Emery needs to bring the problem children in from the cold

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Arsenal came out of the West Ham debacle without a win in 5 away Premier League games. A truly miserable statistic that capped off another Emery disaster class.

We’re rapidly moving into a new territory where it’s not just the defence, the stagnant attack and the lack of style that are proving to be embarrassing. Now the big talking points seem to be centered around how badly he’s managing two of his best players. Mesut Ozil is no doubt a massive whopper behind the scenes, he’s tough to deal with, he’s precious and he can be incredibly uninterested (according to my sources). I’m sure that’s irritating, as it would be at any club, but that’s Emery’s reality. His most expensive player, who doesn’t want to leave, is annoying. That means it’s the managers’ job to work out a way of motivating him, to find a position that works and to get him into a side that is desperately lacking quality in the final 3rd.

Same for Aaron Ramsey. Our midfield lacks anyone who can run with the ball, it has no spark, it is essentially art free. Who gives a fuck if the Welshman is going to Juve? Give him a start. Work out a way of slipping him into the system. Can he be greedy? Yes. Does he infuriate sometimes? Yes. Is he capable of creating magic? Yes. Then fucking play him.

Emery’s stubbornness with his approach has gone from admirable to ignorant. That performance yesterday was the first time I’ve seen Arsenal feel sorry for themselves. The players don’t look like they understand the merits of the system they’re playing in and it’s absolutely clear whatever the coach is telling them isn’t working.

We are a slave to a system that doesn’t have the right players to work. Why would you not look at the best players you have at your disposal and build an approach that allowed them to flourish.

Lacazette and Auba don’t work in the same side together, or at least the way Emery is trying to work it. Guendouzi and Xhaka is the real axis of evil on this planet, it’s too ponderous, and it’s desperately lacking in power and pace. Our approach from wide positions is rank average. I know people think Iwobi is the second coming of Hleb (aim low), but his final ball and touch is not up to scratch. It doesn’t matter that he was the best attacking player we had yesterday, if anything, that compounds the issue. We have two of the best finishers in the world and they’re not getting chances in front of goal. Yesterday, we were clueless moving the ball forward, we started resorting to long balls. We couldn’t muster a single shot after the 67th minute when we were chasing a game.

The goal was ridiculous as usual. Granit Xhaka, the last man standing of our 5 captains opted to head the ball to a West Ham player from the front post. It wasn’t untypical of Xhaka to drop a fucking howler in a game, it was just unusual that it was so amateur. We can’t even offer style in our fuck ups.

LT and Rambo made a difference when they came on. The ball started moving up the pitch, we were more of a threat, West Ham sat back a little more, but it was to no avail.

Here’s the crazy thing about the West Ham team. Pelligrini took over an absolute shit show of a side. He’s given them a style and purpose, he had a group of shite defenders rocking an offside trap so tight, George Graham would have firmed up watching it. He had players pressing and taking individual responsibility. Felipe Anderson, a player who caused us issues all afternoon was doing loads of dogs bodywork. Why? Because the manager convinced him that the team was more important than his feelings.

We’re now 7 months into the project. Our shots per game average is the lowest its been over the course of the last 18 years, our defence makes Brexit look organised, and we’re still no nearer having a footballing identity. What makes this last month even worse is looking at the general intensity of the team, it seems like we’ve dropped off massively, there was next to no pressing yesterday and we simply didn’t look at the races. West Ham bullied us all game. Factor in the hike in injuries we’ve seen this season and the picture doesn’t look rosy.

The manager needs to sharply improve what we’re seeing on the pitch with the players he has if he wants to avoid serious questions being asked about his continued tenure in the summer.

Good coaching fixes defences. There is no excuse for what we’re seeing here, especially as he bought the keeper, the center back and the defensive midfielder (forget Lichtsteiner). We’re struggling with absolute basics like proper clearances and balls over the top. There are too many individual errors and not enough know-how between the players. This can’t continue.

We have no sauce moving the ball forward. We’re very one dimensional in our approach. We’re easily rattled with a press. We’re predictable. The opposition knows if the ruffle Xhaka, there’s very limited ability for us to move the ball forward. We have a shot at fourth, it’s a long one, but the manager needs to put his ego in his pocket and work out a way of integrating Ozil and Ramsey more often. We’re paying for caviar, and dipping our belini’s into Branston pickle. It’s getting ridiculous now. Make it work.

Emery needs to imprint a style on the team. That’s hugely important. Who are we? What do we want to be? What are the players supposed to be doing? What are the fans getting excited about? Even in Wenger’s darkest days, he was trying to offer something up. Remember that United game at home that we lost last season? Some of the most scintillating football of the last 5 years, a game we lost because of a De Gea masterclass. Emery should be able to give us more than 1 good game in a season (Spurs, fatigued). I’m not pining for him, I’m merely pointing out that there was an attempt at something even when we were shite.

