Arsenal defence to face powerful test + Mini Cesc Tribute

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It’s going to be a tough away day at the worst new stadium in the country. We head east to play WEST Ham. There’s a confusing one for you non-London folk.

Anyway, I’m worried about how our defence is going to hold up tomorrow. On the one hand, I’m excited to potentially welcome back Hector Bellerin, on the other, I’m deeply concerned about how we’re going to deal with Mustafi, Koscielny and Monreal playing together.

Arnautovic is a man-beast and unplayable when he fancies it. Felipe ran rings around us last time he played. Antonio is also more than capable of causing us problems. If you remember last time we played West Ham, we really were lucky not to come away from the game losing. Now Pelligrini has had more time, we should expect just as tough a game as before. Our last 4 away Premier League games have seen 2 draws and 2 loses. We really need to get back on track and it’s imperative we don’t lose more ground on the top 4.

We have a squad as fit as it can be at this stage of the season. Will he play Ramsey? Will he go with two up front away from him? Will he start Auba and Laca? So many questions that need answering.

In other news, Cesc Fabregas has ducked out of the Premier League to join Monaco on a 3 and half year deal. Thierry has dropped a steal there… not quite sure I’d be giving someone with his injury record and pace that money, but whatever. I loved Cesc. One of my all-time favourite Arsenal players. When you talk about attacking footballers playing in a banter team, that was Cesc, and he fucking owned it. No bitching, mincing out or failing to score goals because that’s “not his thing.”

I remember him bursting on the scene with his mullet and rat tail. He looked like he was going to sell you a banging pair of fake Rayban’s, and he defo knew someone who could by you some South African skunk. But as his hairstyles improved, so did his ability to control games on the pitch. He was a revelation, one of the first midfielders of his type in the league. He had no pace, no physical presence, he just had this incredible ability to always find space… and his range of passing was out of this world. Then the goals came… then the interest came.

I don’t want to talk about how he left. I think the strike thing was massively overblown. Really though, who can blame him for going to play in that Barcelona side? It was the greatest of all time. Doesn’t matter that he didn’t really break into it. He went there to win trophies and that’s what he did.

Would I have wanted him back at Arsenal? For sure. We held out for him for a summer and didn’t fill his position because Wenger didn’t want him going to United. He kind of strung us along to get assurance from Barca, then he stayed and was fucked over anyway. We eventually moved hard on Mesut Ozil and that was that. Cesc was over for us.

What a career he’s had regardless. He’s lived in London, Barcelona and now Monaco. I have so much love for how that guy has run his career. A true role model if ever there was one.

Good luck Cesc!

Finally, Bielsa admits to hiding a spy in a bush and there are people out there defending the actions like that isn’t utterly abhorrent behavior. I saw a French publication justify the Leeds managers decision by saying there is no law against spying, and it was basically fine because he was chasing perfection.

Hmmm… pretty sure the police wouldn’t have picked up the perpetrator if there wasn’t something legally dubious about what he was doing. Additionally, don’t be a cu*t and play the strict interpretation of the rules card. Life is not about living by a strict legal code, there’s such a thing as norms, if you think there is anything upstanding in spying because no one thought there was a chance an opposition manager would go to those lengths, you’re full of shit.

Someone could stab someone in the leg before a game and there’d be a dickhead on Twitter lining up to tell you that taming player passion was a bad thing and if we punished the stabbing, it could be the end of the game. Not all opinion is born equal and the internet levels a cesspit of horrific views.

Right, that’s me done, enjoy the West Ham game! x

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  1. TheLegendaryDB10

    Well done boomslang!

    Hard to tell what is going to happen today. The positive side of things is that Torreura has had a 2 week break. Hopefully he will be ready for today!

  2. Graham62


    From previous post.

    Disagree totally with your perceptions on Walcott. I’m with @Un na naai on this.

    Walcott was talented but, unfortunately, he was mismanaged.


    Yes agree with your calculations of Walcotts game.
    but so dissapointing when a player like him run into those spaces
    and was then vacant/ devoid of what to do next.
    Yes Owen was that player as is Heung-min Son.
    Walcott did get goals but overhaul was a dissapointment.

  4. TheLegendaryDB10

    Walcott did get goals but overhaul was a dissapointment.

    It took him 10 years to hit his 100th goal for us. That’s 10 goals per year.

