£14m technician could prove a bargain

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It would appear Arsenal aren’t quite as broke as we’d initially thought. The news dropping the loudest of rumbles at the moment is that we’re going in for Denis Suarez for £14m. However you feel about the player, it’s hard to disagree that he’s 1) Young (24) 2) Technically superior to Iwobi 3) Capable of hitting higher levels.

Most of his success came at Villareal in 2015-16 when he dropped his best numbers with 12 assists and 5 goals in 48 appearances. He also played under Emery in his last season at Sevilla where he racked up an impressive 5 assists, 6 goals, in 46 appearances. Also notable that he was signed by City way back when!

His numbers at Barca look, well, decidedly Iwobi-ish if I’m honest. I think he’s cut from a similar cloth. A little bit faster, but the type of player who stitches midfield and attack together with cute intricate play. I know it’s a basic, but just having someone out on the left who you can rely on to always have a good touch is where the bar is set at the moment.

He’s an upgrade. I just hope he’s not a £150k a week upgrade. Worth remembering that when he was a teenager, he was compared to players like David Silva. If he fulfils here, then we’ve unlocked a lot of potential value. (read here for an interesting scouting report).

Today we take on Blackpool in the FA Cup. I’m excited to see Saka land a heavily mooted start. I think we need to see more of these kids and they need to land pitch time. If they don’t, they might as well be out on loan. From the sounds of it, the manager is going to heavily rotate, hoping to inject some much-needed energy into the legs of players that have been drained over the past two months.

Short one today, have a great day!

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  1. Charlie George

    Speak for yourself.
    They are all my favourites…
    My bone of contention is ramsey and Sanchez are allowed to go for nothing. AND soon Welbeck
    Because emery and Raul have allowed it.

    Your excellent list of players Inc Song
    Were sold for fortunes to reinvest
    Mainly to Barca and real (Not our rival’s)

  2. Charlie George

    We have incompetents running our club.
    I just want them out
    Before the decline is off permanent proportions.

  3. Joe

    Juve signing ransey will turn out to be a 1000x worse signing than Sanchez for us.

    Sanchez I feel would be a shrewd signing if it happens.

  4. Joe


    The incompetents running and ruining are club are gone.

    Wenger and Gazidis are gone.

    We have football people running the show now

    CG, you could always support a proper English club like milwall or something

  5. Charlie George


    Gazidas was the only one who wanted Emery and he went weeks after his appointment
    That is farcical
    I am an ARSENAL fan
    It’s hurts-when i see the decline

  6. Joe

    Ransey Sanchez wellbeck are all
    On wenger.

    He let them get to their last year of deals

    Wellbeck never should have been signed in the first place. He’s garbage.

    Sanchez should have been re signed and wenger sacked much much earlier

  7. Dissenter

    I assume you meant Suarez, not Sanchez.

    I think he’s a safe signing since Raul Sanlehi would have known him from the 2013-2017 era as Barca DoF. If he was trash, Sanlehi would know.
    Emery has worked with him as well.

    It’s a no brainier so long as the fee isn’t excessive and his wages make sense.

  8. Redtruth

    70.000 EU migrants as opposed to 270.000 non EU migrants, migrated to the UK between March 2016 and March 2017.

    Where is the border controls for non EU migrants….I know let’s blame the EU….

  9. Charlie George

    Gazidas appointed the 2 Spaniards
    I would not trust him to choose my my wallpaper.

    It was an appalling choice.
    Like every decision Gazidas has made at ARSENAL

  10. Joe


    That’s one thing I agree with you on.

    Gazidis was a disaster at Arsenal. Except for sacking wenger and leaving the team in the hands of the men left now

  11. rollen1

    lol how can anyone deny the we fucked up this planet?

    Like a fuckn virus. Money and power hungry.

    Lol Joe is Justin better than Trump?

  12. Charlie George

    Has it Joe ever occurred to Joe
    That Wenger s last ten years of little trophy success (compared to his first 10 of big trophy success) were more down to Gazidas replacing Dein than Wengers inadequacies, alone.

    Just remember when this Spanish experiment goes tits up as it surely will (they have a combined 1 year of English football experience ) taking on the other English juggernaut teams with huge experience.


