LA Rams electric success and the power of a guiding philosophy (long read)

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The pent up desire of some American’s to lambast an Englishman for daring to speak of NFL is one of the most amusing things I’ve seen online all year. It’s like 15 years of being called shit fans by Brexit Twitter has had an impact on them. I can’t tolerate the steady stream of nonsense from people telling me the LA Rams and Arsenal aren’t comparable. If you’re saying that, you aren’t paying attention to a sport you’re trying to claim a knowledge advantage on, so now I am about to school you in with a touchgoal of a post.

My central argument is that the LA Rams has embarked on an innovative strategy to capture the imagination of a city that has plenty of elite pass times. This from the WaPo:

Anywhere else in America, an undefeated NFL team beating teams by 15 points on average would be a dominant civic force. Here, it is different. The Dodgers are in the World Series, LeBron James is on the Lakers, and the box office totals come out every week. All the Rams do is win. But are they winning over Los Angeles?

The output of the strategy is to dazzle. The anxiety driving that approach is that no one will buy a shitty product in LA. Stan has to entertain to make his investment work. Money is on the line.

The Rams were shite in St. Louis. I have worked extensively in that city, listened to cab drivers bemoan his drab leadership, and actually worked with business people who tried to keep the franchise in the city.

When Stan moved them to LA, betraying his hometown, his team went on the record stating they needed an excellent product, because LA folk wouldn’t tolerate substandard sport. Stan had this to say:

Our goal always has been to create an exciting and long-term solution for the NFL, our 31 partners and Los Angeles football fans.

The LA Rams guiding philosophy comes from the very top and drips down into management team, I believe they call it trickle down guiding philosophy, and it works. This is their VP of Operations, Kevin Demoff.

This is actually getting to how you build a fan base brick-by-brick, fan-by-fan, and get people to understand what the Rams are

It is a very crowded landscape we once had a lofty perch in. It’s going to take time to get back to that lofty perch. The way you do it, you play exciting football. You have players who people not only recognize but they like and understand. You have a coach who brings an exciting style of play.

This sort of approach is what I called for in the summer. It’s a business winning idea, especially if like Stan, you consider sport a content game. It’s why Madrid and Barcelona invest so much on the pitch, because the rewards that come back from commercial deals rocket if you’re appealing to a global audience. The below piece in Forbes by Dr. Rishe of the Washington Business school drills into what he calls the hearts and mind strategy the new franchise is adopting.

Well, when the on-field product is abysmally boring and unimaginative, who among us as consumers of sport want to “belong” to a losing brand?  Nor do we want to “identify” with a losing brand.  Nor do we feel enriched from supporting a losing product.

Thus, the transformation of the Rams organization on the field since Sean McVay’s arrival as head coach plays a crucial role in transforming consumer perceptions of the brand.  Now, when we think of Rams football, we think of an electrifying and innovative approach which is both hip and efficient.  And these characteristics not only resonate with just about any consumer, but especially the cherished millennial and Gen Z consumers which most companies covet (due to their higher potential lifetime customer value to the company).

In short, winning the hearts and imaginations of fans helps to reinvent a brand, change consumer perceptions, inspire greater brand loyalty, which ultimately leads to a more premium-priced and profitable product.

Chasing Gen Z and Millenials is all I hear about at work, but in Premier League football’s case, it’s especially pertinent as we have an age issue in the stands with the average age of season ticket holders sitting at around 43! Clubs need to fill the pipelines back up, otherwise, there’s going to be an issue further down the line. Playing incredible football feels like a business necessity heading into an era of sport that will be be more global, mobile, easier to access, and more competitive than ever before.

Creating an incredible experience at Arsenal should have been the goal. The club had 6 months to think about who they wanted to be after the Wenger reboot, but they clearly didn’t have a plan (or it was a bit shit). Nothing screams that the club is united around a vision, or has an idea of how they’re going to make it happen. We don’t even have a CEO, opting for a Houllier/Evans power share.

Our objective is a return to the Champions League, we’ve tried to achieve that by blowing money on experience that’s not good enough. Our strategy was a tactic, with a average vision of how to achieve it. We should have been thinking about the bigger picture, clearly defining how to become exceptional within realistic contraints. Riches should have been the byproduct of succeeding with the said vision.

Arsenal do not look like they know how to be exceptional, and rumblings of Denis Suarez and Ever Banega don’t convince me that’s changing anytime soon.

Below are the actions the Rams took to get themselves into the position they’re in right now.

Key personnel decisions have completely transformed the vibe of the entire organization, including:

  • The hiring of the innovative and energetic Sean McVay;
  • The patience to allow McVay to develop Jared Goff into a successful NFL quarterback;
  • The wisdom of extending standouts Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald to long-term deals;
  • The aggressiveness during the 2018 off-season to add considerable skill and depth on both sides of the ball (specifically on defense)…not to mention the recent acquisition of Dante Fowler Jr. (though his outbursts in the Seattle game almost cost the team severely).  While the defense needs serious refinements and some of the additions have underperformed (Marcus Peters) or not performed due to injury (Aqib Talib), there is still hope that the skill, depth and experience of these veterans will pay dividends in the playoffs.

Collectively, these decisions were strategically shrewd because (1) you could afford to be aggressive financially in the short-term while QB Goff is still under his rookie contract, and (2) you want to create excitement and positive energy about the brand in the build up towards the team’s eventual relocation to the palatial new stadium in Inglewood in 2020.

In short, the Rams rebrand has been accelerated by a series of strategic personnel decisions.  Largely because of the play on the field, the Rams brand is now perceived to be hip, innovative, creative, and explosive.  These winning traits certainly play anywhere, but especially the case in a market like Los Angeles accustomed to supporting dynamic winners.

There’s a guiding principle at the Rams, and because the goal is set at the top, you can build everything around achieving that with the resources you have at your disposal. They have built buzz from top to bottom, they know the sort of coach they needed to hire, they know the type of players, young and old they need to recruit. They know the expectations of how the game needs to be played. They have built something from nothing and there’s a huge buzz around the place.

Arsenal should be replicating this approach. It’s perfect for us. We can’t win with lavish investments. We can win by having an ambitious goal of being the most exciting young football team in Europe, building our entire club around that idea.

Key learnings from the LA Rams:

  • They have a north star: Play scintillating football that captures the hearts and minds of the locals
  • They hire the best thinkers in the game
  • They have been creative with their approach to player trading

The exact same person that runs Arsenal dismally is pulling up trees in LA, doing ALL the things you’d want him to be doing at Arsenal.

Now, in their 3rd season in Los Angeles and 2nd season under Coach McVay’s leadership, the organization is now perceived as an innovative and electrifying team whose executive leadership isn’t afraid to make big moves both on and off the field.

That concluding point is what you want people to be writing of Arsenal. If the perception of your club reads like that, you become an exciting opportunity for young players who want to grow their careers and develop their talent with coaches that can help them. You win new fans because people want to watch you play. You grow commercials because big brands want to be associated with the most exhilarating team on the planet. You attract the best minds in the game who want to express their ideas at a club like London. You open yourselves up to new uses of technology, cutting edge fitness approaches and even science of the mind. Everything gets better because there is a guiding philosophy of excitement that drives the club.

So why can’t we have that?

You. That’s why. This is Stan on London fans.

Obviously London is a comparable stage to Los Angeles, and Arsenal has one of the most passionate and vocal fan bases in sports. So I don’t see that really impacting us.

We’re noisy, he hears us, but he doesn’t care. Why? Because a shitty Arsenal product doesn’t impact him at all.

Adidas still want to give us £60m a year. Rwanda still wants to advertise on our shirts. You still give over £1500+ for your season ticket without question. You will still attend every week, even if you find it boring. Why? Because there is no correlation between your love for Arsenal and how good they are on the pitch. This is a uniquely Premier League thing. Stan cannot lose with Arsenal unless things go really bad, which they won’t under semi-competent leadership. Premier League football is by default a success machine. The money never stops going up. You can disguise average leadership, because all the charts point upwards.

