Emery delivers a Stone Cold stunner to the fans

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Are you ok?

Come on, wipe away those tears. We’re gonna be A-0k. Put that Bergkamp poster back up on the wall, put on your retro bruised banana shirt that doesn’t fit back on, then we’ll crack into some tasty Arsenal morsels.

But before we crack on, pet peeve of mine… social media bios that say things like ‘Beans on toast enthusiast’ or ‘Purveyor of cream cheese’… fuck off. Don’t be a wanker. Imagine introducing yourself at a party like that? You’d be asked to leave. Maybe have your ‘craft beers with an interesting story behind them’ deservedly taken on the way out for being so offensively twee.

Anyway, the club is apparently going after Ismaïla Sarr in the summer. ExMonaco defender Willy Sagnol had this to say on the winger.

“The star of this team is Ismaïla Sarr, there’s nobody else. It is he who carries it offensively. He is consistent in his performances, his efforts. He is the only one since the beginning of the season who brings real satisfaction.”

The rumour on the street is that we’re going to offer them Emi Martinez and £16m in the summer. This really would be the sort of signing we should be making. I’ve sadly had enough downtime this season to watch Rennes a couple of times. The player has Kanu like tight control (when it’s good, obviously), his telescopic legs allow him to fend off pressure, and he can explode into space.

You never know what you’re getting when you buy players so young from Ligue One, but it’d be harsh to sniff at a 20-year-old left sided winger who has scored 9 goals and dropped 6 assists in 25 games. That’s worth a punt. We’re getting in there before a Monaco do… and inevitably flog him for £600m in one season. This is Sven’s chance to deliver us a Dembele.

Foot Mercato report that we’re interested in signing Yannick Carrasco from Chinese power players, Dalian Yifang. It’s pretty obvious to me that it’d be insanity to give him £200k a week, but you know, he might hate where he lives so much he’s prepared to take a pay packet that’s more reasonable.

It’s clear whatever happens, it’ll have to be a loan move. Emery delivered some much-needed brutality to fans dreaming of a £100m January.

“We cannot make payments to sign players. We can only loan players. But we can only sign players on loan. I know the club is working to find players who can help us, with this condition.”

That makes our January window feel ever so familiar. The silver lining here is that if it were Wenger in today’s prezzer, he’d be telling us that he’s on the lookout for a super, super talent before pulling the trigger on a 38-year-old goat farmer from the Saudi league. At least Emery has set the expectation dial at miserable. Anything from here is going to be fucking immense.

I also want to lay to rest the notion that Arsenal aren’t appealing because we don’t have £4b to throw at the squad. Spurs has one of the best coaches on the planet, he spent nothing last summer and his net spend is in the minus figures. Or plus figures. What’s the symbol when you’re in profit?

Anyway, when the Arsenal job rolls around, only the mega coaches would sniff. If that’s Allegri, who hardly operates on mega money now (or gets paid well), that’s most likely because he never wanted to leave a club that just signed Ronaldo. Not other major coach was sniffing at a £200m wage bill and the chance to spend £80m last summer. As was pointed out in the comments yesterday. Poch spend net zero his first two season and Klopp spent net £35m in his first two season. Emery has dropped double in his first summer. Hardly poverty.

Arsenal is a hugely attractive role for 90% of coaches out there. Don’t kid yourself otherwise. Sven and Raul wouldn’t be at the club if it weren’t appealing. We just need to make our situation work. That’s getting back to wheeling and dealing. Very much like how Wenger operated when he first joined. Find the gems. The broken pros that need life. Hope that some kids make it big.

COMMUNITY POST: This was from Gambon in the comments. Him tackling the ‘it’s Stan’ issue head on.

I think judging by our past dalliances in the January window, it’s probably best we keep our moves to loans, versus purchasing in anxiety mode.

Top 4 would be an incredible achievement from where we are, but it seems unlikely. Let’s spend our time trying to shift players other teams want. Mikhi apparently has admirers in Milan, if that’s true, let him go for whatever they’ll give us. Free up that £170k a week and make it happen.

As someone pointed out yesterday, the likelihood is we’ll need to dramatically reduce our wage bill, and one of our most saleable assets is Lacazette. Get that salary off our books, regardless of how much I love him. We cannot operate with someone that expensive occupying the bench. I’d miss the goals, but surely he’s a £65m striker if Chelsea paid £70m for Morata? We could buy 2 and bit Torreira’s for that.

If Emery can’t motivate Ozil to care, the club has to come to a deal this summer and remove him. It’s going to be hard to find anyone to foot that bill, that said, we did find an Italian club willing to pay Ramsey £280k a week GROSS. Unreal figures, so it does show you, anything is possible if you force someone’s hands.

From there, it’s taking punts on players with high ceilings/hoping some of the kids coming through can up their levels and give us some magic.

See, anything is possible when you write it down in a blog. I think we solved Arsenal? Have a great day! x

P.S Don’t be selfish, listen to the fucking podcast.


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  1. Freddie Ljungberg

    “There is an increased belief among the Arsenal coaching staff that Mavropanos is ready to play in the first team and is in contention to be involved in senior games when he’s fully match fit.”

    Could be why we’re not linked with many CBs, seems to be highly regarded by the new coaches after just a week back in full training. Maybe wise to wait for summer to get a top CB and keep Mavro, Sokratis and Holding.
    Get rid of Chambers, Mustafi and Kos.

  2. up 4 grabs now

    morning people,

    Not to sure about the Banega links
    the dude turns 31 before the start of next season.

    with Guendouzi, Torriera, and xhaka (Grrrrrr) we have three younger players there already.

    he’s not really the playmaker we need to replace Santi.
    the 18 million buy out also makes no sense if we are skint till the summer and can only do loan deals.

    plus its seems its the sun, the daily star and metro that are the ones that are linking us, not exactly the most reliable of sources.

  3. Leftsidesanch

    ‘Beans on toast enthusiast’

    Haha, what is wrong with this universe. I’ve seen people have on their bios ‘influencer’. – Influencer of what??

  4. Graham62

    Gambon’s comments should be posted to messrs Wenger and Gazidis.

    A sort of belated Xmas card if you like.

    Signed by all Arsenal fans.

    Thanks guys.

  5. Freddie Ljungberg

    Sarr is not going to move anywhere for 16m + a second rate goalkeeper.