  13. Un na naai

    How about the fact that we don’t like 83% of our laws being made by the Eu?
    Or the fact that the Eu are forcing member states to take in ILLEGAL migrants
    Or the fact that the Eu is crumbling and is a shrinking piece of the global economic pie?
    How about the working classes who had their wages undercut for last 15 years had enough and decided to throw their fingers up at the elites and take back control??

    So the yuppies don’t get their cheap polish cleaners and nannies now


  14. China1

    Ironically, one of the best things about moving to China is that it has shown me that when it comes to government, you can strip back 50% of the arguments people make as not much more than hyperbole and hot air if you wanna get to somewhere near the truth

    The brexit vote was in all likelihood a poor decision from a practical point of view and made in a very large number of cases by people who were making an emotion response to situations that they perceive as bad, whether or not the problems really exist/are serious/brexit can solve them

    And just as brexit was a bit of a silly vote, it won’t likely turn out as bad as many would have you believe. Just as brexiteers were largely ill-informed and overly emotional in their choice, the fear mongering by pro EU people is pathetic and tiresome.

    Some of the fear mongering has been hilarious. People talking about how the EU stopped us from having war in Europe, as if when we’re out France is gonna be firing off a few nukes our way? Fucking jokers. And it will be the end of our economy for all times. Sure…

    The problem with the experts who got wheeled out for and against brexit economically is that they are only experts on their small piece of the economic pie. No one in the world was or is qualified to speak with great confidence about the economic impacts because nobody even knew what form it would take, if we will quickly get any different or new trade deals etc. it’s all just people who know a bit about their little corner extrapolating it all with no real idea of what the future will look like

    But as I said, when you live in a country like China where politics is no longer a daily discussion point, it teaches you how to become more objective about it all, rather than needing to throw yourself 100% behind one idea or the other. Life is shades of grey.

    My parents voted brexit, if I was there I wouldn’t have voted at all, because there were too many uncertainties for anyone to be truly informed

  15. China1

    Un na you make some really naive points

    You think the elites will lose out so badly if we’re out of the EU? The elites were there long before the EU existed and will remain in perpetuity long after that institution is gone

    In or our will not change the ruling class of the country. The David camerons of this world are not going to be driven out of town and replaced by good honest mike who used to run a nice pie n mash joint down the road who will work for the betterment of the working class

    To that class of people, brexit is simply an inconvenience that will likely turn into its own set of economic opportunities to be exploited further down the line.

    I’m afraid your middle finger to the elites is literally entirely irrelevant to them

  16. China1

    It’s hard to blame people for believing naive arguments tho when it’s shoved down your throat as propaganda each day

    People celebrate freedom of the press in the UK but unfortunately that has been devalued enormously because ‘news’ institutions just pick a team and act as propaganda merchants for it voluntarily. There are so many lies being perpetrated by the free press, it’s such a sorry state of affairs. Every institution picks the left or the right then goes hard in that direction rather than just attempting to be neutral and a large percentage of the news is outright fake

    Perfect example, on sky news yesterday there was an article saying that China has added video games to the school curriculum in a bid to dominate esports globally, and that by 2020, 50% of the Chinese will subsequently need to wear glasses.

    Deary me. I work with kids and can confirm this is 100% fake news. As for all the kids playing video games 24 hours a day, hurting their eyes and needing glasses, funny that as most kids have about 4 hours of homework to do every night here and have very little time for any kind of play.

    What is the point in having free press if they just make shit up?

  17. Guns of SF

    Just took a break from the morning drama and now Im back and still see Unnnnaaiii

    Come on Unnaaaiiii-you cannot be that hardcore can you?

  18. Guns of SF

    Unnnai you read some scary websites bro.
    You getting fed some scary right wing shit- you not even an American.

  19. Guns of SF

    Trump and Brexit were reactionary reactions to the fear of foreigners. Trump- border wall- shuts down govt. Tells the world we need this wall more than anything else. Makes 800K people go without a pay check. Brexit- same scary tactics.

    The world is a global economy – this insular thinking and politics will leave countries in a worse place after their economies stagnate.