    As Graham says, not being coached enough meant we never got to see what he was really capable of. The same goes for the Ox.

  5. Un na naai

    James wood

    Not every player is built for tikka takka His strength was running off the ball into space and finishing. When he finally settled down and was finding the jet regaulrly and easily he was dropped. Fucking awful from wenger. I don’t expect you or anyone to agree as football is a game of opinions. Mine is that Walcott was indeed very talented but used incorrectly. How do you think Michael Owen would have played on the wing throughout his career? Not very well I’d say. Walcott’s game was similar to Owen. Maybe not to the same level but not far off.

  6. Samesong

    Weird one today hammers will always try raise their game against us. But they have an awful defence like ours. Plenty of goals and dumb mistakes from both teams today. Early kick off a bit shit too.

  7. Un na naai


    As a constantly injured mostly substitute right winger, that’s not a bad return

    If you tally up his Starts, not appearances with his assists and goals then he scored or assisted 2/3 starts for us

    That’s a fantastic return from a player who should have been a striker and was never suited to the position in which he was deployed.

  8. Samesong


    If we score first, there’s always that’s sense of we take our foot off the handbrake and let the other team back it’s happened on so many occasions.

  9. Un na naai


    Yes it was frustrating watching him intwo minds when he got into good positions but had he been coached properly I think that would have ironed out. It did eventually and when he was at his most efficient he was benched again.

    The more often a striker finds himself in those positions the less you panic as it becomes a regular occurance. He should have been drilled every week on running off his marker and what to do and where to put it

    In the season where rvp scored 40, Walcott set up most of his goals
    He had like 19 himself and over 20 assists that season. He really found his feet palying almost as a strike partner to rvp and wenger fucked it.
    I’d was breaking through brilliantly and playing on the left for us. We looked great going forward. All we needed was some defensive investment but no no. Wenger knew best. Every promising side he built post 06 he stopped just short of completing. Normally due to is incredible failure to address our defesinve deficiencies.

  10. Pierre

    I like what Pellergrini is going at West ham..the signings of

    Felipe Anderson
    Said Nasri

    Shows that he is interested in bringing quality to the club and the quality of their football has gone up a level .

    If we can get 3 points today it will be one of our best results of the season.

    I can see West ham sucking us in , letting Arsenal have the ball at the back and then trying to nick it in midfield and hitting us on the counter….they have the quality to hurt us ..

    Should be a good open football match to watch .

  11. Graham62

    Un na naai

    Yep,” should have been a striker”.

    We all saw it, but not Mr Wenger.

    Clueless, blind, ignorant and patronising to us all.

    Never to be forgotten.

  12. Un na naai

    He was a natural finisher though. Right from the off agaisnt chelsea in the league cup final. Off the shoulder, one touch slots into the corner
    He did it his whole career
    Not many players reach 100 goals at 28
    It took rvp as long to score 100 for us and he was a striker.

  13. James.wood

    Unai he was never going to be the striker he imagined himself.
    He had a good season with an exceptional player VP.
    But when you look at his complete stats at Arsenal they are not that great.
    Just one of those stats.
    In 305 Appearances he scored 2 headed goals.
    And on of those went in of his EAR.?😂
    And he fancied himself as a C forward laughable.
    Anyway he is long gone and it’s only my opinion.
    2-2 today.?

  14. Graham62

    Exactly, a blog of many differing opinions.

    Score draw or narrow win today.

    Concerned about Arnautovic and Anderson.

    Lacazette must start.

  15. Leftsidesanch


    Its frustrating that when we get a lead we don’t go for the 2nd or 3rd. This team isn’t competent enough in defence to sit on a slender lead.

  16. useroz

    Jeez, a game in couple of hours and we are debating about Walcott… last I heard he’s not doing well at Everton.

    If we harhor any top4 ambition this season, this is a must win. We can do it with the defence focused and playing tight.

  17. Paul G

    I’ve no problem with spying. It happens in every Business, all the time.

    I just hope we have better spies at Old Trafford, the Bridge and the Lane, than they have at the Emirates.

    Something tells me that we don’t though. If Wenger couldn’t even be bothered showing his players videos of the competition, it probably never dawned on him to get deeper intelligence on their training and tactics.

