Emeryball still sputtering

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It’s very tough to take too much stock in Boxing day or New Years day games. I know the players aren’t out until 5 in the morning licking lamp posts, but there’s always a weird flat vibe around the stadium on the day, and quite often, our play on the pitch is flaccid.

We weren’t at our best yesterday, but we bulldozed through with an on-paper spanking that’s tough to moan about. Fulham gave it some in the first 45 minutes and cut us open far too easily. We were literally being shoved about and stretched by the second worst team in the Premier League. However, we at least had enough about our game to take our second lead into halftime. Granit Xhaka of all people ghosting into the Fulham box to pick up a nicely worked Iwobi cross, which he chested down and guided into the bottom corner.

We doubled that lead in the second half, with more good work down the left from Kola, Auba and Iwobi, the decisive pass found Laca with space in the box which he calmly took with a canon of a shot down the middle of the goal.

We of course took time out to concede, a car crash pass to Torriera freed up the ball in midfield, Fulham made it all the way to our goal with Kamara breezing inside Kola to tap in.

Emery reacted tactically, bringing off Lacazette for Ramsey. The crowd booed the move, which seemed really odd if I’m honest. Lacazette made a bit of a scene out of that, obviously feeling very awkward his teammate was not getting a good reception.

Anyway, Rambo had the last laugh. Within 4 minutes he’d found himself in the right place when a Auba shot struck the post, his tight control and quick shot lifted the score to 3-1. Well done him.

Final goal of the day fell to Auba, he took a simple pass in space from Kola and lashed his shot in off a Fulham shin to make the game a rout.

So how much analysis can you put into a game like this? We put in a shift. We didn’t play well. We came away with a win and ramped out our goal difference.

A few things did spring to mind. I think Arsenal fans are growing a bit tired of the shabby performances. We’re 6 months into this project now, and outside the mega run, which was fun but heavily pumped up by a lot of luck, it feels like we’re yet to see a real game of Emery football.

I mean, that’s the only excuse I can see for the fans grumbling all game, and oddly booing a perfectly reasonable sub (hardly Eboue vs Wigan, right?).

The game lacked intensity for me. We are still incredibly sloppy at the back. Conceding 4 BIG chances to Fulham at home is embarrassing when you’re dominating possession. The coaching staff hasn’t moved the defence forward, and though people keep highlighting individual errors, it seems clear that the problem is structural. The coaching needs to improve. Absolute basics like failing to track runners isn’t acceptable. Even that pass from Koscielny was outrageous (for their goal). Do we need to be playing passes of that length from the back to a player under pressure?

I also think something that likely irks fans is my view of our play is that Arsenal play like they’re nursing a hangover. We are consistently ok. Each game is a chopped up version of: A very slow start, some intermittent nice attacking football, some shocking defensive errors, half-arsed pressing, extreme efficiency in front of goal.

We haven’t seen many showpiece games. The football is hard to fall in love with because I don’t believe we’ve had enough “OH MY I SEE WHAT THIS IS’ types of games. Early days Klopp and Pep might have been inconsistent, but at least you were given a taste of what the good life could be. Emery has yet to pitch the fans the vision of the future, and I think that’s why you’re seeing empty seats in the ground. It’s boring football.

Just a few other pointers before we go. It was sad to see Aaron Ramsey bang in a goal again. Our midfield really could do with a focused him. He’s not a £300k a week footballer and never will be, we can’t afford him, but right now, he looks like a prime bit of well-cooked steak on a plate when he’s running around on the pitch.

The e-mail that Arseblog has been sharing around which is a plea from the club to make cost savings is an absolute hoot. It’s a shame we don’t have specifics, but when a company as rich as us is making statements like that, it’s a worry. What sort of expenses could the general soldiers be running up that could make any sort of meaningful impact on a club that splashes our over £200m on salaries? Also, football clubs are supposed to project power. Asking Sally in accounts to wash her hands once a day reeks of smalltime mentality.

I also think all this news about our future transfer policy is scary, David Ornstein telling the world is loans this January. People asked why I wasn’t keen on Pulisic the other day. Now, I think the player is fantastic, well done Chelsea. But if we’re to follow my post from the other day, as a club, we have to be realistic about who we really are.

We. Are. Skint.

We can’t go out and spend huge sums on players Dortmund want rid of anymore (also, let’s leave them be and craft our own path). We have to be taking the earlier punts. We have to be digging out the players where the value is. We should be sniffing around the same markets as Dortmund and Atleti. We need to be growing £60m players. We cannot be the 3rd highest net spenders in the league in 5 years time. We should not have a higher net spend than Real Madrid over 10 years (we do). We need to find better efficiencies with our confused transfer strategy. More Torriera’s and MG’s. Less Mikhi and Mesut’s moving forward.

I really, really hope we take a hacksaw to the squad in the summer. Ship out all the old players on big contracts, move on the failures and replace average squad players with young upstarts who have a high ceiling, and lower our crazy wage bill to something that frees up cash.

We have to start again, that’s not going to be with £60m players, unfortunately.

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  1. Marko

    Makes no difference to me what ozil earns and I don’t know why it would bother anyone else…the club made the stupid decision so they should be taking the flak not Ozil

    Shouldn’t he be taking flak for being so shite though.

    Ozil ,I am sure has a pretty good appearance record since he arrived at the club.


    His injury record speaks for itself though. Nothing serious just enough for breaks here and there. Total cunt basically with a total weirdo arguing about him on a daily basis.

  2. Alexanderhenry

    Baying Mob

    ‘We absolutely have the worst ownership in sport. It’s gutting, and more so because outside of kidnapping and bumping his grandkids off they’re not going to give it up outside our lifetimes.’

    Maybe it’s a toss up between Stan and Mike Ashley. They’re both definitely on the podium anyway.

    I disagree however, that he’s impossible to get rid of. There’s been plenty of dissatisfaction with him for years now but that was always softened by the presence of wenger. Wenger acted as a shield for Stan in many ways.

    Now, post wenger, it’s all on Stan. The fact he owns 100% of arsenal will only increase the scrutiny. There’s no agm and knowing our notoriously silent and aloof owner, he probably won’t pitch up to a single game. We won’t spend this month unless we sell someone, and this summer we’ll splurge a bit but almost definitely come up short- as usual.
    Plus ca change at Arsenal.

    This time I don’t think the fans will put up with it.
    They’ll be empty seats, banners, bad press and – crucially- season tickets won’t be renewed. Arsenal won’t look like such a gold plated investment and hopefully the miserable leech will sell up.

