Khedira for Ramsey? Oh my…

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The Mesut Ozil story continues to drag on, and as suspected, the chances of him leaving are somewhere in the region of no chance, to no f*cking chance. This is what his agent told GOAL.

“Unless you are on the inside and privy to what happens on a daily basis, it is best not to speculate.

“In every journey there are highs and lows, but it is important to consider the bigger picture rather than simply making knee-jerk judgements without proper context.

“The speculation around Mesut’s future has not come from him or us and is unfortunate because the situation is clear: his future is with Arsenal, end of story.”

It’s not surprising, the German’s agent pulled off the heist of the century with the deal he reeled in. He knew our exCEO was ego driven, he knew the club couldn’t lose Sanchez and his client at the same time, he squeezed right up until the last minute. £350k a week is staggering… likely why the club is e-mailing its staff to cut down on kettle boils at the Colney training ground.

What is interesting is how the Aaron Ramsey saga is playing out. Remember, his agent, a firm believer that his client was of more value than Mesut, was pushing for similar money. Arsenal pulled the rug from that deal when Emery realised he wasn’t going to extract the value he needed from Aaron, and maybe found out the extent of our finances. Now he’s likely to be a free agent in the summer, Juve has come knocking. This is what Fabio Paratichi had to say (SD).

“He’s a great player, we really like him and he plays for a great team. His contract is expiring and we’re always alerted to situations that the market offers, so we’ve also been alerted to Ramsey.”

The salary they’re talking about is closer to £150k a week… which looks more like a 50% payrise, and much more in keeping with the sort of money you’d expect him to be bringing in. Italian football is certainly a lifestyle choice more than anything, no doubt he’ll pick up some world class coaching, he’ll eat like a king and the tax laws now work more favourably for foreign stars. If you pay a 100,000 euros flat fee on your foreign income, that’s all you pay. Great if you’re Ronaldo, but likely advantageous if you’re Aaron. Boot deals, foreign tours and CL income can all be written off this way… so he could make up his cash that way. Ideally though, his biggest win is the truckload of trophies he’ll pick up. (I read that we’re considering Khedira as part of the deal and my eyes began to bleed)

The harsh reality of our world right now is we’re paying Champions League wages without the revenue. Arsenal has to take a sledgehammer to that this summer and recalibrate. I cannot listen to people tell me it’s impossible for us to compete when we have such bad finances.

The Swiss Ramble has a threaded tweet above that analyses how much money club owners pile into their vanity purchase.

SPOILER ALERT: Stan K hasn’t put in a penny of his own money into the Arsenal kitty (Though commendably, we pay the most tax by a margin)

Whereas… Chelsea and City are almost totally bankrolled by their hideous owners.

Now, you could get on your high horse about how f*cking tragic this is, or you could stop being a bitch and look at the opportunity we had and now have.

Stan hasn’t spent his own money, but he’s also not taken out. I can’t be outraged about a tiny bit of fee back in the day. Who fucking cares?

The issue with Arsenal has been that we’ve been deeply inefficient with our cash. Our wage bill is hideous, our player purchases have been very average and I think it’s fair to say that the young player production line has been pretty miserable for over a decade.

Think about this, in the world of crazy transfer fees, we’ve never sold a player for £50m! Our biggest ever sale was Oxlade Chamberlain at £35m.

The absolute key to Arsenal moving forward is to invest proper money in the best young talent from around the globe. Arsenal needs to aggressively target young players with a high ceiling, even if that means some transfers looking at the higher end of the spectrum. We can’t keep taking small gambles on OK young players, then investing average money into players with no resale value. That’s why Sokratis and Banega don’t work for me.

Think about Dortmund, they just sold bench merchant Pulisic for £58m! Sancho cost £9m and he’s worth £90m!

Arsenal can compete, but we need to make more aggressive moves on our wage bill and we need to come up with a more interesting approach on the field.

I don’t want to bang on about Spurs too much, but I think the Poch is such an interesting coach because he does such a huge amount with the players he brings in. Almost every single one improves. They work hard, they stay fit and they play on for the cause on smaller contracts than the rest of the league. He ALWAYS gives the kids a go. Do you think he’d have played Lichtsteiner over a young player against Liverpool? No way. He’d have thrown a well trained kid into the mixer.

The only way we get to that level is if we have a coach that young players know will make them better, and if we create a project that is really enticing. We’ve kind of worked the other way traditionally. We’ve enticed average players with big money on the promise they won’t get better, but damn, will they be comfortable in a world of unaccountability.

