words for some. Those were inner city kids who were failing maths. Trigonometry was definitely not what they wanted to hear during a football lecture.
    In term of organisation, the fact that he never in-store a loanees liaison or contact person is a basic organisation failure.
    Also I understand that you want to let kids freedom in selecting which team to join on loan, but kids will not necessarily make the right choice. They would rather go to a premiership club where they will not play rather than go to a Championship or league One club where they will be a regular. Serge Gnabry is a case in point. He should have overrule some of the loan decisions.
    Also in term of contract, from an admin point of view, you want to systematically add a recall clause, a financial penalty for not playing them or a financial incentives to play the loanees (fee is reduced the more minutes the loanees plays).
    He never did any of these.
    I have seen his type in my career. He is what I call a Job Interview specialist. Present well, talk a good game, extensive knowledge, impressive off the field. He get great jobs on the back of stellar interview. But when the dust settles, in the cold harsh light of reality he is not up to the job.

    Remind anyone of somebody else at Arsenal?

  92. TallestTiz

    Why don’t we swap Özil for Perisic? Both 30+ years old
    We win by reducing wage bill if Perisic comes in at £135k per week.

    We then hopefully get one of Nkunku or Suarez on loan with option to buy?

    Win Win for us

  93. Un na naai

    This was indeed a great read and echoes nearly every concern I hold on the current manager’s abilities to manage arsenal properly.

    The biggest of all being his dossier on our players only to abandon our most creative players nearly instantly once the season was under way. The constant altering of his players and formation to me suggests he doesn’t know what he’s doing and cannot get the best from the players he himself claimed were of sufficient quality for him to excel in his new job.

    I also forgot that wenger finished above him in our champions league group despite being financially doped in comparison. Not a good look when your predecessor bested you so recently with a squad and available funds that pale in comparison.

    Emery was always an uninspiring choice and for me, always the wrong fit for arsenal. If we are going pragmatic then let’s go for quality. Real quality.

  94. Un na naai

    Win win for us

    Tallest tiz

    Except what we need most right now is central defenders
    We have only Mavrapanos and Mustafi available. One is shit and the other hasn’t played since May.

  95. Valentin

    Also Joncker’s judgment on players was quite often questioned internally. He was pushing for some players where others Wenger in particular could not see anything in them.
    For example he was ready to ditch Iwobi in favour of Donyell when Wenger personally intervene and put him in the first team training session.
    He favoured intellectual players with whom he could have a conversation over effective players. The problem is football intelligence and intelligence off the pitch and high culture are not the same thing. Some of the best footballers are thick off the pitch or at least you would not want them invited to a high class dinner.
    Some are both, like in any walk of life well educated, well adjusted, polite, cultured, interesting people are the exception rather than the norm.

  96. Receding Hairline

    Emery was always an uninspiring choice and for me, always the wrong fit for arsenal. If we are going pragmatic then let’s go for quality. Real quality.

    What’s your take on Benitez

  97. Un na naai

    I want us to either go for a top top manager and give him the funds necessary to get us back into the champions league to begin with. Then from there (if he can) give him a further 2-3 years to see his approach and footballing philosophy direct us towards a real title challenge. I doubt it’s possible with kroenke. In fact I more than doubt it. That’s my ideal scenario.

    Other than that then I’d plump for an up and coming manager. Someone with enterprise. Someone who we would hope is revolutionary in his approach. A trail blazer.

  98. Receding Hairline

    Other than that then I’d plump for an up and coming manager. Someone with enterprise. Someone who we would hope is revolutionary in his approach. A trail blazer.

    Hope being the word that kinda gives it away.

    Why live on hope when you have already given the job to someone with a track record but showing an alarming lack of patience

    How patient can you be for the “hope” to materialize

  99. Un na naai


    Is it not a feeling generally associated with new regimes of any sort.
    Were you and are you absolutely certain of emery being a success at arsenal receding?

    Hope is in short supply right now judging by his first 7 months.

    I doubt we’d hope for long to see better than what we are currently seeing had we employed an exciting manager rather than a dullard

  100. Un na naai

    How patient can you be for the “hope” to materiali

    Patience is more affordable once progress can be seen. At this current moment all I see is the club treading water. Are we all not hopeful that emery can pull a rabbit from his hat? Of course. I am.

    But based on what I’ve seen from recent events I’m doubtful. We have no choice but to be hopeful as he’s being allowed to install his own power structure at the club, one very reminiscent of the previous regime.
    So far there is less cause for hope or optimism this season.

  101. Champagne charlie

    Hope is a byproduct of every managerial appointment, you set out hoping your idea of what the manager brings materialises.

    That said there’s a big difference between hoping a young upstart can hop aboard a sharp trajectory upward vs hoping a Europa cup treble winner can bag another to save the club pension fund.

  102. BacaryisGod

    Most troubling for me is that to put it quite simply, Unai Emery has an annoying face and irritating mannerisms with scratching his chin with a scrunched up face being one of the main cuplrits.

    If I barely get to see him and he bugs the hell out of me, then what about the playing squad that has to deal with him every day?

    I think that a high-energy Spanish manager coming in after the late years malaise of Wenger’s leadership made us all give Emery a wide berth. Some of the performances, tactical decisions and player management problems is narrowing that berth considerably.

  103. Un na naai

    Forget it Not doing this to myself on a fine Monday morning Rather eat hot Rice and stew, and get down to work.


    Fair enough. You little capitalist you!!

  104. gonsterous

    Jan 28th and we have bought in no one. How broke are we ?
    I do agree with Charlie that zaha would be a good addition to the squad, but if we have to pay premium just because he’s English, I would not buy him.
    I feel like I’m writing the same thing everyday about the club. We need reinforcements to get top 4. Sadly arsenal is getting as stale as my comments.

  105. Dark Hei

    “We need reinforcements to get top 4.”

    With this kind of injuries, I think we just hunker down and tough it out till the summer.

    We need fullbacks, centre backs and a quality winger. Honestly that is too much work and too much cash.

  106. TallestTiz

    Un na nai

    Yes I know. However, our build up play has been drab of recent because we do not have width to stretch teams. As a result we encourage our fullbacks to bomb forward and provide width. Hence we get exposed on almost every counter attack.

    This could have been solved with 3 at the back, but we do not have center backs for that as they tend to jam their heads not knowing who to do what at a particular time.

    Getting Perisic would first ease pressure on defence as teams will be more wary of out width threats. Our fullbacks will be more stationed in defensive positions.

    Nkunku or Suarez coming in would fit Emery better IF they come good in that CAM. Both willing to press, can play with both feet, I think.

    I’m the end, we end the Özil conundrum while saving bucks in wages. Suarez/Nkunku plus Periodic would command about 200k per week, with more bodies as against 350k per week for a soulless, singular Özil.

    Convincing Inter to do the swap would be hard though when factoring in his obscene wages.

    If we can get a CB that can play RB, it would be a bonus at this critical moment

  107. TallestTiz

    We can also ship off Perisic to China or elsewhere for a fee in the summer, as against the possibility of shipping out Özil. Perisic’s wages would be minimal.