LA Rams electric success and the power of a guiding philosophy (long read)

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The pent up desire of some American’s to lambast an Englishman for daring to speak of NFL is one of the most amusing things I’ve seen online all year. It’s like 15 years of being called shit fans by Brexit Twitter has had an impact on them. I can’t tolerate the steady stream of nonsense from people telling me the LA Rams and Arsenal aren’t comparable. If you’re saying that, you aren’t paying attention to a sport you’re trying to claim a knowledge advantage on, so now I am about to school you in with a touchgoal of a post.

My central argument is that the LA Rams has embarked on an innovative strategy to capture the imagination of a city that has plenty of elite pass times. This from the WaPo:

Anywhere else in America, an undefeated NFL team beating teams by 15 points on average would be a dominant civic force. Here, it is different. The Dodgers are in the World Series, LeBron James is on the Lakers, and the box office totals come out every week. All the Rams do is win. But are they winning over Los Angeles?

The output of the strategy is to dazzle. The anxiety driving that approach is that no one will buy a shitty product in LA. Stan has to entertain to make his investment work. Money is on the line.

The Rams were shite in St. Louis. I have worked extensively in that city, listened to cab drivers bemoan his drab leadership, and actually worked with business people who tried to keep the franchise in the city.

When Stan moved them to LA, betraying his hometown, his team went on the record stating they needed an excellent product, because LA folk wouldn’t tolerate substandard sport. Stan had this to say:

Our goal always has been to create an exciting and long-term solution for the NFL, our 31 partners and Los Angeles football fans.

The LA Rams guiding philosophy comes from the very top and drips down into management team, I believe they call it trickle down guiding philosophy, and it works. This is their VP of Operations, Kevin Demoff.

This is actually getting to how you build a fan base brick-by-brick, fan-by-fan, and get people to understand what the Rams are

It is a very crowded landscape we once had a lofty perch in. It’s going to take time to get back to that lofty perch. The way you do it, you play exciting football. You have players who people not only recognize but they like and understand. You have a coach who brings an exciting style of play.

This sort of approach is what I called for in the summer. It’s a business winning idea, especially if like Stan, you consider sport a content game. It’s why Madrid and Barcelona invest so much on the pitch, because the rewards that come back from commercial deals rocket if you’re appealing to a global audience. The below piece in Forbes by Dr. Rishe of the Washington Business school drills into what he calls the hearts and mind strategy the new franchise is adopting.

Well, when the on-field product is abysmally boring and unimaginative, who among us as consumers of sport want to “belong” to a losing brand?  Nor do we want to “identify” with a losing brand.  Nor do we feel enriched from supporting a losing product.

Thus, the transformation of the Rams organization on the field since Sean McVay’s arrival as head coach plays a crucial role in transforming consumer perceptions of the brand.  Now, when we think of Rams football, we think of an electrifying and innovative approach which is both hip and efficient.  And these characteristics not only resonate with just about any consumer, but especially the cherished millennial and Gen Z consumers which most companies covet (due to their higher potential lifetime customer value to the company).

In short, winning the hearts and imaginations of fans helps to reinvent a brand, change consumer perceptions, inspire greater brand loyalty, which ultimately leads to a more premium-priced and profitable product.

Chasing Gen Z and Millenials is all I hear about at work, but in Premier League football’s case, it’s especially pertinent as we have an age issue in the stands with the average age of season ticket holders sitting at around 43! Clubs need to fill the pipelines back up, otherwise, there’s going to be an issue further down the line. Playing incredible football feels like a business necessity heading into an era of sport that will be be more global, mobile, easier to access, and more competitive than ever before.

Creating an incredible experience at Arsenal should have been the goal. The club had 6 months to think about who they wanted to be after the Wenger reboot, but they clearly didn’t have a plan (or it was a bit shit). Nothing screams that the club is united around a vision, or has an idea of how they’re going to make it happen. We don’t even have a CEO, opting for a Houllier/Evans power share.

Our objective is a return to the Champions League, we’ve tried to achieve that by blowing money on experience that’s not good enough. Our strategy was a tactic, with a average vision of how to achieve it. We should have been thinking about the bigger picture, clearly defining how to become exceptional within realistic contraints. Riches should have been the byproduct of succeeding with the said vision.

Arsenal do not look like they know how to be exceptional, and rumblings of Denis Suarez and Ever Banega don’t convince me that’s changing anytime soon.

Below are the actions the Rams took to get themselves into the position they’re in right now.

Key personnel decisions have completely transformed the vibe of the entire organization, including:

  • The hiring of the innovative and energetic Sean McVay;
  • The patience to allow McVay to develop Jared Goff into a successful NFL quarterback;
  • The wisdom of extending standouts Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald to long-term deals;
  • The aggressiveness during the 2018 off-season to add considerable skill and depth on both sides of the ball (specifically on defense)…not to mention the recent acquisition of Dante Fowler Jr. (though his outbursts in the Seattle game almost cost the team severely).  While the defense needs serious refinements and some of the additions have underperformed (Marcus Peters) or not performed due to injury (Aqib Talib), there is still hope that the skill, depth and experience of these veterans will pay dividends in the playoffs.

Collectively, these decisions were strategically shrewd because (1) you could afford to be aggressive financially in the short-term while QB Goff is still under his rookie contract, and (2) you want to create excitement and positive energy about the brand in the build up towards the team’s eventual relocation to the palatial new stadium in Inglewood in 2020.

In short, the Rams rebrand has been accelerated by a series of strategic personnel decisions.  Largely because of the play on the field, the Rams brand is now perceived to be hip, innovative, creative, and explosive.  These winning traits certainly play anywhere, but especially the case in a market like Los Angeles accustomed to supporting dynamic winners.

There’s a guiding principle at the Rams, and because the goal is set at the top, you can build everything around achieving that with the resources you have at your disposal. They have built buzz from top to bottom, they know the sort of coach they needed to hire, they know the type of players, young and old they need to recruit. They know the expectations of how the game needs to be played. They have built something from nothing and there’s a huge buzz around the place.

Arsenal should be replicating this approach. It’s perfect for us. We can’t win with lavish investments. We can win by having an ambitious goal of being the most exciting young football team in Europe, building our entire club around that idea.

Key learnings from the LA Rams:

  • They have a north star: Play scintillating football that captures the hearts and minds of the locals
  • They hire the best thinkers in the game
  • They have been creative with their approach to player trading

The exact same person that runs Arsenal dismally is pulling up trees in LA, doing ALL the things you’d want him to be doing at Arsenal.

Now, in their 3rd season in Los Angeles and 2nd season under Coach McVay’s leadership, the organization is now perceived as an innovative and electrifying team whose executive leadership isn’t afraid to make big moves both on and off the field.

That concluding point is what you want people to be writing of Arsenal. If the perception of your club reads like that, you become an exciting opportunity for young players who want to grow their careers and develop their talent with coaches that can help them. You win new fans because people want to watch you play. You grow commercials because big brands want to be associated with the most exhilarating team on the planet. You attract the best minds in the game who want to express their ideas at a club like London. You open yourselves up to new uses of technology, cutting edge fitness approaches and even science of the mind. Everything gets better because there is a guiding philosophy of excitement that drives the club.

So why can’t we have that?

You. That’s why. This is Stan on London fans.

