Arsenal defence to face powerful test + Mini Cesc Tribute

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It’s going to be a tough away day at the worst new stadium in the country. We head east to play WEST Ham. There’s a confusing one for you non-London folk.

Anyway, I’m worried about how our defence is going to hold up tomorrow. On the one hand, I’m excited to potentially welcome back Hector Bellerin, on the other, I’m deeply concerned about how we’re going to deal with Mustafi, Koscielny and Monreal playing together.

Arnautovic is a man-beast and unplayable when he fancies it. Felipe ran rings around us last time he played. Antonio is also more than capable of causing us problems. If you remember last time we played West Ham, we really were lucky not to come away from the game losing. Now Pelligrini has had more time, we should expect just as tough a game as before. Our last 4 away Premier League games have seen 2 draws and 2 loses. We really need to get back on track and it’s imperative we don’t lose more ground on the top 4.

We have a squad as fit as it can be at this stage of the season. Will he play Ramsey? Will he go with two up front away from him? Will he start Auba and Laca? So many questions that need answering.

In other news, Cesc Fabregas has ducked out of the Premier League to join Monaco on a 3 and half year deal. Thierry has dropped a steal there… not quite sure I’d be giving someone with his injury record and pace that money, but whatever. I loved Cesc. One of my all-time favourite Arsenal players. When you talk about attacking footballers playing in a banter team, that was Cesc, and he fucking owned it. No bitching, mincing out or failing to score goals because that’s “not his thing.”

I remember him bursting on the scene with his mullet and rat tail. He looked like he was going to sell you a banging pair of fake Rayban’s, and he defo knew someone who could by you some South African skunk. But as his hairstyles improved, so did his ability to control games on the pitch. He was a revelation, one of the first midfielders of his type in the league. He had no pace, no physical presence, he just had this incredible ability to always find space… and his range of passing was out of this world. Then the goals came… then the interest came.

I don’t want to talk about how he left. I think the strike thing was massively overblown. Really though, who can blame him for going to play in that Barcelona side? It was the greatest of all time. Doesn’t matter that he didn’t really break into it. He went there to win trophies and that’s what he did.

Would I have wanted him back at Arsenal? For sure. We held out for him for a summer and didn’t fill his position because Wenger didn’t want him going to United. He kind of strung us along to get assurance from Barca, then he stayed and was fucked over anyway. We eventually moved hard on Mesut Ozil and that was that. Cesc was over for us.

What a career he’s had regardless. He’s lived in London, Barcelona and now Monaco. I have so much love for how that guy has run his career. A true role model if ever there was one.

Good luck Cesc!

Finally, Bielsa admits to hiding a spy in a bush and there are people out there defending the actions like that isn’t utterly abhorrent behavior. I saw a French publication justify the Leeds managers decision by saying there is no law against spying, and it was basically fine because he was chasing perfection.

Hmmm… pretty sure the police wouldn’t have picked up the perpetrator if there wasn’t something legally dubious about what he was doing. Additionally, don’t be a cu*t and play the strict interpretation of the rules card. Life is not about living by a strict legal code, there’s such a thing as norms, if you think there is anything upstanding in spying because no one thought there was a chance an opposition manager would go to those lengths, you’re full of shit.

Someone could stab someone in the leg before a game and there’d be a dickhead on Twitter lining up to tell you that taming player passion was a bad thing and if we punished the stabbing, it could be the end of the game. Not all opinion is born equal and the internet levels a cesspit of horrific views.

Right, that’s me done, enjoy the West Ham game! x

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  1. Bamford10


    Right, but we long ago closed the book on his mistake of leaving Wenger in charge for so long. We have moved on. You are right that we’re now dealing with the consequences of that mistake, but the question is: did the football men do the best they could with what they were given this summer? I’d say no. They did a couple of good things, yes, but they didn’t do enough, and there were things they might have done that they didn’t do, like sell this or that player to generate revenue or free up wage space.

  2. TallestTiz

    Struggling to come to terms with the fact that I just watched that shower of shit, and the Arsenal board say that’s football

  3. Upstate Gooner

    Yes, both Xhaka and Iwobi were at the club with Wenger but it’s Emery who’s the manager now and he keeps playing them week in and week out. He doesn’t have to, you know.

  4. London gunner

    I dont think sacking Emery mid season is a good idea tbh.

    I’d say give him a specific restricted financial backing in the Jan window of day 30 mil and see if he can turn this season around.

    For me he needs to get fifth with 3 points off top 4 and make it to the final of the Europa. If he can do that much he has shown enough eith the resources he has to survive the summer and have half a season to showcase a new team.

  5. Zfree

    Charlie George

    And are Brighton’s players better than ours? Setting up a team to defend and have a plan is something we’ve been crying out for and I thought Emery would deliver.

  6. Paul Mc Daid

    What Wenger, Gadaliz , Kroneke , PHW and the board have done to this club is criminal , Emery can’t fix this mess in a few months, Nobody could, It is gonna take years before we are a force again and as long as the Kroneke’s are here I don’t think it is possible, Josh is being held by the hand by David O Leary , That is Shambolic.
    Wenger thought really screwed us over in the last days off his clueless regime, Cost us 60 million with Sanchez and god only knows how many millions with Ozil, But the squad is we’re he really killed us along with the complete lack of accountability by his coaching staff. We are in a real mess.

