Podcast: Emery half term report + Discussions around direction of the club

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Yes sweet people.

Listen to me and Matt shoot the shit about his love of Emery and my quiet distrust of what’s going on.

ALSO, I know you want words, so check out yesterday’s post that most of you missed if you’re part of the morning crew. It’s about Edu and what it takes to be a Sporting Director. Good words, I’m sure you’ll agree. (POST)


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  1. Dark Hei


    You are right.

    I am not saying Arteta is the correct decision. I am just expressing Pedro’s thoughts; there is some logic in there.

    Personally, I think Emery was the right call. Arteta would have been divisive on so many fronts.

    Some will see him as a Wenger-man. Some will see him as a cheap-Kronke option. Others will just say Ivan is mad.

    In the end, we will never know. Unless Arteta takes the step and go cut his managerial teeth.

  2. Graham62

    Arteta is history and will probably never be considered a serious option until he gains some managerial experience elsewhere.

    Personally never considered Arteta a true Arsenal man. Would have preferred to see someone like Eddie Howe at the helm rather than Arteta.

  3. Thorough

    How legit is the Carasco rumor. He’s true definition of next level if true. A player I’ve wanted since Monaco knocked us out of ECL.

  4. gambon

    Isnt Carrasco a very difficult character?

    I really wanted him a few years back, but he just hasnt kicked on.

    Also, you have to question anyone that goes to play in China at the age of 24.

    I think its bullshit, his agent is using us to generate interest.

  5. gonsterous

    So how the fk did we go from “we can buy anyone in world football” to ” we can’t pay 8.5 m for suarez so we have to loan him “?

  6. Un na naai


    Worry about their focus or their ability?

    Oscar was a very good midfielder before he went to China at 23-24

    Even if you go out there for a season or two you’re made.

  7. Un na naai


    Be sure it was all smoke and mirrors to stave off discontent while blaming it all on wenger
    The curtain has been lifted

  8. Dissenter

    Wouod[ anyone take Carrasco on £100 million?
    It’s tempting but until we sell either Auba or Laca, it makes,no sense to spend.on any others attacking options, not when our defense needs urgent attention.

  9. Un na naai


    We do need a winger though
    I’d take carrasco and Suarez
    This team is sorely lacking flair and creativity which both have a plenty

    Yes I think centre half, left back and gk are more pressing but if too quality targets aren’t available in January then i would rather not waste the money on another sokratis

  10. jasongms

    Carrasco is next level talent and would exponentially elevate the team, really hope this isn’t just agent talk.

  11. Thorough

    PEA was a difficult character too. A change of environment may be all he needs. He’s only 25 and shouldn’t cost much. If his head is screwed on he’ll massively upgrade us and will be worth at least double the price we bought him 6 months afterwards.
    These are the sort of “gambles” we absolutely should be making.

  12. gambon

    No mention anywhere of a price for Carrasco.

    If its fairly cheap then its worth a punt cos he is very talented.

    But no mention of price makes me think its bullshit.

    Its just his agent.

  13. Dissenter

    It’s not hard to ship out Iwobi. His distractors will be happy to know that. He doesn’t earn much .
    It’s almost impossible to move out Mykhi though because of his wages.

    I would just go all out on Samuel Chukwueze from Villareal and not bother with either Suarez or Carrasco.

  14. Freddie Ljungberg

    Absolutely 0 chance we sell Iwobi now, he’s one of few of our homegrown players that can actually contribute. He’s also on low wages so having him as backup won’t be a problem, he shouldn’t be a starter that’s for sure.

    The article I read said 18m for Carrasco. Worth a punt at that price.

  15. Champagne charlie

    Any player swapping Atlético Madrid for some bumblefuck Chinese outfit before 25 needs their attitude questioned.

    Huge red flag with him. Would rather Suarez of the two though I’d rather a wide player who is more about end product and goals vs build up ball recycling.

    When was the last quality wide player for us to consistently offer double digit goals/assists?

  16. gambon

    So this chinese team paid £27m for him, but due to the new overseas player tax must have been £54m, and theyre gonna let him go for £20-25m

    just complete bullshit.

    Speaking of China…..surely we can pack Ozil off there in the summer.

    £25m fee, and if Graziano Pelle is on £290k pw then surely Ozil can get his current salary matched.

    We just have to keep treating him like a cunt so that he sees leaving as his only option.

  17. Danny

    January 9, 2019 11:43:23
    Mykhitaryan is on £200k pw I believe.Absolutely mental.
    That’s absolutely awful, I mean it ain’t my money but shit, he’s fuckin’ useless.

  18. Danny

    800 grand a month, I know it’s not net, but still what a complete waste of money. How did Kroenke the so called great business man sanction such a decision?

  19. Dissenter

    We are being run like a civil service currently
    What’s the need for all diffusion of responsibilities and duplication of roles?
    I can think of 4-5 roles that are duplicated, something’s not right and Kroenke’s lack of supervision is killing us.

  20. gambon

    This is why I hate it when people just blame Kroenke and a lack of investment for our woes.

    We have 2 £50m strikers, we have numerous £25-£42m players across the squad. We paid £16m for a young defender thats now on loan.

    We paid £17m for a striker that played 2 PL games and was sold for £4m

    We have the second highest paid player in the PL on £350k pw, we have Auba on £200k pw plus a £18m signing bonus, and Mykhitaryan on £200k pw.

    Its not a lack of money, its terrible use of money.

    If Kroenke had invested his own money, we would have Ramsey on £300k pw, Wilshere injured on £150k pw, and lots more Mustafis and Xhakas in the squad.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    I mean, lets see how it works first. We’ve complained for years about a lack of infrastructure now we’re complaining about too much?

