£14m technician could prove a bargain

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It would appear Arsenal aren’t quite as broke as we’d initially thought. The news dropping the loudest of rumbles at the moment is that we’re going in for Denis Suarez for £14m. However you feel about the player, it’s hard to disagree that he’s 1) Young (24) 2) Technically superior to Iwobi 3) Capable of hitting higher levels.

Most of his success came at Villareal in 2015-16 when he dropped his best numbers with 12 assists and 5 goals in 48 appearances. He also played under Emery in his last season at Sevilla where he racked up an impressive 5 assists, 6 goals, in 46 appearances. Also notable that he was signed by City way back when!

His numbers at Barca look, well, decidedly Iwobi-ish if I’m honest. I think he’s cut from a similar cloth. A little bit faster, but the type of player who stitches midfield and attack together with cute intricate play. I know it’s a basic, but just having someone out on the left who you can rely on to always have a good touch is where the bar is set at the moment.

He’s an upgrade. I just hope he’s not a £150k a week upgrade. Worth remembering that when he was a teenager, he was compared to players like David Silva. If he fulfils here, then we’ve unlocked a lot of potential value. (read here for an interesting scouting report).

Today we take on Blackpool in the FA Cup. I’m excited to see Saka land a heavily mooted start. I think we need to see more of these kids and they need to land pitch time. If they don’t, they might as well be out on loan. From the sounds of it, the manager is going to heavily rotate, hoping to inject some much-needed energy into the legs of players that have been drained over the past two months.

Short one today, have a great day!

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  1. Up 4 grabs now

    14million isn’t a huge gamble, a new face always help players up there game as well.
    Hopefully that can push Iwobi to improve himself as well.

  2. Jamie

    Denis Suarez’ numbers are worse than Ramsey’s. He isn’t an upgrade. He’s Iwobi’s level.

    Sincerely hope it’s just a loan deal.

  3. Jamie

    ..and Pete’s right; he’s 24. Until tomorrow. 25 and done nothing in his career. Terrifically uninspiring.

    We need to be looking at much younger players, in the 19-22 bracket.

  4. Paulinho

    The perspective signing of Suarez has Raul Sanllehi’s unimaginative mitts over all it. Behind of all of Barca’s crap signings in the last six years that they are still trying to get off the wage bill.

  5. Charlie George

    Please no more mediocre Spanish guff.

    We already have Spanish mediocrity in management and coaching levels (Raul/Emery)

    Sueraz, Banega,(?) Paulista, Perez- DO WE EVER LEARN?
    IF we go Spanish -lets go The Bellerin, Cesc route. ( Free , hungry and super talented)

    The Arsenal Fanbase was all buoyed by Wenger , finally leaving.

    What an underwhelming, colourless club we are becoming.
    We need the Spanish 2(emery/raul) – back in Spain- where their talents will be much better suited.

    Southgate as head coach .(with his Arsenal themed waistcoat) building the butress of the team around:
    Holding, AMN. Rowe, Eddie N, Iwobi, Nelson and other English talent he will snare -will ENLIVEN and EXCITE us all.

    Lets stop this slide into inertia!


  6. Freddie Ljungberg

    No offense CG but you’re an idiot.There’s a reason there is no british coaches in any top team around the world, they’re shit.

    There are some decent english talent coming through now finally but they’re mostly overpriced.

    Backing or no backing you either have it or not, you can’t coach a player above his ability, something a lot of posters here don’t seem to understand.

    Every post you have made have been the same go british bullshit, great way to slide down the table even further. Worked so well before too, just Ramsey and Jenko left to get rid of.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    I’ve seen some sources saying it could be as low as £8.5 Million.

    If that is the case no problem with that deal at all.

    People have to remember we have a squad in need of major repair and we have minimal funds and no UCL.

    This season is all about getting us into the UCL and also trying to get hold of that wage bill.

    This could be a good move financially and in terms of football. If he plays even moderately well for us he will add something on the field but you could also see a move to an EPL side or Spanish side in a couple of years if he’s surplus by then for £20-30 Million.

    I like this move. It adds a decent player and potentially a very good player. It stops us relying on Mkhitaryan at CAM and could make sense for our squad or our finances going forward.

    We’re apparently offering Pereria at United a contract as well as he’s free this summer. Again, potential to be a good player but also the potential for us to make some money.

