Monchi rumours rubbished in Italy

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The Monchi dreams were short-lived. Well, if you believe Roma Press.

RomaPress contacted today one director at Roma, who immediately rejected the notion of Monchi leaving. In addition, a member of the Spaniard’s entourage laughed off the idea of Monchi leaving the Italian capital after having just arrived, citing that he has finally settled into the club and culture of Rome after having needed an adjustment period. It is worth noting, though, that there is a buyout clause present in Monchi’s contract.’

Arsenal can’t afford to keep the heater on in the team bus at the minute, I can’t see them spunking out money on a Technical Director. The dark arts of PR might be at work here. Raul needs to keep stories around him bubbling in a positive way, so this link could be more about keeping the fans onside before we give Big Steve Rowley his old job back.

The only real hope we have are the following three things:

  1. Emery and Monchi know each other (though that means little if you like living in Rome and enjoy the project you’re in)
  2. Monchi lived in London when he was at Sevilla so he could learn the language. When you have ambitions to live in a place, a job in that place can make you do rash things
  3. Arsenal is a HUGE project. I know there are a lot of donuts that think Arsenal is a poverty job because there’s not a £200 billion pot of money at the end of the rainbow, but they’re so fucking wrong. You have literally everything at Arsenal you could want. Especially if your job is the sell the club to talent. We’re in London, there’s upwards of £200m in wages, the Premier League is the greatest test of football, we sell out every week (Italian football has Sunday League attendances outside Juve), we have incredible facilities, and we are a sleeping giant.
    1. The sub-point of this is that Monchi has always had to sell to exist. I’d imagine he’d quite fancy building an empire at some point. We have all the elements needed to take the course Liverpool has. He’d be perfect for enacting that in my opinion.

Anyway, we’ll see. Hopefully, Raul has something interesting lined up outside an internal promotion.

Hector Bellerin is out for the next 9 months. He dropped a picture that looked straight out of an ironic fashion shoot that tried to blend messages of Brexit, the failing NHS and the hopelessness of youth, whilst selling elite high street fashuuuun hungry label for a Gen Z audience.

Get well soon Hector, BIG love from all at Le Grove. You’re star.

The Denis Suarez deal looks to be off. This from Marca:

‘Initially, Barcelona wanted the London club to buy Suarez outright, but Arsenaldidn’t want to commit to a large financial deal. In fact, the Gunners were unwilling to agree to a loan with compulsory purchasing option.’

Really not sad about this one. Here are his numbers from Gambon in the comments.

He averages 3.8 goals per season as an attacking midfielder.

His best ever LaLiga season was 4 goals and 4 assists at Villareal. 4 goals and 4 assists in 33 games.

His best ever season, he averaged 3.7 combined shots, key passes and dribbles. Which is less than Iwobi and Mykhitaryan have ever managed.

Feels a little like the time we went really hard for Chamakh. Why go all out for a player if he is no better than what we have? I’d rather give a kid a chance than pay big money for a name that won’t give us anything extra outside being a friendly body for the manager.

Remember this: Barca are trying to force us to buy him as part of a loan deal. That’s a club with ZERO confidence he’s going to do a good job for us. No doubt they’ll be back with a last minute, ‘guys, we had a think and…’

The Independent are saying that Arsenal will sigh James Rodriguez on loan if we sell Aaron Ramsey for £10m this month to a team who already have him on a free. Their Arsenal reporting strategy is to wait in the bushes, see what others say, then add a layer of imagination over the rumour to drive clicks.

That said, the fact so many outlets keep reporting the rumour has me worried. Not because I don’t dream about peak Rodriguez, more because we’re hiring in Ozil MKII and our manager has zero ability to deal with man-children.

Right, I think that’s as much as I have today, we’ll start talking UNITED tomorrow… I’m in Ohio for the next two days. Chatting plenty of shit about Stan. The locals bloody love that chat.

Have a good one. x


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  1. Dissenter

    Henry shouldn’t have taken that job. It was poisoned.
    It’s almost like they hired him to baby sit while the parent was temporarily away.
    Strange one dat

  2. Receding Hairline

    Many people are mocking Henry and Gary Neville forgetting that Ole Gunner S did relegate Cardiff now he is being talked about like some tactical genius. It may simply be a case of taking the wrong job at the wrong time for Henry and Gary.

  3. PaulG

    Henry doesn’t know jack-shit about management.
    Any fool could see he would fail miserably.
    Good footballer but always too full of himself.
    A shameless cheat and an egomaniac does not a manager make.
    Thanks for the goals but don’t come back.

  4. Marko

    Nothing like actually bing in charge innhw dug out. Arteta can be assistant for the next 5 years under Guardiola. We won’t know his mettle until he actually runs a club.

    No no he’s one of the best young managers in world football until he actually manages a football team.