    Where I live, unlike other parts of the US, is about 70-80 democrat.
    We are no scared of immigrants, we welcome them. Trump and company do not realize there is an economy that depends on their labor in the US. Removing them, will cause an economic collapse. The work force will have be in serious trouble as well as agriculture etc.

    Its just baffling…. so much so that Calexit was even proposed here in the state!

  20. Negation

    Two days ago – Project Youth

    Today – 23 year old better than Arsenal academy 1st teamer (even though 23 year old and said 1st teamer play in different positions…)

    Tomorrow – ??

  21. Nelson

    Talking about fake news, most of the transfer rumors are fake news. It was reported that we don’t have money to sign Suarez. We want a loan but Baca refuses. Hope that this is fake news also.

  22. Guns of SF

    Yea now the news saying that Suarez deal might be off… Barca playing hard ball. one article said that if the player is willing to go that they might back off, and that Suarez and Emery did talk over the phone already. He also was left out of the team today- so who knows… my guess is that they want to squeeze us for a little more $

    Still need a winger and defender. I hope that something materializes soon.

  23. Joe


    What line of work are you in? And please tell me what jobs the illegal immigrants are taking away?

    Trust me illegal immigrants aren’t taking jobs that the English want. They are doing jobs that some dead shit on the dole Englishman isn’t willing to do. Cleaning, nannying etc

    It’s not like they are taking highly skilled jobs from you lot or me.

    Those are the ones that enter legally and are probably more educated and more trained and more skilled and qualified for the job that the one complaining wasn’t ever getting anyway

    But let’s blame it all on immigration why the drunk down the street living in council housing who dropped out of high school can’t get a job

    Well there you go.

  24. Guns of SF

    Its an old trick. Blame the immigrants who do the most menial work that the natives refuse to do. here in california- its labor. Agriculture, construction, restaurant work, child care, etc. and more….
    It is an economy on its own that if did not exist would make the cost of living sky high as prices would rise. Trump knows this. heck he employs illegals on his golf courses etc. His loved taco bowl is most likely make by one.

    its always tinged with ethnocentrism, nationalism, and racism. Scare people and then offer the solutions. Kinda like the Mafia does

  25. Dark Hei


    Yup. Another favorite China bashing is the anti-religious persecution.

    Mostly it comes by deliberate selection of certain data by Western media, example Bible bans.

    The truth is somewhere in between. China has a strong grass roots Christian movement backed by the CCP. The caveat is of course you have to be 100% pro-establishment. But that is a position the CCP expects from everyone anyway.

  26. Dark Hei

    Guns of SF

    From outside looking in, I think US needs a solution.

    Either the immigrants are not forced to come over or you get a wall/border control up. This is just the practicalities of it.

    You know perhaps one way to reduce gang violence in South America is reduce dependency on drugs?

    Ironic that there is so much support to end the illegal poaching trade in the name of saving animals. But there is little will to battle the drug trade in the name of saving people.

  27. Dark Hei

    Charlie G

    Your memory is fuzzy.

    Gazidis was brought in as CEO once Stan took over.

    BTW, the Arsenal board were once anti-Kronke. Then Dein brought Usmanov into the picture and frightened everyone over to camp Kronke.

    Between being a Russian plaything and having some form of independence, I will choose independence, along with zero trophies. There is dignity in freedom.

  28. Tony

    “I should point out that my old man (who I fell out with and have nothing to do with) used to say my politics were a little bit right wing of Genghis Khan.”

    That gave me a chuckle

    Your posts are almost always right on point and make so much sense, especially about the agenda driven press whose motto is “Never let the truth spoil a good story” Newspapers are businesses who support any party that will be best for their business.

    Get ‘The Sun & Times’ daily biased indoctrination to back you and you’re in a very good place to wining the election.

    To all
    Why worry about what you can’t change? Trump, Brexit & immigration et al

    The biggest base threat to our world in the next 100 years is over population.

  29. Tony

    Didn’t Hudson-Odoi give Bellerin a nightmare game?

    Shouldn’t we be looking at him instead of Saurez?

    If BM are going so hard to get him, shouldn’t that tell Sven & Raul something.