  18. Paddy got bored

    Tribute to Cesc???
    Are you having a laugh?? Biggest pikey conning Cunt of them all.. fucked us over went on strike, feigned injury and pictured himself at Barcelona grand prix while we were aiming for Europe.
    As you said was returning only to use it for leverage with the pick pockets. Then goes to Chair Chuckers and look at him in refs faces getting our players booked or sent off..
    Fuck him I say

  19. Pierre

    Listening to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer , I have to say I am impressed with his positivity towards his players .

    It’s all about what they can do not what they can’t do……Pogba,rashford and Martial must wake up on match days with a spring in their step in the knowledge that they will be allowed to go out on the pitch and express themselves.

    Solskjaer is intelligent enough to realise that these players playing to their full potential will bring him and more importantly,the fans , future success.

    Give them freedom to play and build a solid structure around them so they can go out and express themselves on the pitch.

  20. TheLegendaryDB10


    True. His injuries never really helped him either. A shame really.

    There were 3 players I really had high hopes for: Theo, Ox and Jackie boy. 3 pkayers who definitively could have been great players for us.

    As for Cesc. Fantastic player no doubt. But I really was dissapointed by his attitude in his last 2 seasons with us.

    I actually have more respect for RvP than for Cesc.

  21. Freddie Ljungberg


    The difference is that Pogba, Martial and to a lesser extent Rashford are very talented players that were only held back by the former coach. Ours are over the hill and not suited for the premier league (Ozil, Mikhi) or simply being used more sparingly because we have nothing behind him (Lacazette)

    Think Lacazettes playing style makes him more likely to be the one rested compared to Auba (discounting the goals) as you have said before Auba is more conservative in his efforts.

  22. useroz

    If we got a goal up must push for more rather than typicaLly slowing down and try control the game. We aren’t good enough for that yet.

    Watch the goals we conceded, hazard a guess that over 50% could be traced to our dilly dally of some kind.

    Emery talked early about train to win, need to hammer the guys to believe that we play to win as well.

  23. Jamie

    Walcott was more one-dimensional than Podolski who, incidentally, was a much better finisher.

    The fact that Walcott was trousering 100k a week for the last 6 years is up there with some of the worst business Arsenal have ever conducted.

    Tough away game today. I’ll take a win any which way, but since keeping a clean sheet is as illusive as winning away from home last season, I’m not confident. 2-2.

  24. Un na naai


    Me too (cesc rvp) Robin was honourable and honest. He didn’t want to leave. I feel the club’s refusal to compete left him with no choice. He was the best striker in the world st that point. A total fucking goal machine. Such a beautiful player. So silky and with a rocket of a shot. His first touch was sublime. He could volley, head, dribble, beat his marker in tight space with a drop of the shoulder. He was perfect. What Id give for him now in his prime.

  25. Samesong

    A big thing in our favour is today is whether Arnautovic has been unsettled and has that affected the dressing room. The home crowd will give him stick.

  26. Un na naai

    His movement was far superior to podolski as was his pace. Yes podolski has a lethal left foot but he was static and useless on the ball. No good for the premier league.

    As I said before I don’t expect anyone to agree with me. I saw Walcott that way and it will always be bitter/sweet for me.
    His career was fucked at arsenal.

  27. useroz

    For entertainment sake let’s hope for a 4 – 5 win!

    Suspect Ozil would be ‘rested’ for the away game, with Ramsey to start. But not surprised if both don’t.

    I think it’s a 3 -5- defence, with Papa, Mustafi and Monreal the back 3 and Bellerin and Kolac the WBs.

    Seriously hope not to see Kos in the starting line up. He’s past it with years of injuries, and ageing etc. If there’s any truth, Kos should grab Henry’s offer.

    Iwobi and Auba will start.

    That leaves 2 unknowns. AMN, Laca?

  28. Globalgunner

    Re Walcott, please spare me the rose tinted rear view mirror. Walcott wash gash, was good intermittently but only half the player he fancied himself to be. It was for Walcott that the phrase “No football brain” was invented. Sure he was handicapped by Wenger, whose only training strategy was to allow innate talent the licence to run free. That worked with special talents like Henry and RVP but Walcott wasnt an instinctive striker like Ian Wright. He needed someone to show him the ropes and he had no body except Wenger and maybe Lord Bendtner. He is free of Wenger now and still dross. we should have taken Bale, then again Wenger would have stunted his growth and deprived the world of another latent talent.