It is not insanity to be talking this way. It is not taking a controversial position for the sake of it. It is making sure the expectations at Arsenal football club are always sky high, because you know what, we are in a fucking dangerous position as a club. This Emery tenure is going to be as bland as a ham sandwich, of that there is no doubt. The big issue is what comes next… the fans will demand a winner, just like they did at United, then we could quickly fall into absolute mediocrity with no way out. We have an owner who can see clear as day that it doesn’t matter what he does with Arsenal, commercials grow exponentially, so do gate receipts. There is no reason to act.

That shouldn’t mean we give up. Arsenal can’t spend the next 5 years leaning on the excuse crutch of Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis. Time to put that shit behind us and time to take aggressive actions towards pulling ourselves back up to the elite levels of the game. That means making ruthless decisions. Cutting expensive players to raise cash, bringing in a coach with special sauce, and doing everything possible to make every fucking penny count.

We can climb again, but only if people are honest about where we are and what we have to do to climb to the top again.

… and here’s the thing, being honest with the fans is a fucking good start. Emery said there are no players, I bitched for 5 minutes, then accepted it. If the club came out and said, look, Champions League is a 3 year job, and here’s how we’re going to do it.

We’re going to slash the wage bill. It’s too expensive. That means you might see some of your faves go.

We’re going to build the greatest club on the planet to be at if you’re a young elite player. We’re bringing in the best 17-23 year olds and we’re going to grow them into superstars.

We’re going to hire in the most exciting developmental coaches on the planet. We’re going to play the football of 2027. These are coaches that will train their minds and bodies. We’re in the business of making superstars.

That means we’re shooting to sell these players so we can start investing in the team with bigger bets, just like Liverpool. Our advantage over them is we are Arsenal and we’re based out of London.

Would you get behind that? I would. It’d be better than attempting to fight with the big boys when you’re 5ft2 with a gammy leg.

Back to the now.

Emery has a lot of work to do. If he takes the club backwards after spending £70m in the summer, we should try something new, because this is Arsenal, not PSG. There won’t be an Mbappe and Neymar purchased to cope with tanking a season. We’ll be removing talent. Our manager has to show that he can improve what he was left, because though it wasn’t pretty, it was nowhere near the disaster made out.

We are better than this. We should not be writing off regression as part of the transition. The only way is up, always. Don’t accept anything less, because the dark demons of medicority are circling the club, and if we let them in, it’s a long fucking way back.


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  1. JOE

    Winning the invincibles was the death of arsenal.

    Because winning like that made wenger think he was better than he was.

    As was proven when he started to break up the invincibles he was nothing without those players and they won it in spite of him.

    The last 14 years showed the real

  2. JOE

    No it wasn’t Pedro

    That was the players. GGs back 5. DB 10. Frances golden generation.

    Wenger when he went it alone and thought he was greater than he was, was the real wenger.

    The tactical buffoon. Clueless one.

  3. Tony

    “Emery is, imo, over-emphasising tactics which is stagnating any chance of progress.”

    I understand and agree with your above thinking, but to say Emery didn’t inherit a shambles of a squad is disingenuous at best where maybe you’re looking at things more from an emotional state of mind, especially as you were so pro Emery to begin with and pretty much throughout the unbeaten run.

    You’re normally more level headed except when on your on your ongoing Wenger crusade.

    You tend to have your finger on the pulse through working as a professional coach and your son playing football at a decent level – certainly more so than I have, as my expertise is in business.

    So mostly I respect your views and sarcasm.

    We are all hurting Graham, especially after the last 12 years and wanting to see us at least making some headway from those years.

    For us in our 60s the father time clock is ticking much faster than for our younger gooner brothers where we want to see some years of success before the clock stops ticking for us.

    Emery is a problem right now and also needs players now. However, the bigger problem lies with the management and owner.

    I’m sure Emery knows the best starting 11s by now but he can’t put out the best vesion out every week, can he?

    Emery probably set us up Saturday with the Chelsea game in mind.

    Whatever way you look at it Emey inherited a shambles of a squad, which neeeds at least 10 players being shipped out and replaced in the next 3 TWs starting with this January’s Window.

    Sadly your onwards and upwards enthusiasm is heading sideways and downwards at an alrming rate and we can all see it – well maybe not all.

    We can’t really include Pierre and Victoria in this can we? Pierre thinks Ozil can be our savior for this season and get us CL football for next season.

    There are 17 days left for the TW maybe something good will happen, but don’t hold your breath.

