Operation Recalibrate

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There’s been a lot of misery here the past few days, so I thought today I’d carry on the good work of the Le Grove comments section in figuring out where we can shake money from as we look to recalibrate for the future.

Firstly, let’s look at the players out of contract.

  • Rambo £100k
  • Monreal £70k
  • Cech £120k
  • Welbz £100k

Those aren’t tears in my eyes, I swear to god I’m gonna hold it together.

£390k a week

Zero fee sadly. £60m down the drain there.

Then move onto where the players are that we’d very much like to sell in the summer.

  • Mikhi £170k (£8m)
  • Lacazette £170k (£60m)
  • Elneny £60k (£15m)
  • Koscielny £100k (£2m)
  • Chambers £40k (£10m)
  • Mustafi £90k (£25m)
  • Mesut Ozil £350k per week (£0m)

£980k per week | £120m fees

I very much have my doubts we’ll hold onto Mustafi past this season, he’s at a prime age and has attracted Inter Milan in the past. Elneny is being chased by Leicester, a solid player with a great attitude. Koscielny is too old and might want to chase a 3 year deal back home, as he’s mentioned in the past. Mikhi is attracting admiring glances from Italy, it’s certainly not working out here. Chambers isn’t at the level needed at Arsenal and he’s a young Englishman.

Lacazette might upset some people, but you can’t have a £170k a week striker on the bench. He’s very exciting, he’s a brilliant player, but we need to raise funds and a goalscorer like that would be hot property.

Then there’s Mesut Ozil, who is a very big problem. The club is leaking that it’d like to move him on this Jan, just like I’m leaking to the marketing press I’d like to earn $500m a year. The reality is no one wanted him when he was on £140k a week with 3 months left on his deal, for some reason, he’s not hot these days. We’re either going to have to let him leave for nothing or come to a deal on contract termination if he digs his boots in. I was told last night that Turkey has a 15% tax on footballers, could be a good move.

I’d add in Granit Xhaka who could fetch a handsome fee. He’s no good for the Premier League because of the power and pace, but he’d be brilliant at any other European club. Could fetch £50m on open market.

Anyway, excluding him:

Potential Sales: £1.37m wages pw (£71m pa) | £120m fees

That’s a lot of money to shake off of the wage bill, and it’s a helluva lot of players to recruit inbound. But something drastic needs to happen, we have to reallign the wage bill this summer because poverty never helped anyone progress.

The issue driving of the claim is us ducking out of the Champions League at a cost of £40m a season. We’ve made £30m extra with the new Adidas deal on the table. £12m extra from The Emirates deal. £4m extra for the club level extension. There’s a new TV deal brewing. I mean, the more you look at it, the more it becomes clear that Stan will take absolutely no risk on us whatsoever. Arsenal could bet on the future and carry debt, odd that we’d be so cautious unless the exec team wanted to wait and see how well Emery performs before they throw money at his so far unclear ideas.

I’d hope that a wage recalibration will be set up so that the club generates a cash surplus each season so we could invest in players. The ultimate goal is to find names that can be sold for £100m+. That’d allow us to rock a Liverpool like jump, adding experience and truly high caliber players as we reach for the next level.

In the short term, we’ll have to promote our young players, which will come with a cost if they sign new deals. It’ll mean that we make more Torreira like bets, which means good wages not explosive ones. It’ll also give us space to bring in top talent, offering them a platform to grow their careers.

I read an interesting comment yesterday, someone said they saw the battle at the top of the club being between Emery, who wants experienced players… and Sven, who wants to bring in players like MG. I think the balance of power has to shift towards Sven. Arsenal shouldn’t be investing big money in Denis Suarez and Ever Banega. We need to find players high ceilings. I think it’s highly unlikely we’re going to win our place in the top 4 with so-so expensive journeyman. I mean, Bayern are snapping up Odoi, and Madrid bought Brahim from City (kids). We simply can’t afford to waste money on dross. The idea that we’re toying with Carrasco, a player of questionable commitment, as we struggle to come up with any ideas to motivate Mesut Ozil is baffling.

Go for Sarr or Pepe. Players who have it all to prove. Not a 24-year-old hack who binned of Atleti for China.

There’s a lot of talk about Arsenal being broke. That’s clearly not true, but it does look like Stan K has a real risk aversion with Arsenal and is not prepared to run an overdraft.

I also think we need to stop saying that the only way to solve our problems is throwing money at Emery. We hired a coach, let’s get him coaching his way out of this. Work out a way of defending better. Use the chess pieces more intelligently. Get the maximum out of the team you have.

Anyway, it looks like this summer is going to be one of the most dramatic on record. Clear the decks of dross, free up the wage bill, bring some fee through the door, and inject the club with a big hit of excitement. Follow the path of Sven, hopefully we’ll make future proof bets, regardless of what we do with the manager.

Right, now you’re damper than a swingers party mattress, tune into a quick hit of podcast with Matt and myself.

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  1. ArsenalDK

    Hasn’t Monreal extended his contract for another year, or am I mistaken? I doubt anyone would pay 60m for Lacazette. 40m perhaps..

  2. gambon

    “where would Laca even go?”

    West Ham
    AC Milan

  3. David Smith

    The more I think about it, the more I can see Emery walking if he gets a chance with say a Spanish club this summer. Especially if he loses the suggested power battle with Sven, and let’s face it, only one winner there.
    Emerys rep is a little damaged already, he cannot afford more damage, the type he will get if he hangs around in this set up.
    Kroenke really needs to pull his finger out with this club at least, not asking for him to fund this club in the way of Chelsea or city, or other clubs springing up in this league, but this jan situation is a joke. If it’s about FFP, find a way round it like everyone else. I am not sure I would trust the club under his watch to replace all the players this article recommends we lose, especially the likes of Lacazette. Also, emery might want experienced players for a reason, does he have a real track record with youngsters, is that his thing? Not saying I know, just posing the question.
    Kroenke might be risk averse now, but he took huge and unwarranted risks in letting the likes of Wenger and Gazidis run the show despite the evidence all was going to shit, there must be a happy medium. Really hope we find it this summer, this new proposed model could work, but it will need a lot more care and attention than this club has been given for some time.

