Monchi rumours rubbished in Italy

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The Monchi dreams were short-lived. Well, if you believe Roma Press.

RomaPress contacted today one director at Roma, who immediately rejected the notion of Monchi leaving. In addition, a member of the Spaniard’s entourage laughed off the idea of Monchi leaving the Italian capital after having just arrived, citing that he has finally settled into the club and culture of Rome after having needed an adjustment period. It is worth noting, though, that there is a buyout clause present in Monchi’s contract.’

Arsenal can’t afford to keep the heater on in the team bus at the minute, I can’t see them spunking out money on a Technical Director. The dark arts of PR might be at work here. Raul needs to keep stories around him bubbling in a positive way, so this link could be more about keeping the fans onside before we give Big Steve Rowley his old job back.

The only real hope we have are the following three things:

  1. Emery and Monchi know each other (though that means little if you like living in Rome and enjoy the project you’re in)
  2. Monchi lived in London when he was at Sevilla so he could learn the language. When you have ambitions to live in a place, a job in that place can make you do rash things
  3. Arsenal is a HUGE project. I know there are a lot of donuts that think Arsenal is a poverty job because there’s not a £200 billion pot of money at the end of the rainbow, but they’re so fucking wrong. You have literally everything at Arsenal you could want. Especially if your job is the sell the club to talent. We’re in London, there’s upwards of £200m in wages, the Premier League is the greatest test of football, we sell out every week (Italian football has Sunday League attendances outside Juve), we have incredible facilities, and we are a sleeping giant.
    1. The sub-point of this is that Monchi has always had to sell to exist. I’d imagine he’d quite fancy building an empire at some point. We have all the elements needed to take the course Liverpool has. He’d be perfect for enacting that in my opinion.

Anyway, we’ll see. Hopefully, Raul has something interesting lined up outside an internal promotion.

Hector Bellerin is out for the next 9 months. He dropped a picture that looked straight out of an ironic fashion shoot that tried to blend messages of Brexit, the failing NHS and the hopelessness of youth, whilst selling elite high street fashuuuun hungry label for a Gen Z audience.

Get well soon Hector, BIG love from all at Le Grove. You’re star.

The Denis Suarez deal looks to be off. This from Marca:

‘Initially, Barcelona wanted the London club to buy Suarez outright, but Arsenaldidn’t want to commit to a large financial deal. In fact, the Gunners were unwilling to agree to a loan with compulsory purchasing option.’

Really not sad about this one. Here are his numbers from Gambon in the comments.

He averages 3.8 goals per season as an attacking midfielder.

His best ever LaLiga season was 4 goals and 4 assists at Villareal. 4 goals and 4 assists in 33 games.

His best ever season, he averaged 3.7 combined shots, key passes and dribbles. Which is less than Iwobi and Mykhitaryan have ever managed.

Feels a little like the time we went really hard for Chamakh. Why go all out for a player if he is no better than what we have? I’d rather give a kid a chance than pay big money for a name that won’t give us anything extra outside being a friendly body for the manager.

Remember this: Barca are trying to force us to buy him as part of a loan deal. That’s a club with ZERO confidence he’s going to do a good job for us. No doubt they’ll be back with a last minute, ‘guys, we had a think and…’

The Independent are saying that Arsenal will sigh James Rodriguez on loan if we sell Aaron Ramsey for £10m this month to a team who already have him on a free. Their Arsenal reporting strategy is to wait in the bushes, see what others say, then add a layer of imagination over the rumour to drive clicks.

That said, the fact so many outlets keep reporting the rumour has me worried. Not because I don’t dream about peak Rodriguez, more because we’re hiring in Ozil MKII and our manager has zero ability to deal with man-children.

Right, I think that’s as much as I have today, we’ll start talking UNITED tomorrow… I’m in Ohio for the next two days. Chatting plenty of shit about Stan. The locals bloody love that chat.

Have a good one. x


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  1. Charlie George

    We needed evolution post Wenger not the Spanish Revolution.
    We needing tweaking- not jettisoning the heart of the team. Giroud, Chambers, Ramsey, Ozil, Welbeck , Cech, Walcott

    We have and are buying players inferior and less popular than the above excellent Arsenal stalwarts.

    Emery jettisoned Jens for Bouldy
    Because he was too hot to handle?

    His 5 captains shennagigns – smacked of weakness . And was quite frankly an embarrassment to the club.

    His opening press conference was excruciating for Arsenal fans all over the world.

    People normally listen to Arsenal managers comments.

    No one listens to Emery .
    He smacks of mediocrity.
    We can and must do better.

    If he is the answer ! Please someone remind me what was the question.?

  2. Pierre

    “I fondly remember the Ozil vs Erikson debates that use to consume this site.
    Interesting how that played out.”

    that’s right …one has won 3 trophies and the other has won sweet FA..

  3. Pierre

    Plus one of theIr managers (pochettino)understands what it means having a quality CAM and the other (Emery) doesn’t quite get it does he(and never will).

  4. Un na naai

    Naive in terms of thinking you will find everything you are looking for in your squad in such a small area, in this day and age (I am aware of the Lisbon Lions, before anyone says!)


    He never said we’d find all we need for our squad in England. He said an English spine. Which is a perfectly reasonable and non racist request

  5. Pierre

    “I fondly remember the Ozil vs Erikson debates that use to consume this site.
    Interesting how that played out.”

    that’s right …one has won 3 trophies and the other has won sweet FA..

  6. Leftsidesanch

    Another day, one lunatic constantly banging on about having English players and the other one with his poor attempts to troll and windup. The conferring on here is at an all time low.

  7. Pierre

    Is salpardisenyc saying ““I fondly remember the Ozil vs Erikson debates that use to consume this site.Interesting how that played out.” not regarded as trolling

  8. Chris


    By small area I meant England and France He stated this implicitly. But whatever, if you are so intent on having his back regarding his narrow views, then that’s your right.

  9. Dissenter

    “Real Madrid are to offer €60m plus James in the summer to spurs for Eriksen which is why they don’t want him to come to Arsenal”

    If true…it goes to show how shit Ozil has been
    How come no one made this type of offer for the great Mesut in 2017?

  10. Dissenter

    Regarding Ozil vs Erikssen
    “that’s right …one has won 3 trophies and the other has won sweet FA..

    One is worth 100 million at the age of 27 years old…the other was worth sweet FA in 2017 when he had one year left on his contract.

  11. Carts

    Spurs would be mad to entertain Rodriguez. He’s not worth the inconsistencies or hassle.

    I’d take the cash and go

  12. Un na naai

    If true…it goes to show how shit Ozil has been
    How come no one made this type of offer for the great Mesut in 2017?

    The worst arsenal signing I can remember. Worse than the squid. Worse than stepanovs. Worse than glen helder. Worse than Andre santos.

  13. Pierre

    Eriksen has managed a league cup runners up medal …

    Do I need to tell you how many la liga titles and world cups and and fa cups and copa del Rey that Ozil has won.

    And your trying to tell me that Eriksen has had a more successful career than ozil just because a club has offered (supposedly) 60 million for him . ….

    Next you will be telling me that pochettino( who has won nothing) has had a better career than wenger.

  14. Marko

    At this stage I am of the opinion that gambon should be running the blog. He gets so many shout outs it’s unfunny

  15. Cesc Appeal

    There have been some good ones, Eriksen vs Ozil, Bale vs Walcott.