  4. Charlie George


    Best mangers of The Arsenal.
    Graham /Wenger /Chapman.
    All had it.
    Rest have been ok – ish. Howe/Neill/rioch/Emery-but none lasted long
    Need that first and foremost
    Arsenal is a unique club
    It’s all about history and class!

    We can do so much better than Emery.

  5. JOE

    A better manager would have won 3 more at least with the teams wenger had after the invincibles.

    He blew it. The real wenger without leaders and self managing players on the pitch couldn’t do it. When players needed managing to get over the hurdle he couldn’t do it. When we needed the one player in Jan to get us over the hurdle he couldn’t do it. He did kallstrom etc.

    The real wenger. A proper manager rallies the troops around something like Eduardo. We crumbled under wenger. The real wenger.

  6. Pedro

    Joe, football is not judged that way unfortunately.

    Wenger declined with a new stadium build and reduced funds. Still rocked some fun teams with good ideas. Last 5 years were awful, but he still won things.

  7. bennydevito

    Agreed regarding Benega, not what we need at all.

    There’s no doubting Ozil’s quality and pedigree but does he fancy it? Seems to me he’s more concerned with fortnite and instagram.

    I’d try and get the best out of the team though and not turn it into a ego battle like Maureen did with Pogba.

    If all fit I’d play Leno, Bellerin, Holding, Sokratis, Kolasinac,
    Mikhi, Ramsey, Torreira, Ozil,
    Lava and Aubameyang.

    I wouldn’t be biting my nose to spite my face but I fear especially what happened at PSG that’s what Emery is like.

    Not good and not in our best interests. If however after numerous chances players like Ozil and,Mikhi are just playing gash with no effort or output then I’d move them on, free up the wages and bring in younger hungrier players either from within or from outside with huge sale on potential.

  8. JOE

    I’m judging it that way. You judge it how ever you want.

    Doesn’t make you more right or me

    It’s how I see it

    He was worse when he had funds the last 5 years. That’s not an excuse.

    We were a manager away from winning 3 more titles.
    Someone to take us over the edge.

    The real wenger wasn’t him.

    Pep. Ferguson. GG. Poch. Klopp. ZZ. Ancelotti. would have won titles with those teams. They would have seen we need a player in Jan. They are Motivators. Wenger isn’t.

  9. JOE


    Seen enough from
    Mkhit and Ozil.

    They are not cutting it. Not contributing

    Cut our losses and get rid and replace

  10. Charlie George

    WENGER will always be in the pantheon of the Greatest managers.

    He has won league titles in France/Japan/England.

    In English football’s 2 biggest tournaments he has records that will never be be beaten:

    Prem league.. The unbeaten season
    FA Cup.. Ownership of 7 FA Cup s

    Stayed miles too long.
    BUT The man is incomparable.

  11. Guns of SF

    I watched the Sevilla v Bilbao game today. What a cracker!
    Anyhow kept my eye on Banega and he played well. The man can track back on defense, put a slide tackle in and move the ball well. No question an upgrade on Ramsey. Even Ozil. that is the type of player Emery wants. no passengers. I do not blame him. Banega is a steady hand, not one to make careless errors but a Box 2 box that can help both offense and defense.

    We cannot due to rules apparently add more infusion of cash into the team to not violate the EPL version of FFP

    Redtruth posted a good article about this…

    I feel for Emery. We all want better but I think what I would like to see is a stable rotation, and playing our best players all the time

  12. Charlie George

    Did u really say Banega was an upgrade on our Ramsey?
    And If u did ? Why the hell are Juventus not buying Him instead of our boy?

  13. China1

    Banega is a good player but outside of a loan option he’s not the answer to our problems imo

    He’s another sokratis signing. Let’s soend the money on long term players who can be sold in the future if we wish, rather than 30 year old players in their last big contracts

  14. China1

    I fucking pray we get 18m for Ramsey. That would at least be something out of this sorry mess

    18m is worth more to us than his cameos I’m afraid

  15. Guns of SF

    Ramsey is getting a deal of a lifetime with Juve, who are making a huge mistake. Earlier I had asked you, who would Ramsey usurp in their midfield.. can you name anyone? I think you are getting confused with his overinflated wages, and thinking that equates to his ability. This is Ozil part 2- he is not worth that sum at all.

    Anyhow, Juves problem not ours. We need younger, cheaper, more upside, sell on profit, etc. Think Dortmund, Lyon etc….

    Both clubs are great and play attacking football but are filled with younger players who they can sell and make $$

    Rambo- if you believe him when he said, he thought a deal was agreed, and then having it pulled was most likely due to his agent still shopping him around, when the deal was on the table- after a while its kinda like — fuck it. get lost, we have been waiting for you to sign this….but your bloody agent keeps trying to get one up on us.