Obviously London is a comparable stage to Los Angeles, and Arsenal has one of the most passionate and vocal fan bases in sports. So I don’t see that really impacting us.

We’re noisy, he hears us, but he doesn’t care. Why? Because a shitty Arsenal product doesn’t impact him at all.

Adidas still want to give us £60m a year. Rwanda still wants to advertise on our shirts. You still give over £1500+ for your season ticket without question. You will still attend every week, even if you find it boring. Why? Because there is no correlation between your love for Arsenal and how good they are on the pitch. This is a uniquely Premier League thing. Stan cannot lose with Arsenal unless things go really bad, which they won’t under semi-competent leadership. Premier League football is by default a success machine. The money never stops going up. You can disguise average leadership, because all the charts point upwards.

Stan works in the world of real estate. He’ll buy up property in areas where new Walmarts are going to open up, sit back, and play the long game. Same with Arsenal, he doesn’t need to invest any of his own money and the thing hikes in value like nobodies business.

He is succeeding in the NFL because he knew he had to bring new fans through the doors and he had to get people to tune into the matches. He had to do something radical, he had to entertain, and he had to invest in an idea.

Are we investing in a vision like that? What are our bold moves? What are the club doing to put on an incredible show to bring in new fans into the ‘franchise’? Doesn’t seem like a lot. We are making a lot of safe moves to catch up, but how are we using our resource to move ahead?

Arsenal can have everything the Rams have. But there needs to be a desire from the people installed at the club to push the owners for what they need. Or, it needs the people we hired to be fiercely ambitious and hugely competitive. Do we have disruptors in charge, or an easy life crowd? Outside of the excellent hiring of Sven Mislintat, where is the innovation coming from? Can you see who the club is shaping up to be over the next five years? Can you see a style developing on the pitch that you’d want to buy into if you were a young player?

I can’t.

The point of this post is it’s not all doom and gloom.

Stan has shown the world he can think like a proper owner. He’s shown that when he cares about something – because his money is on the line – he can make really exciting decisions and take risks that drive towards something.

Question is, how do we get some of that LA Rams magic to The Arsenal?

Podcast recording TODAY. Let’s all laugh at Spurs. Lololololol

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  1. CannonSpike

    This article is 2 years too early.
    Calm the hell down, it has bearly been over half a season.
    You might suspect that we’re not going forward, but that’s way too premature. If there’s anything that I’ve learned about business and building successful models, is that they take time they may fail, but always stick to your guns, minimize risks and don’t make rash decisions influenced by others who don’t see the bigger picture

  2. azed

    “We only sign players where the coach says there is a need.”

    Do you think Emery said lets sign Sokratis and Lichtsteiner or he said we need a center back and back up right back?

    You and I know 70M is nothing in today’s world and the team (Raul, Sven, Emery) would have decided to go for quantity with the 70M than one big buy this season.

  3. bennydevito

    At the end of the day I want what’s best for Arsenal. Wenger killed my passion for this club to the point I hardly commented here anymore, stopped buying my kids the shirts and didn’t even bother watching us on MOTD.

    But now Wenger’s gone the hope, excitement and passion has returned and whether Emery is the right man or not, just seeing him patrolling the touchline shouting instructone and getting emotionally involved has reinvigorated me and my love for Arsenal so I’ll always hold him in high esteem for that alone.

    For me he’s given me our Arsenal back. Sokratis, Guendouzi and Torreira are great examples of the fight, energy and passion that was lost under Wenger.

    If however come the end of the season it all ends in tears and Emery has to be moved on then so be it, but I will always remember this season as the season hope and passion was reborn.

    And that is down to Emery.

  4. Joe



    And why is it arteta or Viera?

    Not one team has come in for arteta and there were lots of other teams looking. Let him learn somewhere else for his first time gig.

    If emery doesn’t work out, arteta is not the answer. I’m not the one who gets paid millions to find the right manager

    The best thing is that if emery doesn’t work out he won’t be here 12 years too long like the last manager we had.

    BUT still too early to say whether emery hasn’t worked out

  5. Pedro

    Bergkamp63, I have no idea what Raul is all about, but if shit isn’t working after a season, I don’t see them giving him another season. We should have a Barca mentality to managers.

  6. Pedro

    Leeds, borrowing ideas from other sports is literally what clubs have people doing.

    A lot of sports science methods come from rugby, they’re way ahead of curve (or were up until recently)

    Coaches like Pep are stealing from NFL

    Football structures are more closely alligning to what they’ve been doing in America for years

    Scouting borrowed from baseball

    In game analytics is largely driven by America

  7. Joe

    Great post Benny.

    And I posted on yesterday’s blog

    Klopp improved Liverpool from 1.5 points per match to 1.6 and went from 10th to 8th after he got hired.

    Pep went from 1.75 to 2.00 points per match

    Emery has gone from 1.76 to 1.86. And he has a lot bigger mess to clean up than either of those two

    I also asked how many players does klopp have from team he took over

    Same for pep?

    Also mentioned if anyone has noticed our downturn in form has coincided with kos’ return. He has cost us goals and points and the match v Spurs.

  8. Emiratesstroller


    It would be useful if you could answer some of questions I asked you on 10.27

    Personally I have another issue with Football in general and the EPL in particular,which is seldom discussed and that is that we play far too many games and the tv scheduling is dreadful.

    Sometimes we are playing up to 4 games in a 10 day cycle. Even the best teams
    in EPL are losing games with that schedule as we have seen recently with Man City, Liverpool and Spurs.

    Arsenal played poorly on Saturday, which was not altogether surprising considering the team selected, but statement overlooked in the entire debate was that Emery suggested before the game that it was necessary to rotate the

    Next week we have two games against Chelsea in league followed by Man Utd.

    Arsenal do not have this season the playing resources to play two teams of this calibre in one week.

  9. Pedro

    Having a guiding principle is just good business strategy. Apple, Nike, Salesforce… all have a guiding vision of who they are and what they stand for.

    Arsenal needs one. If Stan can do it in LA, he can do it in London.

  10. Un na naai


    We are playing every weekend at the moment and our youngsters and reserves have been largely fielded for cup/european games.

    I wouldn’t say he’s actually overplayed them myself. Injuries have been a bigger though as has his situation with ozil and Ramsey who should have both been let go this summer.

  11. Un na naai

    He also allowed cazorla and Wilshere to walk out of the club for free this summer and let Nelson go on loan all while claiming he knew the squad comprehensively and would improve them. That he would build his side around ozil and Ramsey.

    He’s said one thing and done the opposite. As Valentin pointed out earlier, he’s done it before m.

  12. Joe

    They all manged their own teams and didn’t just put out cones for
    Pep before they got their “shot”

    Nice try though un

  13. Un na naai


    Zizou and pep jumped higher with more weight on their shoulders and absolutely flourished

    Jose was the interpreter at Benfica before being hired so your argument doesn’t hold up

  14. Joe

    Thank god we got rid of jack

    And how do you know how
    Santi would have performed in the faster rougher PL?

    Maybe he’s doing so well because of the type of football played in the Spanish league?

  15. Un na naai


    Even if he was played (santi) sparingly he’d still have been a high quality technical player and allow the first team a rest

    It’s not like we had fortunes to spend on a replacement.