    There were actually Arsenal fans arguing that Walcott was better than Bale and this was well into Bale being a superstar at Spurs.

  16. DaleDaGooner

    Jeeeze! The day i stop reading “Wenger” on this blog! Say he left a worse squad….yeah he did based on league position, but the same old bag got 4th or 3rd with worse squad ffs! Denilson was a nothing player!! Squillaci???? give me a break…he even went unbeaten with a few dross squad players…..Fact is, the competition in the league has grown! And we’ve tried to match by even offering ridiculous salaries to Ozil ( I remeber “spend some fucking money” or “wow! we sold another player” or “we are letting Ramsey get into his last year blah blah)

    Fact is, Emery got the job based on his analysis of what was to be left squad-wise, he agreed he may not be able to buy. Chasing Denis Suarez and James on loan is a waste of time, focus on the youth players and move on!

    Remember United spanked us with Rashford (Rashford who?), Lingaard, Fosu-Mensah all playing against our big boys that day!

  17. bennydevito

    Charlie GeorgeJanuary 23, 2019    17:31:23

    We needed evolution post Wenger not the Spanish Revolution.
    We needing tweaking- not jettisoning the heart of the team. Giroud, Chambers, Ramsey, Ozil, Welbeck , Cech, Walcott

    >> Giroud and Walcott went before Emery arrived >>

    No one listens to Emery .
    He smacks of mediocrity.
    We can and must do better.

    >> In your opinion. Change the record CG your clogging up the comments with your incredibly boring and tedious Emery out agenda driven rhetoric.

  18. Charlie George

    ” Giroud and Walcott went before Emery arrived ”

    They indeed were not Emerys decisions .I totally accept

    They were the new regimes though. I am aghast at the new regimes policies.

    I have only one agenda . (Not to cheer lead: not to hope everything is going to be alright: not to be sychophantic.) BUT

    In the worlds of Arsene Wenger-and generations before Herbert Chapman

    ” to make Arsenal the biggest and best club in the world”

    I have no idea- why BD – you are so easily pleased with the Emery appointment?
    So pleased with your Arsenal lot?

    Was he in your top 10 picks?
    Don’t have a go at me- Re-butt my claims of his unsuitability-If you can?

  19. Cesc Appeal


    There have been some great ones on here.


    Your brought Wenger up the other day, completely out of the blue sarcastically saying ‘Wenger Out’ when no one was talking about it. You’ve done it more than once.

    Can’t do that and then complain.

    Wenger and Gazidis will be the context in which this club exists for another 3-4 years yet, so I would get use to it.

  20. Thorough

    Un na naaiJanuary 23, 2019 16:40:50
    Thorough No left back? No right back? No keeper to challenge Leno?

    I seriously think we can’t solve our retinue of problems in one summer. I think we should go 3 at the back next year, not just for some games. Ffs we’re better off doing that with the resources we posses: 6 center backs (Maguire, Sokratis, Holding, Mavropanos, Kos and Mustafi) and wing/full backs who can’t defend to save their lives (Bellerin and Kola). I’ll get Niles to understudy Bellerin and/or convert one of the central defenders to a right back. I’ll let Medley deputize for Kola.
    I forgot the keeper part, and I have no idea who’s cheap, young and ready to challenge/deputize for Leno.

  21. DaleDaGooner

    Cesc, just do a simple search on the post, just the current one and find how many posters with “Wenger this, or wenger that” prior to me stating it…everytime i read through there’s a “the mess wenger has put us through, reason why we lost to West Ham”

    Can we just move on??

  22. Marko

    The Ozil Eriksson debate as well back in the day was just as much about value for money than anything else. One was 10 million was influential since joining and is now 26 and worth between 60-100 million in this market. And the other cost 42 million has declined the last two seasons is 30 and we honestly can’t give him away. Hasn’t been a debate for a while

  23. bennydevito


    I’m not pleased with the Emery appointment I have said on numerous occasions that he wasn’t my choice and I wanted Aleggri or Ancelloti out of the names being touted in the summer. Emery was never my choice.

    However, I wanted Wenger gone; it had become incredibly stale and predictable how the season would pan out year after year, we needed change.

    I am of the opinion that it didn’t matter who we brought in to replace Wenger and how much money we had, even with Pep and billions it would take at least 2 seasons to rectify Wenger’s and Gazidas’s negligence. It took Pep 2 seasons to sort out city with a starting point of a squad way better than what Emery inherited.

    It is my opinion that we have a bit of class about us and don’t act like kneejerk reactionary cry babies with an over inflated sense of deluded entitlement like other clubs who change their managers like pairs of socks.

    I’m not saying that Emery is the right man for the job long term but definitely see him as a short to medium term transitional manager until one of our ex legends like Vieira or Henry are actually experienced and proven, and definitely not Arteta unless of course he actually proves himself away from pep’s apron strings.

    Emery should at the very least be given until the end of this season before being judged so we can see where we finish in the league and how we get on in the FA and Europa cups, and not judge him now half way through the season especially with the turmoil going on behind the scenes above his paygrade affecting our transfer plans.

    So in short, no I didn’t want Emery, no he may not be the right man long term but right now we don’t know that and unless we can see the future we have no way of knowing that. His managerial record is more than enough to justify giving him the time of his contract unless it all ends badly and we finish below 6th.

    To say Emery out now is just ego driven, opinionated agenda driven thinking, but then that is just my opinion.

    I respect a lot of things you say CG, British core, french flair, give our kids a chance, avoid the Spanish rejects etc, I just find the Emery out spiel incredibly tedious and extremely premature.

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    From an on looker looking in. The club looks like a shambled…
    Shopping in Aldi ion the reduced aisle whilst living in eaton square …

    Something ain’t right

  25. Cesc Appeal


    No because that’s stupid.

    If you took over as CEO of a corporation that had been run abysmally by an incompetent twat that you took over from that incompetent twats decisions would be the context in which you should be judged.

    Or would you think it’s fair to stand in front of shareholders etc and have them completely ignore the decisions taken before that bind your hands with regards to the decisions you can make because of money, staff etc?

    Pretty friggin unfair if you ask me.

    Again, don’t bring him up yourself. There was transfer talk a few days ago, no mention of Wenger yet you cropped up with ‘Wenger Out, am I right?’ Or something like that.

    You can’t try to get a shot on because you were pro-Wenger making out he wasn’t that bad and then loose it when people bring him up saying actually he was f*****g incompetent and has shackled our efforts with his incompetency.

  26. DaleDaGooner

    Ridiculous references to the current situation…meanwhile the only constant to the current malaise is Kroenke still being in charge! Imagine if the old bag was still managing the team today??? We’re haggling on loan deals for f@@K sakes! We’re still dealing with poverty and we’re still wondering if we are the 5 or 6th best team.

  27. Charlie George

    A fair and extremely excellent rebuttal.

    Ill take it on board,

    but i’ll be watching them – like a British bulldog looks at his vet!

  28. bennydevito

    ChrisJanuary 23, 2019    17:20:44


    I don’t think anything I say will sway you from your point of view, so good for you and all but I get the feeling you’re not in a minority as such, but most will see things differently.

    You cannot yet say Emery and Raul are failures at Arsenal. If you see using a team
    Binding photo shoot as a stick to beat the coach with them that just seems extremely petty.