    Certainly an annoyance and not in good faith. If Rambo wanted us, he would have signed. I am changing my tune with him. He wanted Ozil money- so good luck in Juve sitting on the bench. At least the weather is nicer

  16. Charlie George

    Well done u.
    U have moved your position.
    Wenger in the top 30 greatest!!

    Doubt wenger even makes top 30 of all time greatest managers

  17. Tony

    Wenger the undisputed best, really?

    No European cups!

    If you look at GG over his shorter term and Wenger over 22 years, GG has the better stats, especially with a European cup.

    Wenger was very decent in his early years with what he inherited from GG, but Wenger is along with Gazidis totally responsible for our current situation – do you you think differently?

    Were 3 FA cups in 14 years really worth the undisputed turmoil we are going through now?

  18. bennydevito

    Thanks Joe,

    Thanks also CG. In my opinion though I don’t think it’s realistic to expect Emery to get top 4 with this squad, no way. Would you be saying the same if Wenger were still in charge? Not a dig, honest question.

    In my opinion Wenger 96 to 04 was the best Arsenal manager of all time but even saying that I feel he greatly underachieved with the players at his disposal.

    Even as far back as 2001 I could see Wenger didn’t do tactics and was useless setting up a team defensively and was lucky to inherit what he did from GG or he wouldn’t have won what he did. With that team we should have won way more – we never defended our titles like man u did winning 3 in a row twice and we were terrible in Europe against teams who did do tactics and knew how to defend.

    The season Eduardo broke his leg is the season Wenger should have gone imo and from 2012 onwards was just dreadful even with the FA Cup wins.

    It’s why players like Overmars, Petit, Anelka, Cole, Vieira, Henry, RVP, Cesc, Nasri, Sagna, Adebayor, Cesc, RVP and Sanchez forced their way out to bigger clubs with better managers who knew they would actually win more of the top prizes consistantly because the managers were better tactically, defensively and had more ambition.

    Wenger was arguably our best manager for a period but should have done better and woefully underachieved at the end of the day.

  19. Guns of SF

    At this point, the Sevilla midfield is quite awesome. Their technical ability, passing etc is top notch. Their attacks are highly entertaining to watch. Amazing reads and movement.

    Sarabia is one to watch, Escudero did well too.

    The real gem is Inaki Williams- Bilbao striker/ winger fuck- what a speed demon and with that pace he would be utterly ferocious.

  20. Charlie George

    stop focusing on what Ramsey can’t do.
    But what he CAN

    FA CUP winning goals perhaps!
    Last player to score a hatrick for the Arsenal?
    Aaron Ramsey!
    We will miss him…

  21. Pedro

    Tony, GG was taking bungs and he shamed the club. Also played a bland style of football.

    Arsene made us a modern day super club. His vision is who we’ll be for the next 100 years.

  22. Pedro

    Certainly hung on far too long and it left a bad taste, but I’d never say the GG years were better than Arsene’s first ten. Wenger took over a bunch of alcoholics and gave them a new lease of life. Should have left in 2010 though.

  23. JOE

    Arsene made us a modern day super club. His vision is who we’ll be for the next 100 years.


    We are a laughing stock.

    All people will remember are the 10-2’s , 8-2’s, 6-0, 5-1’s 4-0’s

    Players laughing after they get picked to
    Play v us

    I hope to god his vision isn’t what we are for the next 100 years.

    Fuck me.

  24. Charlie George

    Arsenal fans will be talking about Wenger teams and his accolades in 100 years time

    Arsenal fans in a 100 days will be unison – wanting the unsuited Emery Out!

  25. JOE

    Took over the best back 5 in England. Maybe Europe. And dB 10.

    Come on Pedro

    Was lucky to be French during their golden generation and have an inside line

    What happened after all
    That dried up. Right. The last 14 years.

    Sorry GG was a better manager. Give GG 22 years and he would have won
    More that wenger

  26. Guns of SF

    CG- you and I will never see eye to eye. LOL- i do find it funny though as you are a good spirited fella

    Unless, we pluck a Sevilla player who kicks us to 4th and CL qualifying, along with the EL cup. Perhaps scores a hat trick in the final? CG will personally proclaim that Guns of SF was correct.

    Brother- its a global game. you want to pay over the odds for a British player with little technical ability?

  27. JOE

    No one will be taking about wenger as they do Chapman or GG.

    When you over stay by 14 years that what will be remembered.

    Most people talk about the Bayern maulings . The 8-2’s. The 6-0’s. The banter years. The sanago’s. Squillaci’s

    He tainted his legacy with his greed. His own fault.

    Ferguson knew when to quit. So did pep at Barca.