  8. Charlie George

    Freddie L-

    I have nothing against Emery- but I put him and Chelsea s Sarri in the same bracket- they are clearly more suited to their domestic leagues. Thats All.!
    Chelsea under Sarri – over complicate the game.

    Emery too!
    You say english coaches are shit- there was a time when they were ubiquitous in continental leagues.
    El Tel
    Sir Bobby

    you can not Just say British coaches are just shit!
    Thats like saying -British Bloggers’ are shit! When your post clearly proves thats not true either.

    Just think Gary Neville.
    Bright chap.
    Struggled in Spain- because he did not speak Spanish – and did not know La Liga.

    We have appointed a coach – who does not speak English.
    I am sorry- that is STUPID, ( like Nevilles appointment in Spain)

  9. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ok, british coaches now are shit, better?

    The biggest “talents” are who? Douche and Howe? Please.

    I’m not an Emery fanatic but I understand that any coach coming in will need time to upgrade the squad from the shitshow that was left by the previous manager. If things are not better after 3 more windows I have no problem getting someone else in.

  10. Zoran

    @Charlie George:
    Emery mediocre???? So what is your opinion on Klopp? Just to remind you that he finished 9th in his first year with Pool. Without speaking about Pochetinno or Guardiola, neither of them made wonders in their first years in Charge.
    But, you must be an Football expert, that you already can judge Emery after 6 months in Charge, with far less Budget to buy Players he wish.

  11. Dr Emil schaffhausen

    Doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade to me, don’t know too much about him but having said that those stats aren’t very impressive, just tired of other teams misfits to be honest.
    If we are not going to spend money on top talent then we might as well gamble on youth , if keep on like this we are just going to gradually decline as a club so we might as well gamble because this is just fucking boring.

  12. mano'gunner

    As much as I’m happy to see the management actually signing players instead of burying their(his) head in the sand and telling us the squad is perfectly fine, I find our constant raids on Sanllehi’s and Mislintat’s old clubs quite unimaginative.

    Where are the exciting signings Mislintat produced for Dortmund?

  13. Nelson

    I thought I read somewhere that FA will impose a rule of limiting the number of foreign players in the team. Everyone knows that English players have a higher price tag. Furthermore some English youth teams are doing very well in international competition. If I was an investor, I would invest heavily in young English players, even if it costs a bit more at the start.

  14. Trask


    Disagree on Denis Suarez
    Agree on Pereira. That could be smart if true. If he flops, we bin, seeking as he will be a freebie

    Both players have iffy roles though. Are they 10? 8? Or wingers

  15. gonsterous


    your comment makes no sense. So by the same logic of rule, no Spanish player can make it in the PL ? or no English player can make it abroad because they don’t speak the language ??

  16. Zoran

    We Need upgrade on Iwobi, not on Ramsey.
    CM are enough in the squad, and only Iwobi acting as winger. And he is more of a naturel midfielder than winger

  17. Graham62


    Not all british coaches are shit, it’s just that their names are not hyphenated or they weren’t born with an exotic sounding foreign name that often goes against them.

    You highlight Eddie Howe. Young, smart, intelligent and with the talent and capabilities to keep a small town club fighting consistently in the toughest league in world Football.

    If his name was Manuel Dos-Santos, he would probably be head hunted by many clubs around Europe. British coaches like Allardyce, Pardew, Moyes, Hughes etc are, I agree, old hat and based many of their philosophies on the traditional British bulldog methods.

    There are many good young British coaches in the lower leagues. The likes of Lampard and Gerrard are already proving to be good coaches and it will be interesting to see where they are in another 5 years.

    What goes against British coaches most of the time, is their general outlook on how the game should be played, it has nothing to do with them not being a good coach.

    I wonder how Neil Warnock would deal with our defensive frailties?

  18. Graham62

    “Right Mustafi, you see that bloody round thing over there, that’s called a Football. Now your fudging job is to work with the other defenders and try and stop the opposition from scoring goals and, when necessary, clear the damn thing…………. Understand?!?