    The greatest manager in our history often wore tracksuit bottoms and training tops so again, a harsh criticism in my opinion, for not being seen in his club blazer 24/7. That was once the way but as you seem to fail to grasp, time moves on.

    >>> Well said Chris.

  29. DaleDaGooner

    So Cesc, you are absolving Gazidis, Kroenke from this mess? I mean take a look at how we’re conducting business now?? I am no Pro-Wenger, like Pedro, I am holding Emery accountable for the on field happenings, just like we held the old man. We’re blaming someone who’s gone for display versus Southampton, West Ham and Brighton??

  30. bennydevito

    Thanks CG, most gracious.

    I’ve been watching some Arsenal classics on sky late of a night and the Arsenal team of 91 were outstanding! The front 4 of Campbell, Smith, Merson and Li.mpar were easily as good as what we’ve ever had and our back 5 of Seaman, Winterburn, Dixon, Adams and Bould were outstanding. Dixon and Winterburn easily our best attacking full backs in my lifetime anyway.

  31. bennydevito

    Funnily enough, we actually regressed as a team and as an attacking unit when we signed Ian Wright – we became very one dimensional and looked to Wright to score all our goals.

  32. Marko

    Lacazette was a Wenger purchase. Mhiki is up in the air to be honest. It was made when Sven was making recommendations but it stinks of a lazy Arsene swap to be honest. He tried to sign him before he went to United so there was always interest there

  33. bennydevito

    PierreJanuary 23, 2019    17:37:13

    Plus one of theIr managers (pochettino)understands what it means having a quality CAM and the other (Emery) doesn’t quite get it does he(and never will).

    “And never will”

    So says Pierre, the mystic fucking Meg of Le Grove.

    By the way, you do realise Ozil won the majority of those trophies at Real Madrid, surrounded by Galacticos. Just because Ozil’s won more team trophies doesn’t make him a better player than Eriksson, especially when Ozil was winning those trophies in a better team than Eriksson.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    I said Gazidis in my first comment to you.

    With regards to Kroenke I don’t think he’s a good owner and I don’t think he’s a bad owner. He’s a nothing owner.

    My biggest gripe with him is he was a pro-Wenger fan.

    What’s hilarious is all the pro-Wenger fans desperately now trying to pretend they weren’t pro-Wenger fans before ragging on Kroenke for not sacking Wenger 3-4 years ago when if you look at their comments from them you would wonder what on earth they are jabbering on about now as they defended 99% of what Wenger did.

    I mean for f**k sake you even had people defending his ‘ideal situation’ comments last season.

    Trying to erase Wenger from the discussion is stupid in my opinion, in the same way trying to erase a previous governments handling of the finances is stupid when looking at the economic state of a country 8 months into a new government.

    Emery deserves criticism for some things, like the defence, but he’s taking over the worst team in the top 6, was permitted a minimal spend and because of wages has little room for squad maneuver. Klopp and Pochettino didn’t manage to instill the Klopp or Pochettino style in their first seasons.

  35. DaleDaGooner

    Cesc, you keep repeating this:

    Again, don’t bring him up yourself. There was transfer talk a few days ago, no mention of Wenger yet you cropped up with ‘Wenger Out, am I right?’ Or something like that.

    But you conveniently remove that i said this because several posters throughout the early posts had been mentioning it, causing me to say the same thing I am saying today…..A lot of people like the wenger banter so much, it makes their day…they have to register it and abuse others just to feel good. I am one of those who think he stayed well past his time and he was indeed at fault for so many regressive policies, but you can’t remove Kroenke and the board from the decay, we’re still in trouble with the ownership, even more now that he’s in full control.

  36. DaleDaGooner

    CESC..Come on! perspective, a lot of people have thrown around the word “Emery has taken on the worst team in top 6 mantra….based on trophies or what?

    The days Wenger used to brag about “4th is like a trophy” and spuds languished in the mid tier, we still all banged on Wenger…how is the team the worst when Liverpool and Spuds only just started re-surging, Liverpool, albeit were ok, but still how much trophies has both team won in the last 5 years? A lot claim we have a worse squad than all, because we don’t have Hazard in place of Iwobi, or Pogba in place of Xhaka….yet, their respective teams have not been better than us head-to-head this season, even spuds.

  37. DaleDaGooner

    I don’t even care for what happened last year or year before, currently, in January, we still behave like it was when Wenger was manager, which makes me believe it’s not all him. Coincidentally, our decline started when the fake haired opportunist borrowed money to buy our shares initially and got a seat on the board for a fellow who knows nothing or even bothers to show up..

  38. DaleDaGooner

    Marko, I add Lacazette in because though signed by Wenger, he spent all but one season under him, Laca is firmly under the new regime, we sancioned big money for him, I am sure the old man wanted to dilly dally that deal.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Based on the fact this team finished 5th, then it finished 6th and now of the top 6 teams it is the worst.

    That makes it the worst of the top 6.

    ‘I don’t even care for what happened last year or year before’

    That’s your problem then.

    It’s obvious why you do this as well.

    Just ignore when Wenger is brought up if you don’t like it. Moaning as if you’re emotionally hurt at the name of an ex being brought up just makes everything very transparent.

  40. DaleDaGooner

    Just ignore when Wenger is brought up if you don’t like it. Moaning as if you’re emotionally hurt at the name of an ex being brought up just makes everything very transparent.

    Lol, rich….i like fairness, i hate bully tactics….and a lot of you bully those who like the man, I mean, I personally curse him out in private, but you will never find me on here banging on anyone speaking nice about him, you lot act butt hurt when he is praised as if he never brought you pleasurable wet dreams in the past, lol…

  41. Pedro

    I’d say the only issue with Stan is he doesn’t care and he gave all the power to Wenger who tanked the club.

    He doesn’t take money, invests every penny of profit and leaves the club alone.

    Ideal if you have a strong Director of Football, manager and CEO. Wenger was all of those and shite at all of them.

  42. DaleDaGooner

    I mean, people used to wish we’d lose games for fuck sake! People used to get mad if we won a trophy, just because it’s wenger….perspective. For me, I see clearly, my anger continues to lay at Kroenke’s doorstep….I mean the idiot signed him on a 2 year extension…clueless owner.

  43. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro, and for all that, that ONLY issue, I will always lay the blame at Stan…he gave Wenger the power, he’s ultimately regressed us.

  44. RodneyK

    “Do I need to tell you how many la liga titles and world cups and and fa cups and copa del Rey that Ozil has won.”

    All by himself, yeah right… World Cups? What a whiz, I clearly remember him strutting his stuff at Italia 90 at the tender age of 2!

  45. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro wanted him gone since 2009 season, I was on yahoo sports calling for his head every chance i could. But i also didn’t wish cancer on him or wish the team would lose….

  46. Cesc Appeal

    ‘It’s a team I’ve always liked that has a lot of history’

    Does Higuain actually know who he’s signed for?

  47. DaleDaGooner

    Cesc your opinion….it’s just boring and childish mentioning him when we lose with Emery, Raul and Vinai in charge

  48. Marko

    he spent all but one season under him, Laca is firmly under the new regime

    That’s a firm huh right there. He was signed prior to Sven or Raul or anyone coming in. Those are just facts

  49. DaleDaGooner

    Who to root for at the Super Bowl is usually an easy decision. It is [insert your favorite team here] or whoever is playing against the New England Patriots. Whether it’s our jealousy, their smugness, or the malodorous worst-of-Massachusetts vibe their fan base exudes, there are few pleasures more delicious in sports than seeing them lose a heartbreaker, like last year’s defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles. There is also no pain more acute than when they can pull one of these damn games out like the proverbial rabbit out of a hat. That has happened several times over their last two decades of dominance, most acutely when they somehow—and I’m still not sure how—came back from a 28-3 deficit in 2017 to beat the Atlanta Falcons.