Stan works in the world of real estate. He’ll buy up property in areas where new Walmarts are going to open up, sit back, and play the long game. Same with Arsenal, he doesn’t need to invest any of his own money and the thing hikes in value like nobodies business.

He is succeeding in the NFL because he knew he had to bring new fans through the doors and he had to get people to tune into the matches. He had to do something radical, he had to entertain, and he had to invest in an idea.

Are we investing in a vision like that? What are our bold moves? What are the club doing to put on an incredible show to bring in new fans into the ‘franchise’? Doesn’t seem like a lot. We are making a lot of safe moves to catch up, but how are we using our resource to move ahead?

Arsenal can have everything the Rams have. But there needs to be a desire from the people installed at the club to push the owners for what they need. Or, it needs the people we hired to be fiercely ambitious and hugely competitive. Do we have disruptors in charge, or an easy life crowd? Outside of the excellent hiring of Sven Mislintat, where is the innovation coming from? Can you see who the club is shaping up to be over the next five years? Can you see a style developing on the pitch that you’d want to buy into if you were a young player?

I can’t.

The point of this post is it’s not all doom and gloom.

Stan has shown the world he can think like a proper owner. He’s shown that when he cares about something – because his money is on the line – he can make really exciting decisions and take risks that drive towards something.

Question is, how do we get some of that LA Rams magic to The Arsenal?

Podcast recording TODAY. Let’s all laugh at Spurs. Lololololol

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  1. Martin Keady

    Good piece, Pedro, but surely it misses the most important point, namely that all of Kroenke’s interest and energy is in the Rams, not Arsenal? As far as Kroenke is concerned, Arsenal are just an afterthought, which is the last thing they will ever be for a true fan. However, you are almost certainly right that only a fans’ boycott of the club, which will hit profits from his cash-cow, will make Kroenke even remember that he even owns Arsenal…

  2. Tony

    Arsenal is a product and players and football is its core business that creates the generation of income and thus profits.

    I cannot fathom why Kroenke would spend over £400 million buying the balance of the shares to 100% own something where the product is failing so badly and not invest in the product to stop the rot.I wonder what Adidas is thinking about their new contract/investment?

    Who will want to buy Xhaka, Mhiki and Mustafi shirts? What is the shelf life of Auba and Laca going to be for a 6th placed team seemingly heading downwards rather than improving its position and profile because it has no money to buy the required talent.

  3. Graham62


    We need to get TH14 to come back and play a few games.

    That would up our “profile” for a short while.

    Adidas must be concerned.

  4. Un na naai


    Completely agree. It only makes sense if you consider that he bought the club as a a financial leverage for his deals in the states.

    Otherwise why bother? He’s watched us slip away from even the much derided top four trophy slots.

    What happened to the Nigerian billionaire who was after us?? Anything but kroenke.

  5. Ed

    I dont give a monkirs about Stan or his American dream, I care about Arsenal football Club… thats the team he either puts up or shuts up and leaves… draing our club to fund elsewhere does not sit well.

  6. Dissenter

    NFL is a diminishing sport over here, Pedro should know that. Attendances are down and so is TV viewership. The same malaise extends the sport at all levels, several colleges and high schools are shuttering their football programs.

    Major league sports is very different from sports everywhere else in the world. The recruiting, financing and the actual practice is somewhat socialistic and is set up to level out competitive and maximize entertainment value.

    Pedro misread it, hence all the yammering about appointing a novice manager.
    In American football, the head coach has certain responsibilities as is the offfensive coordinator and defensive coordinators. They are often appointed separately.
    Besides the only new money Kroenke has spent is on his new stadium which is solely financed by banks. The total cost is building is already set to be as much as $4.5 billions with Kroenke on the line for the cost overruns. He’s even responsible for building access roads and basic utilities. He can do this because the NFL is very profitable and location is everything. It’s easily run on autopilot even without fan participation.

  7. Graham62

    Now that Wenger and Gazidis have left the building, Kroenke has an obligation to clear up this mess.

    It won’t take too much more indecisiveness on his part for the fans to voice their concerns and anger as to what is going on.

    Come on. No money to spend?!?

    Fudging ridiculous.

  8. TallestTiz


    Mehn…. What manager plats with this ffs!

  9. Dissenter

    It’s also wrong to assume that Kronke bought Arsenal to financially leverage his American business.
    He bought a profitable club, wth a quaintly successful history, in an international city, with middle class fans FOR PROFIT, same as any business man would do.
    He bought it because it was well run by the domestic partners. He wouldn’t need to intrude himself in changing nada to make it work. Arsenal was the perfect SAFE investment. We even had a self-sufficiency policy and a world-class skinflint manager in place at the time.
    He doesn’t need Arsenal to leverage his US business. The NFL is very profitable and he’s building in an era of historically low interests rate. The US banking system is awash with cheap money. Mortgage rates are still half of what it was 15 years ago.

    Un na
    Stop the false narrative

  10. Graham62


    Not one Arsenal fan(outside the US) gives a toss about Kroenke’s NFL commitments, although I appreciate and respect your input on this matter.

    Arsenal are far bigger than Stan Kroenke and should he bottle his obligations he will/must feel the fans wrath and in no uncertain terms.

  11. Dissenter

    Aliko Dangote is not your village idiot
    He’s not coming to save Arsenal. Usmanov is richer and even he coudn’t buy out Kroenke.
    What is with people expecting handouts and suger daddies?


    Loans only.
    and Sanchez yes Sanchez.
    I stress loans.
    I feel these players will strengthen
    our weak squad just till the end of the season and VITALLY EUROPE.

  13. Receding Hairline

    What is with people expecting handouts and suger daddies?


    A lack of patience

    Wanting your football team to make your own shortcomings

    Inferiority complex

    Comparing yourself to teams who got their shit together over time while demanding yours happen in six months


    Tale your pick

  14. Dissenter

    Pedro chose to base his arguments on Kroenke’s American sporting businesss.
    That’s why this came up if you missed th4e post [scroll up the page]

    If you were spending as much as 5 billion to establish your American business, all of which you are responsible for because there is no public financing. Your other sporting business in London is supposedly on cruise control, which one would be more dear to you.

    You say Arsenal,is bigger that Kroenke and I call BS on that. Arsenal is Kroenke and Kroenke is Arsenal.
    I was 100% behind Usmanov but was in the minority then. I remember reading post after post from the likes of Emirate slagging the man off for everything under the sun. It was Usmanov who advocated for a different approach which is infusing money into the club. At the time, people called his money ‘blood money”

    How is Dangote’s money different. The likes of Emirates Stroller got the owner they deserved. Let’s just stop all the crying now, shall we?

  15. MKEGunner

    OK. First time ever posting here, but seems a good time. As an American Arsenal fan and football (soccer) fan in general, it seems that the idea of increasing the value of a sports franchise by way of a winning product on-field is quite the no-brainer. Isn’t the business axiom, ‘you have to spend money to make money’? I think it’s pretty clear that it’s not that Stan does’t understand Arsenal, but doesn’t understand that football is a world sport and not just a local game.

    Especially with the bigger and bigger TV deals over the past few years, the sport is becoming more and more popular in the States, particularly the EPL. While I’ve been amazed at meeting other Arsenal fans in my hometown, I’m the only one walking around in an Arsenal shirt, but it seems every year there are more and more Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Bayern, RM and Barcelona shirts, bumper stickers, etc. everywhere. Why? Those teams win. When you’re new to the sport, you look to the clubs that win, not the ones in 12th place. It’s how I became and Arsenal supporter to begin with (2004-2005). Had a conversation with a coworker recently and somehow the conversation got to soccer and he admitted he’s a Man U supporter.