  4. Leftsidesanch

    I could see perhaps a Napoli, Roma, but I wouldn’t want to sell him to any of those English clubs named. Squad wise we’re more on par with Everton and West Ham than Chelsea and United so you don’t want to give them an edge with a very good striker. Sell him abroad if anything.

  5. Freddie Ljungberg

    At least Spurs will find it hard for the next month or so with Son at the Asia cup and Kane injured and probably missing for the next 4 weeks minimum.

    Not that we’re in any place to compete with them atm.

  6. Receding Hairline

    I also think we need to stop saying that the only way to solve our problems is throwing money at Emery. We hired a coach, let’s get him coaching his way out of this. Work out a way of defending better. Use the chess pieces more intelligently. Get the maximum out of the team you have.

    Well special sauce Pep threw money at it and i didn’t hear you complain ..the ones who went the coaching route required more than six months to do so too.

  7. Leftsidesanch

    Theres only 7 points that seperate Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal and United if you want to look at things glass half full.

    On the half empty side the momentum is certainly with United and against us. Chelsea are managing to churn out results without looking remarkable whilst Spurs have some absentees in their front line but are still in the best position out of the four.

  8. Chode

    Just listened to the pod.

    Our next 4 games are massive and honestly I only see a win against cardiff and even that im not sure about.

    Chelsea – draw at best. 2-2
    Utd – draw at best. Probable loss though with their recent momentum. 1-2
    Cardiff – scrape a win. 2-1
    City – we will get roatsed.

    Happy days……………………ffs

  9. Freddie Ljungberg


    Unless that special sauce is some undetectable steroids that makes our players faster stronger, better at dribbling and passing then it’s not going to be much use.

    All the organization in the world doesn’t help when your fullbacks has to push forward every attack because we have no other way to get the ball to our strikers and we have the fucking chuckles brothers Mustafi and Xhaka dropping clangers in the middle every game. Not to mention Kos and Monreal just doesn’t have the legs anymore.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    I do see Arsenal shifting out of the club between 8-10 players in the next two transfer windows, but not necessarily the ones that you and other agitate for.

    Here are the ones that I expect to leave:
    Cech [unless he takes a huge pay cut and accepts that he is second string]
    Lichsteiner [he is on one year contract at £90K pw]
    Ramsey [already on way out]
    Welbeck [in final year of contract with one no extension proposed]
    Ospina [will leave if Napoli exercise option as anticipated]

    Now we need to find another 3-5 players to offload.
    Monreal has apparently signed a year option, which Arsenal exercised.
    Chambers is on loan and clearly surplus to requirements.Modest transfer fee.
    Elneny surplus to requirements with virtually no playing time. Modest fee
    Koscielny in penultimate year of contract. No longer EPL standard. Free Transfer in view of age.
    Jenkinson also in penultimate year of contract. Should be released on free.

    Another player who will probably leave albeit for a minimal transfer fee is
    Martinez. He has been a long time at club.

    Somehow I do not think that Arsenal will offload Mustafi and Xhaka despite
    many opinions expressed. Xhaka has renewed his contract and I don’t see
    Arsenal shifting out of club more than 2 centre backs in one transfer window.

    Now we have to discuss the perennial topic of Ozil. Despite all the forecasts
    and opinions that he has to leave I think that it is easier said than done.

    Arsenal would in my view need to take a massive hit to offload him. At the moment he is unsaleable.

    Let’s get real no major club in Europe is interested in taking Ozil off our books
    even if you offer to give him away for free. Bayern’s president has already expressed negative opinions and I doubt Ozil would want to go to Germany.
    Real Madrid shifted him out of club and Barcelona are not going to bring in
    a 30+ year old.

    So we are down to Italy, Turkey and China. Ozil has made it clear that he would
    not move to China. Turkey cannot afford his wages and somehow I don’t see
    the two Milan Clubs investing £17 million pa in his wages and offering him a
    2.5 year contract.

    In other words Arsenal will probably have to take a massive hit by offering
    Ozil compensation to leave the club. Somehow I don’t see Kroenke being
    prepared to do this with yet another player following departures of Sanchez,
    Wilshire and Ramsey.

    Moving onto acquisitions I agree with you that I do not think that Arsenal plan
    to keep on bringing in 30 year+ players onto books. The club needs to be reenergised with a new generation of players and I am sure that the club will
    want to recruit players with a potential resale value at end of contracts.

    Leaving aside Chambers and Ospina who are currently out on loan the club
    will need to replace between 6-8 in first team squad. My guess is that the club will decide to recruit perhaps 4-6 players from outside the club and perhaps
    2-3 players will be promoted from U23 squad.

    Based on my forecasts I don’t see the offloads generating more than £25 million in transfer fees unless Ramsey leaves this month. If I factor in a net
    spend of £110 Million [Addidas, Emirates and Rwanda Sponsorship] the club
    might have a total budget this summer of £135 million being optimistic.

  11. Champagne charlie

    “Well special sauce Pep threw money at it and i didn’t hear you complain ..the ones who went the coaching route required more than six months to do so too.“

    Cringeworthy comparison.

    Pep gave us arguably the best side in history with Barca, he broke domestic records galore at Bayern, and in his first season at City it was clear as day what direction they were headed – through coaching what was there.

    Every manager is due players that suit his style, but if that style and substance is sorely lacking then you question the manager. Especially when the questions can’t be answered sensibly and instead are treated as an invitation to remark about other POV to deflect ie Arteta.

  12. Jamie

    Good post, ES.

    We also need to shift Mkhi to anyone who will take him for a few million.

    I’m in favour of burning half the squad and starting again. A few lit kids in the summer would make things much more interesting. Project Youth 2.0.

  13. Receding Hairline

    At least i wasn’t the first person to mention Arteta today so there goes that argument out the window

    Nor is anyone comparing coaches ..Pep has spent over 500m pounds since arriving at City, if he can simply coach the players he met to implement his clear as night and day philosophy i doubt he would have chosen to spend that much.

    I have zero interest in entering into any kind of discussion with you so do not consider me rude if i do not respond to you going forward. You are a hypocrite

  14. Freddie Ljungberg


    The guy that was 100% responsible for throwing together this shamble of a squad with no player suited for their position bar 2 or 3? No.

    I’m not anti-coaching by any means, just feel that some people here tend to view managers like they’re gods, harping on about wins vs other managers not taking into account which teams they manage.