  3. Guns of SF

    that is some injury record-
    Ozil hardly plays at all it seems based on seeing that!
    Emery needs to keep benching him and hopefully just hopefully he will get the hint. Even better- buy a young AM so he can see for himself. hes done

  4. Alexanderhenry


    Sadly, my money’s on them finishing above us.
    The difference soljkaer’s made has been enormous. He must be a brilliant coach therefore…. Or is he?

    The bottom line is that they have some genuinely world class players in their squad – unlike us- so soljkaer doesn’t have to be a brilliant coach.
    So far, he’s had to merely not be mourihno, and I would imagine say: ‘go out there and express yourself lads’.

  5. Bamford10


    Remember when after their first match under Solskjær I said United looked a new team and could be challenging for fourth by season end (despite being eight points back of us at the time)? Well, don’t look now, but they’re only three points back of us.


  6. HillWood

    So why did Sven and Raul come to Arsenal
    They must have known Stan is a bit stingy when it comes to splashing the cash
    Why would you leave Debenhams for a job at T K Max

  7. Joe

    So why did Sven and Raul come to Arsenal
    They must have known Stan is a bit stingy when it comes to splashing the cash
    Why would you leave Debenhams for a job at T K Max

    Why would you leave LA to play football in St. Louis

  8. Alexanderhenry


    Good question. I was surprised myself at the time.

    Maybe we’ll all be pleasantly surprised this summer or maybe they’re just on huge salaries.
    Also, London is a particularly attractive place to live if you’re loaded.

  9. Pierre


    For your information ,ozil has averaged just about 39/40 games a season in the last 5 seasons since he arrived at the club……..

    It actually doesn’t bother me if people on le grove don’t rate him and want to accuse him of not playing many games blah blah blah.

    Just wait until he gets back on the pitch and see how the Emirates crowd react to him …Arsenal fans (except marc) have always appreciated quality players and long may it continue…

    Shame they don’t on le grove but I suppose ignorance is bliss for many on here eh marko.

  10. Joe


    Now gambon et al will be screaming for us to bring in Ole Gunnar Solskjær as our new
    Manager because he’s better than Unai

  11. Pierre

    “So far, he’s had to merely not be mourihno, and I would imagine say: ‘go out there and express yourself lads’.

    And when Emery is given the old tin tack , our new manager I would imagine will say “go out there and express yourself lads”….

  12. Alexanderhenry


    No one thinks soljkaer is a better manager than Emery. He isn’t.

    Man u have much better players than us though, which is:

    1. The most important factor
    2. The reason I think they’ll finish above us.

    I can’t think of any current arsenal players who’d make their first XI.
    Aubameyang maybe?

    Anyway, it shows what a complete cock up mourihno made of the job.
    Hopefully that’s his career in permanent decline.

  13. Bamford10

    Nice try, Alexander.

    Yes, Solskjær has told the front four to focus on attacking and being creative, but he has also (i) selected the right front four, (ii) assigned them better positioning and spacing, and (iii) provided them with a proper midfield and defensive base as a foundation for their attacking play.

    Good, modern football management is more than simply telling good players to “go out and express themselves,” even if former AKBs like yourself would like to believe otherwise.

  14. Joe

    Let’s see how they do v city spurs and Liverpool and even when they play us again and Chelsea.

    Newcastle isn’t the best baramoter

    Let’s see if Ole Gunnar Solskjær can get them to go on a 22 match unbeaten streak eh Pierre ?

  15. Alexanderhenry


    Nice try yourself.

    You can spin it as tactical nouse, but for anyone with a grain common sense, the painfully obvious reason for man utd’s revival has been the fact that mourihno has left the club.

    The man turned the place into the footballing equivalent of Mordor.
    Apologies for the Lord of the rings analogy but I couldn’t resist.

  16. Joe


    My better than emery was a shot at the likes of gambon who are losing their shit over our manager. The babies are crying and throwing tantrums

  17. Bamford10


    I might be getting a little ahead of myself, but I think United will beat Spurs. They have more top class talent, and they are playing with renewed spirit and joy. They’ll also be at home.

    Will be an interesting watch, regardless.

  18. alexanderhenry


    I don’t think Emery is problem. I think he’s done well considering. Having said that , it’s still too early to tell for sure.
    The problem is that we don’t have a strong enough squad. There are five teams in the league that have better players than us. That’s the problem.

  19. Batistuta

    6 months in and just 3 points separating us from 4th which was always going to be the dream this season if you will, I’ll take that. Thing is every team around us including ourselves will drop points between now and May, we just need to make sure we’re within touching distance when that happens.

  20. Dissenter

    That United are stronger now makes the task of getting top 4 more doable.
    Having four teams chasing 3rd and 4th is a lot easier tbh.

  21. Joe

    Exactly Bats

    Some of the babies on here, mostly old akbs, some gambons expecting us to be flying and playing 70s Brazil football while charging to the top 6 months after emery took reins while HAVING to keep and play a bunch of wenger rejects is laughable.

    Shows who the clueless children really are

    Hopefully TWs give emery some players that fit his system and then if he fails we can see the end of him. That’s the best part of wenger being gone. No more 22 year tenures while 15 of them being a laughing stock. If a manager isn’t cutting it he’ll be gone.

    BUT it takes more than 6 months to make that decisions and right now to be 3 points behind 4th is more than most expected last August.

  22. Nelson

    I guess I understand why Emery doesn’t want Ozil in his team. When we don’t have the ball, Emery wants to play high press and high defense line system He wants to reduce the pitch and force the opponent to make mistake or upside. For this system to work, he needs hardworking players and fast defenders. When we have the ball, he wants to build it from the back with a 4 -2-3-1 formation.
    He found out that he doesn’t have the players to do this. Especially, the defenders are not good enough. Once we lose possession, the defense gives up a lot of chances. He starts to use 3 CBs or 2CBs with 3 DMs to strengthen the defense. But I think he still tries to transform the team to play his system. Unfortunately, Ozil can lose the ball quite easily and can’t press efficiently. that’s why he is not suitable to play in Emery’s targeted system.

  23. Joe

    DissenterJanuary 2, 2019 23:30:58
    What do you think of gambon’s meltdown this week?


    Didn’t notice it…

  24. Carts

    Godin contract expires in the summer, should we be looking at him?

    Diawara wants out from Napoli…we’ll be losing Ramsey and Elneny by the summer…

    Rumour about Keylor Navas make me chuckle cos he was exactly who we should’ve opted for and brought through Martinez as our #2…obviously Cech is on the way out..

  25. Champagne charlie

    “The next couple TWs will give emery some more of the players he needs to implement his style.“

    His style being?

  26. Joe

    He wants players who are aggressive and players help with the defensive side of the match. Yes Pierre even ozil.

    He’s an offensive manager but likes to play with an air of caution. But he will go for the 2nd and 3rd goal

    He likes the 4-3-3 but is flexible depending on the opponent.