    And jack wether you like him or not is a more than capable squad player even if he’s not starting 11

    Not every squad player is there to blow your socks off. They are there to do a job and add quality to the squad when called upon

    Which both were and are capable of
    Add to that that he’s benched ozil and Ramsey then it all looks rather muddled and seems to have strategically backfired if there were any actual strategy at all

  16. bennydevito

    Thanks Joe, your posts have been great also. We have far too many Untold uncle Tonys infiltrating this blog at the moment just dying for Emery to fail to justify their Wenger delusions. It just absolutely boils my piss the the shite they’re spouting when they let Wenger off the hook for 10 years straight.

    Cult of Wenger and Uncle Tony charlatans.

  17. Un na naai


    The reserves. From reserves to Real Madrid. From reserves to Barca. From interpreting to Benfica

    From city assistant to arsenal head coach
    Solskjaer went from nothing to man united

    Football is littered with examples which prove that you know literally nothing about the game joe. Nothing.

    As Pedro pointed out last night you’re in a room full of one and maybe you should spend some time with real arsenal fans and stop making out like you’re on the terraces every week

  18. Pedro

    ES, see below.

    1. How much revenue does the LA Franchise owned by Kroenke raise annually

    $366 M

    .2. How does this franchise compare with other leading clubs in US in attracting best players?3. I believe that they are building a large stadium with a massive investment.
    How was the money raised for that project?

    Stadium cost $4b, Stan sunk $1.5b of his own money into the project
    They’ve gotten creative with how they recruit players, I don’t know enough about NFL to be specific, but it read like they’ve worked the draft and trades really well. Big strategic bets that appear to paying off.
    Players expenses is $202 M

    4. Is there a wage and transfer fee cap on players or is there a free for all as
    in European Football?For example professional rugby in England does have some strict financial rules which explains why the League is so much more competitive than Premier League Football.

    They have a wage cap, so it really is a case of being smart with your money. Something you can’t say about Arsenal when you look at the deals we’re dishing out.

  19. Joe


    When is the last time you went to a match big man

    Funny Pedro said that considering he just wrote a post about la rams. When was he last in the la rams “terrace”?

    Nice try Un. But my knowledge of football trumps yours by a country mile

  20. Joe

    Ole was managing his own team in Norway you daft bin dipper

    Fuck. You really have no clue

    Putting out cones for pep is nothing like
    Managing your own team

  21. Un na naai

    Arteta would have been the daring shout. Instead we’ve blown our load on a middling yes man.

    The Bruce Rioch of modern times

    Now we are waiting for our new wenger to com in and wow us.

    Could it be arteta?
    Could it be naggelsman?

  22. Receding Hairline

    As Gambon just pointed out, I’m not seeing the improvements, and I don’t think his track record is that exceptional. He’s a good Europa manager. Seems to have real issues dealing with stars. His indecision is a sight to behold. I think he lacks the gravitas needed to succeed at this level.

    You can barely disguise your dislike for the man

    This is 2013-2014 European coach of the season please, give him his dues

    You do not win three straight Europa league trophies( despite your obvious disgust for the competition) by being indecisive. You do not go into a game 1-0 down against Klopp and destroy him in the second half by being indecisive.

    Yes he is finding it difficult to imprint his vision, whatever it is, on the team , but let’s not descend to character assassination.

    Your position is all the more weak seeing you are obviously pitching for Arteta, one of the meekest most uninspiring captains this club has ever had. What is his track record?? He is new and bold doesn’t cut it

  23. Pedro

    RH, you’re backing a horse that will ultimately fail. You’ll have to pivot soon, because bleating on about Arteta isn’t going to make Emery any more palatable when we’re 6th at the end of the season.

  24. Un na naai

    We went with a yes man

    Pure and simple
    Look the other way. Don’t make waves. Work with the paltry shit we offer you and you’ve got the job
    No wonder Allegri told us to take a running jump

  25. Receding Hairline

    RH, you’re backing a horse that will ultimately fail. You’ll have to pivot soon, because bleating on about Arteta isn’t going to make Emery any more palatable when we’re 6th at the end of the season.

    Nor is revising history and writing falsehoods going to hasten his sacking. I am not backing any horse, just recognizing the enormity of the task at hand and appreciating the difficulties

    Trying to rewrite the distinguished career of a manager in a bid to make a point is not a good look, go and look up the list of European manager of the year winners, you do not win it by being indecisive. You referred to Wenger as a legend this morning, he is not on that list, Emery is.

    It may not be working out here for him at the pace he envisaged, that does not give you the excuse to rewrite his coaching career. He is still seen as a miracle worker at Valencia and Sevila.

  26. Receding Hairline

    Not to mention his ground breaking stint at Almeira which shot him to limelight. At around the same age as your current darlings

    You dislike him for reasons best known to you and you reserve the right to do so.

  27. Pedro

    The narrative that Arteta is weak is so unbelievably off key… speak to anyone who knew him at Arsenal and they’ll tell you quite the opposite.

    Anyway, this is all a massive deflection because it’s getting tougher to explain away the flaws in this Emery tenure.

  28. Un na naai


    Again. Pep, Zidane, Solskjaer, Jose didn’t have proven winner stamped on their forehead before being entrusted with prestigious job offers

    I’d rather take a chance on something fresh and innovative than something already past its sell by date

    Emery peaked already before coming to us. He’s on the downslide.

    Just like moyes

  29. Receding Hairline

    I’d rather take a chance on something fresh and innovative than something already past its sell by dateEmery peaked already before coming to us. He’s on the downslide.

    Your opinions and you are entitled to it

  30. Emiratesstroller


    Many thanks for information. So for all the criticism about Kroenke he has invested £1.5 billion of his own money in the team.

    What Kroenke appears to be doing is following a similar investment policy to
    what a bank or financial institution would be doing i.e. investment in fixed assets rather than speculative high risk assets such as footballers.

  31. Un na naai


    I’d love to be wrong. I don’t care who we are successful with as long as that’s what we are. I just don’t envisage it with emery.

  32. Dissenter

    Did you just write that “you’re backing a horse that will ultimately fail.‘

    You earn like backing Gazidis all the way until he didn’t appoint Arteta
    You backed him as he made poor decision and compounded mistakes. Wot bigger ones.
    ‘With all due respect and I mean that because you’re well intentioned.
    You’re one acting like a jilted lover who’s all out to get the new guy.

  33. Champagne charlie

    “He will be thinking I trusted 2 people to do a job and they failed, the club is in a shit state, I have now hired a completely new and modern infrastructure and it might take 4 or more years to get things the way I want to after all that damage but I’m in no rush.The fans obviously are in a rush. What pisses me off is the fans who are only suddenly in a rush when you, me and a good number of posters on here for years were calling this exact scenario”

    Indulgent of an owner that had a say in whether the club sank or swam, but your annoyance comes at fans. Makes sense.

    Pity the owner of Arsenal, the guy with access to info you could only dream of about the club, couldn’t work out what you and “a good number of other posters” knew for years from your armchair.

    Laughable logic. Just another zealot who puts their own sense of superiority before anything else.

  34. Receding Hairline

    RH, I don’t dislike him. I stated from the start that he’s a bland coach. He’s proving so at the minute.

    Again your take on things and i am not here to argue things with you.