    Wenger wasn’t too up himself
    And greedy. And that is how
    People will remember him

  28. Charlie George

    “”Brother- its a global game. you want to pay over the odds for a British player with little technical ability?”:
    Yeah ,I EVEN accept that
    He is 30 years old. NOT 20!
    How is he going to adjust to the speed of the prem
    It’s ferocious.
    not la liga testimonial guff

  29. Pedro

    Joe, maybe you should go and hang out with some real life Arsenal fans before making statements you have no idea about. You are a room of one making statements like you’re on the terraces shooting the shit every week.

    No one, and I mean no one, has ever spoken about Chapman in a pub setting for at least 70 years.

    Wenger will be revered for making us a sexy football club. People will talk of him fondly forever. He gave us so many great memories. Went on too long, yes, but his record at the beginning with see him through.

  30. Pedro

    Joe, you’re remembered for greatness, no matter how much you fuck up after.

    Music, film, TV… people always remember the hits.

    That’s Wenger. Invincible. 3 time EPL winner.

  31. Guns of SF

    Joe you posit a interesting theory on Wenger becoming untouchable after the Invincibles. I do recall, David Dein coming out with comments like, he has this job for life, etc. etc. The Wenger show was in full force. I also thought wow, this guy is great- unfortunately he was a victim of his own success and others stopped questioning the only coach to go undefeated in EPL… and he fucking milked that to the end…. we rotted and he was untouchable. It took the son of Stan to make the decision his buddy Gazidis could not do.

    It was an old boys network with Wenger. A dictatorship in the last decade.

    For someone who is a professor and smart- he certainly was too blinded to not see his own shortcomings.

    An ass in his personal life too. Ive mentioned his ego drove his marriage apart, and even now, he has said that he hurt too many people in his pursuits.
    Was that worth it Wenger?

    Being loved to loathed?

    Ill remember the good moments but after all the Invincibles left or were show the door, the decline was too much. The second Barca goal in the CL was when Wenger went off the deep end with his youth project and midget barca lite midfield etc.

    He had the blue print but tore it up

  32. Charlie George

    Who cares about the CL!
    Current champions Man City fans don’t.
    They do not turn up
    It’s tedious,clunky ,elitist, 7 referee prancing ,VAR espousing codswallop!
    THATS why all the foreigners want a piece of its action.

  33. JOE

    Claudio will be more revered for his one PL than wenger will for his 3.

    Leicester winning the league was a greater achievement than the invincibles.

    Was a 2 team league back then. Maybe Chelsea was on the up. But that’s it.

  34. bennydevito

    Pedro @ 3.49, agreed. GG did shame us with the brown envelopes and we weren’t known as boring, boring Arsenal and our anthem being 1 nil to the Arsenal a la Pet shop boys for nothing. Our football was very boring but before the bung he tried to address that with Anders Li.mpar and Ian Wright, and he was a great talent spotter and wasn’t sentimental on special treatment for his favourites either, he said John Lukic was good and one of the best in the league but David Seaman is better. I think GG would have won us more European titles and Wenger was definitely lucky to have inside knowledge on the French golden generation.

    But Wenger’s brand of attacking football was head and shoulders above that of GG and it was Wenger that transformed and revolutionised us as a brand and club on the world stage and gave fresh life into what he inherited from GG and was a better manager overall.

  35. Guns of SF

    Its all about the $ now.
    Look at your boy Rambo. Arsenal was not good enough for him…
    CG- what do you think of that? He turned us down and his agent kept shopping him. We pulled the deal.
    How you feel about this?

  36. JOE

    Charlie GeorgeJanuary 14, 2019 04:12:08
    Ranieri s Leicester trumps the invincibles

    There is hope for us yet hahaha

  37. Charlie George

    Pulling out of a deal so publicly- is such an inept way of doing business.
    It’s why I am so anti the Spanish cowboys.
    It’s humiliating for the player.
    (A loyal player.)

    No other club – has ever done it before.
    (Because it’s so self defeating.)

    I used to do business all the time, here in Joburg
    Never would I renege and go public on ongoing negotiatians.
    You have to keep the player onside and motivated
    Page 1

    These guys are amateurs.


  38. Guns of SF


    I think that Gazidis and Wenger let this deal run into the last year. Raul is on board in the media stating that players get a 5 year deal, then by the third year, you need to make a decision on the player. 3 yrs is long enough to judge. Makes total sense.
    glad they are trying to break this contract BS that mires us in shit

    Arsenal offered Rambo a deal. He dithered and his agent royally fucked up. Perhaps if the agent ate crow, or Rambo grew a pair, and fired his agent, he might still be with us. But no, Rambo wanted the green cheddar