    He was bought for 15m 2 years ago and is their best player. Figures quoted has been a lot higher than that (30-60m euros)

  6. gonsterous

    reading the comments, I just want to say, most of you are going to be shocked when the manager is fired, a new one arrives and we still have 70m budget for the TW. Or when we try to sign a 35y old sergio busquets on a free.
    the likes of Dennis suarez and Sokrates will still be in the radar. Apart from being situated in London, arsenal offers next to nothing in terms of prestige for the modern day footballers.

  7. up 4 grabs now

    As someone pointed out yesterday, the likelihood is we’ll need to dramatically reduce our wage bill, and one of our most saleable assets is Lacazette. Get that salary off our books, regardless of how much I love him. We cannot operate with someone that expensive occupying the bench. I’d miss the goals, but surely he’s a £65m striker if Chelsea paid £70m for Morata? We could buy 2 and bit Torreira’s for that.

    Pedro I have a problem with this for a few reasons,

    first Auba plays better when lacazette is on the field, getting rid of him will only isolate Auba in games.
    To often Auba goes missing because he has no support where are the goals coming from then?
    surely it would be better to incorporate both players into a system they can both play in.

    if Laca goes, Auba cant play every game for 90 minutes.
    our next player down is fast eddie, a good prospect and all but would you want him playing in Aubas absence for any reason? especially if auba picks up an injury and is out for more than a few games.

    if its wages your worried about,
    Surely the 610k that is leaving at the end of the season should help?
    get rid of Xhaka and Ozil then it tops a million pounds a week savings.

    If Emery can’t motivate Ozil to care, the club has to come to a deal this summer and remove him. It’s going to be hard to find anyone to foot that bill, that said, we did find an Italian club willing to pay Ramsey £280k a week

    Juventus maybe are paying him that much ?
    But there’s no transfer fee involved, hence the high wage,s also if he doesn’t work out he’s still young enough to flog him back to a premier league side in a year or two for 25 million.

    apart from that still loving the blog!

  8. mysticleaves

    Have to point out that there’s no article I have seen quote that Ramsey is being paid 280k pw. All I see is 140k for 5 years. How you people have concluded it’s net confuses me.

    Secondly, up4grabsnow, Lacaz won’t just be given away. He will sort of the replaced with a cheaper version of him that equally makes Auba better

  9. englandsbest

    The host bounces back like a rubber ball. Having given up on his Jan signings fix, he’s dreaming about a summer transfer fiesta. There won’t be one, mate.

    Ah, well, back to blaming the manager.

  10. up 4 grabs now


    I get that we will get money for him but I presume the idea is that we sell lacazette to buy a winger if Auba is playing up on his own.

    So how much are we spending of lacazettes transfer fee to get a decent winger
    35/40 million? and we still need to get a cheaper but almost as good replacement for laca with the other 20 million? that’s wellbeck territory again if we go cheap.

    surely its better to keep two strikers and play 352, 442 or 433 with laca on the wing, instead of trying to find a high scoring winger in the 35 million department (which isn’t easy) and struggle to have any decent cover for auba with laca gone.

  11. Emiratesstroller


    Frankly there is nothing surprising about recent developments at the club.We know that Arsenal was not well managed in recent years and the performance level on pitch was stale and underwhelming.

    What has not been discussed on Le Grove is that Arsenal have yet to publish its final accounts for the year ending 31st May 2018. These would have been
    published usually in November before AGM, which will in future not be a
    public meeting now that Kroenke has taken the club private.

    I think that it is fairly obvious that the club despite balancing the books on its
    transfer business in last financial year has made a significant loss albeit I am
    fairly confident that the club’s historic financial position will cover Arsenal for
    a “rainy day”.

    Earlier the year when Pedro suggested that Arsenal’s transfer budget next
    season would be limited to perhaps Net £30 million I disagreed with that forecast, but suggested that it was likely that Arsenal had spent their entire
    net budget in current financial year and I would be surprised if we made any
    additional acquisitions unless we made sales in January.

    The wage bill is of course an entirely different discussion, but the fact that Arsenal are prepared to make one or two loan deals suggests that there is still
    budget to meet such additional costs.

    One of the problems with Ozil’s deal is that we have been told that he is being
    paid a “wage” of £350K pw. My guess is that figure covers also a significant
    signing on fee which is paid by instalment plus possibly a commission to the

    So if there had been a disclosable breakdown of how the payment is being
    broken down and how it was calculated it might be more palatable to the
    supporters and also explain our predicament with Ramsey and why negotiations broke down having made an initial offer.

    This is clearly a transfer window of austerity but I feel confident that we will
    have a decent transfer budget in June once the decks are cleared.

    Emery’s recent statement about transfers makes no mention of the summer
    transfer window, which will be covered in next financial year when our sponsorship funds rise significantly.

  12. G

    Apologies if its been mentioned but as Perry Groves stated, couldn’t Kronke put his own 20 mill to buy a player Emery wants then take it back from the summer budget

  13. Emiratesstroller

    One further point. Even if Kroenke were to move offshore or to USA the holding company there is still a legal obligation to publish accounts for last financial year and indeed up to the point that the company in UK ceased to operate.

    My personal view is that even if Kroenke were to take the holding company outside UK jurisdiction there will still be a UK Based Company running the
    football club.

    It is inconceivable that the Premier League or FA would allow an English based club to run its affairs without full disclosure of its activities and finances.

  14. up 4 grabs now

    Big game tomorrow, we need to keep pace with Chelsea and the spuds.

    Win and utd beat the spuds, which is quite possible now they have been freed up from Maureen’s bus parking and its all to play for.

    We have players back from injury and can start to put a run together again.
    at home to Chelsea is definitely winnable and as much as city away is very tough, it should be a different arsenal to the one they faced in august, and would snap your hand off now for a draw up there.

    there’s then a run of 5-6 home games and the odd away game at bottom six clubs, before its spurs and utd.

    long way to go before we rule ourselves out of a top four finish.

  15. gambon


    Im not sure if a Spurs win is better for our 4th place hpes.

    If UTD win, we have to worry about them.

    We arent finishing ahead of Spurs. Better off getting a cushion on UTD and trying to catch Chelsea.

  16. up 4 grabs now

    out of the two its more like spurs finish in front of us than utd,

    But I just cant bring myself to want either of them to win!
    utd are a concern, are they that much improved, or is it because they probably had five of the easiest games going?

    spurs is a huge test for them this weekend.

  17. Guns of Hackney

    We got a 20 year younger Wenger. This one just happens to be Spanish.

