Forget Stan. What are Sven, Raul and Vinai bringing to Arsenal in 2019?

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Well, yesterday’s post certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons. I think a lot of people felt that was mostly aimed at Emery. It wasn’t, I think the challenges we have with the club moving forward are about the whole team. A few people screamed that I’d always straight up blame Wenger for what happened on the pitch back in the day, but was affording Emery different treatment. That’s because Emery is a coach, not a demigod.

The biggest concern that all Arsenal fans should have moving into this year is the lasting impact of the Ivan Gazidis signings in the club. He’d been making face-saving decisions all over the football club because his MO was about self-preservation. Don’t rock the boat. Do enough to get you by. Go with the mainstream view of what looks good, never put your neck on the line.

The big question is this: Who will put their neck on the line to move Arsenal forward?

Think about how easy it is to take the job at Arsenal. We have a bigger turnover than Liverpool, one that is about to get bigger, without any real success to talk about. The fans still pay for the season tickets, Adidas are about to pay out a fortune on a new shirt deal, the Premier League gravy train just keeps on rolling on, and we’re doing all this without Champions League football. Incredible.

Stan has two big clubs on his books. Arsenal, arguably one the greatest brands in European football… and the LA Rams, a nothing team that moved from St. Louis. The Kroenke’s invested mega money into the American club. One of their guys is on record as saying something to the tune of ‘we knew we had to invest, because folk from LA aren’t going to pay to watch a substandard product.’

So what did they do? They hired in a bright young innovative coach to lead the team. They’ve made powerful backroom hires. They’re adding big names and excitement to their team sheet. They are making an unbelievable effort to make that team the crown jewel. It’s an absolute investment, because they know that there’s no history there like there is in North London.

Meanwhile, over here, there’s Arsenal. The MO has been keeping the trains running. He will never invest a penny of his own into taking us to the next level because there’s no benefit to him. The big question then becomes this: What is the expectation of his staff?

Will he have Raul and Vinai banging down the door for LA like investment? Or, like we’ve seen with Ivan, will it be a put up and shut up? If the person that runs the show has no desire to dominate, rewards a culture of low risk and obedience, what hope do we have?

Well, the hope goes back to what we spoke about yesterday. We need to accept that we’re tier two. We need to be grateful that at the very least, Stan allows the club to put back in what we earn. We need to try something new. The approach at the moment feels like we’re waiting for a miracle to happen, instead of making our own miracles come to fruition.

This point becomes even more important now David Ornstein confirmed the ‘we’re skint’ intel I shared 6 weeks ago.

We need to make our way back the Champions League. We’re not going to do that hiring in hacks that are past their prime. We’re not going to do that blowing huge amounts of money on players that don’t fit the mold. Again, I ask this question, if the club truly believed in Mesut Ozil, why is Unai Emery alienating him? Not that I disagree, I’ve never thought he was fit for purpose, but what was the football strategy that allowed us to get to that point?

Anyway, the thing to watch for next year is whether the new management are for real. Raul has come from the most prestigious club in the world. A nasty club. A club that does dirty things to get whatever they want. Their wage bill is hideous, almost double that of Manchester City. No wonder they dominate, they can have whoever they want. The manager is almost an irrelevance, even Enrique won the Champions League there. Raul is not a tried and true scrapper like the Dortmund CEO. He’s never had to properly hire a manager before. He hasn’t had to innovate, so what is he going to do at Arsenal to help us out think, scout and perform our much smaller resource pool?

Sven for all intents and purposes was exactly the sort of hire we wanted. In charge of ferreting out some of the roughest diamonds in world football and turning in De Beers profits. We know he has it in him to bring all the boys to the yard, but the question remains is this: What is his remit? I can get on-board with Matty G and Torriera like signings, but what is going on with Gary Cahill and Ever Banega? Are those guys kicking us onto the next level? I highly doubt it, so wouldn’t it be worth investing our limited budget in players that have room to grow like Dortmund did so well? Should we be planning for next season this January, versus making average crap shots with players that really aren’t that great?

Then there’s Vinai. Clearly a very talented man, but he’s 37 years old. He has been gifted an outrageous opp at Arsenal. It is unheard of to give someone that young so much power. But at what cost to Arsenal fans? Is he an Ivan protegé? What did he agree to land the job? Will he have the guts to move us forward, or will he be preaching self-sustaining as a football strategy for the next ten years.

Arsenal need to wake up. They need to focus on a way forward. They need to be bold. The problem statement is simple: how do Arsenal succeed with the resources on offer?

Remember the resources are MASSIVE. 3rd highest net spenders in the league (bigger net spend than Madrid since 2010). 9th largest wage bill in Europe. Growing turnover. We have a huge stadium, mostly full attendance, unreal training facilities and the backdrop of the greatest city in the world. If Atleti, Roma, Juve and Liverpool can make CL finals, so can we. No more excuses. No more mediocrity.

The answer to the problem statement cannot be the direction we’re heading right now. It’s not innovative, it’s not bearing fruit (nor will it), and it’s a very long way off being sustainable.

Happy New Year, enjoy the Fulham game. 🔴⚪️

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  1. Graham62

    The gauge of a good manager is how they adapt when things conspire against them.

    Injuries and ongoing player disputes have resulted in a definite downturn,although to be honest it has been blatantly obvious these past few weeks that we have been an accident waiting to happen.

    Emery may have thought he knew the English game inside out but, from afar, things can always look and feel slightly different.

    Lacazette must start tonight. We need him. Auba needs him because, without him, he is too lightweight.

    Fulham have improved under Ranieri, so won’t be easy.

    I’d take a win of any sorts but would obviously prefer to see a more complete and far zippier performance.