    How could you miss a huge business opportunity like that? It’s a global sport. Not just English. Why wouldn’t you want to make Arsenal the first club new fans of the game turn to?

  16. Dissenter

    Do these people know how Dangote made his money?
    Do they even care?
    The Uzbekh billionaire who advocated infusing money into the club was called a phony and opportunistic because he wasn’t a die-hard on Wenger. He called Wenger out several times with off hand comments and was detested by people who couldn’t stand that.
    The ship has sailed. We are stuck with Kroenke, enjoy it people because he’s not going anywhere.

  17. gonsterous


    man utd are chasing us. they won’t hand over a single player to us. We on the other hand love to sell our best players to our rivals.

  18. kc

    Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints! You’re precious Rams are fucked in the Superdome. They beat the Cowboys ffs. A team that’s won 3 playoff games in the last 23 years. Start the parade already. Fucking ignorant limey thinks he’s knows the NFL now because he bet on the favorite to win. Fucking hilarious. Almost as funny as some nobody blog writer thinking he has any say on who owns Arsenal.

  19. Leftsidesanch

    Yet you log on and continually write your nonsense on this ‘nobody’s blog….

    Makes sense don’t it KC dawg

  20. Emiratesstroller


    I know absolutely nothing about American Football apart from the similarities
    between the game and rugby.

    My limited knowledge is that American Football is popular in the University
    System and attracts large attendances at that level and helps to finance other
    financially strapped sports in those Universities such as Notre Dame
    where the game is popular.

    So I have some questions for you?

    1. How much revenue does the LA Franchise owned by Kroenke raise annually.

    2. How does this franchise compare with other leading clubs in US in attracting best players?

    3. I believe that they are building a large stadium with a massive investment.
    How was the money raised for that project?

    4. Is there a wage and transfer fee cap on players or is there a free for all as
    in European Football?For example professional rugby in England does have some strict financial rules which explains why the League is so much more competitive than Premier League Football.

    Personally I am glad that you have introduced on Le Grove an insight into how
    LA Rams is operating, because it offers a better understanding of how Kroenke is operating in USA.

  21. Graham62

    BS? I don’t think so.

    This has nothing to do with Kroenke and his billions. You obviously feel it does.

    Arsenal Football Club is, and never has been, Kroenke FC.

    I know the dollar rules in the US but here in the UK we tend to ignore all that crap because, at the end of the day, we value tradition and culture.

    Kroenke may feel, as you do, that he’s here to stay, BUT it doesn’t really work like that over here.

    Let’s watch this space.

  22. Jim Lahey

    There is obviously a lot going on at the club at this moment, the identity crises on the pitch and the financial situation off it.

    We all know that we need to strengthen our defense, and we need to add genuine wide players.

    But.. we also need a creative player in the middle again, since Santi left the transition between defence and attack has been very poor. There isn’t a player currently at the club fit to lace the mans boots and the team is suffering because of it. What use is £120m worth of strikers when there is no one there to provide for them? We also miss how Santi could retain the ball in the centre, always calm alway able to spot the correct pass..

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    In normal circumstances I would agree with your point of view, but the fact is that at the moment Arsenal are owned by Kroenke and I do think that we need
    to understand better how he is operating in USA whether we like him or not.

    The only plus sofar in his stewardship is that he has not saddled the club with a huge debt as the American owners of Man Utd have done.

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    American throwball is a classic example, you can’t polish a turd. As for the la sheep, Chelsea has more history.

    Since that septic tank owner took over The Arsenal, the Club has gradually slid down the table, & now can’t afford signings.

  25. Dissenter

    “I know the dollar rules in the US but here in the UK we tend to ignore all that crap because, at the end of the day, we value tradition and culture.”

    That’s laughable mate
    You lost that uppity righteous outrage the moment you decided it was okay to sell to foreigners.
    Besides that crap about “values and tradition” is what Gazidis, Wenger and every one involved have used to hoodwink all of us. That’s how we got to this point. I think the so called ‘values and traditions’ were respected by Kroenke too.

    ‘Values and traditions’?
    I’m having a laugh. Do you say it with an estuary English accent too? 😁😁😁

  26. Biggles

    I don’t claim to know NFL very well, but the Rams came bottom or second bottom of their division of the conference for something like a decade before the move to LA. No playoffs, no superbowls, nothing like that. In fact, if the NFL wasn’t a closed league, they’d have been somewhere between being a Crystal Palace and being outright relegated.

    That means you have basically zero expectations, so you can experiment to your heart’s content and better yet, there’s no repercussions!

    You can’t really do that in the Premier League. Arsenal really need to stay in Europe for financial reasons. Emery can’t wake up one morning and think “you know what, let’s try a Danubian School against Everton and a Kamikaze against Burnley” because you’d lose and you would get relegated. There are consequences to poor performances that limit the experimentation you can make.

    This isn’t me entirely disagreeing with Pedro, I agree with the gist about being exciting and building a brand. Let’s face it, there’s a reason kids all wear Barca or Real tops nowadays. I remember as a kid there being a lot more AC Milan and Ajax tops around than there are now, because those teams are no longer successful. It’s just that Arsenal can’t take quite as gung-ho an approach as the Rams can.

    I do think that turning things around is a multi year project. I do think that Emery is trying to annoy Ozil into quitting. Now that Ramsey is on the move, I think if he’s here for the rest of the season then he’ll play more and if goes now and we get Benatia then that’s also a boon for us, because the defence is awful.

    But it takes time to shift people. Klopp inherited a team with Kolo Toure, Joe Allen and Christian Benteke in it to name but a few. And let’s not forget his first signing was Marko Grujic. Three years in and the cruft has been cut, Salah was basically stolen from Roma and Barcelona were robbed of at least £100m more than Coutinho should have cost. Those two events completed the incredibly potent attack and paid for Van Dijk, fixing the biggest problem area in the team in the process. I don’t want to call it luck, because it clearly wasn’t, but it paid off far beyond expectations.

    The contract management over the last few years at Arsenal was so horrific that all we could do is bleed for a while. Emery needs to run down the clock on some of the dead weight in the squad because we know they ain’t leaving voluntarily. I don’t really know what else he could do, apart from never play Xhaka again.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    I was going to say what Dissenter has, I don’t think you can compare the NFL and then football over here, just completely different set ups.

    You need more than one coach on the touchline with real power over their side of the game, a head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator etc. The players would need to be institutionalised to an extent so that Sancho was playing for the Oxford Wildcats, Foden the Cambridge Titans, Alli the Bristol Bears etc in a system that has sport wrapped up with education and these players are cultured in their college leagues.

    Then you’d have a draft where the top picks are the worst teams and teams have to work within a salary structure as well which means everything is geared toward trying to make things competitive and give every team the chance to improve and have a year at least where they look strong.

    Unless you are the Browns.

    And the Packers at the moment, f**k you Rodgers.

  28. Leedsgunner

    20 years of consecutive European football, with all the money that brought in… what did we do with it?

    Wasted it, paying and pandering to a manager who didn’t have a clue what he was doing. Left us in such a bad shape so that he lost star player after star player, and the star player he managed to keep now looks like he doesn’t want to play football anymore. However he placed him in such high wage packet we can’t literally give him away.

    Due to Wenger’s dithering and indecisiveness we have thrown away hundreds of millions of pounds on lost opportunities to sign good players when they were affordable and lost the opportunities to sell deadwood at reasonable rates.

    People can point to the Emirates all they want but what is it a symbol of really? Since it open we have been going backwards. So much so our new coach can only bring in loan players.

    We are nowhere near winning the title, which should be the standard.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    I’m hoping the club are looking at selling both Elneny and Ozil in this window, or at least getting rid of the latter if we can’t sell to permit some moves.