    Although the word bland does not define Emery, his teams are always exciting to watch. His Almeira team won promotion under him, came into La Liga and finished 8th playing progressive attacking football.

    Bland manager do not win European competitions three seasons in a row

    You have made all sorts of excuses for Jardim and the player sales he endured at monaco, well guess what, Emery worked under identical situations at Valencia and finished top three thrice in a row, Jardim left his team in the relegation zone.

    PSG did not look around Europe, sack Ancellotti then hired the bland Emery.

    I can go on and on but it’s of no use really, like i already said we all know what this is about

  35. englandsbest

    Pedro, the rules of NFL are expressly designed to protect the owners – not the players, not the fans, but the owners.

    The surprise is not that its popularity is waning, but that anybody bothers to attend games at all. It’s presented, of course, as fair play, as levelling the playing field. In truth it is the contrary. the hidden motive is to strengthen the grip of the strong on the weak.

    What our cousins across the water don’t appear to understand is that it’s an American form of neo-liberalism. The rich (the owners) get richer, the poor (the fans) get poorer.

    There is only one form of equality (or there should be) in sport, and those are the rules of the game. Other than that, it is unequal. If it were otherwise, we’d all be pro footballers, or sub- four minute milers or boxing champions, In other words, it’s like life itself.

    And, as in life, just as some kids have rich parents, Arsenal fans are lucky enough to support a wealthy caring club. Or rather, we used to be.

    Or were

  36. gambon

    “Although the word bland does not define Emery, his teams are always exciting to watch. ”

    What? We are dreadful this season.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    Reverting back to my concern about the number of games played.

    Professional rugby plays one game per week throughout season.

    Also because of physicality of the game players are far more frequently substituted than is the case with football.

    The game is also more pragmatic. If a player gets a head or blood injury he is
    substituted. Players who have been taken off can be replaced by others who
    have already played.

    I prefer also system of cards where a player can be suspended for a yellow card offence. This results in the player leaving the field for 10 minutes. Red
    Cards are only used for extreme offences.

    Another element of the game is that the referee can RVR for a wide range of
    reasons, which some viewers might complain about. However it helps to
    eliminate foul play or head tackles because the player knows that he is less
    likely to get away with it than is the case in football. The video referee can
    review matter whilst game continues and refer matter back to onfield referee.

  38. Dissenter

    “Dissenter, I hold Emery to the same standards I held Wenger to… he’s tanking’

    ..and it took you oly6 months to arrive at that conclusion.
    You don’t see my mitigating circumstances like a shit poor squad and reaching a transfer window with no money to reinforce the squad

  39. Charlie George

    (Good heavy duty article.)

    I think folk in time will come around to accepting the Kroenkes
    After all:

    They pay HMRC tax ( the most)
    They do not interfere
    They are not crooks ( like some other owners)
    They are not human rights abusers ( unlike some owners)
    There is no evidence they take money out
    They have allowed Arsenal to spend substantial money on players ( hardly their fault Gazidas was in charge of the cash register)
    They have a certain dignity
    And they are loyal ( TOO loyal to their now employees)

    They deserve criticism from being distant,aloof and not attending games.

    What Ivan Gazidas did -this season -walking out weeks after his appointment Emery ( only ) came In – showed What an utter disgrace the man is.

    In my opinion, Gazidas undermined the previous manager Wenger and the current one ( Emery)

    Unfortunately for Emery He will carry the can.
    He has to go.
    Every appointment Gazidas made – has go to.,Inc the completely the unsuitable la liga specialist Raul

    As for the marketing manager Vinai
    – the definition of a corporate lackey- if I ever heard of one- seems to have no clout too.

    Let’s get people in with
    British expertise and British experience
    And a proven coach in our football.

    Because- it’s the proven formula

    What foreign coach has done better on a budget than Chris Hughton, Eddie Howe .

    They deserve a chance.

  40. Pedro

    It’s a squad that was improved by £70m, and had a new coach and 5 of his hires added in. It’s not that shit. It should be better. A good coach would have us improving.

  41. Receding Hairline

    It’s a squad that was improved by £70m, and had a new coach and 5 of his hires added in. It’s not that shit. It should be better. A good coach would have us improving.

    It’s not that shit yet we struggle to move them on..gotcha

    Unai Emery is a bad coach…conclusion reached after six months and belittling all he has achieved in the game, great commentary

  42. slade

    “The pent up desire of some Americans to lambast an Englishman for daring to speak of the NFL is one of the most amusing things I’ve seen on line all year”

    -This must be that famous English banter the English admonish the Americans with when the English arrogantly tell American fans of Arsenal to “stick with netball, stickball, etc.” …..”you yanks and that yank cunt Kroenke can fuck right off and stay away from “our” Arsenal….

    -That you are “amused” by some imaginary on line “lambasting” is the height of English hubris: the English shriek that English football is tribal and “ours” and all you foreign fans are ruining “our” Arsenal, yet, the English feel qualified to speak/write of American football that is tribal as well.

    -You demonstrate the best of the English: arrogance without the resume’.

  43. Receding Hairline

    What foreign coach has done better on a budget than Chris Hughton, Eddie Howe .They deserve a chance.

    Yes the achieved much, they kept teams in the league ..we are not facing relegation although the mass hysteria can be confusing

    Big Sam is also available

  44. Un na naai


    I’ve been called far worse. By joe and plenty others and never once have I called for a ban on anyone.
    Joe can dish it and he can take the stick too like a man and doesn’t need a white knight riding in feigning outrage.

    So stop acting like a whiney little pussy over an exchange that had literally nothing to do with you.

  45. gambon

    To be fair Joe is probably the biggest idiot this site has ever seen, and theres been some whoppers.

    Spends all day posting, then accuses everyone of being 10 year olds living in their mums basement.

  46. azed

    ” I stated from the start that he’s a bland coach. He’s proving so at the minute.”

    Bland is better than nothing. Arteta is a nothing coach and he would remain so until he manages a team.

    Steve McClaren and Carlos Queiroz were highly touted managers of Fegie and they both bombed big time as manager. There’s a big difference between being an Assistant coach and a coach and until Arteta can be called a manager, he’s not fit to lace the boot of Unai.

  47. Un na naai

    What does somebody’s nationality or sexual identification have anything to do with your argument, you ignorant bigoted Trump neanderthal cunt

    You call my comment disgraceful then spew this??

    Dear dear. What an outburst!!

  48. Freddie Ljungberg

    70m in todays market is nothing, less than what many of our rivals pay for 1 player.

    Of the 5 players only 3 should be starting, Guendozi was bought for the future but considering how poor we are he has been getting way more playing time than he should. Licht was the only bad signing and he was brought in on a free as backup because apparently we don’t have any money.

    Leno doesn’t really improve our play, he could if our back r was better on the ball but they’re not.

    So it’s just Torreira and Sokratis as outfield players, dropped into a team that are so lacking in quality it’s embarrassing.
    Only Laca and Auba, maybe Bellerin is top 4 material. Bit disingenuous to keep harping on about the 70m 5 players part as if that would fix all our problems. It’s a start but we need at least 4-5 players more and not bargain basement either.

  49. Un na naai

    Bland is better than nothing

    There’s your new brand identity Pedro.

    Victoria Concordia Crescit to bland is better than nothing.

