Arsenal 2 – 0 Chelsea. Diamonds are forever

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Morning all, Alex here filling in for Pedro who’s had his laptop requisitioned as part of the US government shutdown. Thanks a lot Mitch McConnell.

Mr Emery temporarily quietened the haters and losers yesterday with an impressive performance against the Chelsea blues of south London west.

I say Mr Emery’s performance was impressive because, in my unrefined opinion, his tactics were the key ingredient in our victory.

Sitting high up in the north bank gives you a bird’s eye view of the pitch and yesterday it provided the perfect vantage point from which to ogle our lovely 442 diamond.

The formation not only allowed us to start both Aubameyang and Lacazette to good effect, but also meant Emery could realise his fever dream of playing three defensive midfielders in a home game.

This time however, it didn’t lead to insipid sideways passing but a solid defence and effective pressing from the front which created chance after chance for Arsenal.

Admittedly Emery did have a few other things in his favour – the return of Koscielny and Bellerin meant Mustafi and Lichsteiner could be given the really important job of guarding a bee on the bench.

Not having defenders who a) brainlessly dive into tackles like they’re prospecting for gold or b) have no hip joints, meant we did a pretty good job of marshalling Chelsea’s attack.

Emery was also helped by the fact that Chelsea were utter trash. Sarri might have blamed the players’ effort but the reality is playing Hazard as a false nine was about as appetising as a kale and goat hair baguette.

It reminded me of when Wenger hilariously played Arshavin up front for a few weeks in 2009 because he couldn’t be arsed to sign a striker.

Add to that the scintillating mediocrity of Jorginho and Kovacic, and the declining pace of Willian, Chelsea didn’t prove much of a threat. Given the early promise of Sarriball I have to admit I’m surprised the manager hasn’t gotten more out of that team.

In terms of the match, it was a fairly dominant display from Arsenal. We could have been 5 up by half time if not for some good saves by Kepa. We limited most of Chelsea’s attacking play to the flanks in the knowledge that any crosses into the box that were higher than a garden chair weren’t reaching Hazard.

Lacazette’s goal was extremely well taken and showcased what is best about him; close control and lethal finishing.

Why people booed his substitution was bizarre to me – the game was won, it made sense to shore things up and rest a key player.

The reality is also that Laca’s fitness is not great, and never will be. He pressed really well for 70 minutes, but he’s never shown he can keep it up for the full 90.

Koscielny’s goal was also well taken, and showed that its not just Arsenal’s defence that can get bamboozled by a ball over the top.

Right back oh right back
The other notable moment from the game was Bellerin’s injury. It’s obviously devastating for him just as he was coming back into the team. It’s also serious for our season given how much of our attacking play depends on the full backs.

Regardless of my above shade, I like Lichsteiner. I think he made sense as a signing given his experience and his price. He’s also one of the snidest bastards ever to pull on the famous red and white kit so he gets two thumbs up from me. However his age has been painfully exposed in England and he shouldn’t be anywhere near a Premier League starting XI.

Ainsley is a good player but no right back, Jenkinson’s travails are well documented. It may be that we use a combination of these two until the end of the season. But unless Bacary Sagna comes out of retirement and agrees to play for free, whatever solution we come up with will be a downgrade on Bellerin.

On the injury point – this was a serious injury to a player coming back from injury; we now have three players under 30 with long term injuries; the team look fatigued after dominating in the early part of the season.

I really worry Emery has learnt nothing from Wenger’s shoddy approach to fitness. It’s disappointing because, despite his obvious flaws, at the very least he was understood to be au fait with the latest approaches in fitness and conditioning.

It may be that the intensity of the League’s winter schedule took him by surprise but it’s not exactly like he couldn’t see it coming with massive fucking bells on.

On Emery
This is a good result for him, his tactics helped us win the game. However it’s also vindication for those of us who could not understand why he left our two best players out of the team week after week.

Ramsey was great yesterday. He’s already demonstrated that him leaving will not impact the effort he puts in on the pitch. So, as we’re paying him, why not use him and then worry about replacing him in the Summer.