  2. Gelbs

    Let’s face it…. Emery is just a ‘yes’ man, and happy to go along with whatever shit Sven and Saul pull out. Fucking joke of a Club. They’ve spent a lot down the years, but now don’t believe in doing so. Having two prats scraping the barrel and buying players for you, and expecting you to work with them. I sure as shit wouldn’t put up with that! I’d rather buy my own players! Do people honestly think that Emery would sign the right players, anyway?? Like Wenger…. If you gave him 200 million to spend this Jan and in the summer, I bet he wouldn’t do what was required! Pathetic Club. ”No money available…” So millions of it, just sitting untouched in the bank, losing it’s value??!

  3. Pierre

    At this present time ,the most important thing is to win football matches …we have fulham, Blackpool and West ham coming up and we need to see positive results and performances.

    The rest is insignificant because the fans will turn very quickly….good results will buy the manager and his backroom staff time.

    bad results and performances in those 3 games and they could well lose the fan base and then the pressure becomes massive on the manager,players and club.

  4. TallestTiz

    Chelsea asking for £40 million for Hudson Odoi?

    Arsenal has to step up our player valuation. We need to work things out

    The fan base can help a lot by not being overly negative about our players. Pundits who spout shit on TV should get the hit back that our players are just good.

    They’re good for other teams, not just good for Arsenal standard

    But the way our fans castigate our own players make it feel like they’re dogshit and can’t even kick a ball. No thanks to Wenger and Gazidis anyways.

  5. TR7

    Time to put Lacazzete back in the starting line up and use Ozil in all games except in away games against tough physical opponents. Let’s see whether Emery is the kind of manager who learns from his mistakes and makes amends.

  6. Nelson

    With this s-s model, I think Vinai is very important. He has to get us more sponsorship deals. Adidas is a good start. Look for some big insurance company, drug company, car company, etc.
    As for the football side of thing, I’ll repeat this one sentence. Our club lives and dies with Auba outscoring the opposition. For that to happen, he’ll need Laca to be his “#10 and striking partner”. Laca can buildup the attack and create room for him.

  7. Ivan

    Happy nes year grovers and best wishes.

    I was really disappointed with Emery hire when happened.

    Now when i got a better picture of him im baffeled how many of you wrote him off so quickly.

    He didnt do much wrong till now, was proactive with allmost everything he did and in a bit bemused how quickly most of you turned on him after Lpool result.

    Now one thing i noticed here that most of English fans here for some reason have problem seeing context of this rather tricky situation we are at the moment.

    First – constant debate about values. Tbh i become fan some 22-23 years ago. Yes, im Wenger era fan.
    I was 13 at the time and got drawn to Arsenal couse attacking flowing football and class.

    My friends here are mostly Manu and Lpool fans and respected Arsenal for what it stood for.

    First of all classy club, no Barca like public tapping of players, all buissness done discrete. I really liked that.

    Now shit hit the fan eventually for many reasons.
    Main reason is shitty ceo we had. One with no vision.

    To add insult to injury it all happened during tenure of manager adored from fanbase who was proud and stupid enough to take flak for all shit that happened on and off the field last 10 years or so.

    Another problem was Arsene really had it goong good for a while so board gave him absolute power.
    Theres no person in this world that capable that could do all this succesfully for a long period of time.
    Wengers demise was that he wasnt cappable of accepting his limits, improving himself, he chose path of trying to perfect one system, and we all can see that theres no 1 recepie for success in football.

    Football constantly evolves and it will left you behind if you dont adapt.

    Now when we let things go bad for too long and got some needed changes many fans got some visions of grandure and demand instant results.

    This team we have is really bad. 2 biggest obstscles being our 2 most gifted mf-s. Defence with Mustafi in it.

    There is no quick fix for this, but for once i can see where club is going with this. Raoul is no mug, and this bs Pedro wrote about him being some spoiled DoF that didnt need no vision at Barca and everythin fell into is lap is absurd.

    First off all there are balls in current setup. Emery treatment of Ozil and Ramsey prime example. They have to go, and they will go as things look like at the moment. Raul obviously letting this happen.

    Emery forces this high pressing style snd culling players not adequate (most of are team) one by one. It will take time, but for once i can see what they are trying to do. Liverpoll drubbing aside we werent pushovers to anyone this season.

    There will be rough patches but we will have clear picture after summer tv and first 10 matches of next season.

  8. Grimlar

    If you want to know why Arsenal dont have a lot of money to spend, £50 million a year lost because of no Champions League, £18 million a year for Ozils wages and so on. That would go quite a long way towards a couple more transfers.

    As for the older players, I dont object to them provided they bring something to the club, Lichtsteiner and Sokratis were brought in to deal with short term problems, ie no backup for Bellerin, and Koscielny injured. I think they have also helped make the change of culture that Emery was trying to enforce easier for the other players to accept. Pretty much everyone agreed that Arsenal were too nice under Wenger, that has now changed at least a bit.

    Would Arsenal have bought them if there had been more money available in the summer? Possibly not, but limited funds is where we find ourselves, whatever the reason. And quite possibly Lichtsteiner arriving on a free transfer made it feasible to get both Torreira and Guendouzi in the same window, in which case fair enough.

    It was always going to take Emery time to change things at Arsenal, Hes only had one transfer window so far, and there are already some encouraging signs. Sure the defence is still pants, and the midfield/attack needs some tweaks, but on the whole I would say we have improved. In which case judge him by where Arsenal are at the start of next season.

    Hopefully by then the defence will be performing better, the number 10 situation will be clearer, (Ramsey gone, Ozil hopefully,) we might have some talented young wingers (Nelson, Nketiah) available to us. We might even be in the champions league.