  50. Charlie George


    70m in todays market is nothing, less than what many of our rivals pay for 1 player.

    Holding 3 mill
    Dale Ali 5 mill
    Fabianski 7 mill
    Maguire 17 mill
    Roberston 8 mill
    Morrison 18 mill
    Even say nasri ( free)
    Zaha 15 mill
    Can be done
    Not easy.

    Competence is needed

  51. azed

    ” A good coach would have us improving.”

    We already have more away points half this season than last season. I’m pretty sure that is an improvement but why let facts get in the way of an agenda?

  52. Emiratesstroller


    I have no issue with the acquisitions made this summer and costing £70 million.

    Leno and Torreira are both first team regulars and an upgrade on what the club had last season.

    Guendouzi at 19 is a promising youngster albeit he should not be starting as
    many games as he has done this season. He is realistically a squad player and
    that is reflected in price we paid for him.

    Sokratis is an experienced player and again the transfer fee we paid would be considered good value for squad player.

    The only mistake which was made was recruiting Lichsteiner. He is not good enough for our level of football.

    The problem with our current squad is that we do not have enough “quality”
    in what should be our starting X1 in contrast to the other major teams.

    As I have written on a number of occasions and incidentally Guardiola has also said in today’s Daily Telegraph it is now impossible to throw huge sums of
    money at the transfer market.

    Even the richest clubs in Europe can no longer buy every player they want.
    There is plenty of competition and even modest clubs in EPL are able to
    resist pressure from their wealthier peers.

  53. Charlie George

    Which club With a foreign Dof and foreign coach has done well – without having artificial millions to spend in UK football?

  54. gambon

    azed, the underlying performance stats suggest there has been absolutely zero improvement. In fact slight regression.

    Auba scored with every shot he took in November. Do you think that Emery worked his magic and improved Aubas scoring ratio to 1:1 or do you think luck was involved?

  55. Freddie Ljungberg

    Fabianski lol.

    I think we did reasonably well with the limited money we had to spend, the problem is we have no sellable assets so we can’t do what Liverpool and Chelsea are doing, the whole net spend argument is boring.

    My point was that buying 2 outfield starters and dropping them into a sea of mediocrity was never going to be enough. Especially when you have a departing (rightly so) Ramsey and a declining Ozil in the squad, and your remaining creative player is Mikhi who turns up once in a blue moon.

  56. Charlie George

    As for this torreira- he is indeed a great technical player BUT has he got the dynamism to play in centre midfield against the better teams

    E.g. firminio against him at Anfield.

    I hope , I am wrong- think the prem demands will be too much for him ,ultimately in the big away games and he will wither.

  57. Receding Hairline

    As for this torreira- he is indeed a great technical player BUT has he got the dynamism to play in centre midfield against the better teamsE.g. firminio against him at Anfield.I hope , I am wrong- think the prem demands will be too much for him ,ultimately in the big away games and he will wither.

    Replace him with a good English lad

  58. bennydevito

    Un nai,

    I didn’t criticise you for your nationality or sexual orientation though did I ? Call people names etc and lambast them all you like but leave out the unrelated bigoted insults is all I’m saying.

    Your comment was very much disgraceful whereas mine was not.

    Now who’s the whiny little pussy?

    Now you take that like a man and admit your Trump style insults have no place in a multicultural, multi sexual, multi gender diverse world we now live in.

    I haven’t seen the insults thrown your way but if any of them infered your gender/sexuality in a negative derogatory way and included using your nationality as a reason your opinion is invalid I would call that out too.

    Blog of love remember and we’re all entitled to an opinion, not get one.

  59. Charlie George

    Replace him with a good English lad

    No maybe someone like, pogba Vieira/Ali/firminio/Gilberto WHO ARE more mobile and physical

    Would Billy Brenner / Jonny Giles be as effective today?

    The English game is ferocious
    – that’s why we keep getting tanked at Anfield
    Need pace ,power , endurance and speed to reach the top.
    He lacks all 4.

  60. Emiratesstroller

    Charlie George

    I have to disagree with your opinions on British Managers/Head Coaches.

    There has been a very limited number who have been successful in recent years.

    Bluntly the only manager in the system who might be possibly good enough to
    manage a top team is Howe at Bournemouth.

    Furthermore you cannot accuse either Pochettino or Klopp of being good managers because of the money spent on transfers. Both worked at clubs with
    modest transfer budgets before they joined Spurs and Liverpool.

  61. Nelson

    I think Emery needs a vacation. The pressure is getting to him. He is not thinking and talking logically.
    – He said that he is talking the players to West Ham because they deserve to be there. I saw Licht’s name in it. He was the one who assisted Brighton for their tiring goal. He was also the one who assisted the Pool for the first goal, opening up the flood gate.Emery thinks that he serves to be there.
    – We have a good midfield pair with Torr and Xhaka. Torr has been rested for over a week. He benched him and only sub him in later in the second half when we have to chase a goal. He is a defender by the way.
    – Playing Auba on the right which made him looked like the worst player on the pitch.

  62. Dissenter

    Charlie George was the first one to suggest that the length of Torriera’s egs are detrimental.
    Charlie George wants a long-legged English player for that role.

  63. Charlie George

    Emirate stroller
    Klopp is a brilliant coach( proved that at Dortmund)
    So it Poch

    That’s only 2

    Which foreign coaches without artificial largesse has done well?

  64. gambon

    I wish people would stop immediately going to “Emery needs better players”

    Emery took over a lost dressing room, a manager that had comletely lost it, that didnt care about defence, a team that didnt know what to do off the ball.

    30 games, 6 months later, £70m spent, there has been no improvement in performance.

    Ole Gunnar Solksjaer has immediately improved UTDs performance levels, without spending a penny and without a pre-season.

    No-one expected us to go and win the PL without investing.

    Its absolutely right to expect small and steady improvements in both defence and attack, which can then be built on.

    The fact that Emery is making mistakes that a 12 year old wouldnt make just makes it more worrying.

  65. azed

    “the underlying performance stats suggest there has been absolutely zero improvement. In fact slight regression.”

    The stats suggest UTD should have won the 2005 FA cup but they did not.
    Everyone one who works with stats know that while the data doesn’t lie, it doesn’t always tell the truth.

    Check out Liverpools defensive stats before and after VVD. Now take out VVD from Liverpools defence and replace with Koscienly and watch the defence crumble.

    Would that automatically make Klopp a bad coach?

  66. Charlie George

    Do u watch Liverpool score 4 goals in 28 mins at Anfield?
    If not -I suggest you have another look

    Torreira at fault for all 4..
    Firminio was rinsing past him–AND HE WAS CARRYING THE BALL!

  67. Dissenter

    I do think Emery is losing the dressing room because he’s mishandled the Ozil situation.
    Too many players are publicly lamenting the poor performance in the final third. That’s probably a code language for get Ozil back in.

  68. gambon


    Klopp took over Liverpool in 10th… the end of his first full season they were 4th.

    He improved the Liverpool team without any kind of transfer budget.

  69. azed

    “Ole Gunnar Solksjaer has immediately improved UTDs performance levels, without spending a penny and without a pre-season.”

    Are you trying to say this has nothing to do with the quality of players at Utd? Or if you gave Solksjaer Fulham’s team, they would be performing at the same level with this UTD team?