  7. Zfree

    Lewis Dunk, gaeten bong, dale Stephens, solly March… these are championship players. It’s not like they’ve entirely replaced the squad since being promoted yet they are solid

  8. Charlie George

    Could not agree more
    Hughton does it year in year out
    No histrionics
    No over complicating
    And with dignity

    Should be right in the frame for the Arsenal gig when Emery departs…( Easter, Methinks)

  9. Nelson

    We keep saying that our players are not good enough. I thought that the manager is supposed to tell each player what he should do before the game. In this game, the players seemed to be at a lost. There was no plan of attack. We have no identity. By now, we should know that Laca is much better in the buildup and Auba is good in the box. Why Auba tried to do the buildup and lost the ball so many times? Is he following the manager’s order? Does the manager make him look bad?

  10. Bob

    on why he didn’t use Ozil…
    We decided that the players here were the best for this match. We’ve won with him, we’ve lost with him. No one player makes the difference between winning and losing the game.
    he’s ego is killing this team.

  11. gonsterous

    yup charlie, let’s just get arteta and be done with it, after that let’s get eddie howe. That’s the calibre of managers we are going to get. Emery is the best of a bad bunch.

  12. Bamford10


    “We also didn’t sell or sign Ramsey and Welbeck.”

    Yeah, I’m with you that they didn’t do everything they could have done this summer.

    I don’t know that we would agree across the board with respect to what they should have done, but that’s a different thing.

    Hindsight is 20-20, of course, but I would have made a decision about who I liked better — Auba or Laca — and I would have sold the other. That’s 55m right there that we could have used to sign a couple of quality players.

    I would have kept Welbeck as my bsck-up CF.

    As for midfield, that is/was a messy situation, but ideally I would have sold Ozil (and possibly Mkhitaryan) and re-signed Ramsey at reasonable wages. If I couldn’t re-sign Ramsey at reasonable wages, I would have sold him and signed a solid, quality #8.

    Everyone here would have done something different, but I think it’s clear they could have done more, could have done better.

  13. gonsterous

    I don’t think ozil would have done anything of note today. Yes he has the creativity and the talent, but what he lacks is, taking control, and wanting to show up.
    what we need is a 16 year old cesc to show how a midfielder plays. yeah, ironic, I know.

  14. Bamford10

    Yeah, absolute no to sacking Emery mid-season. He needs a tactical consultant — Paulinho? Cesc? gambon? 😉 — but we don’t need to sack him. Let’s be reasonable, people.

  15. Upstate Gooner

    Yes, he’s trying to show everyone who’s the boss. Don’t worry, he won’t be here for long. Hopefully Ozil will outlive the fucker at the club.

  16. Sancho Monzorla

    Very discouraging performance. Need to shake things up fast. Not a single team has an ounce of fear playing against Arsenal. If these kinds of results persist then all the perspective in the world won’t mean anything.

  17. gonsterous


    Everyone here would have done something different, but I think it’s clear they could have done more, could have done better.

    yes, cause this is football manager, and the money is fake and we get what we want, and when we fail we can just undo everything with no consequences, right ?

    It’s like everyone knows how to run a country but no one steps up to do it cause they actually can’t.

  18. China1

    Bamford Stan has everything to do with this because it’s Stan who agrees to hire these guys, pays their wages, didn’t fire wenger for such a long time and didn’t fire gazidis at all

    That’s his responsibility entirely.

    That’s like saying wenger isn’t responsible for chamakh missing chances. Well wenger thought he was good enough to buy and put him on the pitch. Same difference.

    The owner of a company is responsible for everything that goes on under him/her. Bad performances? Owner hired the wrong manager/recruitment guys. Bad financials? Owner hired the wrong business leaders.

    How could it not be his fault? It belongs to him. It’s his choice to entrust these people with these responsibilities. Him not knowing about football is no excuse because in this case he should be consulting with more than just his own staff to determine how well/badly they are performing.

    What ass backward kind of business ownership is it where you know nothing about the business and just *trust* your staff will do a good job. This company is worth how many hundreds of millions of dollars? It’s shockingly poor management from Stan.

    I don’t know anything about running a hotel but if I bought the ritz Carlton you’re damn straight I’d be spending some of my time visiting the shangri la, mandarin oriental and so on to get a better perspective about how my own hotel compares

  19. Champagne charlie


    I’m fine with the idea of giving the new manager a season with the bulk of the squad to determine who fits and who doesn’t, but some decisions were already clear and required action.

    Ramsey and Welbz needed action, because of contracts, and Chambers, Elneny, and Jenks have offered little to nothing since being here which would’ve freed wages and some monies.

    Ozil, Mkhi et al would then have been at the discretion of the manager after a season of coming to terms. We’ve sat on our hands and lost out on 50-60 mil in Ramsey, and 20 mil on Welbz if he decides to move. Baffling stuff.

    You’re right that various iterations of change were possible, but seems we decided against all and just carried on as we were. Not what I expected from a much anticipated new crack team in place. Compounded further as January hits when we get told we can only loan players it’s that tight. Makes the summers indecision all the more unacceptable.

  20. Upstate Gooner

    Where are you at, buddy? Still think Emery should get 100-150mil to spend on new players? He doesn’t know what to do with the ones he’s got now. Fucking Fraud.

  21. Charlie George

    Every other club sacks managers mid season
    Watford sacked Marco Silva last season
    Everton had 3 and finished a respectable 8th
    Leicester will soon be sacking puel.
    Real Madrid sacked one after 4 games.
    This Emery will get sacked.
    Accept it.
    Take responsibility and sack him,now!
    Get Freddie in charge until end of the season (like ole at man u)
    Get Rambo Captain and LIFT THE GLOOM

  22. Guns of Hackney

    Chelsea. Real. Any Italian club. Most Spanish clubs.

    All sack managers once or twice a season and some after bad games…most do okay.

    Why can’t we sack the hapless Emery?

    Stop protecting these people. He’s paid very very well and he’s doing a shit job. Sack city.

