Khedira for Ramsey? Oh my…

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The Mesut Ozil story continues to drag on, and as suspected, the chances of him leaving are somewhere in the region of no chance, to no f*cking chance. This is what his agent told GOAL.

“Unless you are on the inside and privy to what happens on a daily basis, it is best not to speculate.

“In every journey there are highs and lows, but it is important to consider the bigger picture rather than simply making knee-jerk judgements without proper context.

“The speculation around Mesut’s future has not come from him or us and is unfortunate because the situation is clear: his future is with Arsenal, end of story.”

It’s not surprising, the German’s agent pulled off the heist of the century with the deal he reeled in. He knew our exCEO was ego driven, he knew the club couldn’t lose Sanchez and his client at the same time, he squeezed right up until the last minute. £350k a week is staggering… likely why the club is e-mailing its staff to cut down on kettle boils at the Colney training ground.

What is interesting is how the Aaron Ramsey saga is playing out. Remember, his agent, a firm believer that his client was of more value than Mesut, was pushing for similar money. Arsenal pulled the rug from that deal when Emery realised he wasn’t going to extract the value he needed from Aaron, and maybe found out the extent of our finances. Now he’s likely to be a free agent in the summer, Juve has come knocking. This is what Fabio Paratichi had to say (SD).

“He’s a great player, we really like him and he plays for a great team. His contract is expiring and we’re always alerted to situations that the market offers, so we’ve also been alerted to Ramsey.”

The salary they’re talking about is closer to £150k a week… which looks more like a 50% payrise, and much more in keeping with the sort of money you’d expect him to be bringing in. Italian football is certainly a lifestyle choice more than anything, no doubt he’ll pick up some world class coaching, he’ll eat like a king and the tax laws now work more favourably for foreign stars. If you pay a 100,000 euros flat fee on your foreign income, that’s all you pay. Great if you’re Ronaldo, but likely advantageous if you’re Aaron. Boot deals, foreign tours and CL income can all be written off this way… so he could make up his cash that way. Ideally though, his biggest win is the truckload of trophies he’ll pick up. (I read that we’re considering Khedira as part of the deal and my eyes began to bleed)

The harsh reality of our world right now is we’re paying Champions League wages without the revenue. Arsenal has to take a sledgehammer to that this summer and recalibrate. I cannot listen to people tell me it’s impossible for us to compete when we have such bad finances.

The Swiss Ramble has a threaded tweet above that analyses how much money club owners pile into their vanity purchase.

SPOILER ALERT: Stan K hasn’t put in a penny of his own money into the Arsenal kitty (Though commendably, we pay the most tax by a margin)

Whereas… Chelsea and City are almost totally bankrolled by their hideous owners.

Now, you could get on your high horse about how f*cking tragic this is, or you could stop being a bitch and look at the opportunity we had and now have.

Stan hasn’t spent his own money, but he’s also not taken out. I can’t be outraged about a tiny bit of fee back in the day. Who fucking cares?

The issue with Arsenal has been that we’ve been deeply inefficient with our cash. Our wage bill is hideous, our player purchases have been very average and I think it’s fair to say that the young player production line has been pretty miserable for over a decade.

Think about this, in the world of crazy transfer fees, we’ve never sold a player for £50m! Our biggest ever sale was Oxlade Chamberlain at £35m.

The absolute key to Arsenal moving forward is to invest proper money in the best young talent from around the globe. Arsenal needs to aggressively target young players with a high ceiling, even if that means some transfers looking at the higher end of the spectrum. We can’t keep taking small gambles on OK young players, then investing average money into players with no resale value. That’s why Sokratis and Banega don’t work for me.

Think about Dortmund, they just sold bench merchant Pulisic for £58m! Sancho cost £9m and he’s worth £90m!

Arsenal can compete, but we need to make more aggressive moves on our wage bill and we need to come up with a more interesting approach on the field.

I don’t want to bang on about Spurs too much, but I think the Poch is such an interesting coach because he does such a huge amount with the players he brings in. Almost every single one improves. They work hard, they stay fit and they play on for the cause on smaller contracts than the rest of the league. He ALWAYS gives the kids a go. Do you think he’d have played Lichtsteiner over a young player against Liverpool? No way. He’d have thrown a well trained kid into the mixer.