    Expecting them to eradicate mistakes in 30 year old players and pretend that they can micro manage every moment on the pitch like they’re playing playstation.
    If the basic ingredients are not there it doesn’t matter if you have “special sauce” or not it’s still going to be crap.

  15. SHoaib

    You forget one name .. probably sell Auba too i guess he’z on around 200K a week and let iwobi do the goal scoring for the next 3 years , plus we could also pray that nketiah turns out to be a harry kane and reiss nelson on his comeback to england turns out to be mbappe,
    The model you’re proposing weve already had it, remember we were famous as a selling club and a feeding club to everyone offering players who were at the peak of their careers?
    This article baffles me really and i totally disagree with a massive clearout.
    Only thing agreeable is :
    Cech,welbeck, koscielny , monreal on the way out

  16. Receding Hairline

    Emery’s Valencia and Sevilla teams carried the hall marks of his own philosophy, so also his Almeira teams. He favors a high press approach, further up the field, cutting off his opponents passing options and forcing turnovers. I have watched his team enough times even when i had zero interest in him as a manager his teams still impressed me. I have also followed his struggles as a manager, i watched most of their games the season Sevilla didn’t win a single away game under him in La liga.

    He has his flaws like every manager in World football, Pep’s disciples do not like to hear it but he failed at Bayern, he wasn’t recruited to win the Bundesliga, he was recruited to win the Champions league, He spent a 180 million adding to an already formidable squad, First champions league campaign ended with a 5-0 aggregate defeat against Real, He played Barca in the second season and lost 3-0 without a shot on target all game, third season he was also dumped out by Athletico in the champions league, bottom line is he had a task to do there and he failed to do it. People have dressed it up that he introduced groundbreaking tactics at Bayern and that they would be better for it but we all know that’s just polite talk, Bayern are struggling now

    So bottom line is Unai Emery may end up being the wrong choice, he may end up struggling and failing to push us on. But arriving at that conclusion after six months and backing that u by denying all the good things we all saw with our eyes in the early days of the season.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Some rumours Arsenal are offering Ozil to some clubs to try and get one to bite. Would be great if we get rid of him. This might be a smart month to do it, clubs are half way through the season they might have injury problems, be chasing UCL qualification or something and if they can sign Ozil for £10 Million they might think in the heat of the season that he can help them. He’s their problem then.

    Looks like Elneny might be out the door as well.

    It could be an effort to give us some room to make moves this month.

  18. Jamie

    Fair play to Cech. Terrific professional, stellar career. He’ll be respected at the Emirates and Stamford bridge for the rest of his life.

  19. Bergkamp63


    I agree, people seem to overlook the scale of the problem he has been left with, they seem to think to adding a handful of players with an average spend of less than 15m each is somehow going to fix it.

    Unless you are a fantasist, this will take another 2 years minimum at best.

  20. gambon

    Lol, Guardiola gets 100 points and 100 goals and we are expected to believe he doesnt know how to coach players.

    Some people on here are severely lacking in intelligence.

    Wenger had the best XI players in PL history in 2004, only one good competitor, and managed 90 points and about 75 goals.

  21. gambon


    I would expect with a pre-season, £70m, and 6 months that Emery would at least have a system, or process in place.

    I would expect to have at least seen some improvement.

    We’ve seen none. We’ve actually regressed.

  22. Receding Hairline


    All i hear here is no one can see his philosophy, no one can see what he is trying to do.

    Yet when someone explains his footballing philosophy, like Paulinho has done countless times on here, they simply ignore the posts and counter again with what is he trying to do.

    Suddenly every other manager deserves a good transfer budget to build his team with the exception of Unai Emery. They say he spent 70m and we are worse off, ignoring the fact that most of those players bought have been some of our better performers this season. The lazy error prone players assembled before he got here have been the ones weighing us done with error after error each game.

  23. gambon

    Cech has been a great GK, the best in PL history IMO, but never really showed up at Arsenal.

    Will be good to get the £100k pw off the wage bill.

    Wonder if theres a coaching job for him. Got a feeling he will make a world class coach, and ive heard Sal Bibbo is terrible.

  24. Bergkamp63


    We all saw improvement in the 20+ games unbeaten, the potential is there but the players are not, would we be any higher or lower under Wenger ?

    Would Wenger be hooking Xhaka, Mustafi or Ozil off the pitch because he thinks their crap ? Emery at least knows who the players are that he doesn’t fancy, the problem is you can sub 3 players in a game not 8 or 9.

    We have a big problem getting rid of so many players who shouldn’t be there and are on twice what they are worth.

  25. Pedro

    RH, work off that snark, you are severely lacking in giving anything of interest to this comments section.

    Bergkamp, we saw a lot of recoveries from bad decisions, but it was quite heavily reported our xG was telling a story that said we were riding our luck.

    Now the correction has landed and he’s struggled to find an answer.

    CA, who are they touting Mesut to?

  26. Jamie

    gambon –

    Sure, Cech’s best years were at Chelsea, no doubt. He’ll look back at his time here with a great deal of pride, though. Set the PL clean sheet record here, won 3? FA Cups at the tail-end of his career, remained a consummate professional, and a better option than Szczesny in my view.

    Right decision for him to retire, and great to have another £100k a week off the wage bill next season.

  27. Receding Hairline

    gambon we haven’t regressed this season….atleast our points tally actually proved we are marginally better

    He can peddle his regressed line and 0% improvement all he likes, that does not make it true and i have little interest in countering that line of reasoning, it;’s his opinion and he is entitled to it.

    Emery got a two year contract, a very intelligent length of contract, we will revamp the playing side with the help of Sven and Raul, he will have an input but thank heavens he will not be allowed to go for safety blankets like Banega, Sven is guilty of that with regards to Sokratis i would rather we were suffering with a young inexperienced defender who can improve, if at the end of say 1 year and a half we feel it’s not working we move on but i can assure you we will be in a much better place f and when we move on.

  28. Oz

    Agree cech is the best goalkeeper in pl history….guy went about been the best without minimal fuss…top class mentality to boot

  29. gambon


    Firstly, I wouldnt say there has been any improvement at all. We are shooting far less than ever, we are conceding more chances than ever.

    Secondly, everyone seems to forget that Wenger had lost the dressing room last year. It really shouldnt have been hard to get a higher level of performance out of the players.