    Reminds me of people who on here pine for Wilshere. Wilshere the only player who can park in a disabled slot without fear of prosecution.

    As far as the Leeds-Derby spy row, its only an issue because Derby lost. If the result had gone the other way, Pedro would be laughing at Bielsa, not castigating him. Whatever Bielsa was able to glean, Lampard had 90 mins to react and couldn’t. Unless the spy was equipped with a blowpipe and fired numbing agents at the Derby players, no foul IMO.

  29. Leftsidesanch

    Arsenal XI: Leno; Mustafi, Koscielny, Sokratis; Maitland-Niles, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Kolasinac; Iwobi, Lacazette, Aubameyang

    Ozil still out with period pains.

  30. Dr Emil schaffhausen

    There’s no doubt that Cesc was a brilliant player for us , as to how it all ended , that was unfortunate and messy , can you blame him for wanting to join Barca ? Not really, did he and arsenal go about it the right way ? No.
    Walcott? Can’t even be bothered to comment.

  31. raptora

    He is a traitor though. Not everything is black and white. There are layers to it. But if you had to pick one of two, he was absolutely a traitor. He became a megasuperstar with us and he was adored like nobody else has been in the last 12-13 years. We were a good team back then as well. And he was young as fuck. Everybody knew that he’d leave. That’s the sad thing. A lot of our explayers have shared that they regret leaving us. Pretty sure he does too. He could have been a legend for us. A legend. He will not be a legend for any team now. All you feel about him is regret.

  32. Victorious

    Seriously wtf is going on with ozil?

    Why is the club highest paid player continue to miss the match day sqaud

    Is he really out injured? Getting ridiculous the way Emery is handling some of the players

    That’s a good enough line up, fancy the 3points,only worry is the lack of creativity

  33. Globalgunner

    Top talent left Wenger to win things, invariably they do….then people start talking about how they regret leaving………Like what!

  34. Cesc Appeal

    This is going to be a tough game, West Ham have been steadily improving and their attackers can cause us serious problems.

    I suspect that Torriera likely has a little issue or maybe Emery has been warned that he’s pushing it and so will only look to give him 20 minutes or something today. Far wiser than seeing him pull up injured.

    The worry is though our two most useful substitutes are Ramsey and Torreira when really you want a winger or ST to come off the bench.

    What a blessing it would be if we get rid of Ozil. Another tricky match another absence. I don’t know if there is a more useless highest paid player at any top club.

    Expecting a good game, going to be tough.

  35. Dream10


    Arsenal confirmed to Press Association confirmed Özil is fit and available today.
    Left out for tactical reasons. Clear Emery is trying to push him out.

  36. raptora

    It’s up to the person to determine if they want to be Anelka or Gerrard. You think Stevie G regrets committing his life to Liverpool? He will be remembered forever. A legend! DB10 will. Cesc absolutely could have won things at the Arsenal and he would have been the posterboy. He was a superstar for us. Moment he moved to Barca he became one of many.

  37. Freddie Ljungberg

    I really hope we have some offers or a way out for Ozil, seems a bit pointless otherwise.

    Not that he adds much to the team as he is now, but still, we have 0 creative players.

  38. raptora

    We should try to do something with Ozil this very window. It won’t happen. But fk me it would be the next huuuge step in the right direction. It would send a message on so many levels. Imagine we get a Fekir or someone similar in his place. Would be fantastic.

  39. gambon

    If Ozils agent isn’t cold calling every club in the Chinese league, we’re in big trouble.

    I love that Emery is being tough on him, but if there is a 0% chance of him leaving then it’s a big mistake.

  40. Globalgunner

    If your best players constantly leave year after year for over a decade, Surely it cant be the players….what do you think?

  41. Victorious

    Arsenal confirmed to Press Association confirmed Özil is fit and available today.
    Left out for tactical reasons. Clear Emery is trying to push him out.

    So what’s your take on the situation?

    Otherwise Iwobi is literally the only creative hope in the squad and considering how inconsistent he can be I’m not sure that’s an ideal situation

    Seems like Emery prefers workaholic players to genuinely flair and creative forces, we might as well brace ourselves for some more boring style of play under him

  42. Tony

    “Give them freedom to play and build a solid structure around them so they can go out and express themselves on the pitch.”

    Pierre talking straight out of Wenger’s one dimensional play book.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Isn’t there some state run club in Turkey that suggested they are interested in him?