  5. Leftsidesanch

    I feel so dirty and strange gunning for a Chelsea victory here. This must feel like how Steve does every weekend.

  6. Marc


    No it’s tactical. City spank Chelsea in the final and they have a mini collapse helping us get top 4.

    The rate Spud player’s are going down they could have some serious issues.

  7. gambon

    Looks like were signing Nkunku

    Would much rather sign a 21 year old talent than a nobody like Suarez.

    That said, he basically looks like a better Maitland-Niles.

    Wouldn’t have said that’s what we need right now.

  8. Marko

    That said, he basically looks like a better Maitland-Niles.

    Very unfair that. At least Nkunku knows his best position

  9. Dissenter

    If we sin Nkunku then he will be another one from Emery’s contact list.
    Sell Elneny and use the proceeds to fund this.
    He’s a good young player.

  10. Marc

    Jamie Redknapp explaining that the Poch only wants to bring in top quality if he can’t get it he’d rather use a youth player.

    Nothing to do with the ballooning billion £ debt then?

  11. Marc


    I really think the rumours will start to gain momentum in the next few weeks about the Poch leaving. Could have a huge knock on effect.

  12. Danny

    After watching those 2 crap teams that we’ve both beaten this season, its obvious that we’ll never have a better opportunity than this season for getting 3rd or 4th. 15 games to go but if we continue to play shit against your W.Hams, Brightons, Southamptons then we don’t deserve shit.

  13. Danny

    15 games to go – 2 of those away at Spurs and Man C, one at home to Man U.
    Fuck the FA Cup and the Europa bollocks, and win as many of those 15 as we can.
    The season starts on Tuesday at home to a Cardiff team that wont be arsed.

  14. Valentin

    Nkunku is closer to a Ramsey replacement than Suarez. The thing that is strange is that Emery did not play him that much when he was in charge of PSG. That could have been due to Emery sticking with the star players instead of a youngster.

    The thing if we get him that would mean that AMN has no chance to ever play as a central midfielder for Arsenal. Xhaka,Torreira, Guendouzi, Ramsey/Nkunku, Elneny and maybe even Willock, are ahead of him at his preferred position.
    But then what is his best position? Perfect replacement?

    Anyway getting Nkunku for a couple of millions and letting Ramsey go now for 10~15 millions seems to be the plan.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    It seem like Nkunku has the potential to actually happen.

    Reading some journalists who cover the French league saying Arsenal might be getting a really good signing here and that the youngster is really undervalued.

  16. Marko

    The thing that is strange is that Emery did not play him that much when he was in charge of PSG. That could have been due to Emery sticking with the star players instead of a youngster.

    Blanc may have given him his debut but he played 43 times under Emery compared to the 5 and 16 under Blanc and Tuchel.

  17. Receding Hairline

    Nkunku played for the senior team 27 times in Emery’s two years in Paris ….many sources say he was the one who played him. Saying your brothers family support PSG doesn’t mean we should take everything you say on PSG as gospel.

  18. Champagne charlie

    Can’t say Henry’s stint at Monaco surprises me, was a ruler-by-ego type from the off. That press conference shite that was lapped up as instilling “discipline” just another example.

    Red flags were raised when he chose punditry over being a coach at Arsenal. Then it was a figurehead role with Belgium. All about Thierry.

    Spotted the usual Arteta quips, typically embarrassing input from the same names. No idea why he’s worth a mention.

  19. Marko

    At least he took a chance Charlie. Could have stayed number two at Belgium and taken that phat Sky paycheck. Failed miserably though.

  20. PhD2020

    December 12, 2018 15:31:42
    Henry will get it right at Monaco
    At least he has the balls to actually manage unlike the generation of ex-footballers who are too happy to be pundits.
    DissenterJanuary 24, 2019 21:11:51
    Henry shouldn’t have taken that job. It was poisoned.
    It’s almost like they hired him to baby sit while the parent was temporarily away.
    Strange one dat

    November 6, 2018 19:16:43
    “I have always maintained TH14 as a manager,would bomb.He’s an egocentric.It’s about him and him only.Never warmed to him,cutting his teeth as a manager.
    During his last years at Arsenal,I saw first hand at the Emirates,how he bullied and shouted at the younger players.Was cringeworthy to be honest.

    Whereas PV4 seems to have the patience,has bided his time,cut his teeth and seems to have man management skills,along with other prerequisite qualities one would need to be considered as a noteworthy manager.

    Was just a question of time,before the penny dropped on TH14’s sojourn into the heady world of football management.A great player doesn’t always translate into a great or even a good manager.”