    It could be Edu is going to be Arsenal’s person for South American issues given his knowledge of the game over there. It is well known that Sanllehi likes a South American player and Torreira has been a massive hit for us.

    There is a market for talent over there and often even if some young superstar from a South American club does not live up to hype you can sell them on.

    Have to see but the club, as many said it would, seems to be heading to a really modern almost US style set up.

    If we start to do scouting, loaning, contracts, transfers, coaching hires etc better than most other clubs I personally won’t care if we’re paying slightly more for our set up then others. It won’t cost too much.

  22. Danny

    I don’t know much about Mkhitaryan (I’ve never been impressed with Man U’s rejects who’ve joined us) but I take my hat off to him – well played mate, 200 grand a week, what a cunt!

  23. Cesc Appeal

    That’s the thing, it isn’t spending its spending wisely.

    We spent £54 Million on Leno, Torreira and Guendouzi.

    United spent £54 Million on Fred.

    It’s like giving a lot of public services more money, they won’t improve, they will just increase their wastage. If Wenger and Gazidis were bad at allocating money if Kroenke had given them £200 Million we would just have wasted another £200 Million.

  24. Un na naai

    When was the last quality wide player for us to consistently offer double digit goals/assists?


    Dirty sanchez

  25. Un na naai

    It could be Edu is going to be Arsenal’s person for South American issues given his knowledge of the game over there. It is well known that Sanllehi likes a South American player and Torreira has been a massive hit for us.


    Hope you’re right. Would love some samba flair and street grit.
    Were already monitoring an 18 year old Brazilian goalkeeper

  26. Dissenter

    If that’s the case then we need to improve our scouting network in South America, not to seek to appoint a ‘technical director’ to do things that a DoF ought to be doing.
    It feels like job for the boys, like no one really knows what they’re doing. If feeds all the talk of not having a grand plane just making it up as we go along.
    Yes, I think we are overdoing it.
    I will like to see what the wages are for all these positions], it’s bound to add up after a while.
    Three people doing the job of one…sheesh.

  27. Dissenter

    I’m pretty sure we have scouts in South America already.
    The difficulty we’ve had was not wanting to get our hands dirty with the third party ownership stuff.
    Also sometimes it’s better to wait for these South American players to do well in one club in Europe because many just don’t settle.

  28. gambon

    Exactly Cesc

    Ive said numerous times I think Stan would invest, but in recent years its been such a mess what would he be investing into?

    If the club can show they are capable of buying players that increase dramatically in value, which either brings in transfer profits or gives you a great squad….why would he not invest?

    For example, imagine the 2 different pitches of Dortmund and Arsenal:


    We buy young players in the £5m-£20m range, and make vast transfer profits which are reinvested. We have made a £90m profit on Dembele in 2 years, a £57m profit on Pulisic, a £46m profit on Aubameyang. We currently have a squad that cost £200m and is worth £600m.


    We dont really have a strategy. We bought a £50m striker recently, then went and bought another one because the first wasnt good enough. We arent very good with contracts which sees us lose numerous players for nothing, including Ramsey & Welbeck this summer. We have one guy on £350k pw who doesnt even play, which makes him unsellable. We dont really ever make transfer market profits.

    Which one do you think is a logical investment?

  29. gambon


    I dont get what you mean that 3 people are doing one persons job?

    Which people?

    We are a £400m company with aims to be a £500m company within 2 years. You need a lot of management expertise in a company of that size.

  30. TR7


    I am reasonably sure we have scouts in South America and for that matter in every major European league. We already have a Director of Football in Raul. In my view we are stretching this infrastructure building stuff a bit too far. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Not to mention remuneration expense of all the new personnel added.

  31. Champagne charlie


    Your argument is flawed. The whole ‘why would Stan invest/we spent money just poorly’ is a total abandonment of influence/responsibilities on his part.

    He’s been at Arsenal since what, 2008? He’s not rocked up two seasons ago and surveying the lay of the land. He’s intimate with our operations and should damn well know we weren’t spending well enough. He was the one capable of enforcing a change.

    What should he have done long ago? Brought in the people capable of doing so. Now that’s apparently happened he should loosen the purse strings, or is there another excuse now we have a new setup with the apparent best of the business in their positions? 70 mil this summer, talks of loans only this winter.

    At what point can people ask more of Stan without some weak pushback that absolves him in some capacity? He’s overseen a decline in the most influential position at the football club, he didn’t even need to open his wallet, he just needed to set a standard and make sure folk adhered to it. He never managed that much.

  32. Emiratesstroller


    Well balanced podcast. I agree with a lot of what you and Alex have said.

    This needs a complete restructure with more disciplined, intelligent and concentrated players + as you suggest better coaching. I think that both
    Holding and Mavropanos may have potential but if you plan to introduce them into team they need proper leadership playing alongside them.

    I have expressed my opinion today on previous thread. He is “safe pair of hands” and someone to hold reins whilst club is in transition.

    Arsenal have had this season four long term injuries in Koscielny [pre season],Mavropanos [start of season], Holding and Welbeck. None of these
    injuries are attributable to Emery’s fitness regime. Soft tissue injuries are
    occupational hazard and affect all teams, but you have to factor in player’s medical history and age.

    I agree entirely with Alex assessment of situation. You can blame current regime for situation we find ourselves with Ramsey. The club made decision
    to release him at end of season. Ozil’s situation is not the fault of Emery or
    Ozil. It is down to poor mismanagement of contract negotiations by Gazidis and Wenger and the payment to player of grossly inflated wage.