  70. Leedsgunner

    … and predictably the Arteta love in starts again. I just don’t understand what is so special about him.

    We have PV4 managing in Nice and TH14 cutting their teeth at Monaco. Heck even Sol Campbell is managing real competitive team in Macclesfield.

    I would give them a ring before Arteta any day of the week.

  71. Pedro

    ‘I wish people would stop immediately going to “Emery needs better players”’

    Amen, the whole point of a new manager was that they’d eat up all the low-hanging fruit. Better training, more planning, better rotation, more modern approach.

    Poch would have this team improving in every area. Even Klopp in his first season had Liverpool offering up glimpses into what they could be.

  72. gambon

    “The stats suggest UTD should have won the 2005 FA cup but they did not.”


    You dont seem to understand that this actually backs up my point, rather than refutes it.

    Sometimes results will exceed performance for short periods.

    Try flipping Heads on a coin. Long term you cant possibly beat 50/50, but when you go through periods of H H H H H you dont convince yourself youre the best coin flipper in the world…….or maybe you would, but you’d be wrong.

  73. azed

    “Klopp took over Liverpool in 10th… the end of his first full season they were 4th.

    He improved the Liverpool team without any kind of transfer budget.”

    Are we going to discount the season he took over? If Klopp is so magical, while didn’t he finish 5th or 6th the season he took over?

    Klopp took Liverpool from 10th to 4th Ranieri took Leicester from relegation fight to Champions.

  74. Pedro

    Leeds, Pep and Poch both leaned into Arteta. There was no fight to have PV04 over in the UK. There was no rush for Sheikh Mansour to offer PV04 a crack at city after Pep leaves.

    I don’t really care about hiring Arteta, but having a coach who could move the club forward would be nice

  75. Graham62


    Not “odious” at all. Just a bit naive.

    Of course I personally can’t do anything, but the supporters can.

    It’s very easy.

    Have a spiffing day.

  76. bennydevito


    Great point regarding Ole G at utd, has to be said.

    But then he knows Utd, was there before as a player and has been getting help from Fergie so I don’t really think the 2 are comparable in all honesty.

  77. Emiratesstroller

    Charlie George

    I think that there are plenty of other good foreign managers/head coaches in

    The monetary argument applies to all managers in the system. Do you seriously believe that Guardiola is only a good manager because of the resources made available to him at Barcelona, Bayern and Man City?

    So far as I am concerned the only British Manager who has been a real success
    since the EPL was formed is Ferguson. Most of the others turned out to be
    grossly overrated or at the very least disappointing.

  78. Leedsgunner

    For 22 years we were told to judge the manager in May. I think we could give Emery until May before we start throwing rotten fruit at him.

    One thing is for sure, if Emery doesn’t land Arsenal into the Champion’s League via the league or through winning the Europa League he will be out.

  79. Charlie George

    Emery- like the struggling claude puel will always gonna struggle because they are dour,technocrats .
    They see problems that are not there
    When in fact – they are the problem themselves

  80. Receding Hairline

    Leeds, Pep and Poch both leaned into Arteta. There was no fight to have PV04 over in the UK. There was no rush for Sheikh Mansour to offer PV04 a crack at city after Pep leaves.

    Maybe because they both knew him before and were his friends, there is a preexisting relationship between Arteta and those two. My friends want to hire me isn’t really that big a thing.

    No one has offered Arteta the Man City job after Pep, the fact you keep telling yourself they have doesn’t make it true

  81. Charlie George

    I solemnly believe pep would struggle at Fulham, for example yes
    He is a driven man
    So that’s a plus.

    But ,I think he is another coach who overcomplicates the game.
    Where’ as Klopp doesn’t
    That’s why Klopp normally beats him

  82. azed

    “Poch would have this team improving in every area”

    Poch took team that finished 6th and to 5th while conceding more goals. With a team that already had Eriksen, Vertonghen, Danny Rose, Kylie Walker, Harry Kane and Eric Lamela.

    Poch was so good he improved Spuds defence by conceding more.

  83. Pedro

    RH, yes they have.

    In elite management, you hire people that make you better. Pep works so closely and raves about him because he thinks he’s an incredible talent.

  84. Pedro

    Azed, Poch took over a team a million miles away from Arsenal with next to no budget… he really had to build from a point of nothing. Incredible that he’s even being compared to Emery really, that’s how good a job he’s done.

  85. Receding Hairline

    Arteta does not improve Pep Guardiola one might as well be the one sitting here and Man City will still be the force they are

    The one game he left to Arteta at home in the champions league they lost at home to Lyon. elite management

  86. Receding Hairline

    Azed, Poch took over a team a million miles away from Arsenal with next to no budget… he really had to build from a point of nothing. Incredible that he’s even being compared to Emery really, that’s how good a job he’s done.

    Harry Redknapp did a great job with Spurs before the England debacle, i wish you will stop rewriting history just to make your points

  87. Un na naai


    I see what you’re saying but my response is this

    If you aren’t entirely sure of ozil and Ramsey and you haven’t got lots of money to replace the players you’re letting go then why let them go?
    They would be handy right now wouldn’t they?
    If he was entirely sure about ozil and Ramsey then he’s made a massive error by misplacing his faith in them AND letting two other creative midfielders leave for free.

    It smacks of poor planning to me.

  88. Leedsgunner

    Pep can buy any player he wants thanks to oil money. Buying the best players to the title… yeah managerial genius at work there.

  89. Un na naai


    Do you not think a one year extension to figure out his side would have been better?

    He clearly didn’t know as much as he thought he did about ramsey and ozil as they were dropped almost immediately.

    Therefore keeping reinforcements would have been the wise thing to do surely?

  90. Graham62

    Charlie George

    You’ve hit the nail on the head.

    Emery is one of those ” dour technocrats”.

    I like to call it “Paralysis by analysis”.

  91. InsideRight

    I don’t comment here much, work takes care of that, but I have a view nonetheless. I wanted Wenger out for the last 8 years. It was clear he had used up what he had. He didn’t adapt or innovate and embraced managed decline. It was painful and annoying to see. So I was delighted when he went.

    I had such hopes for Arsenal to reboot. I wanted Allegri. I would have put up with Jardim. Pedro’s talk up of Nagelsmann intrigued me and I would have taken a punt. I wasn’t sold on Arteta because he has no track record. Why does this matter? It’s to say that Emery was not even in my thinking.

    People talk him up as a great coach for winning the Europa League three times on the trot. That tells me that despite making it into the Champions League after the second Europa win, his Sevilla failed early doors and dropped back down into the Europa, which they managed to win again. No evidence there of progress in my book. His time at PSG was so so. Nothing outstanding. Certainly it was marked by player selection errors. How could a man with so inauspicious a record and with a perennial question mark over his selection decisions be considered the right man for Arsenal?

    I was willing to give him a fair go. Six months in and we are no further forward. The promised player improvement isn’t evident. Kick off team selections have not been right all season, requiring early remedial substitutions. The press only appears in fits and starts. Obvious dead wood has been left on the payroll but no closer to the first team, at the cost of making new signings. I just don’t see a massive transformation coming. We need to plan for the next man to come in in 18 months time when the break clause can be triggered.

  92. Receding Hairline

    RH, militantly ill-informed, as always.