  9. Tee


    A few people screamed that I’d always straight up blame Wenger for what happened on the pitch back in the day, but was affording Emery different treatment.

    The reverse is the case here.

    It’s clear like a sunny day that you dislike Emery’s appointment and you don’t shy away from attacking him.

    Stop using the Wenger mantra to hide your hatred for Emery. You stated point blank he is not the next level. So, stop acting like you have been supporting him. Good riddance

    Arteta is your man.

  10. Pierre

    “First off all there are balls in current setup. Emery treatment of Ozil and Ramsey prime example”

    What about the treatment of Lacazette…don’t be surprised if he is first out of the door ,he is a very saleable commodity as Emery appears to have lost confidence in him.

    You say there is “balls in the set up” ..I’m not so sure.

    let’s look at Lacazette and ozil……. Is it a coincidence that our results and performances are poor when they are not in the side and better when they both start. …maybe ,maybe not.
    To me ,it does appear strange that over the last 6 games ,Lacazette and Ozil appearances are identical in that both have played in our 2 victories ,both started in the draw v Brighton and were taken off early and both were left out of the team for our 3 defeats….is that a coincidence….maybe, maybe not

    .My theory is that Emery is a little power crazy and believes he has to show what a strong manager by putting high profile players in their place……
    Both Lacazette and Ozil were substituted in games and both didn’t hide their displeasure at being taken off…

    ..I believe that Emery took it that they were questioning his decisions and authority and he would make them pay for it …he did exactly the same with Ramsey earlier in the season when he went off shaking his head after being substituted….the following week ,dropped from the team.Some would call it strong management of having balls.

    …….I call it petty.

  11. Leftsidesanch

    It didnt take a genius to work out that we would do nothing of note in the transfer window this month.

    There is a distinct lack of ambition at Arsenal and the situation in their eyes probably isn’t close to panic levels and desperation where they feel signings are needed.

    From a fan pov we need to start consistently winning again and then take care of Chelsea at home this month.

  12. Dr Emil schaffhausen

    Wow !?! Forget Stan !!
    I surprised by how many people on here are happy with Kroenke owning the club .
    I personally think it’s a disaster, we are in a gradual decline as a club , under this self sustainable model we are using we will never win a major trophy again , are assets are decreasing, we have no players of any great value and the gap will only keep getting bigger.
    Kroenke just stays invisible, says nothing , some might say his absence is respecting the club , letting the club operate without his interference, I think it stinks of arrogance and avoiding accountability. Kroenke is only interested in arsenal as it provides him with a modest profit for little input or risk , I find it sickening.
    Anybody who thinks he is an acceptable owner of our club will realise eventually, maybe when it’s too late, that he’s not. I used to think that our club was to big to end up like Leeds etc but I’m starting to think again , if we slide to far down anything could happen with Kroenke fc

  13. Un na naai

    Pedro you don’t half blow with the wind mate

    It was kroenke and gazidis all along. Yes, weneger wad past it but it didn’t matter wether he stayed or went. The writing was always on the wall.

    The ONLY way to get our club back or at the very least, what we want from the owner of OUR CLUB is to stay away.
    Cancel your membership. Cancel your season ticket. Don’t but the merchandise. The only place that wrinkly old corpse will feel our fury is in his wallet

    All those mugs flying planes over stadiums missed the point entirely. It wasn’t enough to just get rid of wenger. He was NEVER the main issue. We are seeing this now.

    And Pedro. You were backing gazidis for years when most others could see he was a sneaky lying twat who wriggled like a worm on a hook at AGM and any time he was put on the spot wenger or chips or someone had to rescue him

    The club used the success wenger made to turn us into a money making machine for them. Not for the team or for the fans. For them. Like typical elites they forget who the lifeblood of their institution is and like plebeians, we ALLOW them to get away with it.

  14. Un na naai


    Fuck ozil. The googley eyed creep. Why reward his failure?? What difference will he make? Give me Ramsey and iwobi any day

  15. Edu

    I always like le grove but disagree with his analysis re :Kroenke.

    We play Fulham today- who are owned by another Yank,
    He has spent 100 million on players this season and tried to buy Wembley for half a billion.
    There are ubiquitous USA owners in the Prem
    And the narrative is : we have the only one who will not invest in the club?
    This in my opinion is tosh,

    How do they become billionaires?
    by nicking a few million here and there?

    In many ways – he is the perfect owner:
    he doesn’t interfere- expects people to be competent etc
    he has no obvious ego,
    he is inherently not in for a quick buck,

    He turned multi millions down in profit when Usmanov tried to buy his shares,

    The reason why – he has not spent big yet- ( and the time will come_a failing business is no good to anyone-)
    is quite simple: he has NOT BEEN ASKED?
    And the reason he has not been asked- is because Gazidas/Sanellal are PETRIFIED OF WHAT HE MIGHT SAY..

    And he might ask these two clowns this back in return?

    Why did we not get money for Sanchez?( when Courtinio goes for £158 million)
    Why did we not get money for Ozil?
    Why are the top 2 goalies in Serie A been sold for a combined £10 million
    Why did we sell the world cup winning Giroud to Chelsea for £18 million?
    Who fucked up the Suarez purchase?
    Why is we get Lichstener from a free from Juve and yet they get Ramsey for the same amount?
    Why is the team average , now 28?
    And why the fuck – did we appoint a manager who does not speak english and has no knowledge of English soccer? And is clearly is sub standard?

    Kroenke will invest- but maybe wont invest until he has HIS answers and until he has COMPETENT executives.