    Surely Sven, Vinai & Raul could get Stan to back that purchase until they can sell some dross, such as Elneny, Jenks & Mhiki, couldn’t they?

    Probably not as I doubt they want to rock their comfy boats.

    Virtually 25% through the TW window with nothing to show for it.

    Transfer planning? What planning?

  30. Tony

    Antoine Semenyo sounds like one to watch according to Keown from the Newport /Leicester game.

    Are Sven & Raul scouting lower English league players or just cast offs from Barca and Genermany?

  31. Tee


    You sounded like someone who is new to the dealings in epl. So, you actually believe Chelsea will agree to sell Hudson-Odoi to arsenal or any other top six team considering the the talent of the guy?

  32. Freddie Ljungberg

    Reports today that we’ve had a 63m bid accepted for James Rodriguez, thought we didn’t have any money? And can’t we do better than that for that kind of money?

    Would have preferred Fekir with some cash to spare for a CB myself but hey, it’s most probably bullshit anyway.

  33. China1

    There’s a brand new, lovely church which has finished being built just this last year about 300m from my front door.

    It got planning permission, got built and is bustling on sundays with all the folks going.

    There was a high profile case of a church being shut down all over the news. In small print was that it never legally had planning permission in the first place.

    Was the reaction over the top? Sure. But as you say, the press won’t let the details of the church being illegal in the first place get in the way of the interesting persecution narrative

  34. Tony

    I’m 64 this year and seen a few TW in my time.

    Unless you enquire you have no idea and he has stalled on a new contract.

    Should be looking at him for when his contract ends or now if we can get him.

  35. Receding Hairline

    Marko Klopp admits that Naby Keita is struggling to show the form that persuaded to spend big a year early to bring him in.

    So much for “sure thing” transfers and “he is that good” posts you kept making prior to his arrival.

    He might still come good, what this proves is that even players who came in on mega transfer fees and big reputations struggle to adapt which makes it all the more ridiculous some of the stick Guendouzi get’s on here

  36. Dark Hei


    Ha ha a lot of difference!

    As a Russian plaything, you get money, power, status, etc. But they force you to drink blood of innocents for sustenance!

    As an American corporate citizen, you get to spend the money you earn. Of course you will be firmly rooted in the middle class and occasionally encounter the hazard of bankruptcy.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    Freddie Ljungberg

    I would not take too serious the so-called transfer story that Real Madrid has accepted offer for James Rodriguez.

    1. He is currently out on loan to Bayern Munich who have paid 2 year loan fee
    with option to buy.

    2. He has been out injured for 2 months with ruptured knee ligament injury.

    There are of course a lot of stories circulating about large numbers of players
    supposedly on market.

    Arsenal are not going to buy anyone in January for £60+ million. My view is
    that the club will buy maybe one player this month if you are lucky.

    What the club needs to do in next two transfer windows is shift out unwanted
    player and at moment I calculate there are probably 10 or so players in that
    category. Hope to pull in perhaps £20-25 million in transfer fees and then reduce our wage bill by at least £500K pw +.

    With additional commercial revenue coming in from Adidas sponsorship in
    June that should provide club with budget of at least £120 million and allow us
    to buy three or four new players and promote perhaps three from U23 squad.

    At the moment there are a lot of assumptions as to size of our budget and wage
    bill. What I do believe is that Arsenal will shift out of club players who are paid
    wages of £80K+ pw and are no longer playing regularly in first team e.g. Cech,
    Koscielny, Monreal,Lichsteiner,Ramsey and Welbeck. Only Koscielny on this
    list has contract beyond this summer.

  38. Emiratesstroller

    For the record Arsenal spent a lot of money on transfers buying Aubameyang and Lacazette BUT our entire transfer budget in last financial year was covered
    by sales in same period.

    That is not going to happen in current financial year. Sales are likely to be very

  39. Jim Lahey

    So these are players that I can see leaving within the next 12 months, we could make between £60-70m on sales and save £860,000 a week in wages. If we were to lose these 12 players and replace them with 5 good players we would be better off.