Question is, will players gravitate towards our current coach? Can he make players x3 what they were? Time will tell. The great thing about the new era is if it’s not working out, we can recalibrate quickly and work towards something a little less safe and a little more visionary.

Well, we can do that if Raul, Vinai and Sven really want to the kick the club forward and really want to attack a strategy that feels progressive. If those guys live in a comfort zone, we’re really in trouble.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. WengerEagle

    Liverpool and City are tit for tat. Nothing in it between them, probably beat each other 5 times out of 10.

    Called Liverpool to win the PL back in July, sticking with it but they could really do with another creative player to gel the attack and the midfield in the tighter games, real shame for them that they didn’t sign Fekir.

  2. WengerEagle

    It’s a pretty phenomenal achievement Thomas even if we drew a lot of matches, what’s wrong with being proud of it? Not like we have CL success going for us haha.

  3. gambon

    Klopp wasn’t at Liverpool in 2014-15.

    I guess Millionaire Paedophile Firemen aren’t the smartest bunch are they.

  4. Joe

    Regardless. Klopp has still spent millions on millions including Allison
    And vVd Kieta ox

    To say he hasn’t spent much is laughable

  5. gambon

    He’s spent £150m net in the 3 years he’s been at Liverpool.

    Amazing transfer business. Both incoming and outgoings.

  6. Paulinho

    Samesong – You mean Xhaka?

    I thin Xhaka gives as much as he can. He’s just very limited.

    Bentancur shows signs of being a bit of a Rolls Royce. He showed some dribbling & ball control near the touchline in the World Cup that was very impressive and showed the level of talent he has. Bit of a mentality issue with him.

  7. Joe


    You jealous bro?

    Sounds like it

    Maybe one day you’ll be able to afford a million dollar house while
    Only working the equivalent of 4 months of the year

    Awww probably not. Babies have to move out mommy’s house first.

  8. Victorious

    Only one PL invincibles

    Ya,Just about the only positive outcome tonight

    can’t help though but worry about the chasm in quality between city/dippers and us

    Not sure what we’re supposed to do to measure up in quality,will definitely take years and huge injection of cash

    More pertinetly though, is Emery the right man to drive this huge rebuild ? have my doubts

  9. Joe

    He’s had 2 WC players to sell. That warps the numbers quite a bit.

    And he had nothing to do with the value of either of them as both were bought before he arrived and Suarez was sold before he was gone.

  10. Marko

    I guess Millionaire Paedophile Firemen aren’t the smartest bunch are they.

    That’s some stereotype right there

  11. Joe

    4 years and 100s of millions spent and tampon can’t believe they have such a good squad.

    Shit no wonder he threw his toys out because emery hasn’t done it in 6 months

  12. Joe

    I guess Millionaire Paedophile Firemen aren’t the smartest bunch are they.

    Who’s the idiot who still lives at home and throws tantrums on a football blog

  13. Joe

    And tries to tell us klopp did it quickly and without spending much money

    Because klopp didn’t have a team that should have won the league the year before he took over.

    This after he said he didn’t know why we fired wenger.


    The gift that keeps on giving

  14. WengerEagle

    He had one world class player to sell in Coutinho, Bodgers pissed most of the Suarez/Sterling money up the wall on complete shite like Benteke, Balotelli, Markovic, Lovren, Moreno, Ings, Origi.

    And he’s spent the Coutinho money about as well as was possible in that he’s bought 3-4 players that have dramatically improved the starting XI.

  15. Batistuta

    Only an Arsenal fan would turn their noses to going a whole premier league season unbeaten. Some of you are very weird

  16. Victorious

    Thomas, Its an Arsenal blog let us be proud of such an unrivalled achievement

    Thomas is clearly a troll or an idiot, probably both

    That would explain his myopic comment regarding the invincibles.

  17. gambon

    Weird that Joe hates spending money….despite being a millionaire fireman.

    Anyone would think he was an unemployed loser with an obsession for children.

  18. Marko

    He’s spent £150m net in the 3 years he’s been at Liverpool.Amazing transfer business. Both incoming and outgoings.

    Worth noting that we’d be in the exact same position had we a manager who over the years wasn’t just content with us being linked with some of the best young talent but actually signed them. Had we signed Hazard over Gervinho for example, signed Dembele when he was at Rennes, signed Auba at St Etienne, signed Dybala when he was at Palermo, signed Salah when he was at Basel. Could have gotten so many more huge assets over the years but alas we didn’t. Mismanagement really.

  19. Joe


    I just had a great day skiing up at whistler blackcomb. Had a beer for après with friends.