    Mourinho lost the dressing room, and look at the difference under OGS. There has been an immediate improvement.

    Emery has this team performing to the level of a lost dressing room under a senile past-it manager. Very worrying.

    Not to mention all the absolutely basic mistakes he’s been making.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    The rumour is Juventus and Inter and supposedly we are offering him at a low price, I think it is something like £12 Million.

  31. gambon

    If we were to sell Ozil in the summer for £12m, along with his wages, it would take a cost of £46m to have him for 2 seasons.

    I could see some clubs taking that risk.

    He really isnt suited to English football, or the Spanish Pulis and his team of cloggers, but in Italy, Spain, Germany or France he would rack up the “chances created” the only thing hes actually good at.

  32. Receding Hairline

    Juventus hoping to rekindle the Ronaldo Ozil partnership perhaps, slower league with better players around him his laziness might not be an issue, although he has to shape up to play under Allegri

    Dybala seems to have suffered with Ronaldo’s arrival

  33. Emiratesstroller

    Let move on from what I have posted earlier.

    Cech should be replaced by an experienced goalkeeper at lower wage bill.
    Martinez can be replaced by someone like Macey or Illiev from within club.
    Unlikely to get much gametime

    We need 5 centre backs assuming that Emery may play three at back. Holding
    and Mavropanos are still young and comparatively inexperienced. So I would
    invest in a Centre Back to replace Koscielny who is the best that we can find on the market for around £30 million.

    We need to recruit a solid defensive full-back good enough to complement
    either Bellerin or Kolasinac who are more offensive minded.

    We need to find a box to box player to replace Ramsey and replicate Guendouzi.

    Obviously if we offload Ozil then the club needs to find a replacement in starting X1 who is of comparative creative and technical playmaker but who makes a greater contribution to games. Personally I don’t see Suarez as such a player considering his limited performance level at Barcelona. Also would like to see Smith-Rowe promoted to squad.

    This should be Arsenal’s major investment this summer. The club should recruit a top class goalscoring winger to starting eleven. Nelson should also be
    added to squad.

    So to summarise we need to recruit 6 new players from outside club [3 first
    string] and 3 players recruited from U23 squad.

    There are some other promising players in U23s who should be promoted and
    loaned out next season for first team experience e.g. Willock and Saka.

  34. Dissenter

    Guardiola knows how to manager players, not all players….elite payers with high transfer fees.
    He too met a problem at city with thier ageing wingbacks. What did he do?
    He didn’t reach into their excellent academy. He didn’t take on a project on revamping Sagna and Kolarov . He just went and splashed £250 million to solve it after the first season.
    Unlike Pep, Emery won’t have that luxury because we are cash strapped. . He will still have to make do with mouldy bread and stale soup next season too.

    Lets ask ourselves, how will Pep solve our problems?
    Sorry stupid question, wat in the world was I thinking?
    Pep wouldn’t even have put himself in this stupid situation. We are the laughing stock amongst the European elite.
    Give the guys tasked with fixing these problems a chance. It will take time

  35. Bergkamp63

    I don’t think we have gone backwards or forwards, I think we are where have been for several years,

    Anyone expecting us to overtake the current top 4 (+ Man Utd who will no doubt overtake us) without a major overhaul is deluding themselves.

    Incidentally, Man Utd have had a better squad than us from the start of the season, not surprising they are coming good under a new manager.

  36. Guns of Hackney

    Nice financial working out…disaster reading though. Welbeck on £100,000? I mean, it nearly had my eyes out.

    As for promoting our ‘yoot’ forget it…they just ain’t very good and with Emery at the wheel…it could end in a sweet relegation battle.

    I’d start recruiting wherever Borissia et all go and get there players. Africa? Eastern Europe. Asia? Fucking Scotland?

    If Arsenal were a whorehouse…we’d be paying the punters for the rides.

    Bantz fc.

  37. Receding Hairline

    Give the guys tasked with fixing these problems a chance. It will take time

    He spent 70m and in six months has not imprinted his style of play on our world class players who we are fighting off other super clubs to keep hold of. Sorry but he has to go..we should be top of the pile now with any half competent manager

  38. Pedro

    Dissenter, Pep is the best in the world at coaching.

    He’s also in a rush. Game destroys him. He has different targets. He’s earned the right to spunk what he’s given.

    He would do a better job at Arsenal than Emery. No doubt. Might not win the league, but he’d make players better, implement a style and have us playing hard.

  39. Dissenter

    “I also think we need to stop saying that the only way to solve our problems is throwing money at Emery. We hired a coach, let’s get him coaching his way out of this. Work out a way of defending better”

    I think you’re being disingenuous here.
    It’s not about throwing money at anyone. Its actually about freeing up money and using it more judiciously. We have to restructure our squad to even stand a chance.
    Emery was a fool for taking the job because it was a doomed assignment.Wenger and Gazidis left a poisoned chalice for their successors

  40. Receding Hairline

    Emery was a fool for taking the job because it was a doomed assignment.Wenger and Gazidis left a poisoned chalice for their successors

    Yes, coming so fast after a horrid two years for him personally with the loons over at PSG, the Arsenal job was the last job he should have thrown his hat in the ring for.

  41. gambon

    The funny thing is, for all the people completely absolving Emery of any responsibility to actually coach the players……why did you even want Arsene Wenger to go?

    If the quality of the players is the only thing that matters, we may as well still have Arsene, but just not let him have a say on transfers.

    For years we’ve heard Wenger didnt do defence, was clueless with tactics, was too easy on the players, disrespected the captaincy, was shit at substitutions.

    Now its just that the players arent good enough.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    Bluntly I don’t believe the Ozil stories least of all that Juventus might recruit him.
    They are already almost certainly taking Ramsey who will be the second highest
    earner at club. Ozil’s current wages are double what Ramsey will be paid at Juventus.

    The idea that we will get a £10 transfer fee to offload Ozil and then expect a club to pay him £350K pw as well is laughable.His current contract has two
    and a half years unexpired so the total cost would be around £52 million!!!

    Cech story is not unexpected. It will be interesting to see what he plans to do
    in future. I would not be adverse to recruiting him to our coaching staff as we
    have done with Mertesacker.