  16. Pierre

    “All those mugs flying planes over stadiums missed the point entirely. It wasn’t enough to just get rid of wenger. He was NEVER the main issue. We are seeing this now.”


    Not quite in agreement with you regarding iwobi and Ramsey but yeah , I regard you as a proper fan who will wear his heart on his sleeve…

  17. Pierre

    If we could put Ozil’s intelligence and composure and mix it with iwobi’s attitude and work rate and then mix it with Ramsey’s aggression and willingness to make things happen in the box …you would have the player we need.

    I suppose Gerrard or Lampard epitomize the above characteristics in a player.

  18. Gelbs

    Wenger WAS the main issue. All these morons saying that Kroenke etc was holding Wenger back and now Emery. Wenger influenced the board by not wanting to spend. And when they did…

    Ozil – £40 mil
    Sanchez £35 mil
    Mustafi £35 mil
    Xhaka £35 mil
    Lacazette £50 mil
    Aubameyang £60 mil

    That’s almost half a team. You telling me, that under a proper manager, that money spent (whether or not the players were good enough doesn’t matter), isn’t enough to win a Title, or at least challenge?? Arsenal should have a quality team by now. Bearing in mind you throw Torreira into the equation as well (minus Sanchez). Kante cost the same if not less than Xhaka as well.

  19. Gelbs

    Oh, and David Luiz cost the same amount give or take, as Mustafi. Hardly a great defender, but went back to Chelsea and won the Title straight away under Conte. Look at Chelsea’s defence under Conte, too. Hardly world-class players were they?? Still managed to win the League comfortably. People really talk some fucking shit. Acting as if Wenger wanted to of spent even more on top-class players if he was allowed. Yeah, right! Same as Emery. Give him 200 million to spend. I bet he wouldn’t spend half of that, and if he did, I doubt it be enough or on the right players. Either way, Emery knew what he was letting himself in for if the board are reluctant to give the funds to him. Makes him guilty by association. And that’s no fucking excuse for losing 5-1 against Liverpool!

  20. Emiratesstroller

    As I wrote last night Arsenal’s transfer and contractural policies in recent years have been absolute garbage with very few good decisions.

    This morning I reviewed on transfermarkt our recent transfers both in and out and frankly they were shocking.

    Far too often we recruited so-called bargains which turned out to be complete
    duds. Just take a look at the season when we recruited the memorable Viviano
    and Kallstrom!!

    Then I look at the number of players who have been undersold or in some cases allowed to run down their contracts. In the first category you have players like Szczesny and Sanchez sold or transferred well below market value. Last summer Wilshire left on Bosman and the same is likely to happen
    this summer with Ramsey and Welbeck.

    I look also at the grossly inflated wages we have or are paying players who are
    not in the starting eleven e.g. Cech and Ozil.

    Finally I look at the contract renewals of Arteta, Rosowsky, Cazorla and Mertesacker who were paid large wages during final season at club notwithstanding that they played virtually no football.

    Even worse we paid inflated transfer fees for players like Mustafi and Peres. In
    the case of latter he lasted just one season and has been sold last summer for
    a third of what we paid for him.

    Wenger must of course take the lion size of blame. After all he was the decision maker when it came to transfers, but Gazidis and the Board were equally to blame since they sat on their hands and allowed him a free reign.

    Kroenke became majority shareholder following Fiszman’s premature death.
    Bluntly he was clueless about English/European Football and neglected the
    club to the extent that we are no longer qualifying for Champions League.

    This is down to poor team investment policy. Okay Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea may have more financial clout than us, but that is certainly not the
    case with Liverpool or Spurs. Both recruited good managers and provided them with decent resources and good players.

    There is no point in judging Emery after 4 months in the job. Less than a month ago we praised him for going undefeated in 23 games. Suddenly there
    are posters on Le Grove criticising him, because he lost games against Southampton and Liverpool in EPL and Spurs in Carabo Cup. Frankly with
    the defence we have being turning out that was hardly surprising.

    The reality is that the club is currently underresourced for the schedule we have had recently and that is not down to the manager. Spending just £70
    million in the Summer Transfer window was never going to solve our problems.

    Finally we have the corundum of Ozil a player costing us £350K pw, but playing virtually no football. Emery is certainly not to blame for this contract renewal
    and Ozil has been afforded every opportunity to reestablish his reputation post World Cup. The so-called illness and injury syndrome has escalated in
    recent weeks and that needs to be sorted. If the player is no longer fit for purpose then his contract should be cancelled.

  21. Gelbs

    Can go on if you like? How much did Salah and Mane cost Liverpool?? Firmino?? Same prices as the ones above. Wenger wouldn’t win the League with those players. And even if he did or could, the argument is destroyed anyway, purely because the cunt would never of been in for them in the first place!

  22. Valentin


    I agree, Emery is a power hungry petty man. His treatment of Hatem Ben Arfa at PSG was mean. Lucas Mourra made clear during his interview what he thought of Emery. Blaming Özil and Lacazette when they are the one who gave us those victory is a coward attitude.
    Like he said himself during his interview, he lost his PSG job because of players influence. (I think his bad results in the Champion’s league played a bigger role). So he is now trying to ingrate himself with some players such as Aubameyang (Miki before his injury) and isolate others (Özil, Lacazette, …). The problem is that he is picking the wrong players.
    He thinks that fans and management will let him get rid of non-favourite and he will be in full control of the dressing room. I suspect that most players have seen that plan and are now playing a waiting game. Özil ‘I will start and fight for my place’ is more like ‘I will still be here after you’re gone’. Lacazette is already sending filler via his agents to clubs for loan not purchase. Ready to spend a few months away until the manager is gone and I can come back.
    Who is he going to rely to win matches: Kolasinac, Sokratis, Lichsteiner … ? Because I can’t see Özil, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Ramsey killing themselves on the pitch to save his career.