    I can’t help but feel emery will take more from arsenal than arsenal get from him.

    After the trifecta of nonsense: Stan, Ivan and Arsene…were intergalactic distances away from being a top club.

  18. Dream10

    Emery provided a detailed analysis of players in the squad before he signed. He wants his two CMs to sit so the team can defend better (hasn’t worked). A few months into his tenure, he doesn’t want Ramsey. He knew (at least claimed) his style of play.

    Why couldn’t he make this decision in the summer so we could sell him for 30m or more?

    He told the gullible Ivan Gazidis everything that he wanted to hear to land the job.

    What a shambles.

  19. Nelson

    I have seen all successful teams in Europe playing with one striker and two wingers. Some even play with a false nine. Currently, our two best players are the two strikers. We’ll try to survive playing two strikers up front. But we should target a more balanced formation in the future.

  20. raptora

    mystic: “Have to point out that there’s no article I have seen quote that Ramsey is being paid 280k pw. All I see is 140k for 5 years. How you people have concluded it’s net confuses me.”

    Gabriele Marcotti and Rapha Honigstein talked about it. The wages published in Italy are after tax, so the 140k pw mentioned is NET and the gross figure is 280k pw.

    First in Italy is Ronaldo by a long mile at £538,000 pw, followed by Higuain at £165,000 pw and Ramsey at £140,000 pw.

    Players like Dybala, Pjanic, Douglas Costa, Donnarumma, Bonucci, Emre Can, Insigne, Icardi, Dzeko,Hamsik, Mertens. Ramsey’s annual salary will dwarf some of the second group of players’ salary by millions.

    He got himself a pretty good deal.

  21. raptora

    A draw or win for spuds is what we would like to happen. We should not want Manure to win because if they do they’ll be well, well back in the fight for top 4. They lose and suddenly everyone will be talking about how all the games they’ve won under Solskjaer were against shit teams and pressure will be back at their doorstep.

  22. Emiratesstroller


    Let’s focus on Arsenal winning their game against West Ham and not worry about Spurs and Man Utd result.

    We need to concern ourselves about our own performance, which has been
    relatively poor since the Southampton defeat.

  23. Sancho Monzorla

    Tottenham still yet to draw a match, just by odds I think they will draw on Sunday. Best result in my opinion.

  24. Sancho Monzorla

    I reckon Arsenal will play well tomorrow. They’ve had a bit of rest. More bodies available. Ramsey move has been announced. Might have settled things a bit.

  25. Dream10

    More worried about tmrws match than Chelsea next week. Arnautovic and especially Felipe Anderson have the tools to hurt us. Can see Anderson’s dribbling the gap between Mustafi and Sokratis. We’re ripe for a red card. Efficiency from Aubameyang and Lacazette NEEDED.

  26. mysticleaves

    “First in Italy is Ronaldo by a long mile at £538,000 pw, followed by Higuain at £165,000 pw and Ramsey at £140,000 pw.”

    so by the same analogy Ronaldo is earning £1,076,000 a week playing for juverntus? And Higuian earning £330,000 a week in serie A? And Higuian moved 3 years back.

    At that point, there was no one in the EPL, the world’s richest league, earning 330k a week.

    I choose to call bullshit on those figures Raptora.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Likely in terms of winger we try to sign Sarr for £20-30 Million in the summer and then Avdijaj for free going by the rumours.

    Probably get some young talent in the midfield like Maier or Wolf as well.

    The club’s main focus will likely be the defence and then selling to get this wage bill under control.

    Players like Chambers, Monreal/Kolasinac, Elneny and Mkhitaryan will all likely be moved on, or there will be an effort to move them on. I would let Ozil go on a free to get him gone, then you have players like Cech, Kozz, Lichtsteiner and Ramsey whose wages will be coming off the wage bill anyway.

    Have to start getting the players we need to build a balanced squad and have a wage bill reflecting the quality level of the squad.

  28. mysticleaves

    Still looking at sarr like wtf can he do apart from run. He’s not an inside forward is he? Just a speed marchant. Would much prefer Pepe or Lozano. And please Under has been sooooo underwhelming anytime I have watched him. I prefer Saka to him already

  29. Bamford10

    With Bellerin, Mavropanos, Monreal and Ozil back and available for selection, what do people think the XI will look like tomorrow?

  30. raptora


    Educate yourself a bit:




    “As is always the case in italy, these are reported after tax”

    “Half the teams have lower wage bill than a single Ronaldo.”

    “Juventus’s Cristiano Ronaldo, €31m per year, costing more than the entire team rosters of Chievo, Spal and Empoli, combined.”

    “The average salary per player of Juventus will, in fact, be roughly 17 times that of Empoli.”

  31. raptora

    “The study was also incorrect in saying that Juventus’ Gonzalo Higuain was the world’s 47th-highest paid player at €148,000 per week net. His estimated gross wage of €295,000 per week would put him in the top 10, ahead of both Bayern Munich’s Philipp Lahm and Orlando City’s Kaka.”

  32. mysticleaves

    Thanks for the links Raptora. That means Dybala will atleast look for higuain money on his next contract renewal. It’s unsustainable for Juve really. Even Madrid don’t pay like that.

    seems so, I don’t have strength to check either

  33. raptora

    Dybala season 2017/18 Seria A – 26 starts, 22 goals, 5 assists.
    Dybala season 2018/19 Seria A – 15 starts, 2 goals, 2 assists.

    Significant drop of form since Ronaldo joined. Maybe he’ll want to be the top dog somewhere else.

  34. LeMassiveCoq

    Can’t really argue with any of the points Gambon made (the ones from yesterday in Pedros post), but all of those were pretty much Gazidis/Wengers fuck ups.

    If I was Emery I’d be properly pissed that there is no kind of budget. Excuse utter ignorance on how much hard cash reserves the club has, but I thought we had something to the tune of 130M in the bank?

    I still take some of the highest gate receipts in World football, with commercial deals and TV money etc, are we not making a profit?

    I have no qualms about getting rid of the deadwood and bringing in new young talent with a decent resale valu, but it still pisses me off when the club turn around and say they havent got money for transfers, and thats down to one man. Stan the man. Or Stan the tight, greedy, septic cunt if you look at it a different way..

  35. Leedsgunner

    If Emery’s method of developing players is to just go back to players he’s worked with before… it will become extremely tedious and predictable.

    That is not developing players, it’s just surrounding yourself with layers and layers of a very expensive and familiar safety blanket.