    The club will need to beef up its squad with Youth Players as discussed and speculative low budget acquisitions like Holding and Mavropanos. The club
    is not in position to buy wholesale world class players.

    Arsenal are unlikely to qualify for CL this season or win trophies. We need
    to be patient.

    We have new regime at club. Mistakes will be made, but at least we are now in
    a situation to rectify them without feeling loyalty or gratitude to staff who
    worked 10-20 years and allowed club to decline.

    Arsenal are a historic and strategic club in English Football with a large support base and pulling power. It is not financially bankrupt and sooner rather than later it will get back on track.

  33. Un na naai


    You’ve changed your tune on holding. Up until now you were adamant that he was below the required standard and should be sold

    Come on. We are investing at upper mid table levels overall. Aubameyang was a panic buy and the contract situation only really started happening WHEN Stan got involved with the club. How many players left for free before 2008
    How many left for massively reduced prices due to having one year left?

    I can’t remeber any of note
    Before Stan came in we were making serious profit on all of our playing staff and had much higher quality too.

    Do the maths. Wenger+Dein=profit, trophies, great players and legends

    Anyone+kronke= decline, poor investment, poor quality squad.

  34. TR7

    Yeah, earlier the standard excuse was Stan wouldn’t invest until he got complete ownership of the club. Now that he holds all the shares, the reason behind his non-investment is our poor track record in transfer market. Stan never has had any interest in sporting aspect of the club.

    People point out we spent good money on Xhaka, Mustafi, PEA, Lacazzete etc. but forget that we netted off a significant portion of the expenditure through sale of Alexis, Ox, Giroud, Theo, Jack etc. And even that splurge followed years and years of hoarding money through sale of players.

  35. gambon

    Come on. We are investing at upper mid table levels overall. ”

    Only UTD and City have spent more than us in the last 5 years.

    That means mid-table starts at 3?

  36. gambon


    I absolutely dont rate Kroekne in terms of leadership.

    Im purely talking about financing.

    We arent where we are due to a lack of finance. We are where we are due to a lack of competence.

  37. Un na naai


    It’s both
    We’ve had to sell to buy in a lot of cases and it’s telling that under kroenke’s ownership that our competency in squad and management has suffered.

    If he cared for arsenal to be competitive then we would be. He doesn’t. He’s allowed the club to stagnate. He should never have been allowed to purchase the club.

  38. Goobergooner

    Just like to say a few things about our ‘injury pileup’.

    Holding and Welbeck were both irregular instances where injury occurred and not the fault of over training or playing.

    Mavropanos has been out all season so can’t really put that on Emery.

    Ozil has a knee problem after having a back problem and also a lack of balls. More likely to do with his ego than over training.

    That leaves nacho who is over 30 and becoming injury prone, bellerin and mustafi with muscle strains and mhki with an ankle problem.

    Yes it is a problem for our weak and thin squad. No doubt about that.

    But there is really only 2 players in there that can be said to have over played, mustafi and bellerin. And that is because they don’t have anyone to properly cover them.

    We have been so weak at the back for years. Then unluckily losing one of 3 fit CBs in holding, and to rely on the return of Kos, we all knew it wasn’t going to work for long.

    All this with Emery trying to manage his first Christmas busy period with this paper thin squad.

    We have been more unlucky with injuries this season than I would say for the last few seasons.

    I’m not trying to take blame from Emery here, I just think people need to not freak out so much about our physios and what not. They are capable, we just need to get some of our injury prone players out of here, and to have competent back ups for defense again.

  39. TR7

    ‘Only UTD and City have spent more than us in the last 5 years.’

    Chelsea spent billions to build the squad they have right now. Their asset base is so huge, they don’t need any further infusion of capital. They can sell current players for good prices and then replace them with new ones. Have not looked at exact numbers but I am sure the net expenditure of Chelsea in last 10-15 years dwarfs our net expenditure. Liverpool have sold well but have also spent big money on VVD, Keita, Fabinho, Salah, Allison. We on the other hand are.struggling to buy a 20M player if reports are to be believed.

  40. Redtruth


    Why Kroenke CANNOT invest big money
    DateTuesday, January 1, 2019 at 7:38PM

    It’s an age-old debate we’ve heard ever since Stan Kroenke joined Arsenal as owner. Why doesn’t he put his hand in his pocket and invest? This is usually accompanied by complaints that the wrong owner was brought into the club, and that Alisha Usmanov would have spent Arsenal back to competitiveness.

    Although history has proved time and time again that spending money alone is not the route to competitiveness – Man Utd and Leicester being two sides of the counter coin, the plain fact is that ever since the Premier League’s Short Term Cost Controls (STCC) were enforced in 2013, Stan Kroenke would not have been able to invest super large sums of money in players even if he’d wanted to.

    Why? Because Arsenal’s wage bill has been spiralling out of control for years due to Wenger/Gazidis’ horrendous mismanagement, and no matter how much is/was available to spend on players, there has been no margin to substantially increase salaries through player acquisitions without breaking STCC rules.

    As explained, STCC (aka Financial Fair Play) was set up by the Premier League in 2013. It was implemented to prevent clubs spending the huge influx of TV money on player wages, thus increasing disparity throughout the Premier League. It also enabled clubs the opportunity to cap spending in a way that was fair and equitable across the board.

    Note that STCC rules only apply to clubs with a wage bill above £67m. Using their previous year’s wage bill as a baseline, those clubs are prohibited from raising wages by more than £7m per annum. However, there is one caveat. The rules are directly related to broadcasting revenue. Therefore, if a club can prove the wage increase is financed by its own revenues by way of increased commercial income and match day income, they can supplement the £7m limit.