    Spurs qualified for the champions league under Redknapp and reached a quarter final ( Pochettino has not gone past the second round), Redknapp was named premier league manager of the year. He only missed out on a second qualification for the champions league because Chelsea won it

    I don’t know what i am ill-informed on

  93. Dissenter

    Why you keep referring to every rebuttal as “militant ‘?
    You used that language for my earlier posts and now you’re labeling RH’s respectful debate the same.
    I think at this point your Emery criticisms can be safely tagged with an ulterior motive.

  94. Un na naai


    Redknapp did a great job at spurs
    Massively under appreciated manager
    He also took West Ham to 6th playing lovely football in the 90s
    Took Portsmouth from the foot of the first division to the top 10 of the premiership and won them the FA cup, again Buidling a really good team and playing lovely football

  95. azed

    ” Poch took over a team a million miles away from Arsenal with next to no budget”

    Pedro this is a big FAT LIE, a lie so big Trump wouldn’t dare say it

    Poch took over a team that had Kylie Walker, Jan Vertonghen and Danny Rose in defence. Those 3 will walk into our starting 11 today.

    Poch took over a team that had Christian Eriksen, Erik Lamela and Mousa Dembele in midfield. Those 3 will walk into our starting line today.

    If we add Harry Kane and Hugu Lloris, it means Poch took over a team in which 8 of the players would walk into the starting 11 Emery inherited and he still conceded 53 goals.

    This is the same Poch that already had a season as manager in the EPL.

    You are entitled to your opinion but some of us her will call you out when you start making stuff up.

  96. Receding Hairline

    Someone compared Emery to AVB earlier

    AVB has also been named European Coach of the year, he was once hot stuff. Chelsea handed him the keys then he tanked.

    You would have lauded him back then if i could be bothered to check, like your glowing piece on the Schalke manager who is now finding the second season tough going.

    You are only prepared to give Emery six months because he doesn’t excite you. You who once wrote a piece on how we should go all out for Ballotelli ..yet i am the militant

  97. Cesc Appeal

    I remember Pedro calling me militant for my anti-Wenger stance a couple of years before he turned.

    Don’t worry, he will come around.

  98. Receding Hairline

    I think at this point your Emery criticisms can be safely tagged with an ulterior motive.

    We passed that point the day he was appointed over Arteta…all the praise he gave him was building him up knowing a difficult period in the season will come when he would gleefully tear him down

  99. azed

    In Poch’s first season, he signed

    Ben Davies, Michel Vorm, Eric Dier, DeAndre Yedlin, Federico Fazio, Benjamin Stambouli , Dele Alli(Jan)

    So the idea that Poch had no money is also a lie.

  100. Charlie George

    Graham 62
    Every time I see a foto of Emery in training- he has a clipboard.?
    As for his video analysis- what is he actually analyse?
    Seriously. ? not got the foggiest

    HE has lost the players

    If we still have him in charge next year And
    What with a the introduction of VAR – I will stop watching…

  101. useroz

    sounds good on paper but would’nt fly sadly

    one detrimental difference in our case :

    …stans “money is not on the line” relatively speaking with new PL monies flowing

    …and stan already sitting on 200%+ P/L

    thus no burning need , again, from tan viewpoint , for an “excellent product”

    last not least , Afc has a global (not local London) fan base, unlike Rams, that has been /is quite tolerant of substandard football , again , unlike the LAers.

    but of course if some of the above change or trend differently, much is still possible !

  102. Dissenter

    Pedro argued for years for a proper club intrastucture with a strong back room team.
    Now that we have a new DoF and chief scout, some of the best in the business, why don’t we give the system a chance to work. Emery will be assessed by his superiors and they will make a decision.
    All these cheerleading to abruptly disrupt the nascent process is detrimental. The club was wise to only give a 2 year contract so there’s no loss for us. We just need to do keep signing good young players for the future.

  103. Guns of SF


    Un Nai getting his hand slapped…. what else is new on here

    Anyway, Pedro, I read this post and still trying to wrap my head around it as it pertains to Arsenal. I cannot deduce anything your the Rams, that they have done aside from handling contracts better and getting a good coach.

    Arsenal have done the same. Contracts are being totally revamped and we have a new coach who inherited dirt.

    If Stan can put in 1.5 B, what is 100 Million to make us competitive again, as you state, he is all about profit- and bottom line.

    if the LA Rams are LA entertainment, then he needs to invest in making Arsenal London entertainment just the same

    I personally do not think he has a clue about football. Its a generational and cultural difference with him! Someone convinced him to invest in EPL, as that is where the money is. End of.

    I appreciate that Arsenal and the Rams are 2 different entities- and as such its like comparing apples and oranges

    With no investment, its going to be hard. We are not producing any youth of note. ( ala Lyon, etc)

    A lot of heat going towards the new team, but Kronke is also at fault here. the buck stops with him

  104. Guns of SF

    I hope that UTarse is on point with his theory that Stan is going to sell the club now that he is the sole owner. More $$ coming his way.

    A dream- perhaps?

  105. TR7

    Ask all these gentlemen who defend Emery day and night one positive aspect of Emery’s coaching/management, they will all start scratching their heads.

  106. Graham62

    Charlie George

    If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your historical connection with Arsenal.

    When did you start supporting the club?

  107. Cesc Appeal

    There are some perfectly reasonable criticisms to lay at Emery’s door this season, without doubt.

    But I do take Pedro’s criticisms with a truckload of salt. I remember the weeks after Emery’s appointment he actually got called out on how tiresome it was reading his posts that sounded like a jilted lover because he had got so hipsterishly caught up in Arteta being this second coming hidden jewel with absolutely zero evidential basis.

    I remember that Gazidis was the best thing ever and that, like Arteta, based on things he had heard Gazidis was very well thought of and was an expert. Now he’s a c**t that f****d the club with Wenger.

    There’s a pragmatism you need to have here. Emery was the best we could do given our situation and if he doesn’t cut it we will be in a much better place off and on the field for the new manager.

    On the Arteta point, and really I don’t want to focus on it too much because the idea is just absurd. Firstly, he has no managerial experience and about 2 years as an assistant. Secondly, I’m not sure how much he is learning from Guardiola. I’m not sure what good it is learning you have defensive issues so solve them by spending £200 Million. Wow. Why didn’t anyone else think of that? Sure, Guardiola plays scintillating attacking football, but he has premium players in every position.

    If Arteta goes to some average Ligue 1 club, or Bundesliga club or something and changes their direction I will hold my hands up and say fair enough.

    My suspicion is he is going to hide behind Guardiola’s skirt for as long as possible, undeservedly land a top job, bomb, but will have made a massive slice of money and will probably then f**k off to the MLS or China to manage.

  108. Up 4 grabs now


    Agree with you all the way concerning poch.
    Pedro spurs were never a million miles away from us.
    It wasn’t like we’re winning the league and there Sat in 17th spot.

    They were always around us, they just got better and we got worse over the years.
    They still choke, 5-1 loss to ten man Newcastle that meant they finished below us and Leicester ring any bells.

    Poch needs a trophy this season, and even the league cup wouldn’t exactly be a Sign off greatness.

  109. Receding Hairline

    Ask all these gentlemen who defend Emery day and night one positive aspect of Emery’s coaching/management, they will all start scratching their heads.