  23. Globalgunner

    Opinions, opinions, opinions. Some claim now that Wenger was never the issue, while the monstrous entrails of his calamitous last years are still here with us. The man who given 2 options will always choose the worst

    Gervinho instead of Hazard. Check

    Koscielny instead of Cahill.. Check

    Sanogo instead of any other footballer

    Kroenke may not be a football lovers first choice but he has hardly stopped the club from spending. Problem is Wenger kept buying crap. we have been regressing long before Kroenke became majority owner in 2012.

    Opinions…..Some here are still pining for Wilshere, some hoping Ramsey will stay……..Sheesh!

  24. Leon

    What will Sven, Raul and Vinai bring to Arsenal in 2019?
    Well, if Leno, Lichsteiner, Sokratis and Emery is anything to go by then very little will be brought to Arsenal in 2019.
    I agree with so many on here and elsewhere – nothing has changed at Arsenal. In fact, as quoted by sky sports our defence has become worse under Emery and with current poor form we will concede 7 more than last season and how did that finish for us?
    Emery is to blame for that – not Kroenke or Wenger or anyone else but Emery. He is the manager paid to manage and that is the bottom line.
    I don’t see Emery surviving at Arsenal.
    Not when the stadium starts emptying he won’t…

  25. Dan

    Globalgunner, err yeah so Kroenke had nothing to do with why we spent £11M on Gervinho instead of £30M on Hazard?. Of course Wenger played along with it but to say that it was all his fault is rather dumb, he was clearly working within KSE skinflint budget.

  26. kc

    If the Rams get the Bears next week they’re done. Good offense mixed with trick plays is fun to watch, but defense is what wins championships.

  27. Pierre

    un made the comment “. It wasn’t enough to just get rid of wenger. He was NEVER the main issue. We are seeing this now.”I

    I’m afraid you have got your knickers in a twist because you didn’t read the comment correctly.

    He wasn’t in any way absolving wenger from any blame ,he was making the point that by getting rid of wenger doesn’t cure the problem ….

    We all knew that wenger’s time was up and no one wants him back and you can come up with as many figures you like to prove that we had equal or more money to spend than the other top clubs but the fact is we have not spent anything remotely close to the others except Tottenham since we moved to the Emirates .

  28. HighburyLegend

    Lol Valentin, welcome mate, no place left on Untold ?
    You’re a psg fan, so I won’t have any interest in the shit you say.

  29. Thomas

    @Un na naai

    “All those mugs flying planes over stadiums missed the point entirely. It wasn’t enough to just get rid of wenger. He was NEVER the main issue. We are seeing this now.”


    Very disengenious. He was a big enough issue to warrant flying planes. He was absolutely diabolical in signing players towards the end. So much money wasted on complete crap.

  30. Gelbs

    The thing is, the Club have spent and wasted so much money on shit down the years, they’re probably worried about doing it again! Which is why they’ve got Sven in etc.

  31. Gelbs

    Pierre, my points are in general. These pricks that are trying to say that Wenger was let down by Kroenke and was why he failed as a manager down the years, as he had his ‘hands-tied’, when it isn’t true. As we’re seeing with Emery. The more money Wenger/Club spent, the worse he got!

  32. Dan

    Who gave Wenger the new contracts and allowed him to continue despite never getting us anywhere near a title, sh*tting ourselves in Europe every season and losing 8-2 6-0 5-1 etc etc.

    Guess who?, I’ll give you a clue – he wears a toupee, looks like he’s had a stroke and owns a string of mediocre sports franchises.

    Nah lets ignore that and blame Wenger again.. RIP Arsenal

  33. Jamie

    A game at home against relegation fodder is tailor-made for Ozil. He’ll pad his ‘chances created’ stats, and his fanboys will dine out on his performance today until mid-Feb.

    Calling it early.

  34. Gelbs

    The only way you could absolve Wenger from any blame, would be if all the crap players bought down the years, were done over his head, whereas Wenger himself, wanted to buy better players. More money or not, lol. Though I doubt that was ever the case! Though, I do believe a lot of his signings down the past few years weren’t his as such. But even if the above was true, he still should of done better. Remember it took him NINE years to win a trophy!

  35. Pierre

    All the top clubs have wasted money on shit over the years ,Liverpool wasted the saurez money ,Tottenham have bought a couple of crap centre forwards, man utd ((where do I start ), city and Chelsea have made fewer mistakes mainly because they could buy at the top end of the market and if it didn’t work out ,they went out and spent another fortune .

    If course ,that’s not to say Liverpool and Tottenham have eventually got it right after 20 years of trying but their trophy cabinet is still gathering dust unlike Arsenal’s despite buying ,in your opinion ,so many shit players.

  36. Nelson

    Arsenal has too many negative fans. What is so good for the club by making all those negative comments. As I have mentioned yesterday. Lpool fans deserve their success because they are united. If the fans want to influence the owner and the board, a united voice will have a much better chance.

  37. Jamie

    Dan –

    The year we bought Gervinho, Wenger also went on his mad trolley dash. We signed Gervinho £11m (donkey), Santos £6m (donkey), Per £11m (average), Arteta £11m (average player, but who knew he’d be the 2nd coming of Pep as a manager a few short years later), Ox £12m (useless player), Ju-yeong Park £6m!! (who?), Jenko, Joel Campbell, Thomas Eisfeld £2m. Total buys: £59m

    We also sold Cesc £30m, Nasri £25m, Clichy £7m, Eboue, JET, Traore, Arshavin & Bendtner loans £3m. Total sales: £65m

    We could have easily afforded the £30m for Hazard by not buying Gervinho, Ox, Park, Jenko Campbell Eisfeld (even keeping fucking Santos on the books). But yeah, blame Kroenke for our amateur recruitment policy.