    He likes possession football and to win get ball back quickly. He likes intensity.

    And from the man himself :

    “So it’s about two things: possession and ­pressing. What I want is for Arsenal to ­transmit energy and emotion to the fans.”

  27. Carts


    I agree that that’s where our focus should be, but one thing that is abundantly clear is that we have no captain on that pitch no matter how often we rotate the arm band

    We’ll also be losing Kos and Chambers ( and maybe Mustafi) this summer.

  28. Marko

    For your information ,ozil has averaged just about 39/40 games a season in the last 5 seasons since he arrived at the club……..

    Exactly my point dumbo he’s never really injured he just takes days off whenever he’s not at it. And you with all your bullshit about him being injured as an excuse for his poor form. But he’s not… he’s just a bit shit and a lot weak

  29. Joe

    CC. Think I explained my self pretty good there on what I’ve read about emery’s philosophy

    Just because you tried to be cute with your post and now you look like an idiot because I answered your question better than you ever could.

    Great mature response to being made to look stupid

  30. Joe


    However, Andreolli, who played under the manager at Sevilla, lifted the lid on how they are also used as motivational tools.

    “Emery has one great quality: he is an extraordinary motivator,” the Italian defender told The Observer. “His speciality is preparing for matches, speaking at great length to his players.

    “I remember when I was at Sevilla we had long squad meetings where he would first show various tactical videos and then motivational films.

    “He wanted to really get us going, to light a fire inside us. More than once we stayed literally for hours in a room watching motivational videos, so when we got to the game we were really hungry for success.”

    Reinforcing this point, Emery is said to be particularly focussed on the defensive side of the game, which will be music to the ears of many Arsenal fans.

    “From a tactical perspective, he is perhaps better suited to Italian football than the Spanish game,” Andreolli told The Observer.

    “On the training pitch he works hard on defensive phases and how to counter particular opponents.

    “Obviously, he doesn’t have exactly the same tactical priorities that we have in Italy, but he works particularly hard on this aspect of the game, more than many other Spanish coaches.

    Speaking about his favoured formation, Emery said: “We are prepared to work with different systems. The 4-3-3 is the main system we use, it is a great for keeping possession and applying pressure. But after that we need to have another system for different matches.

    “Most importantly, it’s getting the balance and positioning on the pitch with and without the ball.”

    Thiago Silva
    PSG rocked up 8-0, 7-0, 7-1, 6-1 and 5-0 scorelines under Emery in the last two seasons, and captain Silva suggests that is down to the manager’s ruthlessness.

    “We are more aggressive on the pitch, we try to score more goals. Last season with Blanc we scored a lot of goals, but we did not really try to score the second, the third every game.

    “Now with Emery we want to score more goals and respect our opponent. I think we are better now.”

    While PSG were eager to score as many goals as possible, Marquinhos suggests there was no recklessness from Emery, who instead helped instill an air of caution in their play.

    “Emery has had a big hand in this title. He made us very careful and gave us a good philosophy. It’s always beautiful to be champions, it’s part of the story.”

    Carlos Bacca
    Bacca thrived at Sevilla under Emery, scoring 49 goals in two seasons, but was still not allowed to ignore his role when his team were out of possession.

    “There are qualities I’ve now added to my game, like defending more and helping the team. At previous clubs my role was more about scoring, but at Sevilla I also have defensive duties.

    “Sometimes other teams can get on top of you, but by defending you can get better opportunities in attack, and Emery has showed us that.

    “I’m more involved in the game now. I play further back, find space better and get more chances in front of goal.”

    Ever Banega
    Even if you aren’t in his team, Emery has high standards for those outside his starting XI.

    Speaking after winning the Europa League in 2015, Benega said: “We have a great coach and he is getting the very best out of us – we don’t relax whether we are on the pitch or on the bench. We have really healthy competition for places here.

    “[Emery] supported me, pushed me and helped me develop. Winning this final and going straight into the Champions League – what more can you ask for?”

    “Arsenal play ­possession football and throughout my career, I’ve ­always been a coach who wants ­possession.

    “There is ­something I would like to add to my ­philosophy, that I like to win the ball back as quickly ­as possible.

    “So it’s about two things: possession and ­pressing. What I want is for Arsenal to ­transmit energy and emotion to the fans.”

    And for those who didn’t think he got on with Rabiot :

    Adrien Rabiot
    Despite demanding a lot of his squad on and off the pitch, Emery is not one to give his players the cold shoulder and is happy to take on board their opinions of his methods.

    “Blanc had certain things going for him, but I think Emery is a little closer to the players,” Rabiot said. “This is a coach who really communicates with everyone.

    “He is asking us our opinion after the sessions, what we liked, what we didn’t like. He asks if you are not too tired after training.

    “This is really important for the staff to know as they can then adapt [the training sessions]. They need to know if we can withstand the workload being asked of us.

    “Communication is essential, not only in football but in all sports. This is what I find really good about Emery

    There you go you akb Wanker CC.

    Maybe you should educate yourself about our new manager.

  31. bennydevito

    Marc, Radio,

    You both don’t think Lascelles isn’t better than koz? Mustafi? Lich? He miles better. Physically strong, fast and great tackling, exactly what we need.

    Who did Liverpool sign Robertson from? Didn’t his team get relegated? You don’t think lower club players can’t move to a bigger team and be a star?

    Just goes to show you don’t know much do you? And just because this is an Arsenal blog doesn’t mean we can’t discuss other players who would improve us on the cheap when we’re apparently skint.

  32. Joe

    So he likes a 4-3-3

    Let’s hope he can get the players to make this work in the next 2-3 windows.

    Eh CC? That would be good wouldn’t it?

    Or should we just bring wenger back and let jack and Ramsey and ozil experess themselves. What a philosophy.

    You know because wenger has another league title in him doesn’t he CC

  33. Champagne charlie


    Yea, I didn’t ask what you’ve read, or sound bites you like the best, about Emery I asked what his style was aka what is he bringing to the table at Arsenal right now?

    95% of that copy/paste job is quotes about Emery as a motivator. How that’s relevant to his style on the pitch is a mystery.

    I find these ones particularly telling though:

    “Reinforcing this point, Emery is said to be particularly focussed on the defensive side of the game, which will be music to the ears of many Arsenal fans.”

    “On the training pitch he works hard on defensive phases and how to counter particular opponents.“

    How’s that going for us?

  34. Joe


    I bet he will buy 2 new cbs in the next 2 windows and a new LB.

    Let’s see how that goes for us

    And replaces ozil. Ramsey. Mkhit and brings in wingers.

  35. Joe

    His defensive buys such as sokratis and Torriera have been our best defensive players.