    For clubs whose commercial revenues are experiencing substantial growth year-on-year, this will not make a huge difference. However, Arsenal trail miles behind their competitors. In 2016/17, for example, commercial profits only increased by £10.7m. Add that to Arsenal’s £7m limit and wages could only increase the following season by £17m per annum – less than Mesut Ozil’s annual salary.

    So what’s the solution to the restrictions that STCC gives a club like Arsenal? The solution is to either drastically cut the wage bill and/or massively increase commercial revenues and match day income. However, commercial revenues have ridden alongside Wenger’s decade-long underperformance and have therefore been poor under Gazidis’ stewardship and, obviously, there’s not much room to increase match day income substantially unless supporters want to pay astronomically higher prices.

    To make things worse, Arsenal’s cash flow has been hit now that the club no longer participates in the Champions League. Indeed, operating profits have tumbled 60% as a result of Arsenal’s failure to qualify for the competition, so not only is there less room to raise wages via commercial and match day income, but there’s less cash available to buy players.

    The logical and only step, therefore, is to reduce the wage bill. With a much reduced wage bill, Arsenal would have the manoeuvrability to spend surplus cash balances on new players without exceeding STCC rules. Unfortunately, however, this is not what the club has been doing in recent years. In fact, despite ever-decreasing returns on the pitch, Arsenal’s wage bill has only been rising.

    Take last season for example. You would think the club would have made huge ground in reducing the wage bill by releasing a number of high earners. We saw the departures of Walcott, Sanchez, Debuchy, Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Szczesny, Gabriel, Coquelin and Gibbs. Combined, this would have reduced the wage bill by around £655k p/wk.

    However, Arsenal signed Aubameyang, Lacazette and Kolasinac, and panicked when signing Mkhitaryan and increasing Ozil’s wage packet from £140k to £350k p/wk. Fag packet calculations demonstrate that Arsenal’s wage bill increased by approximately £100k p/wk or £5m per annum. While these figures are not exact, it’s obvious that for as long as the wage bill keeps rising, there is virtually no wage room for the club to substantially increase spending on players.

    It was the same story this summer. Perez, Akpom, Mertesacker, Cazorla and Wilshere departed, but this was offset by the signings of Sokratis, Torreira, Leno, Guendouzi and Lichtsteiner – so no substantial wage savings there, if any. That means Arsenal had no room to buy big name players with a big wage packet to match.

    STCC clearly illustrates how Kroenke is handcuffed. Not that he would invest in Arsenal out of his own pocket, but even if he wanted to, Arsenal simply cannot spend their way back to competitiveness.

    The club is where it is due to the unrelenting underperformance by the previous manager and CEO. Both on the pitch and off it, their decision-making has been disastrous. Wages have increased massively coinciding with ever-reducing returns both financially and on the field of play.

    This is what the new board and Emery have inherited and it will take a long time to rectify. They pretty much have to start from scratch and don’t have a lot to work with – little wonder Gazidis didn’t fancy hanging round to clear up his own incompetent mess.

    The starting point will be to drastically reduce Arsenal’s wage bill. The board and manager will also have to come up with creative solutions in terms of signing players. This has begun with the acquisition of Torreira, Guendouzi and Leno – not big signings, but players for the future with a normalised wage packet and resale value.

    Lichtsteiner and Sokratis were inexpensive short-term stop gaps designed to shore up the defence, and Arsenal will probably need more of that going forward to help get back on track. Armed with this information, it’s now a little more understandable why reports are surfacing that any January deals will be focused around cheap older players or loan deals.

    On the plus side, next summer, the new shirt sponsorship and kit deal cycle begins, alongside a separate sleeve sponsor, which alone is expected to bring in £20m. Adidas have replaced Puma as kit manufacturer, which will bring in another £20m pa. Arsenal will also have room to offload some more high earners to bring the wage bill down – notably Ramsey and contract expirees Welbeck, Cech, Monreal, Ospina and Jenkinson.

    Player sales, particularly Ozil, will make a big difference towards getting Arsenal back on the straight and narrow, not only bringing in cash but further room to increase wage bill expenditure. However, make no mistake STCC reduces Kroenke’s options to seriously reinvest in Arsenal. The rules have changed the investment landscape for wealthy clubs, and if you examine the activity of all of the big PL clubs in recent years, you can clearly see how STCC has affected their player recruitment policies.

    The clamour for Kroenke to reach deep into his pocket has to stop. It won’t happen and, more importantly, can’t happen. Liverpool and Spurs had to do it the hard way, and so will Arsenal. At least they provide grounds for optimism that competitiveness is within Arsenal’s reach with astute player purchases and good management. It also clearly demonstrates why Emery, or any manager, needs substantial time to get Arsenal back to where it needs to be. Anyone who believes there is a quick fix is either living in dreamland or denial.


  41. Emiratesstroller

    un na naii

    No I have not changed my view about Holding. Personally I don’t think that he is good enough albeit that he is in mould of a traditional English CB.There are
    an awful lot of players with potential who don’t make the grade.

    However, moving onto “youth” section I agree with Pedro that Arsenal in similar fashion to Liverpool and Spurs will need to look outside the box and recruit low budget young players.

    Arsenal are not in position to follow both Manchester clubs and Chelsea and
    buy wholesale £50 million+ players.

  42. Un na naai


    What a load of old cack

    So why didn’t kroenke sack wenger and gazidis and use his business smarts and contacts in the states to increase sponsorship revenues then??