  30. Un na naai

    You lost that uppity righteous outrage the moment you decided it was okay to sell to foreigners.
    Besides that crap about “values and tradition” is what Gazidis, Wenger and every one involved have used to hoodwink all of us. That’s how we got to this point. I think the so called ‘values and traditions’ were respected by Kroenke too.


    Big difference between the elected or non elected elites and the people on heritage, tradition and culture.

    But I’d agree with you and disagree with Graham
    The yanks are extremely an extremely patriotic bunch and do indeed value their traditions. Which is why the NFL is on the decline since the whole take a knee fiasco.

  31. Thomas

    @Charlie George

    You keep bragging about Wenger getting European football for 20 concecutive years. It’s just this little problem though.

    He had fuck all to show for it. Do you want us to celebrate the “20 concecutive years in CL” trophy?


  32. Un na naai


    When I was young all the Italian sides and shirts were popular over here.

    All their shirts were on the go.

    Saying that you never see many non German kids with Bayern tops. Don’t they appeal to the Asian and African markets? If not, why not?

  33. Dissenter

    Anyone who knows American football knows all the head coach does is call out a few plays that are already stipulated on a piece of plastic he’s holding.
    The guys managing the game are in a booth high up on the stands.

    Pedro is wrong to draw all these false analogies from a ‘sport’ that shares very little with football.
    That’s one of the reasons he supported Arteta too.
    LA rams have a young manager so let’s get one too. Never mind that the average age of super bowl winning coaches is well above 50 y/o.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    I might be wrong but wasn’t McVay a shit hot offensive coordinator elsewhere? Which is a really in depth job where the head coach basically relies on you to get the offense in shape and you are held to account if the offense is poor?

  35. Leedsgunner

    We need to start defining our identity and modus operandi rather than just copying the methods of other clubs.

    We’re just like a highly excited youngster trying to copy the popular kids in school because he or she wants to liked to.

    Sooner or later you have to grow up and become your own person and become happy in your own skin.

  36. John Greenwood

    The one thing we can all agree on is we love THE CLUB
    Second thing we can agree on stan treats THE CLUB with contempt and its his cash cow
    Time for the cash cow to kick back
    A 100% boycott of the next home game will get everyone’s attention even stan that the fans are sick to death of whats happening at THE CLUB

  37. Dissenter

    Un na
    Which is why the NFL is on the decline since the whole take a knee fiasco.’

    The NFL was on the decline before the Trump generated nonsense about kneeling. That put some off too.
    It has more to do with the safety of the game with concussions, the greed of the all arrangement with abuse of public money.

  38. gambon

    I think people are getting way too angry with Stan Kroenke, and completely refusing to see that the axis of Gazidis and Wenger have been by far the biggest issue at Arsenal.

    I think Stan was far too ‘in love’ with Wenger for a long time, and likely lied to by Ivan for a long time, but we have seen real significant change in the last 12 months, probably more structural change than any club has undergone in a 12 month period before.

    I wouldve preferred Usmanov as an owner as he would have been demanding and heavily involved, but I dont think Stan is on a mission to ruin the club.

    I see a lot of the fools from the AST crying on twitter over Stan. People like Tim Payton and the serial bullshitter DarrenArsenal are just upset that they cant pretend to be super duper insider knowledge mega fans anymore. They are effectively nobodies now.

    We are seeing a lot of negative Stan Kroenke stories now. Apparently hes going to asset strip the club, hes going to take dividends every year, he is leveraging debt onto the club.

    Here are the facts:

    – He has taken £6m out of the club in the 12 years hes been a shareholder. He shouldnt have taken any. He hasnt taken any money in recent years.

    – He has hired a Director of Football from Barcelona. The guy that was with them for their most successful 15 years, where they won 4 x CLs and 10 x La Ligas. This is the guy that negotiated for Neymar & Suarez.

    – He has hired Sven Mislintat, Often considered the best scout in the game. The guy that unearthed Auba for £10m, Dembele for £13m, Weigl for £3m, Hummells for £3m, Pulisic for £0, Kagawa for £500k, Zagadou for £0, Sancho for £7m……and the list goes on. Transfer profits in the last 18 months for these guys alone is £190m. Sancho and Zagadou are now worth £80-100m.

    – He has hired Darren Burgess, considered an expert in conditioning and fitness.

    – He has hired Huss Fahmy, a legal and contracts expert from Team Sky.

    – He has hired Marcel Lucasson as Director of Development for youth football.

    – He has hired Mikhail Zhilkin as a data scientist, with a focus on Injury prevention and performance

    – He has spent £45m redeveloping both the academy and first team training facilities.

    Now prior to this significant change and expenditure, Wenger was doing half of the roles listed above. We didnt have a Director of Football because Wenger didnt agree with it. We had a 25 stone old boy as chief scout that couldnt find good players any more. We had a lazy old fool called Dick Law negotiating contracts and player purchases very badly. The academy was just left to rot. From a data and analysis point of view we were way ahead of everyone 10 years go and then way behind everyone 2-3 years ago.

    Now if you look at why these changes have happened:

    – We brought in a Director of Football because we need someone to guide the football business and let the coach do the coaching. We also desperately needed someone with the contacts to get big deals done, as its very noticeable that the “super agents” dont go anywhere near Wenger.

    – We brought in Sven because we need to dramatically improve our recruitment. The reason we are now the 6th best team in the PL is almost 100% down to recruitment in the last few years, both the ins and outs.

    – We brought in Huss Fahmy to make sure we stop losing players both for free and too cheaply. He is an image rights specialist and his role is to keep as much of the squad tied down to contracts.

    – We hired Darren Burgess because Arsene Wenger ran players into the ground. Our fitness issues were appalling a few years back, as was the recovery from injuries, where players would take far too long, or be played again far too quickly.

    – We rebuilt the academy, hired Marcel Lucasson and Per Mertesacker, because the academy has struggled significantly in recent years. We are seeing Chelsea selling kids for £10m, £20m etc and we are not deveoping the same level of player. We also have a lot of players that are fantastic at 17, then average by 20, which is why we have a ‘Loan Manager’ now.

    – We rebuilt the training ground because we had fallen miles behind. Like with everything else, Wenger was doing the same things in 2018 as he was in 1998.

    Now, i recognise that people just want investment into the team from Stan. However what was he supposed to invest into? A team that has been making horrendous hires, losing players for nothing, and running a terrible wage bill?

    If Stan had given us £100m in the last 2 years, we would be no better off. We would have a few more calamities in the team, maybe 2 Xhakas and 2 Mustafis. We would have Ozil on £500k pw, Chambers unsellable on £200k pw. We would have Wilshere stinking the place up on £200k pw.

    I think that as we fell out of the top 4, Stan started asking questions of Ivan, and truly saw how bad the business was being run. It is not a coinicidence that Josh Kroenke came over to review things and both Wenger & Gazidis were gone within months.

    Its too early to say whether this new structure is elite. But theres no doubt we have hired very smart people.

    Stan really isnt a problem, even if he isnt a dream owner. Terrible fotballing and financial decisions in the last few years are.

    Lets not forget we finished 2nd in 2016, then spent £90m Net, and have been in sharp decline ever since. If I was Stan, I wouldve said, no more money until the business is sorted out.

  39. englandsbest

    Congratulations, Pedro. At last you have focussed on the real villain of the piece.

    I won’t comment on Stan’s role in LA Rams current success, except to say he probably learned from his experience here. Club owners of Man U, Chelsea, Man C – and now Liverpool – have been doing the same for years.

    Let’s cut to the chase: as you say, Stan won’t do the same at Arsenal because he doesn’t need to,

    So let’s make him need to. The only way that will happen is if Arsenal become a money-losing business.

    Every fan who buys a ticket or a shirt is keeping him in business. A boycott of the Emirates will do the trick. He will either change his policy or sell-up.

    My preference is an Association of Season Ticket Holders. The mere threat of non-renewal will have the same impact on him.