    Developing players means to make average players into good players, good players into great players and great players into world class players.

    Is Emery up to the task? I really hope so.

  36. raptora

    “If Emery’s method of developing players is to just go back to players he’s worked with before… it will become extremely tedious and predictable.”

    I’ll make a hole in the wall if we sign Banega at almost 31 yo at 150k pw when we just lost a 40-50m 28 yo player for zilch because we refused to pay him I think a reasonable amount compared to shameful players like Ozil and Mhitaryan.

  37. Marko

    “It’s stupidity from Arsenal to allow someone of Ramsey’s quality to let their contract run down,” he told Sky Sports.

    “It’s yet another player after Alexis Sanchez, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Theo Walcott. Players’ contracts come to an end then they all leave on frees.

    Someone really needs to tell Paul Merson he isn’t allowed to call anyone or anything stupid and also we got money for Walcott and Chamberlain.

    “Arsene Wenger sorted out his contract every year but seemed to forget everyone else’s!

    I did like this though

  38. Up 4 grabs now


    It is Merse though bless him.
    I’m surprised he hasn’t mentioned a team being a bag of revels this week in his predictions.

  39. Marko

    couldn’t Kronke put his own 20 mill to buy a player Emery wants then take it back from the summer budget

    Thing is though are the players Sven wants available this month? And if not should we abandon long term targets for players who happen to be available this month? Perhaps lesser players. Stick the course and trust in the structure we have in place. It’s had more success (Auba, Mavropanos, Guendouzi, Torreira and I think Leno) than failures (Lichtsteiner and Sokratis to a degree) at this stage

  40. Up 4 grabs now

    I agree, don’t buy for the sake of buying.
    That’s why this banega story touted by the star and metro sounds like his agent trying to get a new contract.

    Why would we get another midfielder that isn’t what we need right now that’s almost 31.
    And this 18 million price tag when we’ve already declared its loan deals only this month. As we’re skint.

  41. Champagne charlie

    Arsenal’s wake-up moment should’ve been Alexis and Ozil. If that didn’t send shockwaves through the managerial level of the club idk what would.

    We’ve since let Ramsey and Welbeck get into the same situation, and once again dithered on Chambers culminating in him being carted off to diminish in value elsewhere.

    Leadership, something we have none of.

  42. Charlie George

    This Torreira chap- Pedro mentioned in his article.
    I do not rate him as highly as he does.

    Did he see him at Anfield?
    Firminio kept running past him ( and he was carrying the ball)

    HE is clearly a technically gifted player. But I have severe doubts that he will hack in the Prem-because he is not Big or Dynamic enough.
    Those little legs- no good here!
    He should be sold and either be replaced by the more athletic AMN ( SAME tech level) or a 6ft tall fast powerhouse type.

    Torreira will always struggle against the bigger teams better players ( Pogba v torreira in a race, etc)

    Our 70 mill summer spend looks more questionable by the month..

    Ps. Since Raul has been here ( 1 year)
    Has he recouped any actually player cash sales in?

  43. Up 4 grabs now


    I think it’s better now than it was a year ago.

    We pulled the contract with Ramsay because of wages, and wellbeck in all honesty hasn’t been the greatest success for us.
    That would have been 300-350k a week in wages for a squad player and someone who has had one purple patch season a few years ago.
    Ozil and Alexis should have been dealt with two years ago, before the new boys came in.

  44. Up 4 grabs now

    Chambers signed a new deal before going to Fulham on 50k wages.
    It makes sense in a way, have a good loan and you have a good player on lowish wages with 3 years to run on his contract.

    If he has a poor loan you can move him out to a west ham palace, newly promoted club and he’s on affordable wages and you’ll get 20 million for him.

  45. Marko

    Leadership, something we have none of.

    So close Charlie. Here’s something to help you along…


    Dithered alright.



    Discussing the scenario in which Arsenal’s two best players, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, have been allowed to enter the final year of their contracts, Wenger claimed it was “an ideal situation” for the club.

    It was then put to Wenger that, if Ozil and Sanchez left on free transfers, £72.5m of investment would walk out of the Emirates Stadium door for free.

    “Even if that happens, it doesn’t matter,” the Arsenal manager responded.

    Leadership alright

  46. Whitty

    Trust us to get the only billionaire in football who hasn’t put a penny in but takes money OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


  47. Champagne charlie

    Disagree, Welbeck is a good squad player and he’s 20 mil in this market easy. Aaron is 45 mil easy, Chambers is what to us? Could be bettered for the circa 20 mil we keep swatting back.

    No leadership still, even after getting cunted by Alexis/Ozil. Not inspiring at all.

    Marko find another nutsack to cling to.

  48. Batistuta

    This new Charlie character wants us to flog Torreira and replace him with Maitland Niles. Where have the loonies from untold come from

  49. useroz

    Tactically we must hope for a Spuds win, however repulsive, to add some distance back to the Manure that got too close for comfort since last Christmas.

    Arnautovic reportedly injured I thought?

    If we lost to WHU, don’t deserve to be a top4.

    Btw, instead of sending Wenger and Gazidis the analysis, send it to the Milan supporter/ fan groups as well … that would be fun.

  50. Charlie George

    The lad is a terrific technician.
    Beautiful goal caressed into the spurs net,etc
    But he will get overrun in the big games.
    Did u watch the Anfield match.?

    Other coaches would have done

    And now they will target him!
    After all, those little legs ain’t gonna get faster..
    He would be a super player in La Liga.
    We need more suitable players in our team..
    Can’t argue with that

  51. gambon


    If we’d just been decisive last summer, and sold Ramsey, Welbeck and Chambers, we would likely have an extra £75m sitting there waiting to be spent right now.

    Its absolutely astonishing how badly we have done things in the last 2 years.

    I actually wonder if Gazidis was sacked. Its noticeable that Josh Kroenke came over to do his 3 month review of the club, and both Wenger and Gazidis were gone within months.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    None of the players that Arsenal have been linked with to move in January excite me.

    Bluntly I don’t see any of them making a serious difference to our performance level.

    Today there is a suggestion that Juventus will offer Benatia in exchange for Ramsey moving to them this month. The pluses are that he was a decent CB
    and the minuses are that he has played little football this season and is approaching his 32nd birthday in April.

    I would only contemplate bringing him in if the club is offloading Koscielny.
    We have already too many ageing players past their best at the club.