    Kroenke is handcuffed
    Didn’t stop chelsea, United, city and Liverpool

  43. China1

    As someone else mentioned there’s a 100% tax on transfer fees for foreign players, and the government is trying to reign in the ludicrously unsustainable fees thrown about before

    The result of this is that a chinese club would realistically be willing to sign him for a transfer fee (after 100% tax) of around £20m. His current salary could probably be matched or even slightly improved on.

    China is indeed the only solution to the ozil problem and if we received more than 10m and got his wages off the books it would be glorious business, if bitter sweet as fuck

  44. Marko

    Carrasco I’m not sure about but the one thing I will say in his favor is he loves to beat a man he’s not afraid to dribble. As for the trepidation about him moving to China so young well I seem to remember that it was more to do with Atletico kind of forcing him out cause they just spent 50+ on Diego Costa they needed to balance the books a bit

  45. kc

    Great repost Red. I’ll definitely start checking out Arsenal Truth from now on. It’s refreshing to read real news instead of propaganda for a change. This won’t sit well with the Wenger apologists tho. Doesn’t fit their narrative.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    It really does depend on what the fee would be for Carrasco and what he wants in wages.

    It looks like we’re set on Suarez but if you got both for reasonable fees and wages, possibly even loan deal for one, that could really change our team.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    I agree with RTs analysis.

    There are 5 players on our books whose contracts expire in June 2019 and need to be released i.e. Ramsey, Welbeck, Monreal, Lichsteiner and Cech. In the case of Cech I might be prepared to keep him as second string GK but only if there is a dramatic reduction in his wages.

    I would also endeavour to offload either by sale or release Chambers, Elneny,
    Koscielny, Ospina and Jenkinson.

    We move then onto the Ozil and Mkhitaryan dilemma. Both players are on
    grossly inflated wages and virtually unsaleable. They are now 30+. Both were
    bad deals in January.

    It is difficult to see how the club will be able to offload these two players anytime in short term unless Arsenal are willing to pay off a large chunk of the wage bill. Ozil for example has two and a half years unexpired costing us
    or a potential third party club £45.5 million in wages.

  48. Champagne charlie


    Right, because to say anything critical of Stan makes someone a Wenger apologist..

    He’s overseen a continued misuse of funds, your excuse for that?

  49. China1

    I don’t know if edu is necessary, valuable or what not

    What I do know is that he’s a football head with some genuine experience and a love for the club. I also doubt his wages are going to make a difference to our setup in the grand scheme of things. 1m a year maybe? Just a guess but if he brings value and does a good job he will earn us more than he costs no doubt

    The truth is we don’t really know what the club are thinking because they don’t lay out the details of their so called vision, so I don’t blame people for being unconvinced. But I’d say he’s not likely to make us worse, he isn’t likely to cost a lot and he may well be a proper asset – so let’s just give him a chance.

    God knows we have pet in the youth setup for no good reason and we have Steve boils who nobody knows what he even does. Edu actually has valuable experience and isn’t just a token guy in a token role.

    I’m not convinced he is a good signing but we’ve little to lose and a lot to gain – and I did love him when he played for us. A legend of sorts!

  50. gambon


    I think you are ignoring one big potential sale.


    Its great to have 2 top class forwards, but I think the club will be asking themselves if it makes sense to have 2 £50m players that cant play together.

  51. China1

    Suarez, carrasco and a very cheap bargain basement defensive player to make up the numbers and we’d be demonstrably improved up until the summer where we could hit the defense with a sledge hammer

  52. TR7

    The article Red posted is yet another theory proposed to excuse Stan. He wasn’t spending shit when our wage bill was well below the threshold mentioned in the article. Besides, even now what stops Stan from replacing Cech on 120K weekly wages with a top goalie on similar wages ? What stops him from replacing Welbeck on 100K weekly wages with a better winger on similar wages ?

  53. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be clear Ozil is not only unsaleable but most probably unloanable for
    any club expected to take over the unexpired two and half year contract
    costing £45.5 million.

    As Pedro suggests on his podcast Ozil at £150K pw would probably be of interest to clubs in Italy and Turkey, but most probably on loan.

    So any decision by Arsenal to offload him will cost the club a huge chunk of
    his wages and that is also likely to impact on our transfer budget.

  54. gambon

    I would say there are 2 options with Ozil.

    1- China

    2- Offer to cancel his contract.

    As of May, he will have £34m left in owed wages. I would say a lot of clubs could find £34m to take a punt on him for 2 years.

    That the equivalent of £20m signing fee, and £140k per week wages.

    Denis Suarez will probably cost us simlar.

  55. Emiratesstroller


    I have not ignored the possibility of selling Lacazette, but personally I would be
    sorry to see him sold. I think that he is a very good player.

    Also selling Lacazette would send out the wrong message, because an ambitious
    club needs two top class strikers on their books.

  56. Nelson

    I read that there was a memo to all the departments to save up. It is also reported that the club has no money to buy in Jan. The best we could do is a loan deal. Was Arsenal ever so poor in the past? Is it the first time after Kroenke became the sole owner? There is no auditor to examine the finance of the club.
    What I am worrying is Kroenke loaded the debt of procuring the 30% share on to the club. They claimed that they would not do this when they did the purchase. Now, no one knows what they are doing.
    We’ll find out more in the Summer TW. Hope I am wrong.

  57. Marko

    He’s overseen a continued misuse of funds, your excuse for that?

    That’s about as close to mentioning Wenger in a negative light as you’re ever going to get with you. But of course what was it the other night something along the lines of his record is as good as it is bad you get bad signings with every top manager. So which is it Kroenke to blame for overseeing misuse of funds or ahh Wenger’s dealings weren’t all bad? What’s the narrative for today?