  23. azed


    Iwobi has 4 assists the season, Ozil has one. Explain how Ozil is better?

    PS: We won away game all of last season with Ozil… Explain how that happened with the “magical Ozil”.

  24. Guns of Hackney


    Ozil is a billion times the player Iwobi is or ever will be but he can’t apply his talent.

    Iwobi is a jobber, nothing more. 1,000 times more effort than Ozil but zero talent.

    Arsenal have both on their books which is criminal.

    Two positives and two negatives cancel each other out. We suffer.

  25. Champagne charlie

    Sacking Emery is a waste of time, then what mid-season? Rash decisions is the opposite approach we need to take.

    We should be strategising for the summer, hard. Then depending how the remainder of the season pans out, and particularly what sort of impact Emery has, a decision should be made.

    Arsenal need to go two ways:

    – Back Emery in the summer and make the requisite decisions.

    – Sack Emery in the summer, hire someone with a vision, and make the requisite decisions.

    This passive bollocks we’ve seen thus far isn’t bridging any gap to the top of the table. The longer the season goes on, the more I sense the leadership are using this season as a roll of the dice to get CL football again.

  26. Upstate Gooner

    What does Ozil have to do with our shit performance today? Iwobi played almost every game so far this season, and he’s got a few assists playing in a very advanced position. Ooptiebeedo. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. So what about that 100mil? Do we give it to Emery to spend on “his” players?

  27. Sancho Monzorla

    There’s no way the club will sack Emery mid season. It goes against the narrative. Whether he deserves it or not he will get the entire season at least. Most likely will get to see out his contract. If he is kept on when he obviously needs firing, if we keep another manager who turns out to be incompetent a day longer than necessary then that’s on the club. At that point I think I would feel too disgusted to watch for awhile.

  28. englandsbest

    I feel mighty sorry for Emery. Watching on Sky (I’ve never added a penny to Arsenal revenue since Stan took over) after the game the panel talked for thirty tedious minutes about Declan Somebody, and I thought maybe they’re giving Unai the time to prepare his resignation speech.,

    Fancy being told that Arsenal have no money! It came as a shock to everyone, but most painful of all, I imagine, to Emery. No way did Gazidis tell him, why be honest when you don’t need to be and anyway he was off to Milan.

    Think about it. Emery had just left a Club that throws money around like confetti. And he was now managing a Club in Europe’s richest league, a Club that was, in his mind, akin to Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain. A Club with the fourth highest revenue in the world, a fantastic history, a huge fanbase.

    The idea that he would not be able to sign players probably never crossed his mind. After all, it is an obligation of an elite Club to bring in top players when needed. Particularly when the squad he inherited was clearly not fit for purpose.

    Well, what we got from him was not the towel, but downbeat comments, bafflement, and the sense that he’d much rather be elsewhere.

  29. Guns of Hackney


    I agree with you…which I’m doing more and more you crazy son of a bitch.

    I can’t see this one lasting. Wenger was a darling…won stuff and changed arsenal fc forever. Sure he went bad, but deep down he was a mega star. Emery is the usurper to the throne and has zero credibility with arsenal fans.

    Emery will be sacked at the end of this season. That’s my feeling.

  30. azed


    Ozil is a 100 times more talented than Milner but Milner is a far better player than Ozil.

    Hard work trumps talent everyday.

  31. Upstate Gooner

    No, you’re a dumb fuck for thinking that all those players were shoved down his throat. I suppose it’s Raul and Sven who want Banega and Suarez too, right? Moron. Yeah, let’s give Emery 2-3 more transfer windows and see how he fucks up our club even more.

  32. Pierre

    Have a day off and stop making a fool of yourself …

    Emery has no option other than to bring ozil back or the Emirates crowd will destroy him the next few weeks.

  33. Charlie George

    What narrative are u talking about?
    HE was a Gazidas pick
    Gazidas has disgracefully gone.
    The narrative went – the movement he skadaddled off to Milan ( poor Milan, I add)
    We need a new regime
    We need to be bold, not timid!

  34. Freddie Ljungberg

    All the Wenger apologists out in full force again spewing their nonsense all over the blog. Sickening.

    Sat on their hands while Wenger ran us into the ground and diluted the squad down to the luke warm, no creativity piss poor state we’re in now. Expects the new guy to fix it in 6 months.

    Don’t give him any money to spend they say, totally ignoring that a lack of money is the problem in the first place and that it’s not him being responsible for the spending anyway.

    I’m just sitting here shaking my head at the idiocy unfolding…

  35. azed

    “What does Ozil have to do with our shit performance today? Iwobi played almost every game so far this season, and he’s got a few assists playing in a very advanced position. Ooptiebeedo. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. So what about that 100mil? ”

    Iwobi 19 games 4 assists
    Ozil 13 games 1 assist.

    At this point, Ozil is the blind squirrel.

  36. China1

    Charlie George if we wanted to sack emery we’d need to pay him the remaining 2-3 years of his contract

    Where’s the money at bro?

  37. Kamp

    i just think we need to put our “best” players on the field and let them sink or swim. The position at year end will tell us who should stay and who should go.
    You’ve either got to sell Özil for whatever you can get in the January window or play him.
    Ramsey with Torreira as the middle two. Lacazette top, Auba wide left and wide right picks itself based on fitness (basically because nobody is owning it).
    Sell anyone and everyone in the summer who isn’t giving 100% for AFC.

  38. Paulinho

    Bamford – In terms of tactics, it’s worth noting Emery is doing what the vast majority of LeGrove wanted last summer: two deep-lying central midfielders that wouldn’t move ahead of the ball, allowing the freedom for our attacking players to do what they supposedly do best: create and score. No more undisciplined, glory-hunting runs from central midfield.