    How was your day ranting on a football
    Blog living at mommy’s house

  20. WengerEagle

    ‘Klopp spent 177m this summer with Kieta, Shaquiri , Allison and Fabinho’

    Yep and they’re on pace to finish the season with 98 points, a 23 point improvement from last season.

    AW spent 110 million on Lacazette and Aubameyang and we dropped from a 5th placed finish with 75 points to a 6th placed finish with 63 points.

  21. Joe

    Weird that Joe hates spending money….despite being a millionaire fireman. Anyone would think he was an unemployed loser with an obsession for children.

    Now that Tampon has been proving to be wrong and a fucking idiot he resorts to changing the subject.

    You really are a tantrum throwing child arent ya tampon

  22. Joe

    Wenger’s not here weagle is he muppet

    And what about the 412 he’s spent since summer 2016

    Let’s give our new manager 412m and 2.5 years and see how we are doing

    No. No. The babies would rather throw their toys out

  23. Un na naai

    Fuck me joe.

    People have the right to act like a cunt but you abuse it.

    Why do you feel the need to make up lies to strangers? You think it gets you respect?? Status??

    You’re cunter here as much as Bamford and marko….you’re in that bracket of elite interstellar mug

  24. Joe


    What makes you even a bigger Cunt is that you think I need to lie haha


    It’s only you pathetic losers that you feel people have to lie because your lives are so shit

    And by the way, it very easy to go on the app to see that my pass was scanned today at whistler you fucken loser hahaha

  25. Joe

    Today is the first time in days that you aren’t talking to a child on the internet.


    Talking to you aren’t I?

    The biggest child on le Grove

  26. Joe


    Go on and tell us how klopp has spent no money and in no time has made a great team


    ANd tell us that we shouldn’t have fired wenger

  27. Marko

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    Highly rated young players who were both affordable and available. Hindsight and risk has nothing to do with it we just happened to be managed by someone who was both afraid to compete and either scared or incompetent in the transfer market.

  28. Victorious

    Hey Joey

    Take a break from the internet and change the dippers will ya,

    Must be tedious having to change dippers in an alarming rate considering the amount of time you blow your loads wanking on Emery’s posters and talking absolute piffle on a daily basis.

  29. gambon

    Joe MPF

    Klopp has spent less than you do at lunch on one off your skiing trips.

    Bet he wishes he was a millionaire paedophile fireman.

  30. Joe


    Don’t be a hater man

    You’ll make something of yourself one day

    Maybe. Ask mum. She’ll probably tell you you’re the best kid around. I’m sure she’s proud of you.

    Meh. Probably not


    You lost a bet. Honour it

  31. Joe


    Guess what. I’ll be making more with with my pension than you will be at your highest wage packet.

    Ooooooh to be a … tampon

  32. Joe


    It’s 11pm at night. Youre ranting and raving on a blog

    Get a life you Wanker. Does mommy know you’re still awake

  33. gambon


    Maybe when I’m a Millionaire Paedophile Fireman I can hire a PA to post on the internet for me while I pretend….Sorry I mean while I ski.

  34. Joe

    Funny how klopp is being lauded as a hero on here after spending hundreds on hundreds of millions and having 4 years to do it

    While the same crew are attacking emery after 6 months.

  35. Champagne charlie

    Joe why do you call others immature and the like when you’re hands down the biggest man child on here?

  36. Joe


    Poor Pathetic tampon. Is that the best you got?


    Oh joe you millionaire fireman who lies and says he went skiing.

    Oh snap. Tampon. You got me hahaha

    Yes tampon. You got me. I’m a pathetic loser like who needs the satisfaction of an online blog to complete me


    Oh tampon

    Seriously dude. Get a life bro.

    Go travel. Something. Go see the world.

  37. Bob N16

    Joe, you spend hours every day insulting people, on a blog that follows a football team that you are equally distant from. At the same time you boast about your life in a way that is bound to provoke.Be honest with yourself, what does that tell somebody about your personality? Not a lot to boast about I would say. In fact I would suggest a period of reflection with the help of a qualified professional may well help with your antisocial tendencies.

  38. gambon

    Just the 28 posts from Joe the Millionaire Paedophile Fireman in the last 45 mins.

    Must be a boring afternoon in the basem…..I mean skiing trip.

  39. Joe

    Bob N16January 3, 2019 22:59:20
    Joe, you spend hours every day insulting people, on a blog that follows a football team that you are equally distant from. At the same time you boast about your life in a way that is bound to provoke.Be honest with yourself, what does that tell somebody about your personality? Not a lot to boast about I would say. In fact I would suggest a period of reflection with the help of a qualified professional may well help with your antisocial tendencies.