  40. Dissenter

    You’re right about McVay
    They draw the head coaches from the ranks of assistants who interview every year. The failed head coaches just go back to being assistants.
    Most of the phenoms coaches like McVay burn out and just drop back to being assistants. Many return back to college football which pays managers as well as the NFL.

  41. S Asoa

    Ultimately, for all times can’t miss the elephant in the room largely for the huge turds
    Was an astute conman who psychologically played on gullible fans emotions to stay on 10 years beyond the time should have been sacked or given a warm send off

  42. raptora

    Not sure if Emery’s approach to the lack of funds at the moment was the correct thing to do. Maybe by saying that we cannot afford to buy anyone at the moment added a bit of negativity to the club and the media painting us like a lot is wrong in our club. It probably is but maybe, just maybe, it would have been a more sensible decision to not comment on it that thoroughly and give the media what they want.

    Makes me think if when he talked loud about it, was his decision or the club’s management decision? Maybe he said what he said behind their backs. To put pressure on them? To drop some pressure off his back? To make them give him money?

    No idea. But probably could have been a bit better to know that we are not poor as fuck until the summer. And if you are that poor in the winter, maybe you could make some cash by selling unneeded players, say Elneny, no?! A very weird one.

  43. Dissenter

    People are mad at Kroenke because he respected the same ‘Arsenal values’ that have been banged in forever.
    I think we would have been better off had he run it as a typical cost saving business.
    We wouldn’t have been allowed to give excessive wages to average players
    We wouldn’t have allowed players to run out contracts

    Had Kroenke lived up to the caricature that is used to depict him, we wouldn’t be in this much trouble.
    He let the Arsenal people run it before and has now taken a more activist role.

  44. Emiratesstroller


    I am not clear why you suggest American Football is in decline. It is the largest
    participation sport in US and the NFL has the largest average attendances with
    66,000 of any professional sport in the world.

    The culture of sport globally is of course changing. Many other team sports
    like Rugby and most recently Netball for women are becoming increasingly

  45. Cesc Appeal


    Thanks for that.

    I’m a casual watcher but I’m getting more into it, even watching some college games now. Saw Alabama vs Clemson the other day which was a good watch, Clemson’s QB looks a bit outrageous for a 19 year old.

    I like the way the NFL is set up but as you say I don’t think you can make a comparison to football over here. It’s night and day.


    Completely agree.

    I’ve said for a long time Kroenke’s biggest crime was being a pro-Wenger fan which is ironic considering the majority of posters who bash him were exactly the same.

    Wenger and Gazidis were doing such a bad job it took his son 3 months to decide massive changes were needed.

    Considering US clubs are so well structured he was likely appalled at the antiquated and inefficient practices here.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    I think time will tell if it was smart or not.

    Wenger would have bullshitted about finding top quality but Emery came right out and told us all straight.

    With his continued stance on Ozil, using Xhaka as a CB previously and having to keep changing his formations together with his statements about transfers I think there’s an argument he’s trying to put pressure on Sanllehi.

    He knows he’s fighting for his job so why wouldn’t you?

  47. Nelson

    Arsenal is according to some financial report the 6 richest football club in the world. But Emery can only loan player. In the meantime, we are hiring more background personnel such as loan manager, etc. I feel that Kroenke’s priority is restructuring the club. Emery is only treated as a transitional manager. Emery is fighting for his life. He wants to get his former Sevilla players whom he can trust. But the club allows him only get players on loan, because the owner sees him more like a care taker. I feel sorry for Emery. How a 6 richest football club can only loan a player costing less than 20m?

  48. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    The thing I find strange is all the calls for investment from fans that think our players are shit and overpayed.

    Its like they want more Xhakas and more Mustafis, on higher salaries.

  49. RodneyKing

    Biggles 10:57:10

    Very rational post.

    This rebuild process is going to take years I’m afraid and there’ll be no quick fixes. It will require us to make a number of good and clever signings in key positions over the next transfer windows regardless of who the manager is.

    Unfortunately, us football fans are more sentimental than rational. Someone even suggested yesterday, probably not for the first time, that Pellegrini would have been a better choice than Emery. Well, maybe but I’d like to see where this Westham team, who obviously have players good enough for Arsenal, end up in the league come May.

  50. gambon


    Emery spent £70m in the summer, on mainly defensive players, and our defence is worse than ever.

    Why do you want him to spend money?

    If he wanted £20m for Suarez, he shouldve spent £50m in the summer.

    The january window isnt some magic month where the money comes out of thin air.

    Anything we spend this month has to come from:

    – Last summers budget
    – This summers budget
    – player sales

    Frankly I would much rather we spent all of our budget, every year in the summer, unless an exceptional opportunity arose (Auba)

  51. S Asoa

    A felling extract from Arseblog

    “ I mean leaving Highbury. I mean breaking up a brilliant team that should have been bolstered with new talent and remained properly competitive at the top of the Premier League and in Europe. We deliberately chose a path which would erode our football potency in the short-term for the long-term gain. And Stan swooped in, saw this shiny new stadium and its wonderful facilities, the corporate boxes, match-day income, and its land-value in North London, but never got what it was for. “

  52. Dissenter

    People need to stop repeating this “sixth richest club in the world” mantra

    We misused our resources for wages and stifled other sources of income by letting players repeatedly run down their contacts.

    The market value of the club has very little to do with it.

  53. Cesc Appeal



    The thing people are forgetting as well is that Kroenke is not thinking about this club as a fan or plaything. Sports clubs and land are his business.

    He will be thinking I trusted 2 people to do a job and they failed, the club is in a shit state, I have now hired a completely new and modern infrastructure and it might take 4 or more years to get things the way I want to after all that damage but I’m in no rush.

    The fans obviously are in a rush. What pisses me off is the fans who are only suddenly in a rush when you, me and a good number of posters on here for years were calling this exact scenario. Years of pain undoing Wenger’s total mishandling of the club because he was a dumb persons idea of what a smart person is.

    He was totally out of his depth doing the jobs of Sanllehi, Mislintat, Emery and Fahmy.

    We’re paying for that now.

  54. HighburyLegend

    “I feel that Kroenke’s priority is restructuring the club. ”

    Breaking news : Stan is CONCERNED by the futur of the AFC!!

  55. Un na naai


    I’d say everyday parltriotic Americans and the lifeblood of the NFL took offence at the situation themselves. If you’re blaming trump for the view of every day citizens then I think you’re giving the guy too much credit
    Is he a Buffoon or a mind controlling genius?

    Anyway. What do you think of Tulsi Gabbard running Democrat 2020?

  56. Un na naai


    And the door was only open for him because the board pushed dein out leaving wenger isolated. He was never the same without dein and even worse without pat rice

  57. Cesc Appeal


    You have to stop trying to make Wenger out to be a victim. He wanted all the power, he loved it.

    He deliberately stopped anyone equivalent to Dein coming in, see his comments in 2013.

    Wenger fucked this club up. He wasn’t the only one but he was a massive part in it. He held this club back.

    The fact we held onto him for 4-6 years too long is why our change is so difficult now, less money, huge wage bill, poor squad the worst in the top 6 and suddenly trying to create infrastructure in 8 months that should have been slowly put together over the last 10 years.

  58. Danny

    we value tradition and culture
    That’s why Highbury was turned into a block of flats……..

  59. Dissenter

    Wenger was comfortable with being “isolated”. That made him aqcuire all the power and build a messiah complex.
    He didn’t want to let go of the power until it was stripped away. Who can forget all his outrage that club even considered a DoF

  60. Bergkamp63

    Seems like several sources stating Emery is trying to get rid of Ozil this month ?

    Probably won’t happen but fingers crossed.

  61. Joe

    Un getting his nFl perspective from
    Trump is beyond hilarious

    The NFL is not dying. 100,000 plus at the cowboys and Seahawks game.