    “Ok boss”

  19. Zoran

    @Freddie Ljungberg January 5, 2019 12:02:49:
    Correct, let’s give the guy a reasonable time to prove himself. That French cunt was living 15 years from old laureats, with milions on his Disposal, to get any Player he wanted, for any Price he wanted. And he has done nothing in Terms of PL titles. FA Cup is ok, but even not PL title. And that’s what Counts nowadays. So Emery diserves a fair Chance, so let’s give him. If he get only the half of Wengers Budget, it will be already fine

  20. Trask

    Either ways both Pereira and Suarez do seem to be decidedly average. This ‘rebuild’ is either going to be a work of genius or just more of the same shit

  21. Alexis

    I dnt know if Dennis is really coming bt we need him in dis current squad, if u watch d game btw city and liverpool u can see d best way to beat a team who press is having a midfielders who can dribble and has pace and dat person is dennis Suarez I know we can do better bt since there less funds he is better dan elneny

  22. Micheal

    “Not all british coaches are shit, it’s just that their names are not hyphenated or they weren’t born with an exotic sounding foreign name that often goes against them.”

    No disrespect, but it is totally wrong to centre this debate on nationalities, ethnicities or anything else. The bottom line is quality of performance.

    Over the past 20 years, the only British manger to reach the heights was Ferguson. During that time, we have seen the likes of Hoddle, ‘Arry, Pardew, Warnock, Moyes, Allardyce, Hodgson, etc. toiling away. None of them could be remotely considered a lasting success. This is why clubs appointed foreigners like Wenger, Mourinho, Pep, etc – they won things.

    It will be worth watching if Lampard, Gerrard and the others making their way will emerge as top flights managers. I hope they do well. If they do it will because they are good managers – not because they have a foreign name.

  23. Wale

    @graham62, if you are a coach you gonna be the British best with that simple instruction to mustafi. I believe he will be praying not to be pick for matches

  24. Freddie Ljungberg


    Everything is relative, by shit I mean that they’re not of the required level to push us forward or take over any of the top teams in Europe. It’s pointless even talking about it.

    Gerrard and Lampard has been managing for about 5 minutes (I mean they have more experience than Arteta but still).

    That outlook is what is holding them back, along with the youth development in the U.K in general.

  25. Brinso6

    Hello Gooners. @ Charlie George and Graham62, unfortunately coaches and their reputations are generally respected depending on progress of their home countries. I’m saying it from being a foreigner (though residing in England now) who knows football mentality. When France won world cup 98, French coaches became the darlings of football. We have seen it repeated over and over, with Spanish coaches becoming fashionable after their win in World cup South Africa, Germany in Brazil etc. Should England land a big one, world cup or Euro final, even my neighbour in Waterlooville Steve Matthews (who ??) Will have a big profile in football. Zimbabwe (my country of origin) hired Ian Porterfield as coach back in the day and people were absolutely not happy because English national team was not performing. Zimbabwe fans were only appeased when the German Reinhard Fabisch was appointed our national team for reasons that Germany (West Germany then) had won the thing.

    Sorry guys but that’s how it’s like in world football. Our English fan colleagues don’t seem to grasp this, obviously judgement clouded by success of English League (ironically dominated by foreign managers) from Wenger, Mourinho, Pep, Ranieri, and the Brazilian and Italian Geezers who coached Chelsea not long ago who I can’t be bothered to google). The only one flying the flag for the English was non, but for Scotland, Fergie.

  26. Danish Gooner

    Charlie George those mistakes are made by all clubs i can pinpoint one in every club in fact at United they come in droves sometimes a scout sees something that never reappears agian at the buying club,Mustafi used to be a very reliable defender at Valencia but somehow he has reached rock bottom at Arsenal where the pressure is a lot higher combined with tempo of the game but i bet you a sweet dollar that if he had a Kompany or a Virgil beside him he would drastically up his game.

  27. Danish Gooner

    Apart from Alan Curbishley and Sir Alex there havnt been a decent english manager for the last 25 years

  28. Charlie George

    People should also realize the benefit of Buying British from a financial point of view,
    If u buy and overpay on a British player and he flops- there will always be a buyer for the player.
    Because the British clubs have the TV Cash ( witness Bournemouth spending 18million on Solanke)

    If u buy an overseas player ( lets say Perez from Deportivo – 20 mill) and he flops -there aint no buyer . ( because they do not have our TV cash).

    Which goes to my hopes – we employ people at the club – who understand this basic premise.
    Unfortunately -they will learn on the job. And make the same errors.
    And thats why – i hope they are dismissed pronto- BEFORE THEY MORE DAMAGE!