The only way we get to that level is if we have a coach that young players know will make them better, and if we create a project that is really enticing. We’ve kind of worked the other way traditionally. We’ve enticed average players with big money on the promise they won’t get better, but damn, will they be comfortable in a world of unaccountability.

Question is, will players gravitate towards our current coach? Can he make players x3 what they were? Time will tell. The great thing about the new era is if it’s not working out, we can recalibrate quickly and work towards something a little less safe and a little more visionary.

Well, we can do that if Raul, Vinai and Sven really want to the kick the club forward and really want to attack a strategy that feels progressive. If those guys live in a comfort zone, we’re really in trouble.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Unai

    It could be said that Stans biggest failure was siding with the cult Wengerites and allowing the Circus to roll on for so long.

    Ironic that the same fans now call for his head.

  2. Victorious

    The question is why isn’t Aubameyang being benched after he reacted angrily after being substituted?”

    Must have missed the match Auba threw a hissy upon being substituted not meaning to stir up the pot or something
    Think Pierre has a bit of a point in his suggestion Emery comes across a control freak.

  3. Victorious

    They start digging out old articles ….that Arsenal truth article has been posted on here at least 3 times ..”

    Baffles me anyone can take that plonker that writes for arsenal truth serious .

    It’s one thing to read for yourself and try digest his nonsensical balderdash and another complete matter to copy and paste his piffle on here

    Shame on those posters

    He’s contents are always full of bile with little to zero substance

  4. WengerEagle

    City win, simply have to. Pep will be very aware that the season is on the line here in front of their own crop.

    Should have plenty of goals because neither side will sit back.

  5. Victorious

    City HAS got to win to keep pace hence why the pressure is prolly on them, exactly what dippers would prefer though.give the citizens something to moan about and make it as rough as possible

    Dippers get anything from this and it’s their title to lose

    Really want them to lose though, no way they end up unbeaten in the league, but if they scale trough think they can do it.

  6. Marko

    Think Pierre has a bit of a point in his suggestion Emery comes across a control freak.

    …oh and Arsene wasn’t? You now have a problem with control freaks?

  7. Samesong

    You can tell people haven’t played the game when they are going about players having hissy fits when being substituted, it happens all the time. Actually that’s quite disrespectful to the manager coming off and going on like a c**t especially if you haven’t played well.

  8. Moray

    I posted a while back on here just after Ivan left, expressing my hope and concern that there were decent KPIs and personal targets based on an overall club strategy for the new management regime at the club, rather than just promotions and drinks all round.. I was shouted down, but the fact remains that if any club could fail to have a proper and agreed strategy in place it would be Arsenal with their insouciant owner and complete lack of professionalism. I do hope we are pushing the guys to find, develop and nurture young talent as that is how we will find success again (maybe the only way). What we have seen so far has not been reflective of a clear plan: getting back into the Champions League at any cost is not feasible as we don’t have the resources to replace 3 to 4 first team players in the summer.

    Chelsea have done this to great success over the last few years, after Abramovich decided he preferred to spend money divorcing his wife that on a shit West London Football club.

    As for Kroenke, Arsenal is no more than a bargaining chip or a makeweight for him. He doesn’t need what he could take out and wouldn’t bother putting anything in as he couldn’t give a shit about football. So the fact he doesn’t withdraw money is as worrying for me as if he did. We just have to hope that the management structure in place is capable of building and executing in a plan to put us back near the top of the tree.

  9. Champagne charlie

    “oh and Arsene wasn’t? You now have a problem with control freaks?“

    Got to laugh at this pathetic policing of others and their commentary.

    By the same token you were incessant on how shit we were under Wenger, but you’re dead keen to divert all talk of our current defensive issues away from the daily conversation.

    So practice what you preach or simply don’t preach to others at all perhaps.

  10. Champagne charlie

    This is reminiscent in attitude of United vs Arsenal in the 90’s.

    Constant booing, every opportunity taken to kick the opponent. Could erupt into something here, Fernandinho odds on for a red at this rate.

  11. Marko

    Ozil “illness” and “back injury” only really out a few days here and there. De Bruyne two ligament injuries this year. Ozil gets about 4 goals a season and 9 and 8 assists the previous two seasons while De Bruyne has 7 goals and 21 assists and 12 goals and 21 assists the last two seasons. Basically it’s probably best not to compare a vastly superior footballer to a wet sponge.

