£14m technician could prove a bargain

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It would appear Arsenal aren’t quite as broke as we’d initially thought. The news dropping the loudest of rumbles at the moment is that we’re going in for Denis Suarez for £14m. However you feel about the player, it’s hard to disagree that he’s 1) Young (24) 2) Technically superior to Iwobi 3) Capable of hitting higher levels.

Most of his success came at Villareal in 2015-16 when he dropped his best numbers with 12 assists and 5 goals in 48 appearances. He also played under Emery in his last season at Sevilla where he racked up an impressive 5 assists, 6 goals, in 46 appearances. Also notable that he was signed by City way back when!

His numbers at Barca look, well, decidedly Iwobi-ish if I’m honest. I think he’s cut from a similar cloth. A little bit faster, but the type of player who stitches midfield and attack together with cute intricate play. I know it’s a basic, but just having someone out on the left who you can rely on to always have a good touch is where the bar is set at the moment.

He’s an upgrade. I just hope he’s not a £150k a week upgrade. Worth remembering that when he was a teenager, he was compared to players like David Silva. If he fulfils here, then we’ve unlocked a lot of potential value. (read here for an interesting scouting report).

Today we take on Blackpool in the FA Cup. I’m excited to see Saka land a heavily mooted start. I think we need to see more of these kids and they need to land pitch time. If they don’t, they might as well be out on loan. From the sounds of it, the manager is going to heavily rotate, hoping to inject some much-needed energy into the legs of players that have been drained over the past two months.

Short one today, have a great day!

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  1. Up 4 grabs now

    Depending on the money, why don’t we chance our arm with Maguire now.
    Leicester are 15 clear from the drop and 9 points from the magic 40 points of safety.
    Leicester were enquiring about eleneney at one point, throw him in if we can.

    If utd are waiting till the summer before confirming soljasker and won’t be buying till the summer, now is the time to make a move.

  2. Nelson

    After last EPL game, Emery mentioned that it was the first time he had Koscielny, Mustafi and PapaSok playing together. Now he is referencing Mavropanos coming back from injury when he talked about finding a new CB. It is depressing that those are the CBs available. Mavropanos has no experience. Koscielny’s body is finished. He appears to be much slower than before. Mustafi is making even more errors than before. PapaSok is OK but can’t command high balls. I can’t see how we can survive with this defense until the Summer. Don’t tell me that we have Licht and Xhaka as backup CBs. Worrying times.

  3. Up 4 grabs now


    I’m always worried about defenders from Italy, completely different paced league.
    A lot more defensive play than the premier league.
    I can’t remember the last defender that came from Italy to play well in the premier league?

  4. Up 4 grabs now


    Papa not bad in the air, more worried about mustafi than him.
    I think koscielny will be phased out for mavropos once fit.
    How has that guy missed five months with a groin strain?

    Centre back is the first position that needs to be filled urgently.

  5. Un na naai


    Papa’s positioning is worse than anything. You’d think for such a snail he’d give himself an extra yard. It says to me that he can’t read the game properly and the German league (although the most similar in pace to the prem) is clearly a lot slower and less physical than our league

  6. Dissenter

    Leicester didn’t sell McGuire to United last summer.
    Why would they sell in January to Arsenal?
    Why would McGuire even want to come to Arsenal at this point?

  7. Un na naai

    Up 4 grabs

    100% with you on Italian pace though and on getting maguire. He’d be my no1 choice right now with sessegnon or chilwell at left back. That’s where our money has to go for me right now.

    Looking forward to seeing Suarez in action though. He should hopefully settle in quickly as he’s played here for two years already as a kid.

    Didn’t help pogba though who has to be the most overrated player of all time

    See marko
    Told you xakha was better value for money

  8. Up 4 grabs now

    Un nai,

    I think those choices are reaching a little.

    Azpilliqueta isn’t he Spanish when did he play in Italy?
    Gianluca Festa
    Neither won much with Everton or Boro,?

  9. Up 4 grabs now

    Un nai

    Agree with you on a new left back as well.
    Looks like Monreal will be let go in the summer with no new offer on the table.

  10. Joe


    England belongs to immigrants. Get over it.

    Really, they should have another brexit referendum.

    Can’t let the votes of some angry old clueless white men who don’t have a clue ruin the country.


    There is a reason emgland is a non
    Entity on the world stage of football. The players and managers aren’t even close to the level required. Southgate as arsenal manager hahaha. Yeah because he really lit it up being a Boro’s manager Great insight there. Why don’t we bring ‘arry in. He’s proper English innit.

    I can see CG now. Head shaved. St. George’s and bulldog tattoos walking around in doc martens.

  11. gonsterous

    cesc going to monaco. so henry and cesc going to rock France ?
    Hope suarez turns into cesc, hell one can dream 🙂

  12. Cesc Appeal


    That is an incredibly insulting post. Over 16 Million people voted to leave the EU, how about a little bit of respect for democracy?

    Quite incredible that the left who talk about bigotry, racism, stereotyping etc are willing to pigeonhole over 16 Million people and in their infinite wisdom tell us exactly why they all voted leave. How on earth do they lose the referendum then?

    The left seem to have this hatred of democracy when it doesn’t go their way. You seem to think democracy is next goal wins provided you score it.

    I have no idea what ‘England belongs to immigrants’ means either. Quite stupid. They account for a tiny percentage of the population and if you’re talking about economic assets then England belongs to the City.

  13. Dissenter

    You behave like a raging lunatic here.
    WTF was that all about?
    Your reaction is worse that the post you were reacting to?

  14. Micheal


    There is a funny story about the Spuds in a new book about how football has been corrupted by the big money from Russia, Middle East, etc. It recalls that
    Abramovich was interested in purchasing Spurs when he was sniffing around England for a trophy team to buy. (In fact, he looked at 10 clubs, including Arsenal.)