  38. Pierre

    You are correct ,it is perfect for Ozil….so let’s hope he plays along with Lacazette and Aubamayang and we get a much needed win .

  39. Micheal

    Of course Wenger is to blame for the shambolic transfers and ludicrous contract issues. But the owner of the club allowed this to happen. The owner could have stepped in, the owner could have fired Wenger and the owner could have appointed grown-ups to run the club’s finances and footballing. He did nothing.

    If your child behaves badly, is it the child’s fault. Or the parent who allows the kid to behave badly ?

    Kroenke is the disease at the heart of Arsenal.

  40. Jamie

    Kroenke might be a plague, but he isn’t responsible for passing on Hazard for Gervinho, Ox, Park, Jenko, Campbell and Eisfeld. That was completely down to Wenger, and even his most ardent supporters know it.

    Apportion blame and credit where it’s due.

  41. Pierre

    “The only way you could absolve Wenger from any blame”

    No one is absolving wenger from any blame but it’s fair to say that it is easier to managers football club at the top level if you don’t have to sell your top players as we had to do for a number of years from around the time of our stadium move.

    It’s also fair to say that Wenger could have used the funds more wisely when we did have money available and that is when the owner should have stepped in and recruited people to deal with wages,contracts and transfers.

  42. Gelbs


    Of course other clubs have wasted a shit load of money. Point I’m making is, according to some, Wenger was (and still is!) a great manager. If he was so great, why couldn’t he win more trophies, particularly when spending more money??
    Great managers get by. Or even just ‘top’ managers, have their moments, even if it’s a one off. Take Simeone at Atletico. He still managed to win the League in 2014, despite fighting against Barcelona and Real. He won the League at the Nou Camp, too! Plus, he made two CL Finals. More than Wenger has done in ten years!

  43. Dan

    I don’t know how much more simply I can put it, I am not interested in Wenger, the man should not have been in the job and with an ambitious owner would not have been.

    But that is the point really, Wenger is not the owner (maj. shareholder) of Arsenal FC, you can keep pointing at Wenger’s mistakes but that is futile because without the backing of KSE he would not have been there to make those mistakes.

    Wenger was just a symptom of the Kroenke disease.

  44. Don T

    Never forget Wenger bought Stephanov Cygan Silvestre Squallaci Santos Gervinho Chamakh Debuchy Xhaka Mustafi dont anyone say they were not Wenger players

    We havent challenged for the title for 15 years, We cant be classed as a big club

  45. Gelbs

    Yeah. But look at United, too…. They lost Ronaldo, Tevez etc, and still won the League in 2011 and reached the CL Final! That was with arguably, Ferguson’s worst United team! Great managers build teams, even if it takes a few years. Three FA Cups in over ten years, is an appalling statistic for a so-called ‘amazing’ manager, lol.

  46. Tom

    Both Wenger and Kroenke have killed this club. Emery has been at the club 6 months and is getting attacked. Wenger should have been sacked a decade ago. Under Wenger the club was in terminal decline.But Kroenke backed him. The damage Wenger did will take years to repair

  47. Pierre

    You have mentioned Simeone who I agree has been punching above his weight ..I would say apart from last season Arsenal were where they deserved to be considering the amount of investment the club has put in compared to some others.

    I have said previously( and was ridiculed on here) that our recent history of 3 trophies in 4 years could possibly be our most successful period in the next 20 years and fans may look back in the future and wonder who these strange WOBS were, that they would be so ignorant to believe that only winning the title of champions league could be regarded as successful.

  48. kc

    Here we go with the Wenger apologists trying to rewrite history again. Yawn. How does a symptom of a disease show up before the disease itself? Mind-boggling.

  49. azed

    First day of 2019 and Pierre is lying already.

    Ozil did not play in the wins against Westham, Fulham, Bournemouth, Huddersfield and Spurs . He didn’t play at UTD also.

  50. Rambo Ramsey

    What is with this embarrassing Laca love-in?

    I don’t recall anyone whinging when Laca was the preferred starter at the beginning of the season and Auba was either played wide or benched.

  51. Al

    Apart from him being completely finished, another great thing about the sacking of Wenger is that it completely removed the boards/Kronkes shield.

    Now they are exposed as wenger is not here to take all the blame and hopefully now we will see a whole lot more fans holding them accountable.

  52. Pierre

    I don’t know why I bother replying to your lying accusation but I Will.

    I know that Ozil never played in the West ham ,fulham, United Bournemouth and Tottenham game ……I made the point that Lacazette and Ozil played almost all of the games starting with Cardiff( which was after the West ham game) and ending with the wolves game ( which was before the Bournemouth,united,spurs game) ….as for the Fulham game ,Lacazette player in that game and not ozil which is why I said almost all..

    I will gladly accept your apology when you realise your error and for accusing me of lying ( that applies to you also Dissenter)

  53. Champagne charlie

    “It’s from the Wenger lovers finding ways of bashing Emery.“

    So you have the opinion Laca should start and finish games without being a “wenger lover”?

    What an odd little view some have on here, always a path drawn back to Wenger. Move on with your lives

  54. Lars

    “the backdrop of the greatest city in the world”
    Britbongs are hilarious.
    I’d rather live in Mogadishu.
    Less chance of getting stabbed:)

  55. Micheal

    Leno, Sokratis, Koscielny, Mustafi, Maitland-Niles, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Iwobi, Lacazette, Aubameyang

    Subs: Cech, Elneny, Ramsey, Torreira, Lichtsteiner, Nketiah, Saka

  56. azed


    What happened to the games before Cardiff and after Wolves? Don’t they count because Ozil didn’t play in?