    Interesting that Kante is now playing very Ramsey-like for Chelsea, constantly in the box making off the ball runs. He is supposed to be just ahead of Jorginho.

  39. Pierre

    “16 year old Reece Oxford shut down Ozil.”

    there is definitely a whiff of desperation in your comments….

  40. azed


    For the last time you retarded fucker, Emery is a coach, he says what he wants, while Sven looks for and Raul buys.

    Emery gives profile of the player he wants, he doesn’t give a name.

    Banega link is newspaper talk.

  41. Kamp

    What’s wrong with that MGooner?

    That is usually the core of any championship side in the EPL year in year out (barring Chelsea and city billionaires playthings)

  42. Upstate Gooner

    Please, don’t tell me you would trust Emery with another 100-150mil to spend in the next couple of transfer windows. This is the guy who wants Banega and Suarez to replace Ramsey and Ozil. This is the guy who plays Xhaka and Iwobi week in and week out. This is the guy who seems clueless when it comes to team selection and formation. 3 CB’s against Soton and now West Ham? You’d think we were playing City and Chelsea.

  43. Charlie George

    U are making the mighty Arsenal sound like a corner shop.

    His compensation check will be small change to the turmoil-that I fear will be coming.

    Watford, Everton, West ham have better players.
    We need to stop the rot,pronto.
    Him,Raul have to get out of our club.
    They are la liga specialists

  44. azed

    “Emery has no option other than to bring ozil back or the Emirates crowd will destroy him the next few weeks.”

    Lol, Ozil would soon be in China and you can fuck off with him.

    Ozil is so good he has the 1 assist all season. What a genius.

  45. Kamp

    Azed. Ozil is a better player that Iwobi. Many of those games Ozil is playing out of position.
    Not that I am in any way defending his woeful return.

  46. Sancho Monzorla


    The narrative that we are skint.

    I agree about the need to be bold. Also just think you have to be smart and considerate of reality as well.

  47. Champagne charlie


    The club is rudderless mate, prove me wrong with that statement in some way? It’s deflating.

    You’re spot on, Wenger was a star that burned out. Yes, he got too much leeway as time went on but that was largely because he’d done the business (and some) in the early stages of his Arsenal overhaul. So I don’t begrudge some fans for their wishful/romantic notions of him returning to grace. But he didn’t, he’s gone, and Arsenal need to be serious if we’re remotely interested in starting another era like ones past.

    Forget managers for a minute, the guys who were out scouting Wenger way back when, THAT is the special sauce we miss at the club presently. Who is the suit-strapped visionary looking to lay foundations for us to blossom into a new Arsenal? Since the sacking it’s been meek and horribly uninspiring stuff.

    Football isn’t like other businesses, you win and grow with vision, confidence, and a little faithful reckless abandon. “Safe” appointments are doomed to fail when you’re trying to upstart a new era.

  48. Upstate Gooner

    Grow up, dumbass. As soon as you start resorting to insults, everyone knows that you lost the argument. I won’t even bother addressing you anymore.

  49. China1

    It wasn’t me who sent a letter out to training center staff asking them to boil the kettle less often to save money, or switch the lights off in the toilets after you’ve done a piss

    It wasn’t me who told Unai he’s the only manager in top flight of England who is financially incapable of signing anyone whatsoever

  50. Charlie George

    That narrative comes from the corporate lackeys

    Emery is a c rater
    They have not got the balls to ask Josh for more money.!

  51. Dissenter

    Kroenke didn’t;t cause the transfer problems of the summer, at least not directly.
    It’s always possible to say that the buck stops on his table.
    We weren’t decisive in dealing with the Ramsey contract. He should have been sold and the proceeds used to fund incomings.

    I won’t knock Raul/Sven too much with that stick though because Gazidis’s foot dragging about his Milan exit would have been contributory.
    Raul Sanllehi wasn’t really in charge until after the transfer window was over, by then the damage was already done with Ramsey.
    Last summer was a transition too much – manager and CEO leaving at the same time.

    People need to calm the f*ck down. This is not unexpected and was it was anticipated that it would get really bad until we clear out the dross.

    ….and I don’t think Kroenke should put a single cent in. He’s not the father of Arsenal. it’s not like the club is at risk of going into bankruptcy.

    Calm down people.

  52. Paulinho

    Bob16 – It was the same with 4-4-2. Same midfield set up and same problems.

    Poor attackers and relying on width from full backs for anything substantive.

  53. China1

    Emery’s remaining wages for the rest of his contract are probably in the region of 5-15m Sterling. So it seems we are literally financially incapable of firing him since we’re incapable of finding £10m for Dennis Suarez

    For better or worse, get used to this

  54. Dissenter

    I don’t disagree with the summation on Emery.
    What I disagree is that we are one excellent manager away from returning to winning ways under this climate.

    It’s going to take time and a lot of failed trials too.
    If Emery isn’t the gut then another manager comes in when his contract ends. This is not a change a manger-solve the problem issue.

  55. Devon Gooner

    Freddie Lungberg, can’t help but agree with you. This bunch of under achievers are Wenger left overs! Years of zero accountability – but hey it’s all the fault of Emery. He is not a top level manager but he has no money – players who have no quality oh and yes Ozil who hasn’t put in a decent performance against a top 6 team for years! Dream on Upstate, Charlie etc. Your great leader fucked this up not Emery!

  56. Un na naai

    The football men in charge of Arsenal overestimated the quality of the squad this summer, and they needed to do more this summer than they thought they did.This is on Emery, Sanllehi and Mislintat, not Stan Kroenke.