    Yet this year it is tougher than most to find a team to cheer for, because the Patriots are playing the Los Angeles Rams, owned by multi-billionaire Stan Kroenke. Also the owner of the Arsenal football club, much to their fans’ chagrin, Kroenke made his money the old fashioned way: by marrying it. His wife is Ann Walton Kroenke, one of the daughters of Walmart founder, Sam Walton.

    But it’s not the Walmart fortune that makes the Walton-Kroenkes so impossible to cheer. The Rams, as recently as three years ago, were located in Kroenke’s hometown of St. Louis. But there was no sentimentality on Kroenke’s part to remain in Missouri. Instead, he is in that select group of pro sports owners—the worst of the worst—who moved their team because they weren’t getting enough corporate welfare from their cash-strapped cities. ($500 million in city money was not enough for the multi-billionaire. Kroenke said in response to that offer that he “couldn’t sit there and be a victim.”)


  50. Marko

    Stan had a secret meeting with Wenger to extend his contract…think about that for a second.

    Shouldn’t it read Wenger had a secret meeting with Stan to extend his contract

  51. Marko

    Krzysztof Piatek could be an interesting signing. What do people think?

    Just signed for Milan so what’s the point in discussing him. Speaking of hot prospect strikers then look no further than Luca Jovic and Maxi Gomez. Jovic has 18 in 24 this season at Frankfurt and Maxi Gomez just the 9 in 18 but he’s a tremendous prospect

  52. Marko

    Isn’t Higuain on loan with the option of another year on loan?

    Barcelona signing Frenkie De Jong for 75 million in the summer. Rabiot makes less and less sense now. Along with Arthur they’re pretty stacked now for the foreseeable future in CM

  53. Pierre

    “By the way, you do realise Ozil won the majority of those trophies at Real Madrid, surrounded by Galacticos”
    “Just because Ozil’s won more team trophies doesn’t make him a better player than Eriksson, especially when Ozil was winning those trophies in a better team than Eriksson.”

    Actually ,ozil has won more trophies at Arsenal than any previous club .

    You say
    ” especially when Ozil was winning those trophies in a better team than Eriksen ”

    So now are you saying that Arsenal have had a better team than Tottenham over the last 5 years …if that is the case then you are actually saying Arsenal were managed better during that period.

    high Praise indeed for our former manager .

  54. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I was under the impression that when Emery got the gig
    He was going to Introduce more yoot players …

    Why not promote youth n teach them rather than buy grade b signings

    CB Zak

    Cm Wilcox / Smith rose..

    Striker Eddie

  55. Marko

    Yeah but he makes no sense to me because De Jong is joining. Him Arthur and Rabiot as a midfield three is lacking a kind of proper DM. You could probably make it work. They also have Puig and Carlos Alena breaking through too. Proper stacked now. Pep I know was salty as fuck about missing out on De Jong recently

  56. Chris


    I’d like to see Medley, Saka and Smith-Rowe in particular get extended opportunities for the first team, in the hope they make the grade to at least be part of the match day squad going forwards, and add to them with who we can bring in the close season. Depending on how the league goes it would be good to see them and others maybe play every game if we end up being marooned in 5th or 6th with 5 or something games to go.

  57. Cesc Appeal


    Maybe, but £60 Million worth plus his wages?

    I just think it’s daft when you have Hudson Odoi there. He’s hardly had a look in and yet you’ve got Munich and Liverpool battling over him at £35 Million.

    If you were Chelsea you should be thinking don’t waste that £60 Million on Pulisic, play your homegrown winger and spend it on something else like a CAM.

  58. RodneyKing

    “Do I need to tell you how many la liga titles and world cups and and fa cups and copa del Rey that Ozil has won.”

    All by himself… yeah, right. World Cups? What a whiz our boy Ozil is. I clearly remember him strutting his stuff at Italia ‘90 at the tender age of 2!

  59. Marko

    So good he won all the world cups. But can’t be trusted to put in a shift away from home…or at home against decent opposition.

  60. bennydevito


    Yes he won all his la ligas, copa del reys and world cups at Arsenal.

    3 FA cups with us

    Nicky Butt won way more trophies than Ozil. Nicky Butt is better than Ozil.

  61. Takin the Mhik


    A diamond of Xhaka at the base, Toerriera on the right, Guendouzi on the left. Ozil through the middle.

    I don’t think Ramsey is disciplined enough to play further back.

  62. Mark

    @Unai na

    It was within his hands to sack an underperforming manager. What ever reason you give, it’s his job.”

    Wouldn’t it be fair to say that your job as an Arsenal fan , would have been to demand that the underperforming manager, be sacked….

    The fact that the ignorant majority still wanted Wenger to stay, Sung when we won, weren’t calling for his head en masse at the grounds, attacking some who did unroll banners, didn’t turn out to protest marches and …
    In the face of all this to say it’s all Stan’s fault for not sacking him earlier…
    Why the fuck should he have? Where were all the voices of protest saying get this man who delivered some of my best teenage football wet dreams out of our club Stan !! We love him to but he’s just ruining the club an no man is bigger than the club…..”

    Yeah, where we are today, it’s all on Stan.

    I don’t particularly like the man. I’m just sick of the obvious misdirection which is still being used to defend the tyrant.

    If you didn’t want Wenger gone, fuck Stan blame yourselves !

  63. Mark

    “If you limit your field of search for new players to improve you, then naturally the selection will be smaller. Let’s look everywhere and not let common misconceptions and lazy, sweeping judgements of certain nationalities limit that.”

    Great post Chris, Finished with the coup de gras, copied above. I don’t think you could spell it out any better.

  64. Mark

    I really would like to hear about some new additions to the squad or find out if we’re going to give some of the youngsters a run.

    I heard Mavro’s name has been mentioned, I’m itching to see him in action in the first team. I thought he looks a quality product and needs to get dropped straight in now. Would still like a new RB loaned in if possible.

  65. China1

    Pedro ‘I’d say the only issue with Stan is he doesn’t care and he gave all the power to Wenger who tanked the club.He doesn’t take money, invests every penny of profit and leaves the club alone.Ideal if you have a strong Director of Football, manager and CEO. Wenger was all of those and shite at all of them.’

    Lol Pedro so let’s get this straight. Stan’s style is ideal if you have a strong director of football manager and CEO.

    Right. And have we had any of those?

    You think both of our managers under him lack ‘special sauce’.

    You turned your back on gazidis finally after he shat on you 500 times then fucked off

    They hired Sven and he’s not lasted 10 minutes

    Raul has been making power grabs in the recent vacuum

    We have been one of the most financially mismanaged clubs in the premiership

    Recruitment has been poor

    Pedro you’re leaving in a dream world where hypothetically Stan is pretty good because every under him COULD do a good job when actually NONE OF THEM have. If you’re definition of a good owner isnone who just lets everyone under them do whatever and doesn’t take money out, you have the lowest bar set ever.

