Khedira for Ramsey? Oh my…

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The Mesut Ozil story continues to drag on, and as suspected, the chances of him leaving are somewhere in the region of no chance, to no f*cking chance. This is what his agent told GOAL.

“Unless you are on the inside and privy to what happens on a daily basis, it is best not to speculate.

“In every journey there are highs and lows, but it is important to consider the bigger picture rather than simply making knee-jerk judgements without proper context.

“The speculation around Mesut’s future has not come from him or us and is unfortunate because the situation is clear: his future is with Arsenal, end of story.”

It’s not surprising, the German’s agent pulled off the heist of the century with the deal he reeled in. He knew our exCEO was ego driven, he knew the club couldn’t lose Sanchez and his client at the same time, he squeezed right up until the last minute. £350k a week is staggering… likely why the club is e-mailing its staff to cut down on kettle boils at the Colney training ground.

What is interesting is how the Aaron Ramsey saga is playing out. Remember, his agent, a firm believer that his client was of more value than Mesut, was pushing for similar money. Arsenal pulled the rug from that deal when Emery realised he wasn’t going to extract the value he needed from Aaron, and maybe found out the extent of our finances. Now he’s likely to be a free agent in the summer, Juve has come knocking. This is what Fabio Paratichi had to say (SD).

“He’s a great player, we really like him and he plays for a great team. His contract is expiring and we’re always alerted to situations that the market offers, so we’ve also been alerted to Ramsey.”

The salary they’re talking about is closer to £150k a week… which looks more like a 50% payrise, and much more in keeping with the sort of money you’d expect him to be bringing in. Italian football is certainly a lifestyle choice more than anything, no doubt he’ll pick up some world class coaching, he’ll eat like a king and the tax laws now work more favourably for foreign stars. If you pay a 100,000 euros flat fee on your foreign income, that’s all you pay. Great if you’re Ronaldo, but likely advantageous if you’re Aaron. Boot deals, foreign tours and CL income can all be written off this way… so he could make up his cash that way. Ideally though, his biggest win is the truckload of trophies he’ll pick up. (I read that we’re considering Khedira as part of the deal and my eyes began to bleed)

The harsh reality of our world right now is we’re paying Champions League wages without the revenue. Arsenal has to take a sledgehammer to that this summer and recalibrate. I cannot listen to people tell me it’s impossible for us to compete when we have such bad finances.

The Swiss Ramble has a threaded tweet above that analyses how much money club owners pile into their vanity purchase.

SPOILER ALERT: Stan K hasn’t put in a penny of his own money into the Arsenal kitty (Though commendably, we pay the most tax by a margin)

Whereas… Chelsea and City are almost totally bankrolled by their hideous owners.

Now, you could get on your high horse about how f*cking tragic this is, or you could stop being a bitch and look at the opportunity we had and now have.

Stan hasn’t spent his own money, but he’s also not taken out. I can’t be outraged about a tiny bit of fee back in the day. Who fucking cares?

The issue with Arsenal has been that we’ve been deeply inefficient with our cash. Our wage bill is hideous, our player purchases have been very average and I think it’s fair to say that the young player production line has been pretty miserable for over a decade.

Think about this, in the world of crazy transfer fees, we’ve never sold a player for £50m! Our biggest ever sale was Oxlade Chamberlain at £35m.

The absolute key to Arsenal moving forward is to invest proper money in the best young talent from around the globe. Arsenal needs to aggressively target young players with a high ceiling, even if that means some transfers looking at the higher end of the spectrum. We can’t keep taking small gambles on OK young players, then investing average money into players with no resale value. That’s why Sokratis and Banega don’t work for me.

Think about Dortmund, they just sold bench merchant Pulisic for £58m! Sancho cost £9m and he’s worth £90m!

Arsenal can compete, but we need to make more aggressive moves on our wage bill and we need to come up with a more interesting approach on the field.

I don’t want to bang on about Spurs too much, but I think the Poch is such an interesting coach because he does such a huge amount with the players he brings in. Almost every single one improves. They work hard, they stay fit and they play on for the cause on smaller contracts than the rest of the league. He ALWAYS gives the kids a go. Do you think he’d have played Lichtsteiner over a young player against Liverpool? No way. He’d have thrown a well trained kid into the mixer.

The only way we get to that level is if we have a coach that young players know will make them better, and if we create a project that is really enticing. We’ve kind of worked the other way traditionally. We’ve enticed average players with big money on the promise they won’t get better, but damn, will they be comfortable in a world of unaccountability.

Question is, will players gravitate towards our current coach? Can he make players x3 what they were? Time will tell. The great thing about the new era is if it’s not working out, we can recalibrate quickly and work towards something a little less safe and a little more visionary.

Well, we can do that if Raul, Vinai and Sven really want to the kick the club forward and really want to attack a strategy that feels progressive. If those guys live in a comfort zone, we’re really in trouble.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Alone + Easy Target

    It’s the nature of internet. Call it toxic or whatever at least they have a place to vent even though it’s to each other, players, managers, owner, other staffs or whoever else related to Arsenal. I’d rather have this laissez-faire approach then muh PC gone mad censor everything of larger websites/communities in case one or other feeling got hurt. The appeal of this site after all is that spicy edge. Just ignore those comments though I must agree it has lead to some drama and some exodus in yesteryears but even then people come and go. The site stays true to itself and – may I borrow some journalists’ recent overused phrase? – that’s a good thing.

  2. Jeanette Kliger

    You are right. I just wish people would stick to talking about football. Or have I missed the point?

  3. Uwot?

    Not interested in the dippers “ net spend”only interested in what they go out & buy & yes they & kloppy have spent a shed load on the likes of Allison,Fabinho,nobby keita,dick van dyke etc etc.& this has been done over 4 seasons .

  4. Vinnette Douse

    Emery don’t like to play young players that is the reason we will finish fifth or sixth , he will run the team into the ground instead of rotating with some of the younger players