Bellerin’s injury meant Emery was able to avoid the Ozil question yesterday but it will rear its head again soon. My theory is Emery was so burnt by his experience of Neymar at PSG that he has over-corrected with Ozil – trying to demonstrate authority and cutting his nose off to spite his face, rather than accepting the world as it is and making use of an exceptional player that has clear limitations.

Given that we don’t have the resources of Man City or Barcelona, these are the kind of compromises an Arsenal manager is going to have to make. As Ozil is unlikely to leave, my worry now is that Emery has completely banjaxed his already fragile ego.

Clearly he and Ramsey can add something, and we cannot rely on Alex Iwobi alone to supply our strikers for the rest of the season so I hope this game marks a change in approach from Emery, rather than a one off.

Likewise, I also hope the 442 diamond is a formation we deploy with more frequency going forward as opposed to the sawdust we’ve seen from the manager in recent weeks.

However these are issues for another day. What’s important now is that top four may still be within reach. If Emery can achieve that, then he’ll have done what’s expected of him, for this season at least.

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Have a gr8 dayyyy x

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  1. Un na naai

    Sarri might have gotten this or that wrong yesterday, but the notion that he is “clueless” is fucking laughable. He is an excellent manager and Napoli played brilliant football and over-performed under him. The “clueless” people here at the moment are those who are calling this excellent manager “clueless” because he might not have gotten this or that right in one particular match. FFS.

    Not a patch on wenger even in his 08-18 years

  2. Bamford10


    “Ozil could have easily played yesterday as we had three defensive mids in the game. I’d even argue that he would have been more influential than Ramsey.”

    You are fucking clueless, mate. Holy shit.

    Have you ever watched Ozil try to “press”? He’s fucking useless.

    I realize that I’m not being the friendliest person at the moment, but you really should be posting somewhere else. You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

  3. Un na naai

    Emery did well yesterday but the squad has outplayed every rival bar city this season already meaning that they are capable of winning every game they play if emery gets it right.

    The team has proved this so we cannot blame the players any more.

    Emery has proved that he can get his tactics right for certain teams so the bar is set for him now.

    I noticed how marko slipped out of my question like a weasel so I’ll put it to you Bamford

    Were we the better side vs
    Chelsea 3-2
    Liverpool 1-1
    Spurs 4-2
    Man U 2-2
    Chelsea 2-0

  4. TR7


    There was no midweek game before the match against Chelsea and the next game is again a week later. So I don’t see why Laca needed to be saved for the match against United. Besides he is taken off in every single game he plays, suggests it has no correlation with our fixture. Besides, he doesn’t loose his steam after 70 mins like Ozil does, so again fitness is not a concern. And if our scoreline (2-0) gave us the elbow room to take a striker off, then why not PEA who was less influential than Laca ? His antics and tweet from his agency suggests Laca is unhappy with the situation and the blame lies solely on Unai.

  5. Batistuta

    Not like Lacazzete played 90 mins regularly under Wenger….Also wasn’t he on the pitch for 90 mins against West ham and did fuck all…..Really some of you need to take it down a notch with trying to butcher every single move the manager makes, makes you look foolish

  6. Upstate Gooner

    Yes, I thought Wenger no longer had what it takes. There’s more but I’m typing from my phone and it’s too much and I’m too lazy.

    Ozil would have been protected by Torreira, Xhaka, and Guendouzi. Ramsey is all huff and puff, not much of end product. We scored 2 goals. One was a moment of brilliance by Lacazette, another lucky shoulder. Once again, there was very little creativity up front, and Ozil could have been the answer. We were lucky to play against stubborn and clueless, yes clueless, Sarri. Only an idiot or a very stubborn man would get another player to replace the best defensive midfielder in the game. Only an idiot would play one of the best number 10’s and winger in the world in a position that clearly doesn’t suit him. So yes, I’ll continue to say that Chelsea handed the game to us. Were was Emery’s tactical genius against Soton, or West Ham?