    What does that tell you.

    Bellerin looks better. Mustafi looks better.

    A couple new CBs will make us ridiculously more solid.

    As will losing players like mkhit. Ozil. Ramsey.

  36. Joe

    No. We needed a better manager than the loser wenger because you could have given wenger the worlds best 11 and we still would have finished 6th.

    We would be 10th or worse with wenger right now

    Ha and again CC saying wenger could
    Still do the job here

    cC you’re still so clueless that you can’t see wenger set the team so far back that it’s going to take Raul and emery a few windows to fix the shit show

  37. Joe

    Yeah CC. Because pep. Klopp. Allegri. Diego would have kept the players we had under wenger and we would be leading the league by 40 points.

    Better yet. We should have just kept wenger and we would have won the quad with him and Raul

    That’s why wenger is leading the league where he’s managing now. Oh wait. That’s right the loser can’t find anyone stupid enough to hire him

  38. Champagne charlie


    No, I’m saying, based on your assessment, it’s all about new players which isn’t an Emery remit.

    I wouldn’t get to chipper as an Emery superfan about who can win what title etc. He’s won 1 in his career and that came at PSG, in a one-horse league, backed by a country.

  39. Joe


    Like I’ve said. If emery is not delivering noticeable improvement by next Jan he can fuck off

    There won’t be any wenger is my daddy crushes with emery

  40. Joe


    Funny you ignore 3 back to back Europa’s which your hero wenger couldn’t even come close to winning and got knocked out at the first challenge other than a pub side.

  41. Champagne charlie


    Hilarious that you’re desperate to parade a narrative in my behalf, I’m ok ta, can speak for myself.

    You’re already and Emery superfan, so everyone fully expects your delusion and excuses to continue long into the future.

    Would love to stay and chat, but got work to do and your muffin timer is due any moment I’m sure.

  42. Joe

    Yeah not an emery super fan but I am sooooo fucking happy that the loser wenger is gone I’d be 150% behind any manager that came in.

    Even Arteta.

    It’s just great to be an arsenal fan right now without seeing the cunt wenger ruin the club even further

    What’s Mum making for dinner tonight CC?

  43. Joe

    There’s no narrative to parade.

    You said wenger had another title in him

    Almost ever psoster on here remembers you saying it. Yet you deny it. Hahaha

    It’s ok dude. You keep believing in wenger. My 4 and 6 year old still believe in Santa

  44. Joe

    And I won’t be a bitter little bitch like all you akbs if emery fails and gets sacked like you all are because the wanker got sacked.

    Whatever is the best for the arsenal.

    I’m an arsenal super fan. Unlike you wenger super fans who are hoping emery fails.

  45. Champagne charlie

    “What’s Mum making for dinner tonight CC?“

    Your mum doesn’t make me dinner, it’s strictly blowjobs and back rubs.

  46. Marko

    Charlie on the warpath. Lad has got in for Emery now. The mask is off he’s revealed himself and that objective unbiased fair nice persona is gone.

  47. Champagne charlie

    Yea, incredibly unbiased to claim I don’t see what his style is and the promised improvement in defence is sorely lacking to date.

    Oh wait, it’s Marko… rambling utter shit is a niche he’s hell bent on making his own. As you were spud

  48. Marko

    Man promised to improve a terrible defence and you got the pitchfork ready. Uncle Arsene spent about a decade lying to the fans and you took without so much as a whimper. At least you finally grew a backbone

  49. WengerEagle


    Does the fact that Emery cannot seem to get anymore out of the group defensively/from an organisational standpoint than Arsene did not concern you?

    You can say that they aren’t his players but it’s not feasible to come in and completely revamp the starting XI with new purchases, we’re not City so we need internal improvement to stand any sort of chance.

    No reasonable supporter was expecting him to come in and wave the wand around to sort us out at the back, but we’re on course to concede even more goals than we did last season in the PL. And he’s spent a decent chunk of change on bringing in a CB, a CM, a GK and even a RB albeit that one was free.

  50. gonsterous

    I don’t understand this stance by the emery out fans. honestly, we all believed in wenger when he took over (people were sceptical but they gave him time), when things started going pear shape, every one had a right to go against him. The same should be allocated to Emery at the very least. Give him a chance, when he fails, you can be sure I’ll be next to you shouting Emery out.
    I’m sure the fans over at man u were shouting for oles head before he started a single game. They didn’t ? wow, strange fans.
    In conclusion, top 4 is still within our grasp. Strengthen the squad this month and may be go on to win the europa league.

  51. Joe

    Trust me CC

    My mom wouldn’t be wasting her time on some loser who still lives in his moms
    House still and probably has a smaller cock than a year old.

    It’s ok you still live at home Charlie. You’ll be a big boy one day instead of just trying to play on online

  52. Joe

    How long has it taken Klopp to get the defence sorted

    Pep came in and spent 100s if millions
    On his defence

    Jose was crying for more defenders all the time

    Yet emery has to inherit wengers shit and has to deliver the goods in 6 months

    Some fans we have.

  53. Joe

    It’s a good thing Liverpool and man city owners don’t read Le Grove or else they would have fired Klopp the flop
    And fraudiola after a few months when
    Reading the football geniuses’ posts on here

  54. WengerEagle


    I’m far from Emery out, just flagging the same concerns that I would for anyone managing the club throughout our current spell.

    Time-frames are arbitrary but you would expect to see significant progress by the 1.5 year mark, so these next couple of transfer windows will be crucial to our success as we clearly do not have the players to go toe to toe with the sides above us.

  55. WengerEagle

    We’re doing worse defensively than we were under AW. And he’s bought a GK, a CB, CM and brought in a full-back.

    Yet we’re regressing at the back. What’s difficult to understand about expecting a tangible improvement as opposed to going backwards?

  56. Tony

    “So why did Sven and Raul come to Arsenal”

    Probabaly following the Gazidis & Wenger Yellow Brick Road:

    Easy money where they can’t be held accountable because the owner doesn’t want to spend money and the club is skint as is now being proffered.

    Where they can set up their untouchable power base with Vinai and Emery can be set up as the eventual scape-goat villain, which Kroenke will be happy to accept so long as we continue to at least keep the club’s financial worth in tact or more importantly improve it year on year.

    I seriously hope I’m wrong in my thinking with Raul & Sven, but I wasn’t regarding Gazidis and only time will tell.

    Arsenal is an appreciating profit producing asset for Kroenke where winning trophies is of no real concern/importance providing the bottom line and resale value is not affected or devalued.

    Raul and Sven are more than happy to be securely ensconced aboard Kroenke’s gravy train.