  53. lari03

    There’s no way you can expect Raul to recoup money before the summer window, he’s only assumed the mantle of leadership less than 6 months ago, and majority of the problems were cast in stone by the time he arrived.

    The only notable thing Raul has done was to withdraw Ramsey’s contract which was after Gazidis was billed to leave. So the posturing for the summer will see a clear out of Ramsey, Welbeck and Elneny’s wages presumably with one attacking midfielder sold between Mhkitaryan or Õzil.

    This should free up some space to fit disciplined players into Emery’s team. Do remember scouting is one level, approval of the requisite talent at BOD level was why Raul was appointed as a second opinion different from the head of scouting for recruiting new talent into the club.

  54. Up 4 grabs now


    Wellbeck is a good squad player, I wanted to keep him as well.
    The problem is he’s on 80-90k now and with a new contract would probably want an increase of maybe 30-40k especially as its probably his last big contract. That’s big money for a bench player.

    Chambers we paid 16 million for 3-4 years ago and I thought he should have stayed this year instead of holding.
    He’s not been great at Fulham so maybe in the summer they might cut there losses and sell him?

    Ramsay wants huge money and like I said should have either extended 18 months ago.or sold.
    If a player won’t commit with two years left its a dangerous game to keep them on.it’s better to recoup as much money and move onto players that want to be here.

  55. Pierre

    The article from Arsenal Truth the other day that was posted on here at least 3 times said that due to our enormous wage bill we would be unable to sign players until we sell some players to reduce the bill to comply with financial fair play rulings.

    How does the situation work with new players coming in on loan with regard to our wage bill and ffp.

    Obviously whoever comes in on loan has to be paid a very decent wage…If we get 2 players in on loan it could set us back one million a month or more .

    Surely( according to Arsenal truth) these loan deals would take us over the limit we are allowed as I presume they would be included in any financial audits.

    If they are included , the only thing one can deduce from the Arsenal Truth article is they were scaremongering and using this as a smokescreen to deflect criticism from kronke and Emery.

    The question that needs to be asked is , if we are allowed to increase our wage bill with loan deals then surely we can increase our wage bill with proper signings.

  56. Marko

    I’m just saying Charlie instead of criticizing “leadership” why not actually criticize the person responsible for most of these decisions or are you afraid to. Critical that we didn’t sell Chambers? Blame Arsene he had a chance to sell him for 16 million when he was wanted by someone but choose to keep him and barely use him. Now it’s taking another loan in the hopes that he’ll play well enough that someone else will come in and bid for him. Not happy with the contract situation of players well blame him too he allowed how many players to run down there contracts? Anything past less than two years should have been frantically dealt with but no he did fuck all. Ideal situation he said. Blame Gazidis too for sitting by and doing nothing but he marched to the beat of Arsene’s drum (hey so do you). Sure you can blame the new guys for not selling Welbeck and Ramsey last summer but sometimes it’s hard to try to get good money for a player that a club can just negotiate with in January for nothing. Plus with Welbeck’s injury history and I honestly don’t think we’ve ever received an offer for Ramsey. Anyway the point is any criticisms you have should be directed at one person not some broad attempt of sharing the blame onto whoever but never Arsene. Your schtick is beyond obvious at this point

  57. Up 4 grabs now

    Gambon, you might have a point about gazidis being fired, wasn’t he meant to give a year’s notice before being able to leave?

  58. Marko

    Pierre sometimes loan deals the wages are split. And there’s obviously a difference between paying someone on loan and paying someone who’s here on a 3/4 year contract. But I understand your concern and it is a worry and all the more reason to get Ozil out as soon as possible.

  59. Nelson

    Having watch Suarez playing for the first time yesterday, I think he is a good buy in this TW. I don’t think he’ll ask for a big salary. He mainly wants to play football. He’ll be Emery’s man and will replace Mikki and Ramsey. He has good technical skill and I like his calmness on the ball. I don’t see him doing the pressing yesterday. Maybe he is not asked to do that by the Manager.

  60. englandsbest


    What is surprising is that you haven’t pencilled into your foretaste of the future the likelihood that the sole owner will load the Club with the debt he incurred to buy out Usmanov.

    My understanding is that the holding company has already been relocated to Delaware. No doubt a set of last year’s accounts will ultimately turn up at PL HQ, followed perhaps by future accounts, if those are the PL rules. Until they appear, however, there is certainly no cause for optimism despite the rise in commercial revenue

  61. gambon

    Its nothing to do with wages why we cant sign players.

    We have spent our money for the year, simple as that.

    Our wage bill is £230m or so, our other costs are £80m or so, and we spent £65m on transfers. Plus £15m paying for the stadium.

    That adds up to £390m. Our estimated revenue for the season is about £390m or so.

    We’re already on course to make a large accounting loss of about £50m, so probably cant lose any more due to FFP.

    As of June 1st its a new financial year, and our estimated revenue for next season will be more like £440m

  62. gambon


    You do talk some shit.

    I just checked Companies House.

    Arsenal Holdings Limted – HIGHBURY HOUSE, 75 DRAYTON PARK, LONDON, N5 1BU

  63. Leedsgunner

    Getting rid of Lacazette? Why? For financial reasons or footballing ones?

    He is a major source of our goals and he acts as a great foil to Aubamayang which as allowed him to flourish.

    If we are going to get rid of Lacazette for financial reasons, that’s taking the easy way out… and short term thinking in the extreme. Haven’t we learnt anything from selling Cesc? RvP? I rather get rid of Elneny, Jenkinson, Mustafi, Özil and Mkhitaryan before we get rid of Lacazette.

    A big club doesn’t sell its stars… unless it’s for a world breaking, challenging fee.

    The correct way to go about it would be to sell our deadwood for competitive prices (as all our rivals seem to be able to do.) before we sell Lacazette.

  64. Champagne charlie

    Not how it goes mate, you renew Welbz on terms that align with his input or sell, I’m not saying inflate his wages for kicks. 100k is normal money for a striker like him, he’s a good player when fit and plays across the front. If he wants more, or you’re not willing to pay what he wants, then he gets sold and you go with another for the 20 mil he brings in.

    What you don’t do is limp into his final year and get to Jan only for him to get crocked and leave you with one option or nothing. It’s the authority to draw a line and say ‘you sign or you’re not in the team this next season’. No leadership.

    I’ve no interest in continually blaming Wenger just because twats like you are fixated on the guy. He was pony in his final years and made more mistakes than correct decisions. I’m interested in who is here now, and who is making decisions that will impact what we see in future.