  7. Batistuta

    Also, not sure what people would have said had we kept playing with 2 up front and Chelsea equalized or God forbid won from behind. The sensible thing with 20 mins to go will always be to take off one striker and get some extra bodies to the midfield and at the moment, only one is chasing the golden boot and can cover the length of the pitch like Auba does so a fair person can understand the managers change

  8. Upstate Gooner

    Alright, I gotta ask since I figure some of you are Brits. I watched Green Street Hooligans last night. Was it me or the movie sucked ballz?

  9. azed

    “There was no midweek game before the match against Chelsea and the next game is again a week later. So I don’t see why Laca needed to be saved for the match against United. ”

    Chelsea were about to bring on Giroud who’s good in the air so the previous tactic of forcing Chelsea wide was not going to work so Emery needed to put on wide players to stop the crosses from coming in.

  10. TR7


    ‘Not like Lacazzete played 90 mins regularly under Wenger….Also wasn’t he on the pitch for 90 mins against West ham and did fuck all…..’

    Wenger was not renowned for astute substitutions ,was he ? He always played his favorites irrespective of form, Emery showing similar traits with predictable substitution of Laca . Fine if he was taken off in West Ham game as he was ineffective but why yesterday and for that matter in every game ? I guess it makes Emery look foolish than those who criticize his decision.

  11. Upstate Gooner

    Chelsea were about to bring on Giroud who’s good in the air so the previous tactic of forcing Chelsea wide was not going to work so Emery needed to put on wide players to stop the crosses from coming in.

    Not very often but I completely agree with you there.

  12. Bamford10

    Un Na

    One, can you explain how you’ve determined that Wenger 08-18 is better than Sarri? I would love to hear this.

    Two, we were better than Chelsea, and we were better than Spurs on those particular days. So what? You have this incredibly simplistic view of things according to which if you manage to beat or draw this or that team on one day, you should be level with or above them in the table. It’s a lot more complicated than that.

    Liverpool are way better than we are, mate. That’s why they knocked City out of the CL last season, that’s why they’re four points ahead of City at the moment, and that’s why they’re 16 points ahead of us. We are not their equals. That we managed to draw with them 1-1 at home does not mean what you think it does. Nor is the gap between us and them on Unai Emery.

    Might we have a few more points if Emery had made different decisions here or there? Sure. Without looking at the details, I think I could see us with 48 or 49 points right now and maybe in 4th place (had he made different decisions here or there).

    However, all of the current top four teams have better squads than we do, as does United.

    Emery may not be getting everything right, but your contention that we’re just as good as everyone save City and (implicitly) that Emery should therefore have us in 2nd or 3rd place is ridiculous.

  13. azed

    I have been saying for over a week that Emery is doomed irrespective of what happens on the pitch, the likes of Pierre, Pedro, Upstate and co would find a way to blame Emery.

    Last week against Westham, Bellerin and Torriera started from the bench and Emery was lambasted for not starting Bellerin. Now Bellerin is injured, the narrative has changed to why didn’t he take Bellerin out before he (Bellerin) just came back from injury.

    Upstate is saying the win was because Mustafi and Iwobi were dropped, but he hasn’t said who Emery should have played when Koscielny was injured.

    The same guy is saying Ozil could have done better than Ramsey (lol) because we had 3 other midfielders on the pitch forgetting that Ramsey’s job was to stop Jorginho from dictating play while the other midfielders had other assignments.

  14. Bamford10


    Sorry, but I don’t buy any of that. One, if Lacazette is the more “influential” of the two, then this is all the more reason to take him off when we’re up 2-0, in order to save his legs for Friday.

    Two, Lacazette had a groin issue in November that kept him out of national team play. Maybe Emery is thinking he needs to be more careful with Lacazette than with Auba.

    Three, Lacazette’s agency can fuck off. If I am going to trust the judgment of one of two parties here — Unai Emery or some agent — I’m going with Emery.

  15. Marko

    Us going for a third or fourth at the expense of defending a 2-0 lead is the kind of thing that he’d get criticized for. You can’t have it both ways

  16. azed

    The following players have suffered an injury this season
    Petr Cech

    That’s 13 players out of a 25 man Squad which means the coach would have had to have adjusted his team and formation a few times because of this injuries but the Emery out crew don’t care because whatever Emery does is wrong.