    Petr Cech – Free – £100,000 p/w
    David Ospina – 5m – £40,000 p/w

    Laurent Koscielny – Free – £90,000 p/w
    Calum Chambers – £15m – £45,000 p/w
    Nacho Monreal – Free – £65,000 p/w
    Stephan Lichtsteiner – Free – £90,000 p/w
    Carl Jenkinson – Free – £45,000 p/w

    Mohamed Elneny – £10m – £55,000 p/w
    Aaron Ramsey – Free – £110,000 p/w
    Alex Iwobi – £15m – £30,000 p/w
    Henrikh Mkhitaryan – £10m – £120,000

    Danny Welbeck – £10m – £70,000

  40. Emiratesstroller

    Jim Lahey

    Your list of sales are frankly optimistic.

    1. Ospina. I believe that Napoli have option to buy at around £3.5 million.
    2.I doubt that Chambers will fetch anything like £15 million. If you are lucky £10 million.
    3.There is no evidence that Arsenal are going to sell Iwobi and Mkhitaryan.
    4.Danny Welbeck’s contract ends in June. Since he is effectively out injured for rest of season we are not going to get a transfer fee for him if he leaves.

  41. Jamie

    Jim Lahey –

    Welbeck’s contract expires this summer, doesn’t it? He’ll be released on a free.

    Can’t see anyone paying £10m for Mkhi either (age, inflated wages reported to be closer to £140k a week than £120k a week).

    £15m for Chambers? No way, no how. Half that amount if we’re extremely lucky.
    Fulham are staring relegation square in the face. They lost to Oldham last night with Chambers at the back. He’s a bang average defender. Same goes for Iwobi – average player, not worth £15m to any club in the PL.

  42. Charlie George

    Fascinating read by the ever excellent Mark Ogden on the ESPN website- that Emery alone- decided he wanted the Ramsey Contract withdrawn.

    Which is quite extraordinary -in so many ways.

    I thought we were going down the coach route- not managerial route- that is to say- the coach solely gets on with coaching the players and does not get involved in contracts, (eg Chelsea/Watford/Leicster)

    Eg. Sarri at Chelsea just recently stated he had no knowledge of their new £60 million signing.

    Secondly top rated managers Tuchel (PSG) and Allegri( Juve) and Klopp (Liverpool) do want him. And our lesser one does not,

    Thirdly – why dont we get him signed up and then have a release clause inserted there. So we can sell and reinvest….
    Likes Spurs have done with Toby Auldeweld.

    We really do have some incompetents at the head of our footballing policy, nowdays,

    I for one- cannot see the pair of them lasting.

    ps. Its a week into the transfer window:
    Chelsea, Bournemouth , West Ham have all gone business.

    We need a centre half. Do the Spanish duo know this?

  43. Mr Serge

    We need a CB and a winger asap we are doing it on the cheap so we will wait until the last couple of days of the window. To the detriment of our season. Unless they see mavropanos is fit and want to give him some game time. I would buy Kos replacement right now and bed him in tbh

  44. useroz

    Pedro has flown into nou camp to try revive the Denis S deal. Barca reported to have made a U turn and blocked the proposed sale at the cited 20m, or loan deal.

    What’s the trio doing? Any plan B/ C/ D etc for Jan? If we buy/loan do it quick to make ’em available asap.

    Wth the depleted squad at the moment, we wouldn’t make top4, particularly with a strong stench of Manure not far away.

    Not having CL next season will set us back for another year in the rebuild both in terms of financial and player resources.

    There are reports we can’t buy Suarez due to FFP. Like how? If true, sell Elneny to pay. Suarez’s wage.

    Again, there’s blogs cited Stan’s loading his 550m Lbo onto the club. Who had read something credible?

    As skint as Pedro suggested last week and as hard as Wenger / Gazadis fucked the club/us, Afc couldn’t be so ‘broke’ as to need to shop during a Walmart sale?

  45. london gunner

    Pros and Cons to buying in Jan.


    Increase chance of Top 4/Europa win = CL
    An additional bonus with CL football more finance for summer purchases/More desirable as an option to elite talent.

    sign up average talent that doesn’t secure top 4. Lumbered with their wages and less finance for war chest in summer.

    Stick or twist.