    As I said, would love to be wrong, but I feel we’ll be a 5th to 8/10th position club until Kroenke tires of us or his investment starts depereciating or Stan meets his maker.

    The only player to get injured while on the bench.

    I’m surprised Ozil and his manager haven’t realised that if Ozil got a couple of red cards for 2-footed, studs-up challenges, he could miss 6 games and have the fans on his side for getting stuck in where if injured in the process, he’d be lauded as a legend by his worshippers.

    Win win all round for Ozil.

  57. Tony

    If only Ozil had some of the dark side Bergkamp had like the time DB10 elbowed the West Ham player who was trying to hold him back.

    Yes DB got sent off, but it sent a message to players that he had a nasty side as well as unbelivable talent.

  58. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yes, we got in an aging RB but he’s kind of shit and only brought in as backup, at the same time our 2 best defenders the last couple of years in Kos and Monreal are now too old to play regularly ( in Kos case he shouldn’t play at all)

    We have also sold of any threats down the flanks we had in recent years, no matter how flawed Walcott and Ox was at least we had pace then to create, add Alexis to that bunch as well.

    Mikhi has been exposed as not good enough, Ozil stopped caring about football before last season and Ramsey is leaving.

    All of this puts more pressure on the defense than ever before, we haven’t been this bad in the creative department since before Wenger came, and it’s all on him for watering down the squad year on year.

  59. kc

    Every single one of you fucks that have turned on our new manager so early ought to be ashamed of yourselves. We’re sitting in 5th just 3 points back of Chelsea with our match at the Emirates in just a over a fortnight. Did you guys just conveniently forget we finished in 6th place last season? Or was Emery supposed to win the Prem after buying Torreira, Lichsteiner, Guendouzi, and Sokratis? Fickle Fickle Arsenal fans. smdh

  60. WengerEagle

    ‘Or was Emery supposed to win the Prem after buying Torreira, Lichsteiner, Guendouzi, and Sokratis? Fickle Fickle Arsenal fans.’

    Was about to respond to you until you wrote this complete nonsense.

    Reminds me of Arsene whinging back in the day about transfers with the old chestnut ‘what do fans want me to do, buy Messi?

    Find me the person on here who expected Emery to mount a title challenge this season.

  61. WengerEagle


    On the counter you could argue that he has way better CF’s than we had in the previous years under AW, Aubameyang and Lacazette are both bedded in at this stage and there is no doubt that Emery has benefited massively from that.

    Walcott and Ox were both fringe players, hardly matchwinners we’re talking about. And he’s brought in 3 defensive first team players in Leno, Sokratis and Torreira.

    Yet we’re leaking like a fucking sieve at the back. 31 goals in just 21 matches, on pace to concede 56 PL goals which would be a record low for us in the PL era.

  62. Tony

    “The next couple TWs will give emery some more of the players he needs to implement his style.”

    You mean some loan players who are not up to playing regularly for their respective teams?

    We’re skint, didn’t you get the email?

    Emery has to make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.

  63. Joe

    He has ozil. Mkhit Xhaka who are terrible defensively. Kos has come in and cost is now manu goals? He’s had 2 of his first choice CBs hurt and then suspended.

    The one he bought has been one of our better defenders.

    Get a grip Weagle

    We need two new CBs. Mustafi can be back up.

  64. WengerEagle

    Ozil barely plays and is an attacking midfielder, Mkhitaryan is an attacking midfielder.

    How are they even relevant to our chronic inability to defend?

    We’d already conceded 20 goals in just 15 PL matches before Holding’s injury with him and Sokratis at CB, we were shocking at the back when they were both healthy too.

    Koscielny was a mainstay of a side that conceded 51 PL goals last season, you said yourself that he’s been dreadful since returning.

    I didn’t see you bending over backwards making excuses for AW, quite the opposite.

  65. Joe

    So now you’re asking what attacking mf’s have to do with defence when emery likes a team defensive approach

    So the AM shouldn’t have to Defend

    Why would I defend wenger when he bought Kos and kept playing him and didn’t replace him.

    He’s only playing now because we have so many injuries in Defense

    Jesus Weagle, you’re on one tonight aren’t you

  66. Joe


    Emery has had 6 months. You’re expecting miracles. Did you expect to be 3 points out of a CL spot 20 matches in?

    School boy individual errors have cost us goals and point. How many of goals has Kos already been involved in and he’s only played 4 matches?

    Kola not booting it out of the stadium instead of trying to be cute.

    Holding hurt. Mustafi hurt and suspended.

    Sokratis. The only non wenger signing and our best defender so far

  67. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    It’s a little worrying that have we have signed a GK, CB & CM and conceding more shots, more chances and more goals. Torreira has been awful since the 2nd half at Southampton. We’re creating less going forward as well. I appreciate that the fact that our squad could do with three or four more quality additions to the XI, but I have been underwhelmed by Emery so far.

    Chelsea drew with Southampton. Fantastic
    Utd with another three points. Ominous.

    One prediction model has us at 27% to make top 4 and 7% to make the Europa league.

    We need another player that can increase our shot output as much as a quality defender. If Elneny goes this month, I would love a dynamic LB or an exciting forward who can generate more than two shots per match. We have many difficult away trips in the second half of the season.

    We’re away to
    1st Liverpool (5-1 L)
    2nd Spurs
    3rd City
    7th-11th (Leicester, West Ham, Watford, Wolves, Everton)

    We need to score at two least goals per match in most of those matches bar Everyone who are profligate in front of goal)

    Our next two PL matches at West Ham and home to Chelsea are each six pointers. Wins keep us firmly in the top 4 race. One point or less gives us a mountain to climb.

  68. WengerEagle


    BEFORE Kos came back we conceded 20 goals in 15 with Holding and Sokratis, a player that Emery chose to bring in. Extrapolated that’s still pace to concede over 50 goals in a 38 match campaign so that excuse doesn’t wash.

    Anyone can track back, you’re literally talking about exerting energy so the real question that you should be asking is why can’t Emery get Miki to track back?

    Stop saying that I’m on one just because you have nothing sensible to retort with, deflecting away from facing up to some home truths about your man Emery regarding the defensive department.

  69. China1

    Tbf, the holding Sokratis combo was looking like a clear improvement

    It still leaked a couple of chances per game but by and large those two individually were playing pretty well and mostly not culpable for the vast majority of the chances we were giving away

    I am not convinced that holding is a world beater but he looks like a very decent player who if surrounded by one or two elite defensive players will be more than good enough

    Like in a back 3, if it was holding, sok and a top quality CB we’d be very well set.