    Good news- its just not Arsenal are prone to this insanity.

    Man Utd paid £50 mill for Fred!
    Everton paid £50mill for Richardson and £42 mill for SIggudson!
    Fulham for Seri 35 mill!
    leicester 30 mil Slimani!

    All ignorant to the fact.
    British purchases are best!

  29. Up 4 grabs now

    Alan curbishley decent, buying British and Gareth Southgate as manager.
    El Tel
    Sir Bobby
    Managers that were great 25 years ago.
    I know it’s the weekend but you fellas need to lay of the booze and recreational drugs!

  30. Marko

    His numbers at Barca look, well, decidedly Iwobi-ish if I’m honest. I think he’s cut from a similar cloth.

    Nah Iwobi’s got games for Arsenal Suarez didn’t really at Barcelona so it’s very hard to draw a comparison there. I’m not totally against this signing but I don’t see him drastically improving us in any way. It’s not enough that he’s better than Iwobi and likely to put in more effort than Ozil. But the rumors pre January were we wanted to bring in a CB midfielder and attacker and if bringing in a midfielder for a cheap enough fee means we can make a bigger statement in defence and attack then okay.

  31. Marko

    Andreas Perreira I would probably prefer to Suarez. I thought he done very well at Valencia last season. For free in the summer seems very astute to. I can see in the summer some signings in that area and maybe a loan for Guendouzi

  32. adamafc

    Mustafi was never a good defender, just look at Gary Neville’s comments regarding our German defender.

    Arsenal were desperate for a defender, loaded with cash, and a manger that ditherrd which increased the price.

  33. Graham62

    I would have been delighted if Eddie Howe had been given the job at Arsenal.

    Not because he is British, but mainly because he would, I feel, have done a great job.

    One day, he will get the chance at a big club ( no disrespect to Bournemouth).

    Just an opinion.

  34. Up 4 grabs now


    I don’t see the point of a loan for guendouzi, he’s played plenty of games this season and apart from one or two he hasn’t played badly.
    In some games he’s looked our best midfielder.
    Better to stay here for next season.

  35. Up 4 grabs now

    Graham, I think Howe ends up at the spuds when Pinocchio leaves.
    Used to working on a tight budget with English players.

    And I can’t see a big name manager going there under a tight budget, no matter how new there stadium is.

    Spurs have to win something this season or players will start to look to get away.
    Eriksson is already playing hardball on a new contract.

  36. Marko

    Grabs I’m thinking loan for Guendouzi because he needs to continue to improve and continue getting game time and I’m not sure we can offer him that while at the same time looking to make a step up ourselves overall. We need to continue to improve

  37. Cesc Appeal

    I think Pereira on a free would be very smart. We can point to Guendouzi as well to show him he will get games in a far more settled environment.

    Again, at worst he’s a decent player we make £10-20 Million on after some time at Arsenal.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    I think Guendouzi is already influential enough to stay. More than holding his own.

    Smith Rowe will likely need a loan next season and I would give Nelson preseason and the first games of the season to try and show something to see if he’s ready to stay with the first team squad or whether he needs loaning out again.

  39. Up 4 grabs now


    I get what you mean, I just think our midfielders
    (Xhaka basically) need a serious upgrade.

    With centreback, left back, and a santi replacement needed as priority, I think Xhaka will stay with torriera and guendouzi as our choices for now.

    Defence is Pretty appalling and must be sorted first.

  40. Marko

    I think Guendouzi is already influential enough to stay. More than holding his own.

    If it comes down to keeping Guendouzi and just bringing in someone like Perreira in the summer or loaning Guendouzi and bringing in someone like Weigl or Barella in the summer I know which I’d prefer. Guendouzi is a good prospect for sure but I don’t think that means we give up on improving the midfield. As good as he is it’s still a problem area and it can still be improved

  41. Up 4 grabs now

    I agree about Smith Rowe, it’s difficult to judge him on league cup and Europa games, but he could end up being Ramseys replacement on the bench next season.
    If money really is tight, we might not be Miami g To many young players out?

    Cesc, do you think we should have enquired with Chelsea about your namesake coming back on an 18 month contract?

  42. TR7

    No question of loaning out Guendouzi. He is doing well in my opinion and is gradually getting better and better. Loaning him out to a lower level team might hinder his development as a player.