    The club will now need to recruit an experienced second string goalkeeper and that will add to our transfer bill.

  43. Pedro

    Dissenter, this job was the biggest stroke of luck in his career.

    Arsenal is an amazing opp. Takeover from a failed manager, rebirth the club. It’s only a disaster if you can’t better Wenger’s worst season ever with £70m.

    He was pitched as a coach with a plan, tough to work out what that was 7 months in. All his captains are finished, defence is worse, attack is worse, no style.

    Bielsa has fixed all the Leeds issues in 7 months with mostly loan signings.

  44. gambon


    We were always going to be after a keeper.

    The GK position will pay for itself. I think Ospina, Martinez and Macey will all go.

  45. Dissenter

    ‘He’s also in a rush. Game destroys him. He has different targets. He’s earned the right to spunk what he’s given’

    In a rush?
    Emery too wants to be “in a rush” but we aren’t in a position to help him. He wants certain players that we can’t even afford this window. In fact this squad is so bad that it’s not amenable to quick fixes.
    There are structural and underlying systemic problems that have to be fixed just as we have undertaken a huge transition with no resources.

    We have to clear out books, then rebuild with younger players. The fans need to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Such is the scale of calamitous errors we’ve made with the silence of collusion of majority of the fan base.
    I still remember people gyrating to Neil Diamond’s ‘sweet Caroline’ in May 2017, the same season Bayern beat us 10-2.
    ‘Good times never seemed so good ‘

  46. Cesc Appeal


    It might be a club is willing to take a chance, especially in a slower league where he has time on the ball he could still be effective.

    It might be as well he only wants a short 2 year contract somewhere. He might be looking at retirement soon and will want to, perhaps anyway, try to get back a bit of reputation that he’s lost over the last 2 years.

    Somewhere like Juventus where the team is comfortably better than most of the league, where it isn’t as fast paced as the EPL and where he can be removed at 60 minutes each game would likely suit him.

  47. Receding Hairline

    Dissenter, this job was the biggest stroke of luck in his career.

    He was manager of PSG managing Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani, Verrati, Rabiot, Thiago Silva just a few months ago……this isn’t the biggest jib he has been tasked with

    Arsenal is an amazing opp. Takeover from a failed manager, rebirth the club. It’s only a disaster if you can’t better Wenger’s worst season ever with £70m.

    First off Arsenal is not an amazing op if the only person you beat to the job is not an actual manager, 70m is nothing in todays market, and he can only be accused of not bettering Wenger if the season ends and he finishes on less points than Wenger and does not take us to the champions league through one of the row avenues available to him

    You are announcing a mangers failure in the most premature manner ever done in sports

  48. Leftsidesanch

    Emery has to take responsibility. Even in Wenger’s worse seasons (IMO the last two) Arsenal still kept 13 clean sheets both times which is far from great but at this point with our erratic error prone defending if we kept up to 10 would be a minor feat. We have been defending badly all season but being bailed out by super clinical finishing that was never going to last.

    I’ve noticed the aggression in pressing, closing down the ball has decreased in recent games. I think the disappoint from Saturday as that it was such a pathetic performance through. We were well rested and a win would have momentarily taken us level with Chelsea knowing they will be coming to the Emirates a week later. For me, the worst game of the season.

  49. Azagunner


    Was catching up on the last few posts, and one of your ‘rants’ that you thought may have come across as directed at Pedro was absolutely spot on in regards to how things are at the moment.

    Just wanted to say well said and keep up the sanity.

    So many people here are losing their minds, it’s even worse than having people defending Wenger well past his sell by date, and the irony is most of those people are the same.

  50. Left testicle


    28 players sold for a total of £77m: Arsenal’s awful transfer business laid bare

    During that time the club has parted with Johan Djourou, Denilson, Andrei Arshavin, Andre Santos, Marouane Chamakh, Sebastian Squillaci, Gervinho, Nicklas Bendtner, Lukas Fabianski, Bacary Sagna, Lukas Podolski, Serge Gnabry, Tomas Rosicky, Abou Diaby, Kieran Gibbs, Gabriel Paulista, Wojciech Szczesny, Francis Coquelin, Oliver Giroud, Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere, Lucas Perez, Joel Campbell, Mathieu Debuchy, Jeff Reine-Adelaide (who is currently creating chances for fun for the awful strikers who he plays with in Ligue 1) and soon Aaron Ramsey, Petr Cech and Danny Welbeck for a grand total of £77m.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    That will be another example of us cutting the wage bill.

    Leno has come in and Ospina has gone out so no real wag movement, but now Cech will go and no doubt we will find a young GK who will be on nowhere near the £100 000 a week Cech was. Likely we make a £80 000 a week saving there before you consider anything else.

    We really do need to get our wage bill far closer to Spurs by chopping so that we can then build it back up again but by making quality acquisitions and improving contracts of players who have proved themselves not by adding dross, panic buys and adhering to a socialist wage policy.

  52. Dissenter

    You’re good marketing guy
    I like the way you make the marketing pitch for Arsenal; 6th wealthiest, great op, new stadium,largest club in London, great city

    In actual fact we are owned by an absentee landlord who doesn’t care if his property has mold everywhere so long as the build still passes the basic inspection and tenant are still too stupid to stay away.
    We aren’t in a good position let’s be honest and stop all the grandiose nonsense.out best bet is to cut our coat and restart from the basics.
    Clear the deck and start doing it right.
    That will need patience, something that our overly entitled middle class fans are lacking.

  53. Emiratesstroller


    I think that are some clear decisions being taken behind the scenes.

    Elneny has more or less confirmed yesterday that he will be leaving the club
    most probably in January and now we learn that Cech is retiring. I would suggest that the club has made it clear that they will not be extending his contract.

    So we know now that there are already three players leaving the club in next
    two transfer windows.

    My personal view is that Emery is not heavily involved in transfers apart from
    telling the management who he does not want to keep.

  54. Pedro


    Emery wasn’t hired into a Man City role, nor would he, he’s not of that level.

    He should be able to improve upon Wenger. A manager well past his prime, who’d crushed the team. Look at OGS impact at United. You cannot excuse not getting the basics right in 7 months.

    RH, Arsenal is an unbelievable job for all but the guys in top jobs. Carlo A was desperate for it. The final 2 doesn’t mean the only managers in the world interested.