    And my point is made

  40. Joe

    You can tell tampon has never made it out of the council estates or done any exercise or gone skiing

    Don’t worry. Get your mom to read you a story about it

  41. Joe


    I hope you weren’t really serious when you took the time to write out your last post

    Think it’s you that needs to look in the mirror if you really took the time to think about and then write that post

  42. Joe


    This all started because gambon said klopp had built a world class team in little time with little money spent

    He got upset because he was proven to be wrong.

    Everyone discuss.

  43. Bob N16

    You get satisfaction from winding people up, is that something to be impressed by? Really? Do you feel empowered in some way? What has caused you to be so spiteful? You boast about having a lifestyle that should be envied but you choose to deliberately annoy people. What’s that all about?
    Most people don’t talk about the value of their house, their working conditions, their quality of life but you feel that you need to. You suggest it’s all a wind up. How can you derive pleasure from that? You’re a weird mother!

  44. Joe

    We play west ham.

    Tottenham play united.

    Rather united beat Tottenham. Gets us closer to 3rd when we beat the hammers.

    Hopefully Rafa can make Chelsea drop some points before we play them the week after

  45. Nelson

    The defensive line has to be very straight if you want to play a high defensive line. For MC’s second goal, Lovren kept Sterling on and Sane scored.

  46. Joe

    Bob N16January 3, 2019 23:10:27
    You get satisfaction from winding people up, is that something to be impressed by? Really? Do you feel empowered in some way? What has caused you to be so spiteful? You boast about having a lifestyle that should be envied but you choose to deliberately annoy people. What’s that all about?
    Most people don’t talk about the value of their house, their working conditions, their quality of life but you feel that you need to. You suggest it’s all a wind up. How can you derive pleasure from that? You’re a weird mother!

    Really Bob? Again?

  47. Bob N16

    You’re wondering why I took time to write a post when you appear to spend hours a day on here, posting relentlessly, ironic really. I guess because after a couple of drinks I feel the urge to confront your unpleasantness which reduces the thread to insulting posts. I enjoy reading Legrove but I get frustrated by serial wind-up merchants that I mostly endure/ignore but occasionally I rise to. I hope that clarifies.

  48. Joe

    You’re wondering why I took time to write a post when you appear to spend hours a day on here, posting relentlessly, ironic really. I guess because after a couple of drinks I feel the urge to confront your unpleasantness which reduces the thread to insulting posts. I enjoy reading Legrove but I get frustrated by serial wind-up merchants that I mostly endure/ignore but occasionally I rise to. I hope that clarifies

    If this is what you do after a couple drinks, it’s not me who needs to look at myself
    In the mirror

  49. Mr Serge

    Joe is it 11pm at night where you go skiing. ? Everyday I read this blog and every day you are abusing someone. Why are you so angry ? Just chill the ef out for a chsnge.

  50. Joe


    It’s 3pm where I live

    And by the way. The 3 mountains in Vancouver. Grouse, cypress and Seymour are open until 10pm for night skiing

    Whistler, where I ski is open from 8ish to 3pm. I went up for the morning. And was home by 1pm

  51. Champagne charlie


    That idea that I take anything on here serious is hilarious, I just find your standard maniacal spiral each day a bit weird.

    Call it banter if you like, makes me question the entry requirements for fireman in the BC area. You get in because of your baking skills? Custom apron?

  52. Mr Serge

    Joe it’s a waste of energy being a twat it’s good to disagree but no need to be abusive we are all on here because of our love for the Arsenal.
    If some one pisses you off ignore them. Works for me.

    Pool have spent bucket loads selling coutinho for 155m masks that

  53. gunnermjj


    Couldn’t have put it better. But I’ll have a go…

    When they investigate after some lunatic commits a mass public shooting, the nutter always has an online history like Joe here…

    All skinny white men approx. 6’3″ with glasses and especially c/w French accents in Canada should be on high alert for when mom kicks him out of the basement!

  54. Joe


    You’ll never know if you don’t leave your moms house


    What’s it take to be a popcorn sever at the theatre?

  55. Champagne charlie


    What else you got besides basement jokes? You’ve said that same thing to about 5 people, it’s tired.

    I’ve no idea what it takes to be a popcorn server at a theatre? Is that your dream job or something?

  56. azed

    Pierre, Upstate and the Ozil lovers

    13.7 – Bernardo Silva covered 13.7 kilometres (8.5 miles) against Liverpool, the most by any player in a Premier League game this season. Endurance.

    No midfielder is exempt from pressing or defending in the modern game.

  57. E54_

    TheBayingMobJanuary 4, 2019    01:00:34

    Khedira is a really good move for Arsenal … oh wait a minute IT’S NOT TWO THOUSAND AND FUCKING 8!!