  21. Marko

    To be fair dissenter brought up an excellent point earlier about how all the training sessions in the world can’t really prepare you enough for the actual thing of being the manager of a club. You won’t know how good a person is until they actually do it. But sure we’ll find out eventually about Arteta one way or another. Not us maybe but someone else

  22. Marko

    A great player doesn’t always translate into a great or even a good manager

    Or a great pundit really. Great player loved watching him but boring as fuck if you ask me.

  23. PhD2020

    PhD07April 20, 2018 09:59:06

    I think the job for Vieira has probably come too soon.There’s a lot of crap to shovel out.Unravelling the mess that Arsene has wrought will take time.That said,I guess Vieira,will simply be given the task of coaching the team,tactics,etc,etc.

    Other stuff such as contracts,identifying targets,players to be sold would be dealt with by other staff brought in by Gazidis.

    At this juncture,it would be nice to see him brought in as a No.2 to a more established manager(Allegri as an example).Given he was a leader of men,captain,excellent player and won trophies.He’d be an excellent draw for young players,for potential players and generally passing on his knowledge of Arsenal and what is expected.That’s just my view.

    But I don’t want TH14 anyway near that managerial role.

  24. Marko

    Source close to AS Monaco 1st team: “He gave this haughty impression as if he would not listen to anyone else’s opinion.”

    Sounds about right

  25. Takin the Mhik

    If we sign Nkunku, we’ll havr him, Guendouzi, Maitland-niles, Nketiah, Nelson, Smith-Rowe, Saka, Willock, Bellerin, Holding, Mavraponas, Torreira, Iwobi..

    We’ve genuinely got some top quality prospects on our books. I can’t wait to see them play more.

  26. PhD2020

    MarkoJanuary 25, 2019 00:23:31

    Or a great pundit really. Great player loved watching him but boring as fuck if you ask me.
    I agree.Shame really.An awesome player.One of the best we’ve had at Arsenal,along with Bergkamp and Vieira.But outside of football(playing wise),it’s just all been about the TH14 show.

    PV4 &TH14 are like chalk and cheese.One is more insightful,humble and patient-the other more arrogant, egotistical that plays to the masses.

    Anyway,hope your day/evening is good.

  27. PhD2020

    Guns of SFNovember 6, 2018 20:31:08
    Man I feel for Henry at Monaco. 5 losses in a row and a heavy one today.
    I hope he gets that team to turn things around. Love TH14 but he needs some damn wins like sharpish!
    November 6, 2018 20:46:47

    I don’t feel for the egocentric…He won’t turn it around and he will be found out.
    He will either be ceremoniously dumped/sacked or tender his resignation.As in throw his toys out of the pram and cast blame on external factors.

    He should stick to his faux punditry and maybe being a No 2.
    Possibly training youngsters as to how to strike a ball,positioning, movement etc.Great player,but a narcissist with a predilection for the spotlight.

    He should have taken the Aston Villa job.That would have been a great foundation to build on,to horne and work on the managerial skills needed to become a decent manager.Nope,not him,it’s always about the sentiment,the romantic fairytale story.
    “King TH14..” Always about him.

    Him and PV4 are like chalk and cheese.Cut from different cloths.I have a lot of time for PV4..As a player,as a captain,as an individual trying to learn his stock in trade as a manager

    .Just my opinion.

  28. Bamford10

    Though a midfielder, Nkunku has apparently played a fair amount of right-back and likes a tackle. That doesn’t hurt.

  29. Mick Kartun

    I am on board with Nkuku than Suarez, and with his versatility he can be used as CM, right or left winger, and RB. Still young and would be a great investment.

    Oh, glad the spuds being spuds again, more trophyless time, and hope Poch will be bored and leave Spuds.

  30. gonsterous

    I don’t mind getting in young talents, but they will need time to get better. They will have mistakes in them leading to goals for the oppositions. I don’t mind that but knowing the le grove crowd, don’t think they are the patient type. They demand results straight away. Could do with more young players with the ability of young cesc or RVP, but sadly those are rare.

  31. Dissenter

    Another reason why we need younger players is improve our total market value which is a measurement of the transfer market value of the players in the first team.
    We have too many older players who have little transfer value even though the may still be serviceable. Koscielny, Monreal, Lichsteiner and Sokratis fall into this category.
    Our most highly paid players don’t have transfer values that match their status; Ozil is a big example, there was no tussle for his signature yet we him a big deal.
    # Club Competition
    Market Value
    1 FC Barcelona FC Barcelona Spain LaLiga £1.05bn
    2 Manchester City Manchester City England Premier League £1.01bn
    3 Real Madrid Real Madrid Spain LaLiga £876.42m
    4 Chelsea FC Chelsea FC England Premier League £839.03m
    5 Liverpool FC Liverpool FC England Premier League £833.85m
    6 Paris Saint-Germain Paris Saint-Germain France Ligue 1 £809.69m
    7 Atlético Madrid Atlético Madrid Spain LaLiga £787.50m
    8 Juventus FC Juventus FC Italy Serie A £728.55m
    9 Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur England Premier League £727.65m
    10 Manchester United Manchester United England Premier League £697.50m
    11 Bayern Munich Bayern Munich Germany 1.Bundesliga £678.33m
    12 Arsenal FC Arsenal FC England Premier League £543.15m
    13 Borussia Dortmund Borussia Dortmund Germany 1.Bundesliga £514.40m

    We are £180 million behind Spurs because Harry Kane’s transfer value is about 40% of our entire squad, add Erikssen and it becomes 60% of our entire squad. Two Spuds players can fetch fees to pay for more than half of our entire squad.