  55. Dissenter

    The chairman or DoF that takes Ozil off our books deserves the sack
    We got conned, live with it guys.
    No one is going to replicate our stupidity.

    Now it’s obvious why Gazidis was ina hurry to leave. I bet he’s earning less at Milan, all those stories of getting a share bonus there are probably false.

  56. Pedro


    3rd highest net spend in EPL
    £200m wage bill you can work how you like
    Incredible training facilities
    Sell out stadium (super noisy)
    Taking over from a manager in decline for 10 years
    Two of the hottest strikers in Europe
    £70m to spend in first summer
    Expectations never higher than top 4

    Unreal job spec

  57. gonsterous

    don’t see what all this debating is leading to. End of the day, gambon, pedro and co want to be believe what they want to believe, and all the arguments made by dissenter, RH and co. won’t make a difference. Would be nice if we would actually talk about some transfer rumours or how certain players fit the system instead of the usual boring trend talk that gets very boring

  58. Leftsidesanch

    Ozil is a problem we’re going to have to stomach, unbelievably silly decision but at this point it’s in our best interests to get him at least playing regularly and to a respectable level.

    Can’t see him going anywhere, and I highly doubt he would want to leave the gravy train at AFC.

  59. Dissenter

    There you go 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
    Can you put that on an animated power point too with fire works and ‘sweet caroline’ in the back ground ?

  60. Emiratesstroller


    My personal view is that the club needs two experienced goalkeepers on its books. The third string is largely “ceremonial” since he will have limited gametime if at all.

    Last season we had effectively only two goalkeepers in first team squad. Macey was still designated to U23 squad and presumably paid wages that
    reflected that fact.

    The decision taken by Cech to retire means that the club will need to recruit
    another experienced goalkeeper to share first team workload with Leno.

  61. Nelson

    “we struggle to come up with any ideas to motivate Mesut Ozil is baffling.”
    With all the attacks on Ozil, does anyone ever think about if you were Ozil, how do you feel when the coach treats you like that. Life is always a two way street. It all started when we suddenly hear Emery said that Ozil is not suitable to play in Bournemouth. That’s not a smart way to motivate a player.

  62. Receding Hairline

    RH, Arsenal is an unbelievable job for all but the guys in top jobs. Carlo A was desperate for it. The final 2 doesn’t mean the only managers in the world interested.

    Yes Arsenal is a great job if we can get it working again, a lot has been done to get it working except you were never impressed with the choice of head coach so you are doing things like comparing him to people above his station. He was tasked with the PSG role, a very big job, one of the biggest in Europe right now, on a two year deal, even they who could afford to do so did nit start to panic after six months and losing the league to Monaco. That alone is enough to show your prediction of doom is premature to say the least

  63. gonsterous


    Arsenal is an amazing opp. Takeover from a failed manager, rebirth the club. It’s only a disaster if you can’t better Wenger’s worst season ever with £70m.

    you know that with pep in the realm we would still be 5th right ?
    the arsenal job atm, is a 2 season job to get us back to being as good as we were in 2010 and that’s saying something.

  64. Leftsidesanch

    and if Emery at this point next year isn’t performing you can be comforted by the fact that he likely will not be offered an extension

  65. Dissenter

    Left side
    Getting Ozil playing regularly means that the manager has to forgo his plans, whatever they are. Ozil is 30+ Years and isn’t going to change now.
    I think we are missing Mykhi more than Ozil. Our best game of the season was against Spuds with Mhkhi.
    I want Mykhi back.

  66. Emiratesstroller


    You are 100% right.

    For all the negativity expressed on Le Grove and in the media generally Arsenal are one of the great clubs in Europe.

    Whilst the first team squad may not be fit for purpose the club’s location,
    history and resources makes it top echelon ahead of both Chelsea and
    Spurs in the London pecking order.

    If it was not so I doubt that Kroenke would have made his move to buy out

    I am not yet on the same wavelength as you about Emery. I will give him until
    end of season to prove himself, although I was unimpressed by his team selections and modus operandi when we played against West Ham.

  67. Leftsidesanch

    I’m just trying to see how we can make the most from a bad situation. Most of the continent seem to be on to Ozil so we’re not likely to be saved from such a monumental error. If he doesn’t regularly play, can we afford to pay him such a salary to be on the bench?

    I actually think our attacking threat suffered when Kola and Bellerin were away injured.

  68. Goobergooner

    I just love how fans these days can’t even have patience in a totally new regime for a single season.
    Yes this is frustrating as fuck.

    Our defence is seriously woeful.

    Our midfield is so damn weak.

    No wingers.

    Over paid and over pampered players not worthy of their pay cheques.

    No one really worth anything in the transfer market unless we sell one of our 2 strikers.

    Emery’s system not working to plan.

    Injuries over our busiest period. And 2 players out for the season who were impacting on the squad positively.

    All I ask is for people to have some patience.
    Maybe Emery isn’t the man, nor the next guy.

    But we are still The Arsenal. We aren’t going anywhere but up from here.

    This new regime has a lot more to work on than could be fixed in one summer window.

    I don’t have faith or expect Kroenke to dip into his pockets. Why should I, he hasn’t yet and has gone with the self sustaining model set by previous boards.

    But to get upset that he isn’t is a bit dramatic. And expecting him to is setting yourself up to lose.

    We have more than one footballing man calling the shots now. And it isn’t left to a declining has been of a manager.

    I will call for Emery’s head if we continue to get worse.
    And I would love to out Stan 10000%.

    But what I can do is at least support this new regime for at least a season and 2 summer windows to see if we can actually start to pull things back.

    I am just happy that we have kicked the groundhog Day, that the club seems to actually be setting up properly to at least give us a better shot at the major honours.

    Nothing is guaranteed. And some of you are just entitled cunts to be honest.

  69. Bergkamp63

    Not absolving Emery of anything, he simply hasn’t been at the club long enough to have anything to be absolved of !

    If he can’t get enough improvement after bringing in and entire playing squad (which is what we were short of), then he goes at the end of next season.

    I don’t have a problem with that at all.