    Exaclty! These people are trying to mug us (gunners) off again. They saw what wenger got away with and they think they can do it again. Too up themselves to realize, love him or hate him, Wenger kinda sorta earned the right to be a prick. Who the hell do these new people think they are! This all better be just paper talk..

  58. PhD2020

    What’s more worrying or rather disconcerting is I think Joey is a parent/father to a child-I believe…

    Really bizarre behaviour from a parent/father on a blog..

    Anyway a belated Happy New Year to all and sundry..

  59. Joe

    What’s more worrying or rather disconcerting is I think Joey is a parent/father to a child-I believe…Really bizarre behaviour from a parent/father on a blog..


    Oh it’s just too much.

  60. gonsterous

    Never thought liverpool would go undefeated. Not that liverpool aren’t any good, just that it’s a hard feat to pull off. But teams have had better seasons than being invincible. I would take a treble over the invincibles any season.
    I still think city will win the league. They have the players and the experience to do it. We on the other hand, need to start investing some cash into the squad this window to push for 4th.
    People citing get smart buys, should know that most young talents are always being monitored by various clubs and it’s not really an easy job. The khedira links is a weird one. I’m on the fence but if he’s cheap, he would be a useful head in the middle of the park. He can’t be worse than el neny

  61. Guns of SF

    Im glad the red scum lost. They are doing ever so well but putting their name next to the invincibles would be too much! :0

    Khedira is not what we need. Speed and dynamisim and youth… those three things right there. We might need some veterans at all times but I would rather pull a loan for a Barca benchwarmer than an old fart

    Delofelou is awesome… wasn’t he a loaner to everton once? I think if we can pull deals like that it would help. Fast aggressive and technically sound

  62. Tony

    He’s been struggling but as we are looking like we can only do loan deals, maybe getting Cazola back for the rest of the season only might make sense.

    Got to be better than Ozil & Mhiki, right?

  63. Joe


    We need a full revamp of the team
    Like klopp did with Liverpool.

    It’s started with torriera, Guenz, laca and aubu and getting rid of Ramsey wellbeck for sure

    Ozil. El neny. Kos. Mkhit can all go.

    2 new CBs. 2 wingers. A fullback. 1-2 AM need to be brought in over the next 2-3 windows.

    At least.

  64. Guns of SF

    I think Lucas can be like Santi except he is stuck next to Xhaka and needs to cover for his sorry arse. During games, and late on, you can see Lucas thinking of how to get a score or push forward in tough games to add offense. He might not be as offensively proficient as Santi but I think he can get there…

  65. TheBayingMob

    “2 new CBs. 2 wingers. A fullback. 1-2 AM need to be brought in over the next 2-3 windows.”

    In the meantime back at London Colney, JK is demanding that we definitely use the double sided print functionality on the printer and deffo no post it notes. Way too expensive for what they are …

    I’d definitely be turning down the temperature of that training pool and making sure everyone turns the lights off if they are not using the room!!

  66. Guns of SF

    I like Denis Suarez that boy can dribble.
    I especially like the steal from behind ala Torreira at 1;55 mins

  67. Guns of SF

    we seriously need Suarez- now that Chelsea have got Pulisic Im hoping that they will back off with Suarez and we can nab him! Boy can dribble wooooo

  68. China1

    Guns I’d say Santi and Lucas do have a little bit in common yeah

    Santi is to cm-offense what torreira is to cm-defense

  69. Dark Hei


    Name me someone as versatile and as effective as Welbeck off the bench for his salary and transfer costs, plus home grown status.

    Welbeck is athletic, hardworking, willing to press, technically proficient and occasionally a goal threat (usually as a sub)

    He can play on both wings, play as a goal facing striker or with his back to goal.

    His only downside is being injury prone.

  70. Dark Hei


    I think Torreira would work well alongside Arteta, even better than alongside Cazorla.

    Cazorla’s deep mid role for Wenger’s jackpot 4-2-3-1 cannot be easily replicated when in another team.

    He was peak only under those narrow circumstances.

  71. Un na naai

    To be fair here and looking at us in the cold light of day

    We are 7 points off of third which is easily doable.
    We have scored more than chelsea and untied and the same as Tottenham. We have lost less than spurs and most of our point a dropped are points I’d expect us to drop except Southampton and the pltheora of draws we’ve conceded

    We should have beat Liverpool at home and Chelsea really but for Leno giving a goal away and Aubameyang and iwobi missing 3 goalmouth tap ins between them against Chelsea

    What does this tell us?
    It’s not all doom and gloom but emery must focus on defence. Our attack, disjointed as it is still functions as the joint third best behind city and Liverpool which is no shame.
    We know we aren’t getting big money to spend this window so emery needs to knuckle down and drill the defence over and over and over and over, a la George Graham.