  39. Charlie George

    Like him or not. Aaron Ramsey is an Arsenal asset. He is 28 years old. He will be joining Juve for£0000
    Dembele ( spurs &31) Is also out of contract- Is being sold according to bbc for 12 million
    Forget football ability
    Think business.
    Our Spanish mob_ don’t know business.!!
    Unlike Like levy, Dein, amd the lovely belated leicter chairman
    They are amateurs/cowboys.
    Too busy biting Lichenstiener

  40. gonsterous


    actually the reason The Wenger out brigade happened was because Wenger and gazidis lied to the fans. They lied so they could pocket more money from the fans.

    if they had said, right, the thing is we have a massive stadium debt, we can’t compete with the big boys but we will try to occasionally finish 1st or 2nd but top 4 is our priority. We will do this while trying to extract as little money as possible from the fans but for that to happen we might have to sell players occasionally.The expectations of the fans would be low, and they would have been more sympathy as well as support for the club.

    Instead we were fed lies after lies and eventually a point comes when fans realise they are being lied to. At that point, there can be no sympathy just anger. Thus why so many took down the wenger shrine and picked up the pitchforks.

  41. China1

    Pedro wenger made arsenal a modern day super club?

    What are you smoking mate?

    At what point have we been modern or a super club?

    We only competed in Europe once in his 23 years (losing). We became a laughing stoke around Europe in time. Under his watch he actively resisted all the modern management and coaching setups that you trumpet. Lastly he ran us into the ground financially.

    We have at no point whatsoever been a modern day super club. This is revisionism mate.

    We were neither modern nor a super club when he was here. The very process of modernizing led to his sacking. So now we’re modern but are we a super club? We are a total joke and poor as hell on and off the field.

  42. JOE

    Preach China preach.

    Pedro also just said fa cup is bigger than The CL

    So it makes you wonder why he was wenger out????

  43. China1

    Pick a year from 2007 until 2019 and explain why at any stage in this period we could be described as modern or a super club?

    You’re having a laugh mate

    Super clubs win titles. They make massive money. They have elite players. And when that doesn’t happen they make big moves to try and rectify it as fast as possible.

    We are utterly ponderous as a club. Devoid of ideas, quality and redeeming qualities. It’s a shit show.

    Modern day super club. Really? Ask Chelsea, Bayern or Barca fans what they think about that and you’ll be laughed out of the room.

    It’s bin dippers level delusions of grabdieur

  44. China1

    If you want to realize just how out of touch our delusions of grandeur are, simply look around

    West ham had more fans at their ground last weekend than we’ve managed most games this season. NOT JOKING

    Spurs will also have a 60k stadium soon and I gather Chelsea will sooner or later. Everton I’ve been planning this kind of move for a long time and will eventually

    Apart from a shiny stadium (which we no longer fill) in what other areas do we demonstrate ‘super’ status? Our playing staff are absolutely not. Pedro you yourself always talk down the emery appointment so apparently the manager isn’t special either by your own reckoning. How about our financials? We’re the poorest team in the PL this January.

    We are every bit the archetype Europa league team right now. An irrelevant force of yesteryear with no likely hope of competing for the big trophies in the next 5 years

    A shambles

  45. China1

    The club needs to kick Ramsey out the door by hook or crook this January

    We need a transfer fee and we need to sign some players.

    I would tell him he’d be training with the under 16s if he doesn’t try and expedite his move to juve.

    The embarrassing thing is if he wants to be greedy and wait, or if juve can wait, we’re screwed

  46. JOE

    We are every bit the archetype Europa league team right now. An irrelevant force of yesteryear with no likely hope of competing for the big trophies in the next 5 yearsA shambles

    This is because of wenger.

    We are no modern super club because of wenger that for sure. Some legacy

    Maybe Pedro thinks a big stadium
    Makes you a modern super club. Because there is no way wenger and his results on the field made us such the last 14 years.

    And I don’t believe we were any bigger than we under GG. The only thing that made us “bigger” was the PL blowing up around the world. And that had nothing to do with wenger trust me

    And the stadium would have been built regardless of wenger. It was in the works before wenger arrived

  47. Redtruth

    How can a manager have almost 20 consecutive years in Europe and not win a trophy…that’s bog standard. For that alone Wenger deserves to be in the Hall of Shame.

  48. Redtruth

    “But Wenger’s brand of attacking football was head and shoulders above that of GG and it was Wenger that transformed and revolutionised us as a brand and club on the world stage and gave fresh life into what he inherited from GG and was a better manager overall.”

    Fuck off…Give Wenger, Graham’s players and we would have been relegated.

  49. Charlie George

    .. give GG the funds ( he might have pocketed him self.)
    Both were Arsenal titans.
    Relax . Both were not perfect
    But both were great at their time

  50. Tony

    Joe & China 1
    Pedro tapped out and is hiding under the covers wondering when it’ll be safe to come out again.