  70. Pedro

    GFFN on Emery:

    By the end of his tenure at PSG, Emery was reportedly a laughing stock in the dressing room – he succeeded in ruining captain Silva’s confidence, Neymar no longer listened to him, Dani Alves was bemused by his treatment of Ben Arfa, Ben Arfa had an all out war with him…

  71. Dissenter

    I disagree that it’s a two season job
    A two season to marginally return to CL with some luck but a 4-5 year job to compete for the title
    Such is the scale of calamitous errors we made.
    Year one – appoint new manager, new chief scout, new DoF and new contract management people. Take a punt to see if CL is possible with current squad.
    Year two – clear the deck and return to basics. Move out everything movable.
    Put new manager on a short leash but give him a modicum of what he needs. The emphasis is on the future – buy up the best 20-222 year olds possible.
    Year three- new manger if current manager doesn’t cut it. Get a manager with a record of working with youth players.
    Year four /five – return back to buying one elite player every year.

  72. Pierre

    “Ozil has made it clear that he would not move to China. ”

    With respect , I may be wrong but the only comment that has come out of the Ozil camp is that he wants to stay at Arsenal .

    Ozil is getting the blame for many of our problems on and off the field when all he has done is accept an offer from the club because they were desperate for him to remain at Arsenal and then unfortunately, he has suffered a number of minor injury problems which should also be taken into consideration as it takes a number of games to reach full fitness after injury.

    It’s no different to kosielny,Monreal,belle and mustafi coming back from injury, that is part of the reason why defensively our level dropped before Christmas until now.

    Ozil is now playing for a new manager who ,I think is fair to say, doesn’t rate him as highly as our previous manager which will also affect the performance of a player, we have seen recently with pogba who is now valued by his manager for the positives in his game and pogba is rewarding Solskjaer for showing confidence in him .

    Emery is well within his right to leave Ozil out of the side If he believes that Arsenal have more chance of winning games without him .

    However, it has sort of backfired on Emery as the team has lost 4 games without Ozil ,playing poorly with the defence looking more vulnerable without ozil though our recent injuries will have something to do with that as well.

    The fact is , that since our opening 2 defeats in our first 2 games of the season , Mesut Ozil has started 11 games and we are unbeaten in those 11 games , winning 7 and drawing 4.
    In 3 of those draws ( palace, wolves and brighton) Ozil was substituted and in each of those games our performance dropped to a really poor level …..yes we were one nil down to wolves when ozil was taken off but we scored with a fluke cross that evaded everyone but Wolves ripped our team to shreds in the last ten minutes because we just lumped balls into the box and wolves caught us on the counter numerous times.

    As I said ,Emery can leave Ozil out if it improves the team but from where I’m sitting , the team looks lost without someone who has patience and composure on the ball and whichever way you look at it , no one can deny that the figures without doubt prove that we are a better team with ozil in the side…

    If anyone can provide figures that prove that the Arsenal team are better without Ozil this season than with then let’s see them.

  73. Goobergooner

    Bennasser as a DM or cm wouldn’t be worse than guen (needs to be bedded in, has the talent though) and xhaka from the weekend or last few seasons in all honesty.

    Has some height and physicality about him, and can definitely get stuck in to a tackle and cover more ground.

    Not sure that his ball playing and overall quality is what we need though. Could do better.

  74. Receding Hairline

    The sounds like Wenger, buy up the best 222 year old possible ! LOL !As long as he is a free transfer !

    Arsenal still have to pay them, we are talking about the wage bill. I don’t know a thing about the player so i prefer not to speak

  75. Goobergooner

    Quality post today Pedro!

    I am keen as for the proper reshaping of this squad. Can’t come soon enough really, seeing how this season is panning out.

    Absolute roller coaster ride.

  76. HighburyLegend

    looooooooool at the Kallstrom picture!!

    Good old days…
    Cech will retire at the end of this season.

    The legendary goalkeeper has taken the decision that wenger never had the balls to take.

  77. Receding Hairline

    RH, because they didn’t get games.

    Ben Arfa didn’t get games either so what’s bemusing Dani Alves??

    “Now it’s easy to say because Arsenal are playing really great football. They are coming from a great run in recent matches and everybody knows he’s a really great coach,” he told a news conference on Thursday, ahead of Brazil’s friendly against Uruguay in London.

    “We know about their quality and I was really happy to work with him because he’s a really hard working guy. He really wanted to coach us and really wanted to study about football.

    “I think he will bring good things for Arsenal, which is a really huge and important club here in England. I wish him luck.”

    Neymar on Emery not long ago…such blatant disrespect

  78. Pierre

    Arsenal with Ozil starting in premier league ..

    Played(started) 12
    Goals conceded..15

    Arsenal without Ozil starting in premier league

    Played 10 (started)
    Goals conceded…17.

    just what I thought…Conceded more goals without ozil despite playing fewer games .

  79. Pedro

    Receding Hairline, he’s not going to call him a massive whopper in public, is he?

    Look at what happened. He tanked a one-horse race in his first season, humiliated himself in the CL, then literally gave all the power to all the players in the second season, then was sacked despite winning the titles and cups.

    He lost the dressing room, no one liked him.

  80. lari03

    About the battle of wits at the top, I reckon this was the reason for elevating Sven to technical director or thereabout, we need to maintain an identity and Sven has the experience to fish out the pieces for such a masterpiece. It’s not Emery’s job, he only needs to state that he needs certain attributes in a certain position.

    Goodluck to Cech and I hope Elneny can do one asap.

  81. Receding Hairline

    Look at what happened. He tanked a one-horse race in his first season, humiliated himself in the CL, then literally gave all the power to all the players in the second season, then was sacked despite winning the titles and cups.

    He signed a two year contract with the option of a third, that option was not taken up by both parties and they parted ways.

    Maybe you should just concentrate on the job he is doing here not digging up those who have had a go at him in the past and dismissing those who have praised him. No need to run down his career simply because he does not excite you.

    Why you believe that is a cool thing to do i do not know for the life of me. Let’s stick to the football

  82. gonsterous


    Have my doubts though.

    yah, you know why pep won’t win the CL. As good as he is as a manager he doesn’t have the personnel to win that trophy in city.
    Same with emery. He has a squad that’s the 5th or 6th best in the country, and that’s what he can achieve with the lot. I’m still hoping he surprises us and gets top 4 as that will win all the sceptical fans over, but that may be a big ask.

  83. raptora

    Look at the loser you are defending. Then tell me again that you are an Arsenal fan.