    You can’t buy a Seahawks ticket unless from a scalper at 200 usd a pop

    Trump likes talk shit about the nfl because they took his arena football league and crushed it under their foot and they don’t let him into the nFl owners club. He’s just a petty pathetic man

    Take a knee thing ruining the nfl? Please. Everyone I know watches the NFL. Super Bowl weekend is one of the biggest party days of the year.

    The nfl jiggeenaught is rolling on.

    Thanks for your input Un. But please get your info from someone other than trump.

  62. Bamford10


    Good post. Yes, the Rams are a good story at the moment, and they demonstrate that with a guiding philosophy, the right executives and the right coach, a Kroenke-owned team can do quite well.

    So what of Arsenal? Do we have a proper guiding philosophy at the moment? Do we have the right executives, the right coach. Maybe, maybe not.

    Let’s start with the question of guiding philosophy. What did Sanllehi and Emery say when they were hired? How did they speak about the club? How did they speak about the club’s ambitions, their own ambitions? My recollection is there was a bit of talk about returning us to the top of the English and European game and a bit of talk about playing entertaining, attractive football.

    But let’s say they had adopted your language of returning Arsenal to the top while also playing “scintillating football”. That would be appealing. That’s good branding, that’s a good aim. First priority is to win and get results, obviously, but Arsenal’s brand should be beautiful football, not pedestrian football that gets results.

    If the above is the aim or were the aim, the question is then, is Emery the right man for the job? Have they hired the right coach, a coach in line with the vision? I think the answer is no. The coach they hired is competent, hard-working and serious, but he’s not a maestro.

    So why did they hire him? Did they think he was a maestro? I don’t think so. I think they hired him because their aim at the time was not to play scintillating football and rise to the top but to repair a few things and recapture fourth place. And if that was their aim, their near-term vision, Emery probably makes sense.

    If Emery manages to finish fourth, then, he has done his job and should be retained for at least one more year. If he does not finish fourth, or if we do not look headed in that direction under his management, serious questions should be asked this summer. With that said, though, Emery will have a better understanding of his players and of the PL by this summer, so some weight should be given to the fact that he should be a better manager next season for Arsenal — if he is retained — than he is/was this season.

  63. raptora

    “Seems like several sources stating Emery is trying to get rid of Ozil this month ?”

    Would be the best possible thing off the pitch that could happen at our club. The best.

  64. Joe

    It’s also funny that some
    Posters think Kronke needs arsenal to headge his nfl stadium.

    Him and his wife are worth almost 15 billion dollars!! 15 billion!!

    But yes he needs arsenal worth 1 billion to build his stadium.


    Some of you are so clueless

  65. Bamford10


    The NFL has been a commercial juggernaut for some time now but its ratings took a dip in 2016 and 2017, some of which was attributed to the presidential election, some of which was attributed to the Colin Kaepernick controversy, some of which was attributed to other factors. This is partly what Dissenter is referring to.

    There is also the issue of concussions, head injuries and CTE, an issue that is causing some sections of the population to question the safety of the sport.

    I’m pretty sure they have had a very good year this year, though, in large part because the product on display has been excellent. Lots of good QBs, lots of good offenses, lots of parity, lots of good teams and interesting story lines.

    The Rams are one of these good story-lines.

  66. Alexanderhenry


    NFL and ‘soccer’ are very different sports off as well as on the field.
    The way player recruitment is carried out, the way franchises are financed, wage caps and the lack of a threat of relegation make the NFL a far safer option for owners.

    I’m not sure Kroenke realises just how hard and fast a club can fall in the PL.

    Also, regarding the Rams:

    Firstly what he did to st Louis makes him a duplicitous scumbag of the highest order.

    Secondly, the Rams haven’t won diddly squat yet- they were favourites to win their play off last season and failed.

    Thirdly, in the long term I think Kroenke’s whole LA adventure is misguided, hugely risky and will fail.
    Hopefully he’ll lose a lot of money in LA and the miserable leech will be forced to sell arsenal.

    … I live in hope.

  67. Alexanderhenry


    Kroenke had to take a loan out to buy out Usmanovs shares.
    He is not cash rich as most of his money is tied up in property.

    Not only that, it was a short term loan so the interest repayments will be considerable.

    He’ll load that on arsenal.

  68. Joe


    For some reason, LA has never been a good NfL city. Tried and failed so many times but the nfl is desperate for it work there as it’s one of the biggest markets in the US

    They now will have two teams playing there. Rams and chargers. Big gambles by both but they are both doing well on the field lately and that’s what the la fan base need. They love a winner.

  69. Bamford10

    Alexander is right about one thing above, and that’s that Kroenke’s LA gambit is a massively risky one. At least to the outside eye, that is. Professional (American) football has failed several times before in LA and for a variety of reasons. Maybe Kroenke knows something the outside world doesn’t. I’m not sure. But it definitely seems a risky venture, which is odd, as he doesn’t strike me as the risk-taking type. It could be a good sign, actually. And who knows, maybe the younger Kroenke is behind it? Maybe he is convincing the old man to be a bit bolder, more imaginative. If so, let’s hope that extends to Arsenal, and soon.

  70. Joe

    Deutsche Bank AG is advising Kroenke, who plans to pay for Usmanov’s shares with 45.4 million pounds of his own cash and a loan of 557 million pounds from the bank. Interest on the debt will not be funded from the business of Arsenal, according to the statement.

  71. Barney75

    A large part of the LA Rams current success is down to how crap they were before and the high draft picks that let them pick Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley, the best defensive player and (arguably) running back in the NFL respectively. They also had no. 1 pick for Goff. The nearest analogy I can see to them in Prem is Chelsea when Mourinho and Abramovich came in….they already had some excellent players (Terry, Lampard) just needed better coaching and investment. Arsenal haven’t got any top players as a foundation to build on.

  72. Bamford10

    “He’ll load that on Arsenal.”

    Right, just like he blocked Wenger from spending more than 11m in the summer of 2015.

    Complete nonsense. You should try sticking to facts, rather than spreading unfounded, alarmist nonsense.

  73. Alexanderhenry


    I don’t trust that. It doesn’t have to come out of arsenal directly.
    Stan can just cut the transfer budget for example.

    Let’s see what happens this summer.

  74. Pedro

    Football is light years behind NFL and has consistently borrowed from it as it looks to improve on and off the pitch.

    Pep G a prime candidate for doing this.

    All of the things the Rams are up to could be borrowed and implemented at Arsenal.

  75. Joe


    Kronke gave wenger all the cash he needed. He never stopped wenger from spending.

    Wenger wasted it. Look at how much wenger has wasted the last decade. Give that money to a manager with a clue and we would have been a million x better off

    Wenger has handcuffed the new regime with his wasteful spending

  76. HighburyLegend

    “That’s why Highbury was turned into a block of flats”

    Robby Pirès was one of the first ones to buy one.
    Coincidence ?? lol

  77. Un na naai

    Deutsche Bank AG is advising Kroenke, who plans to pay for Usmanov’s shares with 45.4 million pounds of his own cash and a loan of 557 million pounds from the bank. Interest on the debt will not be funded from the business of Arsenal, according to the statement.


    Soooo. He’s paying the interest back himself but using OUR CLUB’s profit to pay back the loan itself

    What a saint. We don’t deserve such a benevolent being.

  78. Joe

    Soooo. He’s paying the interest back himself but using OUR CLUB’s profit to pay back the loan itself

    You don’t have the smallest clue what he’s doing. You’re guessing at best

  79. Un na naai


    You’re getting confused with your dollars and your pounds
    Kroenke is reportedly worth £7bn.
    Arsenal are worth £1bn pounds

    A lot of his wealth is tied up in his assets and he’s not a fool. Why would he risk his own fortune when he could use our club as collateral while using our profits to pay back his loan??