    🙂 🙂

  51. Joe


    Thought the point of being in it was to win it not to be a laughing stock and not to do it only for the money and keep your job?

    Wenger only cares about top 4 as Job preservation. He cared naught for the actual sporting part of it because he’s not good enough to win it and he knew it

  52. Joe


    So now wenger is the fat kid in school who got a participation ribbon for competing in the sports day every year. Such an honour

    Way to go wenger! You bloody legend

    Young Boys have as much chance of winning the CL as arsenal did under wenger

  53. Charlie George

    Valid points there

    My riposte was that it’s not Bog standard to get 20 successive years of euro football by a single manger
    Because it’s not been achieved ever before so
    It can’t then be bog standard.

  54. Joe

    Again who cares about participation of you’re not actually competing in it and are a laughing stock and losing 15-3 in 3 matches to Bayern while their players laugh at you when being drawn against them.

    Bravo wenger. Take a bow for setting the participation standard.

    And it’s top 4 that make it in. Not hard when it was a 2 team league and even when it got to 4 teams competing for it.

  55. Joe

    You really want to see us relegated

    A front line of sanago and chamack

    Back line of squillaci and Sylvester santos Jenkinson.

    Denilson and jack MF. Betnder out wide with gervhino

  56. Shyam

    I still don’t get the bashing Ozil gets here. Yes he din’t do well,but is he given enough chances this season? Think Emery is stubborn to change his style,he is afraid of another Neymar kind of situation rather than thinking about winning. TBH the undefeated streak was luck,we should have lost at least 2-3 matches there. Team need not be built around Ozil but at least we should use his positives rather than always complaining about tracking back [at least for this season or until we sell him]. In the previously lost 3 matches we did not create any thing which wouldn’t have happened, with 2 of the major creators in Ozil and Ramsey[sparingly]involved. 3-5-1-2 would suit with Ozil as No.10.

  57. Graham62


    It was GG who put as back on the Footballing map after years of obscurity.

    Wenger glossed us up and gave us some VaVa Voom.

  58. Graham62

    Although I feel Ozil has brought most of this upon himself and that, under normal circumstances, he should have been dealt with as he has been, THESE ARE NOT NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

    With Ramsey leaving the building and also being omitted from the team and Mkhitaryan injured, we have no adequate cover in CM. Lacking any form of creativity is costing us big time.

    Emery has to sort this out, or he will quickly find himself in a position where the fans will turn against him.

  59. Globalgunner

    TH14 made Wenger, not the other way round. If Thierry had not suddenly discovered the monster inside him we would not be the global brand we are now. Him added to the other French stars and Bergkamp made Arsenal find new fans across the globe and before anyone says Wenger opened the doors on Henrys talent how come he hasn’t been able to repeat the trick with anyone else since. Lest not forget that the guy who discovered Penicillin did it entirely by mistake.

    When Wenger dies, he should leave a substantial portion of his massive fortune to Thierry. Why a spendthrift like him loved money so, Ill never know. Im pretty sure he drives a 10 yr old Renault.

  60. jasongms

    The illusion of being a sexy modern super club is what kept Arsenal fans coming through the turnstile and the advocacy from the likes of Pedro that kept them quiet. The shame of it!

    And Pedro it wasn’t Arsene’s Arsenal that built the worldwide fan base. Growing up in the age before the internet and then travelling for work as the internet was just taking off, you soon realised just how many Arsenal fans there were. Where I grew up most of my friend’s parents (fathers) either followed Arsenal, United or Liverpool. Where I worked, mostly in Asia and North America, the number of old school pre Wenger fans were staggering and also surprising. The internet expedited the process, with that a worldwide fan base finally had a voice. If anything Arsene’s horrendous failings have impeded the growth of the club and decidedly so.

    As you have stated many a time, London is the main attraction and being the biggest club in London was always the ace in the hole. We never truly exploited this, because, for one reason, Arsene.
    How about all the times we went to Austria for preseason because Arsene didn’t fancy going into Asia or North America whilst promoting the club and its financial interests, thus handing our competitors the advantage, does that sound like a super club to you?

    No, we’re no more a super club than is Kim Kardashian’s ass real.

    Wenger’s legacy? The unbeaten season, nothing more. The question is, is that enough for all the accolades, tributes and adoration that come his way?

    Personally, not even close. The man should have been sacked after the 8-2 defeat.

  61. Globalgunner

    If any Wenger team needed to win away at Pool in order to clinch the title. What do you think will happen. 5-1, 6-0. 8-2. 4-4. Take yr pick

  62. Tony

    Spot on summation

    Absolutely correct.

    GG did what Emery should have done and worked first building a tight defensive unit.

    GG won trophies during his rebuild and if he hadn’t been caught doing what many managers were probably doing, he would have gone on to playing attractive football while winning more trophies.