    In a 4 man defense he’s good with sok but the DMs and LB alongside him need to give him that bit of protection as well. Some of the times he got skinned were when he was totally exposed without support and facing a really quick, tricky player. Not many big CBs like him will do great in one on ones against that kind of player if totally exposed in space (with a couple of exceptions ofc)

    Lastly, even if holding isn’t world class, he looked twice the player kos does right now and demonstrably better than mustafi. He’s probably our second best CB, so until we get an elite CB, he’s probably going to be sorely missed imo

    Like I’ve always been a big fan of kos but for 2 years now he’s gone off a cliff. It’s not bad form or rustiness anymore, he’s played this badly for 2 years. Thanks for the loyal and good service kos but it’s really time for an upgrade…

  70. Joe

    My man emery.

    You’re an idiot. My man emery.


    Well if mkhit can’t track back mkhit will be sold. He will be gone in summer and Shoukd be. Never should have come to arsenal in the first place

    Your man wenger is coming back Weagle

    Let it go. The cunt it gone

  71. Dream10


    Agreed. Koscielny has been past for about two years. Believe he has been having Achilles treatment for three years. He’s not a defender who can excel in his 30s because he relies on speed/movement rather than positioning/quality in the air.
    He’s half as quick as he used to be, not the strongest defender and can’t mark anyone drifting intoto wide areas (used to be one of his strengths). He was scared everytime Sessegnon ran at him in the first half

  72. WengerEagle

    Agree Dream, no doubt that we need some more quality going forward as well as defensively.

    Auba and Laca has us top heavy as they can’t be as effective playing together when we’re not creating much against the better sides and they are starved of service.

    We have no decent 1 vs 1 players either as well as creators, not sure exactly what Miki or Ozil are supposed to be contributing half the time that they are on the pitch.

    Wanted Felipe Anderson before West Ham pulled him out of the bag, he’s transformed them going forward with his all-round threat taking players on, creating and scoring goals.

    I’ve been a little underwhelmed by our progress too, even during the unbeaten run we were drawing too many games towards the second half of it. Was hoping to see us more compact and resolute at the back, hasn’t at all been the case.

  73. Joe

    Klopp had to spend 75 m on one CB to solidify his defence and have 4 years to
    Do it. To add the proper pieces.

    Emery has had 1 tW and 70m to spend on all players so far.

    Another baby Weagle throwing toys out

    Emery doesn’t have us challenging for the league. Waaaaah emery out. Bring back wenger.

  74. Joe

    And because ozil doesn’t play to how
    Emery wants he’s not playing.

    Emery wants everyone tracking and pressing. Mkhit. Ozil arent. Xhaka can’t. Ramsey doesn’t.

    What did you want. Emery to change 18 players in his first TW?

    I’m sure you were laughing at yourself saying Klopp the flop and fraudiola a couple years ago too.

  75. WengerEagle

    My man Wenger? Lol. How far from the ground were you dropped on your head?

    He’s brought in Leno, Sokratis, Torreira and Lichtsteiner and we are conceding goals at a record pace. We’ve kept just 3 clean sheets in 21 matches which is pathetic.

  76. Joe

    Lich is the only one you can have a gripe about in that group.

    Torr has been one of our best players. A gem

    Sokratis our best defender.

    Leno has been fine.

    Fuck I hope you don’t blow your load as quick as you’ve given up on emery

    Don’t worry your man wenger will be managing again soon. You can go follow him

  77. WengerEagle

    Hahaha not going to engage you anymore because you’re ranting and raving like a nutter at this point, wouldn’t look out of place next to Arsene surrounded by soft walls and men in white coats.

    Shame that you can’t converse like functioning adult on here without resorting to acting like an insufferable thundercunt whenever anyone questions why you beat off like a man possessed to anything that Lord UE says or does.

  78. WengerEagle

    I’ve been consistent in wanting a new manager on here since I started posting in 2013, I’ve likely been sick of AW for longer than you have been sliding down poles, which makes the shite that you continue to post look all the more loony.

    Nuttier than a Squirrel’s arsecrack.

  79. Joe

    Haha lord UE

    Shows your maturity.

    Not able to give a new manager more than 6 months after over a decade of shit

    And if someone is willing to give emery a few TWs before I judge him cunts like you think we are at emery’s feet like
    Akbs were for wenger.

    Fucking dealing with children who’ve thrown their toys out.

  80. Joe

    Considering I stated as a fireman in 2006 you’re wrong about that as well

    Nice to see you’re willing to give the new manager a chance to make the team his own

    Like I said good thing Liverpool and man city owners weren’t reading this blog in their first years as the football genuis’ Like yourself were laughing with Klopp the flop and fraudiola jokes

    Like I also said I don’t care if emery gets sacked next Jan and we haven’t seen the improvements we all wanted when wenger was sacked.

    He deserves a few windows to make the team his and let Raul get some more players in

    If you can’t wait then go watch cricket until emery gets sacked

  81. WengerEagle

    ‘Not able to give a new manager more than 6 months after over a decade of shit’

    I’ll finish with this dopey, show me a single post that I have made calling for Emery to be replaced.

    Fuck me, pretty boy Floyd puts your reading comprehension skills to shame and he’s yet to crack a sentence of Harry Potter.

  82. Joe

    Well you sure like whining like a little bitch about emery. what other assumption we meant to make from the sniveling drivel you write

  83. Guns of SF


    Agreed with your assesment of Holding. Very stable so far. I do cringe when you state, he is one on one with a fast striker. He loses that footrace all the time and his last ditch tackling can be a red card in the making. I do think that our defense issues can help resolve that- when teams play the long ball to the lone striker etc.

    Too bad he got hurt. Sokratis so far is the best at reading the attack but is slow, and he always has his hands on the attacker- we paid for that in liverpool

    Licht is just shit- i hope Bell is healing fast. Heck he is young, so should be back soon.

    A CB , AM and winger are what we need. Ill take 2 this Jan if we can.

    Rumors is that we are after hummels but he is 30. However I rate him.

    Others here and there that Ive never heard of. Bailly would be a nice upgrade to based on age

  84. Freddie Ljungberg


    My point is we had pace on the flanks before, we don’t have that now except from Bellerin and Kola which leaves us exposed at the back. Yes, our strikers are much better now but their service are terrible, almost completely dependant on cutbacks from our fullbacks.

    We also have no one in midfield that can control a game and hold on to the ball for more than a couple of seconds + 0 creativity there. That puts pressure on the defence. Our defenders and Xhaka are also pretty terrible on the ball (Xhaka gifted the ball to Fulham at least 3 times in our own half under no pressure in the first 45 minutes) so the ball just keeps coming back.

    Like you say we need dribblers, and a proper CAM just as much as defenders, the better quality players we have across the pitch the better our defence will become.

    This will take time to fix.