  17. Upstate Gooner

    So did Puel with Leicester, azed, and he’s about to lose his job. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

  18. Marko

    Not like Lacazzete played 90 mins regularly under Wenger….Also wasn’t he on the pitch for 90 mins against West ham and did fuck all

    All very true. I personally would rather get the hump as a fan with the attitude of the player who has a problem with being substituted than the manager doing the substitution. I like Lacazette and the certain things that he does for the team but he’s not indispensable and he’s not playing like a player who you’d never think of subbing. He scored 16 all comps last season and has 10 goals this. That to me suggests that he’s not playing as well as certain people would have you believe. Got no doubt if he was going for the golden boot like Aubameyang he’d be starting and finishing games more.

  19. Redtruth

    Emery’s no tactic game plan against Southampton and Liverpool was a deliberate and necessary ploy to finally settle the argument amongst players that Emery tactics trumps Wenger’s laissez faire approach to football all day long.

  20. Marko

    Clutch kick. Can I just say Aaron Donald is the biggest man I have ever seen. Holy shit the size of his arms and his neck muscles are the stuff of nightmares

  21. Mark S

    The two teams I support the most are the Minnesota Vikings and Arsenal. I’m a Vikings season ticket holder. Did the Saints getted screwed on that pass interference call today? Yes, I cannot disagree about that…however the Vikings were robbed in 2010. I hate the damn Saints as much as I hate Spurs.

    I’m waiting for Pedro’s post tomorrow…it’ll be a Rams lovefest and he’ll mention how it was great that we won 2-0 against Chelsea over the weekend…however Arteta would’ve won 5-3 and it would have been better.

  22. Kay

    Yeah. So our squad is the 2nd best in EPL.
    Its all Emery s fault that we are 5th or 6th.

    Lets keep Mustafi, Ozil, Xhaka, Mikki, Elneny et al. Why sell them superb players?!?!

  23. Ben

    Is Laca even an elite forward for his agent to be making noise behind the scenes? He just doesn’t score enough for me. Typical 1 goal in 2 matches striker. Even for Lyon his NPG was roughly 1 in 2, this season he’s predominantly played upfront and Auba wide but he’s averaging 181 mins/goal hardly world class.
    The much maligned Giroud in comparison has an average 163 min/goal in his premier league career.
    He’d be a prime candidate to sell and reinvestment in a wide forward but I doubt they’d be serious takers after Atletico going for Morata.

    This must be first squad in all my time of watching Arsenal that we don’t have a truly indispensable player in the team ala Cesc,RVP,Alexis,Kos etc. At a stretch maybe Bellerin because of the embarrassing backups.

  24. Mark S

    The Rams/Arsenal comparisons are tough. You have to give the Rams/Kroenke credit for hiring McVay. He’s definitely an innovative coach, and his persona fits the LA Market. As has been mentioned numerous times, the NFL wants balance. They do this by allowing the team with the worst record to be able to draft the #1 overall pick in the following draft. Each team plays 6 games a year against teams in their division. The Rams rise has coincided with the demise of the 49ers, Cardinals, and to some extent the Seahawks. (The Seahawks did make the Playoffs this year, however they’re “down” from previous years. The Cardinals and 49ers had two of the worst records.) The team that finishes first in their division then plays the teams that finished first in their division the previous year. If you finish second you play the corresponding teams that finished in second….third plays third…fourth plays fourth. You play another 3 games against a division in your conference, and another 4 against one division from the other conference. There are two conferences, the AFC and NFC. What I’m getting at is…what if I told you Wolverhampton got the best youth product from England (Sancho for example)…then for the league they got to play Palace, Huddersfield, and Man United twice. Only had to play Arsenal, Spurs, and Eveton, and they didn’t have to play Liverpool or City at all. Do you think they might have a chance?

    Again, I think we can take something from what the Rams have done…however it isn’t a like for like comparison in all departments.