  58. Graham62

    Un na naai

    You missed one other very important mathematical equation-

    Wenger+Gazidis + Gross negligence × 100% × Arrogance + Blind stupidity = PREDICTABLE REGRESSION.

    These two controlled the purse strings, initiated all the contractual negotiations, manipulated things for their own benefits, cared little about the consequences to the club and it’s fanbase and were foolishly trusted by our owner to run things progressively, based on a sound and logical business model.

    Silent Stan made the monumental mistake of allowing these two clowns to initiate and control so much financial garbage which is now coming back to haunt us. Kroenke was naive to let them carry on in their own merry way for so long.

    They are accountable in every aspect of decline. They consciously set about fudging things up.

    Kroenke was manipulated big time, so in that respect, his biggest mistake was sitting back and letting things unfold.

  59. Emiratesstroller


    I think that you are being optimistic not least because I doubt that Ozil is interested in moving to China.

    The only way I see Ozil leaving Arsenal is to the country and/or club of his choice and maintaining his wages. Moreover his agent is a very smart cookie and will probably want a cut of any deal.

    If Jenkinson can sit on his hands for 3-4 years so can unfortunately Ozil.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    I think Lacazette will go in the summer.

    The club will look to invest the money in a great winger and then cover for him by signing a young ST with potential or promoting from our youth.

    There is also a strong argument that the goals Lacazette gets us can actually be covered and improved upon by a winger and better CAM.

    You can’t really have £60 Million sat on the bench when our squad is miles from complete. We don’t play two up top and Aubameyang who is preferred does not play as a winger.

    One of them has to go, we need to find a £10 Million sort of young ST for cover and then spend the rest on a winger adding on whatever we need to from the transfer fund.

  61. gambon


    Im not sure any club in world football has a £50m, £200k per week striker on the bench as a back up.

    They certainly dont do that when their CB, LB and AMs are borderline incompetent.

    Citys back up strikers are Sterling and Jesus.

    Liverpools back up striker is basically Firmino, who is a first XI player. Their other option is Origi.

    Spurs back up striker is Son….who plays in the first XI

    CHelseas backup striker is Giroud, an £18m signing

    I said in the summer that although i like Lacazette, he was going to become an issue.

    For me he’s our second best player, but you should never have your 2 best players competing for one spot.

    Its would be like Liverpool signing Manuel Neuer tomorrow.

  62. Arse&Nose©

    Before we complain about lack of investment we need to have something worth investing in. No sane owner would just invest in our current strategy of buying 30+ cast offs, we don’t want to be a comfortable retirement home for players on the decline. We need a long term project that invests in youth and promotes from within.

  63. Marko

    because an ambitious
    club needs two top class strikers on their books.

    That’s hardly true. I can only really think of City and PSG who have two top class strikers and in the case of PSG Mbappe can play on the wing so it doesn’t become a problem because him and Cavani can play together. I seem to remember that there was a bit of an issue last season with Jesus replacing Aguero and struggling for form and now the reverse has happened this season. At least they can play together

  64. Emiratesstroller


    You may be right, but I would personally be very sorry if Lacazette goes. He is a
    very good footballer.

  65. Pedro

    Rhys Jaggar dropped an e-mail to say he’s upset that people are talking about him on the site and demanded I remove all comments that mentioned him 😂

  66. Marko

    Young strikers to replace Lacazette and eventually Aubameyang…my personal picks would be Maxi Gomez but he’s likely off to Atletico in the not too distant future or someone like Luca Jovic

  67. gambon

    Lacazette is a good footballer…

    But we have the best back up CF in world football, while we have absolute dross like Iwobi, Mykhitaryan, Mustafi and Kolasinac in the team.

    We’re like a homeless guy walking around with a Patek Philippe.

  68. gambon

    Thats the other issue with Lacazette…..his age profile isnt great.

    Say Auba is our first choice for the next 2 seasons, Laca will then be 30 years old heading into the 2021/22 season.

    You dont really want to replace your outgoing CF with a 30 year old.

    We need a real quality younger talent that can play a back up role and maybe take the role when Auba is gone.

    An RVP to Auba’s Henry.

  69. Marko

    Can’t tell if Don is trying to be funny or just that you know… I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Good one Don

  70. gambon

    £60m for Lacazette surely?

    Timo Werner would be another option.

    He can play upfront, but a lot in Germany think hes best on the left of a CF. 22 years old, and will be sold in the summer because he wont sign a new contract.

  71. Un na naai

    I’d sell Aubameyang or play him on the wing. We look pedestrian without him. When Aubameyang doesn’t play all we miss is a tap in.

  72. Receding Hairline

    Lacazette 55m at worse

    And yes i am coming round to the fact we may actually need to cash in on him..but how many clubs in Europe can afford a 55-60m striker and how many of those clubs will see him as an improvement on what they got

    It’s easy to say sell sell sell but the question is to who

  73. Un na naai

    Is it me or does Pedro have 3 accents?

    Rude bwoi, yuppie and Ribena puller squeezer geezer.
    Sort it out Pedro. Next he’ll have that nooyawk twang

  74. Marko

    Timo Werner would be an amazing signing but Liverpool, PSG, Madrid and Bayern are interested in him making it damn near impossible. Besides he’d fetch 70-90 million easy.

  75. gambon

    Werner will be £40-50m, not £90m.

    One year left, smaller club.

    If they think theyre getting £90m they will lose him for nothing.

  76. gambon

    Pierre thinks we should have £50m back ups in all positions.

    Maybe we should sign another £50m striker, in case both Auba & Lacazette get injured.