    When he met with Tottenham’s chairman the Russian was not impressed with the neighbourhood. The book quotes: “While his Mercedes trundled along Tottenham High Road, he looked out and said in Russian, ‘This is worse than Omsk’ — the grim Siberian outpost where he had a refinery.”

    We could have told him that.

  15. Charlie George

    I have nothing against foreign players /coaches- far from it.

    i would have loved Arteta to have been our manager..

    He knows the Arsenal set up.
    He has played in The British Isles ( Rangers, everton, Arsenal)
    He speaks English.

    How can he not be the choice – yet our esteemed Dof
    appoints Emery?

    Who does not know the Prem
    Does does not know Arsenal
    Does not speak English.
    Likewise Rafa Beneitez would have been a much better bet than Emery. ( for similar reasons)

    In no other industry- would you do what Arsenal have done this summer.
    utter insanity- and a 100% guarantee set up to FAIL.

    Think Santini , Gross (Spurs)
    Scaolari (Chelsea)
    Matterazi (Watford)

    Raul Sanellhi has already made seismic errors and should be sacked immediately:

    1) Lichensteiner signing- but loaning out Chambers
    2)Appointment of Emery ( for above reasons)
    3.) Contract fiasco with Ramsey
    4) Signing of Leno (21 million ) as opposed to the Premier league proven Fabianski ( 7 million) – which would have given him more Spend on Ramsey, etc

    the reason why Arsenal have been sliding onto mediocrity is quite simple.
    When the Experienced David Dein left – we replaced him an American (Gazidas)
    who did not understand our game.
    And whats folowed – mistakes after mistakes,

    We need a new David Dein type. And that will never Raul
    Its like David Dein being as succesful in Barcelona.?
    It aint going to work..

    Think Gary Neville in Valenica, too

  16. Bamford10

    Gelson Martins isn’t playing at all for Atletico. Given our need for wide players, given his pace and dribbling and solid numbers last season and the previous, I feel like singing him for free might have been a decent call.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    There’s even rumours that the Suarez deal is being held up because of our lack of funds.

    Questions need to be asked about our lack of finances and if it was just poor management previously and the slip to 5th then 6th we need to be told.

  18. Up 4 grabs now

    Go on I’ll play with the troll for awhile!

    You didn’t want emery because
    Who does not know the Prem
    Does does not know Arsenal
    Does not speak English.
    Likewise Rafa Beneitez would have been a much better bet than Emery. ( for similar reasons)

    If that’s the criteria we should have hired fat Sam!
    He knows the league,
    He speaks English, (well just about)
    And he knows arsenal ( well how to beat Wenger sometimes)

    Perfect choice!

    Think Santini , Gross (Spurs)
    Scaolari (Chelsea)
    Matterazi (Watford)

    Or try
    think mourinio at Chelsea.
    Pep at city.
    Ancelotti at Chelsea.
    Hell even ranieri at Leicester!

    Who was the last Englishman to win the league.
    Howard Kendall over 30 years ago?

    Raul Sanellhi has already made seismic errors and should be sacked immediately:1) Lichensteiner signing- but loaning out Chambers (free one year squad player)
    2)Appointment of Emery (yeah were so much worse than last season)
    3.) Contract fiasco with Ramsey (blame Wenger for that)
    4) Signing of Leno (21 million ) as opposed to the Premier league proven Fabianski ( 7 million) – which would have given him more Spend on Ramsey,
    Flapianski who was great for us, really. Yeah save money to give it to Ramsay.

    You have made me laugh.

  19. Charlie George

    Indeed , Gazidas is from Jo-burg

    But he has an American corporate background.

    Just imagine – had we replaced Dein – with someone with knowledge of english football.- as opposed to Gazidas.
    Football is such a simple game
    keep it so,

    Barca – have a great Spanish heritage and infuence
    Bayern – have a great German heritage and influence
    Juventus- have a great Italian heritage and infuence

    I just want Arsenal to do that with their club – with British heritage

    And the only reason why- is because I know thats the best way of succeeding.

  20. Joe


    It was a tongue in cheek post in response to CGs “English” ramblings.

    I as a Canadian don’t really care if you lot Brexit or not. The voters spoke and that’s what was decided.

    On the other hand the stories of people not even knowing what they were voting for. The farmers who livelihood is dependent on the eu voting brexit because they didn’t really know what it is.

    What is Brexit being the #1 search in emgland AFTER the vote.

    I personally think it’ll be a terrible thing for England but i don’t live there so I’m
    Not really bothered either way. I just think a lot of people voted blindly.

  21. Charlie George

    Ancelloti spoke English and had unlimited millions to spend with Chelsea
    Ranieri spoke English and had previous premier league experience Chelsea
    Mourinhio is multi lingual and had unlimited millions to spend with Chelsea

    Emery – does not speak english/has no prem experience/DEFINITElY NOT UNLIMITED FUNDS.

    I Repeat – what we did this summer with the appointment of Emery- would not have happened in any other industry

    There were clearly better candidates. It was an inept appointment.

    And the greatest irony of all.
    the man who had the biggest say in this crass appointment left weeks after!


  22. Champagne charlie

    “I as a Canadian don’t really care if you lot Brexit or not. The voters spoke and that’s what was decided.“

    Only Indian when it suits you Joe?

  23. Cesc Appeal


    There was ridiculous levels of hyperbole on both sides.

    If you asked most young university students out protesting why staying in the EU is good they would give you answers like ‘trade’ or ‘our economy will collapse’ or ‘racism’.

    They equally don’t really have any clue why we should stay.

    In terms of economy I don’t buy the arguments we will economically prosper after it but I equally don’t buy the economic collapse arguments either.

    It is all posturing, the UK want to appear strong and so do the EU. If the EU give us some great deal and we’re on our way, what do you think happens next?