    Not really true is it Bamford??

    Because there was no more money available to them. None. Just as there is none available to them now.

    Why do you defend kroenke? Some yankie affinity?

  57. azed

    Ozil is a better player that Iwobi. Many of those games Ozil is playing out of position.

    Ozil has not played defensive midfield.
    Bernardo Silva, KDB, Eden Hazard, Messi, CR7 all play different positions and deliver. Ozil must be the only so called world class player that can’t play multiple positions.

  58. Kamp

    The financial mismanagement of the club cannot be ignored either.

    On the verge of criminal. Wengers proud record of ECL qualification, record match-day revenue and Liverpool are signing 100m defenders and goalkeepers, after being out of European competition for years?!

  59. Charlie George

    As for diamond eye
    A talented German scout now dictating Arsenal footballing policy.
    What’s he know about English football?

  60. Un na naai

    Dissenter than why take the club private?
    Why not sack Wenger and gazidis when they were clearly failing?

    Why not secure better sponsorship deals?

    He watched while our best were sold off and replaced with downgrades to balance the books. It did nobody but him favours.

    What is it with the shermans defending this old sack of shite?

    Even the leftie yanks can’t shirk their sense of dutiful patriotic camaraderie.

  61. azed


    I’m tired of repeating the same thing to numb skulls like you.
    I should you an article about Sven talking about scoring Guendozi right from Dortmund but you are hell bent on pushing the lie that Emery is the one responsible for summer buy.

  62. Champagne charlie

    “What I disagree is that we are one excellent manager away from returning to winning ways under this climate.It’s going to take time and a lot of failed trials too.
    If Emery isn’t the gut then another manager comes in when his contract ends. This is not a change a manger-solve the problem issue.“

    Disagree with this. There’s no saviour per say of course, but we’re a big club with unreal potential provided the right decisions are made.

    With that said I think you could find one man to rally around, someone who could take us from our current point to flirting with a title challenge (maybe even challenging).

    I’m not going to sit here and decide who, but I’d like to think a club with our resources could figure out a strategy that’s similar in our aims to rise the ranks again. Pochettino came into Spurs and has built them up into something almost formidable, Jardim took a rough edged Monaco and made them the most exciting team in Europe. Klopp took a good Dortmund side and made them a gladiator in Germany. It’s not a fantasy to want someone to come in and for us to see growth withand unknown peak.

  63. Freddie Ljungberg


    I get that you’re not very bright, your every post proves it, but try to understand what a couple of posters have already told you:

    Emery is not in charge of signing players, he doesn’t have the power that Wenger had, thank fuck, that’s a terrible way of running a modern football club.

    Would I trust the current setup with 150m? Fuck yeah I would, I’m not even sure we have the 6th best squad anymore, the only thing that keeps us above midtable is that we have 2 very good strikers, the rest of the squad is pretty much shit.

    So, yeah, money and/or fantastic scouting is the only way to improve this team.

  64. Bob N16

    Not the same though Paulinho, by playing 3CBs our WBs have had more freedom to attack and are less likely to be exposed pushing forward but you lose a key link to midfield and attack, an AM.

    Playing with 2 holding CMs, double pivot, should mean that between them they have a responsibility to cover FBs who are pushing forward.

    I think we’ve played 3 CBS and WBs by default, because Kolasinac is too weak at LB to be trusted and our CBs have been less than steady.

  65. Un na naai


    He can’t eben okay his own position
    He’s self centred, bug faced cretin. Never wanted him at the club. Di Maria was allowed to leave the same summer and we go for that steaming pile of worm shit

  66. Bamford10

    Un Na

    Actually they had some 70m to spend, and they could have sold players in order to generate revenue and free up wage space.

    Do you actually read other people’s posts? Do you follow the comment chains? You don’t seem to learn much from others here; you just make clueless, uninformed statements.

    As for Kroenke, as I have said a million times, I don’t a fuck about him and I don’t give a fuck that he’s American. I do care, however, about our establishing an honest and accurate assessments of what is going on at the club; some people simply want to vent their spleen brainlessly — “it’s the cunt Yank owner!” — and in doing so they misrepresent the situation and help no one whatsoever.

  67. Dissenter

    Un na
    “Why do you defend kroenke? Some yankie affinity?”

    Maybe because he’s not afraid of bucking the trend and speaking his own mind.

    Why do you lot bash Kroenke so often?
    The billionaire owner of Spuds hasn’t spent a dime and they have locked in a CL space every season with Poch.
    He met self-sufficiency policy at the club, a policy that most gooners embraced proudly at the time.
    He does not intrude into the day to day functioning of the club. He lets the “experts” run it. He met Gazidis and Wenger at the club and kept them because we were in cruise control at the time. There was a time when we all would agree we were well run.
    Kroenke’s problem is that he hasn’t supervised and communicated a clear direction. He has his faults, so do the other actors.

  68. Un na naai


    I bash kroenke because he’s overseen the sharp decline of the most exciting team in Europe while Daniel levy has overseen the sharp improvement of our neighbours with smart appointments and even smarter transfer dealings.

    Silly to compare kroenke with levy

  69. Kamp

    MGooner, don’t you think it’s wotking for the spuds/pool?

    Anyway, the point is more about culture than nationality.

    We want to clown around and do cool goal celebrations. Nobody seems embarrassed to be fighting for 5th place.

  70. Charlie George

    Well said dissenter
    They have levy.
    Who instinctively knows our game
    Bit like our dein

    We have Raul/ Emery who are more suited to Spanish football
    That is it on a nutshell.