    All I’ve referenced are from this summer. Elneny should’ve been strong armed out, Chambers out, Ramsey and Welbeck signed or sold. None of that happened and Wenger was gone, so jog on with your fetish. That’s your affliction.

  65. gambon


    You think it makes sense to have a £170k striker on the bench? No other team in world football does.

    Laca is our second best player, problem is he plays the same position as our best player.

    Ask yourself this…

    Would you rather have Auba and a great wide player…….or Auba and Iwobi on the pitch, with Lacazette on the bench?

    We can replace Lacazettes goals with a great wide player that actually on the pitch every week.

  66. Un na naai

    Marko seems like has it all in his locker
    You should write the successful manager’s handbook marko.

    Rule number 1. Coaching defence is fanciful

    Rule number 2. Spend £100m minimum every season

    Rule number 3. Retrospectively point out the mistakes of others

    Almost Mourinho-esque

  67. Emiratesstroller


    No I have not suggested that Kroenke will load the company with debt.

    Even if as you suggest the Holding Company has been relocated to Delaware it
    does not change the legal requirement that companies operating in England
    need to publish their accounts so long as they have not been wound up even if
    they are technically dormant.

    Also I may add that Company Directors and major shareholders must disclose
    in accounts which are published all benefits and liabilities. I would be very
    surprised if that was also not the case in USA.

  68. azed

    “Would you rather have Auba and a great wide player…….or Auba and Iwobi on the pitch, with Lacazette on the bench?”

    This is what people who question the selling of Lacazette don’t understand.


    If we swapped Lacazette with Sane, which team do you think would be better off?

  69. Un na naai

    How is marko not a legendary manager yet??
    What a waste of true genius.
    Scrubbing away in the back alleys of dub.

  70. lari03

    Think about Ramsey’s deal this way, he’s on 120k a week or 100k and he wanted parity with Mhkitaryan at 180k or 200k. Letting Ramsey leave when he is not exactly a good fit, is equivalent to saving for 4 Torreira type players on 50k a week, willing to bust a gut, and to step up in the world of football.

    Having Ozil and Mhkitaryan on 550k, does it make sense to increase the wage bill to 750k on 3 average players when 15 young players with the right attitude and output can be on that amount?

    It surely makes sense to reduce the overbloated wagebill and find a way to increase revenues by growing young players and buying cheap gems with resale potential.

    Spurs have shown that a system with the right ingredients and not necessarily superstar acquisitions can gel together and become a formidable force to be sold at bigger profits. Emery did this as Valencia and Sevilla, he may be tasked with doing this again. (David Villa, David Silva, and Roberto Soldado are notable examples of his previous players sold under this style.) And Raul was on board at Barcelona to buy David Villa from Emery’s team then.

    So I think this is what is happening, fan fury won’t shake Kroenke, the team assembled by Josh have the experience of grabbing raw gems and selling polished jewels.

  71. Charlie George

    PLEASE, PLEASE tell me ( gambon _ u seem clued up)
    With all this financial resraints going on in the background FFP, etc

    Thought it was wise to extend Elnenys contract, at the start of the season?

    Have they not seen him play previously?

    In am gobsmacked.
    He is trousering 50k a week And lichsteiner 70k and we worry what Ramsey is on?

  72. gambon


    Its always best to extend contracts, as long as you dont give needless payrises.

    Not extending contracts got us into our current mess.

  73. Pierre

    “We have spent our money for the year, simple as that.”

    then how can we afford a couple of loan deals at a cost of probably a million a month ,possibly more .

    And why did kronke allow the club to get into the position of Arsenal football club only having a transfer budget of net 22.5 million a year as per the last 2 years. ….

  74. Marko

    I’ve no interest in continually blaming Wenger

    You haven’t blamed him once you twat. You deflect and divert constantly.

    I’m interested in who is here now, and who is making decisions that will impact what we see in future.

    Ah yes of course why talk about the past (that affects the immediate) let’s talk about the future. Perfect deflection we can’t criticize Wenger for the future because it hasn’t happened yet. Just so you know if the criticism is why did we allow so many players to wittle down their contracts and why didn’t we sell Chambers when we had the chance which is what your original point was then you should (but won’t) blame the man responsible for those decisions Arsene Wenger. We should not have allowed or allow in the future players to get down past 2 years without aggressively agreeing terms or selling that’s two years by the way when Arsene was still calling the shots. You don’t pass on the blame by saying that the new guys should have sold on Ramsey and Welbeck in the summer. They should have but it’s way tougher to sell on an injury prone player and a player who’d fetch a decent amount in the summer when just a few months later they can be negotiated with for nothing. Again these mistakes that you are referencing should have been dealt with long before the last 6-12 months. And now you bring up Elneny…why not blame the person who brought him to the club in the first place. Strong arm…yeah let’s strong arm Elneny out of the club but be careful not to do the same thing with Ozil he’s got mates and it looks bad to future signings. You’re consistent I’ll give you that

  75. Emiratesstroller

    For clarification Kroenke will need to publish in English Accounts dividends received and loans taken out which impact on the company.

    The company accounts published previously details of consultancy fees paid
    to Kroenke’s business in USA.

    More importantly there is no evidence that Kroenke has saddled any of his
    sports franchises with personal debt sofar as I am aware.

  76. Leedsgunner


    Great post by the way @1423. This is why, a transfer policy must be judged holistically. It is important

    With respect, I disagree with you, don’t get me wrong, they are all valid points but it’s being driven by financial considerations rather than footballing ones.

    If someone came to pay us £200m+ upfront for Lacazette, that’s one thing… but in our present state, I doubt we would achieve more than £70m for Lacazette.

    We can achieve that result by selling our deadwood promptly and properly. We need to reform our whole transfer apparatu and how we approach transfer and start reinvesting in the team. That is the real issue.

    What happens if Auba injures himself long term? Who will be the focus of our attack then? It’s not like our midfield is scoring goals when our forwards aren’t.

  77. Charlie George


    Well then . They seem it’s sensible to extend Elnenys, chambers Xhaka and Iwobi but not Ramsey.?

    And yet Ramsey is wanted by Juve, PSG and Liverpool ?

    And the above quartet are Absolutely bang average.