  25. Wolfgang

    I had not expected the gunners to win . Adraw would have been satisfactory.
    The defence put in a good show and now I feel more confident when facing MC .
    The problem is generally the ref.The latter aint strong enough in the Fulham game.
    First thing first. The FA tie against MU gives us a chance to assess the defence
    facing a more potent attack than Chelsea.
    Expect the Norwegina to rely on his goalie. All winning runs have to end
    unless you play in Spain or Germany where the big teams can go undefeated for100matches thanks to the ref.

  26. Upstate Gooner

    Mark S
    You’re a little late to the party. EPL vs NFL was discussed here in detail a few days ago. In my personal opinion, you can’t really compare the two. I posted a pretty lengthy post as to why. Bills and Arsenal fan here. So yeah, you can probably figure out who I’m rooting for right now.

  27. Mark S

    Upstate-Sorry, I read Le Grove daily, however I don’t always read the comments. I see DM get his Tr4phy, and then I check out. As a NFL and EPL fan, I just wanted to make sure that people are informed.

    And in response to your football team, nobody…and I mean nobody…circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. #billsmafia

    I feel like you guys are our brothers from another mother as a Vikings fan. We’ve both lived a tortured existence, and for that I respect you.

  28. Nelson

    I am from Montreal. Marv Levy was our coach before he became coach of the Bill. I followed the Bill while they lost the Superbowl 4 times straight.

  29. Upstate Gooner

    I’ve been reading LeGrove for 5+ years but only recently started posting, like a few weeks ago. I’m one of the outcasts here since I think Emery is a fraud, and I happen to be an Ozil fan. But it’s fun. Helps time to go by faster at work when I’m not very busy.

  30. Upstate Gooner


    Love, love, love Montreal. It’s about a 5 hour drive for me from Rochester, NY. Want to get a house there but wifey is not thrilled about the idea.

    I came to US in 1991, and immediately started following the Bills, local team, of course. Some great, as well as some painful memories.

  31. Mark S

    Upstate-I used to live in the other Rochester aka Rochester, MN. Now I live in Minneapolis/St Paul with my family. Been following Le Grove for about 5+ years myself. Always love talking to Bills fans. You guys killed us this year at our place. Couldn’t believe it then…still can’t believe it now. I was flying out of MSP the Monday after the game, and I had a good talk with fellow members of your Bills Mafia. I congratulated them on beating us, and we wished each other well for the rest of the season. Neither one of us did a dam thing this year though. There’s a real camaraderie between people that have to put up with brutally cold weather, lots of snow, and crappy teams.

  32. Upstate Gooner

    Mark S
    I had zero expectations last year for my team but I did predict that Vikings will be in the Super Bowl. Boy, was I wrong. Maybe I jinxed you. ☺

  33. Mark S

    This year was a weird year. It appeared that we were primed for a run to the Super Bowl, however…it’s the Vikings…we always find a way to screw it up.

  34. Manny

    There is a reason Ozil was left out. There’s no way he could’ve done the job on Jorginho that Ramsey did, we saw that in the reverse fixture. Ozil saw what he will need to do to be involved in the big games its up to him to show Emery he can do it he’s not being frozen out for no reason. The game itself was a dominant display I enjoyed watching us bully Chelsea and make it tough for them but its been marred by that Bellerin injury he really has stepped up this season I hope he comes back even stronger

  35. bennydevito

    Emery’s a fraud now? Wow, I really have heard it all.

    Do tell how exactly Emery’s a fraud?

    Is Emery not his real name?

    Has he been caught masquerading as someone else?

    Was it not him who masterminded 3 Europa cup victories on the spin?

    Has he been caught lying on his CV?

    Has he deliberately not filled in his tax return correctly withholding all of his earnings?

    Not paid his TV licence?

    Does he have a fake passport?

    Or does he secretly eat meat when nobody’s looking whilst claiming to be a vegan?

    Please enlighten us.