    You are trying to pass the message that we win when Ozil plays which is a big lie.

  57. Hitman

    Great couple of posts Peddlers.
    Feels like the club is at a cross roads. Moment of truth. It’s more important that the leadership starts performing.
    Imporovement in performance off pitch is more important than on it.
    Let’s face it we ain’t going to get any success on the pitch for a while until the backroom get their act together in terms of finance and signings.

  58. Nelson

    It is 3 CBs , 2 wing backs with Iwobi supporting La and Auba.
    I like this lineup.
    1. No Licht
    2. Laca and Auba playing together
    3. Kola as wing back

  59. Bamford10

    3-4-3 again. I don’t get it. Why? Why play Koscielny at all? Also, we have no creative midfielder of any kind in there.

    I have been defending Emery, but I think he is getting his selections wrong, is stuck in a rut, is a little confused at the moment.

  60. Batistuta

    Club staff apparently each got a mail today, something along the lines of low budgets and prudent spending in January.

    What exactly are our Cash reserves for?

  61. Dissenter

    Emery is showing that he’s incapable of learning from his mistakes.
    I don’t get his love in with Koschelny.

  62. Nelson


    For me, this is our best formation. Although we have 3 men at the back, but we have two (wingers/wing backs). Our strikers works better with wingers.

  63. Freddie Ljungberg

    We only have 3 CBs available so we’re forced to play Kos, it’s either him or Licht.

    Who is this creative midfielder we should be playing? Mikhi injured, Ozil who the fuck knows and Ramsey is not especially creative. Who’s left? ESR?

    Dangerous to play our only 2 goal threats all the time so understandable that Laca is rested sometimes or comes on against tired legs, our problem is that we have no one else that can score or create anything.

    If the no budget bullshit in January is true and we’re not actively looking to sell Ozil, Ramsey and Elneny then top 4 is a distant dream.

  64. azed


    Also the claim that Emery picks on Lacazette is bullshit

    Aubameyang was substituted against WestHam, Cardiff, Newcastle, Everton, Watford, Crystal Palace, Liverpool both games, Bournemouth,

    He didn’t start vs Leicester

    Out of 20 EPL, Aubameyang has been substituted in 10 of the games which is 50% but you and Valentin can keep pushing the he doesn’t like Lacazette theory.

  65. Nelson

    Both Koscielny and Mustafi are not 100%. If they were fully fit, then we could go with 2 CBs. But then, we should not have both FB’s bombing up at the same time. I still think that this formation is best with the current available players

  66. Kay

    I think this is the best possible lineup given the circumstances.
    What option does Emery have for back 3?
    Lich instead of Kos?

    Ramsey maybe instead of Iwobi but we need someone to run at players and unfortunately Iwobi is the best we have for it.

  67. TallestTiz

    Considering who we have fit in the club, this is our best set up IMO.

    Some fans talk like they don’t understand anything about football.

    Follow handball ffs!!

  68. Kay

    Look at the bench and all of a sudden we find our squad to be wafer thin.

    We should absolutely be getting 2 players min if we are to challenge for top 4.

    Wrap up this game with a clean sheet FFS

  69. Leftsidesanch

    Also ironic that people are using Emerys supposed treatment of Laca as a way to dig at him. Where was this when he was getting subbed at the 70th minute in a lot of the games last season.

    Keep it consistent.

  70. Upstate Gooner

    “Saka, Nketiah, Elneny are all better than Ozil”… You owe me a new phone as mine is covered in coffee and spit. It’s only January 1st but we already have a quote of the year. Lay of crack, mate.

  71. Nelson

    I start to understand Emery. Torreira looked very tired last game while Guen didn’t play. He replaces Torr with Guen. Xhaka is so slow that he’ll never get tired. Iwobi has good chemistry with Kola. I am expecting our attack to mainly going through that channel. All we need is Auba to pick up all those low crosses deliver by Kola.

  72. Bamford10

    Agree that Kola as wingback has been effective, but I don’t think that means you have to play 3-4-3 every match.

    I don’t know; maybe this is the best he can put out there given what he has. Not inspiring.

  73. Upstate Gooner

    Valentin and Pierre
    Some very good points.

    Dude, enough with this Gervinho vs Hazard crap. Nothing is a sure thing when it comes to transfers. Do you think Inter knew that Coutinho will be a 150mil player when they sold him to Pool for peanuts? If only I had that Sports Almanac, I’d be like Bif. Classic case of coulda, woulda, shoulda. You know who grandma would be if she had a dick? A grandpa.

  74. Kayciey

    An injury to one of our CBs then we have no CB again. Instead of preserving one of them, the mighty tactician has decided to play all of them even though we are playing Fulham at home. Once again there’s no Ozil. We have midfield of Xhaka and Guendouzi two very slow defensive midfielders. No creativity between them. We are actually playing 8 defensive players at home against Fulham. The plan is to hoof it forward and hope either Laca or Auba get there. Very negative play. He will then panic midway and throw in Ramsey and Torrerria. Very predictable.

  75. Bamford10


    Sorry, but are you defending Wenger? If so, how about you fuck off? It’s bad enough that you’re an Ozil fan-boy.

    Jesus Christ, this place is going to shit.

  76. Jamie

    Upstate –

    I wasn’t the one who offered up the Gervinho vs Hazard ‘crap’, I simply challenged the following statement made by Dan:

    Dan January 1, 2019 12:21:48

    Globalgunner, err yeah so Kroenke had nothing to do with why we spent £11M on Gervinho instead of £30M on Hazard?