    Why would you even defend this? You’re not a fan
    You either clearly were not watching arsenal in the 90s and 2000s because there is a clear detachment from the achievements and memeroies of the era of you are and never were an arsenal fan.

    Now go bake some muffins you little weirdo

  80. Un na naai

    Joe. Your excerpt says that he’s nit using the club to pay the interest but it says nothing of the loan itself.

    Peculiar what?

  81. Joe


    What are you even talking about?

    Kronke is worth 8 billion usd. His wife is worth 7 billion.

    I’m saying he doesn’t need to use arsenal.

    Oh and btw you clueless mong. The rams themselves are worth over 3 billion. He could just use the rams as Leverage

    Again you’re clueless. Time to go bin dipping for lunch isn’t it?

  82. Joe


    Show me something where it says Kronke has saddled arsenal with the debt.

    You don’t have a clue. It’s your assumption you muppet.

    I’ll wait for you to post a link to where it says Kronke has put the loan onto arsenal

  83. Dr Emil schaffhausen

    With all this change and restructuring behind the scenes can someone please clarify who will be hiring and firing managers ?
    If emery doesn’t work out but is still allowed to fulfill his contract , will that be Kroenkes fault because it certainly was kronkes fault for allowing Wenger to carry on for so long.

  84. Joe

    Actually if can’t be worth 2b because you just told me that he put the 557m debt on to the club. So that has to be taken off the value

    Something doesn’t add up

    Which is it Un?

  85. Un na naai

    So what?

    The cunt has taken the club private
    No agm meetings. No public accounts. He can take out what he likes and nobody will know. It’s his toy now. He is hands down the single worst thing to happen to our club. The biggest club in London and he’s fucking it. Not that phoney,pseudo-fan, know-nothing, confused ,lying half Indian Canadian what ever you decide you are today, muffin makers would give two shits.

    As clearly you don’t.


    Worth 15 billion between them.
    Suggests they both have a disease called
    Totally untreatable.
    The more you have the more you want.

  87. bennydevito

    gambonJanuary 14, 2019    11:46:39

    Great post gambon, absolutely spot on. The mess we’re in now is because of Wenger and Gazidas 100%.

    Not convinced Emery’s the right man for the job long term but to get rid now would make us look a laughing stock and is just pandering to the fantasy football managers and the AKBs who still have their arse in a sling over Wenger finally leaving.

    If however come the end of the season we end up finishing lower than last season under Wenger and our style of football is regressing too then it may be right to look at things again in the summer like we did with Rioch.

    But back then we had Dein who knew and was already friends with Wenger and had him ready to come in.

    Who could we bring in in the summer in a similar vain to the Rioch/Wenger scenario?

  88. Micheal

    Excellent post, Pedro. It opens the wider debate about our ownership and longer vision instead of focussing on short-term issues like Ozil or lack of transfer funds.
    The depressing point is that we do not have a shred of evidence that the club under Stan has a long term goal or ambition. Maybe some of the appointments like Mislintat hint at something better, but even the Kroenke apologists must admit this is more hope than expectation.
    As Pedro says, Stan clearly has a vision or ambition for his LA franchise. Arsenal fans would like to see more of the same in North London. Personally I can see no evidence of the missing ambition, but I am truly hopeful that I am wrong.

  89. Un na naai

    And do you believe that he won’t leverage any money on arsenal? Or use our profits? He already did until fan outcry put a stop to it
    The leech
    There is nothing to stop him now and nobody to check on him. It’s closed doors.

    You wouldn’t mind if he was overseeing a period of improvement or even coasting hybhut we are going backwards

    He’s taken the best club in London and took us down past the chavs and spurs.
    Spurs don’t even have any money and they are still better than us.

    He hired another yes man to keep us just so so while he uses us for his own personal gain. Not the club’s, not the fan’s. His

    The yanks at United and Liverpool said the same thing didn’t they?

  90. bennydevito

    The problem is absolutely not Kronke, he’s not taken any money out or put any debt on us.

    The problem is 100% unequivocally Wenger’s fault for the absolute shite that he overpaid for and the criminal undersellings and giving away for free our best players without a doubt.

    Un nai you’re stuck in a Wenger love affair delusion I’m afraid.

  91. Un na naai


    No I’m not. He’s gone and it’s for the best. But not to be replaced by an inferior. We’d have been better off with wenger than emery.

  92. Pedro

    Benny, I can totally agree that the mess Wenger left hasn’t been pretty… but you can’t blame Wenger for the regression all over the pitch this season. We should at least be improving.

  93. Joe

    Wenger took over 100m from the club and left Us in a total shambles of a shit show

    Stan took 3 m and has brought in a totally modern backroom staff and modern football hierarchy.

  94. Joe


    What about the FA Cup??? Thought that was a major trophy. Even Pedro yesterday said it was bigger than the CL. So did CG. Pierre says it’s a major trophy.

    Hmmmm. So what is it? You’ve obviously never been to a wembley final.


  95. Un na naai

    Actually if can’t be worth 2b because you just told me that he put the 557m debt on to the club. So that has to be taken off the value

    We do t know do we?? He’s taken the club behind closed doors. So who know what he’s up to?
    Why no transparency? What’s he hiding?

  96. Pedro

    Also back to some of the earlier commentary about not being able to transfer American ideas into English sport:

    > We’ve already seen the move into specialisation take affect in the league. I think that’s going to get even more divided, in the same way it has in America. There will be specialist defence and attacking coaches. Someone who oversees the approach to pressing.
    > Pep G is already borrowing from the ‘playbook’, his teams can switch between systems very easily during games. I’m sure I read somewhere his team understand 9 or 10 different plays that the work on.
    > We will see more clubs operate like Red Bull, where the sporting director controls all of the coaches bar maybe one or two. I am stunned that Arsenal let Emery bring in all his own people, especially the strength and conditioning guy. Shad and Burgess should have been given total control. Telling that 7 months in and we’re racked with injuries.

    Also reference the draft system. Sure, we don’t have the advantage of that, but a good drafts don’t necessarily make a great team. Nor do good trades.

    Arsenal are a very rich team with incredible things to offer elite young players. There is no reason we couldn’t carve our a niche of young players we need to match our guiding vision and own that part of the market.

  97. bennydevito

    The Glaziers take £100m a year out of Utd, my Manc mate hates them but they still spend more than us because their revenues are far superior and it was Gazidas in charge of that department not Kronke.

    As gambon pointed out in his superb post Kronke has actually overseen some massive improvements recently and was pivotal in the bringing in of his son in finally giving Wenger and Gazidas the boot.

    Bravo Kronke keep up the good work.

    And as Pedro has highlighted in his excellent post Kronke has completely transformed the LA Rams and looking at what he’s doing now with us I have every confidence we will see the good times within the next 5 years for sure.

    Bravo Kronke keep up the good work.

  98. Un na naai


    It’s a trophy but it’s certianky not major any more in my opinion. Neither is the Europa league. They are second tier trophies. Wenger was right. Top 4 is more important than the lesser cups. If you can nick a less relevant trophy every few years and maintain your status then great but I would t want to go backwards and be handed an fa cup.

    But make no mistake beating the chavs the way we do was particularly sweet.

    Not that you’d understand though.

  99. Pedro

    Joe, I didn’t say it was a major trophy, I said that it was an important one. I wouldn’t swap 1 CL for 8 FA Cups, nor would most Arsenal fans.

  100. Joe

    Kronkes NHL team is leading its division as well and will make the playoffs.

    Denver nuggets are leading the western conference in the NBA

    All of kronkes teams are doing great

    Shows it was wenger that was holding us back Wenger was the fucking problem
    For the last decade and not Kronke

  101. James.wood

    The rot had set in under Wenger players where not playing for him
    any one who has supports Arsenal could see this .
    Emery must man manage to a higher degree whilst at the same time not bully.
    Any one who thinks Wenger would have done a better job than Emery must be blinkered.?