    Bet you weren’t head scratching when celebrating 22 game unbeaten runs and Trashing spurs at home in a very very good performance. Or that time some prematurely sang they had their Arsenal back

    Success has many friends, failure is an orphan

  110. Receding Hairline

    There are some perfectly reasonable criticisms to lay at Emery’s door this season, without doubt.

    And that is the crux of the matter..not a single person has, besides Joe maybe, has suggested Emery is beyond criticism or that he is even doing the best he can.

    But to advocate a sacking after six months, a club you have wrote posts and posts on how have fallen behind, how poor our squad is with relation to the salaries paid and so on , to advocate sacking the manager six months in and then proceed to name calling, bland and indecisive, while championing a novice and pretending that’s not what you are doing..

    Come on ..we are not all fools you know

  111. Up 4 grabs now

    If every hasn’t moved us on this time next year then start to call for his head.
    Ffs the guy has a major refurbishment to do on the squad.
    He got given 70 million and needed almost a full first eleven just to compete.
    He got 3 player upgrades, 1 prospect in guendouzi and a free right back as cover for bellerin.
    Unfortunately he’s had to play since our whole back four has been injured all season.

    People say he’s a Europa league manager, last time I checked with the other five teams around us, winning the Europa league looks to be the only way to qualify for the champions league.

  112. Guns of SF


    Spot on. Arteta is a fraud. A so so player with us, who for some reason, was supposed to be the next messiah? Pleaseeee

    I respect our boys- PV4, TH for trying to cut their teeth elsewhere. DB10 etc.

    Wenger disrespcted their strong voices- his own ego interferring with what was best for the club.

    Anyhow, I give Emery a chance. I do not envy his position at all.

  113. Cesc Appeal

    I think Emery’s style was evident early on, a high tempo forward press and a high back line to squeeze the pitch. Spurs play a similar way.

    What happened though I think was the realisation that he didn’t have anywhere close to the squad to do it.

    My gripe with Emery mainly is that he has slowly abandoned a lot of his ideas to try to eek out results when he should be doing what Klopp did which is just stubbornly sticking to his way of doing things and making a point to the board.

    Get me players that can do what I’m asking. We’ve seen glimpses of what he wants in a handful of performances but we don’t have the players who can do that over a prolonged period. Hence him talking about fatigue now.

    You can say Emery trains them too hard etc but Pochettino pulls double sessions often, Klopp demands a ridiculous amount of work from his players. What these managers have in common is they had to build a team that delivered what they want.

  114. Un na naai


    I’m not advocating the sacking of emery. I just doubt his capabilities

    What I would preferred to see is that he is properly backed so he is at least access to all of the tools at his disposal.

    However as it stands he’s kicked off his reign with some really bad decisions and he’s made it a lot easier to cast doubt on him.

  115. Champagne charlie

    Yea, haven’t seen much given FOR Emery in defence of him. Just a lot of deflective rubbish about other unknown avenues (like Arteta) and casual fluff about the posters making critics remarks.

    Would love to know what signs of encouragement people have to counter the pretty modest criticisms.

    He’s not improved us by any metric when you sit and watch the side.

  116. Sancho Monzorla

    The notion that Kroenke’s recognition that LA is fickle with their teams (very true) is what catapulted the Rams to success is really a reach. Occam’s Razor – they made a good coaching hire and got lucky. Give them credit for making a hire outside the box, now other NFL teams are clamoring to hire young innovative head coaches. But really a big part of it was luck, there was no way to know what would happen. The amount of personnel that changed on a team that went from 4-12 to 11-5 was nearly zero. And a new coaching staff can make an immediate difference in American football in ways impossible in regular football, it’s just the nature of the game.

    The Rams were already talented in a way that Arsenal were not. Rams have the best player in football, Aaron Donald. Most of you will probably not recognize his name because he is a defensive tackle, but he’s been around. They have the top pick out of the entire draft from two years ago playing quarterback. They have a runningback who by any measure is a top 2 player in his position. Les Snead the GM (basically a DoF) has been there since 2012. The VP Pedro quoted has been there for a decade.

    This isn’t a case of Kroenke felt compelled to act differently with one franchise. It’s a case of revisionist history, where the narrative of the past has changed after the arrival of success. Like what else is he going to say when moving to a place like LA, “yeah we weren’t trying hard in St Louis, probably won’t try that hard in LA either.” Of course not. He’s running shit exactly the same, hiring people who know more than him and hoping they do a good job. Those same exact people did a shit job for a decade and now they are doing better. Maybe Arsenal’s staff will take a decade too, but if and when it won’t be because of more interest from one man.

  117. Un na naai


    I’m not advocating the sacking of emery. I just doubt his capabilities
    What I would preferred to see is that he is properly backed so he at least has access to all of the possible tools at his disposal. However as it stands he’s kicked off his reign with some really bad decisions and he’s made it a lot easier to cast doubt on him.

  118. Guns of SF


    The issue is also our off the ball movement. we just stand and watch mostly.
    Look at liverpool- almost all players are moving into space and strategic positions.
    We watch the person with the ball, offer help and keep watching.

    We are not good at moving, offering options in attack…. Its ball watching at its finest.

    IF we want to play Ozil again, he needs to learn how to defend, press, and offer us options in attack. Hell, use his lazy ass as a third forward… if thats what he can offer in addition to the shit he gives us.

    Emery is going to have to squeeze all the juice out of this team to get anything close to 4th

  119. Pedro

    Arteta a fraud for going to work with the best in the business. Unreal carry-on.

    But, it’s all about deflection. Man in the hot seat isn’t good enough and the only defence we have is to give him more money.

    They said that about Wenger and look where that landed us.

    CA, you are right about Ivan G. I said that he’d been given an unfair rub under Wenger. Then he outfitted a modern infrastructure before he left. On paper, it looked pretty damn smart.

    Questions is: Will it deliver?

    Sven: Can’t argue about this hire
    Raul: Can he make a club great doing it scrappy?
    Vinai: Does he know a lot about football?
    Huss: Mountains to move on our pay structure
    Edu: No idea what he’s bringing to the table

  120. TR7

    ‘Bet you weren’t head scratching when celebrating 22 game unbeaten runs and Trashing spurs at home in a very very good performance. Or that time some prematurely sang they had their Arsenal back’

    We were average even during our unbeaten run, mediocre performances but great results thanks to our prolific strikers.

  121. Pedro

    Sancho, ‘luck’ is a nonsense. They made a smart hire and had a defined vision of what they wanted to achieve on the pitch

  122. Up 4 grabs now

    I’m not interested in how we play if it’s pretty or not.

    Win the next ten 1-0 with all of them playing shite Wimbledon hoof it up the field football.
    Scoring off a penalty or deflection off iwobis arse, I don’t care.

    Unless some of you haven’t realised we don’t have a Dennis, a Thierry, paddy or Cesc playing for us anymore.
    Emery got the dregs of a side and got given pocket change to improve it, as Wenger blew our famous war chest on shite players.
    Win first by any means,
    If it means we get champions league football, which means more money then we get better players.

    With the squad we have, no one, and I mean no one would have us much higher than fifth.
    Emery isn’t perfect, and I will be the first to bin him off, but give the guy a chance.