  36. Frank C


    Your post infers that Emery is the problem with Arsenal and you also seem to infer that this squad was a top 4 team. Not sure how you could think that. The talent is not there and Emery either refuses to play the youth because he doesn’t believe in or see the talent or management is pressuring him for results now.

    Far too many players in this group are not salvageable.

    A reset is in order.

    By the way, if Emery did play Arsenal’s “Jorginho” yesterday what type of impact do you think he would have made?

  37. Pedro

    You can compare EPL to NFL.

    You don’t get to the Super Bowl in such a short space of time without a good strategy and a guiding philosophy.

    Sure, it’s not all an exact match, but we’d have a better chance at success with a Rams strategy than whatever the fuck Raul is cooking up with Emery.

  38. Pedro

    Frank C, we’re battling for top 4 playing less big games than Spurs with a £200m wage bill. We beat both Spurs and CFC. We are more than capable of a top 4.

  39. bennydevito

    Pedro’s absolutely right.

    Before the announcement of Emery was made, over the summer I did come on here and say that I think we will surprise a lot of people and do much better than a lot of people were predicting (around 6th) as I felt our squad was better than where we finished as it was Wenger making us look worse than we actually are.

    As performances against the 5 other big teams have shown, bar the 5 – 1 mauling at Anfield my assertations have been pretty good, and I would suggest that our poorer performances have been a combination of bad habits leftover from Wenger, a lack of effort and motivation from the players as well as injuries, and poor team selection from Emery.

    On reflection at the halfway point of the season so far, if we do finish below where we finished last season I will accept that calls for Emery to be replaced are actually pretty fair.

  40. bennydevito

    I would caveat that by saying I’m not expecting us to get top 4 but I think we’re capable of challenging for it. I expected City,Liverpool and Spurs to finish above us, and expected us to finish above a self destructive Mourinho Utd, and possibly an unknown entity of a Sarri Chelsea, but luck, injuries and good management/ tactics/team selection would provide the variables.

  41. Guns of sf

    I heard stan after the LA Rams won today and I will tell you this guy is an Autre the phone who has no business owning arsenal football club.

    Not only does he look like a zombie but speaks like one too

    Good for those rams beat the trump loving patriots

  42. Guns of sf

    I hate the New England Patriots so much they remind me of Trump and cheaters and I hope the LA Rams beat the shit out of them I feel bad for The chiefs

    Overtime in the nfl is a joke when the other team doesn’t even get the ball. Rule changes are needed

  43. Guns of SF

    Damn autocorrect on the iphone

    I wanted to say that after the LA Rams won the NFC title, Stan was interviewed and what an utter buffoon. Looks like a zombie, speaks like a dimwit
    They dont call him silent Stan for nothing. This man is an imbecile

    I do hope the Rams beat the cheaters… California Vs Trump battle

  44. Receding Hairline

    Pedro I wonder why you haven’t asked anyone else to go post elsewhere…. I mean lots of posters have commented on other posters but I haven’t seen you call them boring. I repeat get off my back and focus on your Emery bashing agenda

  45. Guns of SF

    That kid Mahones is something else.

    Loved the camera shots of him just chilling on the sidelines by himself.
    Versus Brady getting implicit directions from whomever coordinator.

    Mahones, if he can keep it together will be surpass Brady and Manning etc in about 10 years.

    Kid stood in the pocket til the last second and took some wicked shots towards the end of the game.
    A real baller that kid

  46. Ben D

    Looks like Emery can’t win with Pedro and his band. Ozil was benched and we beat a Chelsea team coached by Sarri who were being touted as potential title contenders earlier this season, whilst everyone was emphatic we will be nowhere near the top 4. The conclusion is: it justifies the call we’ve been making that he should play both Ozil and Ramsey!!

    Now we are in Jan and a couple of points off the top 4 and you say if we finish 4th, Emery would have achieved what is expected of him. Are you effing serious? One word: JOKE

  47. Leftsidesanch

    Some of you when typing about Arsenal should please stop referring as “we”.

    If your own little weird agenda comes before the team, the club..then your not really a fan.