  24. Up 4 grabs now


    Will give you that gazidis leaving after helping to bring in emery was a joke, but I’m sure he wasn’t the only one making the decision.

    Emerys English is vastly better than five months ago.

    Whoever came in, if it wasn’t emery would have had the same budget, whether they could speak English or was an English manager.
    Barring ranieri all those other managers had no experience of the league.
    Hell Wenger had no experience in the league.

    And comparing the league to any other industry is ridiculous.
    How many English managers are there in the league, why does the top six clubs always bring a foreign manager instead of an Englishman.
    Because there not good enough.
    How many English managers manage abroad in the top leagues, short answer, none.

  25. Dissenter

    I think Arsenal is trying to use the media narrative of “no money” to our advantage in negotiations.
    It’s not a bad strategy since we’ve recently had a reputation of being suckers in the transfer business

  26. Up 4 grabs now


    I have as much knowledge about brexit as most people seem to. Which isn’t a lot.
    But it seems to me the rest of Europe won’t give us an inch and we have to leave on there terms.

    I say poke it, we can keep our 30 billion and make our own way.
    Once the rest of Europe have to pick up the extra cost all the countries dying on there arse will bail as quick as possible.

    We import more than we export I believe, and those countries won’t want to lose that business.

  27. Cesc Appeal


    That would be great.

    I guess we will see what happens.

    I just worry we are actually in a bad financial position.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Up 4


    Also when you look at Germany they rely massively on their exports and we are a huge export destination for them. That’s the reason Mercedes, Audi etc were pressing Merkel for a bilateral deal with the UK as soon as Brexit was announced.

    Money will talk ultimately, but the EU can’t give us a great deal and watch us leave otherwise France will be next, then Spain, then Italy, then Greece etc.

    Which kind of tells you everything you need to know about the EU.

  29. Charlie George

    Up 4 grabs

    ‘Emerys English is vastly better than five months ago.’

    .. think about that.- for a moment – managing Arsenal at the moment is difficult and yet we have chosen someone- who has to learn another language in his spare time.

    I cant think of an example of a successful coach that has come from overseas and who has a)not spoken the native language or B )no previous prem league experience that has been a success.?
    imperative – to have one or the other- in my humble opinion.

    Can you?

    Allied to the fact the chief executive has gone (gazidas)
    And his new boss (Raul S) also, has no previous premier league experience.

    look at ole gunnar at Man u
    knows Man u
    Knows english football
    Speaks english

    Surely – this is pure common sense,.
    he is clearly not a better coach than Emery but has the above basics. So is more likely to succeed

    football is simple- don’t complicate it m8!

    If i was a Chelsea fan – i would be saying the same thing about Sarri,

  30. Jamie

    Charlie George –

    Poch spoke through a translator for most (if not all) of his time at Southampton. Seems to be doing ok.

    Is it just Emery’s lack of fluency in English which precludes him from being a good manager in the EPL?

    Maybe we should go after Tim Sherwood. He’s as English as egg & chips.

  31. Jamie

    How was Conte’s fluency when he won the title at Chelsea? Mancini, Pellegrini? So many examples of relatively poor English speakers doing better than any English manager in recent memory.

    Time to approach your argument from a different angle.

  32. Dissenter

    I agree that our financial status isn’t great which is why Raul cancelled the Ramsey deal once he got the chance to see what was under the bonnet.
    Raul was director of football at Barca when Surez came up from the Barca team B while Eemery has worked with him before.

    The Suárez deal is going to happen
    This is the first transfer deal that the new crew will handle with the selling club and agents. We have to set a new tenor and start to send new messages.
    We’ve not had a good reputation until now.

  33. Up 4 grabs now

    That’s what makes me laugh about brexit.
    It’s like the whole country will stop on brexit day one and they’ll be looting in the streets. And everything will implode!

    I’m sure some people wanted brexit because it means we can kick Johnny foreigners out of the country.
    And council houses won’t go to asylum seekers jumping the cue.and all of the other daily mail stories they run to scare people.

    Don’t get me wrong we know stories like that do happen, and there are plenty of lazy immigrants on the scrounge.but there’s plenty of brits like that as well.

    We are to soft in this country and unfortunately mp’s here are more worried about opinion and looking good, than actually doing the right thing.

    As much as he is a massive idiot and potentially dangerous.
    Trump doesn’t care what people think of him so will make unpleasant and unpopular decisions.
    At least he has the balls to do something different and try another approach.

  34. gambon

    Suarez deal probably will happen.

    In terms of getting back into the top 4 its a terrible bit of business.

    From what Emery said yesterday he sees Suarez as a wide attacker.

    Do we expect to overtake our rivals by signing a worse AM than anything they have?

    Im really not seeing any grand plan here from either Emery, or our new team.

  35. Up 4 grabs now

    How was Conte’s fluency when he won the title at Chelsea? Mancini, Pellegrini? So many examples of relatively poor English speakers doing better than any English manager in recent memory.


    Let’s go one step further how about players who don’t speak the language don’t know the country or eat the food.
    Should we only sign Englishmen?
    As it will take them to long to adapt.

  36. Joe

    As much as he is a massive idiot and potentially dangerous.
    Trump doesn’t care what people think of him so will make unpleasant and unpopular decisions.
    At least he has the balls to do something different and try another approach

    And getting nothing of note done

    Getting smashed in mid terms

    And will be either kicked out of office or voted out in record numbers in 2020

    He is a laughing stock the world over. He’s all huff and puff and no substance.

    What policies has he implemented.

    His tax breaks are a joke and failing miserably

    What else has he done.

  37. Up 4 grabs now


    Who would you have liked instead.
    And I’ve forgiven you for telling me I was talking bollocks the other day.

  38. Up 4 grabs now


    I didn’t say he was a good thing mate,
    Just that at least he’s trying to do something different.

    The guys a tool, but if he doesn’t get impeached I bet the 2020 election will still be close.