  43. raptora

    Guen had again in our last game several top quality passes from the middle of the field towards Auba. Cesc like passes. He could be a really important player for us.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Up 4

    I think he will need the loan, somewhere like Bournemouth, Southampton or maybe a newly promoted side like Leeds where they will require him to be one of their main CAMs.

    At Arsenal it could easily be too comfortable.

    Nelson will likely get a good go at it next year, maybe even up until January we will persist and see if he can cut it as even an impact player off the bench.

    Some young players are good enough to stay, like Guendouzi, whereas you feel some need that time away, that maturing, that responsibility.

    Guendouzi was thrown right in and really took responsibility, I’m not sure many 19 year old players can do that. I’m not sure Smith Rowe would be able to do the same.

  45. Elijah

    Nothing to be optimistic about a player who has not even played 90min in the league this season,i think Iwobi will do better than him next year if he continue working hard like he did against Liverpool despite we were humilated that day.

  46. Marko

    Who said lower team? He’s 19 maybe a season bossing a midfield in Germany or Spain could be beneficial to all. I’ll be honest with you it’s all well and good getting plenty of game time in a transitional phase with basically only 3 CM’s being considered. If next season he’s competing with Banega,/Suarez/Perreira or possibly someone else his game time is going to be significantly affected anyway

  47. TR7

    ‘ If next season he’s competing with Banega,/Suarez/Perreira or possibly someone else his game time is going to be significantly affected anyway’

    Well only if you presume Xhaka and Torreira are preferred choices ahead of Matteo. In my view all the 3 CM positions are up for grabs ,nobody is a nailed on starter. Xhaka has done ok this season but Guen has been more.impressive. Torreira started off well but has been average off late. So we don’t really know for sure who will have to make way for a new arrival (if any). I am not even going in to.merits of.signing Suarez/Banega. Suarez is average ,Banega already touching 30 and he is not a stellar player himself. I won’t comment about Parrera as.I haven’t seen him play.

  48. Graham62

    Hill Wood

    So what. Totally irrelevant.

    I think we can all agree that the FA Cup is not the competition it was.

    Unfortunately, as far as Bournemouth are concerned, getting knocked out is no big deal in the greater scheme of things.

    A fact of modern day Football.

    Irrespective of this, Howe is still an excellent manager.

  49. Bamford10

    I think I like the rumored Denis Suarez signing. We have other pressing needs, obviously, but he’s a classy attacking midfielder who would improve our midfield options immediately and who will cost relatively little money.

    Anyone who compares him to Iwobi has clearly never watched him play; he’s much, much, much more technical and more talented than Alex Iwobi.

  50. Marko

    TR7 of all the perspective midfield signings and of all the midfielders we currently have he’s at the end of the pecking order. I just think 19 showing good promise a year at Real Betis or Bayer Leverkusen could be a good option. Might be more beneficial to playing cup games for us and being back up in a hopefully improved midfield.

  51. Bamford10

    The word is “prospective,” gents.

    I think Guendouzi has massive potential; whether he would develop better next season with us or on loan to a Spanish or French club is hard to say. I do think there is an argument for the latter, though.

  52. Up 4 grabs now


    I think torriera has dropped off a bit as he’s played almost every game, he’s also covering for Xhakas lack of pace. With torriera it’s high intensity, and he also came off the back off a world cup. Eventually that catches up with you as well.

  53. Marko

    Any chance that Denis Suarez will qualify as home-grown, given his time at City?

    Nope two years there it needs to be three under the age of 21 I believe. Fiddlesticks

  54. Pierre

    “It was Torreira’s first time playing without a break over the Christmas period”

    Bless him …I thought they made em tough in Uruguay.

  55. TR7

    ‘TR7 of all the perspective midfield signings and of all the midfielders we currently have he’s at the end of the pecking order.’

    Let us keep prospective signings aside for now, it is futile talking about how Matteo will fare vis a vis players we haven’t actually signed yet . As for the ones we already have in our squad, why do you think Xhaka is ahead of Matteo in the pecking order ? To my eyes, Matteo has a better passing range and he is more mobile . Paulinho said a few weeks ago that Toerrira was more.likely to force the issue in attacking third than Matteo but in the last few games Matteo’s passes have helped us build more attacks than of any other player. I am wondering what makes you believe Xhaka is better.