    We could have afforded Hazard in the same window we bought Gervinho had we not bought Gervinho, Park, Jenko, Eisfeld, Ox, and Campbell. Would you rather have Hazard, or the other 6 clowns we recruited instead?

    I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make in the rest of your post.

  77. Pierre

    “gree that Kola as wingback has been effective, but I don’t think that means you have to play 3-4-3 every match.”

    We played with a back 4 v Liverpool.

  78. DaleDaGooner

    A lot of people like to talk hindsight hear. For one how do you know Hazard wanted to come to Arsenal? As if Mbappe wasn’t sought after and he declined, or Juan Mata back then and he chose to go to Chelsea instead. Players do have a say sometimes where they want to play.

  79. Bamford10

    No offense, but “Dan” is a dipshit. Wenger was allowed to spend a ton of money, he spent a ton of money and he spent it poorly. He was also a tactical dinosaur.

    The only mistake Kroenke made was trusting in Wenger for so long.

    Dipshit is gone and he has been replaced with a modern management structure and smart, competent ambitious football men.

    Stan Kroenke is largely irrelevant.

    If the football men turn to Stan and ask him to dip into his own pockets and he balks, then the Kroenke-is-the-problem lot will begin to have an argument.

    Until then their argument is nonsense.

    Focus on the men who are actually making the decisions.

  80. Upstate Gooner

    So I should fuck off because my opinion is different from yours? Clown of the biggest order.

    All I was saying is that it’s a crap shoot sometimes when it comes to transfers. Gervinho could have been the next Pires or Henry, and Hazard the biggest flop. You just never know.

  81. Un na naai

    I’m not absolving wenger of any blame but it’s clear now that he was FORCED to sell and balance the books while the suits tied us to a bad deal (Eu style) with the Emirates while everyone else’s sponsorship was risking sharply, we were tied down and were subsequently left behind. Do you really think Wenger wouldn’t have paid out the sort of money required to keep his project youth side together? Do you think he wanted to let van Persie and cesc leave?

    Yes he made some terrible purchases in the market and yes he had a terrible blind spot for the defensive midfield position and goalkeeper.

    But the greater problems only existed once DD was forced out. He had nobody pulling the stings for him to get the players he really wanted and needed. Wether we had wenger or whoever they still would have had to sell to buy. They still would have had to balance the books. Not many managers in world football would be able to spin all those plates at once on not just a budget but working to being in profit from our transfer dealings and keep us in the top 4

    But now he’s gone. And the new manager has even more money than wenger had throughout most of his tenure (granted it doesn’t stretch much any more) but is still hamstrung by the same old inferiority complex at the club.

    We were sold a lie to persuade income for the suits. We were told this stadium would put us up there with the elites. We didn’t realise how good we had it and now we are sliding back down the table. The fate of a club always reflects the ambitions of the owners

    Always. Look at walker, the glazers, abramovic, Daniel Levy and sheik mansour and now Liverpool. Wether it’s pumping their own fortune into the club or smart planning and business those with ambition see their fortunes improve.

    We are where we are because of Kronke. The day he came in was the day arsenal sold us out.
    Wenger was just your distraction. Let’s see how many of you protest the owner though. Or how many refuse to attend.

  82. Un na naai


    Says the mug who went to Harvard and became a 10th grade teacher.

    Reach for the stars eh go getter

  83. Jamie

    Upstate –

    Fair enough, some transfers are a crap-shoot. But if you’re genuinely making the argument that Gervinho had it in him to become the next Pires or Henry!!!!, we’ll never agree.

  84. Dissenter

    See how easy it is to cut through the Arsenal

    It just looks too easy
    There’s no urgency in our game. It’s so pedestrian.

  85. Un na naai

    Sokratis getting left standing by Fulham!!!
    And you muppets claim he’s our best defender

    Fuck me have half of you ever kicked a ball??

  86. useroz

    15 min

    Flatter than the pitch. Booing soon…

    Easily one down. Kos is done last season.

    Mustafi continues to be shit esp with his passes

    Auba’s pace gone?

    Wengerball like side/back passes def crept in since we lost form late Nov. True /inherit form of the squad.

  87. Marko

    We just have some shocking defenders. Koscielny literally stops then starts running and Sessegnon is in and Sokratis just kicks it to a Fulham player. I mean you can blame it on a manager sure but we honestly have some really dumb and nervous defenders.

  88. Dissenter

    Iwobi is playing like he has no energy.
    You expect the young player to be the one that does the graft very well. He’s lethargic in his approach.

  89. Marko

    I’m convinced Mustafi and Xhaka are afraid of the dark. Absolutely scared shitless at times and continuously pass it back to the keeper.

  90. scotsgooner

    “I’m convinced Mustafi and Xhaka are afraid of the dark. Absolutely scared shitless at times and continuously pass it back to the keeper.”

    rofl ;)))

  91. gambon

    Outplayed by Fulham at home.

    Absolutely mental.

    Haven’t seen a less creative AFC team since Rioch days.

    Emery is a paella version of Allardyce.

  92. Globalgunner

    Nice move, well finished by Xhaka, before that we were shit. Will we gain confidence now or run scared and concede in minutes. ?

  93. TheLegendaryDB10


    Why do we play the ball back so freaking much?

    Because habits die hard. Players, when they panic will revert to their habits, which, for some players, is 10+ years of sideways tippi tappi passing. Koscielny was particularly guilty of this in his first game back in the team.

    And goal!!! Come on Xhaka! Nice goal.