    Its amazing how the usual suspects have finished. Imagine if we don’t get a result on Friday the same will be here spouting the usual nonsense. I don’t care if you love Emery or hate him, you should be pleased whenever we beat a rival such as Chelsea.

  48. Un na naai


    He’s either off thinking up new lies for the Le grove faithful or there’s been a spike in cats up trees.

  49. Dark Hei

    Ben D

    I think Alex makes a good point.

    If Emery does well enough for us to win the coveted 4th place trophy, it will buy him time. But that is only an illusion.

    Because come summer, his transfer kitty is still knee-capped by an immovable Mik and Ozil.

    These are facts. There is no way you can move Ozil or Mik short of burning your own transfer funds by paying them off. And that is as good as not having a transfer window in the first place.

    You have to deal with the reality here; blaming the Ozi/Mik situation on Ivan, Wenger, Sven or Raul is not going to make the problem go away.

    Emery will have to adjust and play Ozil and Mik back into the market. That way he can build his transfer kitty.

  50. Un na naai

    Bamford10January 20, 2019 22:36:32
    Un Na

    One, can you explain how you’ve determined that Wenger 08-18 is better than Sarri? I would love to hear this.
    Two, we were better than Chelsea, and we were better than Spurs on those particular days. So what? You have this incredibly simplistic view of things according to which if you manage to beat or draw this or that team on one day, you should be level with or above them in the table. It’s a lot more complicated than that.


    It’s NOT JUST this game or that game or that game though is it? You’re trying to downplay our performance levels against our rivals to suit your narrative. We have outplayed our rivals in 5/7 contests. Which would imply to me that
    1. Emery takes those games seriously
    2. He can get it right tactically
    3. When he does that our squad of players is capable of matching our rivals.

    It’s not just the two wins but the loss to Chelsea and the draws with United and Liverpool. They were games where we outplayed our opponents and should have won those games. We dominated and had the lions share of clear goal scoring opportunities.

    Why is wenger better in 08-18 than Sarri
    Beacuse wenger created beautiful teams that consistently beat the big sides while falling just short of greatness on few occasions

    08-11 being notable. Sarri is pretty much wenger post chelsea fa cup final.
    I predict now that we will battle united for fourth while Chelsea will slip down to 6th

    Look at the money he’s spent and the money spent before him. He’s had 2 too strikers but he pulls hazard out of his natural and most dangerous position and nullifies him
    He takes the best defensive midfielder in the world and sticks him in the right to accommodate his pet project, the mostly ineffective Jorginho. It’s blunder after blunder there.
    Then his arrogance in blaming the players for his problems. That Chelsea team has fight. It’s littered with title winners and a couple of World Cup winning starters for France. If he can’t get it right then that’s on him. Conte managed it immediately. As did Mourinho when he came in. All new chelsea managers are backed financially to implement their vision and recently that means they hit the ground runnng. Sarri is taking Chelsea backwards through stubbornness. He still thinks he’s in serie a where Jorginho has time on the ball.
    This is the premier league. Nobody respects you here enough to let you just sit and dictate. You have to create your own space. Say what you want about xakha but for a pounderous bla bla bla he manages make enough space for himself to pop the ball around.

    He was highly impressive Saturday

  51. Un na naai


    Yes wenger failed to address three crucial positions in those years gk cb and dmf. No doubt. He also failed to install proper leadership but some of those sides were a thing of beauty and beat milan Barcelona Bayern chelsea untied Liverpool City Dortmund and spurs

    He gave us players like rvp, Sanchez, cesc, hleb, Wilshere, nasri who lit up the league with their football on a shoestring budget whilst paying for the stadium. Up agaisnt cash flush rivals.
    Maybe a director of football should have been installed back then to take the signing of players and use of funds away from wenger for defensive players as if he’d have been given those players and told to work with them we may of fared better but ultimately that’s his failing. You out Sarri under the same financial constraints and he’d bomb even worse than he is now with money to burn and a team of champions

  52. Major_Jeneral

    Good win yesterday. It has been a while here. I have been adapting to a new environment and lang as I came for a business Msc degree in Europe. Quite cold here.