    What Emery does or doesn’t do now may well decide his tenure at the club.

  46. london gunner

    Charlie George

    Tuchel isn’t top rated since he left Dortmund they have improved and are currently top of the bundesliga table.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    If we’re struggling to pay £14 Million for Suarez I think we’re going to struggle competing for any top CB target.

    Unless we’re all surprised and the reason we’re trying to pay as little as possible for Suarez is to fund a CB.

    I doubt that though.

  48. useroz

    If it’s easy we won’t need Sven et al do we?

    Poor form if the trio can’t find TWO half decent players (CB, AM/winger) in Jan to help secure top4. Don’t care if loan / buy.

    Defence : Holding out; can forget abouit Kos; Mustafi a bomb that will go off; Medley not ready/ trusted; Monreal became injiry prone; Kolac and Licht can’t defend. Elnenry and Xhara aren’t fucking CB/ LB.

    Only Papa + Bellerin left. Plus, AMN as make-do FB/WB.

    Sad for a club like Arsenal.

    Ditto MF. Feel that Mikki would be not out for way more than the 6 weeks reported.

    Unless the trio weave some magic in the Jan TW, the Afc philosophy continues to be “scoring more than you” for rest of the season.

    Emery can’t afford not to try.

  49. Goobergooner

    Sorry for going back to this.

    Un na naii.

    Global warming and climate change is a natural occurrence. It has changed quite a lot over the time frame of earth, all in the name of nature. Things such as meteors, volcanic eruptions, the changing of the earth’s poles, all change how the earth reacts and adapts to things such as temperature.

    The real problem is the rate of change of climate and the ‘enhanced greenhouse effect’ or human induced greenhouse effect.

    It is since the industrial revolution some 300 years ago that the rate of change in climate has increased, and in keeping up with the demand by the population for energy, such as electricity and fuel for transport, agriculture and mining, the planet is not able to adapt and change in time.

    Coral reefs are bleaching(which has happened before but reef systems had 5 times longer to adapt) , crude oil is being diminished (which is obviously a naturally occuring organic material) same with natural gases, ice caps are melting which in time will lead to a lot of coastal cities being under water; forests being destroyed which are major contributors in reducing carbon dioxide and habitats and ecosystems destroyed leaving animals to die out and become extinct.
    There is so much shit humanity does to fuck the environment.

    CO2 along with methane, chlorofluorocarbons, and nitrous oxide are all increasing in the atmosphere which is leading to an increased greenhouse effect.

    To say that climate change isn’t to do with humans in the present means you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Go and do some more homework.

  50. Bamford10

    I don’t see us signing a top winger in the January window for a variety of reasons. That’s more of a summer signing. If we sign a winger in January, he’ll have to be younger or out of favor somewhere or a CAM in a team with too many CAMs.

    Personally, I think we should focus on a CB and a quality LB.

  51. Goobergooner

    Cesc Appeal
    I always say science will save us. That is our future. That goes for everything. We’re great problem solvers and that’s what we will do”

    You are definitely the sort of bloke I’d buy a beer for.

  52. Un na naai

    Joe you plonker

    Nobody is taking my job as I run my own business. It doesn’t affect me directly or my customer base

    But it affect people I know and I never said illegals were taking the jobs though illegals are still more of an issue than we are being led to believe

    The Poles, Romanians and albaanins (many of my pals are polish and Romanian so nothing agaisnt them at all) are working in many cases for £70-£80 a day for jobs that used to pay £120 a day upwards
    That’s artificially lowered the bottom line and a man can’t afford to live and pay a mortgage in London on that. The polish lads all flat share and pay £500 odd a month per room. That’s great if you haven’t started a family but it’s nit so good for the indigenous labourers and decorators and chippies.


    Of course there will always be elites. When did I say any different? Brexit is a revolt of sorts agaisnt them and especially the media nd political classes.
    Nobody cared for the British worker and now they’ve voted to end this betrayal all of a sudden the middle classes are worried about their jobs?!
    They couldn’t give two fucks before but all of a sudden reality is biting in.

    When your biggest two cities are less than 50% white British then you know you have an immigration issue and that is why people are voting for the opposite now.