    My theory is RIGHT


  78. lari03

    I disagree with selling Lacazette, you first need to find a suitable replacement before attempting such a near suicidal feat, even at his best Aubameyang misses chances like most strikers. A club looking to stay at the top and enter into the Champion’s league needs lethal strikers, if we sell Lacazette then we acknowledge we want to settle at the Europa league level.

    Come to think about it, wasn’t a lack of a viable alternative the problem when we had only Giroud and Welbeck?

  79. Leedsgunner

    *It is important, when judging a transfer window, who we sell is just as important as who we bring in. One enables the other, especially in a self sustaining model..

  80. Cesc Appeal

    There’s an enormous amount of frustration in the fan base because of where we are meaning there is heaps of critique, but we are where we are because there was not this amount of critique 4 years ago.

    If fans had been this vocal and this critical of the set up 4 or more years ago we would not be in this position right now and we’d have done the transition in a far financially stronger position while still in the UCL.

    As much as fans say Kroenke is to blame for waiting until things got really bad to pull the trigger a lot of those same fans are guilty of the same thing. If you read their posts from around the time they are now saying Kroenke should have changed things you would wonder why they thought that given the excuses, deflections and all the asking for perspective.

  81. Un na naai

    Rule number 4- always slag off the mighty English

    Rule number 5- condescend

    Rule number 6- always remeber, marko knows best

  82. gunnershabz

    i do think emery is waiting on Mavropanos form in the next few weeks to see if he does need another defender

    I really want Dinos to do well and become that potential superstar like gouendouzi

    I have faith in him but I did read that if he was still injured then we would of signed a defender on loan for sure

    I heard mavropanos is going to be kos replacement

  83. Cesc Appeal

    You sell Lacazette for £60 Million bring in a winger and then bring in a young £10-20 Million ST with potential.

    You probably end up with a net cost of £20 Million or something out of your budget and have a far more balanced looking attack.

    This isn’t a critique of Lacazette, I think people are taking it the wrong way.

  84. Un na naai

    Rule number 7- existence is futile

    Rule number 8- always try to emulate the style of whoever is currently successful

  85. gambon


    Its going to take more than £70m to get this team right.

    I agree, it would be a reluctant sale but one that that may have to happen.

    Look at it this way.

    Say we sell our deadwood. Maybe the following:


    And we get £50m for them, then we spend £120m on the defence and midfield.

    Well, we still need an AM or 2 x AMs. Who do we sell?

    I like Laca, but its like I said yesterday. We would be like a homeless man who is dying of malnutrition while wearing 2 Rolex’s.

    We can replace Lacazettes goals with a top wide player. We cant just find £60m out of nowhere.

    Not to mention, do you think Lacazette will want to sit on the bench for the next 2-3 seasons?

    Not to mention its a terrible succession plan to have a 28 year old CF deputising for a 30 year old CF, which is exactly the situation we will be in next season.

  86. Graham62

    To say our current position is ” a catastrophic one” would be an understatement

    Gambon’s detailed comments highlight the total incompetence of Wenger/Gazidis/ The board and, ultimately, our owner, in approving so many mindblowingly dumb actions.

    Tot it all up and it comes to approximately £300m……….. That’s right, £300m!!

    This has to go down as the games biggest financial cock-up…….. EVER!

    Send them all to the gallows.

  87. Pierre

    “You think it makes sense to have a £170k striker on the bench? No other team in world football does.”

    Simple solution to that….play him ….now that does make sense.

    We had a very good unbeaten run with Lacazette in the side and we have not lost a football match this season in which he has started.

    And yes, any decent manager would play him and Aubamayang together .

  88. Marko

    but in our present state, I doubt we would achieve more than £70m for Lacazette.

    That’s actually good money for someone we paid 47 million for and who’d be 28 I’m guessing by the time he’d go. 70 million alone not factoring in what your original budget is would go towards possibly two players. Heck 70 million right now would get us a top class defender. Also the whole what if Aubameyang gets injured stuff is silly. What if tomorrow (knock wood) Lacazette suffers a long term injury. That’s why worse we’d be down a huge fee and have no replacement

  89. gunnershabz

    If we do want to get rid of Mesut Ozil

    who will take him?

    I am sure a Chinese club could sign him this window

    but in summer

    Inter Milan

    I am sure they will not want to pay more then £30m for him with his wages sky high

    I know he loves fenerbache so maybe he could lower his wage demands and his family are fenerbache supporters

    lets just hope fenerbache make a bid to sign him even for £20m just get rid of that wage bill

  90. Leedsgunner


    “You sell Lacazette for £60 Million bring in a winger and then bring in a young £10-20 Million ST with potential.”

    In theory that works except that at present,

    1. Arsenal has woefully be inadequate in selling our players for over market value.

    2. This problem is then compounded by the fact that when we want to buy, we are working in a volatile hyper-inflationary market.

    Because our transfer dealings have been so antiquated under Wenger for so we have been stung by both sides of transfer equation.

    Torreira, Leno and Guendozi is a promising start, but only a start. I would want to see Sven and Raul sell well our deadwood before giving them someone like Lacazette.

  91. gambon


    “1. Arsenal has woefully be inadequate in selling our players for over market value.”

    Thats due to contract mismanagement, and having shit players.

    Lacazette would be a 27, just turning 28 striker. Good reputation, in a world where top CFs are hard to find. He would also have a 3 year contract.

  92. Leedsgunner

    gambon @1452

    I don’t disagree with you but it p*sses me off we are back to selling our biggest stars because Wenger lacked the cajones to make the big decisions whilst he was here. He really screwed us over.

  93. Cesc Appeal


    You have to make difficult decisions now precisely because of where Wenger left us, Gazidis as well.

    I would think we’ve got a £70-80 Million budget this summer. That won’t even solve the defence if we’re looking at a young RB, a great CB and a LB. Not unless Mislintat pulls some absolute wonders out.

    You then need to solve the CAM problem and you need to finally buy a winger which might involve buying a couple of midfielders and a winger.

    If the club can do that by selling Elneny, Chambers etc then fine. But I don’t think we will be able to make the money we need.

    I would much rather see Mkhitaryan and Ozil go before Lacazette, but again, Mkhitaryan might be shifted but at a lower rate because of wages and no one will take Ozil for any fee.

    We have to make really hard choices.

    The good part is we no longer have Wenger or Gazidis making decisions.

  94. Marko

    I would want to see Sven and Raul sell well our deadwood before giving them someone like Lacazette.