    If we can even manage to get the basics right then we have a serious chance of catching and over taking spurs.

    We know we have goals in the side
    We have Torreira and many injured players to come back which will certainly aid us in our persuit.
    I don’t like the idea of Cahill this month though. Experienced champions league and title winner though he is.

  72. Un na naai

    Things noticed against Fulham

    Lacazette- what a difference his inclusion makes!!! Why isn’t emery starting him?? I just don’t get it. Somebody posted stats on Tuesday on our win rate and goal record with him in the side as opposed to when he’s excluded and the evidence is there for all to see

    Iwobi- if he has movement and players to bounce off he comes to life. He’s probably not the best with space around him but put him in a 1-2 touch environment (with Lacazette and Kolasinac) and he really dovetails nicely off the others.

    Sokratis- just awful. Even in a 3 man defence he was terrible. Out of position. Slow. Can’t jump. Can’t run. Can’t anticipate and always seems to be further upfield than our other centre halves. Who the fuck signed this abomination??

    Leno- just get cech back in the side please. If he’s ever going to be what we need (I doubt it) then he certainly ain’t as of jan 4 2019. He’s cost us goals and points already and finally everyone else is starting to see that he’s a liability along with sokratis and Lichtsteiner.

    I’d adopt a deeper line with a more compact back 4 if I were emery too. This high line exposes or our personnel far too much. Especially the newer defensive recruits.

  73. Danny

    We should have beat Liverpool at home and Chelsea
    Liverpool had a clear goal disallowed against us and Chelsea didn’t bring on Hazard till the end otherwise with him from the start we all know they would’ve had destroyed us.

  74. Dark Hei

    UN I

    I will prefer a back 3 with 2 wing backs.

    Kolasinac is distinctively better as a wing back.

    Thought Emery is working hard to be Arsenal’s very own Claudio Raneiri with his ever changing lineups.

    So yeah, only Emery knows what players he wants since nobody can guess his formation.

  75. Pierre

    Yeah,I posted those stats, I thought I’d have a look back to confirm that we are a better team all round(defence and attack) with Lacazette in the side.

    The figures are slightly warped because of Emery’s reluctance to play Aubamayang and Lacazette together in the big games….it’s normally just Aubamayang starting.

    As I said before ,the only time he has had the bottle to start with Lacazette and Aubamayang ( along with Mhkitaryan and ozil) in a big game was at home to Liverpool and we caused them all kinds of problems that day .
    Emery needs to show a bit more faith in Lacazette …

    Iwobi does link with Kolasinac well …iwobi just needs to slow his brain down a little in and around the box ,whereas Kolasinac is very calm in attacking situations ,he gets his head up and has an excellent delivery ,either across goal or the cut back.

    You are right , it is not all doom and gloom ….the hardest thing in football is to score goals so we are ahead of the game there, it just manager to,as you say, install a bit of the George Graham discipline and organisation to our defence though I can’t see Emery playing a deeper back line .

  76. Negation

    I think Pedro was more focused when he was back in the UK. Now his posts have the hurried logic of a person who has other things to do

  77. Un na naai

    Dark hei

    Why didn’t he start back 3 vs Liverpool?? The one game where you would start a back 3 and play Lacazette and he doesn’t!!!

    And people wonder why he’s being doubted

  78. Un na naai


    Yes but Leno allowed a silly goal and we should have been 5 up by the time hazard came on

    What’s your point? We still could have had 5 more points on the table but for those individual errors alone

  79. shaun

    we really really need two world class players in ,a right back and a young quick centre back are a must for Emery ,as it is he will let manu take our position in fifth and let spurs increase the gap in the prem over us and win nothing.if we are honest about one thing that has to be our defense is appalling and the stats tell you this we should really be looking at four new defenders , people on here are talking about holding as our best defender …..jesus christ we are in bad shape at the back ….bellend is rubbish as well but being missed apparently …..mustaffi another garbage player and they are actually being missed this is what people need to see as the wenger legacy shameful neglect of the defensive side of the game for 12 years ….reality is we need a new back line and 200 millions worth of defenders or if your Arsenal you need two worldclass defenders now

  80. Un na naai


    As seen against Fulham when he is linking up in tight spaces he (iwobi) seems to flourish. Like Walcott when he has time to think he seems to panic slightly or get caught in two minds. He’s not adaptable enough for direct counter attacking game plans until he does which is why when laca is dropped Aubameyang is so isolated.