    Literally think about it. In no Business is an owner entirely unaccountable for said company being run into the ground with relentless mismanagement and poor recruitment

    Stab would be a dream if he could hire a perfect team below him to run the business BUT HE HASNT in his decade of ownership


  66. China1

    Pedro what sums it up entirely is that you say he would be a good owner IF…

    You shouldn’t need to say if because we have over a decade of first hand experience of what he actually HAS done.

    That’s like saying welbeck could be the next Henry IF he spent an extra 3 hours a day in his back garden practicing to shoot, practicing skills and practicing a Parisian accent

    Why talk in hypotheticals when the guy is in his late 20s and is more of a mobile Heaney than TH14?

    There’s literally no difference between this and Stan. We already KNOW he is a shit owner because he has overseen the club fail and fall miserably. You’re living in dream land

  67. Elmo

    “Chelsea (£448m), Arsenal (£389m) and Tottenham (£379m) were eighth, ninth and 10th respectively, with the Gunners losing nearly £30m in revenues after failing to qualify for the Champions League. Spurs, meanwhile, had a £26.5m increase in match-day revenue following their temporary move to Wembley and Champions League participation and closed the gap on Arsenal to around £10m.”

    And there we have it. Our revenues are falling and are now only £10m greater than Spuds (before they even enter their new stadium), and we’ve officially been cut adrift from the top two tiers of revenue producing clubs.

    Just about every other club on the list significantly increased revenue last year: on average the other top 10 clubs increased revenue by £61.5m, whereas our revenue FELL by £29.9m, meaning in relative terms we lost about £90m in competitive terms compared to the rest of the cohort. A total mess and I can see why Kroenke decided to stop the annual accounts being publicly released at the end of October.

    You can understand why the club are not signing anyone. With that wage bill and falling revenue, it’s an absolutely toxic combination.

  68. bennydevito

    Taking the Mihk,

    I’m not obsessed with Erikson, that was someone else’s argument with Pierre, who’s obsessed with Ozil and thinks Ozil’s better than Erikson because he’s won more team trophies in a better Real Madrid and Germany team than Erikson has with Spurs.

    Anyway, thanks for your interest in our affairs.

  69. bennydevito


    Those figures are concerning but I’m pretty sure our new Adidas kit deal and the visit Rwanda sponsorship will make up the loss of champions league money.

    Also we’ve nearly paid our stadium off I think and Spurs’s stadium is costing over double the outlay, has gone over budget and their revenues will be greatly compromised by their stadium repayments.

    If you also factor in the streamlining of our squad’s wage bill that should hopefully take place this summer with Ramsey and hopefully Ozil shown the door I’m not overly concerned.

  70. Takin the Mhik


    Another way to look at it is Eriksen has won nothing in a very good Spurs team, Ozil has won 3 FA Cups in a poor Arsenal team that had Sanogo play in one of the finals. It’s worth pointing out that Arsenal won nothing in 8 years before Ozil arrived.

    Also, look how Germany have performed recently with out Ozil.

    With all of this in mind, it can’t be all a coincidence ? I think it proves how underrated Ozils influence is.

  71. Dark Hei


    Excellent points!

    Its like saying, if Wenger delegates more, we would win more trophies.

    Or if John Terry isn’t a dick, he would have been a great England captain.

  72. bennydevito

    Takin the Mhik,

    Very good points it has to be said.

    I think Ozil’s a good player but he doesn’t seem to want to apply himself here, even under Wenger he was very sporadic at best and rarely influenced games like he has done for Madrid and Germany. I think perhaps his game just isn’t suited to the premier league, Emery clearly doesn’t fancy him and at £350k per week his benchwarming and Fortnite playing is a criminal waste of money that we just can’t afford to waste.

    He needs to be gone pronto.

  73. Dark Hei

    The Ozil debate is just bollocks really. He has outstanding technique and inhuman peripheral vision. Whether the coach needs that for his team is another thing altogether.

    Like saying Giroud is a better striker than Hazard on Saturday because he is big and tall.

    That statement is both true and false at the same time. Like quantum wave equation.

  74. China1

    Pedro you being soft on Stan directly contradicts your stance on wenger

    Wenger was also a hands off manager who didn’t pay attention to the specifics of tactics. Just as our absentee owner doesn’t pay attention to the specifics of his football business.

    Wenger trusted in his players to go and express themselves and deliver in much the same way Stan does with his subordinates

    Wenger oversaw a complete decline of the footballing side just as Stan has overseen a complete decline of our financial power compared with previous years

    Wenger got miracle results when he hired players who were suited to hands off management and got the invincibles. Just like you’re saying Stan could get results if he hired the right people to work freely without pressure or scrutiny in his absent setup.

    At least wenger actually delivered the invincibles and early success. What has Stan delivered? If you’re absent the only thing you can do is hire right. It’s been over a decade with stan and I’m yet to see evidence that the club has taken us forwards at all since 2010.

    You can’t be hard on wenger who at least delivered some success and soft on Stan who has delivered absolutely zilch.

    Meanwhile our fantastic absent owner actively undermined an ideal chance to get rid of arsene when he bypassed his trusted ceo and went behind his back extending wenger a contract before subsequently needing to fire him and blowing £8m on his pay off only 12 months later


  75. Tony

    Good collection of posts this morning China & CA last night.

    Current power base at the club

    Kroenke (didn’t buy to win trophies)

    Chairman Chips clueless & more silent than silent Stan

    Gazidis is replaced with Raul (ramping up our PR better known as Lip Service central) while in the process of setting up his fall guys for the next few years

    Wenger is replaced by Emery (now putting out Wengeresque quotes) and accumulating power/responsibilities he shouldn’t have

    Sven being replaced by who? (Rowley & Grimaldi?)

    As Elmo points out by his post Vinai’s successes are what exactly when you look at our current financial position/standing?

    When you consider what happening at executive level Ozil is the least of our immediate team/squad problems.

    What could one possibly say good about our immediate future?

  76. Freddie Ljungberg


    Sure, the board and Stan are useless and silent, nothing new there, the rest is conjecture.

    We don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes and why exactly Sven is leaving.

    Who says Emery is accumulating powers/responsibilities he shouldn’t have, Pedro? Just because he has good things to say about a former colleague in Monchi doesn’t mean he’s the one doing the hiring, that’s a reach and a half.

    Wengeresque quotes? Like what exactly, ” we’re trying to bring in 1 or 2 players”
    ” we need to improve defensively” bla bla bla, all managers say the same things.
    He’s also limited by his language skills when doing interviews, hardly something to hold against him unless you’re a 77 year old xenophobe living in south africa.

    Sven will probably be replaced by Cigagao (sp?) And the job he wanted will be filled by someone else, most heavily linked are Monchi and Overmars. Doubt Rowley is on anyone’s list.

    Our commercial revenue has been hampered by Wenger and Gazidis mismanagement both on and off the pitch so we’ll see if it improves now. Not sure there was too much Vinai could have done.

  77. qna

    Freddie: Our commercial revenue has been hampered by Wenger and Gazidis mismanagement both on and off the pitch so we’ll see if it improves now. Not sure there was too much Vinai could have done.