    Surely they can offer him some decent wages, likely not £350 000 a week, but then how much is living in Turkey and being able to play every week at 4/10 and still look good worth to him?

    The stupidity of that decision from Wenger and Gazidis is baffling. That is not a high bar either.

  44. Jamie

    I feel the same way raptora does about Cesc, although I have 1000x more animus towards RVP.

    Cesc could’ve been an absolute legend at Arsenal, given a standing O in twenty years as a spectator with his kids/grandkids. Priceless. That said, he won something like half a dozen trophies in 3 years at Barca, and the PL with Chelsea. I’m sure he’ll look back at his career with a great deal of satisfaction. The fact that when he left us, he was only prepared to sign for Barca heavily impacted his transfer fee. He was a £50m midfielder all day long. I think we got £30m for him. Robbery. Someone should’ve called the police.

    RVP, same deal with achieving legendary status at Arsenal, which he sold much more cheaply than Cesc did. A single PL trophy at Utd. Maybe the Mancs love him, if so, fair enough. I don’t have anything against players wanting to leave us for bigger clubs, but his statement about the club lacking ambition (a statement he released as club captain) lacked a shred of class. If you want to leave, fine. Keep your mouth shut, let your agent do the talking, thank the club and fans for everything when you get your move. Simple.

  45. mysticleaves

    Bland team. If you look at our starting 11 you would immediately know we would rely on kola and AMn for penetration today. Easy to snuff out.

    Could be a long day today.

    As for Ozil, normally, in the tf window when a player misses the squad it could me he’s about to leave, let’s hope so. Cos we really need to draw a line over this ozil nonsense. It dominates the headlines more than any thing else

  46. mysticleaves

    As someone said, I guess we all have forgotten Fekir is available this summer for 40-50m. We would absolutely be made if we don’t go in for him. He looks like a next level player for decent money

  47. Dream10


    Don’t think it’s worth leaving Mesut long term because he isn’t going anywhere.

    It shows the stupidity of Ivan Gazidis to sanction a new contract for him and hire a manager who doesn’t want the player. Similarly, in the summer, the manager said he wanted to build the team around Ramsey and now he wants to let him go. That’s a potential 30m-40m pounds we would have had to spend in the transfer market. Seems like Emery told Gazidis wanted he wanted to hear to get the job.

    Three pts today would be amazing. Puts us level with Chelsea. Have a feeling Newcastle will upset them later today

  48. Chris

    Hope today is the start of Emery’s last six months at the club. It’s best for us and him as well

    And then what?

    Are we going to be the next Chelsea?

    Changing manager every time the slightest thing goes wrong?

  49. Charlie George

    Walcott was a brilliant piece of business.
    100 goals for AFC
    numerous assists.
    And we made a profit on him After all those years service.

    We made a profit on ox, too
    We made profit on Gibbs even
    We will make profits on chambers too ( when and if we sell)
    We would make a profit on Iwobi and Holding too
    We should have made a huge profit on Rambo too.
    See, that’s the thing with buying young British players- you utilize them and then still get your money back.(and more)

    Not gonna get much profit back on mustafi, xhaka,ozil,elneny ,PEA, Lacatte,sokratis cech,etc

    Wake up smell the coffee Buy British- and if u don’t buy British- But cesc, Rvp, coquelin ,bendtner,bellerin types. ( young and free-ish)

    It ain’t rocket science.

  50. Dream10

    If Denis Suarez is set to join in the next couple of weeks, surely one of Elneny or Chambers will be sold this month, right?

  51. raptora

    Yeah. Cesc vs RvP treasons, RvP wins every day of the week. RvP was injured in half of his Arsenal career and went to a club he owned nothing to that was our biggest rival at the time. Much worse than what Cesc did even though he was like 30 yo and had nowhere as much time ahead of his as Cesc had. I loved both. None of them will remain a legend for any team.

  52. Dream10


    Both Liverpool and Chelsea wanted Fekir in the summer. Wonder if they’re still worried about his knee injury. Class player but doesn’t suit Emery’s style.

  53. Gazzap

    This cannot be our strongest team with Rambo and Torreira on the bench. why do both emery and Wenger play xhaka every single game when most fans do not rate him at al?