    If we are going to only start one of Aubameyang or lacazette for big games then for me it’s Lacazette every time.

    High line- if you’re playing sokratis you’ll get mauled. Sessegnon roasted him 3 times and should have had a hat trick.
    He doesn’t seem much kop in the air either. Maybe per should dust his boots off. At least he can read the game and get his head on crosses.

    Cech’s organisational skills at the back, I feel, would aid us more than Leno’s passes to full backs too

  81. Pierre

    Not sure that sokratis is as bad as you are saying though he is prone to “doing a mustafi”..

    We are missing holding and Monreal defensively , maybe mavropanos can come in and do a job.

  82. Graham62

    The Lacazette situation is a fudging conundrum as far as I’m concerned.

    Don’t get Emery’s line of thinking on this. Is he protecting Lacazette? Does he not trust him? Is it all down to discipline? What is it exactly?

    One incident earlier in the season against Liverpool highlighted why I would have Lacazette in my starting eleven week in week out. Yes, that wonderful goal he scored typifies his attributes and commitment to the cause.

    Reminds me of a boxer. Relentlessly searching for an opportunity to strike. Nagging away at defenders, causing a general nuisance of himself. For me, one of our most important players.

    Then why the fudge doesn’t Emery see this?

    Just don’t get it.

  83. Graham62

    The state of affairs surrounding Lacazette has made me have serious doubts about Emery’s credentials.

    Yes, that’s right, just this one thing. The way I look at it, a top manager should be able to see our existing strengths and our weaknesses. In a transitional phase, you need street fighters that will ruffle the feathers of your opponents. Lacazette does this 100% of the time.

    I would love to have an explanation.

  84. Un na naai


    What’s wrong with Holding??

    He played very well for us until his injury and kept our 22 game unbeaten run going until his injury

  85. Alone + Easy Target

    I don’t know Graham maybe he doesn’t want to risk his capable strikers from injury considering we are lightweight enough as it is? I’d rather two at the top too rather than Iwobi who endlessly dribble into the cul-de-sac or the ineffective Mkhi/Ozil.

    If it’s about effort and energy Lacasette have that in abundance and complement Auba well who can’t play as a lone striker with his non-existent hold up play or missing sitters after sitters only to score on irrelevant matches just to pad his stats.

  86. Pierre

    Agree ,Liverpool and Fulham games were not too clever for Sokratis , I think he should get back to basic defending ,he’s trying to do too much…….though I think he is our only defender atm( with Mustafi,Monreal and holding out) who will put his head in where it hurts ….AMN, Kolasinac, Kosielny and bellerin are not exactly the type of players you would take to the trenches ….I’ve noticed Torriera has ducked out of a few challenges recently as well though xhaka and Guendouzi are always willing to stand up and be counted.

  87. Dream10


    Holding has done well this season, much better than I thought. However, if we want to be a team that regularly gets over 85 pts, Holding and Sokratis should be the #3 and #4 CBs. Don’t see us buying more than one CB in the summer, so Rob has a chance to be in the XI next season.

  88. Alone + Easy Target

    What I don’t like is recently we’re really slow in transitioning from defence to attack resulting in crab football with hopeful aimless crosses. Only occasionally there were flashes of brilliance with quick distribution from back to front but other than that it’s just ye olde probing football without any off-the-ball movements at the final third of the pitch. I get it if playing from the back is to try to stretch the opposition or to push them further upfield but if we don’t utilise the space created why even bother? Instead more nervousness and more calamities.

  89. Guns of Hackney

    Watching Liverpool and City play last night reminded me of the intergalactic distance there is between us and them. Embarrassing.

  90. raptora

    “Alderweireld’s deal was due to expire at the end of the season, but after triggering this option Spurs have activated a clause in his contract which states he can leave for £25m this summer instead of on a free transfer.”

    I reckon we go for him. Us and around 10 other clubs probably. He would improve us.

  91. raptora

    Guess that the old fuk was right after all. Big players winding their contracts down. Rabiot and Alderweireld two that come to mind. Trend looks likely to continue.

  92. Alone + Easy Target

    It does in certain matches where the result is already sealed so he got subbed out but maybe Emery trying to make a balanced starting line-up that suits the match of that day which usually with lone striker as that’s his preferred way since his La Liga days. But yeah so what’s the most suitable formation to get the most out of defence and attack then with the depleted squad marred with injuries we have right now? 3-5-2?

    Even he has to see now that he must be more flexible and pragmatic in trying to forge the team to play his way or philosophy or whatever the fuck you want to call he’s doing right now. First thing first rectify this sorry excuse of defensive unit that we have then go from there.