  39. Up 4 grabs now

    Back to the footy.

    FT: Fulham 1-2 Oldham
    FT: Man City 7-0 Rotherham
    FT: Millwall 2-1 Hull City
    FT: Preston 1-3 Doncaster
    FT: QPR 2-1 Leeds
    FT: Sheffield United 0-1 Barnet
    FT: Woking 0-2 Watford

  40. Joe

    Trump has also alienated the USA from their allies.

    He’s divided the country more than arsenal is divided

    The one thing he has given the world is pure comedy in watching him and what he’s going to do next

  41. Dissenter

    Have you ever considered that Raul and Emery know this player more than you?

    Raul would have sat in innumerable technical sessions where the player was discussed from the youth level, and handled his loan transfers in 2014 and 2015.
    Emery has worked with him before as well at Sevilla.
    This is better than making an educated guess based on just scouting and numbers.

  42. gambon


    Many thanks for your forgiveness.

    I wouldve either liked an established player who is producing goals and assists regularly (ie someone who improves our team from day 1)

    Or a younger talent, that may not be a huge improvement, but has significant upside.

    For example:

    Thorgan Hazard

    Suarez is neither a young talent, not a top player. Hes someone you would expect West Ham or Everton to sign.

    Even Timo Werner, who could play wide alongside Auba and maybe take his role in the future.

  43. gambon


    Raul and Emery knew Lichsteiner more than me, so explain that one?

    The idea that because Raul worked for Barca, that this must be an amazing deal is ridiculous.

    Do Suzrez’ goals count for double or something? Because if he carries on scoring between 2 & 6 per season, they will need to.

  44. Up 4 grabs now


    There’s a few on that list I like, problem being is the cost.
    If we are screwed financially as is being made out, most of them aren’t cheap.
    Which is why there looking at Suarez.

    Unless Maureen emery is a coaching God, and we are going down the project youth route again to save cash.

  45. Dissenter

    Lichsteiner was a good gamble. It was a one year deal at 90k weekly for a Juventus veteran winner who was suppposed to give us grit.
    It’s obviously turned out to be a contained bust but it was a risk worth taking.

    There’s always a problem with availability in the January window, you only have so little to consider.

    This is one of the risks I think are worth taking in January. We aren’t they only ones looking at him. You obviously disagree.

  46. gambon


    Some people are acting like January money is some kind of bonus money that disappears if we dont spend it.

    If we spend £20m on Suarez now, thats £20m less we have in the summer, another squad player clogging up the wage bill and getting in the way of a better player coming in.

    Unless we are adding high quality, I’d rather we didnt bother to sign anyone.

    It feels like we’re only even talking to Suarez because we couldnt find anyone else available.

    Either get him on loan, or recall Nelson.

  47. Charlie George

    the Conte, Mancini, And Pellegrini examples are false.
    Because they have unlimted funds(Chelsea and Man city)
    Or man -is on a very tight budget, makes his job so much harder.
    Their english is clearly superior, anyway.
    if Raul wanted Spanish -surely Benetez or Arteta were better candidates,

    Now we are buying more Spanish (Suraez)- Why?

    Surely we can do better?

    Emery only got the Arsenal job because of an interview with Gazidas
    how bleeding pathetic!
    Not one fan wanted Emery ( not one)

    The sooner Emery & Raul are gone- the better and only then CAN we move forward.

  48. Dissenter

    Suarez doesn’t turn 25 till the summer.
    He can have his 2-3 seasons if he’s that good on Iwobi- level wages.If he’s a bust he can be shipped out in 1-2 seasons.

    It all depends on what the transfer fee is.
    £10 million on Iwobi wages——-good acquisition worthy of a risk.
    Anything above that…….

  49. Receding Hairline

    Don’t really know about the Suarez deal..

    Was he one of our earlier targets? Is this a let’s take what’s affordable scenario?

    I do know we need more bodies though and a player who has been on the books of respectable Spanish clubs and been coached by Emery before.. I see some sense in the deal.

  50. Receding Hairline

    Barca fans don’t think he was given enough chances to succeed with them. 25 is not old man age in football, we can get three seasons out of him and if he does fulfill his earlier promised potential we can get a decent fee.

  51. gambon


    He turns 25 today.

    He wont be on Iwobi wages. He plays for the team with the biggest wage bill in world sport.

    £18m seems to be the figure quoted.

    I havent seen much of him, but he looks like an excellent footballer. An excellent footballer who doesnt really do anything. All technique, no end product.

  52. Dissenter

    I get your point but if we are trying to rebuild a squad then sometimes we have to take a punt on the market.
    You take what you canfrom the market in January and then retool for the summer..
    The approach you’re suggesting if “keep the money till the summer” is tantamount to dithering – that’s how we got to stashing £150 million in the ban bank and a piss poor squad.

    Suarez is well known to 2/3rds of the Raul-Sven-Emery triumvirate, that’s got to count for something.

  53. Dissenter

    I got Suarez birth date wrong. He’s 25 y/o today like gambon stayed.

    What else is available in January,?
    That’s why managers hate the January window.

  54. gambon


    Its not dithering, its waiting for players that can improve us.

    When Liverpool couldnt get Southampton to the table for VVD in the summer 2017, they didnt go and spend £50m on some useless CB just to get a warm body into their defence.

    The £20m we would have to spend on Suarez would be £20m less for a LB, CB, RB, DM, AM, Winger that we need in the summer.

    I would have no issue signing these type of players if we had a world class team, and just needed to build out the squad. The fact is we desperately need 5-6 first team players.

  55. raptora

    I don’t see Suarez improving us either. Just read yesterday how Cesc was terrible for Barca – 10 goals, 10 assist on the average per season just in La Liga.

    Then you see D Suarez… Another non scoring, non assisting attacking player? So we’re going to get him because he’s cheap? Well guess why is that?!