  71. DivineSherlock

    What a shit show eh . Emery really needs to bury his ego and bring back Ozil . Its Emery who decides the style of play , this style of play if we’re being honest would’ve been ridiculed if it was Wenger. No creativity whatsoever in our attack. Auba has to play deep cos no ones ever passing to look for him to get behind the defence. Wingbacks dont add shit to our wide play. All in all lot of shit to unfuck for Emery.

  72. azed

    “He can’t eben okay his own position
    He’s self centred, bug faced cretin. Never wanted him at the club”

    Tell that to upstate and Pierre who think Ozil is the second coming of Christ.

    Ozil is so good he has one assist all season. Even Iwobi that is so poor has 3 more.

  73. Pierre

    I can see Joe now ….baking his muffins with tears running down his face after watching that fiasco today …..he has nowhere to go now ,he put all his eggs in one basket…

    ” we’ve got our Arsenal back ” he repeated over and over again ..

  74. Un na naai


    That’s rich?! Did you read my comment?

    I said there was no MORE money to spend. Key word. MORE.
    If there was more money there would have been more players coming in at a higher quality. But we didn’t have any more. So he had no choice but to be happy with his squad. That’s all he had.

    Do you feel stupid?? You should do.
    Bloody high school teacher. 🙄

  75. China1

    Champagne Charlie

    ‘I like to think a club with our resources…’

    What resources would those be? We don’t have money, top players, an academy that churns our stars or assets we can easily sell at a high price

    I’m genuinely not sure what resources we have apart from a prestigious location and a bit of history. On the contrary we look more and more like a black hole akin to the current AC Milan setup

  76. Dissenter

    I m certain that you’re smart enough to know that one-liners [not from you] point does not do justice to what has to change at Arsenal.
    We aren’t a manager away from salvation. Really, no manager of repute with other offers will take a job lie Arsenal at the moment.
    We also aren’t a few player away from competing under Emery because his set-up is faulty.
    The fire and hire approach isn’t going to cut it because that costs money too

    I was dismayed last summer when we brought in Sokratis because it signified confusion as to what we were trying to do. The decision to let Ramsey get past the summer without signing was also amateurs but I put that to Gazidis who wasn’t clear enough as to whether he would stay.

    Left to me, we restart from the academy and then start buying up the best 20-22 year olds around. I’m willing to write off 2-3 seasons to clear the books and start rebuilding.

  77. Paulinho

    “3CBs our WBs have had more freedom to attack”

    So why would an 8 at centre mid make more sense than a 6 in the 3-4-3 than 4-4-2, if you were one of those fans calling for two deeper-lying midfielders instead of one?

    If you’re playing three up top with full backs bombing on you shouldn’t need a central link if you don’t think one is needed in a 4-4-2.

  78. Un na naai



    Pierre, upstate.

    I like your posts but you’re wrong on ozil. Weneger did everything he could to bring the best out of him. How much can a manager appease him before it comes back to the player and his lack of desire and application

    He was always a bad choice for us. I never liked him in 2010 before he went to Madrid either. Thought he was well overrated. I’ve never got the fuss on ozil. Gimme hleb or rosicky any day.

    Terrible terrible decision giving him a new contract

    If I had £10m as a fan I’d pay him or a new club that to help him on his way.

  79. Dissenter

    We have top get two exciting young attacking midfielder and start playing them.
    Wee need to get two young wingers and start giving them exposure.
    Same for defense, saviors and Holding ?

    The current squad isn’;t good enough and we won’t amount to much until their contracts run out.

    But like the Dortmund approach

  80. Un na naai


    That’s beacuse joe is a cunt of epic proportions. He will come out and defend this loss though and claim that it’s all on wenger. Beacuse wenger is a loser and he was arsenal’s worst manager and bla bla bla….muffins and dinosaurs and he man and millionaire playboy parties and super model girlfriends zzzzzzzzz

  81. bunga party

    Unai’s been found out.

    He’s a shit manager. Nobody’s expecting him to title challenge with what he got, but to repeat the same mistakes Wenger used to make is unbelievable.

  82. Bob N16

    Agree with your last post Dissenter. If Kroenke doesn’t want to have a punt at accelerating improvement then the process will take a few years. If we go down this route I’m not sure Emery will be the man to be leading the longer term overhaul.

    He was brought in to be pragmatic and scrape CL qualification- not exactly looking likely at the moment.

  83. Pierre

    ” Oh by the way Pierre what happened to Lacazette and Aubameyang play well together?They were both horrible today. ”

    I thought they started off pretty good, as did iwobi , but the team as a whole lost their energy after the initial opening burst….after that it was pretty dire from the whole team , Ramsey looked pretty good for 15 minutes but his game also tailed off as we became more and more desperate.

    Maybe the team as a whole need to pace their game a bit more , they were like a boxer who was trying to deliver the knock out punch in the first few rounds then run out of gas as fight goes on .

  84. Samesong

    You need to press “play ” ….you’re on repeat mode….. ” One assist all season ” and repeat

    The irony lol

  85. Un na naai

    It’s just not arsenal any more

    We’ve lost our identity

    Just a uppity foreign owned club with foreign players and no link to the lifeblood.

    Who gives a toss. Our only british player played as a third choice auxiliary wing back

    This isn’t arsenal
    It’s kroenke plc, no it’s not a public company any more. It’s private. No more ast meetings. No more intrusions


    Utter disgrace. As long as they sell out their Malaysian tours though.

  86. Bob N16

    Paulinho, playing 4 at the back and two holding CMs mean that you can play a
    4 2 1 3 if you like, with the ‘1’ being the attacking midfielder. We lack attacking cohesion without that player. Bringing the best out of Lacazette and PEA has to be a priority.