  93. Pierre

    “What I don’t like is recently we’re really slow in transitioning from defence to attack resulting in crab football with hopeful aimless crosses. ”

    That’s what happens when a team loses confidence as we have recently….players are scared to make a mistake so the play becomes negative .
    Others may say it’s because we are not playing with intelligence and composure and we know who gives us that .

    The one player, from what I have seen, who always remains positive is Aubamayang , he’s not afraid to miss, his head never goes down , his off the ball movement is superb and natural without effort ……he’s the perfect striker for me though I do understand that he’s not everyone’s cup of tea .

    He and Lacazette would be the first names on the team sheet for me as they guarantee you goals and strike fear into the opposition as they are both different types of players but complement eachother.

  94. Emiratesstroller


    We know that there are problems in defence and that is reflected by the number of goals conceded and lack of clean sheets.

    Our first team squad has on paper 5 specialist centre backs and 5 full/wing backs. Realistically none of these players apart from perhaps Bellerin would make the starting lineup of any of the top 4 EPL Clubs.

    My view is that for Arsenal to progress in defensive department we need to
    invest properly in a top class centre back which will cost serious money particularly since many other clubs like Man Utd, Real Madrid and Barcelona
    are also in market for such a player.

    Bellerin and Kolasinac are both wing backs who are okay offensively, but I think that they are incompatible playing in the same team at same time. We
    need a solid full back option on books as well.

    Personally I would offload this summer Koscielny, Lichsteiner, Monreal and Jenkinson. None of these players are good enough to play regularly in first team either in EPL or Europe. Also they are currently paid collectively well
    in excess of £300K pw in wages.

    If you bring in two new players we will have 5 Centre Backs plus 3 Full Backs
    with Maitland-Niles as back-up who is younger and potentially better than either Lichsteiner or Jenkinson.

  95. Jeanette Kliger

    If you have a moderator, how the hell do you allow some of the disgusting posts.
    I read Pedro because he makes some really interesting observations. The same applies to some responses.
    Please block the people who bring this blog to the lowest conceivable level

  96. shaun

    The problem with Holding is he is bang average and would not be getting a run in any top four team he still makes rookie mistakes and he has been lucky on a number of occasions handling and fowling but we got away with it , he was getting shredded against utd just before the injury but that is besides the point…..the point is we do not have one world class defender at the club …anywhere across the back line and my point is give us a world class center back and it will improve our defense by 80% that’s how bad our defensive players are and if Emery has anything about him this is what he should be demanding above all else …all this talk of wingers and attacking players …nah mate you need to sort the defense ..come on fellas I know we have been hit hard by the wengeritis but holding is bang average and will not win you anything he may well turn out to be steady and reliable but arsenal need better than that to progress .in a defense that is garbage what do you think steady and reliable is going to get you

  97. Jeanette Kliger

    Every one that sinks to the level of using filthy comments/aspersions about other posters and says nothing about football. It betrays their intelligence (or lack of it).

  98. Un na naai

    Dream 10

    I disagree mate. I think holding is highly underrated and is constantly surprising people. He reads the game so well and has authority for such a young Cj. He also isn’t afraid to put his head in as Pierre pointed out earlier

    I think Wenger was right in that he only cost £2m from Bolton and people look down on him for that. Had he been a £35m signing from a more prestigious club he may have received more plaudits.

    I’d love to see maguire or a cb like him alongside holding with a quality left back added. Not a wing back but an actual left back who knows how to defend. A younger nacho if you will. Perfect example of a left back who can both attack and defend very well but never shirks his responsibility as a defender.

    That’s got to be our prime targets for the next two windows. After that a winger/ creative wide forward or as the Germans say widenfovadden

  99. Cesc Appeal

    The rumour going round is that we want N’Koulou as our only January signing. Likely because he’s cheap and the best we can find for the money we’ve got.

    Really does show what a poor position the club is in.

  100. Un na naai

    I think that Jeanette has taken umbridge to Marko’s assertion that emery coaching the defence is fanciful or Bamford’s outright disgusting claim that PSG are a more prestigious club than Manchester United. 🤢🤢🤭

  101. Jeanette Kliger

    No, Jamie, you are not right.
    Özil is/was a great footballer, he and Sanchez were a great team. He looks lost and I can’t see things improving. What a waste!
    When he arrived at Arsenal, Amy Lawrence (who really knows her stuff) compared him to DB10 for his vision and we saw that in his partnership with Sanchez.
    He is lazy in defence and is perhaps a luxury we can’t afford.