    Much better to take a punt on a talented youngling or save money for a serious player in the summer.

    I doubted Sanllehi and Mislintat before. The Mikki signing in addition to Ozil renewal was a big mistake. Should have sold Lacazette and keep Giroud if you are buying Auba. With the 40m saved we could have bought a serious winger in the summer and be twice as competitive. Missing a fee on Ramsey another big failure. Would have been a 40m player in the summer. Are Sok ans Lightsteiner the best we could have done?…

    Not convinced boys. Not convinced.

  56. Marko

    Gambon alot if not all of those targets you listed above are almost certainly unavailable mid season and Timo Werner while being a great shout is likely to go for closer to a 100 million when he leaves Leipzig. I’m underwelming by the Suarez signing too but we need bodies this January and it’s not like there’s a lot available. One thing I will say I’m surprised that we aren’t trying for Thorgan Hazard but I suppose they’re fighting for Champions league now. Marseille are struggling maybe Thauvin who’s still scoring?

  57. Dissenter

    Nothing stops us from getting Dennis Suarez in January and then Pepe in the summer.
    Cash in the bank is just …cash in the bank. That’s how we got into this messs.

    There’s going to be an upheaving squad reorganization. In the summer, not just the starting eleven.
    Liverpool in January 2018 may not be a good example. They could afford to wait for VVD and then Allisson because they were the LAST missing pieces of their squad rebuild. We are not in that stage of development yet.

  58. raptora

    Could have had Auba, kept Giroud, sold Lacazette and Ramsey and have 80m pounds. Add 10m to that or the money we spent on Sokratis and you get both Maguire and Nicolas Pepe.

    Much, much more balanced squad without spending a dime more. And that’s not even counting the fk up they did with Mikki and Ozil.

  59. TR7

    Denis Suarez can run with the ball if he gets some space but most of his runs amount to very little. We are hoarding too many utility players at a time when we need a couple of talented players who can take us to next level.

  60. Dissenter

    ‘Could have had Auba, kept Giroud, sold Lacazette and Ramsey and have 80m pounds. Add 10m to that or the money we spent on Sokratis and you get both Maguire and Nicolas Pepe’

    With all due respect, that’s unrealistic and may be more gratifying when you’re playing football manager.
    Not to say we haven’t made mistakes in the past year.
    We have a renown scout and a proper football man in charge of our deals.
    I really think they have a plan…I could be wrong.

  61. Pierre

    Whatever anyone thinks of our attacking options ,in my opinion they have delivered in spite of Emery, not because of Emery ..

    It makes no difference now good ,bad or average Saurez is as he won’t improve us defensively…..

    Our priority must be in defensive areas ….our full backs, kolasinac, Bellerin and AMN are not good enough defensively..

    Our central defenders are dragged out of position too easily and tend to dive in and commit themselves far too often.

    Emery must find a system that works defensively , we are still as weak as ever in that area ….I’m not sure he has the tactical nous to tighten our defence …

    The signing of Saurez basically confirms that defence is not a priority for Emery so we may as well get used to it .

  62. Dissenter

    ‘The signing of Saurez basically confirms that defence is not a priority for Emery so we may as well get used to it ’
    I think Emery hinted we are looking to get a central defender as well.

  63. Receding Hairline

    Emery’s teams have always scored goals, guess that has happened in spite of him not because of him in a career spanning a decade and more.

    Mbappe says Emery encouraged him to get in the box and try to score more but let’s listen to Pierre. Emery destroys attacking players

  64. Marc

    “‘Could have had Auba, kept Giroud, sold Lacazette and Ramsey and have 80m pounds. Add 10m to that or the money we spent on Sokratis and you get both Maguire and Nicolas Pepe’”

    Outside of any finance issues the simple reason the above is wrong is for a simple reason. Dortmund only agreed to sell us PEA on condition that they had a replacement who they identified as Batshuayi, Chelsea would only sell if they got a replacement and they wanted Giroud.

    To make the deal work any other way would have taken more cash – not something we had or even if we did it would have hampered us even further during last summer.

  65. Marc

    I have no idea how Suarez will do but we could be looking at a replacement for Ramsey – don’t necessarily believe the stories about Emery wanting to keep him till the summer it could be a smoke screen.

    If we get a fee for Ramsey now say £8 million we would have a replacement on a long term contract for a net outlay of £6 million. We sell Suarez in a couple of years for £10 million and we’re better off than just losing Ramsey on a free in the summer.

  66. Marc

    “It makes no difference now good ,bad or average Saurez is as he won’t improve us defensively…..”

    Actually having a player who can beat players from wide positions would put opposing teams on the back foot and be more cautious in there approach so in a strange way he could improve us defensively.

  67. Marc


    Not sure which of my comments you are referring to but I’d say we were awful, I think the new team are showing signs of significant improvement.

  68. Un na naai

    Joe knows about as much on politics as he does on football.
    Feck all

    No deal is imminent. Win/win.
    Trump has done plenty of good

    Secured the border
    Imposed a ban from dangerous countries
    Made a mockery of the climate change accord- like it needed trump to do that

    Increased growth in the American economy to 4%
    Decreased unemployment
    Lowered taxes
    Brought black unemployment to an all time low
    Exposed the media
    Exposed the fbi
    Exposed the universities
    And hopefully he will address the tech giant’s and silicon valley’s assault on free speech soon as possible.

    Now the EU’s financial commission is coming out with the truth, that a no deal will cost member states a fortune and with the majority taking much more than they pay in then it falls to Germany, France and Italy to shoulder the burden.

    Serendipity at its finest.

    Typical racist leftie bringing skin colour into it. Obviously a butter little man.

  69. Pierre

    Since Emery arrived we have signed 5 defensive minded players ..leno,Sokratis,lichsteiner,Guendouzi and Torriera and we have conceded more goals in the first 21 games since the premiership begun ……I think I read somewhere that it is the most conceded since the 60’s but don’t quote me on that.