    Auba has never had a serious injury in his life. You think clubs plan their entire squad around the idea that all their players are going to pick up a disastrous injury?

  77. Arse&Nose©

    “When Aubameyang doesn’t play all we miss is a tap in”

    Top clubs will play a mint for a player who is in the right place for tap ins, movement and anticipation are underated skills in modern football analysis. Everyone thinks players need to play like Ronaldo and Messi to be classed as great.

  78. Marko

    Oh he’s got one year left…then that changes everything. It’s the kind of deal that would need to be worked on now for the summer ala what Bayern and Chelsea have recently done. But it still won’t happen you just know we’ll procrastinate on the issue of Lacazette and Aubameyang and miss out on targets

  79. Cesc Appeal

    There is the potential for us to make some decent money from sales this summer. You think £60 Million for Lacazette, £20 Million for Mustafi, £10-15 Million for Chambers, £10 Million for Elneny etc.

    The club should be in a far more stable place than last summer if we’re in the UCL far stronger as well.

  80. gambon


    You have to hope we are on top of these things with Sven around.

    Absolutely no doubt Sven will know all about Werner. I also read an interview where he said he pays close attention to contract lengths, so he will know that hes going to enter his last year.

    I doubt it’ll happen though. I think we will be after narrow AMs, not wide strikers or “wingers”.

  81. gambon

    Think we will sell Kolasinac as well.

    He cant play in a back 4, Emery likes a back 4.

    He is a real threat going forward.

    With Monreals extension being activated, I could see us selling Kolasinac and bringing a LB in as first choice.

  82. gambon

    Dont know if Mustafi will go.

    We will either offer a new contract or sell as he will be at 2 years left.

    If we were to sell:


    As well as trying to work some magic with Ozil, that would bring in maybe £100m, plus whatever our budget is.

    We would have a dramatically improved team with 4 new starters at least.

  83. Marko

    I doubt it’ll happen though. I think we will be after narrow AMs, not wide strikers or “wingers”.

    Not sure I agree with this given some of the links like Pepe. Like I personally don’t see the current 3-4-3 lasting beyond this season. I think this is Emery’s idea of trying to get more out of the defence and offence and the players he has available. I suspect it’ll be wingers and back to a 4-2-3-1 next season

  84. gambon

    Pepe plays pretty narrow.

    Has a full back running beyond him most of the time, and plays in the half space on the right. Perfect for what Emery wants to do.

  85. gonsterous

    well the good news is, Yannick Carasco is willing to take a pay cut to come to arsenal. I guess he must be hating the Chinese league. We should just pay up the 20m and get him.
    Looks decent on YouTube but the main question of course is, can he get back to his best after playing in a league that’s worse than the second division of English football ?

  86. Champagne charlie

    So just to understand people’s views on our strikers…

    Was buying Aubameyang a good move by the current setup?

    Because it seems like a poor investment of its given us this scenario a year down the line.

  87. China1

    I don’t watch the budesliga which disqualifies my opinion outright, but I thought Werner was absolutely shockingly shit at the World Cup. No where near good enough to be a German first choice player.

    But I bet if I check bundlesLiga sites, stats and watch some YouTube videos I’d change my mind

    I havent tho, so until then I’ll stick with the unqualified ‘he’s overrated shite’ line 😀

  88. Marko

    Surprised there hasn’t been any links with Malcom this month even fake links. He’s barely played for them and they seemingly are looking at selling and we apparently bid for him last January

  89. gonsterous

    There is the potential for us to make some decent money from sales this summer. You think £60 Million for Lacazette, £20 Million for Mustafi, £10-15 Million for Chambers, £10 Million for Elneny etc.

    So why are we selling laca ? He’s been the only threat in attack and PEA plays a lot better when laca is in the side.
    We already have our list of outs. we need quality players to come in because our squad is bare on quality.

  90. Champagne charlie


    Yea I wasn’t remotely impressed at the World Cup, will wait patiently for this 70-90 mil fee to materialise.

  91. Marko

    Was buying Aubameyang a good move by the current setup?

    He’s been our best striker since he joined so yes. In hindsight we should have bought him in the summer over Lacazette. Also in hindsight we should have bought Lacazette the summer of 15 and we probably would have won the league over Leicester.

  92. Marko

    Yea I wasn’t remotely impressed at the World Cup, will wait patiently for this 70-90 mil fee to materialise

    I see what you did there

  93. gambon


    I think signing Auba was the right thing to do.

    Lacazette came in and was pretty underwhelming. Auba is a different level of striker.

    The thing is we shouldve bought Auba in the summer of 2017.

  94. China1

    I’m not convinced that we have to play with only 1 CF. Why is this a hard and fast rule?

    I don’t like the situation with our strikers, but we haven’t had one serious striker since RVP. We finally have two and people want us to undo that

    I get that a 50m laca fee could be well invested elsewhere, but I also disagree with the notion that everyone has to play a 4-3-3. Or a 4-2-3-1.

    These formations are useful and effective, but only 2 years ago everyone was jacking off about how unstoppable chelsea’s 3 man defense and 5 man midfield (including wing backs) was. Go back a bit longer and a 4-4-2 was the shit

    I don’t buy it that even a 4-4-2 can’t dominate anymore, as long as you have the right personnel and a well trained squad.

    Put the invincibles out there today in a 4-4-2 and they’d still be tearing it up alongside Liverpool and city.

    So whilst I’m not saying we should be playing a 442 with both strikers, or that it would be wrong to sell either one of them, I am saying that we are looking at too many assumptions about what formation we must play.