    It’s not a game Leeds and it’s easier to sell a good one than it is to sell deadwood. I agree with you though Lacazette is way down the list of players I’d contemplate selling. In fact prior to last summer I said the only one’s who should survive a massive squad culling was him and Auba. Everyone else at the end of last season I would happily have binned

  95. Charlie George

    Ozil is here to stay.
    Ozil is still s good player, albeit sporadically.
    Our ridiculous over rated coach -should stop forgetting his insane fixation with Banega-and endeavour to get the best out of him.


  96. Marko

    He would also have a 3 year contract

    This is an excellent point too. No point in procrastinating on the decision and watch his value go down.

  97. gambon

    I’ll say again, I would much rather keep Lacazette.

    Hes one of the best “off the bench” options in world football.

    That said, I want to see Auba surrounded by world class wide players in the Mane/Salah or Sane/Sterling mould.

    I dont want Auba surrounded by Iwobi and Mykhitaryan, with a great striker on the bench.

  98. Moray

    We talk about what Emery is going to do in terms of transfers and loans, but in our new set up his job as head coach should be to get the best out of what he has at his disposal. That is why he has half a season to show that he can make some big strides in improving our defensive capabilities.

    The Holding, Wellbeck and Mustafi injuries were unforeseen and have been tough on him.

  99. Marko

    No one wants him sold but he may have to be. It’s not too dissimilar to when we bought yet another CAM in Ozil when we needed a striker. Now we have two strikers when we need a winger and a CAM and a new back line.

  100. raptora

    I don’t see how we can even get 60 or 70m out of Lacazette. Don’t get me wrong, I like him and he does add to the team a lot. But I don’t see us getting that much. Probably 50m. Just think that he is in that bracket of close to elite but not quite, and big teams would want elite CF while the other teams would not be able to afford him. Someone could, but not at 60-70m imo.

  101. China1

    I don’t feel sad or disappointed about our financial and transfer situation, I feel frankly disgusted

    I’m disgusted with all of those who gladly enabled our club to be run down so badly. That includes, wenger, gazidis, kroenke, the BOD and all those AKB who glad enabled this for years

    For how many years have people with critical faculties been saying that our club was a total fucking mess? And it was always brushed off as the words of ungrateful glory hunters and plastic fans.

    Well to each and every one of the people who fall into the categories I’ve mentioned above. Go fuck yourselves and congratulations for inviting such an embarrassing mess onto the club. Fucking embarrassing.

  102. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t know.

    I really don’t think Sanllehi is a pushover.

    If we sold Lacazette it is not a question of quality it is a question of raising money, that will directly impact what you’re asking for and your negotiations.

    As opposed to say Ozil who you just want rid of and so the fee is not that important.

  103. Charlie George


    Emery is ‘ridiculously overrated’ and ozil is not?

    Ozil has shy of 100 caps for his country
    Ozil has won the world cup
    Ozil has played for Real Madrid
    Ozil is a world class footballer.

    Emery come 2nd in one horse race in France
    Emery has lived such a cocconed existence in his life- he does not speak English ( ozil does)
    I mean – how many European coaches out there do not speak English?
    Have they no interest in the Prem League.

    HE Is an appointment No fan wanted
    The ONLY person who did want him ( the discredited Gazidas) HAS GONE.

    I would rather have Ozil as manager than this C rated La Liga journeymanCoach.

    And that’s my opinion.

  104. Marko

    I’ve seen somewhere a rumour of Mitrovic for 50 million. If so 70 million for Lacazette isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. Especially considering the age of Cavani and Lewandowski these days.

  105. Leedsgunner

    If we sell Lacazette, and that is a big if, it doesn’t matter what the price we sell him for is, if the owner doesn’t have to plough the sale proceeds into first team.

    It would be a proverbial in the extreme if we sold Lacazette for let’s say for £120m and Stan just decided to pocket the entire motherlode into one of his holding companies and run.

    Think if would be impossible for him to do?

    Think again.

    He owns this club outright. He can do whatever the heck he pleases and there isn’t one darn thing we can do about it. He doesn’t even have to account for any of his actions to anyone.

    Welcome to the new Arsenal.

  106. Marko

    if the owner doesn’t have to plough the sale proceeds into first team.

    Don’t be silly Leeds. Now it’s because he’ll pocket the fee for Lacazette. Come on man

  107. Cesc Appeal

    If we sold Lacazette for £70 Million and we saw no investment in the team from that money the fan base would go nuts.

    I think as Gambon has illustrated quite well it is obvious to anyone that short term financial thinking and primacy in cash is daft when the real gains in profitability are to be made in smart investments in players.

    That one act of pocketing the whole Lacazette fee would basically finish Kroenke.

    Why would he do it when you could take that £70 Million and spend £40-50 Million of it on some winger who will be worth twice that in a couple of years and £20 Million on some young prospect at ST who will be worth four times that in a couple of years?

    Why compromise your squad like that when if you invest heavily over the next 2 windows you end up back in the UCL making a lot out of that and improved commercials.

    I really don’t think Kroenke is that dumb. The dumbest thing he ever did was to sit in the pro-Wenger camp.

    Fair few guilty of that.

  108. Guns of SF

    Is it me or does Denis Suarez look sad and miserable in almost every picture I see of him lately?
    If somehow we get him, I think we will see a bird released from its cage.
    Would love to see a great impact in the team…. that is, IF we get him

  109. SUGA3

    Told you Gazidis was just a glorified administrator. Told you being a commissioner in the MLS did not merit giving him such a huge CEO job. But oh no, these are the times of managers capable of managing everything and anything.

    Also, he gave himself a bonus, the slaphead cuntwaffle.

  110. Cesc Appeal


    I think that is what did it for him in the end.

    He realised how badly things were being run in contrast to the teams around us. I think particularly Spurs and Liverpool made him think.

    How much have we spent and how much has our squad valued improved relative to what others have done?

    Why is our wage bill so much higher than Spurs and only marginally behind Liverpool’s? Yet we are nowhere near these teams.

  111. Cesc Appeal

    I do like that Mavropanos will likely get a good run until the end of the season. Few glimpses of what he can do, very brief obviously, but I do think there is something there and it can’t be any worse than our other options.

    Pair him up with Sokratis and see what happens.

  112. TR7

    ‘And it’s not like Wenger was saving him money which is the weird thing’

    Are you serious ? Wenger was Stan’s cash cow. Stan wouldn’t have invested money in AFC if there was no Wenger. He pulled the plug on the French only when he realized the cash cow was dead.