  12. WengerEagle

    Away end will explode if Liverpool hit first.

    If Pool do survive this you really so have to worry for our unbeaten record being bettered in terms of unbeaten with a much greater points tally.

  13. Champagne charlie


    Have they went to Old Stratford yet?

    Got to imagine that’ll be a different animal under Ole

  14. Marko

    Got to laugh at this pathetic policing of others and their commentary.

    Charlie hears his master being criticised again he must step in. Yes Charles he was a total control freak that Arsene and when a disingenuous AKB pops in with a criticism of Emery being a control freak well it’s worth pointing out how rich it is coming from said dickhead. But you continue as you were nothing to do with you…or is it

  15. WengerEagle


    No think that’s in February.

    They’re a much better team than United though so would be shocked if that’s where it came to an end. Even with the Ole effect.

  16. Champagne charlie


    Except I didn’t defend Wenger, I called you a hypocritical dickhead.

    You’re having a pop at Pierre for changing tact but you’ve gone from maiming daily about Wenger to defending Emery. So how about you give it up for a day you fucking drip.

    Amazing how you fail to follow what people say time and time again.

  17. Bamford10

    Salah the best player on the field, and Liverpool’s front three work together better than City’s front three. Livepool’s back four are better as well.

    City could still easily win, though, obviously.

  18. Bamford10

    City’s first shot occurs 28 minutes in. That’s a little bit down to their attack not quite ticking without De Bruyne and a little bit down to the quality of Liverpool’s defensive play.

  19. Paulinho

    Aguero for me.

    As usual coming back from injury he’s taken a while to get going but by the end of the game he should come to the boil.

  20. Paulinho

    City just need to keep patient.

    They’ve got the technicians to take over when both teams get tired but I think Liverpool have the edge mentally and if they score first City will lose their heads.

  21. Guns of sf

    Reading the tabloids saying we bid 63m and it was accepted for James Rodriguez
    Anyone rate him? Prolly bs anyhow

  22. Victorious

    Robertson was a real gem of a find, cannot believe they got such a good player for 8 million at a great age too.

    Yap, great deal, only bettered by shaqiri at 12M

    Damn, epic miss from our pov, how we could really do with both right now

  23. WengerEagle

    Sane’s absolutely quality, such a gangly dribbling style though haha.

    Always looks like he’s going to be dispossessed before he gets a toe to it just in time.

  24. WengerEagle


    Better than Shaq for my money, he’s their starting LB for potentially a decade.

    Aguero, what a finish. He’s so good at rifling a shot off at a tight angle with that left peg without much backlift needed.

  25. Champagne charlie

    Guns of SF

    We ain’t getting James.

    He’d instantly be up there with the best attacking midfielders in the league. Unreal ability, but not the sort we should be looking at.

    60 mil should get us 2/3 proper players with good scouting.

    Get in! Aguero loves a goal against Liverpool, sit down you scouse cunts. Take notes Auba, one chance, one goal. It makes a difference.

  26. Sancho Monzorla

    Victorious back here supporting his beloved Liverpool, I see.

    Hey you wanna bet who wins? Oh yeah you’re a shit cunt that welches on bets, never mind.

  27. Marko

    Bernardo Silva was a significant miss. Absolutely brilliant player who can play comfortably across three positions

  28. Paulinho

    Still pissed off the way Aguero gets marginalised by Argentina.

    Happened again in the World Cup.

    You indulge that player as much as Messi in my book.

  29. Guns of sf

    Aguero made all the difference when we came on against France
    Arg wins that game if he started IMO

  30. Marko

    Fernandinho is awesome. His reading of the game is brilliant. I know they really wanted to go for Jorginho as his long term replacement but he’s not nowhere near as good reading the game defensively

  31. Radio Raheem

    I’ve always said Ederson is the better of the two Brazilian goalies. Allison still to justify the megabucks paid for him.

  32. Globalgunner

    Most international coaches are idiots. the Brazilian Tite started Jesus every game with Firminho on the bench

  33. Champagne charlie

    Naby Keita should be in this side for 60 mil you’d have thought. 0 goals and 0 assists so far this season I read in some comparison to Pogba.