    If he doesn’t address why this is happening then nothing will change ….to keep buying players and then expecting it to change is not going to work.

    The set up is all wrong and has been wrong from day one and ,as you know, I am not being wise after the event …. He needs to get the defence working as a unit if we are to seriously compete for just the top 4.

  70. Marko

    Secured the border

    Then why is he talking about needing 5 billion to secure the border

    Exposed the universities

    What the fuck does this mean you thick fuck. Exposed his own University as a scam sure.

    Exposed the media…And hopefully he will address the tech giant’s and silicon valley’s assault on free speech soon as possible.

    Exposed the media and assault on free speech in the same sentence. I don’t say this lightly Don but you are the absolute dumbest prick around here no question about that and that’s saying something

  71. Joe

    Secured the border
    Imposed a ban from dangerous countries
    Made a mockery of the climate change accord- like it needed trump to do that



    Un doesn’t believe in climate change.

    Says all you need to know about him

    Tell us how the world is flat and vaccines cause autism.


    God bless the right wing-nuts.

  72. Pierre

    I actually haven’t mentioned Emery much at all as it’s pointless as nothing is changing.

    Do you think that buying an offensive player is the answer …..the other Marc seems to think that buying Saurez will help us defensively as he can dribble a bit …do you.

  73. Marc


    You know precisely what I meant – having a wide player who can dribble (something we don’t have currently) will give us an outlet. I’m not suggesting he’ll be making dozens of last ditch tackles.

  74. Guns of SF

    I do not agree with anything Un Nai says about US politics. His views are pro trumpian which I am not. Also, no basis for all the points he laid out.

    Trump is nothing but a fool and tool. There is nothing this man does that speaks for me. I personally cannot wait for the Mueller report to come out and put and end to this disaster once and for all- he is a disgrace in every way

    My friend has been out of work for about 3 weeks thanks to this A hole. He is a Nasa network engineer with a family. What did he do to deserve this? Trump should take money from his own party for his so called wall. How about her furloughs all Republican Senators and Congress people instead? Lets see how that goes down

    The way Trump talks makes you think that there is a full scale war at the border including nuclear weapons, terrorists, etc. Essentially, poor brown people looking for a better life and to escape persecution, etc are attacking the US. SO easy to use immigrants and “foreigners” to blame for problems- old trick but unfortunately still works

    Sorry but I wanted to sleep in today, until I saw that post – now im having my coffee and read to go!

  75. gambon


    One thing i disagree with is that no attackers will improve our defence.

    If we had higher calibre attacking players, our defenders could focus more on defending.

    High quality attackers can dramatically improve a defence, and vice versa.

    Guardiola dramatically improved Citys attack by spending £200m on defenders, which allowed the whole team to play higher up and in a more attacking manner.

  76. Graham62

    I have to be totally honest here folks, but over these past few weeks my feelings towards Emery and his general methods and philosophies have started to ebb and flow a little bit too much for my liking.

    Doubts about his tactical prowess and team/player structures started to surface a while back, even during our unbeaten run. I know it’s still early days, but being so desperate for change should not blind us to the fact that Emery may not necessarily be the long term solution to our problems.

    If Emery took the job because he felt comfortable working under our existing management structure, then it means he may not be the man we need. Clear goals and objectives should have been made, even if it meant questioning the hierarchy.

    Our defensive frailties are, to put it mildly, very concerning, as they were for so many years under Wenger. Although I am sympathetic and understanding of Emery’s difficult position, I sincerely hope my general apprehension and puzzlement is all down to my impatience to see things change after years of gross negligence and not based on my gut feeling that Emery may not be up to the task.

    Only time will tell.

  77. Pierre

    Saurez looks a decent player ,good technically but whether he is strong enough on the ball to provide an outlet is debatable….

  78. gambon


    I disagree that we just need bodies in there.

    We already have a whole squad full of squad level players.

    In the AM positions we already have squad players. Iwobi & Mykhitaryan. We need better quality players that will mean they only play a squad role.

    I dont even think teams like Everton would be interested in Suarez.

    In his best season at Villareal, he contributed less than 4 attacking actions per game (Shot, Key Pass or Dribble).

    Thats well below even Iwobi levels.

    Buying Suarez will mean our summer budget is £20m lower, with less room to manouvre on the wage bill.

    I really, really dont understand it.

  79. Bamford10


    Suarez is way better than Iwobi. You make great arguments with stats, but sometimes you need to watch a player. Barcelona would never in a million years be interested in an Alex Iwobi and for good reason. None of which is to say that Suarez is the bees’ knees or “the answer”; but he’s a good player and he could provide us with exactly the kind of CAM play we need.

  80. Bamford10


    “the fact that Emery may not necessarily be the long term solution to our problems”

    I too see some issues with Emery. However, his task is to get us back into the CL, not to win the league. If he doesn’t get us top four this season, then we can re-think in the summer. If he has moved us in the right direction and we think he’ll secure CL in his second year, maybe we keep him. If we don’t see him doing this, we should sign a smarter manager. But I don’t get the sky-is-falling-Emery-is-not-the-guy-we-are-in-a-world-of-shit narrative that some are spinning at moment. It was always going to take time.

  81. Bamford10


    That’s a funny question for you to ask given that you’ve been arguing that one of the reasons we lose control of games and put pressure on our defense is our lack of quality in midfield and our inability to control possession. While Denis Suarez my not be the apple of everyone here’s eye, he is a quick, technical and tidy player and can definitely help us keep possession (both in the middle of the field and in the attacking third).

    It seems to me you should be one of the first to say that improving our midfield will improve our defense.

    I guess you only think this when you are making arguments for the sleepiest, wimpiest player in all of world football.