    “Arsène Wenger = very public about the special treatment that Özil sought, regularly asking for time off & he obliged because it was the best way to make the German happy. When Neymar asked the same of Emery, the Spaniard was firm, but constantly rebuffed by higher-ups.”

    Wtf is that special treatment? Why does Ozil want it? Why would he ask for time off? How can you keep defending this joke of a footballer? Players like Alexis, Aguero, Henry, Shearer, you couldn’t stop them from playing, they were hungry for records, hungry to be the best, hungry to play the game. And there you are, for years defending a player who wants off days on the fkin regular. Jesus fk you are beyond hopeless.

  84. raptora

    I’m with Emery on it. Remove the German tumor at ALL COSTS. He is anything but a footballer. 350k pw being given to someone asking not to play on the regular. Fk me. How can we be a serious club with a player like that? He’s getting the salary of 5 Torreiras. Wenger and Gazidis left us in a position where we are a laughing stock. Nothing else.

    Ozil asking for off days and Wenger is like “Yes my son, you go do what you need. I got you”. Seriously?!

    And no, PSG won’t win the UCL with someone like Neymar either.

  85. Marc Vandoolaeghe

    Stay way from Carrasco. He didn’t dump Atletico Madrid, they dumped him for causing trouble and division in the dressing room. More trouble in China: fisticuffs with teammate on the training ground. Seems like he’d like to test English patience now…

  86. raptora

    All the best clubs strive on competitiveness. Look at Man C, Pool, look at Barca and Real with Ronaldo in there. Each of their players fighting to start. Messi and Ronaldo desperate to play every single game, score, assist, break records, remain in the history. Man City players know that they have to do well because they are competing with 2 other top players for the same position.

    Here we have Ozil asking not to play on the regular…

    You couldn’t make this shiet up.

    And people like Pierre thing that he’s the big deal. Thing that the club should lean and let him buttfuck us. What a superfan indeed!!!

  87. Bamford10

    Plenty can be done in the summer to provide us the financial wherewithal to improve the squad.

    One of Lacazette or Auba should be sold, for example.

    Is Emery the guy to take us forward? Yes and no. He’s definitely capable of getting us to fourth, but I don’t see him doing better than that. Lacks the vision and comprehensive tactical approach of the best managers.

    He can improve mentality, work rate, etc., though, and with the right players that might be enough.

    Problem is: to get the right players, you need to correctly see what’s needed. Does Emery? I don’t know. Not convinced at moment.

  88. Jamie

    Pep would have us playing with marginal gains, nothing more.

    Serious question, would you rather have Pep (and Arteta!) at Arsenal with a £70m budget, or Emery at Arsenal with the same £542m Pep has spent so far at City? And in which scenario would we finish higher up the table?

    The problem is our players. So much dross. For all of Pep and Arteta’s ‘greatness’, they’re still only in 2nd, and if they don’t pip Liverpool to the title, 1 league title and zero European cups in 3 years for Pep with all that cash spent isn’t a tremendous return.

    We need to completely rebuild the squad. It’s going to take time. Years. Get comfortable with mediocrity until we have an entirely new starting 11 from the Wenger years.

  89. Marko

    He’d hardly be the first person to have a falling out with Ben Arfa. Hardly noteworthy is it Pedro? Coach who doesn’t want known cunt and a bit shite footballer Hatem Ben Arfa at club anymore have fallen out. And the other stuff well it’s a circus at PSG. The question that only needs to be asked is at Arsenal is he doing things that are obviously wrong with regards to the personnel is he treating them particularly bad? I’m not talking about substitutions and the likes that’s silly. The obvious situation to be under the spotlight is the Ozil one and is he wrong in this situation? Take into account his inconsistencies his drop in form his massive wages that he’s not going to leave on his own accord and then ask yourself in that scenario was dropping him that right call to force the issue and him out? Imo yes. Plus it’s also worth noting that another reason he’s barely played in the last nearly two months is partially being dropped and mostly Ozil with another fake injury. Stick to the course it’s the only way to get rid of him

  90. Redtruth

    Even the gormless Wenger would have an 80% chance of winning the title with Man City..
    The facts are that tgd players are shit who can’t take simple instfuctiobs from the coach.

  91. Redtruth

    Even the gormless Wenger would have an 80% chance of winning the title with Man City..
    The facts are the Arsenal players are shit, who can’t take simple instructios from the coach.

  92. Graham62

    I have come to the conclusion that my change in tack with regards Emery, has been come about by not only his slightly confusing methods and philosophies, but also by my increased sense of dismay and anger towards the club.

    We all know that the years of neglect and gross mismanagement have come back to haunt us big time. By allowing Wenger and Gazidis to rule the roost for so long, Arsenal FC dug a massive hole for themselves which is going to take a great deal of time to rectify.

    I now firmly believe that Emery is not the right fit. I know, incredible right? There I was promoting “onwards and upwards” during our 22 game unbeaten run,, when deep down, I was actually still questioning so many things. I can now freely admit that the joy and relief I felt at Wenger leaving, blinded me to the fact that our new manager was not necessarily the right man for the job.

    This has nothing to do with being patient and giving Emery a chance. This is all to do with what I see and feel based on our existing set up and, in particular, the way Emery is managing to overcomplicate an already complicated situation.

    My anger has intensified as the financial irregularities have become more evident, along with the fact that my own personal opinions regarding Wenger and Gazidis have proven to be true. Is Kroenke to blame? Of course he is. Any owner who sits back and allows anyone to do the things that these two clowns did over the past few years deserves criticism.

    The amazing thing is that many supporters see Kroenke as an immovable object, which, I feel, is not only shortsighted but also somewhat laughable. I mean, come on, Here is a guy who is incapable of communicating to any of us, allows his subordinates to sabotage the club and then, as if nothing had happened, just sits back whilst Emery( Yep,wrong choice) gets to clear up all the shite.

    Yes, I blamed Wenger for so many things that went wrong at the club over the years and, in many respects, rightly so, nevertheless, isn’t it about time we started to question our owner more vehemently and start to demand not only a return for our investment but also an explanation as to why things were allowed to fall apart as they did.

    As a fan I would like some answers.

  93. Valgooner

    Monreal is not leaving at the end of the season. Arsenal have triggered a one year extension clause in his contract.