    That midfield trio is Sunday league in this fixture.

  34. Pierre

    Guns of sf
    “Reading the tabloids saying we bid 63m and it was accepted for James Rodriguez”

    Does he track back ..

    No……oh well, he won’t be signing then will he.

  35. WengerEagle


    He’s the perfect penalty box prowler, doesn’t quite have the running power in those short squat legs to be as effective running away from bodies from deep which is why, a bit like Messi he’s not quite the same player for Argentina as they create fuck all.

    His best one of those type of finishes for me was the one at OT, think it was the winner where he faked/dummied his way through body after body across the box before smashing it into the roof of the net from a silly angle.

  36. Radio Raheem

    Liverpool’s midfield three are doing what they’re there for but for that one chance. Mane should have scored.

  37. WengerEagle

    Yeah Mane has to bury that, margins are that razor thin.

    As good as Mane is though you’d have to think that every single Liverpool fan was praying that kind of chance would fall to Salah as opposed to Mane who’s a bit of an erratic finisher.

  38. Marko

    Ramsey is apparently going to become the second highest paid player at Juve next season. Will he end up being the second best player at the club too?

  39. Radio Raheem

    Haven’t seen a lot of Can for Juventus, is he injured?

    Ramsey will find it hard starting for that team.

  40. E54_

    Man for man Liverpool don’t have any better players than us. Name wise. For example this arnold kid. He’s better than bellerin? Milner Henderson wanjaldum. Better than torriera xhaka ramsey? They have 3 great forwards. We have 2. We just don’t have a salah elite level player. Is their keeper leaps and bounds better than cech or leno? Somethings wrong at our club…

  41. Tomtom

    Pretty depressing time to be a supporter.
    No money and our only hope is to get lucky by signing young players.

  42. DaleDaGooner

    Liverpool have really been built well over the years, they’ve got it wrong but they have it right now…

  43. Champagne charlie


    Yea that just isn’t true…

    Their squad is better, but it’s not unbelievably better in terms of quality. It’s suited farrrr better to their defined philosophy though which is the ultimate difference.

    Fuck sake City, sleepwalking so far this second half.

  44. Marko

    You willing to concede that Ramsey is a very good player now

    Yeah I’ve never really said he was shit I just think after seeing him for Arsenal for 10 years that we deserve much better and that he’s not nearly as good as some people make out. 10 years and where’s his best position? I think Juve will sell him within two seasons

  45. WengerEagle

    Even if they don’t go on to win this, Liverpool are right there with Citeh, arguably outplaying them.

    Nobody else gives this City side such a close game consistently, have to take your hat off to them as much as it’s painful to do it.

  46. E54_

    Champagne charlieJanuary 3, 2019    21:24:32


    Yea that just isn’t true…

    Their squad is better, but it’s not unbelievably better in terms of quality. It’s suited farrrr better to their defined philosophy though which is the ultimate difference.

    Fuck sake City, sleepwalking so far this second half.

    Yeah, you just agreed with me dude. I was asking, not making definitive statements. Check the question marks im asking are their players that much better than ours man4aman? I agree with you that quality wise they are not better than us. Who is this robertson? Is he better than kolasinac or monreal? I don’t think so, which is my point. There’s something wrong with our whole set up/philosophy

  47. Marko

    Brilliant strike that. Which is just as well because City were doing nothing this second half. Lack that spark of last season. It was never going to be sustainable anyway

  48. Paulinho

    Sane at £25 million another example of what you can buy.

    Hopefully get some nice sour grapes from Klopp tonight,

  49. Champagne charlie


    They’re better in terms of quality, it just isn’t the reason they’re levels above us imo.

    It’s the other shit you just mentioned. We don’t have a philosophy from that I’ve witnessed to date.

    Very undefined stuff so fuck knows what ‘type’ of signing we’re targeting.

    Mo Salah is just a shit Leroy Sane

  50. WengerEagle


    Even though City have spent a boatload, vast majority of their best players cost in the ballpark of 30-50 million each, we’ve spent the upper end of that and more that on Auba and Laca.

  51. Paulinho

    WE – Yeah they’ve bought excellently for a while.