  87. Cesc Appeal

    I wasn’t sure about throwing Mavropanos in for Chelsea but it might not be the worst idea.

    I don’t want to see Mustafi and Kozz keeping getting played, we know what we get from them. The former is just an error prone defender and the latter is on his way out as a serious player.

    Mavropanos will have been training for 3 weeks by Chelsea but crucially Chelsea don’t really have a ST to worry about. It’s more the wingers for Chelsea which is a job for the full backs and also Torreira watching Hazard drift into the CAM position.

    I really think if there is going to be no or very limited investment, why not? Have one of Smith Rowe or Saka on the bench as well to give some minutes to.

    Change it up and this way we can see what we’ve actually got heading into the summer. I think we’ve seen all we need to see from Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Koss etc to make up our minds there.

  88. Un na naai


    Wenger inherited a team that finished 12th the season before he was hired.

    A team with 4 international players

    Is our backline not experienced?? All of them are internationals except holding.

    Back in your box fool

  89. azed

    “Maybe the team as a whole need to pace their game a bit more , they were like a boxer who was trying to deliver the knock out punch in the first few rounds then run out of gas as fight goes on .”

    Maybe that’s why Emery leaves Lacazette on the bench sometimes.

    That’s what people like Gambon and myself say the club might have to sacrifice Lacazette in-order to raise money to improve the squad.

    PS: the only two players who missed out today were Ozil who has no spine and Mhkitaryan who is past it.

  90. Champagne charlie


    I see what you’re saying, apologies if I’ve taken your point too literally.

    I agree with the premise of an overhaul, but I don’t think it requires the sacrifice of a couple of seasons etc. I think if we outline a plan, and back a guy with scope to achieve it, we can be stimulated enough with the excitement and anticipation of it all coming together.

    I’m like you, utterly distraught at just how clueless and directionless we are. I’ve no ill-feeling at some of the players we’ve bought etc but I don’t understand some of the decision-making.

    Misdemeanours happen, but we lead the pack for making blunder after blunder in technical and strategic decisions. This new lot were supposed to be a new dawn, but it’s eerily familiar.

  91. Nelson

    At least there are still four NFL playoff games this weekend to drown my sorrow. Let’s see how LA Rams does. Maybe I see our club owner on TV.

  92. Receding Hairline

    Well Pochettino didn’t build spurs in six months, he has practically changed the entire squad he inherited over the years and no you couldn’t figure out spurs will come good under him.

    I am not surprised with some of the reactions here, some believed we were a Wenger sacking away from being contenders, they were wrong. Others believed he should never have been sacked but given more money to waste, they too were wrong.

    Come the summer, if we don’t see a clear out, and I mean a real clear out of players, then Emery is just in this for the pay cheque and not to succeed and will need to be moved on.

    We have Raul in charge now so I do not fear we will hire Arteta, nor do I expect anyone of a high calibre to come in if Emery is moved on. Our financial situation is a joke.

  93. azed

    Is our backline not experienced?? All of them are internationals except holding.


    Koscielny is 33 just coming of an Achilles injury.
    Monreal is 32
    Mustafi can’t defend to save his life.

    Our CB choices are bad.

  94. Paulinho

    Bob16 – I know the argument behind the formations, but I was referring to the practical application of it with our squad.

    I always felt we needed Ramsey supporting from a deeper role because our forward options were not good enough while most thought Iwobi, Ozil, Laca, Auba, Mikhi were enough on their own and we didn’t need any deeper runners to leave us ‘exposed’.

    So, if you were in favour of us playing two holders in a 4-2-3-1 then there is no reason to not be if we are playing a 3-4-3.

  95. Paulinho

    Also our deeper options are incapable of joining the attack effectively. Torreira looks to have emptied the tank already trying to rectify the problem.

  96. azed

    “I’m like you, utterly distraught at just how clueless and directionless we are. I’ve no ill-feeling at some of the players we’ve bought etc but I don’t understand some of the decision-making.”


    I think the lack of direction is down to the fact that everyone from the coach to management is new.

    The squad is filled with average players on super star wages and an owner not willing to spend his own money.

    The only two probable starters who didn’t play today are Ozil and Mkhitaryan and if we are to be honest, neither of them might have made a difference today.

    We have a poor aging squad and it would take time to move on some players except Kroenke intervenes.

  97. Dissenter

    I think that’s the mindset that guided Raul to make the decision to pull the Ramsey deal.
    At some point we had to press the reset/reboot switch.
    They need some wriggle room to make difficult decisions in the summer.

    This is not an Emery-show. It’s a triumvirate and they all have to be judged together.
    Last summer was all about transitioning – we changed a manager in May but the CEO didn’t leave the building until the autumn.

  98. Pierre

    I could repeat what I have been saying all season about Emery,his tactics, his formation and the personnel but I will leave it up to le grove now as they are nearly all in agreement with me now…

    off the pitch,I did also predict that the club would be in turmoil come January and, sad to say , this week has been a disaster for the fans in that firstly we had another defeat today and secondly the announcement that we can only afford loan deals in the transfer window.

  99. Receding Hairline

    Dissenter that’s what many on here don’t get, its not an Emery show.

    Three men have been tasked with picking up the pieces, he isn’t one of those men. Many arsenal fans are still reacting to this with the mindset of one omnipresent manager, that’s not the case.

    This is a job of patience regardless of who the manager was.

    Some even want a sack of manager and accusing him of not having a vision, it’s all well and good having a vision but where are the tools?

  100. Sancho Monzorla

    It’s a triumvirate and they all have to be judged together

    I agree with this and I think it’s highly improbable that everyone involved will be incompetent, which is why I am trying to be patient. That’s the hope at least.