  82. gambon


    Im not sure how 2 goals and 3 assists per season is the kind of CAM play we need.

    Im dont think he will play CAM as Emery said he wants a wide player and a CB, and mentioned he sees Suarez as a wide player.

    What exactly are we seeing here?

    Who do we take out of our team, and replace Suarez with, to see any improvement?

    We are at a 5 year low for both shots and goals conceded. The reason is we arent creating enough chances, and we are allowing too many shots on our goal.

    What does Suarez do to make any improvement here?

    This stinks of the club just making a signing for the sake of it, to appease restless fans, and just crossing fingers and taking a punt.

  83. Redtruth

    “In his best season at Villareal, he contributed less than 4 attacking actions per game (Shot, Key Pass or Dribble).”

    Numbers mean fuck all.
    I’m sure Ozil’s numbers had you drooling at the prospect of signing him.
    Di Maria’s numbers would have foxed you into signing this tool too.

  84. Globalgunner

    Suarez has to be better than Iwobi, who is gash imo. We should not be so quick to sneer at new players. Sometimes a new environment just clicks and makes a player thrive. No one at Liverpool knew what they were getting when they bought Salah 2 seasons ago. He was supposed to be a squad player. Look now. Either way we need better options than what we have, No playmaker in the team, 1 useful DM, we need players, or watch us drop to 6th and stay there

  85. Charlie George

    Emery, like Sarri and Claude Puel are good coaches.
    BUT are clearly suited to their respective (Spanish/Italian and French leagues)

    Puels omission of Vardy today was scandalous – once again proves my theory that unless a foreign coach has unlimited funds (City/Chelsea type) or exceptional like Klopp – better go British!

  86. Guns of SF

    Suarez will be an improvement in our team. Suarez or nothing? Clearly Suarez will help with our attack, offer options in the wide areas and can cut inside as well without losing the ball all the time like the rest of our attackers bar Laca

    He will bring some pace as well. Add Banega and we have steel, and experience.

    There has been too many occasions this season and last, where we had little attacking ideas and created not much. A team like ours should never be devoid of creating. Suarez will def help in that department. We cannot always rely on long passes from Xhaka or the occasional attack from Mikki or Iwobi that results in something

  87. gambon

    “No one at Liverpool knew what they were getting when they bought Salah 2 seasons ago”

    34 goals and 17 assists in his 2 seasons at Roma.

    Youre just making things up.

    They were buying one of the best attacking players in Europe.

    Not a guy that averages 2 goals per season.

  88. Charlie George

    Ancellotti., Arteta., Benitez, Rogers, Howe were palpably better options than Emery


    WHO THE HELL – sanctioned Elnenys new contract the beginning of the season too?

  89. Globalgunner

    Were they buying a world player of the year candidate. This was a player who had bounced around leagues in Europe for 4 seasons without attracting the big boys. I think youre making things up.

  90. Un na naai


    Tell me how exactly trump divided the country??

    What’s actually happened is that the left are throwing their toys out of their oral beacuse they can’t get there own way
    America was always divided
    Trump has just shine a light on the hypocrisy of the establishment sonthe establishent are trying everything in their power to tarnish him. Only the simpletons are swallowing the spin. Thank god for the ride of alternative media or they’d have us all sewn up like rag dolls

    Everything from the way we are right at school (sat in rows and repeating from text books) To the dumbing down of popular culture and tv is priming the masses to be easily manipulated.

    All joking aside joe, you shouldn’t swallow everything fed to you by the elites.

  91. Graham62


    I appreciate it will take time, but when you enter a new environment where the defensive unit has forgotten how to defend, wouldn’t the most logical change be to get them to learn to defend based on the basic principles and then work on adapting things.

    Getting players to adapt to a new and, if I’m totally honest, rather dangerous
    defensive system, is sort of ludicrous. The players say they have bought into Emery’s philosophies, but watching them you have to seriously wonder if this is really the case.

  92. Dissenter

    “No one at Liverpool knew what they were getting when they bought Salah 2 seasons ago. He was supposed to be a squad player. ”
    ‘That’s absurd because Salah did very well in Serie A for Florientina and Roma. Liverpool got him cheap because his contract was almost over.

  93. Un na naai

    Guns of sanfran

    11m illegals in the states
    Mexican gangs now more prominent than bloods and crips combined
    An estimated 100k gang members in LA
    Terror threats targeting the west on a weekly basis

    I’d say he’s right to put the security of American people before that if anyone else.
    You may not like it. But enough agreed with him to make him your leader.

  94. Receding Hairline

    @Global gunner

    My bad

    I see your point. Anyone pretending Liverpool knew they were buying a forty goal a season player is making things up. He was a good player who went up three notches at Liverpool, they even complained they over paid after the deal if I remember correctly

  95. Globalgunner

    If he was so good why would Roma allow his contract to run down..?. Who else came in for him? Did he win awards in SerieA?. Some people will argue the number of days in a week

  96. Pierre

    As I said earlier , it doesn’t matter how many defenders or players like Saurez we sign…if the defence doesn’t defend as a unit then nothing will change…

    In a back 4 , our full backs are way too advanced . The only option is to play the wing back system then it allows Kolasinac and Bellerin to play to their strengths.

    I can never and I mean never see us look solid as team if we play a back 4 under Emery unless he completely changed his philosophy.

    Let’s hope that Saurez is all you hope him to be and helps us ” keep possession both in midfield and the attacking third….he looks a decent player to me.

    Personally,from what I have seen , I don’t think we are as much a possession based team under Emery ,hence our defence is put under more pressure than before.

    The one player (and Lacazette) that are possession based do not appear to be top of Emery’s list…

    Ramsey,iwobi,Aubamayang or Mhkitaryan are not what you would call possession based players are they …

  97. TR7

    All you need to do is to not judge Emery in the backdrop of what happened under Wenger and you can see he is not the man to take us forward.