    Right back to buying Silva over a Mata when hilariously most thought they were at the same level as players.

  52. DaleDaGooner

    Everyone knows that Iwobi will run more than Ozil, that he will work harder than Ozil, that he will be industrious and hard-working. But the fact that he is also more productive than Ozil, an element of the game that Ozil should dominate, is damning. Quite simply, not only is Ozil not playing in the manner that Emery wants, but when he is playing, he is not producing at the level that his talent dictates.

    Should explain why Emery prefers to field Iwobi…..

  53. Champagne charlie

    “Sane at £25 million another example of what you can buy.“

    And the rest..

    45 mil all said and done

  54. WengerEagle


    Yeah, said it back in 2011 as well that 35 million for Aguero was a complete steal considering he was Atletico Madrid’s best player and had already scored over 100 goals for them by age 22.

    He was better than Tevez by age 23.

  55. Marko

    Of course Liverpool are levels above us. We’ve got issues in CB, full back position, midfield and attacking positions at the very least. Liverpool have a very strong starting 11 with some very good squad players to come in. The only position of strength at our club is the striker position and that’s it. But sure it’s just a philosophy and a vision is all that’s missing for us.

  56. Paulinho

    £37 million. Still not bad, would definitely preferred him and one of Lacazette/Auba instead of two central-centric goal-getters.

  57. Champagne charlie

    *Their squad is better, but it’s not unbelievably better in terms of quality. It’s suited farrrr better to their defined philosophy though which is the ultimate difference.*

    Marko processes that as the following:

    “But sure it’s just a philosophy and a vision is all that’s missing for us.“

    Not one window is safe from this dribbly cunt.

  58. Paulinho

    If you want to get a rise out of Klopp tonight just ask him about not being able to repeat Arsenal’s unbeaten league campaign.

    “Listen! I told you many times I do not care about that……..”

  59. Alexanderhenry


    Liverpool have better players than us in every department.
    Bellerin wouldn’t get in to their starting XI. Torrera might. I can’t think of anyone else.

  60. Radio Raheem

    Wenger eagle

    Ramsey better than Bentancur? Wow you must rate Ramsey pretty highly.

    From the matches I’ve seen Bentancur is class, can do almost everything. No way he loses out to Ramsey he’ll be off to Madrid or something.

  61. Marko

    it’s not unbelievably better in terms of quality.

    That’s what you said. Their squad is not unbelievably better than ours. It is. Significantly so. Probably have one Arsenal player who might make their 11. They have people on their treatment table who’d start for us

  62. E54_

    Bamford10January 3, 2019    21:44:28


    Yes. It is.

    Cool, just repost the comments you made at the start of the season talking about how worldclass these 2 kids at fullback are. And any comments at anytime where ANYONE stated that Loveren is a great CB. Not even WC, just great? Klopp mabey a better manager than emery but his players are not incredibly better than emerys.

  63. gambon

    The level if these 2 teams is miles beyond anything in the PL

    Interesting that one team was built with many years significant investment and the other with a couple of very good transfer windows and low net spend.

  64. Marko

    Interesting that one team was built with many years significant investment and the other with a couple of very good transfer windows.

    So a bit of time yeah

  65. Alexanderhenry

    Man city deserved it, but there’s really not much between these two sides.

    Liverpool have come very far in a few seasons. Let’s hope arsenal can emulate this.

  66. Champagne charlie


    Yea I’m not rising to your ignorant ramblings anymore, indulged your juvenile outlook far too much.

  67. Thomas

    Lol at people obsessing over the unbeaten thing. Several teams have had better seasons than that Invincibles team.

  68. Paulinho

    Bentancur is more of a classical conductor but often seems to play within himself or as if he has more to give, the question is will he?

    Better controller than Ramsey but hasn’t got that off the ball drive.

  69. Samesong


    On current form their players are much better than ours. How many goals have they conceded and scored this season? that will give you an indication.

  70. Samesong

    Bentancur is more of a classical conductor but often seems to play within himself or as if he has more to give, the question is will he?

    Sounds a bit like one of our current players.

  71. Joe

    Absolutely sickening how Liverpool have quickly built a world class team without huge outlay.

    4 years and they spent 70 m on a defender and how much for Allison???

    Tampon with another pearler