    Agree with this. But Silent Stan has been the one who has decided to go with this strategy. It isnt like he wasn’t 100% on board with this. The problem with Arsenal under Stan-Gazidis-Wenger has been that they haven’t considered the long term commercial implications of their approach. You have to spend money to make money. Wenger to his credit was a good manager in the first part of his Arsenal career. The club also recruited very well. We were a club that other big clubs tried to poach players from and eventually we sold off those caliber of players. But after the last of those good signings were sold (Fabregas, Nasri, RVP etc) we simply didn’t buy players that were worthy of big clubs coming in and trying to buy off us. Big hint – something is going wrong. Instead it was Spurs and Liverpool who managed to identify and sign those types of players.

    It really didn’t take a genius to see that the players we were buying were not then and never going to be those high quality players. I know, because I am not a genius, and it was as clear as day. We would cap our spending limit on players, sometimes just 5m to 10m lower than what it would have taken to buy the players that would have kept our commercial value on an upward trajectory. Gervinho, Arteta, Chambers come to mind, but I think there would be probably 10-15 players where each one of them were not good enough. But yet spend a fraction more, or buy one player instead of two, and we could have really added high quality players that would have increased in value.

    The final nail in the Arsenal-was-a-big-club coffin was the British core. Again, it didnt take a genius, but those 6 or 7 Brits that we had that we overpaid and decided to put our future in were simply not of the quality that can compete with clubs like Barca, Real, Bayern, or even the Manchester clubs. When we create such a gap in quality between our players and these clubs, how can we possibly keep pace with them in terms of commercial value and marketability.

    Stan Kroenke is 100% to blame for this because its actually his responsibility to maintain the clubs commercial value, after all, that is why he owns Arsenal. He kept Wenger and Gazidis in position to put the club on the trajectory it now finds itself in.

  78. Freddie Ljungberg

    I’m not disagreeing with you qna, most or all of that happened before Vinai though so hardly fair to blame him, same as it’s not fair to blame Emery that we have a shite squad. Both issues has been accumulating for years.

    I’m not interested in defending Kroenke, he should take more interest in the club and at least make sure it’s run competently, he hasn’t ,that’s all on him.

  79. Un na naai

    He’s also limited by his language skills when doing interviews, hardly something to hold against him unless you’re a 77 year old xenophobe living in south africa.


    Obviously not up on current affairs in SAFA are you? White farmers and their wives and kids being torutured to death because of the colour of their skin. Government taking about genocide if they don’t hand their land over peacefully

    And yes, it is of course something to hold against him. He should have picked up a better comprehension of the language by now. If he can’t translate his ideas then how are his players to know exactly what he means?

  80. Un na naai


    Sanchez oxlade and Giroud says differently

    I agree with you though. Our recruitment process post David Dein has been abysmal. It all ended when he was forced out and now arsenal is just a profit machine for the suits with very little sporting endeavor in comparison with the previous 30 years

  81. Un na naai

    Like saying Giroud is a better striker than Hazard on Saturday because he is big and tall.

    Dark hei

    He is a better striker than hazard?? His record is testament. Hazard isn’t a striker either.

  82. qna

    Freddie. Agreed. I dont blame any of the new regime. Its far to early to judge them. They have inherited a terribly mismanaged club. With the release of this year’s Deloitte figures its even worse than I thought. I dont quite understand how Spurs are within 10m of us now.

    Who knows why Sven is leaving and how much that is going to affect us if at all. But I do admit that I am disappointing by that. But there will be other good scouts around and hopefully we can find one. If he is leaving because he wanted to be Technical Director then its also less disapointing because I get the impression he is a really good talent scout, which we need. But I have no idea if he would be a good TD which is an entirely different skillset.

    I think Emery has done an outstanding job. It depends on your perspective. Many like Pedro were suggesting that we had a very good squad of players and it just needed a quality manager. I argued against this from the beginning and truly believe that we have an awful squad. Even our best players wouldn’t get in the first teams of the top 4 or 5 clubs in the world. Compare that to the days when we did have very good players that could have played for any team. Auba is probably our closest but look at the CF options at the best clubs and he probably struggles.

    I am not saying in Emery-we-trust and he may only be a transitional manager for the next few years. But given what he has had to work with I think he has done a great job. I felt Holding and Bellerin were best 11 players too, so tough break for him. Not convinced about our three oldest CBs at all.

  83. Frost

    Bellerin is a big loss considering our lack of wingers & reliance on our wing backs to provide width.

    That said.. I’m quite certain we can find an adequate rb that can provide that attacking threat for under 10m. Abit like what Liverpool did with Robertson.

  84. qna

    Un Na Nai: Sanchez oxlade and Giroud says differently

    Yes, Sanchez definitely. Dont forget that we threw our Modus operandi out the window for both Sanchez and Ozil. We bought a good player and made him an even better player and then f&cked the opportunity. At the end of the day we are now stuck with Mkhi and Ozil. Two players that nobody wants.

    Giroud was brought in by Chelsea as a squad player.

    Oxlaide we absolutely smashed that deal out of the park. My hat does go off to Ivan in that case. Regardless of if it was fortunate timing with cash available from player sales, the fact is that we got a great deal for him.

  85. Freddie Ljungberg

    Un na

    What has farmers getting killed got to do with undermining Raul and Emery every step of the way and thinking british players are going to somehow save us like it’s the 90’s all over again.

    You try picking up a new language and be fluent in it in 8 months at the age of 47. Not everyone has the same ear for languages either, it’s just another pointless argument just to take a cheap swipe at the man.

    I don’t really care if he’s the manager or not, just willing to give him time, we need to be realistic as to where we are as a club atm, and it’s nowhere near the top squad wise.

  86. Takin the Mhik


    I think he has applied himself. He has been top quality for us over the years and clearly loves the club, but he should be doing more in the big games, especially away from home.

    His injuries this season have come at the wrong time, straight after signing a new contract. And with his high wages, he’s always going to be examined closer and criticised more than a Ramsey or an Iwobi. Sometimes it’s justified but most of the time I think it’s harsh.

    Agreed that if Emery doesn’t fancy him, he needs to go. But in this market and at the silly prices that players are going for, I think it’s impossible to find a player as good as Ozil for the money.

  87. Dark Hei


    Sanchez, Ozil and Mik lighting up the bench this weekend.

    Maybe Arsenal and United should just do some loan merry go round as fan banter.

  88. Tony

    I understand you’re thinking.

    I would love to share your hopeful wait-and-see optimism.

    To me the recent Skysport quotes from Emery seemed like a replay of the last 10 years of Wenger, but that’s just my opinion.

    As for the rest with no CEO oversight or tangible accountability process for Raul, I have grave concerns for the future.

    I sincerely hope I’m wrong about the exec division of the company and will be more than happy to hold my hands up if that’s the case in 12 months time.

    What were your thoughts about the reports that Rowley & Grimaldi were still used as consultants?

    Do you believe they were good scouts but it was all on Wenger for buying dross?

    Emery has blown hot and cold with performances and too often been baffling with his team selections and some tactical processes he wanted available players to orchestrate on the pitch.

    There appears to have been too much rigidity to his single minded game tactics and training, and far less understanding of the PL and players’ sustainable levels.

    It’s like Emery is running before learning to walk with blinkers on.

    I’m not quite as far along sharing CC and Gambon Emery beliefs/POVs, and a long way off GOH’s comical diatribes, but equally Emery has left me feeling far more uncertain about what level he can improve us to.

    I’ll reserve full judgement until the end of the season.

  89. Mick Kartun

    Interesting comparison from NBA point of view of how to run a successful sporting entity. Taken from online comment:

    ‘DeMarcus “Boogie Man” Cousins’ come back marked the complete Infinity Stone gauntlet has just been assembled for Golden State Warriors.’