  56. Marko

    At least he didn’t pull any sickies Pierre. Or fake a back injury. He actually played over the Christmas period and I’m not talking about Fortnite either

  57. Pierre

    Watching that Denis Saurez video link , he seems to have modelled his game on a certain German playmaker …..obviously Saurez has not achieved or is likely to achieve anywhere near as much as the hated German and is probably an inferior player but the most important thing is , we won’t have to pay him as much …..sign him up.

  58. Marko

    I am wondering what makes you believe Xhaka is better.

    First off I don’t like Xhaka and would see him sold as soon as and yeah there are times when I think Guendouzi should play instead of him but in saying all that one’s more ready than the other. Guendouzi at that age is understandably up and down in terms of form. He’s basically not ready at the end of the day.

  59. Up 4 grabs now

    Guendouzi passing range is good, and nearly always looks for a forward pass rather than a sideways crab ball.
    Our midfeld has struggled since we lost santi and his little through balls.
    We’re really stuck now with ozil, just hoping that he can refind his form.

  60. englandsbest

    Not quite as broke as we initially thought? Well, maybe.

    At least we’re not getting the old bs about there being enough cash available to the manager as he wants. Instead we have heard genuine reasons from the brains trust why nobody of any note will be signed, first because finding someone worthy is difficult in Jan, and, secondly, because there is no money.

    That does not mean necessarily (to use Eric’s caveat) that no one will be signed. A loan, a free, an old ‘un past his best – they are all possibilities. But no one worthy enough to wet your pants about.

  61. Marko

    Again you are.saying one is more.ready than the other without explaining how, on what basis ?

    Well one for all his faults is more seasoned than the other. More experience than the other. I’ll be honest with you I’m finding it hard to make a case for Xhaka over Guendouzi because I believe he’s a hindrance to our midfield first and foremost but at the same time in no way shape or form is Guendouzi ready at 19 to be a regular starter for us. No way. On the basis of what? His passing is okay. His positioning and decision making is up and down. His defensive work is what exactly? I’d rather we had a far superior midfielder next to Torreira than either Xhaka or Guendouzi.

  62. Pierre

    From what I saw of the Saurez link , he stopped 3 or 4 times because he had been blocked off , just the sort of thing ozil is criticised for as the ref never blows up.

    If you look at a link of ozil compared to that Saurez one ,you will see a very similar style ,although Saurez is right footed, with the same drop of the shoulder to create space……

    I like the look of him but I could envisage the same reaction to Saurez as we have with ozil when he gets brushed off the ball …..although it would save us a few Bob in wages.I suppose it we brought Saurez in and sold ozil.

  63. Pierre

    Guendouzi is here to stay ..he’s going nowhere on loan ….

    If he can play to this standard at his age then in another 2/3 years we could have the new Patrick Vieira …and I mean that .

  64. Marko

    Pierre won’t be happy until Torreira picks up an injury due to fatigue. Really think he wants to see our season collapse.

    Yeah I’m getting that feeling. He’d love to see us fail so I guess he can be right about Ozil in some way. Which is ridiculous because as long as Ozil doesn’t play in any way shape or form let alone play well he can’t be right. Even if Ozil came back in the team and played consistently and played well above all else his numbers would once again be down. 9 and 8 assists in the last two seasons and now he’s got what one or two all comps? We’ll still be at the end of the season talking about how much worse he’s gotten.

  65. Pierre

    The marx brothers (comedians)
    “Pierre won’t be happy until Torreira picks up an injury due to fatigue. Really think he wants to see our season collapse.”

    Nice try …

    My comments are positive about our players and your comments are mostly negative yet I am the one who wants us to lose …

    I have always said that our offensive options are as good as we have had for years…..yet I want Arsenal to lose

    I have said our midfield has improved with Torriera and Guendouzi ….yet I want us to lose .

    I have said Kolasinac is a quality offensive option ….

    I have said our kids coming through could have the quality to succeed …yet I want us to lose .

    I have also said from day one that the manager has got it wrong defensively and I have also said from day one that he is not using our offensive players to their full potential and I am still waiting for him to improve that part of our game.