    For example, a 3-4-1-2 would be a modern looking formation that could accommodate both if we improve on our wing backs or find a solution to improve and protect the defense elsewhere

    Long story short, it’s not necessarily a question of selling players to balance our existing system, when it can just as well be buying players to fit a different one

  95. Champagne charlie

    “He’s been our best striker since he joined so yes. In hindsight we should have bought him in the summer over Lacazette“

    Contradiction at its finest.

    If we have to sell a major asset a year later the strategy is questionable at the very least. Just interesting given the idea our new team in place are a crack team with transfers. Maybe signs that it’s not entirely without flaws along the way.

  96. gambon


    Theres a reason no-one plays 4-4-2.

    Jose Mourinho came over and dominated all the 4-4-2s by having an extra man in mdfield.

    No-one is saying you cant play 2 strikers, but when you do, one of them needs to be able to play wide or as an AM.

    Neither of ours are good at that.

  97. China1

    Like we need to buy about 4-5 much better first team players to become a top class side

    Whatever system we play, with 1 or 2 up front that will be the case, so why are people limiting themselves in thinking that the only way to solve the laca problem is to remove him. There are patently alternatives.

  98. gambon

    “Just interesting given the idea our new team in place are a crack team with transfers. Maybe signs that it’s not entirely without flaws along the way.”

    None of these guys were employed when we signed Lacazette.

  99. Marko

    I’m not even sure that the argument that they play better together is all that strong when you consider that when Auba came in Lacazette was injured and he was scoring and also Lacazette’s numbers are down. You can make more of a case for building the attack around one or the other but not really both.

  100. Marko

    If we have to sell a major asset a year later the strategy is questionable at the very least. Just interesting given the idea our new team in place are a crack team with transfers. Maybe signs that it’s not entirely without flaws along the way.

    Lacazette was signed prior to the changes. You may have a point if we end up selling Aubameyang over Lacazette but that’s a big if. I’ve no doubt had they been in place the previous summer they probably would have signed Aubameyang over Lacazette. Him being signed in January was almost like course correction

  101. Champagne charlie


    Not for me, it was a a strange decision to make given the quality in other areas that you alluded to before.

    Auba is a better goal scorer, but he’s not a level above as a CF for me – unless you want to reduce them to goals alone. We could win the title flanking Lacazette with quality, we could win it flanking Aubameyang with quality. Neither are backup.

    With finite reseouces it’s a head scratcher to give a CF 6 months to adjust to the Prem from Ligue Un. We ain’t Chelsea or City. Questionable decisions from the team for me, Malcom or someone else could’ve been had for less and we’d be with Giroud and Laca through the middle.

  102. tee

    It’s kinda weird some posters here actually wanted lacazette to be sold.

    These are the same guys who were of the opinion that he shoukd be benched for aubamayang u ntill lacazette proved them wrong, they are at it again thinking Sven and mislintat are that stupid.

    Lacazette is younger than aubamayang and has other attributes in his game that aubamayang can only dream of and who says aubamayang will be this sharp by next year?

    This is a guy who is in his thirties but you will rather sell a younger striker to keep an older one who has no resale value.

    sense fall on y’all

  103. China1

    Gambon, Chelsea didn’t dominate arsenal on the pitch even if they won (consider the personnel they had at their disposal alongside their system, terry and carvalho was probably the best CB partnership in English footballing history for example)

    Arsenal didn’t lose the league in 2005 because of chelsea’s Formation. They lost it because the lost the plot after their unbeaten run ended and failed to regain their dominance for their own reasons irrespective of Chelsea. Meanwhile in head to heads they absolutely could beat Chelsea on their day, regardless of if it happened

    And let’s take a look at one system just as an example – 3-4-2-1

    3 quality defenders, two too quality wing backs, one DM, one b2b, one AM and two strikers.

    Width comes from the wing backs and any drifting from one of the strikers. You already have an AM so neither striker needs to drop. The defense can be well protected

    It’s all hypothetical and depends on the players, coaching and so on, but the same is true of every system. 2 proper strikers does not need to fade away just because that’s the current trend.

    Like I said, conte came in and tore up the formation rule book only 3 years ago. The following year everyone adapted and half the league copied it. Another year later and that’s been dropped by the vast majority of teams. All systems are fallible, and all systems within reason can be killer. What matters is that you have the personnel for it.

    We don’t have the personnel for any system currently so we need to buy regardless

  104. Champagne charlie

    “None of these guys were employed when we signed Lacazette.“

    Not what I was referencing.

    They were here when Auba was bought, it’s that decision given we had Lacazette, that puzzles me.

  105. gonsterous


    Just the wind up merchants. They want laca sold, and then they are the same people who will complain why laca was sold when we have only welbz and Auba.
    These are the same people complaining why we sold giroud in the first place when everyone knows how limited Giroud was.

  106. Marko

    With finite reseouces it’s a head scratcher to give a CF 6 months to adjust to the Prem from Ligue Un.

    Given how Auba came in and straight away started scoring for fun it’s a head scratcher how he’s not for you. I mean I get it spending 55 million on a striker after spending 50 million on a striker but the 50 million one had struggled a bit in front of goal and got injured and the 55 million one is just that bit better so it’s understandable. I still maintain that had we bought Lacazette in 15 we probably would have won the league that season but Wenger needed 4 prolific years instead of the two before he decided to go for him. He just wasn’t sure that 53 goals in two seasons was enough

  107. China1

    Arsenal got worse after they dropped their 4-4-2

    That 4-4-2 with that personnel >>>>> any formation we have had since with any personnel we’ve had since

    Point is the system and personnel need to be in perfect harmony. If they are, you can be successful. But there is no golden system just like there’s no golden players if they can’t play in the system they’re given