    PG: Stephen Curry (MVP, All Star) – Draft Pick.
    SG: Klay Thompson (All Star) – Draft Pick.
    SF: Kevin Durant (MVP, Final MVP, All Star) – Free Agent
    PF: Draymond Green (DPOY, All Star) – Draft Pick
    C: Demarcus Cousins (All Star) – Free Agent
    6th Man: Andre Iguodalla (Final MVP, All Star) – Excellent buy.

    You can go with whatever unit to start with:
    The Splash Brothers, Death Lineup, Hamptons Five, and The Infinite Gauntlet / All-Stars.

    Steve Kerr can just snap his fingers and make other team said “I don’t feel so good.” No matter how he rotate the team, he can always have at least 1 or 2 all-stars on the court.

    Blame Golden State? Ruining NBA? Unfair? NO, praise them for making this happen.

    Blame other who cannot take opportunity when they passed to offer DeMarcus a minimum contract (since he was injured for more a half year),
    cannot set and raise their draft-pick players,
    cannot create a system around,
    cannot have unselfish ego out of their players,
    cannot make a salary gap to fill,
    and cannot doing so effectively on free agent.

    It’s not an instant domination, but something that have trying to build for years. Vision and superb effort of Management.

  90. Freddie Ljungberg


    It’s a bit comical if indeed Rowley and Grimandtube is working for the club in any capacity, they should have both been let go years ago.

    Also not sure it would have matter if we had the best scouts in the world under Wenger when he was the sole decision maker and had completely lost his judgement. Those 2 were far from the best though.

    Raul is effectively the CEO if I understand it correctly, at least as far as our football operations go, I don’t know if that’s a better way to do it in a modern business than having a CEO above him. Either way you’ll have the same problems with regards to power grabbing/accountability etc.

    Yeah, I agree Emery hasn’t been perfect but I also see the limitations to what he’s working with. Our first XI is weak but our backups are barely PL level so as soon as someone is out injured or needs rest he has to shuffle the pack to try to mitigate the weaknesses.

    We wouldn’t have to play 3 CB for example if our fullbacks were better defensively or our CBs were quicker.

    We wouldn’t have to play 3 DMs if Xhaka didn’t need the protection to be somewhat effective. We wouldn’t have to play our fullbacks so far up all the time if we had wingers etc etc, lots of imbalances to account for, it’s not as easy as it looks.

  91. bennydevito

    Takin the Mhik,

    I’ll think we’ll have to agree to disagree; I don’t think Ozil’s applied himself or been top quality at all I’m struggling to recall when he’s ever won motm for us? I think he was hugely overpriced and his contract is hugely over paid and I find it incredible that Gazidas sanctioned it here yet overuled Milan signing him there. Astounded at that.

    Freddie L,

    I don’t think it’s fair to say Charlie George is xenophobic just because he wants a British core – he said he wants French players too, it’s just that some players like Spanish and Italian struggle to adapt to the British climate and the pace of our league, not all. I’m inclined to agree to a certain extent, unless they come here young and grow up part of our academy like Cesc. There are exceptions of course like Zola and Torres, but Reyes struggled and others have too.

  92. Tony

    Totally agree with your playing assessments and the level of the squad ranging from barely acceptable to well below the requirements.

    My current chief complaint with Emery was that he didn’t adapt tactics to accommodate sub par players enforced through injury. If he had, we would have won or drawn where we lost.

    I’m not against new management systems, but there has to be accountability from the very top down.

    Unfortunately this begins with the owner and that is where our business and management failings begin.

  93. Freddie Ljungberg


    I’m not basing it on just his recent posts, he hasn’t made one post since he started writing here without mentioning nationalities in one way or another. He’s also incredibly stupid so the incessant inanities gets on my nerves. I’ll try to ignore it more in the future but it depends on the level of idiocy.

  94. Mick Kartun

    Well, only rumours but whatever…….

    “Italian journalist Carlo Pellegatti appeared on the Telelombardia TV on Wednesday night to offer his insight into the Nainggolan situation. He said:

    This afternoon (people have) called me and told me: Inter are trying to sell Nainggolan in England.

    Pellegatti named four clubs in the race for Nainggolan. They are Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United and Tottenham.

    Pellegatti intimated that Arsenal are in pole position for the Belgian.

    When it came to the structure of the deal with the Gunners, Pellegatti noted that Inter want to sell Nainggolan for 30 million euros.

    Arsenal, however, want to land Nainggolan on loan.

    In a final twist to the Nainggolan to Arsenal story, Pellegatti also stuck Mesut Ozil into the mix.

    It’s believed Inter are keen on signing Ozil on loan, with the Italians ready to pay Arsenal to house the German until the end of the season.

    So will Nainggolan move to Arsenal and Ozil to Inter? With a week left in the January window, Arsenal and Inter need to get a move on if this is going to happen.”

  95. Freddie Ljungberg


    I think that’s what he’s done, adopted tactics to account for subpar players, he just didn’t always get it right or it wasn’t enough, tactics will only get you so far.

    Now with Bellerin out for the season it’s half our starting backline gone, of course that’s going to affect things negatively when the backups are either shite (jenks, licht) or too old to play consistently (Kos)
    Then we have Monreal that’s in the same boat as Kos. On top of that the manager has one hand tied behind his back because he can’t buy anyone this window.

    We could still sneak top 4 but it’s going to require an almost flawless performance from Emery and the team along with a couple of other teams slipping up.

  96. Un na naai

    You try picking up a new language and be fluent in it in 8 months at the age of 47. Not everyone has the same ear for languages either, it’s just another pointless argument just to take a cheap swipe at the man.


    So what?? That’s his problem. He’s been hired for an elite post. It requires an elite individual. If he can’t learn the language whatever age then he’s not able to really instruction properly and that for me is something to be critical of

    If Beckham and Owen and bale can be criticized in Spain (rightly so) then so should emery

    The fact that you’re labelling Charlie George as xenophobic for wanting a few brits in the first team says more about your miopic view than his. Real and Barca are littered with Spaniards
    The Italian sides are. The German sides are. I dispair for this limp twisted millennial generation, I really do. Even more so that i was born into it. You won’t be happy until you’ve destroyed the western world with your indoctrinated, air headed, feelings over facts nonsese.

  97. HighburyLegend

    “They are Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United and Tottenham.”

    I guess we can write off Arsenal from that list.
    As long as he’s not signing for the fucking spuds…

  98. Freddie Ljungberg

    Un na

    First off I’m not a millenial.

    Second, CG hasn’t made a post without mentioning nationalities since he started posting here, not one. It goes far beyond just wanting a british core.

    Feeling over facts? Like how he thinks british players are the shit when most of them are actually shite?

    Barca/Real etc has a lot of players from their countries because they have more quality players, they are not almost always overpriced as well.

    I would also like to have some more english players, I don’t harp on about it 20 times a day and think it’s the only solution and nothing else should be considered. I would also take a better, cheaper foreign player no matter where he’s from over an overpriced english plodder any day.

    You can think what you want about Emery not being able to speak fluent English in 8 months, it’s not the Matrix.