  66. Dream10

    Guendouzi has decent potential as a deep midfielder. He has an eye for a pass and can evade pressure. Needs more minutes, get stronger and improve defensively. He’s not a #8 box to box type like Ramsey nor is he the type that will do something in the final third. Keeping it simple will get him further.

  67. Marc


    I suggested earlier in the week that we should tell Torreira to go sit his arse on a beach in Dubai for a week based on the fact that he looks fatigued. I’d also suggest this is a good idea as we’re talking about a player who’s been used to a winter break and come from a league that is significantly slower than the PL.

    You used this comment to try to attack me as knowing nothing about tactics. If you disagree fine, state you argument why it’s a bad idea if you have a valid point (that’s valid today not in 1819) I’ll admit I’m wrong.

    You constantly approach everything with an agenda but don’t have the balls to admit it. Little points like Emery could improve doesn’t hide the resentment that reeks from every comment you post.

  68. Micheal

    Cech, Lichtsteiner, Koscielny, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Elneny, Ramsey, Maitland-Niles, Willock, Iwobi, Nketiah

    Subs: Martinez, Jenkinson, Medley, Torreira, Guendouzi, Saka, Lacazette

  69. Graham62

    Yes, just like the vast majority of Bournemouth fans were “bothered” by today’s result against Brighton..

    Results in the FA Cup now though aren’t based on teams and personnel giving 100% committment to the cause. Surely you understand that.

    Teams rotate players/squads, the consequences of which affect the outcome of games.

    Arsenal losing to Blackpool 40 years ago, I would have been totally distraught.
    Losing tonight would be annoying but nowhere near as painful.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want Arsenal to win every game but if you’re saying would I be “bothered if Arsenal lose later”, of course I would. The thing is, as I’ve already pointed, although the FA Cup holds so many wonderful memories for me, the modern day competition no longer gets the the juices flowing quite as much as it once did.

    Sorry about that.

  70. Up 4 grabs now

    Starting XI to play Blackpool: Cech, Lichtsteiner, Koscielny, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Elneny, Ramsey, Maitland-Niles, Willock, Iwobi, Nketiah

    Subs: Martinez, Jenkinson, Medley, Torreira, Guendouzi, Saka, Lacazette

  71. Marc


    We seem to live in a world where priorities have massively altered. The constant chase for more money means that for bigger teams it’s about CL, for lower PL teams and Championship teams it’s about getting to or staying in the PL.

    The only way I could see it change would be to give the FA Cup winners either a CL spot (not suggesting this should happen) or for the prize money to be fucking mad.

  72. Dream10

    That’s an XI with little end product. Along with Nketiah, need Ramsey and AMN runs into the box to generate shots.

  73. Un na naai

    No smith Rowe or Saka?? That’s a shame

    Same old boring faces tonight then
    Side show bob crab passer Elneny having precious minutes wasted on him…. fantastic. Can’t wait for his half a dozen 10 years passes later. Riveted by the anticipation

  74. Guns of Hackney

    What’s up bitches? GOH here for the Saturday afternoon session.

    Have we played and lost to Blackpool yet? Have we bought a loser footballer yet?

  75. Bamford10

    Terrible XI. I was sort of hoping we would never see Lichtsteiner or Koscielny again. Willock offers very little, and Nketiah, though he can finish, doesn’t seem to do enough else. Iwobi is Iwobi. Pretty drab.

  76. Marko

    Kick-off might be delayed. Fan is sitting on top of Arsenal bus !

    It’s Pierre he’s demanding Ozil starts against lower level opposition

  77. Pierre

    Why not send the whole team on holiday as they all look fatigued apparently…

    I must make the point that our first 11 haven’t played hardly any European or league cup games plus not many have been involved internationally as other top 6 sides so they can’t be fatigued from playing too many games.

    Maybe ,without realising it, you are reaching the conclusion that it is the managers over training and treating them like work horses on the pitch that is making them so fatigued as I have been saying all along.

    Think about it ….what other reason can it be that the players are so fatigued….Liverpool and spurs first team have played many more games than ours….are they fatigued ….

    Klopp has learnt that you can’t just expect the players to run and run or they will break so he has refined his tactics .

  78. Micheal

    Several Blackpool supporters blocked Arsenal’s bus from leaving the team hotel in an effort to postpone Saturday’s FA Cup tie.

    The Gunners were forced to change to a new bus as Blackpool supporters continue to protest the club’s owner Owen Oyston.