  85. Joe

    Like you say we need dribblers, and a proper CAM just as much as defenders, the better quality players we have across the pitch the better our defence will become.This will take time to fix.

    No no no. It must be done NOW they say. Why hasn’t emery done it yet they say

    Why should Ozil And mkhit track Back they say

    Who do AMs have to do with defence they say.


    Good post. Too bad it will fall on deaf(clueless) ears

  86. Guns of sf

    We need a strong dribbler ala mane
    Who can stand up defenders and take them on with ease. Someone with trickery and skill with pace. We have iwobi who dribbles into dead ends and whose feet move faster than his brain

    Mane is a great example of someone who is so dangerous and strong in the ball zaha is another and theee are others

    Pace trickery and off the ball movement

  87. Freddie Ljungberg

    Yeah, I don’t really get this idea of looking at the defense in isolation to why we’re leaking so many goals.
    Pretty logical imo that if we had 2 proper wingers our fullbacks could stay back and not leave our CBs exposed all the time.

    Likewise in midfield, Xhaka keeps giving the ball away constantly, Ozil creates very little nowadays and doesn’t control games at all so the ball keeps coming back. The CBs are poor on the ball and Ozil and Xhaka doesn’t want to receive it deep so we just keep playing back to our keeper. Only Guen and Torreira are capable of picking up the ball deep. Our squad is such a mess it’s depressing.

  88. Guns of sf

    Xhaka tries to thread passes to kick start the offense but many times are intercepted

    2 wingers with pace tricks and strong effort off the ball moving constantly is what we need. That is how you penetrate defense and create chances. Too often we are getting predictable

    Bless kola without him we would be really hurting

  89. WengerEagle

    4 goals, 3 assists and 2 MOTM performances in 4 apps for Pogba since Mourinho was sacked, of his 3 PL goals up until that point under Mourinho, two of them were penalties.

    Pretty telling.

  90. Emiratesstroller

    I think that it is now fairly clear that Arsenal will finish this season no better than 5th-6th in League. The first three positions are already out of reach and I think that both Man Utd and Chelsea are likely to finish ahead of us.

    Arsenal’s weaknesses are the same as last year apart from the arrival of Torreira. We lack solidity in defence and to date have conceded more goals and fewer clean sheets than last year at same point of season.

    Our midfield is still weak with lack of midfield general and the problems we have got with Ozil.

    The real problem which the current Management have got is the large number of average to poor players in our squad who are paid inflated wages and have been allowed to run down contracts to the point that we receive either low or no transfer fees on sale.

    If the club owner is unwilling to underwrite club’s transfer business as those
    at Man City and Chelsea are clearly able and willing to do then the club needs
    to start to sell its players at “market value” which we have failed to do throughout the Wenger era.

    The club has been bullied throughout this period by the likes of Real Madrid,
    Barcelona, Man City and Man Utd into selling our best players on the cheap or
    below market value. Part of the problem has been contracts have been allowed
    to run down until final year in the hope that players will sign new contracts.

    When you compare Arsenal with Liverpool and Spurs we are singularly useless in the transfer market. Both these clubs know the value of their players and maximise revenue when they sell. We do not.

    Arsenal’s only saving grace in last decade is the club’s solvency when compared to most other clubs in EPL. That was in part financed by playing in
    CL for almost 20 years + our stadium and ticket prices.

    That is no longer possible, because we have been out of CL for 2 seasons and
    attendances despite club’s misinformation are falling. There are plenty of empty seats particularly for Cup games and ticket prices have actually fallen in last 2 years.

    The malaise at club is still unresolved. The club are not in a position to buy in
    the market in fashion we should be doing. Bluntly there is very little prospect
    in generating sale from the dross at club.

    The club should maximise departures in next two transfer windows with zero
    sentimentality and then introduce two or three youngsters from U23 squad even if they are not ready or finished article. Players who are rated 20-25 in
    squad will have limited game time but that should be reflected in their pay scale and expectation. Players like Cech, Koscielny, Jenkinson and Elneny are
    effectively now at that level and yet are being paid ridiculous wages.

    The lack of professionalism at the club in last decade needs now to be reversed.

  91. Leftsidesanch

    Arsenal have just as much a chance as Chelsea and United do of finishing in the top 4. Not a foregone conclusion by any means.

  92. Graham62


    Your passion towards Emery is commendable but don’t go overboard on it.

    Arsenal are a different group of players, in a different league that have been totally mismanaged for many years. Sometimes you have to adapt your methods and philosophies. It’s a juggling act in some respects.

    My own take on things is simple. Emery has come in and changed things and although we have done ok results wise, there are still obvious weaknesses/flaws in the way we play. Yes, he needs time and the chance to bring in his own players but he also has to understand that many fans, myself included, want to see a clear ID appearing with the existing group of players. As it stands there isn’t one.

    My one concern with Emery is that he sits back and fails to question the board and the owner. This is a must if Arsenal are to progress. He has taken on a huge responsibility and, as a fan, I want him to ruffle a few feathers both on and off the pitch. My only real gripe with Emery so far is his handling of Lacazette, who is, I feel, an integral part of our team.

    I’m prepared to give him time but will not tolerate things that are clearly detremental to our existing situation. Lacazette for me is one of the few players in our squad who wears his heart on his sleeve and gives it 100%.

    The Ozil/ Ramsey situation is a burden, of that there is no doubt and I hope this is sorted sooner rather than later, for the benefit of everyone.

  93. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    There has been a lot of discussion on Le Grove about Emery.

    Emery is not in my view a “top line” manager, but he is probably the best and
    safest appointment that the club could have made in the circumstances we find ourselves.

    The current management regime needs to get fundamentals of squad and youth programme back in order. It is unlikely to happen overnight, but a
    start should be made in offloading players who are being paid inflated prices
    and do not offer value for money.

    Let’s leave aside for a moment Ozil, because frankly the chances of getting him
    off our books is at moment almost nil. I don’t see anyone in world football paying £350K pw let alone a transfer fee. As I wrote yesterday the best chance
    we have got with this player is to get him back playing to a decent level.

    On the other hand there are plenty of other players in our squad who are in last 2 years of contract. Those who are dross or unlikely to play regularly in
    first team need to go. I calculate that there are currently 10 in that situation
    including 2 out on loan.

    Arsenal need to get back to the point where we are able to compete and buy
    the top players in the market. If Liverpool can manage it so should Arsenal.
    The difference is that they are better managed than us and now qualified for
    Champions League. Financially they are in worse shape than us.

  94. Pierre

    It’s obvious that a majority of the match going fans have the same opinion of Lacazette as you and I..the reaction when he was subbed confirms that.

    In trying to analyse why Emery has lost confidence or feels the team performs better without Lacazette, I am struggling to come up with a plausible reason for either leaving him out of the starting line up or continually substituting him.