    You seriously think because someone is “elite” at something they have to be great at everything? Eh, ok then…

  99. shaun

    Emery’s problem was the five one hummiliation at Liverpool he should have tried really really hard to get through the season without a result like that and he can’t afford another .The MANU cup game is a big game for him. Think most reasonably minded arsenal fans are thinking emmm our defense is shocking against pace at the best of times …can see Soc wresling Rashford to the ground and chopping down linguard or Martial and Soc is our best CB .He and KOS already have to use two times there football brain to get by .defense is really a big problem .he could do with dropping Mustaffi and puting the young Greek defender in to add a little youth and speed with all that experience .So for me that’s what is worrying , the talk of CM and ACM

  100. bennydevito

    The Leeds Manager doesn’t speak a word of English and that isn’t stopping him.

    Poch at Southampton had a translator for a while too.

    Completely irrelevant.

  101. Tony

    We aren’t too far apart in our POVs.

    My reservations are stronger regarding Emery and hierarch, but we are on the same page regarding the players.

    Will be interesting to see where they are at the end of Feb.

  102. WengerEagle

    Could have sworn that you were all over Denis Suarez only a week or so ago Pedro? Possibly am wrong so apologies if that’s the case.

    Re Higuain, I think that he’s seen his best years and that he peaked at Napoli but no doubt that he’ll score goals for Chelsea, my guess is that he scores 12-15 ish goals the rest of this season which would go someway to relieving the pressure on Hazard to score regularly and focus more on what he does best and that is create.

    Marko mentioned Jovic and Gomez, surprised that he failed to give a shout out to Jovic’s team mate and CF partner Haller who has looked amazing this season, think that he’s scored 10 with 8 assists too in only 16 starts.

    Not that we need a CF.

    Just glad that we’re seemingly not wasting our time and money on average attacking talent like Suarez.

  103. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, at least it’s not as predictable as under Wenger and we actually have the chance to improve instead of the inevitable slide downwards in the table.

    It’s going to take time to get this right bit hopefully it clicks soon and we have a fantastic summer window, we’re going to need it just to make up for lost years.

  104. Charlie George

    “The Leeds Manager doesn’t speak a word of English and that isn’t stopping him.”

    The West Brom manager Darren Moore ( an internal WBA appointment )aint doing too bad either,

    And he has not reverted to systematic cheating.

    if there was any integrity left in sport- the Leeds manager should have been sacked, charged and banned from the sport for 18 months.

  105. WengerEagle

    Emery’s English seems OK from the interviews that he’s given, not even close to proficient yet but he’s only been here for 7-8 months so he’s right around where you would expect him to be at this stage.

    Pep’s German was no better at Bayern and nobody had a problem with that. Doubt that Souness had more than a few words of Turkish at Galatasaray, didn’t matter. Capello was England gaffer for years and never got a decent grasp at the language, happens all the time in football and is part and parcel and inevitable if you get career opportunities abroad.

  106. WengerEagle

    Banned, why?

    He broke a frowned upon unwritten rule in English footy but from what Lampard said, this happens all the time in PL football and is commonplace with managers trying to get an edge on opponents, just first time it was blatantly brought to fan attention.

    In continental Europe training sessions are completely open to media, etc.

  107. Freddie Ljungberg


    It’s because he’s a dirty foreigner that doesn’t speak the language, duh.

    Merson been on the booze again:

    “Unai Emery will need a few windows to sort it out but the players they’ve purchased haven’t been great,” Merson told Sky Sports. “Everyone was raving about Lucas Torreira, but he’s not that good. I said this a few months ago and everyone kicked up a stink.

    “He only looks good as he’s what Arsenal have needed for a long time, someone to run around and put their foot in. But, if you put him up for sale tomorrow then none of the top five clubs in the Premier League would be interested.

    “They should sign Abdoulaye Doucoure at Watford – he’d walk into the team. I’d take him tomorrow morning. He’s a much better player than Torreira and he scores goals. He’s one of the most under-rated players in the Premier League – he could play for any of the top six.”

    Although I agree that Doucoure is good and I’ve been calling on us to buy him before it’s hardly Torreira that’s the problem. He’s been one of our best players so far.

    He’s looking leggy because he has to do Xhaka’s job as well as his own and he’s been playing the most matches of any player in the team coming from a slower league. Replace Xhaka with Doucoure though and we’re talking.

  108. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    You’re spot on. Lampard should know from experience. Jose Mourinho used all sorts of methods to spy on opponents at Chelsea.
    He’s crying now because he’s on the receiving end

  109. Charlie George

    “Capello was England gaffer for years and never got a decent grasp at the language”

    a rip roaring success this one!

    to appoint a coach – who was a video tech specialist – and a much more hands on than Wenger- surely the language aspect is vital in the way he works,

    And Obviously it has been an issue this season at times- eg Iwobi at Brighton.

    Me being called a xenophobe is bizarre in that I wanted Arteta or Vieria,or Anchelloti as head coach for Arsenal 2018/19.

    i think their better communication skills and the way they carried themselves were better fits for our heads coachs position.All three knew the demands of the prem too)

    I don’t want people learning the language and about the prem on the job- its a recipe for failure.

    But to be fair – to Emery in his press conference – he was aware that we are 13 times holders of the FA Cup to Man Utds 12!

  110. Dream10

    Freddie Ljungberg

    Don’t think Torreira having to cover for Xhaka is the problem. Young Lucas is struggling with the pace and intensity of the PL. Better players than him had issues as well. Emery perhaps should have rested him earlier in season. There was no need to play him against Spurs in the league cup. Torreira looked dead on his feet after 70 minutes on Saturday. Not for the first time.
    Let’s see if it is an issue going forward. High Stamina for players at his position is an essential trait.

  111. Charlie George

    i am probably in the minority- but Think Paul Merson- is an excellent pundit.
    Not afraid to speak – what he feels is right with a contrarian viewpoint

    i actually agree with his Torriera analysis. He worries the hell out of me in the big away games.( eg Liverpool/firminio)- big test tomo against the marauding Pogba.?

    can those little legs eat up the ground against their pacy counters ?

  112. Charlie George

    Freddie L

    to insinuate Merson is on the booze – because he has a different viewpoint- is very poor form.

    people are allowed to have different viewpoint.

    Him stating that dacoure is probably a better fit at Arsenal than Torreira is a very valid.

  113. bennydevito

    Errrm it didn’t effect Poch though did it? He had a translator at Southampton and dud an excellent job.

    Merson was a great player, one of my boyhood faves, but he doesn’t know his arse from his elbow as a pundit and is an embarrassment.

    Torreira’s been excellent so far to say otherwise is another bizarre observation. He just needs to adapt to the pace of the premier league and aclimatise to life in England. He will become a key player for us no doubt whatsoever.

  114. Dissenter

    Why is anyone surprised by the Deloitte Football Money League 2019?
    We’ve made too many mistakes and our last ditch attempts to redeem the situation in January 2018 failed woefully.
    Too many errors at the same time our rivals were just churning out decent results.

  115. Freddie Ljungberg


    Shocker that you would agree with Merson, I’ve seen you’re jibes about Torreiras “little legs” before, it’s idiocy like everything else you post.

    Now you’re getting outraged about someone thinking Merson is drunk when he spews his ill-informed facts? You’re pretty selective there…


    Yeah, it’s the intensity plus the fact he has to constantly cover for slowpoke Xhaka.

    If he rests him he gets shit too, just look at the last game he sat on the bench, it was an uproar from most fans. Doesn’t help that the gap in quality to our other midfielders is so big.