  102. Joe

    I wouldn’t swap 1 CL for 8 FA Cups, nor would most Arsenal fans.

    I bet you wenger would trade all his FA Cups for a CL

    As would most arsenal fans.

  103. Un na naai


    erm….ok. Great. But he extended wenger’s contracts. He kept gazidis in a job when it was clear he was failing.

    All around us our competition was not only getting better deals but receiving proper investment while we sank.

    Us and Sunderland are the only clubs in the premier league who haven’t received a penny of owner investment since 2008

    Every single other club has had money injected. Every one. Now he’s taken us private while installing his team if yes men to keep us treading water and youre dressing this up as a positive for the fans? For the team? Certainly shrewd. But if he had this all along the. Why not pull the trigger in 2013 when wengers contact was over and he’d clearly lost the supporters and his “magic dust”

    Like wenger said. When that book comes out we will hear what really went on.

  104. Joe

    Like wenger said. When that book comes out we will hear what really went on.

    Hahahaha oh my. Buying it hook line and sinker aren’t you.

  105. gambon


    I have to say, I disagree with you on Emery. I think he’s a long way out of his depth.

    Obviously he should have the season, but I think there will be some tough questions for him come May, unless we see significant improvement.

    Im not bothered too much about results this season. I didnt think top 4 was possible, and thats pretty obvious now. We do have a real shot in the EL, and it would save our season.

    What I did want to see was a structure, a process, and progress.

    We’ve seen nothing.

    In terms of Svens work. We are at least seeing a process. We made a great signing in Torreira that could be worth £60m in 12 months. We are clearly on the ball with regards to release clauses (Torreira, Leno) and players with 12 months left (Sokratis). We also signed Guendouzi, as Sven says, to show that we are still a place for young talents to go (nearly got Adli as well).

    In terms of Huss Fahmy, we are seeing some progress with Chambers, Elneny, AMN being extended (and I think all sold this summer), as well as Nelson and Iwobi.

    With Emery though we are seeing nothing.

    We were told he had a dossier on all the players and how to improve them. Wouldnt say a single player has improved this season.

    We were told there would be a better balance between offence and defence. Our defence is worse, and our attack is no better, we’re actually taking 3 less shots per game.

    We were told about pressing. We have pressed maybe twice this season properly, Spurs and Liverpool at home. Apart from that its the same lazy mess off of the ball.

    We appointed 5 captains, most of whom Emery doesnt even like anymore.

    Endless formation changes. Endless personnel changes.

    I dont see Emery in charge this season. He will be asked about all of the above at some point, and how does he answer it?

  106. Graham62


    Sorry old man if I ruffled a few of your feathers but the gist of my argument centres around the fact that no one individual, no matter how rich( notice I didn’t highlight the word “powerful”) is capable of standing the wrath of the masses.

    Also, I didn’t highlight ” values”. That’s the clubs perceptions, not the fans. What I was saying is that not all folk over here feel that money controls everything. Kroenke doesn’t and never will control the fans. Wenger left because the fans made him. Likewise Stan can be forced to leave because the fans can make him.

    I’m old school, so confrontation doesn’t faze me. Just because someone holds all the purse strings doesn’t make him into an all powerful dictator, capable of controlling the entire club. Remember, your country chose Trump but in a heartbeat, if you wanted to, you could bring him down. The same can be said of Kroenke.

    So far, SK has not felt or had to deal with the wrath of negativity surrounding the club. Wenger got that, deservedly so, in bucket loads. Wealth is not necessarily associated with having fire in your belly and a willingness to take the heat.

    Last year’s AGM highlighted one clear fact to me which is, Stan Kroenke is incapable of dealing with confrontation. If, and only if, it gets to a stage where Arsenal fans have had enough and they start to vent their anger and frustrations out on our owner, I have a feeling he may start to squirm.

    The way he backs away from direct communication shows he is fallible. The fact he allowed both Wenger and Gazidis to get away with gross managerial negligence could ultimately come back to haunt him.

    At this stage though, Mr Kroenke can sit back and hide behind his billions

  107. Joe

    We had 200m in the bank. Wenger chose not to spend it to prolong his job at Arsenal. Only at the end did he start wasting when he realized he was losing his top 4 is a trophy and his lifeline when there were more than just 4 clubs competing for it.

    When the competition got tough. Wenger got found out. No matter how much money he spent

  108. bennydevito


    That’s fair I’ll take that. Like I said; if by the end of the season we finish lower than last season under Wenger and our style of football is regressing too then it may be right to look at things again in the summer and look at replacing Emery.

    But who with?

    As you I was against Arteta’s appointment due to lack of experience but after a year with Pep who knows – he could be worth a punt?

  109. azed

    “Emery spent £70m in the summer, on mainly defensive players, and our defence is worse than ever.”


    Sven is head of recruitment and not Emery.

  110. Dissenter

    As odious as this may come across, Kroenke doesn’t have to give a s*it about what you feel.
    It’s you that has to come to terms that he owns the club now
    What are you going to do about it?
    Raise $1.5 billions on a crowdsource website and try to buy him out?
    A billionaire offered that much and he declined it

  111. bennydevito

    gambon, you misunderstand me; I’m no EKB I just feel it’s too early right now to make a fair assesment with all things considered. That will change in the summer depending on how things end up.

    It boils down to point of view at the end of the day and I think we have improved under Emery compared to last season albeit very marginal. We’re not going to get top 4 that is clear but that won’t be down to Emery as I feel if Wenger were still here we’d already be 7th or 8th, but again just my opinion.

    If it all goes to shit and we have the chance of bringing in a new dynamic manager of super qualidee then of course we should do it like from Rioch to Wenger.

  112. gambon


    We only sign players where the coach says there is a need.

    Emery is able to veto any deal if he doesnt feel the player is right.

    He doesnt just get told who is coming in. Hes part of the process.

  113. Pedro

    Benny, I was pro-Arteta. Also pro-Nagelsmann and Jardim.

    As Gambon just pointed out, I’m not seeing the improvements, and I don’t think his track record is that exceptional. He’s a good Europa manager. Seems to have real issues dealing with stars. His indecision is a sight to behold. I think he lacks the gravitas needed to succeed at this level.

    I think shooting for two years just because it’s a norm is wrong. I’d rather give new money to someone who can imprint a more defined vision on the club… find that next level of style we’re looking for.

    Appreciate Tuchel isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the football he imprinted at Dortmund was immense. He’s a lunatic, but he has great ideas.

  114. Joe

    Emery’s job is to address what is needed player wise.

    It’s Sven’s job to find the players that emery describes he needs

  115. Leedsgunner

    Comparing NFL methods to European football is comparing two completely different sporting cultures and ethos. Expecting methods in one area to work in the other might sound good in theory and look good on paper but it won’t translate in reality.

    It’s taking 2 and 2 and making 5.

  116. bennydevito

    Yes I agree Pedro, I’ve already revised my stance above and have said we should look to change things this summer like we did with Rioch and Wenger if the season ends up going down the shitter. I’ve also revised my opinion on appointing Arteta after a year of Pep tutelage as I always try to be open minded and not stuck in my ways. Things change, situations evolve as does my assesments based on the evidence.

  117. Bergkamp63

    Let me state that I am not a big Emery fan and said we should have gone for Arteta, but talk of getting rid of him after 1 season is premature and is not going to happen anyway IMO.

    Hi buys haven’t been outstanding but nor have they been Wenger like, LT looks great, Sokratis looks ok, Guendouzi looks creative, not at all keen on the keeper and would put Cech back in immediately.

    The forwards are garbage, the defence indefensible, and the midfield even worse. If we can hook another 4 or 5 players out at minimum and replace them, next season might just see us back in the top 4.

    If Emery can’t manage to achieve that, then replace him with either Arteta or Vieira ?