  101. Un na naai


    That’s not what you said though. You said an experienced defence.
    This defence is plenty experienced

    Don’t try and move the goal posts you melon

  102. Bob N16

    I suppose we’d both agree that if we were winning then we wouldn’t give a flying f**k what the system was. The fact that we’re dropping so many points, we analyse every aspect to work out how we could improve. We were conceding too many goals last season and now this season, same bottom line.

    I suppose that’s where I’ve been dissappointed with Emery that he doesn’t appear to have been able to influence things a whole lot. Even with the obvious weaknesses in the squad, I feel he’s still tinkering after 30 games in charge.

  103. Receding Hairline

    And this bring back ozil nonsense has to stop. We were a sixth placed team with ozil supposedly pulling the strings in the heart of an attacking team filled with joy…that’s the version of Wenger’s arsenal this past two seasons Pierre is trying to sell…no sane person is buying

    Bring in any serious manager and ozil is one of the first three out the door, he is an embarrassment to himself and his talent

  104. Danny

    Wenger inherited a team that finished 12th the season before he was hired.
    Rubbish, we finished 5th under Rioch.

  105. bunga party

    Wenger left the club in ruin? Perhaps he did.

    Why is Unai making the same Wenger like mistakes over and over again?
    Thought he was supposed to be an improvement on Wenger. Proof is not there.

  106. bunga party

    Even shit teams like Brighton cn play toe-to-toe with pool? Why can’t Unai’s Arsenal?

    He’s a shit manager just like Wenga.

  107. Dissenter

    Did you see a proper attacking midfielder defending
    Dod you see Felipe Anderson tracking back again and again?

  108. Un na naai

    Read this

    Us and boro are the only Orem club who’ve had NO OWNER INVESTMENT in the last 10 years


    All had owner investment except us and boro

    But yeah. It’s all wengers fault

    We’ve sold off rvp, cesc, hleb, song, nasri, adebayor, Giroud, Theo, ox at serious profit. For what? Who wanted this? Who asked for this? The money men. Not the fans, not the managers. Not the players.

  109. Un na naai

    When the whole club is conditioned to accept second best, it’s going to take longer than 6 months for Emery to exorcise Wenger’s evil spirit.

    Red truth


    You aren’t the little old lady from the poltergeist are you??
    When will this house be clear?

    Walk into the light Aubameyang.

  110. Un na naai

    Do you muppets remember how shit we were before Wenger??
    We were fucking toilet. Bet most of you didn’t even watch us from 96-04

  111. Pierre

    If you remember,ozil hardly played ( according to marko) in the 2nd half of last season.
    He has not played in any of our recent 4 defeats so yes I will call for his reinstatement to the team .

    The games he was subbed off we did not improve ……Palace ,wolves and Brighton were all games that the performance deteriorated after ozil went off ….that is a fact.

    I am not saying he is this fantastic works class player ,I am saying that the team is better with him than without him plus I think the other players enjoy playing with him because he makes himself available and very rarely waste a pass .
    He brings patience and composure to the side which is something we are lacking when he isn’t in the side… opinion of course.

    I guarantee that if he had played today he would have been the one player taking most of the blame for our performance…
    And if he had played and played well and we had won , people would say it’s only West ham blah blah

  112. Un na naai


    Our center back choices aren’t that bad

    They are coachable.
    So far we’ve gone backwards since Wenger left. I’ve no doubt it was the right decision to let him go but to Emily a coach who’s not as good was negligent. Make no mistake Wenger is better than emery. Make no mistake Wenger would win the league with psg.

    We’ve been unlucky with injuries but why emery do this?

    Have a £25m gk on the bench for the old war horse Cech if he was better? Cech performs brilliantly and is our best player in the first 8 games of the season and then he gets injured and forced emery’s hand. He comes back but won’t play him any kite because our new signing who is clearly worse and is giving goals and chances away, is worse?

    Why not Reinstate Cech? He a leader. He talks. He controls his box
    So he doesn’t do tippy tappy to Bellerin. It’s not like we are Barca and playing out from the back like footballing poets. In fact even with Leno we keep having to abandon the short pass and go long so why persevere??
    He not the best gk at the club

    And the Chavez’s go 1-0 up

    We will finish 6th or 7th this year after £70m spent on defencive players.

  113. Un na naai



    Wenger won us 3 titles and built our best teams ever

    But Rioch did all the leg work

    Fucking wurzel gummage get back in your field

  114. Bob N16

    I almost feel Pierre, that Ozil needs to play too. Before the season started, Emery talked about winning 5-4 rather than 1-0. Our defence can’t keep a clean sheet so full on attack then! Ozil in the hole with no defensive remit, go out and assist the front men.

    If their relationship is too toxic now then let a couple of youngsters have game time ESR for example and force Ozil to leave in the summer.

    Play him or ostracise him, that’s the choice. I’d give 5-4 a go!

  115. Un na naai

    Where’s joe??
    Come on muffin man. Tell us about how great we are doing under snozzball emery. Zzzzzzzzz

    At least under Wenger we had some exciting displays and cup finals

    Catholic mass is more entertaining than the Emirates these days

  116. Pierre

    “*pierre…Did you see Felipe Anderson tracking back again and again?”

    yes I did and what an excellent signing he is for West ham.

    What I also saw was Samir Nasri playing in a similar role to what ozil plays and he linked West hams play excellently and made the goal with a short 2/3 yard pass that although looks a simple pass ,it was the right pass at the right time with the right pace on the ball …..the sort of assist that Ozil normally is derided for .

  117. Dissenter

    Problem is Nasri does a lot more than just make an assist. He too was pressing like possessed.
    Maybe now you can see why many here have disdain for Ozil.