    Many of the Eastern European workers in the construction industry have or are in the process of leaving and its subsequently meant that there are more jobs on offer to British kids who don’t want to go to university at better rates than the previous generation

    So Brexit is already effective for those who voted for it. So we don’t get a bmw tariff free anymore?? So we don’t get Belgian chocolates any more.

  53. Charlie George

    How is it thus:

    emery and raul deem fit to give Elneny an extension to his contract but not our greatest ever record goalscoring midfielder, Ramsey one?

    If we let this lad go for nothing- it will confirm by strong beliefs that these two are clueless and not fit for purpose (Spanish football is their undoubted strenghts) and rotten to the core!

  54. Un na naai

    My hen why the significant drop in co2 and temperature in the 70s and 80s when the industrial revolution was in full swing around the world?? At a time when it should have increased significantly it dropped for years

    Why?? It doesn’t tally up with the explanation you give.

  55. london gunner

    Un Na naai

    I don’t really hold a horse in the global warming debate as I am no environmentalist nore am I pro oil.

    However, the resource posted below shows that every anti-global warming theorists arguments are completely invalid. Why would 97% of scientists lie about global warming? That’s one massive conspiracy.


    Personally, for me anything that weakens the evil empire of Saudi Arabi is good for me that’s the only reason I would shift away from Oil to leave those fuckers in a bad place.

  56. useroz

    Well said goobegooner.

    Also, Trump isn’t ‘exposing’ the climate change accord or anything. His shifting the blame to the other countries.

    The greenhouse effect started couple of hundred years ago, albeit slowly and much lesser’. US has been the major consumer of fossil fuel thus the producer of greenhouse gases along the way. In recent decades, India and China joined the game in economic development and resulted in burgeoning industrial side effects such as greenhouse gases. A lot of stuff are made in China, India, etc at scale these days. How on earth could Trump claim the moral ground and criticise other countries while staying out of the Accord?

    Apple (Tim Cook is supposedly a friend of his Highness, Trump) wouldn’t care less to move it’s production state side. New, huge plants are being operationalised in India, while Trump continues to bicker with China over trade ans a zillion of things.

    Had NSA, etc not been exposed in its eavesdropping on its citizens, other state heads (eg Germany), etc and Trump has the thick skin to call others out? Every nation is doing it. It’s a matter of how smart it’s done.

  57. Goobergooner

    Un na naii

    It’s all well and good to pick and choose such an insignificant ( In comparison to the earth’s lifetime) timeframe, but look at the figures that have been calculated since the last ice age, which just after had the quickest Change in earth’s temperature until now , then you will see that the trend in global temperature has been rapidly on the rise.

    Read more than one article man.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal are apparently looking at Lloyd Kelly, a 20 year old CB from Bristol City, tall, fast and very well thought of there.

    These are the kinds of moves I like to see Arsenal making as well as the more obvious ones. Liverpool picked up a great buy in Gomez in similar fashion.

  59. Joe

    Seventeen of the 18 warmest years in the 136-year record all have occurred since 2001, with the exception of 1998. The year 2016 ranks as the warmest on record.

  60. Joe

    And UN co2 levels have been on the rise for over a 100 years. Even in the 70-80s

    Current atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are about 30% higher than they were about 150 years ago at the dawn of the industrial revolution. According to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, ice core reconstructions going back over 400,000 years show concentrations of around 200 ppm during the ice ages and about 280 ppm during the warm interglacial periods. In other words, our current CO2 levels are higher than they’ve been in at least the last 400 millenia.

    Every scientist in the world says it but trump and Un are telling us different


    Why are all the glaciers melting?

  61. Marko

    Why are people arguing with Don? This is a person who misspelled bitter and thinks we should have kept Jack Wilshere. Not just grossly misinformed but too dumb to see it. Let him believe what 3% of the world’s scientists believe I’ll trust what 97% say is true.

  62. azed

    “It doesn’t help that Joe loves to argue and would argue with the wind if he thought there was no one else”

    Joe argues with Joe if there’s no one else.

  63. HighburyLegend

    @Jim : you work in oil industry ?? Why don’t you make an offer to Stan for buying the club ?? Please ??