    We need to stop looking at club wealth as just commercial revenue because that doesn’t capture everything.

  32. China1

    Dissenter I totally agree with your points but I’d also be wary about trusting those figures as they’re highly speculative

    Like how much is laca worth? People keep saying he’d fetch 50-60m in the current market, but people struggle to name a club that has the money to pay that who would actually be willing to pay it. In that scenario he’s not worth that much *if* no one is willing to pay it

    In reality this would likely make our numbers fall even lower than our projected market value. Bellerin is always talked of as a 40+m player but where are the clubs throwing the cash at us for him? No one appears to have required about him since Barca about 2 years ago.

    All in all it’s not a pretty picture whichever numbers you use

  33. China1

    Agreed gonsterous

    Wenger was slammed to the high heavens for project youth and now people want us to try it again?

    I’m ok with us giving some kids a try if we can’t affkrd to buy in some real players or if they’re that talented. But the same people who want us to go that was seem to be quick to criticize our best current kid MG when he has an off game or makes a mistake

    Unless we get some cesc/rvp beast types like you said, we can’t have it both ways

  34. Dark Hei

    Pott’s legacy is going to be that he is the latter day “Wenger of the Project Youth years”.

    He should get out before he turns into “Wenger of the post-Cesc years”.

  35. Valentin

    Anybody knows the exact number of club and home grown players per club the Premiership and the Europa League require. I thought it was 8 out of 25 for the premiership. We look well short of that number, meaning that some players may have to be left out of the premiership squad list.
    Having lost Wellbeck, Holding, Bellerin, Martinez for the rest of the season and now potentially selling Ramsey, do we still have 8 home grown players for the squad list of the second part of the season?
    On top of my head, the only home grown players currently left are Jenkinson, Iwobi, AMN and a youth goalkeeper. Nkethia, Willock, Smith Rowe, Saka are under 21 and have been with Arsenal more than 2 years so don’t have to be registered on the main list and can be on the U21 list.
    Mavrapanos, Guendouzi are less than 21 but as new arrivals (less than 2 years at the club) must be registered on the main list.
    We may be forced to find an internal solution and/or sell some unwanted/fringe non-home grown players.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal appear to be playing a “long term game” and investing their future in
    youth players.

    That was more or less announced when the club made the appointments of both Sanllehi and Mislintat.

    In the short term the club appear to be recruiting more experienced low budget or loanee players.

    We saw a similar project in the past under Wenger who assumed that the players would stay loyal to club. It did not work then and somehow I don’t
    see it succeeding now.

  37. Un na naai

    We saw a similar project in the past under Wenger who assumed that the players would stay loyal to club. It did not work then and somehow I don’t
    see it succeeding now.


    It didn’t work because we had young men at the peak of their game who were hungry for success, the club failed to add sufficient quality to push us up a level. We need 2-3 quality defensive additions at the time and they just didn’t bother.

    If the manager is backed in the transfer market this time around and supplements the youth with quality additions then it could of course work. It works at other clubs so why not at arsenal? It’s down to the club to keep those players happy.

  38. Un na naai


    Completely agree regarding Henry and paddy v.
    I’d love to see vieira as manager one day. I think he’ll do well. You’re spot on over Henry. Too prone to mood swings and arrogant condemnation. Maybe the Monaco job will teach him some much needed humility but I doubt it. As you say he will more likely project the blame onto anything and anyone but himself.

  39. Un na naai

    Mata did to be a free transfer target

    What did I say??? Said this about 3 months ago. Clever move if you ask me. Focus our money on the wing positions and defence.

  40. TR7

    Two loudmouths pretending to be expert on everything football on TV sacked within 6 months of their respective stints. Back to hackneyed and insipid football commentary on TV, Mr. Henry !

  41. HighburyLegend

    Agree his failure at Monaco could teach Henry a bit of humility, but seriously, the board at Monaco has completely lost their minds, and have absolutely no idea of what they’re doing, paralized by the relegation fear.

  42. westy

    Just reading back through the posts and how PhD is calling Henry egocentric and a narcissist, then re-posting his old posts to show how right he was… hilarious!
    I do agree with you on TH14 vs PV4 though