    There is nothing on the playing side or results when he is in the side that explains why this is happening.

    1) we are unbeaten with Lacazette in the starting line up .
    2) he has a fantastic on field partnership with Aubamayang.
    3) Aubamayang ‘s form or scoring ability is not affected it be has to play out wide.
    4) Lacazette attitude is first class .
    5) he has been a regular goalscorer at the club .
    6) he is unselfish.

    The one and only reason I can think of as to why he is not regularly starting is because he was not happy about being substituted a couple of times and Emery is making him (and the fans ) pay for it and regards it a way of showing his authority.

    Emery has behaved exactly the same towards Ramsey and ozil when they shook their head and shrugged their shoulders when being substituted…

    Of course ,Emery will say he leaves Lacazette out or substitutes him( as he did v fulham) for tactical reasons…. I sometimes think that Emery treats the fans as idiots .
    What he should realise is we are not all gullible fools like joe,Marko,ces appeal, Marc etc who hang on his every word like he is the messiah..

    What is your take on it Graham .

  95. Emiratesstroller


    We do need rotation over the Xmas period, but I agree that Emery should not
    be subbing Lacazette as often as he is doing. Lacazette is a hard working and more importantly decent goalscorer and should be playing on a consistent basis.

    Until such time that the club recruits a top quality winger who adds goals to his overall game the club needs to keep both strikers in team.

  96. Nelson

    I have a different take on Laca issue. I start to think that Emery is very stubborn to play his style of football. But he inherits a group of players who are used to a different system. It’ll take awhile for him to replace some players and have the remaining players fully functional in his system. In the meantime, I hope that he can be more flexible and utilize the strength of the players available.
    He wants to play high press, high defensive line and 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3. Up to now, our defenders are not good enough to play this system of high defensive line. His system also utilizes one striker. He tried to use Auba as a left winger.
    but didn’t work. Now he is putting both Laca and Auba upfront. But that is not the identity of the system that he wants. He still wants to play his trusted formation, i.e. one striker and two wingers. I don’t think he has anything against Laca.

  97. Emiratesstroller

    Swiss Ramble has published interesting breakdown and analysis on how clubs who have played in EPL are being funded.

    Only two clubs who have played in EPL have received no financial support from Club owner or major shareholders. One is Middlesboro who now play outside EPL. Guess who the other is? Yes it is Arsenal with zero financial investment from Kroenke.

    That confirms that Arsenal is run solely as a business without any financial commitment or passion from Kroenke.

  98. Champagne charlie

    “I see the Paedophile Millionaire Fireman is still causing issues.“

    *has issues

    Fixed it for you.

  99. Champagne charlie

    “That confirms that Arsenal is run solely as a business without any financial commitment or passion from Kroenke.”

    If that’s true it’s an embarrassing indicator. You can skip the “Kroenke was adhering to self-sustainable” bollocks. The guy has full control, he can do as he pleases – do me a favour hiding behind faux principle.

    We’re a dream club to have with a modern history of never seeing ANY payment from owners into the club. Eventually people will come to terms with the inevitable ‘law’ of business, leadership starts at the top of the hierarchy. This notion the top guy at Arsenal can be passive, as suggested, and the team be successful is a joke.

  100. Pierre

    I understand the need for a winger but I think if you look at Kolasinac contribution since December in the final third , I would doubt there is another player in the prem who has created as many big chances in the last 4 or 5 weeks or so.

    Could he play as an attacking wide player …his final ball and cut backs are superb , the timing of his runs into the box are very good, he has power , pace and strength and looks unstoppable when he gets behind the back line .

    His last line defending is his weak point but as an attacking wide player he is a potent weapon but could still defend from the front..

    I just think it could be worth a try

  101. HighburyLegend

    “Mesut Ozil’s agent says the German playmaker wants to stay at Arsenal until at least the end of his contract in 2021.”

    We’re so glad to be stuck with wenger’s hidden son.
    Just like his father, a true leech he is.

  102. gambon

    Kolasinac would fail badly as an attacking mid.

    Big difference between running from deep, overlapping an inside run, and actually having to play 1vs1 with a FB.

    He doesnt have the ball control, skill or acceleration to do it in these situations.

    Like when people said could Vermaelen be a DM because he can tackle.

  103. Pierre

    Though I understand what you are saying I don’t agree that playing Lacazette and Aubamayang hasn’t worked

    Unbeaten this season when starting together …scoring over 2 a game …..conceding less than a goal a game…

    Emery needs to start them in more big games ,starting with chelsea…

  104. Graham62


    Play him as often as possible( because we need him) and also start to bring in Nketiah alongside either Auba or Lacazette.

    Aubameyang may be scoring more goals but sometimes his ability to read a game is limited and he is absolutely useless when it comes to leading the line. I know it is not always possible to play the two of them together but please Mr Emery, give Lacazette a fair crack of the whip.

    Lacazette is more dynamic, far more aggressive and is prepared to work harder than Aubameyang. Emery must see this. If he doesn’t, then I envisage problems.

    Nketiah needs a run of games. Why not throw him in? Let’s see what he’s made of in the PL.

  105. Paulinho

    People used to say the same about Bellerin. Play him on the right wing, seemingly forgetting you spend half the match with your back to the opponent’s goal when you play high up.

    Then there is the constant calls for any midfielder that can strike a football with pace to be turned into a striker.

  106. gambon

    I think Emery has probably correctly come to the conclusion that neither Lacazette, or Auba are good enough as creators to play both together.

    I actually think Lacazette may go in the summer, if we can find a top class AM that can also play upfront a la Son.

    Timo Werner maybe, I seem to remember he plays wide a fair bit doesnt he?

  107. Graham62

    In recent years, under Wenger, I didn’t give a shite about tactics and formations. It just wasn’t worth the effort and hastle to discuss things that even a twelve year old could see and sort out.

    Under Emery, it is different. We need to see him, YES even now, utilising those players that can cause optimum damage and especially those players and mindsets that are geared to giving it their all.

    Lacazette is definitely one of those players.

  108. Pierre

    Kolasinac may or may not work but it’s worth a try …..if he has a full back in front of him he plays a one two with the striker which he is very good at. .

    The situation for our 3rd goal v fulham is a play that Arsenal use a lot under Emery and is very effective whether it’s Kolasinac getting behind on the left or Mhkitaryan has done often on the right …getting to the by line and either cutting the ball back or across the face of the goal.

  109. DaleDaGooner

    gambonJanuary 3, 2019 11:13:29
    I see the Paedophile Millionaire Fireman is still causing issues.

    Ha Ha Ha….me and gambon sometimes agree on some “issues”