    One Blackpool fan climbed on top of the coach, while several others stood in its way in an effort to prevent the bus from leaving the hotel and heading to Bloomfield Road. “

  79. Marc


    I’m not saying all of the players look fatigued. I said that Torreira’s performances have dropped off and I’ve put this down to fatigue. I didn’t offer a reason other than playing in a new faster league and not getting the winter break he’s been used to won’t help. A home game against Fulham and a Cup match against a team 2 divisions below us who’s fans will be out numbered by the visiting fans seemed a good opportunity to do this.

    Again your agenda stopped you making a valid point which would have gone along the lines of “Marc it’s more than just Torreira, several players are struggling and obviously we can’t send everyone off for a week. Why’s that bloke with a scythe standing behind me? Everything’s going dark, Lucifer what are you going here?”

  80. Dream10

    Fair play to Blackpool fans for protesting against their ownership. Rumours of a pitch invasion at halftime. Televised match as well. Good on them.

    A united fanbase can put pressure on an owner. 10000 Liverpool fans walked out on a match in the 77th minute to protest ticket prices. The prices were then frozen for a couple of season

  81. Guns of SF

    Some on here feel like Suarez is already washed up and not the stellar signing we need. I can see the points but until we give the lad a chance Id rather reserve judgement. From what Ive seen he has a good first touch, technical and has good take off speed. This is what we need in the final third. One touch Ozil, Rambo, and Mikki do not possess this quality as much or at all.

    I think he would be an overall improvement to our team. We will lose players in summer, so why wait to stock up then? That starts now too

  82. Graham62


    No, the only way to change things would be to –

    1. Rejig the CL format. Only “champions” to qualify from domestic leagues and make it straight knockout. Format as FA Cup structure. Just imagine Barcelona v Man City in the first round. No teams to drop into Europa League. Once you’re out of Europe, you’re out. Finito!

    2. Teams 2-4 only Europa League. Winners get CL slot for next season.

    3. Restore Cup Winners Cup for winners of domestic cup competitions. Winners CL slot.

    4. FA Cup/Kangaroo Cup semis to be played on neutral grounds. Both FA Cup and Kangaroo Cup to have no replays.

    Make it exciting for the fans.

    Too much boring predictable formats geared to the money bags of Europe.

  83. Marc


    You do realise that you’re posting on the internet and it’s compulsory to have a knee jerk dismissive reaction?

    Coming on here and saying assuming we actually sign the player we should see what he does – madness.

  84. Guns of SF


    Sorry man, its too early in the morning here in california and Im stil having my morning coffee… in about an hour ill be more reactionary and angry…and illogical
    Please accept my apologies 😛

  85. Marc

    Kos injured in the warm up. Really think he’s finished. Only positive is it might make the club loosen the purse strings to replace him.

  86. TheLegendaryDB10

    On SSN they have mentioned the protests but nothing about any KO delays.

    Re Tone’s suit I’d say it’s color is aqua (a mix of blue and green).

    Come on The Arsenal!!!!!

  87. TheLegendaryDB10


    It’s pretty dead here in the Gunners pub (to my surprise actually; expected more punters). So not sure whether the Tolly would be full. Seems everyone travelled up to Blackpool!

  88. Marko

    We’re losing Ramsey for free so Emery can get his man Suarez. This fucking club

    Nah see it as taking a stand against over paying players who don’t justify their wage. Can’t complain about the likes of Ozil and Mhiki and then give Ramsey a new deal. No stay the course we deserve better. Has nothing to do with Suarez anyway

  89. Paulinho

    “No stay the course we deserve better. Has nothing to do with Suarez anyway”

    You say we deserve better then mention Denis fecking Suarez.

  90. Cesc Appeal

    ‘We’re losing Ramsey for free so Emery can get his man Suarez. This fucking club’

    I don’t think this is even remotely true.

    Ramsey was asking for £280 000 a week and Sanllehi is the one that pulled the offer that Ramsey, remember, had left unsigned.

    I don’t think us getting a £10-15 Million CAM likely on about £60 000 – £80 000 a week is us swapping them out.

    I think this is us trying to get our wages under control after the utter negligent stupidity of Ozil’s deal.

  91. Un na naai

    god do you remember when our youngsters used to whoop teams like this 6-0? Playing better football than the seniors