  98. Trask

    This Suarez thing does not look good at all, except it is a Loan. We need natural wingers, at least 2. If Emery plans on signing him permanently to play as a winger, then I have no words!

  99. Un na naai


    I believe in climate change. I just don’t agree that it’s man made. It’s a con to charge idiots more money for cars and rubbish removal and all sorts of other shit and to levy additional taxes.
    Helps the piggies at the trough.

  100. Marko

    Gambon I agree with you and I’d hope that we could bring forward potential summer targets to this month as is the need but it’s not looking likely any potential targets are likely at big clubs playing regularly and aren’t likely available this month. So we have some very tough decisions to make THIS month

  101. Un na naai

    Nobody knew how good salah was going to get
    Similar to bale when spurs bought him.
    If they all knew real, Barca, Bayern and united would all have been there with their chequebooks out. Just goes to show how effective coaching can change a player, or am I being fanciful??

  102. Dissenter

    You really don’t know what you’re talking about regarding Salah. he was the best player in Serie A in his last 18 months there but everything gets overwhelmed by Juventus.
    His transfer was very contentious for Roma because he was worth at least double that fee if he had more than one year left.
    Why did they let him run his contract down?————–because he refused to sign an extension….duh. Is that so hard. Salah has talked about being slighted because he was the one they took off to bring Totti in the last game of the season. Roma became too small for him.

    He was an established star before he came to Liverpool. That said, Klopp has made him better.

  103. Un na naai


    He reminds me of Wilshere the way he plays actually so I’m delighted to have him. Love a silky player

  104. Charlie George

    Receding Hairline

    Those managers are in A category . (Both speak English)
    Indeed pep- took a year out to live in The US to LEARN English, And prepare for his English adventure. (City)
    Emery is in the C category (he does not yet speak English,)Thus he learning on the job. He gets the Arsenal gig because of an interview with the clueless Gazidas (who has now legged it)

    No where- in any industry would this happen,
    But it happens at Arsenal.
    its called Incompetence.

    Fail to prepare
    Prepare to fail

    Think Pep Mel at WBA

    Him staying at Arsenal with Raul S- entrenching their positions buying Spanish cast offs- will not fulfil our Arsenal fantasies m8.

    By my count. they have signed 6 players combined – and yet not one has played in our premier league, !
    Compare that to liverpools strategy.

    Where -they buy player who have played in the prem
    Wynjardom, Lovren, VVD, Milner, Henderson, Salah, Mane, lallana, Robertson and our OX!

  105. Joe

    Every scientist in the world says it man made but un believes Donald chump

    I don’t listen to elites. You know who does?

    Trump when he made tax cuts to
    Only help his elite pals. Did nothing for middle to lower class

    It’s you tHat been hoodwinked by the crook trump

    Can’t wait to see him In jail.

  106. Un na naai


    Come on man. If the super clubs knew how good he’d be then they’d all have been at the door for him.
    The best and brightest I. World football couldn’t predict it. I doubt even klopp did.

  107. Dissenter

    Besides, the general sentiment on Le-grove was that Liverpool had pulled off a major coup on the day of Salah’s signing.
    No one knew he would go up 2-3 notches so quickly but it was clear that Liverpool had improved their squad significantly.

  108. Marc

    “Ancellotti., Arteta., Benitez, Rogers, Howe were palpably better options than Emery”

    Fuck me – Arteta completely unproven. Benitez about to get relegated and Rogers is just a complete clown.

  109. Dissenter

    Un na
    There’s no certainty that many new signing will explode.
    It doesn’t matter how much they cost or which club’s youth academy they same from.
    When you’re buying an offensive player from Serie A [a league with good defenses] that has 34 goals and 17 assists in his 2 seasons.
    Then you consider that the said player has experience of playing in England
    Then you add to the mix that the idiot manager that didn’t give him a chance was Mourhino.

    ….You know you have a winner.
    Of course we didn’t have crystal balls but there were signs everywhere that Salah would do well, maybe not as much as he’s turned out to be.

  110. Victorious

    I’ve learnt not to engage anyone who compares Suarez to Iwobi

    people doing dis have clearly not watch him enough…

    Suarez is more like a well rounded ozil and we absolutely need him in the team.

  111. Victorious

    I’ve learnt not to engage anyone who compares Suarez to Iwobi

    people doing dis have clearly not watch him enough…or just plainly chatting shite coz of his alleged low price tag

    Bet same lot would be swooning away if he was going for something outrageous

    Suarez is more like a well rounded ozil and we absolutely need him in the team.

  112. Joe

    And that you think trump’s wall is going to stop the flow of anything into the states is beyond hilarious.

    Drugs criminals etc have been flowing into America for decades and usually with the help of the government.

    All trump is doing with his wall is making a laughing stock of himself

    And if he is so against illegals why are so many of his staff illegals

    He’s just a loud mouth hypocrite sexist racist criminal piece of shit.

    But he is top quality comedy that for sure. He’s keeps the world laughing. Including most world leaders.

  113. Dissenter

    Who played better than Salah in the 2016-2017 season?

    Like I said, Juventus sucks the oxygen out of Serie A and dominate everything.
    Anyone who’s followed Salah at Roma would have seen him scoring some of the most unbelievable goals, a la Messi. He got better with Klopp’s approach no doubt but he was almost untouchable at Roma skewering good Serie A defenses like knife on butter.

  114. gambon


    You are literally the least credible poster this website has ever seen, and there have been some whoppers.

    It has nothing to do with Suarez’ price tag, and everything to do with the fact he has scored 9 goals in his last 4 seasons.

    Unless he literally quadruples his productivity, he will be seen as a failure.

    How many players get to 25, then quadruple their productivity overnight?

  115. Joe

    Cazorla scored 25 for us in 6

    Yet he’s hailed as a magician by arsenal fans.

    What do you make of thise stats Gambon