  54. Dream10

    Antonio carrying the ball like Luis Figo down our left ffs. Mustafi has to play on the left of the three because Koscielny can’t run anymore

  55. Gazzap

    when we get possession we always seem to slow it down and let the other team settle. I miss the days of fast counter attack football. I think we defend too high for counter attack football.

  56. Charlie George

    Torreira , ain’t got the legs to play away at home.
    Has not had one decent away game, yet.
    Did U see him at Anfield?
    Felipe Anderson would have him on toast !

  57. Leftsidesanch

    Chelsea were criticised for changing managers frequently by the likes of these and we have some already wanting the manager before a full year is up. Some Arsenal fans honestly…

  58. useroz

    AMN needs to show more intensity. Style of run doesn’t cut ut. Too lax. It’s his great chance to impress.

    Iwobi just following the attacker. Do something mate.

  59. Radio Raheem

    Pointless playing Auba on the wing, he has no physical presence whatsoever. Better he swaps position with Laca.

  60. TheLegendaryDB10


    Torreira is knackered from overplaying. Stop spouting bollocks.

    Unai is doing the right thing by resting him. He will play the second half.

  61. useroz

    Can’t agree more. Most our players need some healthy dose of aggression. We aren’t 9 pts on the top…

    What’s the foul about Moss?? Laca tucking ffs. The defender had his left arm on Lacas back.

  62. useroz

    Ffs Kolac. Take a bloody shot. Nothing available in the cutback.

    We overplay the final balls a lot. Laca did it again. Poor pass. Better to take a shot.

  63. mysticleaves


    Fekir is a creative player who has goals and hustle in him. If he’s not an Emery type player, I wonder who is….

    re his injury, it was a problem two seasons ago I am not sure that it will still be a problem this next season

  64. Charlie George

    The Leg DB10!

    Torreira is knackered from overplaying. Stop spouting bollocks.


    We have only had him for half a season!!!
    Well, it confirms my point- he ain’t suitable for the Prem
    HE can’t play in the difficult away games.
    Legs too small- to get across the pitch.And cover the yards.

    Sokratis – has started every game!
    Why is he not knackered?

  65. useroz

    I am going to be mad if Nasri scores… the guy hasn’t played for nearly 2 yrs and we make him look a 30m player.

  66. useroz

    Having an issue with AMN.

    Wot an unprofessional, dire 5 yard pass and fucked it up. Did not run back at all to help stop the counter he caused. Poor.

    AMN going to ruin his chance.

  67. Dissenter

    Charlie George
    “We have only had him for half a season!!!
    Well, it confirms my point- he ain’t suitable for the Prem
    HE can’t play in the difficult away games.
    Legs too small- to get across the pitch.And cover the yards.”

    Another day to read your bizarre posts.
    You’re dragging down the standards of discourse here
    Messi’s legs were “small” too.

  68. Charlie George

    Messi plays in Spain
    Different league.
    Did U see firminio annihilate torreira at Anfield.
    He was at fault for 3 goals.
    We need a Vieira/Pogba type. Not another technician with little endurance and no stamina
    Love to see AMN be put in a central position.

  69. Dissenter

    Auba’s casual approach to defending from the front isn’t helpful for away games.

    Naitland-Miles isn’t having a good game.

    Westham are holding their own, like I thought. They look more likely to score.

  70. useroz

    Seriously hell watching this defensive shit.

    Looks tired or lazy with more rest??

    AMN wanting to beat Iwobi on number of poor passes? Awful.

  71. Dissenter

    I’m not sure you get any more from this squad.
    The individual pieces aren’t good enough and worse still, they don’t fit together.

  72. gambon


    Maitland-Niles is not terrible but he’s never going to be a top player.

    Keeps moving position, never good enough in any of them.

  73. Leftsidesanch

    Arsenal have had this unenthusiastic approach for ages. Not sure why we only play with grit when we’re a goal down.

  74. mysticleaves

    I am not sure that AMn has the desire and mentality to make at with us. He’s playing like he’s on 250k a week and waiting for his testimonial

  75. Radio Raheem


    That’s the thing though isn’t it? He is so distinctively average don’t think I’ve seen a more average player ever.

  76. Charlie George

    Amn, by my count has had 3 different positions this season
    He is centre midfield player all day long.

    Play people in there right positions

  77. Dissenter

    Guendouzi is really a physical specimen
    Great scouting from Sven
    I hope we have him on a long term contract. I recall suggesting a 5 year contract and being laughed at.