    We do need a creative CM but I just don’t see Ozil stepping up if given another chance – he’s too weak willed and scared of even the slightest contact.

    As José said he’s a coward and teams will target him as they do Xhaka.

    Emery is right telling the club to get sot of Ozil. Ditto Mhiki.

    I would imagine Chelsea can’t wait to play us.

  63. gonsterous

    Young Boys have as much chance of winning the CL as arsenal did under wenger

    this made me smile, good to know the local team here is making their name known around Europe. 3-5 years back, people would have said young boys who ?

  64. Tony

    Arsenal is a product and players and football is the core business that creates the generation of income and thus profits.

    I cannot fathom why Kroenke would spend over £400 million buying the balance of the shares to 100% own something where the product is failing so badly and not invest in the product to stop the rot.

    I wonder what Adidas is thinking about their new contract/investment?

    Who will want to buy Xhaka, Mhiki and Mustafi shirts? What is the shelf life of Auba and Laca going to be for a 6th placed team seemingly heading downwards rather than improving its position and profile because it has no money to buy the required talent.

  65. Mark

    I’m still catching up on posts so may be a bit behind.


    A lot of wankers on legrove…Kroenke was reflecting the 90% of fans who religiously followed Wenger to the detriment of the club.”

    I can’t help but think that sometimes, people still laying all the blame on Kroenke and ignoring the ( never to be repeated In football) steady decline of AFC under his reign.

    Now the Shit has hit the fan, no cash to buy, can’t sell overpaid average players, everyone is calling for Kroenke to become Abramovich !

    Don’t get me wrong it would be nice, but I thought AFC was too classy for moves like that?
    It just shows what a total load of bollocks the fans bought into.

    I feel how Joe feels, I’d take 17th as long as Wenger left the building and never returns in any capacity. Another year of him and I would have been ready for the funny farm.

    It’s funny how people are rewriting history and talking as if Wenger didn’t have almost absolute power at arsenal. “Gazidis or Stan should have……” Yeah right!!!
    The man who said he is not having a DOF , and how he has final say about these things.

    In the end Wenger was failing so badly in so many areas, I don’t think people realise that this is the result of that total mis-management.
    So I’ll spell it out;
    Piss poor Recruitment – players and staff.
    Inflated wage bill
    Refusal to buy players priced above his valuations. 2015 no outfield players at all??
    Refusal to buy players with character, who may have challenged him.
    Unbalanced squad- No DM or wingers.

    The list is too long, yet people are surprised by what we’re seeing now and can’t see the correlation to the shit that has been going on for the last couple of years.

    Then to say why hasn’t Emery changed all of this in 6months an £64M transfer budget???

    Emery may not be perfect or everyone’s 1st choice, but he’s the best we could get at the time and deserves an honest crack at it before being written off.
    Pep & Klopp are great examples of this, didn’t do great in their 1st season either. Yet another fact often ignored by Emery’s detractors.

    It’s gonna take time and it’s not gonna be pretty. Once you accept this, you will be in a better place.

    PS a quick mention to Cesc Appeal who made some great posts on 13/1/19, the one about Ozil was particularly good. Keep emailing coming. Dissenter has dropped some goodies too.

  66. Mark

    January 14, 2019 02:25:06

    Another good post Benny 👍

    There’s so little perspective shown by some posters, but it’s like they have their own agenda….

  67. Mark


    Great post Benny.

    ” Emery should have at the very least until the end of this season and I would say next or at least up until the January transfer window of next season too to see where we are and if there’s been tangible improvement from where we were under Wenger, but to want him out now just beggars belief.

    Word !!!

    As for Ozil being the saviour – do me a favour! The guy’s a big game bottler and a fraud stealing a living. When has he ever dominated a game for us and been a regular top performer week in week out?Never is when!

    Spot on ! People still suggest building a team around him, or just let him be a passenger if he wants to.
    Yet when he has played he’s done Fuck all!!
    Hardly put in any performances where you’d say ” He has to be 1st name down on the starting Xl ….”
    But Pierre thinks he’s gonna show us all & Emery… Blah blah. My problem with this is it’s not a new or Emery problem, Ozil has played shit or gone missing for the last few seasons, and produced single figure goal & assists. Add to this his current malaise and the odds don’t look too good on him being our next Messiah.

    Ps. @Redtruth, Thanks for reposting the Arsenal Truth post. Very good post and shows that he is still able to see and understand the reasons. The usual mob couldn’t understand it of course, so just dismissed it.
    But deep down, they know. They do.

    I think Pierre tried to say something like ” What’s yer mate over there think about the loss..smirk smirk.

    The answer must’ve wiped that smirk right Offa his face. LoL